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Swiftkey 3 Graduates Beta and Into the Play Store – Free For X Owners, On Sale For Newbies

Swiftkey announced late last night that their Beta 3 was moving on up in the world and into official status in various app stores. Many of you have been helping them test the beta, but for those who stuck to releases in places like the Play store and Amazon Appstore, you can now join the party. If you had already purchased Swiftkey X, the upgrade to version 3 is free. If you have yet to fork out cash for any of the Swiftkeys, you can pick up them up for a limited time at half price, or $1.99.

Links:  Phone | Tablet

Cheers everyone!

  • hillbilly greg

    I have been using SwiftKey for over a year now. I couldn’t be without it. That said, I wish they had left it alone. It was just fine the way it was. If it has to be upgraded why not give the option to use the old or the new? I think the upgrade is a downgrade! Was nothing wrong with the original.

    Another so called upgrade that actually is a step backward. The punctuation is a joke at best. All to offer a bigger space bar. Please give us the option to choose the old or the new.

  • I don’t get why Swiftkey is such a big deal. Their every changelog reads almost the same. Better word prediction, better punctuation and even bigger spacebar. What..!! How big a spacebar you need?? The spacebar gets bigger in every update..!! Why? Even though they are pushing the “Auto space” feature. Then why do one need bigger spacebar? Not trolling. Let me know if I’m missing something.

    I just updated to the Swype beta, with multi input method. First I was flabbergasted that the ‘add to dictionary’ was missing/buggy. But then I saw that it has ‘hinglish’ as downloadable language option and I was sold.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Love Switfkey but I’ll stick with the version before the redesign. Not liking it at all, looks more like HTC keyboard.

  • Mudokon83

    If you bought it on amazon.com just uninstall it and reinstall it and you’ll get updated to SWIFTKEY 3

  • I LOVE Swiftkey! It’s prediction is amazing, but I can’t live without my ICS voice-to-text. As soon as they implement that it will be my default Keyboard again.

  • helano

    Hi im new to android and bought a gs3. This message app you show on the screenshot isnt the stock on the gs3 right? How can i get this message app? Thanks

  • helano

    Im new to android and bought a gs3. his app for messaging you are using on the screenshot isnt the stock on gs3 right? How can i get this message app?

  • John

    Why do you prefer Swiftkey over Swype?

    • arthur2142

      I love the fact that Swiftkey is great at predictive text. I just can’t live without being able to Swype with my thumb. I wish I could combine the two keyboards, but for now, I’ll stick with Swype.

  • Trevor

    I used to be obsessed with Thumb Keyboard, but Swiftkey 3 has won me over. Love this keyboard!

  • SeanBello

    loving the new themes, but I really wish they’d fix the algorithm of the apostrophe key (which I thought they did). it takes like 4 button presses to do possessive nouns.

  • goincarcrazy

    I can’t for the life of me get this app to update through amazon app store which is where I got it from for free last July. There is no option to update, and still shows as swiftkey x in the installed apps part of amazon app store. Has anyone that got it from the Amazon app store found a way to update without having to be charged the 1.99 or 3.99 yet?

    • SeanBello

      mine updated w/ no problem when I saw this come up on DL. it’s not called Swiftkey X, it’s called Swiftkey 3, so maybe that? are you going under My Apps/Updates?

      • goincarcrazy

        it doesn’t even show in my “my apps” section on google play because I bought it via the amazon app store, but when I search for swiftkey 3 it finds it and says installed but, when i open and click update, it wants to charge me. I called google and they said not their issue since I downloaded it through amazon.

        • arthur2142

          I had uninstalled Swiftkey X (also obtained for free through Amazon last year), so when I searched for Swiftkey in the Amazon store this morning, it just showed Swiftkey 3, which it allowed me to download for free…

    • Try going to the “all” section

  • Mudokon83

    I bought it through amazon appstore as swiftkey x, wonder how I can get 3 now……

    • duke69111

      same thing here.
      Edit: Just check the all tab in the amazon app, my says swiftKey 3.

  • jeesung
    • CSick

      From the app description on the play store:
      ” *** Try this useful app for one month on us with this free trial. *** “

      • jeesung

        thx guys. reading comprehension was never my strong suit!

        now i know what clicking on “More” does.

    • Free version only works for 30 days. It’s a trial.

  • WaltAssault

    I have a gnex with aokp31(i know I’m behind but I hate the setup every time a new version comes out.) and this is not working(auto update because of X purchase from Amazon). After step 3 of setting it to default I just get the error popup telling me swiftkey closed about every 5 seconds no matter what I’m doing on the phone. Anyone else having issues?

  • I liked the Swype beta from yesterday better. Mostly because speech-typing is not an afterthought as it seems on SwiftKey. Swype beta voice to text has its own key to the right of the keyboard so it is accessible with one hand for the majority who are right-handers, it is not a secondary option key, it doesn’t result in multiple options when done dictating, there is an option to not detect the end of dictating that lets you go on for longer, and the Nuance speech recognition is superior – if for no reason other than you can give commands like ‘New Line’. For giggles, I typed (really spoke) one of my reports for work using the Swype text to speech and found it a pleasant experience. The Swype beta also seems to have a better memory for custom words and it pops up those custom keywords in username and URL locations whereas SwiftKey ignores suggestions in these locations (this may be for good reason though). There is a new keyboard layout on SwiftKey that I like, the default vibrate when typing setting is really good, and the old features of having a shorter keyboard and the addition of an arrow-key row still rock. Overall SwiftKey is the second best keyboard for me by a slim margin.

    • Same here. I think I’ve tried every single swype “style” keyboard out there. Each one always has something I don’t like, and I find myself coming back to Swype. I just installed the new Swype Beta and it is even better.

      • What’s funny is, on the new Swype I could care less about the Swype-ing part of the keyboard, the other parts are that good.

    • I’m too rocking Swype since day one. Loving this new beta too. But I’m not getting the ‘add to dictionary’ option when I enter a custom word. The last version used to give ‘add to dictionary’ upon entering a new word. This one doesn’t. Some words are automatically getting added to dictionary while 90% aren’t. 🙁 I guess I’ll report the bug to beta.swype

      • huh. read their forum. turns out it’s a new “feature”. auto addition of words to dictionary. But it ain’t working nicely for me. 🙁

      • For me, if I type the unknown word without pressing space, Swype will underline it in red. If I then press the underlined word in the message I am typing, the option to add the word to the dictionary is presented near the bottom of Swype’s guesses, just above delete. That’s how it works for me, anyway. A good word to add is…. Swype. They forgot to add their own name to the dictionary.

  • Chris

    What is the difference between the 2 versions really? I have the original version, but are wondering if I need the tablet version at all?

    • Sven Enterlein

      +1 on that. I got SK X free from amazon and it is already updated to SK 3 (if I choose to install it). Would like to know if it’s worth buying the tablet version.

    • JPC776

      The tablet version has a split keyboard that I find very useful when typing in landscape with my TF Prime.

    • The split keyboard on the tablet version is worth every penny.

  • edmicman

    Did they fix the voice dictation to use the new ICS style? I used the beta for awhile but just uninstalled it; there was some weirdness on my Nexus where it wouldn’t sense my touch initially. Clicking an icon would take a couple of tries, randomly. After removing the beta everything cleared up and was back to normal.

  • Butters619

    Finally! My Beta stopped working and swiftkey X space bar is too small.

    SK3 is amazing.

  • Just bought it and im IN LOVE.

  • teejaycard

    It honestly would be the best if they put ! and ? under a key like N or M instead of in a box all it’s own that you have to open and slide to.

    • PC_Tool

      Agreed. I miss the easier access to some of the punctuation in the ‘X’ version…

      Really wish they’d allow you to choose the “new” or “old” layout….

      It’s about the only thing I *don’t* like about Sk3.

    • I just watched the help video and you don’t have to open it for the punctuation. What you do is slide from the . to the left for a ! and slide from the . to the right for a ?

    • Buy This

      Literally the first thing I disliked.

    • You get used to it. It took me a few weeks, but over the course of the beta I stopped minding.

    • teejaycard

      It’s nice they make it so you can up the speed on the time in which you long press it but still pressing and sliding does take more time than just a quick long press and to me that’s where it counts.

    • TheMund

      I hate this too! And why on earth did they decide to include the comma with the question mark and exclamation point and then include one to the left of the space bar too? Half of the time when I swipe to get an exclamation point I get a comma instead. Not happy. Wish there was a way to revert/roll back to the old version…

  • Swiftkey FTW!

    • If only it had the ICS voice dictation built in this thing would be perfect!

    • Sqube

      I see a certain amount of humor in you giving props to Swiftkey… while your avatar is a stylized 8pen icon.

      • Garrick Raigosa

        Thats a nexus logo made of ice cream sandwiches.

        • Sqube

          Ha, ha, ha… man, that’s awkward.

  • Mike Donnely

    So do I need to delete the beta and update X or will the beta continue to work?

    • PC_Tool

      Not sure if you need to or not. I uninstalled the beta before installing the “live” version from the Play Store.

    • masiv

      I went to the market and the paid version shows installed. Beta must have been upgraded to production version through last update

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      At the end of the setup for SK3, it will prompt you to uninstall the beta.

  • EvanTheGamer


  • Liquidretro

    It’s not live on the Amazon Market yet, Should have bought it on the Play store when it was on sale too for $0.10, updating would have been so much easier. How is the best way to upgrade if you were using the beta?

    • AJ

      It’s live. I had to go to my installed apps tab, refresh, and then it pushed the update available.

  • I had been using the SwiftKey 3 beta since day one & I no using the final version of the keyboard thanks to my earlier purchase of SwiftKey x & I have to say I love what they have done & love the preciseness of it.

  • -Swiftkey +Swype

    • -Swype +FlexT9

      • Raven

        I am actually using KM Launcher to run Swiftkey in Landscape and FlexT9 in Portrait. I consider this to be the best of both worlds.

      • The Ogler

        -FlexT9 +D’nealian Handwriting