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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

It’s here, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived. Well, almost. Depending on the carrier, you may not see it for a week or two, but the time is certainly upon us. Are you ready for one phone, in two colors, on all carriers? Are you ready for 2GB of RAM? How about a phone that lets you and your friends share the world with a couple of clicks? Do you want to be a part of the next Android global phenomenon? This is the phone that is supposed to bring all of that – let’s see if it did. 

The Good:

  • Specs:  You can’t argue with the legitimacy of the specs for the Galaxy S3. On top you have a 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED display that is gorgeous, a top-of-the-line 8MP camera in the rear, front 1.9MP camera, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, incredibly loud speaker, 2100mAh battery, expandable storage up to 64GB, and internal storage up to 32GB. This phone is as top tier as it gets.
  • Performance:  People are going to roll their eyes at the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor in this phone since we can’t seem to get anything else in this country, but you’d be a fool to discount it. Qualcomm knows what they are doing here, folks. This phone flies. If you want one of, if not the smoothest experiences on a smartphone to date, you are looking at it. There are zero stutters, the transitions never lag, and multi-tasking is a breeze. Once you figure out the navigation button system, you are going to be blown away by the speed of this 2GB RAM and dual-core processor combo.
  • Camera:  The 8MP camera on the GS3 is pretty awesome. It’s super fast (instant shutter), takes better than average pictures under lower lighting, and shoots in burst (20 instant pics) and all sorts of other sharing modes. The software can be customized to your liking, it takes stills during video, and the facial recognition in it works incredibly well. If you were looking for one of the top smartphone cameras available today, this is one of them.

  • Build:  This phone feels just as solid in hand as any other phone you will hold this year. It may be made of plastic and not some fancy oxidized ceramic, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart. Samsung has taken heat in the past for having “cheap” feeling phones, however, this is not one of them. It has just enough weight to allow it to sit nicely in your hand, yet it’s light enough to make you feel at ease. You also have Gorilla Glass 2 on the front to give you a bit of extra protection.
  • Screen:  Yep, it’s pentile. Do we care? Just like with the Galaxy Nexus, we don’t. The pixel count is high enough that your eye isn’t going to pick out anything horrendous. Also, Samsung confirmed to us that while this display is still the same HD Super AMOLED tech used in the G-Nex, that it has actually been improved a bit. It wasn’t a big enough step up to call it a “Plus,” but it is better. After looking at it for the last week, I would tend to believe that it has been improved, with colors appearing clearer, brighter and truer. Looking at the macro shots below though, may tell a different story depending on what your eye sees. No matter what, it looks beautiful to the naked eye.

(Click to enlarge)

  • Design:  I’m torn a bit on whether or not I truly love the design of the Galaxy S3. I hate the physical home button, menu and back keys, and also dislike the white back plate of the white version. For whatever reason though, I seem to have fallen in love with the blue color chosen for its counterpart. It would be a lie if I said that this phone equals or bests the HTC One X in terms of design, however, it remains a looker and has already caught the attention of many of my friends. I could do without the shiny finish that tends to attract fingerprints at times, but it’s not a deal breaker. Overall, the GS3 is designed very well.
  • Battery Life:  While I’m still waiting to get my hands on Verizon’s Galaxy S3, so that we can test the battery life on LTE, I’ve had no issues with the AT&T version. Over the last week, I have been able to push this phone through a full day with ease. I have to admit that I haven’t done much gaming yet, but there has been plenty of settings tweaking, Beaming, WiFi-direct connections, and camera work that all would crush a battery in hours in the past. This Snapdragon S4 processor may be our cure for battery life until the new LTE chips are released. Also, we should note that the battery is removable, so if the 2100mAh of juice aren’t enough, you will likely have the option to upgrade to a bigger one.


  • TouchWiz:  Look, I’d rather do without an Android skin if I had the choice, but Nexus devices are the only ones giving us that experience at this point. Skins are here to help OEMs differentiate their products and Samsung has done a solid job here. While the “nature” theme is a bit obnoxious at times, the feature add-ons like Share Shot, S Beam, and all of the camera software tweaks are fantastic and a joy to use. Not only that, but you have system toggles in the notification bar, easy connectivity to friends and networks, and more customizable options in settings menus than we have seen in some time. Samsung focused on giving owners of the GS3 quick ways to connect and share content with friends – they have more than succeeded.
  • Call Quality:  Voice calls all sound great on the Galaxy S3. I’m not a massive talker, but every time I placed a call and talked for more than a few minutes, I could hear the other party as clear as ever.
  • Network Connectivity:  Ahh yes, connectivity. After the disaster that was the radio situation on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, you have to be wondering how the GS3 fairs. So far, this AT&T device has been stellar. Now, that doesn’t mean that Verizon’s CDMA/LTE version will be of the same quality, but I get the feeling that Samsung knows where it failed with the G-Nex and has corrected it. No dropped calls for me and no major data drop outs or hand-off issues to be reported.
  • Accessories:  You should be beyond excited over the fact that Samsung forced all carriers across the globe to adopt one design and not give them the opportunity to change it. You will have more accessories to choose from than you ever imagined. There will be docks from multiple accessory dealers, cases galore, extended batteries that aren’t confusing, and so much more. I hate to bring up the iPhone, but you may know in the near future exactly what their accessory world is like.

  • Pricing:  Options are always good, aren’t they? Samsung is releasing this phone with 16GB or 32GB of internal storage and has priced each version at $199 and $249 respectively. Well, except on T-Mobile where the pricing is beyond confusing. If you are going with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, you get the pricing I just stated which is on-par with other top tier phones. Be sure to keep in mind that the expandable storage goes up to 64GB, so even if you choose the lesser 16GB version, you’ll still have the ability to add on a ton if you need it.
  • Color Options:  Again, how can you not like options? For the first time in recent memory, Samsung is releasing an Android phone with 2 color choices at launch:  ceramic white and pebble blue. Both look great, but I’d give the blue a slight edge over the white. And thank you Sammy, for not making either of them charcoal or black. Hooray, for color!

The Not-so-Good:

  • Physical Home Button:  Why Samsung!?! Why did you include this navigation key setup? The Android team, with Ice Cream Sandwich, wanted the world to move away from a menu button and physical nav keys, yet here we are with the biggest device of the year sticking to them. I hated the physical home button on the Galaxy S2 and I still hate it with the Galaxy S3. It just doesn’t feel natural or convenient to have to physically press in a button to get back home. Not only that, but it isn’t pretty either.
  • S Voice:  One of the big selling points for the GS3 is going to be their Siri knock-off dubbed S Voice. As someone that has tried just about every single one of these voice recognition and activity services, trust me when I say that this one isn’t going to change the world. Does it have a bigger repertoire than many? It does. Does it outperform them all? At times. Will it become an integral piece to your smartphone experience? Well, even Siri hasn’t with iPhone users, so I doubt it will with this phone.


  • TouchWiz Styling:  For as much as I praised TouchWiz in the “Good” section above, I have to be fair and bring up some of the parts that drive me nuts as well. For starters, this “nature” theme is completely silly. I do not want water all over my phone, nor do I want it to sound like a dripping faucet every time I press a button. Even in its 2012 form, TW remains too cartoony for my liking. I tend to prefer more minimal looks with clean lines, and subtle colors, two things that Samsung has migrated far from. The feature set in TW is impressive, but the look is still lacking.
  • Keyboard:  When you pick up a Galaxy S3 over the next couple of weeks, install a 3rd party keyboard immediately. The keyboard included sounds awesome on paper with Swype-ish trace typing and predictive text, however, it does neither well. The swiping action over words is hit or miss and the predictive texting is so aggressive that you almost never know what you are typing and will find yourself questioning how it decided on the predicted options. Swiftkey’s newest beta is still your best friend.

  • Bloatware:  Since it’s not a Nexus, it’s going to have bloatware no matter what carrier you purchase it from. Thankfully, you can hide most of it and uninstall some of it. Some day, we may win this battle and be able to fully remove it from our phones the way we can a computer, but that day is not here yet.



Software Tour:


Sharing With Share Shot, S Beam and More



Marble White

Pebble Blue


The Verdict:

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the greatest smartphone ever made? That’s a tough question. It is one hell of a smartphone though. This and the HTC One X are on a level of their own at this point in 2012, with each offering a few pluses over the other. Both have incredible screens, great internal hardware, amazing cameras, and are the complete package. For me though, the software add-ons to the GS3 give it the edge. Phones are now so powerful that manufacturers need to turn to software to try and separate themselves and I feel like Samsung has done that here. While TouchWiz has its quirks and a silly nature-inspired theme, it’s moving the industry forward in a great way through its ability to share so easily with friends and family. You cannot go wrong with this device.

*We had both the AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the phone in our possession for review purposes thanks to Samsung.

  • I know this is a 4 month old post but I just switched to Verizon after 15 years with AT&T and have never been happier. I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Galaxy SIII on my plan. I get unlimited call/text and 4GB data to share, which, I’m averaging less than 2GB usage a month. My husband uses his 4G constantly with videos and FB while I mostly use wifi. I’m paying $60 less a month than I was paying with AT&T for 2 iPhones with 700 rollover minutes and unlimited data. My only beef with Verizon is blocking some apps, i.e. Google Wallet and their slow updates for 4.1 (now 4.2). Other than that I’m glad I switched. oh and I switch phones about every 3-6 months and the SIII is probably the best phone I’ve used!

  • myagun


  • Samsaung Hater

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is a load of crap. I have mine now just over a week and getting rid of it to go back to the every so east to use iphone. I have just had enough of this rubbish and the last straw was when i can’t put my contact names on whatsapp only their numbers.i have tried to change it my mates have tried and even the shop where i got tried and it will only allow identity by number. horrible, horrible phone.

  • freddy

    why hate the touch wiz?? i love it.

  • Ray

    My At&t 5GB Unlimited Data plan rocks!

  • jon

    Y dont you all stop bi**hing about data limits and come to t-mobile with no overrages on there 4G nation wide service…. some months i might 400MB Of data and some i use 3GB of data its nice to know it just dont matter

  • I got this phone and it is AWESOME!!!

  • TK

    Complaints about bloatware/Touchwiz? Unlock the bootloader, root it, and install a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod. Problem solved 🙂

  • TG

    hey, im at the 22:21 minute mark. im famous lol

  • gorainfly

    I reciently purchased an sIII. I switched from an htc evo, wich i liked very much. My two biggest issues with this phone are..how do you switch to 4g? I’m not a techy so i would like this to be easy to switch. Also, once the keyboard is up..how do you get it to hide?..it takes up half of the phone and i want to hide so i can continue to read the page after writing something, before hitting, go, accept, next, etc.. the evo had a hide option..

  • JTSk8Man

    Way to many Verizon customer comments

  • rustygh

    Doesn’t matter what carrier. If you are using over 5GB a month of 4G
    You just admitted you’re a douche with no fiber to your pad and using wifi
    Sorry mothers can’t buy home internet. Hah! This is why all carriers will charge more
    The as$-clowns that use 4G for home internet kill us all!

  • I just ordered one for Tmo but I am kind of cautious to flash a rom because of the imei issues people are having. what do you guys think? Is it a common issue?

  • Leon

    I have the S3, and the default Keyboard is terrible at predicting my words…It also constantly asks me about wifi when i open internet based apps even when I have Wifi Turned off!!

  • why doesnt anyone talk about the earbuds….

  • they tried to make me do that when I went into a store to pre-order. I went online and got the option to keep unlimited.

  • MikeSaver

    Will the S3 get Jelly Bean? If so, any idea when?

  • Does anyone have any advice on how to root this thing for Macs? I’ve used heimdall and I’m getting the same issues everyone else has been having. Are there any alternatives?

  • robbj45044

    If you are with verizon an had the unlimited plan before it changed were grandfathered over so we still keep unlimited talk, Text-mms, an Data, as well as an unlimited hotspot i couldn’t ask for more an im even going to go as far as saying that the Samsung GS3 Is The Best Phone i’ve Ever owned, sure you may come across phones with a better camera Like Htc Puts in their phones, but in my opp the HDR Setting fixes it for me at least. 5 out of 5 for me an Thanking Samsung for Doing a great job keep in mind that im partial to htc so this was a tuff choice an im glad i stuck with my gut an Got My 32gig Pebble Blue Samsung Gs3 Us Version on Verizon, again in my opp it was better to wait for duel core than the international quad core, why, The Ram, 2gig’s true to it as well google maps actually dont lag or slow down it moves as fast as you are in your Car/Truck/Suv which id never seen, an again in my opp after Switfkey 3, an Thumb Keyboard, both apps i purchased, i found Swype Beta on their website an it has been the best keyboard i’ve every used, it learns how you write so it can adapt an help predict what your going to say next, also it remembers words not saved in its dictionary simply by typing it in an tapping the word then it saves it, that even goes as far as curse words or words that are spelled a bit funny an yes it has Voice to text also.

  • Stephen Mackenzie

    Internet keeps freezing while using fb mobile. Icon for messages and for text both show that u have items in you boxes but they have all been read already.

  • TreyZaphod

    I’ve had mine for a few days now, and I only have 2 real complaints. First, the interface does not appear to scroll as smoothly as my Droid X, and on occasion I’ve had to repeatedly press a tile or link before it would execute. Second, I would have preferred a rubberized finish on a phone this big, which would have made it feel more secure when operating it with one hand.

  • davidwheeler

    S Voice is awful for Bluetooth voice dialing. Can not use App 2 SD to move apps to memory card storage. Otherwise, love the phone.

  • JDub429

    GNexus or GSIII? That’s my debate now. On VZN obviously it’s easy to root and customize the GNex but other than that…It’s a tough choice. Thoughts?

  • But doesn’t the CDMA/LTE version draw more power? Someone had it on T-Mobile and said they can’t push it past 15 hours with moderate use. That’s the same as the iPhone 4S for me, which sucks. It should hit at least 18-20 hours with moderate use to be noteworthy. Too bad the battery isn’t like 2600 mAh

  • Wes Crockett

    In regards to the TouchWiz nature theme… are there ways to minimize it? I have a galaxy nexus and am trading it in for the SIII but i need a minimal approach…

  • is anyone have issues with the picture quality on the camera

    • Gord

      I find that the picture quality on the S3 is not as good as the S2.
      The pictures are not as sharp an colors are dull.

  • Terry Munnerlyn

    my girlfriend ask to use my phone for everything…because I have sprint unlimited data…she is with att with the iphone crap…she always want to use gps and to look up information on the web…am like what the hell wrong with this picture…now she complaning about paying att 130 bucks a month for one phone and cant even use her internet…that is sad…now she ready to jump on the sprint cruise ship and sail away with true unlimted data…

  • Andy

    Am I the only one not using barely any data. I have 2 GB of data. I rarely use 1GB. I just use my phone for videos on Youtube and occasionally Netflix. I don’t know why people use their data when they can use their WiFi, then complain about their data running out or switch to some other carrier because of it. It’s simple. USE YOUR WIFI!

  • PowerBoater69

    Got my Otter Box today, now all I need is my SGIII to go in it.

  • RoadsterHD1

    How fast is it? Benchmarks!!!!

  • I’m glad the networks in the UK don’t f**k about with the hardware like they do in the US. Well, I often mess with the software which can be just as bad…

  • Steve with an F

    Does it have HDMI out? I use this on my razr while traveling to watch netflix

  • Why don’t people like physical buttons?? I like the physical home button and I would rather have physical keys for all the major functions – they’re easier to press if you’re trying to press them, and harder to accidentally press (which happens a LOT)

  • Pre-ordered blue S3 (Verizon). Upgrading from DroidX — and I keep my unlimited data plan. w00t!

    I hope the GPS in the S3 is more reliable and more accurate than the GPS in the DroidX. Driving with Google Maps Navigation on the DroidX has gotten me misdirected every time I’ve used it in areas unfamiliar to me due to satellite acquisition and signal retention issues.

  • scuba steve

    does the screen show black splotches with a black background in a dark room like the gnex and razr? I want a phone that the blacks roll off of the screen in a dark room.

  • I can’t wait to get my S3!

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I was at best buy mobile today and saw them get the blue one. I almost stole one and ran off!

  • Almighty_Rezound

    Now you can have 5 smart phones for $50 instead of $150, use your wifi.

  • I got mine around Noon today and I agree with almost all of your points except the keyboard section. I’ve been using Swype since the AT&T captivate launched in July 2 years ago, then again for the SGS2 since last October and I have yet to install it on the SGS3. I think the swype-like functionality of the new samsung keyboard is very usable and you get the best of both worlds because unlike the swype keyboard you can easily peck out non-standard words using the traditional keyboard style. Maybe my opinion will change in the coming days or weeks but I have been using this thing non-stop for the last 8+ hours and I think the new Samsung keyboard is solid. Otherwise, this is a very good breakdown for the average user. Thanks 🙂

  • Dean

    I have unlimited data on Verizon and an getting a gs3


    Did anyone notice the boxes for both devices in this test are already “SAFE BRANDED” for enterprise networks. Just another feature that was not mentioned in the review and another reason to purchase this phone. It appears that all S3 phones wil have this feature?

  • Nw_adventure

    Still no mention of multi-tasking ability – Why don’t any of the blog or tech review sites discuss this rather important functionality ? Strange –

  • emily

    Get MirrorLink extracted and out to cyanogen and aokp please! I need it for my new Sony Mirrorlink car stereo im installing!!!!!

  • hitekdroid

    this plus my transformer prime can take over the world!!! or at least my social life.

  • dj

    Wow i cant even imagine that. Im with rogers in canada 6 gig data plan with 3100 minutes and more. For 89$ lol. Hopefully they stop gouging you guys down there

  • Just pre ordered the 32GB pebble blue ahhh can’t wait, but keep in mind 30$ activation fee and 25$ in taxes eek

  • Thomas897

    Why is Touch wiz on the White diff from the Blue? I Hope the Verizon model looks like the White one

    • nam

      because of different carriers making very slight modifications to the stock gs3 ui

      • Thomas897

        Does anyone know which UI Verizon is running?

  • blairh

    Most consumers will WELCOME the physical home button with a smile. For current iPhone users thinking of jumping ship, it’s more familiar. Second, I hate capacitive buttons. I’ll take a physical button over capacitive any day. I like how the One X has a capacitive home button yet you CANNOT wake the phone by hitting the button. With the S3 you can.

    Even the CNET review praised the physical home button and this is the only review that ‘hates’ it.

  • SubMatrix

    What’s with the black background in the S3 display comparison not being pure black? Anyone notice that?

  • Ben

    Kellex, I haven’t seen anything about wifi tethering on this device, although I’m sure it’s included. I know you don’t have a Verizon version to test, but once available, it would be good to know if a widget will allow “free” access to wifi tethering same as a Gnex.

  • james

    great reviews …u guys did great job…DL best site on web

  • Doan

    “The Not-so-Good:
    Physical Home Button: Why Samsung!?! Why did you include this navigation key setup? The Android team, with Ice Cream Sandwich, wanted the world to move away from a menu button and physical nav keys, yet here we are with the biggest device of the year sticking to them. I hated the physical home button on the Galaxy S2 and I still hate it with the Galaxy S3. It just doesn’t feel natural or convenient to have to physically press in a button to get back home. Not only that, but it isn’t pretty either.”

  • Micah Gemmell

    ug. I really want to wait for Motorola’s Razr HD before I decide on getting this phone or not. BUT, Verizon is forcing me to decide within 8 days… My three choices are : The Galaxy Nexus, The Galaxy S3, or the Razr HD. I’m coming from a Droid X,m so I feel partial to Motorola…

    • Sqube

      Really? I’ve got to say, coming from a Droid X made me vow not to purchase a phone from them if they had anything to do with the operating system, ever again.

      • Micah Gemmell

        I hated the stock skin, but it was relatively easy to root and flash roms too (i guess once they figured the 2nd init thing out…. what phone do you own now?

        • Sqube

          I’ve got the GNex now.

    • c4v3man

      The Nexus has a slower, less power efficient processor, less RAM, smaller screen, and slow updates if history is correct. Many also complain about the radio being weak/unreliable. The Galaxy S3 has a cutting edge efficient processor/radio (for an LTE device anyways), and will probably have a similar mod/ROM development as the Nexus, if not greater due to being available on all carriers during it’s prime. Standard software updates may lag even further behind the nexus, but you can just run AOKP or CM9, etc and update immediately that way.

      The RAZR HD doesn’t exist, can’t be preordered, and that is highly unlikely to change within the next 8 days.

      Needless to say, I preordered a S3 based on the above.

      • Droosh

        The Razr will have an encrypted bootloader. The GS3 has a better SoC than the Nexus and a much better speaker. Those are my reasons. (My wife will get my Nexus and my daughter will get her phone.)

    • i’m getting my wife the razr hd,never going back to samsuck phones

  • Sean Wood

    Nova launcher and this thing will be a thing of beauty…

  • Just how much brighter is the HTC One X’s display?

    Looking at my Galaxy Nexus in the sun makes me think I want a SuperLC2 display

  • kevin

    The ONLY reason im going to love the physical home button is because while texting I always have a nasty habit of hitting the home button on my galaxy nexus while in the middle of a text.

  • So, is the S III worth eBaying the G Nexus, or are the two too close to bother?

  • blood

    why didn’t you mention that the snapdragon s4 outperforms the tegra 3?

  • ineedthatpurse

    Love love LOVE this phone.. I have the GNex now.. but truly can’t wait till this one is in my hot little hands. Only slightly annoyed by the physical home button. But its not enough to keep me from upgrading before my unlimited plan disappears 😉

  • I don’t understand how everyone can claim that there’s no problems with these pentile displays. Put it next to a Rezound or the HTC one x and you’ll see a huge difference. You’ll never be able to go back to pentile again.

  • wow ,he hadnt had it on for 5 minutes and it froze up already

  • Jarrett Guma

    Im planning on buying a razr maxx at best buy, upgrading my plan before the switch to family share, waiting 2 weeks for verizon to release this phone, then bringing the razr maxx back and exchanging it for the galaxy s3. you think this plan will work?

  • jake

    Not a fan of TW or that home button. Waiting for the Razr HD. Will have the same display and processor but onscreen buttons, better build quality, better camera and that awesome 3300MAH battery.

  • AhsanS

    Guys, is 2GB of data enough for a LTE phone? Assuming I use Wi-Fi whenever its available, and turn off 4G unless I’m actually using the phone.

    • james

      Assuming you dont use photo heavy or video heavy apps or webpages then you are ok. Apps like instagram made my data shoot up enormously in a couple hours of usage. Battery life on LTE phones also dies alot faster using those types of apps. I use Wi-Fi as much as possible if im near. 2GB is fine as long as you dont download apps or photos on the network…id use Wi-Fi for that. You probably already know all this.

  • Beka27

    How was the intensity of the Notification light on the white version? I’ve heard some other reviewers say it doesn’t show up that well against the white background.

  • How is the screen wakeup time on this thing?

  • JazzoRenee

    I can’t wait to activate my pre-ordered 32GD white S3 on my grandfather’ed unlimited Verizon data plan 3G/4G no sarcasm over here.

    • andy b

      Problem is Verizon is going to attract zero new customers with that. Great for you, but it sucks for everyone else, and it’s total garbage that they delayed their S3 release to make it unavailable under the old plan.

      $90 for 1GB is trash. No amount of network quality makes that worthwhile (and anyway, where I live, Verizon’s 4G is second only to Sprints OLD 4G network in terms of crappy speed).

      • JazzoRenee

        Sorry, you aren’t a happy camper.

  • Alexander Pruss

    Funny: the physical buttons are something that I think is really important. It’s great to have consistent locations to press. The inconsistent placement of MENU icons is one of the big UI problems with ICS apps. With the SIII, I would miss the SII’s search key: I like being able to launch various apps by holding down the search key, and again it’s really nice to have a consistent way start searching in all apps. Consistent placement lets you leverage muscle memory for navigation.

    Actually, I continue to miss the four hardware buttons that Palms traditionally have. It was very convenient to be able to assign favorite apps to keys that would both turn the device on and launch the app. I was even able to assign a different app to pressing a hardware key and long-holding it, so I could have eight different functionalities available instantly.

    • The inconsistent location of the action overflow (not menu, ICS has no menu anymore) in ICS is an issue, but adding a stupid physical button is not the answer.

    • Doan

      Consistency means the same layout of buttons. Your argument that “physical button = consistency” is flawed, when any type of consistent button layout is… consistent. Physical, capacitive, on-screen; it doesn’t matter.

  • J Dub

    The only thing I care about knowing is VZW LTE battery life…and there’s no sign of it on any of these “reviews”.

    • JazzoRenee

      Because the phone hasn’t been released from Verizon yet.

    • bchampnd

      This is also something I’m quite curious about but you’ll notice that none of these reviews are for the Verizon GS3. They’re all for AT&T and/or Sprint. I guess Verizon decided not to give anyone a model to review on their network.

      I’d guess that the VZW edition will have similar battery life the AT&T one because that is also an LTE device. Other reviews say that the battery will last a day but no more. Obviously, YMMV depending on usage and signal strength.

  • Steve P.

    Will CM9 be a real option to get away from vendor UI tweaks?

  • Guest

    Upgrading from OG to this is going to feel so good 😀

    • hitekdroid

      yes yes yes

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    The Sprint version still has no SIM card. Lame.

  • Looks like a great phone. Hope it works with straight talk

  • If we could take the performance and camera of this thing and combine it with the Gnex, then you’d have a perfect phone. Hell, just the camera would be fine, I’m not running hardcore weather simulation on my phone.

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      So basically, this device with stock Android 4.0?

      • Um no, I want the Gnex, except with the internals and camera of the SGSIII.

  • The drop test video was enough to make me say hell no to this thing

    • gs3here

      U are a moron to base ur decision based on a unscientific test

      • well dropped from the same heights,ear level,it was destroyed,didnt pay much attention the kids test or on the car, but to be completely destroyed ,even worse than an iphone? I mean we all know how fragile an iphone is, and it faired better, I think its because of the weight,they mentioned its a heavier phone,and it seems that gorilla class 2 is not what its cracked up to me lol

    • JazzoRenee

      What are you 4 years old and still clumsy. Put a silicon case on it and keep on moving.
      I still have my Galaxy S Fascinate and that thing had fallen, hit, banged and smashed into just about everything and it’s still works, not a scratch on the screen.

  • Aardvark99

    What’s with the color of the home button on the pebble blue version? What color is it? Sometimes it looks the same color as the phone, sometimes light blue, sometimes purple.

    What does it look like in-person?

  • Knlegend1

    Home button looks laggy.

  • bchampnd

    Can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive!

    I’m alittle disappointed that Verizon is getting this a few weeks later and that the US variant doesn’t have the quadcore processor (I know the dualcore is probably more than enough and is probably better for battery life but it likely does not perform as well when it comes to gaming) but this seems like a good way to use the last of my subsidized upgrades while getting to keep unlimited data. And I’ll take Verizon’s network over AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile any day.

  • King of Nynex

    This phone looks good, but I’d still prefer my Nexus.

  • Nemesis099

    I was excited about the S3 but I couldn’t put off my purchase anymore and got a Droid Razr Maxx. I hope the S3 is a winner so a new high benchmark is created for Android phones going forward.

    • Maggs

      I did the same. I am very happy with my Maxx but it is hard to ignore all the hoopla for the SIII, kind of thinking of adding another line to get one but that would make no sense

  • Futbolrunner

    I tried pre-ordering the Verizon GSIII at best buy yesterday and the rep couldn’t find it in their system. He asked somebody else and said what I already knew, “it’s not coming out till July.” Anyone else have this problem?

    • JazzoRenee

      Hmmmm “pre-order”

    • Huh? O_o

  • Jeff

    Nice review K..
    Looking forward to receiving my SIII; upgrading from the first Incredible(yep.. one of the few who is still this very reliable phone)

    • Jeremy

      Upgrading from original incredible as well. Looking forward to having real batter life

    • Chronon7364

      Upgrading from a blackberry. Yay!

  • Knlegend1

    Now let me wait on the Droid Razr HD to make my final decision.

  • e_droid

    Hmmm… making me want to switch my pre-ordered Marble White to Pebble Blue.
    Edit. – Wondering if I can change the color on my pre-order… any ideas?

  • NicholasMicallef

    Have you tried using power button + home and hold them down for a sec, just like SGS II to take screenshot?

  • Bionic

    Pass, Droid Razr HD. If it had 2GB of Ram and the MAXX battery, it will be better than this Samsung.

    • log

      As someone who still is holding on to his Motorola Droid, I wish Motorola at least make an announcement about the Droid Razr HD.

      Otherwise I really don’t have a much of a choice, might jump ship and preorder the SIII in the next few days to lock in my unlimited data plan.

      • florious80

        You might as well pick this up first, and if you don’t like it, sell it and pick up RazrHD later to keep the unlimited. There’s almost no way that HD will be released by the end of the month, given that there’s no announcements at all at this time. If you pass this to wait for the HD and get bumped to tiered/shared, then, smh.

    • JazzoRenee

      Only better battery life, everything else will be the same.
      I mean at that point it will come down to aesthetics.
      My brother has the Droid Razr and the other person on my other line just ordered the Razr MAXX, they are really great phones.

      I would knock this guy because he likes the Razr. At least he points out valid reasoning.

  • Usty

    Keeping my unlimited data plan for 2 more years (and getting 1 last subsidized phone) meant that I had to preorder this beast anyway. Have a G-Nex I bought of ebay at Xmas that will either be sold to my sister or if I don’t like the GSIII that goes on ebay. 16GB white ones have gone for as much as $660 when i checked yesterday.

  • miketech

    I saw an ad on a website and it showed 6.21.12 and it said preorder at Verizon button maybe its coming out on 6.21?

  • NotIntoIt

    Samsung has finally achieved halo status. That mean reviewers while, apologizing for Sammys weaknesses, tell you to “get over it”.

    • blunq

      What are they telling us to get over? I must’ve missed what you are talking about.

      • JazzoRenee

        No, no what are “we” telling everyone else to get over is the question???
        I missed it as well.

  • Holy Grail

    Does anyone know how to use voice search or voice text on the S3? I don’t see a mic icon on the keyboard…..nor is there a dedicated search button. I’m hoping there is a way to make the home button open up voice search.

    Not to be confused with S voice….I know what that is.

  • Adrynalyne

    Kellex, can you comment on how much ram shows as usable?

    • George Davis

      In the software overview video, he went into the task manager and it appeared that 1.62Gb of RAM was showing as usable.

  • Trevor

    One thing I know I’ll like about the physical home button is no more accidental presses when I’m trying to hit the space bar on the keyboard in portrait mode (a la my Nexus).

    • wickets

      Youre one of those positive types arent you? I hit the home button too sometimes but im still wondering if that annoyance is worth a home button…..time will tell. If not, a razr will take care of it haha

    • EC8CH

      Good point, but I’d still rather have on screen buttons 🙂

    • napes

      Are you moving off the G-Nex already?

      • Trevor

        Not 100% sure yet. If the GS3 gets glowing reviews, I might buy it outright. My Nexus has gotten annoying with heat issues while on a phone call, random screeching noises when I’m on the phone, the microphone having issues at times. Plus the general crap reception it gets.

        • ATBvsBFZ

          may want to wait for users other than reviewers to put in some feedback (remember the GNex is another Sammy)

          • Trevor

            Haha yeah, I will definitely wait to hear user reviews as well. If they are overall good, with little to no reception issues, then the GS3 may be my next phone. We’ll see how sick of the Nexus I get.

          • Scottyb112

            I have a Gnex, and ordered the SSGS3 the other day.. Have the same issues. Plus had an upgrade on a second line my mom uses, which she has her basic phone. So i figured Id use the upgrade so im not forced into share everything if I go to use it in the future. So ill keep the better of the two an sell the other. Sucks, looks like some good phones coming around the corner. Wish I could hold the upgrade

  • Fluke

    Ohh cannot wait for mine to come. Only thing I worry about is how the glass seems to bevel upward from the outer frame/bezel of the phone. Guess a silicone/rubber buddy will be required. So glad I waited and suffered with the abysmal 3g speeds off Verizon and my slowly dieing OG Droid for this phone.

    Possible to get better pics of how that flappy ipad door thing works?

  • Marcus Reid

    Thanks for the review. I’m definitely keeping my G-Nexus. I might grab this for my wife since she’s still on a DX. I gotta say Touchwiz, Home button & S-voice killed this phone IMHO

  • Ubi2447

    Wooo Timbers! Fellow Portlandian right here 🙂

  • Jon

    I’m kinda worried about the physical home button. Maybe it would have been better as a capacitive. I have always wanted to wake my phone up from the front buttons though so I’ll have to see how this works out for me. I suppose I can always just enable on screen buttons like stock ICS via a launcher.

    I am happy they put back the menu button though. I still feel it’s easier to press the menu button there than one at the top corner of the screen. I will miss the search button. I used it to long press and bring up the voice search…like all the time.

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      Waking up my Droid X with the home button is one of the few things I miss about it. It’s pretty sweet

  • MrEnglish

    My Gnex is in no immediate danger. Pity.

    • fanboy1974

      I know but what are the options after 6/28 if we want unlimited without paying full cost on Verizon? This is my last chance to upgrade at reduced cost. Selling the g-nex will cover the cost.

      • Chris Clancy

        ^^ exactly my approach

  • Punishment

    What 3rd party launcher do you recommend?

    • freako_suave

      nova launcher. the best. i’ve had the gnex since launch day and used this for most of that time.

  • Holy Grail


  • I like how D-L threw poo at Motorola for using pentile displays where you couldn’t really make out those dots as well, but once Samsung went pentile, there’s only “wow this is so cool”.

    • moelsen8

      having owned both sets, i think the difference is that moto’s pentile screens actually look like garbage and samsung’s do not.

      • actually the Razr had a pentile display but it looked great IMHO (I currently own a Nexus)…… Then again while that display was in a Moto handset it was still a Samsung display 😛

        But I have to agree the Bionic, D3, DX2 etc…. all had barely usable screens.. They were horrendous

    • lolwtfbbq

      ?? the motorola pentile displays were absolute garbage.

    • geedee82

      Dude is you stupid?

      • Ray

        “Dude is you stupid?”
        I see someone skipped their English class in high school.

        • geedee82

          Are you kidding me? It was just a joke buddy. It’s a funny phrase that people say. As a matter of fact, I actually was an English major in college (haha) no BS, George Mason University. I can’t you believe you not only thought I was serious, but that you actually took the time to write that reply. Not to mention this sh!t is from like 4 months ago…doode is yoo stooopid?

    • r0lct

      pentile + low res = crap
      pentile + HD = acceptable

      • Chuckarama

        well put

      • Thank you. 🙂

      • EC8CH

        Logic + Troll = 0

        • mad bro

          u mad bro?

      • wlmeng11

        not-pentile + HD = awesome

  • me!

    I keep going back and forth on whether to go with white or blue. I have to go preorder in the morning. The blue does looks sweet in the pics here.

    • Fluid

      why do you have to preorder this morning

    • Julian.c28

      Im having a kind of similar problem. I’m Verizon and my friends say get white, but all the reviews say get blue! I don’t know what to pick. I have time before it’s released for Verizon but I have to make up my mind right now!

  • ugly as fudge… i have a samsung galaxy s2 and love it, this s3 isn’t an upgrade but rather the opposite…. mine is still just as fast, prettier, no ugly home phyysical buttons on phone and who the heavens cares about a siri type app? i have “speakto assistant” and works better than siri but i hardly ever use it even though i can open any app with it by saying, “open [name of app]” and bam! the ONLY thing this s3 has better than my s2 is literally the battery but i bet i can fit it in my s2 and therefore mine will beat this s3 hands-down 🙂

    • Holy Grail

      I don’t see how this adds anything helpful. Why does this device have to lose in order for your’s to win? If you like you’re phone…..great.

    • Jon

      So you don’t count a 720 p HD screen 4.8″ as being better than the S2??? How about the 2 gigs of Ram and better processor?

    • Knlegend1

      Yes the SGS 2 is an incredible phone and my honest opinion it looks a hell of a lot better too. Its definitely an upgrade though. I wouldn’t ditch my S2 for the S3 however because its only a matter of time before most of those features to make it to the S2. It has native NFC too everything else is just software. Still the S3 is definitely an upgrade.

  • S2556

    And other tech sites praise the home button! I love the diversity of opinions

  • js

    Dang, I just noticed that with the white version…it’s nearly impossible to see if your notification LED is blinking if you’re in a lighted room. That’s a downer. I already pre-ordered the white one.

  • Holy Grail

    I like hardware keys…..software keys suck when an app hangs or gets stuck, software home keys have a tenancy to not work when this happens….compared to hardware keys that will force the app to shut down.

    • when software stops, even hard keys won’t help unless it’s the power button to force shutdown and restart. have a galaxy s2 for over a year and never had the phone freeze or do anything weird. i guess it’s a matter of cosmetic appearance but i like very simplified devices- the less it has to touch, the better. i will love when i can use my phone hands-free 100% after it’s on. such a phone will probably be out in 2 years, not because we don’t have the technology now to do it but it’s all about politics like oil, companies like milking their products before offering next upgrade.

    • Droosh

      I felt the same way before I got my G-Nex. However they never fail!. Even when an app crashes the software keys still work. It might have something to do with the way Android isolates all apps by running them in al in a separate virtual machine.

  • DrAndyRoid

    The GS3 does not appeal to me at all. Can’t wait to pre-order my Verizon GS3 to keep my unlimited data, not activate it, sell it, and save that money to purchase something worthwhile at full-retail. I’m in no rush to get rid of my Nexus, but I have the upgrade so I might as well use it to keep my unlimited data. I’m planning to hold out for the next Nexus (if it comes to Verizon that is).

    • your a smart huki egg 🙂 s3 is ugly as the devil himself. thos physical buttons make it look so unhuki [uglier than the word ugly itself]

  • JayGmarK

    Not sure if I want to get this phone!!??! I hate TouchWiz and physical homebutton but love the specs ! Should I suck it up or go out and buy a Galaxy Nexus?

    • droidman101

      The upgrade will be worth $50 more even for less storage (you can buy a 16 GB sdcard too.

      • JayGmarK

        Yea, leaning towards the the S3. I’m coming from the OGDX and its a major improvement from that phone. I like the Galaxy Nexus cause it’s so simple & clean.

    • suck it up and wait till february 2013 after your taxes and get the newest hukiest android phone ever that will blow away this s3 and any nexus. trust me, this s3 isn’t an upgrade from the s2, i have the s2 and only thing i like better about this s3 is the battery and i bet i can buy it and put it in my s2- upgrade done 🙂

      • Adam Skinner

        At this point, it doesn’t make sense to think that anything is going to blow the present generation of phones away. They have so much under the hood that it’s going to take a killer app to make them go end-of-life. This killer app is probably going to end up being wireless video output. Until that happens, I think you’re going to be good with these phones for another 4 or 5 years.

    • r0lct

      If you aren’t going to rom I would get the SG3. Or more specifically if you can see yourself wanting the Samsung specific software historically oem software usually doesn’t make it into rom’s bug free if at all.

  • BlueLetter

    Pebble Blue does wonders for this thing, in white it still looks like ass

    • Jon

      I pre-ordered Pebble Blue, but honestly the Pebble Blue doesn’t look great in photos. I’m going to head over to the AT&T store today and take a look. As I understand it, AT&T released their S III today and should have them in store.

  • ringsgeek

    Can’t wait for this beauty! Goodbye forever, Crapple!

  • :0

    I dont mean to hijack the comment thread, but does anyone know if http://www.droid-life.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/galaxy-s3-accessory2-325×216.jpg
    that accessory is also available in a version for the galaxy nexus?

  • Help Droid Life! I Pre-Ordered a VZW GS3 (Coming from a OG HTC Incredible) and I think I will be happy with the Menu/ Home button layout closer to Gingerbread. I was apprehensive with no hard menu in 4.0 as well a lack of a dedicated search button as I use it ALL the time in countless apps. I saw in one review of the international version of the GS3 that a long press on the menu button will bring up the search. Can anyone confirm this works on USA versions as well as long press search in apps (i.e. Gmail, favorite Browser, People app, IMBD, etc). Thanks Droid Life!

    • Max

      Yes, long pressing the menu button will bring up search.

  • vzwuser76

    On the expandable storage, will it take a 64gb sd card, or did you mean 32gb internal + 32gb card?

    • Jon

      It takes up to 64 gb SD card in addition to whatever the internal memory is.



    • why bother? the s2 is way better. just buy the battery and you have an upgraded s2 that beats the s3 at anything 🙂 but if you love the ugly physical home buttons, knock yourself out…. phone doesn’t have have the lte chip yet- not worth upgrading from my s2 to this thing. i am really honestly disappointed at samsung right now.

      • enough

        we get it…. you like your s2.

    • Fluke

      Not likely, costco just moved the at&t ones from June 28th to “early July” Tmobile rep was claiming this week which is BS since he refused to state a price (see post here about their “price”) I think everyone will be a early July deal like the 6~9th. I really think Samsung has the control here somehow. . . .

      • Fluke

        durr correction he said “fathers day” so Sunday, and well nothing.

  • I don’t see a reason to choose this device over a Galaxy Nexus.

    • hkklife

      Widespread availabilty of a range of affordable accessories due to all carriers using the same formfactor, faster CPU/GPU, better battery life, better radios, better screen, larger screen, more usable screen space, louder speaker, expandable storage, much better camera. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

      • MFG


        Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

        • No-brainer would be that you can easily get rid of TouchWiz in under 5 minutes and apply any custom UI you want.
          That’s what annoys me about people who judge phones only on the UI.
          Waaaaah TouchWiz is uglyyyy Waaaaah Sense is boringggg. Guess what, it’s an Android phone, which means you have the open-source ability to change ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can possibly think of.
          Not to mention, the GSIII has an unlocked bootloader, so thank Samsung because they actually WANT their customers to experience Android to its fullest.

          • another smart huki egg 🙂 unlike iphones which NEED to be jailbroken because they are prisoners of their own software, androids are free as birds and can change like chameleons at will 🙂

        • no commit

        • r0lct

          Since the bootloader will likely be unlocked it doesn’t matter.

      • ohm, check that brain mister because it’s honestly not much of any type of upgrade, screen size is practically identical to s2, faster cpu you say, i doubt it, better radios [matter of opinion and your but only one individual], and expandable storage, really, who cares, are you planning downloading your entire computer files to your phone so if you ever lose your phone, the person finding it, knows everything about you and all your data hahaha! no thanks, i keep my phone with basic information and nothing more. only thing better on this phone is the battery, and it’s only by 25 minutes more hahaha wow!

      • TouchWiz is the no-brainer.

    • If you’re only judging based on hardware and you aren’t interested in having the absolute best then there’s not a lot of reason. However, the GS3 really pulls ahead of everything else in the software arena. Samsung really got creative/innovative with the software on the GS3. Oh, and don’t forget wireless charging – as soon as they finally release the kit (in September I think)!

    • r0lct

      As a GNex owner I don’t see a reason to upgrade, but I do see reasons to potentially choose it over the GNex if I didn’t have one.

  • I dunno why I watch unboxing videos…. I guess I become the 10 year old, going through his gifts.

  • yellowcanary

    I’ll believe all this over the top review about this phone when its out in the real world I believed all the same crap about the last Samsung I bought the G/N and it never came close to what was said about it. After ais better few months when its put through real world testing and it stands up to this review I might buy. If its battery life really is better its call quality is really better doesnt have the rotation problem 3g and 4g reception is better andafter adding 3rd party programs will it start lagging just like most phones.

    • only thing better on this phone is the battery life but i can buy it and put it in my s2 and i will have still yet best android phone ever till samsung finally makes a galaxy phone with the lte chip.

    • Jon

      Well there are many impression videos after a week or more on YouTube of the international version. The international version hasn’t had any hardware or software fiascos that I’m aware of.

  • interstellarmind

    I opted for the white because the blue seemed too dark. Dark enough to seem “charcoal” from a distance- defeating the purpose if getting a non-black/ grey phone.

    Is this true, K?

  • YEMan0443

    Definitely won’t mind the hard keys coming from original Dinc. Actually has home and back in the same spot.

    • Me!

      I was excited about that too. Hahahahaa.

    • BigLa

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who still has a DInc. Love the phone, but it’s crawling now.

    • Chinsu

      I know what you mean, i got mine the very first day it was released, 1ghz qualcomm snapdragon processor, sounded amazing. But i Preordered my s3 now, so i get to keep my grandfathered unlimited plan.

  • nicki

    i cant wait 2 get a white one i am begging my mom i need the awsome white one i need a minute less phone soooooo badddddd

    • white phones get stained and dirty so easily. my friend has a white iphone and it’s always looking so nasty and yucky. i am so glad i didn’t buy a white s2 hahaha

  • T4rd


    I know you love the Gnex, so would you consider this phone a significant upgrade over it? I’m considering selling my (Verizon) Gnex toward the S3. I’m happy with the Gnex and its performance, the only thing I really want is better battery life. Oh, and does the S3 use the same size/type of battery as the Gnex? I’m wondering if the 2100 mAh battery I have for the Gnex would fit it too (doubt it, but worth asking).

    Is this going to be your new daily driver too or are you sticking to the (assuming) Gnex?

    • Lakerzz

      I believe Kellen was using the One X as a daily driver, and as far as battery life,Verizon’s 4g might suck it dry a little faster. (Don’t hold me to that though)

    • EatUrCrap

      You shouldn’t upgrade from a G-Nex to this, it’s not a big enough improvement, especially considering that the G-Nex is such an amazing phone. When I went from my Motorola Droid to the HTC Thunderbolt, the improvement was huge, same for when I went from my Thunderbolt to my Galaxy Nexus. But at the current level phones are at, there’s just going to be little improvements with each new phone from here on out, so I’d say it’s worth waiting longer.

      • i agree with eatur**** 100% better to wait than buy this ugly **** of a phone which honestly isn’t an upgrade, only improvement was the battery life and i bet it fits my s2 perfectly- yesssssss

      • Jon

        Well the S III has an excellent camera, something that the Galaxy Nexus mysteriously lacks. The Galaxy S II also has a great camera…don’t know how they dropped the ball so bad with the Nexus. Nexus just takes blurry photos all the time. Nexus has a terrible speaker phone, from the review it looks like the S III has a really good speakerphone. Many reviewers have been reporting that S III has a slightly improved screen over the Nexus. The S III also has better battery life it looks like with the high capacity stock battery.

        • Maybe you just got a dud with your GNex. Or maybe you have Parkinsons? Mine takes stunning pictures all day every day.


        • r0lct

          While I agree the camera on my Nexus could be better, it’s usually a function of quality (noise), not blurriness. That would lead me to believe you’re not doing something right or the hardware is faulty.

          • Jon

            but that doesn’t explain the hundreds of post online complaining about the same thing. It’s a known, and often reported issue. The camera does not focus first before quickly snapping photos. A major adverse effect of the quick shutter. The beauty is that Samsung got this right in the SIII with quick shutter, but also sharp and accurate focus (at least that’s what all the reviews are reporting).

            With the Gnex, once you have a slightly soft focus, all other image anomalies are magnified. Like noise, and desaturation of colors, all seem to be exaggerated by the slightly off focus.

      • log

        I’m going from the Motorola Droid to the SIII so really looking forward to it.

        That is.. unless the Droid Razr HD is announced very soon.

  • If I get this phone the last thing I would want to do is make this mammoth thicker by adding an extended battery… hopefully someone can get a Verizon LTE battery test soon so I know to get this or the Maxx

    • matthew

      Nothing coming out in the near future is going to hold a candle to the Maxx’s battery life.

  • T4rd

    Lol at the phone crashing in the software tour (5:55). Was prolly the crappy bloatwares fault since it was an AT&T widget that caused it.

    • One of the worst crashes ever. I haven’t battery pulled in probably 2 years.

      • T4rd

        Yeah, that’s crazy. It wouldn’t let you just power down/reboot with the power button? Have you tried to replicate it with the same (or different) widgets again?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Yo Kellz! . . . Does the Picture sharing only work if you’re on the same network? Has to be Wifi?

        • Should work from anywhere as long as you create a WiFi-Direct network with friends.

      • DeathfireD

        Doesn’t look like it actually locked up since you could get to the pull down and stuff. Looked more like the widget went off the screen causing the phone to think you still had your finger on it.

  • kixofmyg0t

    This is a fine phone indeed. I dont even like Samsung but I have to admit it truely is the best out right now.

  • Realistic87

    I’m watching the videos now but can you tell us if the speaker is louder than the galaxy nexus?

    • Speaker is crazy loud.

      • hkklife

        Kellex, awesome review, especially the videos.
        Can you please list how the storage is broken down between apps & internal SD card? For both 16 & 32Gb versions if possible. Also, were you able to confirm that the S3 really does’t work with existing MHL adapters?

        • Max

          Per Android Central: “On our 16GB model, there’s 11.35GB left over for your own stuff, and like the Galaxy Nexus there’s no separate partition for app storage, so it’s all lumped in together.”

          • hkklife

            Thanks, I just saw that on their review a few minutes ago. Any one have any idea on the breakdown of the 32Gb model?

          • i like lumpy things like sugar cubes all lumped together in my coffee- not impressed by the s3 at all. only the battery life is better and i bet it fits in my s2

          • 2KDad

            Dude, come on…just get a room for you and your S2 already. BTW, I hear the S3 is waaaay better at that than the S2 🙂

  • paul_cus

    Nice, double unboxing.

  • Do i upgrade with this phone or leave verizon in November when our contract is up?? Torn right now. This phone looks soo good.

    • matthew

      Why on earth would you want to leave Verizon? Go to Att and get a worse network for the same price! Or go with Sprint and getting roaming and no 4g LTE anywhere! Or if you’re insane go with TMobile and get no LTE ever and pay more for this phone when you get it and pay for it every month negating any benefit of having a cheaper bill!

    • verizon doesn’t give truly unlimited data plan- of course you should leave, run, run RUN!!!!!! join sprint 🙂 the ONLY true unlimited data network.

      • i downloaded 42gigs this month with no throttling. lol

        • hitekdroid

          omg i cant wait to do this!!! idc if i have to leave it plugged in

  • Destroythanet

    ” This Snapdragon S4 processor may be our cure for battery life until the new LTE chips are released.”

    Wait, I thought the GSIII had Qualcomm’s new 28nm LTE chip.

    • hijackerjack

      The S4 is the 28 nm chip lol

    • hahaha they fooled you too huh? don’t you hate false advertising?

    • Droidzilla

      I think he meant the cure for our dual-core LTE handset battery woes until the new, quad-core LTE chipsets can be released.

  • burkett375

    Any word on when the VZW S3 is going to ship? My preorder email still says no expected ship date, and some people are reporting crazy dates like 5/6/2342412

    • Splicer78

      Was told by in store rep that most will get it around the July 7th-10th for preorders

      • burkett375

        ehhh…I normally take what they say with a grain of salt but its looking true unfortunately

    • malowitz

      I ordered this past Saturday. My expected ship date is: “Not available at this time.”

    • it’ll be in stores next week 🙂 call your provider if you doubt me.

  • T4rd

    Awesome! One of the first reviews of the S4 based S3! Is there any way you could do a comparison with the International/Exynos S3? I know you said it’s really smooth, but I’m just wondering if there’s any noticeable difference at all between them.


  • First there’s a whole article on the pentile screen questioning if giving up quality for longevity, now it’s considered to be no big deal? Hrmmmm, mixed feelings.


    • Droidzilla

      Pen-tile is a non-issue in real life usage. If you do all of your websurfing with a magnifying glass, that’s another story.

  • I can’t wait to pick one of these up on my new 1GB verizon data share plan!

    • tvjrc603

      I’m picking up your sarcasm.

    • hahahaha nice data plan hahaha that’s why i switched to sprint, the only true unlimited data plan

      • How’s that LTE working out for you…oh wait, its not out yet, and initial rollout is only in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, and Kansas City?

        But wait! Your WiMax network must be doing well. What? T-Mo’s HSPA+ network out perform Sprint’s Wimax network? Oh.

        Truly unlimited data really comes at a price huh?

        • ostensibly

          it does, *$30 dollars a month.

          *certain fees may apply

        • blunq

          The whole brand loyalty thing is really stupid to me, but carrier loyalty? That’s just pathetic.

          • JoshGroff

            Agreed, if it weren’t for my double data promo, I’d be on sprint or metro. 4GB is more than enough of a data cap for me, and the buffed up network is well worth it.

          • That isn’t carrier loyalty, that is facts. Sprint has one of the worst networks in the United States.

          • cliffy44

            Blunq – Sprint has the distinct reputation for being the least qualitative cellular carrier in the United States – EVER.

            (Sprint is affectionally referred to as “The obama Of Cellular Carriers”, amongst people in the industry.)

          • napes

            Pathetic is a strong word my friend. It’s kinda hard to determine someone’s self worth based on their carrier choices.

          • blunq

            you completely misunderstood what i said

          • michael arazan

            carrier loyalty is only for those who are stockholders,imo. Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice, i jump ship

          • “Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice, i jump ship”

            That, my friend, is eminently quotable.

          • cliffy44

            michael arazan – Then I’m glad to hear that you’re not going to vote for obama.

            No intelligent person should; and be able to sleep at night.

        • holla

          id rather have unlimited than be capped at 1gb…. that’s a week and a half worth of data…

          3g > 1.5 – 2 weeks of 4g lte. please use your brain next time you say something like that..

          • Christian

            Do you use the wireless tether on your phone in place of home internet? I’m seriously just curious; I can never understand what everyone is using so much data for. (This is not sarcasm)

          • Droidzilla

            I can’t understand how people are not using more data. My LTE RAZR comes with 12+Mbps speeds and the ability to stream HD movies right to the device. With Netflix, HULU+, Google Play Movies, YouTube HQ, Pandora HQ, and a bunch of others, it’s no longer people who tether that “abuse” unlimited data. I can hit 5GB easy with zero tethering and not even that much streaming. If I output Netflix to my HDTV via the built in HDMI output, I could easily hit 100GB+ in a month.

            They are now selling phones that have the capability to stream 1080p video over LTE to a 52″ HDTV stock. High data usage nowadays simply means that one is using the features built in to their device (as opposed to the old, OG days where it was only the people tethering bittorrents who would bust into double or triple digit GB usage per month).

          • LION RAGE

            If you’re using 100GB/month, you need to get a life and get off your phone.

          • serial?

            these comments are getting ridiculous. my wife has verizon and wont use her damn phone gps because of data. thats why i always end up using my s2 from sprint. why buy a smart phone when you cant do smart things with it due to data restriction? wait Verizon allows up to four people from other providers on your friends list to call for free. wjth sprint i can call anyone.

          • DroidZ

            Your facts are incorrect. The new share plan offers unlimmited calling and text with data shared. I use my phone more than most, and with 5 on my plan we use less than 5Gb of data and I use my gps for over an hour on some days. Sprint is fine but they have really bad coverage in some areas. My daughter couldnt call me after a practice when her ride ran out of gas. I can always rely on verizon and that is worth a little extra money. Their new plan saves me $30 too so your right about the comments getting ridiculous. Plus using wifi at home saves data cause I dont download HD movies on the road.

          • Dj Hidro

            Sprint’s network is so slow in my area which is Philly to South Jersey and I can’t even get anywhere close to 1mbps. Even when I’m in center city Philly with wi-max the highest I’ve ever gotten is 5mbps and that’s only outdoors. Sprint might be a usable network in 2-3 years when they complete their lte roll out but I pay for service and not the promise of service.

          • vzwemp

            Not really, I’ve seen people steam Netflix HD at 4.5 gigs per hour. That’s 135 gb with only one hour a day of streaming.

          • robbj45044

            I Agree on the OG Days Id burn thru 50 gigs a day but again im using my hotspot now an had tethered with pdanet before they had their hotspot, Very thankful that Verizon Grandfathered ppl with the unlimited plan when it switched

          • silverWRX03


          • I use my unlimited data to the max lol i have had multiple months when i have used 50+gbs of data downloading music and watching netflix and streaming music off di.fm. some people just use the phones and data to its full potential 😛

          • Guest

            Why are you using *MORE* data… simply because you now have *FASTER* data????

            “Can use it”… is not the same as “must use it”.

            If you did all the same things… on 3G and 4G… the data use would be the same.

            Instead you *CHOOSE* to do more and more… using more and more data… and then wonder (and complain) “it’s using more data!!!!”

            *YOU* are using more data…. not the “phone” and not the “carrier”.

            Did you really expect to use LESS data when you CHOOSE to download twice as many HD videos this month????

          • Guest

            Why are you using *MORE* data… simply because you now have *FASTER* data????

            “Can use it”… is not the same as “must use it”.

            If you did all the same things… on 3G and 4G… the data use would be the same.

            Instead you *CHOOSE* to do more and more… using more and more data… and then wonder (and complain) “it’s using more data!!!!”

            *YOU* are using more data…. not the “phone” and not the “carrier”.

            Did you really expect to use LESS data when you CHOOSE to download twice as many HD videos this month???

          • Guest

            Why are you using *MORE* data… simply because you now have *FASTER* data????

            “Can use it”… is not the same as “must use it”.

            If you did all the same things… on 3G and 4G… the data use would be the same.

            Instead you *CHOOSE* to do more and more… using more and more data… and then wonder (and complain) “it’s using more data!!!!”

            *YOU* are using more data…. not the “phone” and not the “carrier”.

            Did you really expect to use LESS data when you CHOOSE to download twice as many HD videos this month????

        • Payom

          Very Well Said! Exactly , that price does not make it truly unrelated data!

        • andy b

          Chicago and NYC will be complete this year.

          Bottom line: is the extra speed worth $30-40 more per month? Not to me. And outside of Verizon, I don’t trust anyone else for having good call coverage over Sprint.

          • Dj Hidro

            Try using Sprint in a fringe area. Verizon’s network is the strongest in the U.S. for data and voice. Sprint might have a chance if it didn’t have ten different prepaid carriers piggy backing off the same towers. Anyone who uses Sprint should just flash their phone over to use with Virgin or Boost. The prepaid users get the same access to their towers for less then half the cost.

        • PaulNabor

          Six months later and it’s HERE!! Now, there’s no way I’d go back to anything but 4GLTE on AT&T. It’s got great coverage — even its HSPA+ is better than Sprint’s 3G. Once they get their LTE coverage going full speed their data promotions won’t last long. In my New York design studio I need the best speed because I send a lot of large files to clients.

      • Bionic

        Sprint is going to get rid of unlimited once their LTE is up and running, bet on it

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          They already said unlimited will be available for the next iPhone eta September, by then their network would have already launched so I don’ t think so.

          • chris125

            Their network will still be in its infancy, once they get half as much as verizon then they will get away from it you watch.

          • andy b

            They’ll still offer a hell of a better deal than 1GB for $90. Verizon has ALWAYS had horrible pricing relative to everyone else.

          • Guest

            I think you’ve misunderstood the pricing options.. For a single line plan you can still get the $30 for 2gb option.. I just did it.

          • KleenDroid

            Not bad but I still prefer my unlimited data for $10 per line on Verizon.

            I have 5 lines and will never give up the deal I have. Its actually cheaper for me to purchase one smartphone at full retail a year. 4 out of my five lines average over 4 gig a month and one is under 1 gig. It would cost a fortune on their new goofy plans.

          • Bionic

            Launched means nothing. I mean when their network actually has significant territory. In other words sprint will drop unlimited in a year or two.

          • Lucious

            Sucks for you Bionic. Most of us have unlimited LTE on Verizon. Thanks for grandfathering us woot! Meanwhile the poor Sprint users have to wait for their crappy LTE to slowly roll out while we bask in 20 up 15 down all summer!


        • cliffy44

          Sprint has the distinct reputation for being the least qualitative
          cellular carrier in the United States – EVER.

          (They’re affectionally referred to as “The obama Of Cellular Carriers”, amongst people in the industry.)

      • arturo_bandini

        Verizon adamantly refuses to waive the upgrade fees for my wife and me, so I’ll be porting both lines to Sprint or AT&T in August when the second line goes off contract, which gives me a month or so to take in the reviews of the S3. Strangely, none of the carriers seems to have an issue waiving activation fees for new customers, but they are stick-in-the-muds when it comes to fees for existing customers.

        • Doan

          Similar to how retailers sell cheaper subsidized phones to you if you sign a new contract. Greedy carriers only care about new customers, but couldn’t care less about you once you’ve signed your soul away for 2-years.

        • Thinkharder

          Then, when you successfully port over to AT&T you’ll realize “well dang, now I’m paying $36 to activate my phone, and $36 every time I want to upgrade.”


          • arturo_bandini

            Yeah, no. Getting an activation fee waived is not difficult. Verizon even does it. If AT&T hits me up for an upgrade fee in two years I will….port back to Verizon. Competition!

        • Did you ask in a corporate store? Mine couldn’t waive it, but they agreed to adjust it once it showed up on the bill.

      • Brownie

        sprint spent a lot of money on there wimax 4G thinking they would turn it into the new thing they lost that bet and now need to spend 7 million to fall in with everyone else and start a LTE network which we know isnt very big right now. Its not for sure but rumor is thats going to break there pocket so they might not have the chose to keep the unlimited data plan.

      • sgtguthrie

        Sprint is limited by bandwidth! How much data can you use with dial up speeds anyway 😉

        • Dj Hidro

          I completely agree. I had unlimited with Sprint but I couldn’t use the network anywhere i went. Unlimited dial up is what Sprint offers. They might have somewhat decent speeds if they didn’t have ten prepaid carriers piggybacking off the same towers.

      • trevorsalienarms

        “Unlimited” tends to lose its significance when the speeds are painfully slow. I tired Sprint’s “unlimited” data very briefly, and unlimited it may have been but the speeds were literally unusable.

      • Terry Munnerlyn

        sprint is true unlimited data plan…I wouldnt switch for nothing…I am on the interenet all day long with no limits…my bill ony 80 bucks a month…att verizon tmobile suks…over 100 bucks…u cant use the internet…u peoples are fools

        • Dj Hidro

          I pay $5 more a month for Verizon then I did with Sprint and guess what I can actually pull fast data speeds and use my phone at my house without having an air rave device. Sprint’s network is a joke.

      • Dj Hidro

        Unlimited dial up speed is nothing to brag about. Switching from Sprint to Verizon is the best move I’ve ever made. Maybe you get decent 3g speeds if you can even call it that. I switched over when Verizon was offering double the data and I couldn’t be happier. Sprint’s lte is the slowest out there in the 2 markets that are live. When Sprint did tests on their first lte network that wasn’t even open to the public it maxed out at 7mbps and I’m pulling 12-30mbps on Verizon’s lte.

      • Iknowmorethanyou

        too bad Sprint does not have “actual Unlimited Data” they throttle your fake 4G down to dial up when you reach 2GB…Do your homework…

    • Guest

      You forgot to mention the absurd INCREASE in price for that 1GB you get to share.

      • Verizon master

        You are tripping these plans are saving everyone mo ey because people can pay for only what they use… If 1GB isn’t enough quit bitching and any up some more moola for more data….everyone now gets unlimited minutes and texting….adverage customer saving around 40 bucks

        • I do indirect verizon sales. For most customers share everything ends up being cheaper. It isn’t about minutes anymore, its about data, so if you look at average data usage and pick a plan accordingly it ends up being cheaper. I’m not saying that they should have ripped away unlimited users unlimited because most of the people I see with unlimited stay under a gig, but it does end up cheaper regardless

          • “For most customers share everything ends up being cheaper.”

            I do not believe this to be true. For our household (1 smart + two dumbphones) our bill would have gone from $135 to $180, assuming I kept usage to < 1GB/mo. I would rather have unlimited data and limited mins than the other way round. Fortunately I am grandfathered into unlimited data…at least until they decide to remove it.

          • Most customers now have more than one smartphone on their account.

        • mrbear1302

          Our plan is one smartphone( unlimited) and one dumb. Our bill would increase $35 a month to switch to a new Verizon plan.

          • cliffy44

            I left Verizon because, after 5 years as a loyal customer, they kept increasing their “nickle and dime” cost increasing tactics, in the hopes that if they do it in small enough increments, that most average loyal subscribers wouldn’t notice.

            Plus – No SIM card?

        • KleenDroid

          I don’t know if you are correct or not.

          But I have 5 lines grandfathered on unlimited and pay $10 each for the data plan. I got in on that good deal while it was offered.

          Based on what you said I can’t find any of their offerings that will give my 5 lines unlimited data for only $10 bucks each. Maybe you could explain to me how I could save money on any of the new plans.

          • Rep

            bet you use a whole 500 MB a month of that unlimited too lol we see so many customers like you come in and go off about how you will never give up your unlimited data cause its great and use it so much and most of the time you guys are using a tenth of a GB a month

          • KleenDroid

            I am sure you are correct but 4 of my five lines uses far more than that. My wife does not use much at all. But I think most peoples use of data will only increase in the future. I think Verizon knows this which is why they made the change in focus. Do you honestly believe they are in business to save us money from their bills?

        • You damn fool! Why on earth would anyone switch to Verizon’s new shared plan? I’m on individual plan with unlimited data that only costs me $97 a month. Why the F would I want to leave unlimited for like 2GB of data that’ll cost me more than what I’m originally paying???

    • I pre-ordered the GS3 on Verizon yesterday and got the old family share plan with 2GB and another basic phone for 100/mo… You have until the 28th to get the current family plan for WAY cheaper than the share everything nonsense. $50 for one GB? WTF?

    • LMAO…it’s very rare I literally LMAO after reading a comment online but that was hilarious. You are a gentleman and scholar. Cheers.

    • I got to keep my unlimited data when i upgraded to this on verizon 🙂 i got my 32gb white galaxy s3 preordered and it should be shipped out on the 9th 😀 i cant wait

    • Spoken Word™

      I can’t wait to pick one of these up on my unlimited Verizon data plan!

      • Spoken Word™

        Octobers usage….

  • Jordan Schuetz

    Actually, if you run a benchmark test, the Samsung Galaxy S III scores the highest out of all Android Tablets and Smartphones. The Galaxy S III IS THE BEST! I preordered for Verizon and bought a Cruzier Light case due to the contest!

    • why on earth would you be on a network with no real unlimited data plan? do you enjoy losing your g3 hahaha

      • How do you know this gentleman didn’t preorder with unlimited data?

        • hitekdroid

          yeah why do they keep sayin vzw is not unlimited?? any complaints of throttling?

  • Destroythanet

    Is the battery the same in the LTE and International models?

    • 2100mAh.

      • 100

        is it the same size as the 2100mAh battery from the Galaxy Nexus?

        • Destroythanet

          Good question. That would be nice if I could use my spare GNext battery with this, too.

          • Nope, doesn’t fit. GS3 battery is longer and thinner.

          • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please say it isn’t so please pleaseeeee tell me this is a dream NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • hukisome!!!!!!! i am buying it and putting it in my s2 hahahaha oh yeaahhhhh

    • the s3 doesn’t have the lte chip dude….. that’s why it’s not worth buying if you do want a smartphone that is truly fast on the network 24/7 that’s why i am waiting till next year to do any upgrading from my s2