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Video: Samsung Galaxy S3 S Voice Overview

These damn voice recognition apps, they just won’t go away. I’ll admit that they are probably more useful than 3D was, but how many people are going to find something like this useful on a daily or even hourly basis? Siri use has been hit or miss, so how will Samsung’s S Voice fair?

In our tests, it worked OK at times. For me personally though, I’m still struggling to find a way to fit it into my daily schedule, however, over time it could grow on me (assuming Samsung has plans to add in sports, movie and restaurant features). At this point, it’s only slightly better than some of the Android options and has a long way to go to become an ultra-powerful tool.

We took it for a spin below. Most of this video was featured in our full Galaxy S3 review, in case you missed it. 


  • Kennedy

    Wait.. will the S-Voice learn and adapt like Siri?? Will it begin to get an attitude or anything? I’m going to purchase this phone soon and I’m honestly curious.c:

  • Mandy

    I just got my phone, and the S voice isn’t working like this. I say a command, and nothing happens. Do I need to turn something on in my settings that I’m not aware of?

  • Versonymous

    I have been running S Voice on my GNex for weeks and I honestly am just not impressed. I have found that just using voice-to-text in the app you want is much faster and easier. I can hit S-Voice, say “Find Coffee” or I can hit my Google Maps search shortcut, hit the mic on the keyboard and just say “Coffee”. The voice-to-text always works, S-Voice… not so much…

  • Sean

    Piece of shit. Siri is actually semi-ok and entertaining because it works pretty frickin well. This is just shit. You can’t release something like this. They should have just withheld it until it was worked, was more quick, mature, full featured.

  • I have siri on my iPad and it is a lot better then this. Has more features and looks a lot better also.

  • Mauro

    I just got an unlocked S3, and the S voice is in German (as probably other apps) how can I change it to english? (I still havent selected a country in Samsung Apps)

  • El Big CHRIS

    Hahahaha “Helo sockdrawer!”

  • Royal2000H

    I use Voice Search to find the number to call restaurants. It’s much quicker than typing the restaurant name then scrolling through to find the number and clicking call.

    Instead I say “Call _______” and that’s it.

    By the way, I’m talking about the stock Voice actions in ICS.

    • Where are the standard voice to text on this phone? I have it (the microphone command) for google searches, but not in the text entry field for text messages, where I need it most. using S voice for texting is terrible.

  • lol had me cracking up at cmooonnn galaxy.

  • ChuckDz3

    I ran across a ‘Siri’ competitor that actually worked pretty well considering its still in beta. It’s called Robin and is meant as a in-car assistant. Surprisingly it works really well compared to the competition-Dragon Go and Vlingo.

    • Droosh

      There are like 10 of these apps. Has anyone ever done a comprehensive shoot-out of all of these various apps including Google Voice Commands and S-Voice? If not, it’s about time. They could take the winner and then do a head to head with Siri.

  • Diablo81588


    lol epic

  • Guest

    > I’m still struggling to find a way to fit it into my daily schedule

    So you DO have enough time to type in countless google searches… letter by letter.
    to just SPEAK them is just far too time consuming for you?

    • Droosh

      i think if he just used Google Voice commands it would be faster.

  • joshua weissman

    Its still new even siri had its kinks at first im sure Samsung will fix everything up and have it working much better eventually I am sure.

  • frankandsimple

    Siri has been working pretty good for me actually. At first I thought it was silly to be talking into your phone.. but it’s been quite a life saver in many situations especially during driving.. “where is the nearest gas pump”..”remind me when I get home about (whatever)..”.. “which is the best place to get some indian food around here”…”when was Morgan Freeman born”..
    “send a message to my wife that I’ll be late today” etc..

    it comes really handy.. I think Siri and S-Voice kind applications are the future. Whether we like it or not.. we are all gonna be depending on these apps pretty heavily.

    • TJ

      I agree. I think while driving is the most practical use (assuming you don’t have to go back and re-type).

    • gust-o

      it’s been quite a life saver in many situations especially during driving.. “when was Morgan Freeman born” ..lolz

    • Mark Grover

      Kirk to Enterprise, Computer S Beam me up!