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Nike+ App Finally Released on Android, Doesn’t Work With NikeFuel


Workout machines, a Nike+ app is finally available on Android. And I must say that this thing is pretty feature rich. You can track your runs with GPS, hear cheers in your ears from friends on Facebook, challenge your best runs, view run summaries, and more. It even manages to pull in your Google Music playlists, something that no other app has been able to do thus far.

There do seem to be some bugs that need to be ironed out though. If you cruise into the Play store listing, you’ll notice a bunch of good reviews along with a whole bunch of bad ones. The app works OK on my Galaxy S3, however, it has force closed at least twice on me already. Nike probably isn’t going to let this remain a frustrating experience, so be patient and look for an update very soon.

One thing I am a bit disappointed in, is the lack of Nike FuelBand support. As Nike’s newest workout toy, the only users who are able to sync their Fuel on the go are iPhone users. Nike told us to expect an app some time this summer, but we were hoping it would be coupled in with Nike+, just like the newly overhauled Nike+ website has done it.

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Cheers Brett and Anish!

  • biru

    Mad !!! been searching for nike fuelband app for droid and now read this fact that it doesnt support for fuelband droid user….what was those nike people think’s on earth !

  • It also doesn’t work with any Nike + sneakers I guess apple has the monopoly on that

  • Looks like the app was pulled. It can’t be found on Google Play anymore.

  • KenBarnum

    Endomondo has been using google music playlists for a long time

  • Jared Gould

    Anyone who owns a Nike Fuel band deserves no consideration from anyone in the world.

  • It randomly stopped tracking me 2.5 miles into my run this morning. Good thing I had Endomondo up and tracking as well.

  • Will Lemmon

    The running app on IOS doesn’t support the Fuelband either. There is a separate app for it for IOS.

  • Eh it doesnt have cycling settings. Ill stick with endomondo pro for both my cycling and running tracking

    • Tom_Cullen

      endo ftw

  • mog386

    So does this work with the shoe sensor? I’ve had it for a while, and used it with my ipod touch, but I seem to have misplaced that a couple of months ago.

    • EricRees

      No, it replaces your shoe sensor. It uses the accelerometer in the phone and the GPS to track how much you’re moving and where you’re going. Works pretty nice.

      • mog386

        Thanks for the info! 🙂


    @Kellex … if you go into settings in the app and go to tour the app.. on page 7 of the tour it does say you earn nike fuel though i don’t rly care.. just saying..

    • EricRees

      I just tested it out this morning. When you log in with this Nike+ Running it keeps the Fuel that you earn separate from the Fuelband. It seems a little convoluted to me but I’ll work with it until they bring the two together.

  • maxkobi

    looking at the positive, it is free on android and like 1.99 on iphone? maybe .99 cents. not sure haha. i have a nike fuelband and was hoping for it to sync through this too! but it gets better… the day this app comes out… My fuelband stopped counting! WTF im at 0 all day! fucking broke 150 dollar watch! im so pissed


    Hey, im just happy i finally have an app. Though i have yet to tested it and because it doesn’t work with the shoe sensor.. im cautiously optimistic about how when you switch it to indoor running which shows a treadmill icon, how that would work… but looks good so far..

  • sc0rch3d

    sonofabitch i just bought a GPS watch b/c I was sick of the limitation on my ipod touch.

    anyone recommend a good (read “sweat proof”) case for running with a GNex?

    • jmwinters

      I just gone one. Tune Belt makes great arm bands. They have two that fit the GNEX:
      http://www.amazon.com/Tune-Belt-Armband-Samsung-Rezound/dp/B0071C9B0U is the basic phone only one. I bought the larger (
      http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0056AN7SQ/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00) so it would fit around my OtterBox Defender Case. The Extra Flap on the side is great to coil up the extra cable if you have wired earbuds. Its served me well so far for the past month. I have not had any problems with sweat getting to the phone yet and we have had some pretty hot days for runs here in Ohio lately.

      • Tyrian

        I have the Tune Belt band and it works great. Nexus fits snug without a case. Screen operation works pretty well even with my screen protector.

      • rohicks

        Thanks. Purchased.