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Light Flow Receives Full Makeover, New Features, and is More Impressive Than Ever


When the Galaxy Nexus was first announced, I immediately fell in love with an app called Light Flow. Since the G-Nex had this big beautiful multi-colored notification light centered at the bottom of the device, this app would help all of us take full advantage of it. The app, back then though, worked well, but wasn’t the prettiest thing to look at. Thanks to a massive update that dropped last night, it certainly is now.

In version 3.0, users can set specific volume controls for each notification, tell notifications to override silent or vibrate modes, test out new features in a Labs section, and reset wonky notifications through a simple widget. It’s a hefty upgrade, but again, the most noticeable stuff is clearly in the UI overhaul that is pictured above. Good stuff, here.

Links:  Free | Full ($1.99)

Cheers Jason and Justin!

  • Business Research  

    This will be cool go for it I will use it. Thank You giftsguide

  • neiander

    Great great great update for a fantastic app.

  • ddevito

    this app is a single-handed reason I will never leave Android

  • peezy22

    My light flow doesn’t want to work anymore. Keeps telling me it doesn’t have superuser permission. Any help out there?

  • Ryan Buck

    Every since I loaded AOKP build 38 my light flow does not work. Any suggestions?
    I have read on AOKP forum and rootzwiki that you need to disable native LED controls for LED rom control t work. I’m thinking that somehow I might have done this, that is why my light flow does not work.

  • allyn

    Totally fantastic app. I’ve been using the free one, but I think I will buy the paid version. This app and the full-color LED on the G-Nex are a great combo.

  • Trevor

    This is one of my favorite apps on my Nexus.

  • dsass600

    Most battery i’ve ever seen on the nexus…

  • WF

    I’ve been using Light Flow for months, and just realized today that you can configure each notification/light to clear out when the notification bar is pulled down. It had been kind of annoying to have to actually click on each email or other notification to get rid of the blinking light. This goes to show that many complaints about apps like these are from people who don’t fully learn them (in this case, that was me). I’m sure most of you already knew this but hopefully this helps someone.

  • Stewie

    Always worked fine on my Gnex, the new update was not without issues, however the dev released yet another update correcting one major problem with some of us gnex users, and so far it continues to work great!
    I’m really really sorry, but most of the time those who have had issues or have not had it give you what you intended either didn’t configure it correctly, missing a toggle that could change the way it works on notifications. It has a slight learning curve, but once done, it is terrific!
    Wonderful update to the UI as well …

  • evcon

    Wow, this is an amazing update. Had almost no problems with the app, and the paid version is definitely worth the money. Devs even included Alphascope/Socialscope as well after I asked! My day has been made.

  • Eyebolt

    It has always worked great on my RAZR…but I have the similar issue as others with the ever present notification lights on my wife’s Droid 3…which basically makes notification lights useless. So I had to uninstall it on her phone because things need to “just work” for her with no fiddling. Might give it another go for her.

  • mikesuds

    The only problem that I have ever had with this app, and it’s always been the same, is simply too many apps, too few different colors that are not EASILY identifiable from one to the next. It’s like one app’s notification color is blue and one eventually HAS to be sky blue or indigo. and at a quick glance of my phone’s notification light while the screen is turned off, I can never guarantee which app the light is for… even with using custom colors I end up with some apps that are pretty similar in notification color.

  • wickets

    Apps like handcent and kaiten mail have built in notifiers, which makes purchasing lightflow a bit of a redundant move…I bought it ‘unseen’ when you guys mentioned it several months ago, but really all its good for is a few google apps…..did they add a lot of new apps in the upgrade?

    • evcon

      52 new apps!

      • wickets

        thats a lot! thanks for posting. i guess i should go upgrade 🙂

  • I have had trouble getting it to work while running GoSMS. Anybody else have that issue?

    • Also, I have never been able to get it to stop “doubling up” on message sounds. It always sounds the announcement sound I have for the standard phone and then sounds the lightflow sound too. Thoughts?

      • ArrowCool

        Have you tried emailing the Dev? I had a problem back in the day when I was using this on my OG, emailed the dev, and he got back to me within a couple hours. Top notch service.

        • Cool. Thanks much. I do love me some custom sounds and lights. I have my textx and then like six email accounts on the phone, so it really is nice to know by sound what is coming in or by light what I missed.

  • fallingd0wn

    Just an FYI, the latest CM9 builds have custom LED settings options built in. That eliminated the need for Lightflow for me.

  • Don’t forget the labs section! Cool extra features there. It’s on the main screen.

  • chris125

    Great app that fixes what Google and Samsung had only working some if the time(notification )

  • I’ve been using light flow since you mentioned it about 6 months ago and I absolutely love it. Setting it up initially can kind of be a pain but once it’s set it works 99% of the time for me. On occasion I’ll have the wrong color show up for notifications, but simply clearing it from the notification bar fixes the issue for the next time. I also used to some times get lights that wouldn’t turn off even after the notification had been cleared. I’ve found that setting light flow to turn off after the shade has been pulled down is much more effective than setting it to clear upon entry of that app.

    Otherwise, I can’t give enough praise, it’s so convenient for me at work to just pull the bottom lip out of my pocket and check for notifications.

  • Bionicman

    unfortunately i had worse battery when i was using the old lightflow. probably not going to jump on this but may try it eventually.

    • sirmeili

      On my GNex, I can get 2 days of battery with light flow. Now, I work from home and I’m on wifi 99% of the time, so that is most likely why. When I was working in an office with the same phone I was getting at least a day out of it (with light flow). I also have the extended battery.

      It sometime really surprised me when I wake up at 7 and go to bed at midnight and still have 60+% left on my phone. Then again, I realize that I have a less than normal experience due to my excessive use of Wifi over the 3g/4g antennas.

  • This app has always worked great for me on stock ROM, Gummy and AOKP. I uninstalled to see if it was draining my battery due to the fact that this program wakes the phone constantly, but I haven’t seen much of a difference. I will install this new version, looking forward to it, I’ve missed it.

  • Must have app for any G-Nex user

  • maxkobi

    this app has ALWAYS worked the way it was intended for me. i have never had ghost notification, i do think in part that i have mine dismiss when i pull down the notification bar. seems to clear up any and all ghosting problems. this new UI is a godsend and without a doubt makes this app a 10 out of 5! the new settings are great to including the vibe on pickup as reminder! i don’t use it as i don’t want any extra battery drain (lol) but i have tested it on MMS, SMS, email, and Gmail, and they all work flawlessly! defiantly worth the 1.99

    • Larizard

      I have problems with the sound notifications. When a notification comes in, I hear my ringtone play twice, with the first one cut off midway, followed right away by the second.. it’s weird and annoying and I don’t know how to fix it.. :/

      This UI update is great nonetheless; following Android Design guidelines and all. Good for them.

      • Agreed. I have always had the same problem with the sound. I think it’s because you cannot shut of the default notification on your phone, so you always have to hear that first, followed by the lf notification. Sux…

      • I set the ringtone/sounds in my apps for themselves, and just use Light Flow to set the vibrations/LED. No duplicate sound/stutter.

        • Larizard

          thank you. but how do i shut off GMail and Messages notification sound? Ugh, I think i might just turn off sound alerts on Light Flow and use the default system sounds instead. Thanks for the help!

          • Exactly. You can’t shut off your stock email and text announcements without killing all sounds as far as I can tell. But I may be an idiot.

          • DesiD92

            You can, you go into the application itself (so your text messaging for example) and hit the settings key (3 lines) and change the options there :] Just uncheck the box that says notifications and you should be good.

      • maxkobi

        if you read about the sound control in lightflow it states you need to turn off the sound in the app itself and then let lightflow control it or you will hear double sounds. EX >> Text Sounds is custom >> turn off text sound in text app >> lightflow will produce the sound for the app, not the app itself

  • Does it actually work properly now?

  • really

    you say that app worked well? i beg to differ. The stupid light would just glow all the time regardless of whether or not i had a notification.

    • Agreed, Lightflow has always been mostly broken.

      • kevin

        I can personally say that it has always worked just fine for me maybe its an isolated problem

        • Myself and 3 other coworkers tried it months ago, none of us could get it to function consistently.

          • chris125

            Probably due to user error…

          • Just installed it again. I have the lite version, and a coworker has the paid version. We are struggling to get it to work correctly at all. It won’t change colors with multiple notifications and it won’t show a notification light for txt messages at all for my coworker.

            EDIT: just messed with some settings and it seems to be working now.

            EDIT2: nope, still freaking doesn’t work. it refuses to change colors with multiple notifications

          • andrew

            Shoot me a message on our website http://www.rageconsulting.com/lightflow and mention the droid life thread. Let me know the details, phone etc and I can look into that. Like others say it’s probably just a setting or app that needs a little change.

            Thanks everyone for the +ve comments. It’s been a busy and long day with release 3 support (I’ve been up for 21 hours) and 200 e-mails replied to!

          • If I have time I will try. A coworker and I tried many tests yesterday and couldn’t get much to work correctly. Mostly switching colors with multiple notifications or showing notifications at all didn’t work. He has the paid version on a Gnex.

            We tried alternating between sending a gtalk message first, then a txt, then vice versa (all with the screen off of course). Sometimes it wouldn’t show any notification, sometimes it would show only one. Sometimes it would work fine, then we’d simple change the color of one of them, and then it wouldn’t work. Sometimes we’d only change the blink speed and it’d stop working. It was very inconsistent. Wouldn’t couldn’t get it to do the same thing twice it seemed, even if we didn’t change any settings, or if we only changed one very simple setting (like color).

            Also, this was very similar to the experience we both had back when he had a Droid X and I had a HTC Eris (We both have Gnexs now). The experience was rather inconsistent.

          • QQpayne

            I have always used it with no problems. So far on stock locked, stock unlocked, AOKP, and Gummy. I just went back to complete stock and relocked my phone just to test out the update to the OS, and lightflow has once again continued to work flawlessly for me.

      • Liderc

        Used it since day one on Gnex, have never had a problem with it. The only “problem” I have is I have to actually click reply to a text message to get it to stop blinking, but I’ve grown to like that so I don’t forget to reply back to someone.

    • impact

      Been using it for months on my GNex and haven’t had any problems..

  • Evil-D

    Does the update take care of false notifications. I have my green lit half the time nothing has happened, no email, no text nothing. Have to go into the app and have it initialize again and then the false notifications go away.

  • Guest

    Honestly, one of the best updates of any app I’ve ever seen.

  • pubasnacks77

    One the essential apps for rooted users

    • Murali Ponnaluri

      And non-rooted

  • Paolo_Ozaraga

    Did you take a class in joke writing, then drop it after the setups lesson?

    • maratu

      That joke is SO old….

    • fail

      did you take a class is joke writing and fail?

      • Paolo_Ozaraga

        Probably. When I first wrote that comment, there was no text after the comma. It reminded me of a joke from a recent episode of Community so I thought it would work in this instance. Guess it went over a lot peoples’ heads