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DROID Incredible 4G LTE Launching July 5

According to Verizon, the DROID Incredible 4G LTE will finally launch on July 5. We first reported this as the next possible target late last week, so we aren’t surprised to see it come out this morning. One thing we are still surprised about is the fact that this phone will launch 2 months after it was officially announced back at CTIA in early May. Will we ever know the specific reason for the hold-up? Probably not. If I were a betting man, the first thing I would look to is Share Everything plans as being reason #1. It wouldn’t have made much sense for Big Red to push a new phone knowing that they had major plan changes just around the corner. With this phone now launching in July and Share Everything happening the week prior on June 28 (this week), they get to lock some upgrades and new customers into these new plans.

Pricing is showing up as $199 on 2-year contract, but there is still a chance that a $50 rebate will be attached, dropping the price to $149. With the Galaxy S3 a much more impressive phone on the spec front at $199, I would hope that HTC and VZW wouldn’t let this phone try and compete with it. 

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  • kantofang

    Sounds like a rock solid plan to me dude

  • Clay

    I don’t really understand why people think this phone won’t hold its own against the galaxy s3, when there is no doubt in my mind that it will completely blow it out of the water. The incredible is one of the most iconic phones in the droid line, and the 4g is only gonna be better, and honestly, i don’t know of too many people that want a 4.8 inch phone. it seems like no one on this site realizes that we are just an extremely loud minority when it comes to caring about phones specs, most people just want a phone that works..

  • Dan

    Damn you Verizon. I wanted this phone, because I have no interest in these huge phones coming out nowadays. But since I want to lock in my unlimited data, looks like I’ll have to go with the ginormous SIII. Damn it!

    • dont forget your 14 day satisfaction guarantee on all new phones. After you get the SGS3 in your hands, you can exchange it for the DINC3, and your contract is still locked in. There may be a $70 restocking fee, but if you get the right rep on the phone, you might get them to waive it. 😉

  • Trueblue711

    Is there something I’m missing about this phone? It doesn’t seem like it’s cut out to be a flagship phone at all. There’s nothing about it that makes it stand out from the competition. Why would they be pushing this phone out of all the others?

  • Calvin35

    To all you Verizon customers I say watch out for the gimped multitasking on this phone. If it is anything like the One X that I had on at & t you guys are in for an unpleasant surprise.

    • Trueblue711

      Can you explain? I have yet to hear a lot of complaints about the One X.

      • wow

        basically htc implemented an agressive app killing task manager in their Sense 4.0. so when you switch apps and try to switch back they often times are reloading. so, no true multi-tasking because htc wants to conserve battery life and ram.

        • Calvin35

          The HOX is probably the worst multitasking android phone on the market right now. It is that bad. I hope this one will be better.

          • Trueblue711

            Wow.. I had no idea they did that. Hopefully it will get fixed.

  • J Dub

    Glad I didn’t wait for this for my wife. I sweet talked her into getting the SGS3.

  • galaxy s3 is priced at $299 not $199….

    • Jamie Horne

      No, the 16 gb Galaxy S3 is priced at $199.99 and the 32gb is priced at 249.99.

      • Ron

        Is that like $200 and $250?

    • wow

      not sure what carrier you are referring to. Verizon 16gb is $199. I think AT&T and Sprint are the same. Who’s getting screwed at $299 for an SGS3? is it Tmobile?

  • So here is my dilemma. Need some advice on this. My wife has an original Incredible, but isn’t available for subsidized upgrade till mid next month. Any one if we can keep unlimited data by getting a Rezound off of swappa and then activating it before the 28th? That way she could have 4G LTE and unlimited data?

    • J Dub

      No because you would not be extending your contract merely updating the phone attached. However, I’m not sure how that works going from 3G to 4G. I would still say though that upon using the upgrade they would force you into a new plan structure.

  • cvo515

    there will still be market for this phone with (i assume) lower price tag, and smaller screen. i for one hate the huge screens on these new phones. i know video and what not looks much better on the larger screens, it’s just not that important to me personally. this phone will still sell with the s4 processor, screen size. i would much rather run sense then blur. only thing i wish they kept was the image sense camera, idk why they would take that out. other than that, I’m glad theres a smaller screen phone out with a great processor, 4g, and ICS.

  • beng8686

    Such UGLY UI on these new HTC phones. Reminds me of iOS with the same old skins and icons. New ICSBlur blows it away.

    • CHRIS42060

      The new Blur definitely looks great. I prefer stock though, but if I had to have a OEM Skin on my phone ICSBlur would definitely be it.

  • paul_cus

    Pretty loose with the whole “in the coming weeks”.

  • tyguy829

    Too little, too late. Just like the last incredible

  • teevirus

    I remember when the Incredible name meant something. The specs on this phone are hardly that. They should have just imported a HTC One phone and given it Droid Incredible branding. I blame big red.

  • Guest

    Apparently no one at HTC has heard about a new phone called the Samsung S3.
    You really can no longer just keep releasing “average” phones at extreme prices these days. When you can instead get an EXTREME phone for $149. (The online price for the S3)

    • Guest

      Agree that the specs don’t match up with the S3. However, keep in mind that there are a lot of customers out there (like me) that care less about tech specs and more about features like size. I mainly use the phone for basic web browsing and some apps, so care more about smaller size than processor size, sharing files with other phones, etc.

    • guest

      this is supposed to be targeted as a mid range device just like the original droid inc and droid inc2, its not supposed to compete with the s3

      • CORYK333

        ‘Ill give u the other 2, but the og INC was in NO way a mid range device when it dropped…IMO, it was/still is the best “droid” branded device ever

      • lonz77

        The original Droid Incredible was not a mid range device. It was only the 3rd Android phone even on VZW basically replaced the Droid Eris (which was a warmed over Hero that had already been out for about a year). At the time, The Dinc specs were better than the Original Droid’s were.

  • azndan4

    What a dick move by Verizon.

  • Can I pre-order this phone before 6/28 and keep my unlimited data?

    • Jon

      Well given that YES you can pre-order the Galaxy S III right now before 6/28 and keep your unlimited data plan, I would say YES. This has been confirmed repeatedly with Verizon and well reported on this site.

      But as I understand it, if you buy this phone, and after the 6/28 date you decide that you would rather have a Galaxy S III or some other phone, you can not simply exchange your phone within your 14 day period, as that will cause you to automatically be switched over to the new family shared data plan.

      So my advice would be to stick with the Galaxy S III. It looks to be the far better phone.

    • Chidoro

      Actually, unless Verizon offers the phone for pre-order, you will not be able to keep unlimited since it will be purchased after the deadline. The S3 has a specific pre-order page to buy the phone now, hence the reason you can keep the unlimited. no pre-order available – no grandfathered unlimited.

  • hkklife

    I would honestly not be surprised to see some kind of VZW stunt pulled regarding the SGSIII. They’ve already shown less enthusiasm for it than the other carriers (though T-Mob’s pricing is absolutely retarded).
    I could forsee Big Red doing limited in-store availability, pre-orders delayed until late July or early August, some shenanigans about grandfatheredf unlimited users, early EOL of the 32Gb version, limited availability of one color, you name it.
    It probably drives them nuts that Samsung has forced their hand so strongly and the demand for the Sammy will be unprecedented due to the global availability, the grandfathered unlimited data folks, and how well it stacks up to the comparably-priced Inc LTE and the upcoming Droid HD.

  • jds

    any reason to get this over a rezound that $120 cheaper?

    • Jon

      now that’s a great question.

    • JoshGroff

      S4 processor and sense 4.0 (if you care about stock ROM,) that’s about it. I certainly wouldn’t sell my Rezound to buy the Incredible.

      • lonz77

        I would say only the S4. Both phones are Dual Core 1.5Ghz phones though. The Rezound will have Senes 4.0 and Gingerbread real soon. It is already available in leaked form and official release can’t be far behind.

        • JoshGroff

          I thought HTC announced only their One series (and thus variants) will have sense 4.0, any prior phones will only be upgraded to 3.6.

          If so, we can always turn to the dev community for Sense 4.

  • Guest

    It’ll be free within a month of launch date.

    • John

      And then there will be a stupid upgrade like Droid Incredible HD 4g LTE

      • cvo515

        hahaha your prob right too. what are we on now…razr rendition #3 coming up?

      • CHRIS42060

        “Droid Super Incredible MAXX 4G LTE HD upgradable to Jelly Bean” is my bet on the name…… Sprint will get jealous they managed to give a phone such a long name lol.

        • J Dub

          A year after source code is released of course.

  • DanWazz

    About time. Good thing I wasn’t planning on getting this phone.

  • maratu

    Just ordered the SG3 yesterday, too. This is exactly what my wife wanted in a new phone, so it looks like I’ll be selling off the S3.

    • rodney11ride

      huh? yeah id return the lexus for a hyandai that cost the same any day…. lol

    • Jon

      If you haven’t received the phone or even opened the box, it should be fairly easy for you to return it. But it’s silly to jump the gun without at least waiting for reviews of this phone. All signs point to getting the Galaxy S III over this phone.

      GS III has been reviewed well has great screen, easy to hold form factor, excellent all day battery life, fastest phone on the market, one of the best cameras on the market. I’m not sure that your going to get all of the above out of the Incredible 4G.

      • chudilo

        HTC cameras have historically been much better then Samsung ones. My wife thinks my GNex is too large (she much prefers her original incredible because she can reach across the screen one handed)
        Yet unlimited data is more important!!! So F this. Although we might end up exchanging the SIII(to be shipped before July 11th) for this if she hates it.

        • cadi197

          You can’t compare the Camera on the S3 to the other Samsung phones. The Nexus and Fascinate both were 5mp cameras. This is an 8mp. I would say it is comparable to the HTC’s now!

          • chudilo
          • Jon

            I always take sample photos from sites with a grain of salt. For some reason, even on crappier cameras, I somehow end up being able to take way better photos than I often see in reviews.

            That being said, it’s been widely reported in many reviews that the S III does not have nearly as good of low light performance as the HTC One X. They are both excellent cameras, the One X is just slightly better in that regard. Otherwise it seems they are very comparable in outdoor shots and such.

        • Jon

          beware…I think that if you switch phones after the upcoming deadline, you will be forced onto the new shared data plans! Even though you are on your 14 day return window. I think you will only be allowed to return a phone for refund to keep your plan.

          You should call Verizon. I remember lots of people reporting this on the post in Droid Life a few weeks ago when everyone was trying to figure out what to do about the shared plans.

    • Eta508

      I’m the same as you – pre-ordered the GS3 to lock in my unlimited for 2 years. I’ll sell the GS3 new-in-box and buy the Inc4g off contract. Does the GS3 beat it in almost every category – yep, but it’s not a 4″ screen so all the other specs (and cost differences) don’t matter.

      • maratu

        Exactly right. Nothing else matters for her aside from the fact that it’s not big. She, and MANY MANY consumers like her, simply don’t care about the insides. I feel like most people who read these kind of blogs seem to forget that their own personal preference has nothing to do with the rest of the population.

  • Siff

    I like pudding….

    • Shadowcell

      Whoa hold on there, be sure to turn off “Bill Cosby” font face before commenting.

  • Shadowcell

    Great job Verizon. You guys certainly know how to appeal to your customers.


  • triangle8

    This probably means that the Droid Incredible 4G gets one week in the spotlight before the SGSIII arrives and steals all of the attention. Sucks for HTC, not that this device had much of a chance to succeed given its specs…

    • rodney11ride

      Not sure who left you the thumbs down. but you are spot on. does Verizon think they are actually going to sell this phone for 149$? no. maybe 99$. The SGS3 just changed the whole ball game on phone pricing. (good for us) no longer will there be a new 4g superphone with a price tag of 299 unless its 32 or 64 gb. this phone will be 99 in a few weeks.

      • Jon

        And Amazon Wireless will probably have it $50 cheaper than whatever Verizon is selling it for too. This might be a great phone, but unless they drop the price significantly below the Galaxy S III, it just doesn’t make sense to get this phone right now.

      • jseah114

        I’m sure Verizon would have originally wanted to price the SGS3 at $249, just like all the other 4G flagship phones. Their only problem with that is the fact that both Sprint and AT&T is pricing the phone at $199. They would never price the same exact phone $50 higher than their competitors.

        • kretz7

          T-Mobile did. Oh, wait, you said competitors…

    • phinn

      What’s missing in the Specs? It has a Snapdragon S4, 1GB RAM, Beats Audio, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, microSD, removable battery, f/2.2 lens, MHL link, ICS, and 4G LTE.

      If you’re referring to the qHD 4.0″ form-factor, this is what a LOT of people like, especially considering it’s the only 4G phone that size with this level of performance. It would seem this phone as excellent specs, but certainly it’s a disappointment it didn’t come out 2 months ago when the One S and X did.

      • wow

        he’s referring to the 1gb instead of 2gb ram in the SGS 3. the QHD res instead of 720p res. the 1700mah battery instead of 2100mah battery. also it’s SLCD screen instead of SLCD 2 screen like the one series. Add on to that the gimped multi-tasking that aggressively kills apps when you leave them that HTC gimped the phone with and the $199 pricetag which is equivalent to the SGS3 and you don’t have a very tantalizing offer…

        • phinn

          It’s a 4.0″ screen, qHD is perfect. Not to mention it’s non-pentile so the sub-pixel density is actually higher than the phones you’re referring to.

        • Jon

          all that you said, plus that in all side by side reviews of the Galaxy S III and the HTC One X, the One X is slower in real world use and has a horrible issue with the browser constantly having to reload pages because it’s multitasking performance is so poor.

          The screen will be fine for anyone that hasn’t truly tasted of the 1280×720 p nectar. I’m spoiled now though and can’t go back to QHD. My wife on the other hand probably wouldn’t give a crap and be just fine with a QHD.

      • I think the point people are missing is this phone isn’t competing with the SGS3, it’s the SGS3 alternative. I thought long and hard before prordering the SGS3, because of it’s huge size. I’ve been using my DINC for 2 1/2 years, and never had issues with it. DINC3 is the best spec’ed <=4" LTE phone in the line-up, outperforming the rezound in almost ever catagory. Sales of the DINC3 wont come near the SGS3, but it will be the fall-back phone for the people that want portablity.
        Oh, and the smaller screen means less battery drain. I'll bet battery life will be comparable.

    • CHRIS42060

      Honestly I have a feeling you won’t see much advertising for the SGSIII from Verizon since it doesn’t have the “Droid” name on it. They will probably leave the GSIII Marketing up to Samsung since they are rather good at it. I am sure all sale reps are being told to push the Incredible 4G LTE as the best phone on the planet.

      • Jon

        I don’t know. I think the S III has reached a fever pitch. Not just because it’s new, but because it really does well at ALL of the important areas that people want out of a great phone. Camera, screen, battery life, speed and fluidity, feel in the hand. That’s what I’ve gathered from the like 15 reviews I’ve read from all over the web.

        It’s got buzz, but it’s got quality to give life to the buzz beyond it’s initial release.

        Verizon employees will probably fall in love with this phone no matter what they are told to push.