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Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet Details Leak in Full Only Days Before I/O?

Is that a picture of the Google Nexus 7 tablet that will be unveiled this week at I/O? According to Gizmodo Australia, it is. They reportedly obtained all of the details of the device through a training document and are as follows:

  • 7″ IPS display with 178 degree viewing angles (1280×800 resolution)
  • 8GB and 16GB storage options, priced at $199 and $249
  • 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)
  • NFC with Google Wallet loaded
  • 1.2MP front camera
  • 9 hours of battery life

Sound about right? It certainly matches up to the handful of leaks we had already seen a number of times over the last couple of months. I am a bit surprised to see the $199 version at 8GB instead of 16GB, but to keep the price down, they had to make a cut somewhere. With so much cloud storage floating about, that really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Who knows, maybe Google will toss in free Google Drive storage to those that purchase this new Nexus.

We will know it all in 3 days.

Via:  Gizmodo

Cheers Tyler!

  • Carlos carrasquillo

    I pre-ordered my 16 gb Nex7 woohoo

  • Drag_n

    Definitely getting this tablet. Been holding out on getting a tablet cause of the price, features and maker. This seems to incorporate all that I’m looking for. Does anyone know where i con get that wallpaper?

  • Teddy Chen

    Keep my 3rd gen iPad, get the Android tablet, or wait for the Microsoft surface? So many decisions now.

  • any word on bluetooth support? The one major thing lacking from the kindle fire is bluetooth. Get that on there and you can have GPS, keyboard, mouse etc.

    • Bionic

      why do u need bluetooth for GPS?

      • You don’t if it actually had GPS built in. Not seeing GPS on the spec sheet, so bluetooth would be a good backup as you can get BT gps units for pretty cheap. Not to mention all the other stuff BT can do like game controllers, keyboards, headsets etc.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    Could have saved $ and left the NFC and Wallet out. Lugging around a tablet to pay for things is a bit much. Just as bad as people taking photo with the iPad.

    • Bionic

      agreed, but im not hung up over it.

  • duke69111

    I’m not so sure that the 8gb is going to be sufficient. I have a kindle fire with AOKP. You do a couple of rom backups and a some titanium backups along with a game or two and your 8gbs starts to become strained.

    I am also surprised that 8 & 16 are going to be there only sizes.

    • Bionic

      i think the 8GB version is aimed at people who only want to use this tablet to read and browse the net. The “very casual” user.

  • WilliamKu

    are they really expecting ppl to whip out their 7″ tablet at the register to use google wallet? cmon now.

    • Bionic

      I could see it at air ports, but beyond that, no not really. lol

  • Stealth_Voodoo

    Any word on how thin this is? Are we talking Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE thin or Xoom/Galaxy 7″ thick?

    • Bionic

      as thin as your dickk

  • panicswhenubered

    “NFC with Google Wallet loaded” Oh good … we thought that people in line behind us at McDonald’s were looking at us funny trying to buy stuff with our phone, imagine with a 7″ tablet. haha

    • David

      Who care’s what someone else thinks?

    • Bionic

      its better than pulling out a 7 inch dickk and trying to wave that at the pinpad.

  • Liderc

    Dear lord it looks sexy.

  • Jigga_Z

    The NFC probably isn’t so much for tablet users, per se. Remember, the Nexus is, first and foremost, Google’s development device. Having an NFC chip on board means that developers can integrate its functionality into their applications.

    Since Google wants one application to be able to differentiate between a tablet or a phone interface, (rather than downloading a different, tablet version or phone version) it would be ideal for a developer to have a tablet with NFC, even if the NFC functionality would only make sense when using it on the phone from a consumer perspective.

  • stupidllama

    question, no troll just wondering, is there any uses right now for nfc other then wallet, me and the girl have maxx’s (no nfc as far as i know) so beaming with phones is out, i don’t think there is much wallet support up here in montana (yet, not that i would use it). So i was just wonder if there are other uses for it, or something comming out that would make it usefull to me, not that i care, im gettin one anyway.

    • Besides Wallet and sharing content (webpages, apps, contact, etc) between devices, there isn’t really much. You could purchase NFC tags and program them for certain things. For instance, some people put an NFC tag in their car dock so when they place the phone in it the tag will turn on their GPS, set brightness to high, etc… Have a tag at the work desk that sets phone to vibrate, gps off, wifi on, etc… Of course, those are phone examples. I see a lot more usefulness with NFC for phones than I do tablets.

      • stupidllama

        ya i agree more useful on phones, however, i think it remains to be seen on tablet, i can image tvs with nfc, and remote apps, im looking forward to the tech, but i agree that its pretty slim on the tablet unless you have an nfc phone, for now. thanks for the reply.

  • possomcrast1

    Sounds like a kindle fire but actually good.

    • stupidllama

      this is what i was thinking, i put 4.0.4 on a fire the other day, pretty sick, but i wasn’t big on the specs, the form factor was nice, better then the nook tab, but the nook tab has better specs, runs nice on 2.3.7 (no 4 yet, i repeat yet), this looks to be the nice kindle for factor, with better specs and a low price, i think people will flock to this, anyone i know who has a fire or a nook tab the first they do is bring it to me for rooted and/or rommed for increased tablet like functionality.

  • I can’t wait to tinker with this thing, it looks beautiful and I am more than happy with the specs. I forced my wife to sell her Kindle Fire a few months ago while we could still get close to what we paid for it. Her Razr Maxx battery is going to last even longer once we have this thing at home.

  • SecurityNick

    I’m not sure NFC would be too useful on any tablet. Considering you have to nearly touch or actually touch the device to whatever tag, I would think that tablets (even 7″ ones) would be too big.

  • I hope the $50 extra for the 16gb version adds something more than just 8gb of extra space.

  • @ScottyfromGA

    hmm…time to sell my Kindle Fire and add some money to the pot….this thing looks beautiful!

  • PowersUSA

    I hope the real story is they will have accessories that utilize the pogo connector.

  • sahilm

    The only time I would need a Micro SD slot is when I’m on a flight or something to watch movies.

    Instead, as I’ve done with my GNex, I just bought a $2 USB OTG cable, and can connected a 200 GB passport hard drive.

  • Mac

    Will certainly give it a look when we finally have all the details, but I don’t foresee myself parting ways with my Acer A100 which has Micro SD & SIM slots, along with HDMI out and a rear camera.

  • DanWazz

    This works for me. An SD card slot would be nice, but since I’ll probably only be using this at home near wifi, cloud storage will work.

  • soapinmouth

    The nfc is probably more for beam and other nfc features rather then wallet. Being able to beam between my phone and wallet should be nice. Also using nfc tags are great.

  • Towelie420

    Why is everyone so focused on the internal storage. Anyone else wish the resolution would be higher?

    • Because the resolution is good enough for me. Physical storage is more of a concern for me. Different people prioritize things differently.

    • Hunter

      On a 7-inch tablet? That resolution is very good considering the price point they are hitting.

      • MentatYP

        The resolution is very good period even ignoring the price. 1280×800 on 7″ is quite good.

  • Bionicman

    im digging the features especially NFC. if i get an 8GB i would really like an SD slot. my thought would be if its a wifi only device, you cant always be online so its not the same as your phone. hopefully they’ll include one. also please dont pull a microsoft and announce it months in advanced! pull an apple and release it next week! haha

  • Michael Franz

    Very enticing since it is a Nexus, I just dont know if i can justify shrinking my a 10 inch Xoom with 32Gb and SD slot to go to a Smaller screen with no expandable storage. Granted the screen is much better, but i dont have a problem with my Xoom’s screen. I know cloud storage is the main push, but if it a Wifi only device, and lets say your on out and about and have no Wifi wouldnt you want to have stuff local on your device in case. Yeah 8Gb and 16Gb are alot but some of these apps take up a lot of space. You have to remember that 8 and 16GB are the entire device, not just for storage, but OS, Apps, Camera pics, etc

    • bvgillis

      It’s the price that they hope will make the justification for you.

      Of course you wouldn’t give up screen size, storage and 3G if they were the same price – but you probably would for half the money……. that’s what they are counting on.

  • Chris

    Just imagine walking into starbucks and paying for your coffee with this tablet XD

  • root4life

    another failed tablet attempt

    • Hunter

      You meant “another failed comment” right? Because this tablet has the specs and the price to fit a lot of peoples needs. Giving more visibility to the tablet space as well as expanding NFC usership.

      • root4life

        I agree that yes given the price and some of the specs yes it will fill a lot of peoples needs, but as far as a nexus tablet it could have been better if these are indeed all the facts. My comment is merely made on that alone. Also nfc and Google wallet, who needs that on a tablet?

  • Matt Tanner

    Anyone else notice there is no back camera on this bad boy. Personally don’t care, just thought I would bring it up.

    • Dave Sloboda

      I think that was a factor in keeping the overall price down. For instance, the Kindle Fire doesn’t have ANY camera on it (if I’m not mistaken).

  • florious80

    I’m not big on cloud, but to be honest I think 8Gb of storage is probably enough on a tablet. Most of the files i have and need to access right away are typically in the cloud (drive, dropbox) so this should work out fine. That being said, it be nice to have a microSD card, but I’m ok with keeping the cost down. I’ve only used the card slot once on my TF. Portability, screen quality, and battery life is more important in my eyes.

    • Dave Sloboda

      Yeah, microSD slot would be excellent, especially since I just realized this weekend that I still have my 16GB microSD from my original Droid!

    • bvgillis

      Having had experience with various tablets, I can say for sure that the lack of storage is seriously concerning. On my 32GB iPad I am constantly having to remove apps to make room for more since many of the apps are in the 700mb to 1.5gb range in size.

      If you intend to have any music or movies stored on your tablet- 8GB is going to be a huge problem.

      It’s good that they are only charging $50 more for the 16GB tablet, I am just not sure why they even have the 8GB version available since it will not be enough- Trust me.

      • florious80

        I don’t intend to store anything on the tablet. Never did it with my transformer either. I’d load up on whatever i’d like to hear/watch, and that’s about it. The rest are on google music and other various cloud options. It is not a storage device, but rather a consumption device. Everyone uses their tablet differently, if you want to store movies/music on yours, then yeah 8GB is not going to be enough for you. This would be a major negative if this is a cell tablet due to data restrictions for some. Being that this is wifi only, then cloud would work fine for me.

  • Dave Sloboda

    Looks nice!
    But I’d rather have a better camera option than the NFC/Google Wallet feature. I totally understand such a feature on a phone, but on a tablet?…I’d laugh at anyone carrying that around to pay for things!

    • BSweetness

      NFC can be used for more things than payment. Also, if you’d laugh at people paying for things with it, wouldn’t you laugh at anyone carrying it around to take pictures?

      • Dave Sloboda

        Sure, if they were walking around like some Asian tourist stereotype…but what if you’re relaxing in the park with your Nexus 7 and something catches your eye that you want to take a quick snap of?

        • And by “something catches your eye” he means a scantily-clad chick with nice assets passes by. 😉

  • imronburgundy

    I love this website but can we please stop with the “?” after each rumor title?

    • Interesting thing to complain about…

      • David

        Indeed it is, Especially considering the “?” indicates they’re not sure if it’s completely true or not. Thus if they removed the “?” everyone would assume it’s fact, which would just cause flaming galore that there sources were wrong and the credibility of DL would be compromised by the fact they were posting rumor’s as fact…. Thus the “?” = “its a rumor”. Very interesting thing to complain about indeed. -_-

  • Al

    If true sounds fantastic. Great screen, quad core, front camera, but what about audio? I actually like to hear my movies. The biggest flaw with my wifes iPad. Hopefully we get a keyboard case.

    • Keyboard case on a 7″ tablet? Interesting…

      • Al

        Indeed. All tablets can use a case. Keyboard is always nice. If we can type on a digital keyboard on screen why not a physical. Might be semi small but we get more screen space for typing essays, articles, etc.

        • I agree on the case. Just not sure about a physical keyboard that’s so small, especially for typing essays and such. I know I wouldn’t be able to type with two hands on a 7″ keyboard, at least.

    • bvgillis

      I second this.

      Why is it that nobody pays any attention to the onboard speakers?

      I would kill for my phone or tablet to have good onboard sound for watching videos or listening to music without headphones.

      Somebody please listen to this guy and get some good sound!

  • Liquidretro

    So can Google Wallet work without an internet connection? Could I use the tablet to pay for stuff without a wifi connection at the store?

    • mbaldwin85


      • David

        That makes absolutely no sense though. Why include it if it wouldn’t even work the majority of the time.

        • NexusPhan69

          So you can make easy hand-offs from your phone to tablet with beam. Jellybean will no doubt increase the usefulness of beam.

          • David

            Good point. I completely forgot about the whole “android beam” feature. All I really remember was it able to beam over things like link’s to video’s and pictures and stuff of that nature. So I can understand why NFC would be included for that, but not google wallet. If it requires and internet connection, then what’s the point of including it if the majority of the time you won’t have that internet connection to use it.

          • NexusPhan69

            I didn’t realize you were asking about wallet. I agree, wallet is completely pointless on a tablet. NFC is a huge plus for me considering my phone has it. I would use it every day. As I do now with TechTiles.

          • David

            No problem. =] I think NFC has a lot of potential, I honestly don’t know much about it since I don’t have a device that support’s it just yet, But I can see the potential that’s there.

          • Wasn’t he asking about Wallet in specific, not NFC? The NFC makes sense to me, but Wallet being included makes less sense (although there certainly ARE situations where it can be used).

          • I am starting to think Wallet will evolve into a payment system… wait, I have to explain that. I mean a system that can collect payments, kind of like Square. You go to your favorite indie ice cream stop, and instead of having to swipe a card through a dongle, you can just tap your phone to their tablet and make a payment.

          • That would be awesome. But of course, with this tablet the Indie shop would have to have wifi for you to connect to. I think using Wallet like you mention could really work down the road, once more devices come with NFC functionality.

          • Well, they wouldn’t need wifi for you, just for them (you wouldn still use your phone — who carries a tablet around everywhere?). And the ones that I know of who use an iPad with a Square dongle use the wifi version anyway.

            The whole NFC thing is a chicken and egg problem. Devices won’t have NFC until there is a practical reason to use it, and there won’t be a practical reason to use it until more devices have NFC. Someone has to break that loop and irrationally include NFC in stuff.

          • bvgillis


            Has anybody ever had the need to share some sort of “info” and thought to themselves “This would be so much better if I could just tap my device to his!”

            I think the whole idea of information transfer via beam is purely a gimmick- I can’t think of any info I would want to transfer using this method.

          • NexusPhan69

            It has so much potential and NFC included in a tablet they are trying to keep costs down tells me jellybean will introduce significant new features. Say you’re in the middle of email or half way down reading droid life on your phone when you get home. Quick tap to the tablet and you are right where you left off. In its current state, beam is meh.

          • bvgillis

            I’ve seen this “read elsewhere” feature touted a few times- but seriously? how useful is the NFC transfer?

            We can just write it into our browsers to stay synced with our devices seamlessly- there is no reason why I should tap my phone onto my computer…….

            Anyone else have a good reason?

          • Well we know that the people who came up with the idea thought that to themselves, at least… So I’m assuming there are probably others out there.

    • Yes you can use it without internet connection, or at least last time I checked you could.

  • KRS_Won

    I’m buying this for both my parents. Setting up everything Android I can around their house ( and expecting a bunch of calls later, lol.)

  • interstellarmind

    Cloud storage needs to make thr leap and become fully integrated, or baked in, to Android – like how DropBox is on a PC.

    When cloud storage behaves like hardware storage, then it’ll be 100% useful. Of course, there’s the hurdle of data limits… but maybe Wi-Fi will become uber-prevalent by then?

  • The advent of limited/tiered data + lack of expandable/removable storage = bad news for consumers.

  • If the options and the prices are true, is it worth the extra $50 to get the extra 8gb of storage?

  • Jackson

    Anyone creeped out by cloud storage in the sense that anyone could access it.

    • Yeah. This dependence on the cloud is troubling. 1 Any high level hacker can access your info and do whatever with it. 2 The govt. at some point will make it a matter of national security to have access to everyones cloud storage.

    • Brent Stewart

      Removal of ownership, that’s the final goal here. It’s bad enough we’ve made the move from physical CDs to MP3s for music. At least with a CD I could loan the disc to a friend or resell it in the preowned market. Go ahead and try and resell an MP3. Now add cloud into the mix, you couldn’t even do that, you no longer even have the digital copy. And if for some reason the artist gets their panties in a bundle and tries to have all their music pulled from a library. BOOM BABY, kiss your music, music that you PAID for, GOODBYE. No! Once I pay for a song, it’s mine in the sense I can play the damn thing any time I want, any where I want, on any device I want (provided it supports the format), with or WITHOUT an internet connection. I’ll go back to my Meizu M6 before storing all of my music in the cloud to be at the whim and mercy of the MPAA on what I can and can’t play.

  • DenR

    $199! makes it even better than galaxy tab 2. I was shopping for 7 inch tablet seems like tab 2 offers the best deal for 249

  • Stewie

    I think it will work for its niche … I got my daughter a dell streak 7 from work, good size for her, and I didn’t really mind that size either, only thing I didn’t like about that was its screen res. I got this for $100, so I might get the 8Gb anyway but agree that’s a bit samm for a hundred more …

    • JoshGroff

      With a quad core processor and a noticeably better screen, it is anything but.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    I hear a lot of people talking about an SD slot. Chances are it doesn’t and won’t exist.
    We are talking about Google here and they’re big into cloud storage.
    Chances are you’re not going to need to stream media from a 7″ tablet when you’ve got your 5″ phone in your pocket. I feel as removable storage is a thing of the past. Going forward we will rely on cloud storage and built in storage.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Mind you, if you’re at home or at the office you’re likely to have Wi-Fi. Its basically everywhere you’d need it for where you’d be using a tablet anyways. Many of you are acting as this would replace your mobile device! 8 or even 16gb should suffice asgoogle intends the tablet to.

    • I hope removable storage doesn’t go away. I prefer having an SD card in order to transfer files to/from my computers and other devices. Yes, we have cloud storage o’plenty, but pulling out a card and copying is still faster than waiting for sync and downloading from the cloud… even with the network speeds we have today.

      • David

        Very true, You can still transfer 20gb of videos (Yes I did this for a trip) faster by plugging the sd card into the computer and copying it, Than it would have been to upload to box and then download again. It just seems redundant to me. Specially with how sucky some uploads speeds are for home internet (not everyone has a gigabit connection or w/e) The only other option for transferring a lot of info to a device relatively quickly is using ADB to push it. Assuming it has -n you would still have rather fast speeds.

    • Chances are I will want to stream media on my 7″ tablet, since I have a wife and two kids who would also use the tablet. Cloud storage is great and all, but until cellular data is universally unlimited (or at least huge data allowances for super cheap) and super-fast (like, LTE Advanced), then I think SD is still very useful for many many people.

  • Brent Stewart

    I REALLY REALLY want this, but no SD no deal. I want to be able to store all my media LOCAL on the device not streamed from the cloud. This thing HAS to be able to replace my 32G Zune HD in terms of storage or I’ll shop elsewhere.

    • JoshGroff

      To store all my media would require 50+GB of storage space, but for the music I actually listen to on a regular basis, 16GB is enough. Once you take out all the filler songs that you kind of listen to, it really cuts down the required storage space.

      • Brent Stewart

        Yeah, throw in my wife’s collection and stuff I don’t actively listen to and I’d hit the 50g mark pretty easy myself. My Zune HD 32g has over 16g’s of stuff I actively switch between depending on my mood. That’s not even including podcasts and audiobooks. And if I suddenly get in the mood for something that hasn’t been cached down because of the stupid cloud and I’m in a place where there’s no wifi (yes I could tether but shouldn’t HAVE to) then I’m SoL. I don’t need an internet connection dictating what is and isn’t available for me to listen to when I want to. I can’t believe so many people are getting suckered into this whole cloud for media bullcrap. It’s a marketing gimmick meant to push in removal of ownership from the consumers. I’ll stick with my Zune HD or hell even go back to my Meizu M6 before adopting the cloud for storing my music library.

    • mbaldwin85

      I knew there were other people who loved their Zune!

      • Brent Stewart

        I <3 my Zune, Metro is incredibly intuitive compared to other media players. It's Microsoft's piece of crap Zune software on the PC side I can't stand.

  • Bionic

    I dont see anything saying if it has an SD card slot or not? 8GB does not bother me really, especially if there is an SD card slot.

  • 1) want !
    2) if you actually use this thing for google wallet, you’re doing it wrong
    3) sd card slot
    4) why 1 GB RAM ? why not 2 ? (cost probably)
    5) SWEET IPS display for the price
    6) sweet battery life

  • teevirus

    Any thoughts on the screen specs? I don’t know enough about the different technologies.

    • JoshGroff


      Don’t know much about screen tech either, but apparently it’s the same tech that’s in the TF Prime, which would make sense.

      • technologyset

        Google Wallet work without an internet connection? Could I use the tablet to pay for stuff without a wifi connection

    • IPS is one of the best there is (its the display tech in the OG Transformer, iPad, etc.) They certainly did not skimp on the display to get the cost down, which is fantastic.

    • IPS is the actual name for a Retina display (a proprietary name that everyone knows of). So yes, the screen is great.

  • Damn, the camera is on top only in portrait. Even at a mobile friendly 7″ I still prefer landscape. I’m curious, why does everyone want SD support? This is Google and we should be streaming everything?

    • JoshGroff

      I’m fine without SD, but only if there’s ~10GB of media space for my music.

    • Brent Stewart

      I don’t have a very huge music collection that I actively listen to and fits quite nicely on my Zune HD 32g. I don’t have 32g of music, but I’m well over 16g. I like having my entire active collection available on demand on or offline. I use the cloud as a tool to store and move documents and/or photo albums. Not for streaming music. My music MUST be available anytime. But 16g is just NOT enough for that. So no SD no deal.

      • ApplesNAndroids

        So you’d be willing to walk around, or even pocket a 7″ media device if it were big enough to store all of your media? This seems silly. Your phone is probably capable of storing all of that. Why would you need your tablet to? I suppose if it has no cell radio its also a deal breaker for you?

        • Brent Stewart

          Because my phone is a PHONE first and foremost. The only apps I use are utility and social networking apps with maybe a few time waster games. I never ever use my phone for media consumption of any kind. I still happily carry a separate device for playing music. I really don’t mind carrying two devices. And a 7″ tablet fits nicely in a backpack. I don’t walk to a lot of places, I drive. And when I do walk I’m walking with other people and you know, I like to actually TALK to them, not zone out on music. If I’m going for a run or jog I’d just use my Meizu M6 or Zune loaded with what I want to workout to. And when I’m driving I just want to plug in my media device and go, not have to fiddle with a MiFi or tethered connection just to listen to music.

          No I don’t WANT a cell radio. I refuse to have to have separate data plans for every damn device I own. Happy with WiFi only. And because of that I need to be able expand my storage.

          Unlimited data is slowly going away. And did you notice that with the slipping away of unlimited is the phasing in of cloud? That’s no coincidence. Sorry, not gonna pay outrageous data rates just to have access to something I already paid for.

    • I can get by with cloud storage for media. The problem becomes app storage. We have a Kindle Fire (rooted) and the number of apps reminds me of data managing from the old days on my OG Droid. One app installed one uninstalled.

  • Such a disappointment google. Such a disappointment.

    Worthless 7″ form factor with a crappy screen.

    What to totally launch a dud.

    I guess there’s always Jelly Bean to look forwards to.

    • JoshGroff

      Same resolution as the Xoom, but with a 7″ screen. That sounds pretty awesome to me.

    • Bionic

      you obviously know jack shitt about screens. This screen will look very nice.

    • we already knew it was 7″ for about a year now

      crappy screen? HD IPS for $199 ?

      GTFO troll

  • Allen S. Harvey Jr.

    Very disappointed in no rear camera. This limits augmented reality apps and some basic image capturing. When the emphasis google has been putting on its video editing capabilities, this is a missed opportunity.

    • NicholasMicallef

      TBH I’m glad they saved the money on that, I have a phone if I need to take a picture & video and it has better quality than any tablet I know of and it’s more comfortable to use.

    • Wouldn’t the WiFi and not cellular limit the AR? Asking, not tolling 🙂

      • Allen S. Harvey Jr.

        Good point. Around the house, it’s not a big loss. However, a use case I have used and others have mentioned is the ability to take photos and post things on craigslist or ebay. It would be nice to have a small tablet like that.

        However, no rear camera, gps, or SD card are things that the Kindle fire do not have either. Now if apple does make a smaller ipad/bigger ipod touch, I bet it will include a rear camera and possibly GPS.

  • user311

    With many apps in the 1GB range, I would really only insta-buy this if it has an SD card slot, else its a pass.

    • capecodcarl

      What apps are you running that are in the 1GB range? The largest Android apps I’ve ever used, at least on my phone, are barely 30 MB.

      • NicholasMicallef

        Some games, especially at high res.

        • technologyset

          hy does everyone want SD support? This is Google and we should be streaming everything

          • user311

            Yea, unfortunately, you can’t stream all games yet 😀

          • NicholasMicallef

            because this tablet won’t have cellular data and it’s an added inconvenience. Even if I were to use wifi tethering with my GS II, cellular data for phones is just crazy expensive where I live, contracts are even worse.

            Also, why not?

          • NicholasMicallef

            Because this tablet won’t even have cellular data, and even if I use wifi tethering, cellular data is crazy expensive where I live, contracts are even worse and it’s an added inconvenience.

            Also, why not?

      • user311

        Left my tablets in my weekend bag so I don’t have any at work with me today, but off hand both max payne and fifa weigh in at 1.6GB. Capt america, shadowgun, madden and a bunch others are at 700-900MB Theres a countless slew of them in the 100-400MB range. My Galaxy tab 8.9 16GB is used when I just need a light tablet and that one is full to the point that I can’t install all my apps and need to pick and choose which to have on there. Luckily I have my prime which is sitting at the 32GB ranged used for Apps. I would buy the nexus 7 if only to replace the gt 8.9 if it has expandable, else I’ll wait for asus’s offering in the fall.

  • Kyle Bailey

    Please dear god let this thing have a micro sd slot.

    • NicholasMicallef

      That would be awesome but I bet it won’t…

    • John

      Why are people so obsessed with micro sd slots? Everything can be streamed/used OTA just about

      • NicholasMicallef

        because this tablet won’t have cellular data and it’s just an added inconvenience… After all the question is more “why not?”

        • John

          True. Good point.

      • br_hermon

        True, except for a tablet like this that is Wifi only. Sure there’s public wifi available, but here are still lots of areas without it too. An sd card ensures users, especially kids, can enjoy their music, photos, movies and more without any kind of internet connection.

        • And at 8 gigs I hope so, I can deal with 16GB, and 32GB total is enough. But 8 Gigs man that is way to small

          • 8GB is too small, but really 50$ for an additional 8GB? What is the justification?

          • Or 20 dollars for 32GB more

          • 20 for 32GB more? I don’t follow, but what is the reasoning behind the storage pricing? Are they under selling the 8GB model and hoping to make up for the loss by sales from the 16GB model?

          • a 32GB SD card you could buy for about $20, maybe remember this is not the final pricing

          • David

            That was my thought’s when I read 50$ more for the 16gb version.

          • JoshGroff

            There’s plenty of us who are willing to spend that if there’s no micro SD support. For those who don’t need the extra storage, that $50 savings over the 16GB model is mighty enticing.

          • JoshGroff

            I use ~ 8-10GB of my Xoom’s 32GB storage. If this lacks an SD slot, that kind of forces me into the 16GB version. Not like $50 is that big of a deal especially since the price point is already pretty low.

      • Brent Stewart

        This is a wifi only device and I want anything from my active music collection to available on demand, not streamed. While I don’t have 32g of music, I’m well over the 16g mark. Yes I actively use THAT much audio. I’ve never been nor ever will be interested in streaming stuff I own from the cloud. I use the cloud as a tool to store and move documents and/or photo albums. Not for streaming music. My music MUST be available anytime. But 16g is just NOT enough for that. So for me, no SD no deal.

        • zion

          But come on though. You use it, yea I get that. Everyone uses their music collection. But in all reality, 8GB at any given time is THAT small? I mean, that’s what, 2K songs, give or take? It’s not the best, I admit, since I’ve also got around 25BG of total music. But I rarely need access to ALL of it. Especially on a tablet. Local storage coupled with cloud should be fine. And how often are you using a tablet outside of WiFi areas? On your commute? Which is 20-60 minutes depending on the person? You don’t need more than 40 songs for that.

          I am certainly not meaning to pick a fight, just talking out loud. I def understand the wish to have all music right there. But in all reality I just dont see when people would need to access it all.

          And again, lets put this in perspective. We’re talking about a 200.00 quadcore tablet! This should be blowing our minds!

          The disease of more. People always want something else (not you directly, just the nature of this conversation).

          • Brent Stewart

            I should not have to shuffle what’s on my device everytime I get in and out of my vehicle. Just because I want to listen one type of music on the way in doesn’t mean I want to listen to the same thing on the way home. I choose my music by my mood. Heck, in the morning I might not even KNOW what kinda day its going to be at work. An hour after I get in someone could tick me off and I might want to listen something a little more angry. What if I didn’t load that in the morning?

            Sorry, not trying to pick a fight myself. Just this mad obsession people have with the cloud is unnerving. It’s a useful tool for sharing data between devices and colleagues. But I strongly feel that treating it as an end all be all storage solution now and even in the future just to be an all around bad move for the consumer both economically and security wise. But people just don’t seem to care and are ready to just blindly embrace it without any thought.

      • Why are people so obsessed with cloud storage? Some people just like physical, removable storage.

        • Guest

          There is more of it, it is cheaper, and it is available regardless of your connection. +1 for physical storage

          • Guest

            You have more local microSd card storage… then the entire Internet that could be streamed to you?????

            Wow. That’s 1 big microSd card!

          • Guest

            > There is more of it

            You have more local microSd card storage… then the entire Internet that could be streamed to you?????

            Wow. That’s 1 big microSd card!

          • Brent Stewart

            Again it comes down to “removal of ownership”. Sure the cloud has immeasurably way more storage than any SD card out there. But at least with an SD card, once I buy it. It’s MINE. With the cloud, everybody wants a piece of the pie. Any decent amount of storage that would be more than even a small 8g SD card is going to cost you monthly or yearly. Then there’s consumption. Unlimited is dying out and anyone that thinks otherwise has been blind to the market. The carriers know the cloud is coming, they want a piece of that pie too. So they drop unlimited and charge mad crazy data rates to access YOUR data. Don’t renew your data storage subscription? Kiss your cloud goodbye. Some crazy law gets passed akin to SOPA and all it takes for you to even get suspected of copyright violation and again kiss your cloud goodbye. Meanwhile I have my SD card and all my data accessible ANYTIME I want it without monthly fees limiting or controlling my access.

          • stupidllama

            assuming you have a connection

      • interstellarmind

        If I uploaded one decent video I took using my smartphone to cloud storage, that’d be a 1gb upload. If I had the 2gb plan from verizon… I would have used up HALF my data allotment with ONE upload. Thus physical storage needs.

        These carriers are reversing software advances thanks to their greed.

        • adao7000

          To upload with the physical storage, you’d still require an Internet connection. And if you have an Internet connection for a computer then why not just connect it to the Tablet? The other scenario is if you want to JUST upload to the computer and not upload online somewhere. In this case, how necessary is it really to transfer to a computer? Unless you’re a vfx editor or something that desperately needs to work on it because you can’t finish it by some deadline if you wait til you get in Wifi range.. but that’s an extremely rare occurrance.

      • Guy

        The “cloud” or in other words, anothers server that isn’t in your control. My storage is in my control. There is a use for sharing a server of mass information. (can’t stand the click word “cloud” because its not a new thing) But an SD is mine for my use, control and storing. No worries about connections or it crashing. Yes an SD slot is great on any device in my opinion.

    • 1MPR0BUS

      With Unlimited Data on my Galaxy Nexus, AOKP, 4G, Drive, Google Music, and Dropbox I have very little need for internal storage. I can see that people without the ability to tether or have access to unlimited data could want larger internal storage. Also, people have had success connecting external USB powered Hard Drives to the Transformer Prime so if you need that much storage that is an option.

      • Panicswhenubered

        “Not just people without the ability to tether.” I understand the point you’re making, but turning your tether on and off and waiting for it to connect when you’re out and about is annoying. Plus it’s slower than local storage, and it kills the battery on your phone too. Micro SD card slot would be a simple and cheap solution.

      • Brent Stewart

        My phone is fully capable of tethering. But I shouldn’t have to access the internet to get to my data, it should be local. And since I refuse to drain the battery on my phone using data via tether or just as a PMP I want a small tablet to replace my PMP without the hassle of eating data off my plan. I would be using it for music while driving. I want to get in my van, plug the audio jack in, hit play, and just go. I don’t want to fuss around with tethering.

    • moelsen8

      No microsd would be a deal breaker.

      • Brent Stewart

        No SD is definitely an IMMEDIATE deal breaker. They could increase the resolution, add a rear camera, and drop the price to $50 bucks and I still won’t get it without SD.

    • palomosan

      On another note, my OG transformer is for sale, any buyers?
      Another thing, Google’s Andy Rubin said that they would double on Tablet apps, the field is yours, release at least a 100 apps at IO this week and you’ll have a lot of happy people/

    • KleenDroid

      I used to feel the same way. But since getting my Nexus I’ve come to realize that I really don’t need it. I guess some want to be able to pull out a card for some reason. But if I need to transfer something I can do it wireless which is easier anyway. Just an opinion.

      • xsheadspace

        With Dropbox, Drive, Box, etc. there’s options as long as the file size is within limits. That can be a problem tho with roms and video. But, I still love my SD option. That was a factor with me ordering the S3.

      • I cooled on the SD thing once I got my GalNex, but would still like to have SD on all of my devices. I’ve come across many instances with my GalNex where I thought it would really be nice if it had an SD slot.

      • BSweetness

        It’s not that “some want to be able to pull out a card,” but rather that some want to be able to have a lot of files with them – music, video, etc. – and don’t want to have to rely on a data connection to get them (especially for those who don’t have unlimited data). My 64GB microSD card is packed full. It’s all about options.

        This is especially the case on a device that will be WiFi only. Cloud storage does you no good unless you have an internet connection whenever you want to access your files.

        • New_Guy

          ..and if you travel a lot, cloud storage is pretty much useless. It’s great to have the option to store all of your files locally.

          • Allen Byrd

            Yeah, but you could just get FoxFi and tether from your phone to your tablet.

          • New_Guy

            That’s a serious battery drain though. It’s always better to have the option for local storage. But hey, for $199, who really gives a darn =).

          • That’s assuming you’re the only person who will use the tablet. I have a family, they will use my tablet as well and tethering to my phone wouldn’t always be an option.

          • BSweetness

            Tethering isn’t going to help if you’re traveling in an area where you have weak or no signal, as well as if you’re traveling internationally. Plus, while the ethics of it have been debated to death, some people would just rather not violate the terms of service they agreed to by using something like FoxFi. Also, what about those folks who may not have a smartphone and are interested in a low cost tablet like this for media consumption?

            Even though I don’t care for it, I can see it being easier to accept the lack of expandable storage on a phone that’s going to be connected to cellular data more often than not like with the Galaxy Nexus. But on a WiFi only device, it’s a deal-breaker in my book.

      • MM777

        ftp ftw

    • possomcrast1

      That would be really cool actually. Buy the tablet for cheap. Add memory if it turns out you actually need it. which you usually don’t.

    • michael arazan

      I was just watching the review of the new Chrome Book, and it has no expandable memory and only 16gb of storage. They were saying how google is doing this to integrate their cloud storage to all their devices for now. I like cloud storage but It would be nice to know how guaranteed my storage will be.

  • I wonder how they are going to sell it? WIll best buy/etc/retailers carry this? Only through the play store?

  • Not a big deal, but 1.2mp camera? Really? Why bother?

  • Slappy Sam


    • Alan Paone

      It probably has MHL, which is kinda the same

  • The design reminds me a lot of an iPod Touch 4th Gen. The slanting of the edges and the ffc make it look so similar. I like this better though because the back is not that stupid (scratchable and ugly) metal back!

    • Alan Paone

      I don’t know anyone whose ipod still looks good. I have no idea why they keep going back to that chrome, they really ought to go for the matte aluminium like the ipad has. My firend spins his on tables trying to get a uniform scratched chrome thing going on.

      • Dave Sloboda

        my iPod Touch still looks good.

        but that’s probably because I take care of my devices.

  • Xeneize480

    HTC? no thankx

    • Uh… wut?

    • tvjrc603

      Tricky, tricky, HTC, producing a tablet and labeling it “ASUS,” thinking nobody will notice…we’re on to you.

    • The tablet clearly says ASUS across the bottom. -_- Please represent Android with intelligence not idiotic comments. -_-

  • android fan

    no mention of micro sd card slot !!!! i really hope it has one,otherwise i may just wait for the Acer or kindle fire 2 tablets although i prefer to have the google one because i know it will be fully supported & updated because its GOOGLE’s own tablet. 🙂

  • MFG

    There is no reason to buy this. The Android tablet market is a mess and it’s because of Google’s lack of control on the situation.If the Play Store had even half the amount of tablet apps that the App Store does, the situation would be better. But as it stands right now, devs are not interested in Android on tablets.

    And do not tell me “Devs shouldn’t have to make tablet apps”. They should. I have a Tab 10.1 and a new iPad and it’s ridiculous how much better the iPad is. And no, iOS is not better than ICS…it’s the application support. I have my choice of amazing twitter apps on the iPad. On Android tablets, I get a blown-up Twitter app, Plume or TC Pro. The XOOM came out in Feb. 2011 (I was stupidly in line) and Twitter still isn’t updated.

    It doesn’t end there. Android tablets just haven’t been able to shake those bugs. My XOOM and my Tab 10.1 both suffered from some pretty bad software. Google releasing a 7-inch tablet with Jelly Bean means nothing. Sure, it will run smoother but it doesn’t change the fact that it is (most likely) fundamentally the same as ICS on tablets.

    Google is in a rough place with tablets right now and I just don’t know if this is the right way to do things. They need to get control of the platform and make sure more devices are on ICS before releasing Jellybean. What a joke.

    • You do realize that is basically the point of this whole tablet right? What better way to show you’re invested in the tablet ordeal than put your own name on the line (Nexus). Plus they are not competing with the iPad but rather the Kindle Fire. Having the lower price point makes it easier to get in consumer’s hands therefore creating a bigger user base and need for development. This is just as much to create interest in developers as is consumers. Just my two cents.

    • Larizard

      Honeycomb was rushed out. We all know that. Not saying that’s an excuse for Google to produce buggy software, but aren’t we all in perpetual beta when it comes to Google anyway?

      And stop blaming Google because there’s not enough tablet apps out there, because really, why would developers want to create apps for a non-existent Android tablet market share? Did it ever occur to you, that releasing a Nexus tablet *might* just fix this problem?

      So in essence, this is a chicken vs egg debate. Blame Google because there are no tablet apps –> There are no tablet apps because there is no Android tablet market share –> Now Google is trying to carve out market share with a 7″ Nexus tablet –> Why is Google doing that when there are no tablet apps —> Rinse. Repeat.

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed that finally, with this tablet, developers will finally make tablet optimized apps.

    • z3dster

      Google rushed Honeycomb because Android 2.1 tablets started coming out. Google was always clear that everything before Honeycomb was not a tablet OS. They were not ready for tablet support but had to to save face with.
      Android looks bad because of OEM/ODMs and not Google. I wish Google has more control but the whole idea with Android was a make it as accessible to the ODM/OEMs as possible.
      With Nexus devices (and the Droid and G1 before them) Google works with partners to create not the best device possible but instead a target for other manufactures to try to hit or exceed.

      That being said I think Google/Android project should find someway to use the IceCat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_IceCat example in reverse. Keep the source code to Android open but limit the use of the name or android images. Cheap companies could go the Amazon Fire route (not calling Amazon cheap) and rebadge Android into something derivative and thus not ruin Android or have Google Apps. Google should then tier their Android naming as such:
      Android – Access to Google Apps, meets basis requirements
      Approved by Google – Apps + support in updating firmware
      Nexus – Meets full target specs, Google takes over updating firmware

      A manufacture who hits Approved/Nexus level would need less in house programing to upgrade phones, it would be a win/win for Android

    • Sounds like you don’t want/need one, and that’s fine. I know plenty of people who thoroughly enjoy their Android tablets, though. Sure, iPad is a great tablet, but it’s also not $199-$250.

  • also is that, on the side, a 4 pronged version of the pogo prongs for the Galaxy Nexus?

    • MFG

      Oh sweet. Maybe we’ll get no accessories for it here in the States, just like with the GNex.

      • tvjrc603

        Oh, there will be accessories…but they won’t fit this particular tablet exactly, so you’ll need to use a belt sander, a table saw and a gallon of hydrochloric acid break it down to the point where it will fit. trust me, it’ll be worth it.

        • JoshGroff

          We’re not talking about Samsung here. 😉

          • Very important. Can’t stress that enough. Samsung has ALWAYS done this with accessories.

        • moelsen8

          I just died laughing hahaha

        • Nex__

          LOL that was funny

  • SamD

    Sd card slot?

    • Android Telegraph

      Sorry, can’t put that in a Nexus device or Google’s cloud won’t sell 😛

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Now I’m just waiting for confirmation of a microSD card slot.

  • Sold. Wasn’t expecting NFC, but I’ll take it.

    • Alan Paone

      really stoked to beam youtube videos between nexii

    • palomosan

      My Next Tablet, once I tasted Nexus I won’t go back to skins.
      If somebody wants an sd card, I’ll sell you my OG Transformer…

  • regkilla

    Can’t wait!!!

  • I’d bet on the Nexus having some extra Drive storage for at least the first owner.

    DO WANT this thing so much 😀