Light Flow Updated With New Features for Android 4.3

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Light Flow, one of the most powerful notification light tools on Android, received an update this morning to introduce new features that work with Android 4.3. In the update, LF allows you to swipe away notifications, remotely clear notifications by reading them on other devices, and “handle” restricted profiles for tablet users.

Outside of the 4.3 stuff, support for Gmail folders, incoming calls, and the new Skype app were added. HTC One root users should have a better experience, plus the app now has the power to exclude notifications from sleep mode. The LF team also added support for an additional 72 apps.  (more…)

Light Flow Update Teases New Version of Android, May Require Persistent Notifications for Some Tasks

lightflow update

Now that Google I/O is over with and a potential Android 4.3 release date is in the wild, the hypebeasting of features will undoubtedly start to pick up. The first to kick off the fun is one of our favorite apps, Light Flow. For those not familiar, Light Flow is the best notification manager in the business, as it provides you with more tools and options for notifications settings than any other app. It’s also designed incredibly well and always seems to have a major update around the corner.

So what does Light Flow have to do with the next version of Android?  (more…)

LightFlow Update Adds Pebble Support For Notifications, Makes Possibilities Mostly Endless

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LightFlow, one of our favorite notification apps, received an update this morning that added support for the Pebble smartwatch (our review). In the app, you’ll now see an option to “Send to Pebble.” If checked, your Pebble watch will vibrate with a notification from your phone, through LightFlow. As you can see in the photo above, it’s even showing me comments on Instagram, something I wasn’t expecting it to do.  (more…)

Light Flow Receives Full Makeover, New Features, and is More Impressive Than Ever


When the Galaxy Nexus was first announced, I immediately fell in love with an app called Light Flow. Since the G-Nex had this big beautiful multi-colored notification light centered at the bottom of the device, this app would help all of us take full advantage of it. The app, back then though, worked well, but wasn’t the prettiest thing to look at. Thanks to a massive update that dropped last night, it certainly is now.

In version 3.0, users can set specific volume controls for each notification, tell notifications to override silent or vibrate modes, test out new features in a Labs section, and reset wonky notifications through a simple widget. It’s a hefty upgrade, but again, the most noticeable stuff is clearly in the UI overhaul that is pictured above. Good stuff, here.

Links:  Free | Full ($1.99)

Cheers Jason and Justin!

LED Notification Light App for the Galaxy Nexus is Called Light Flow LED Control

Since the Galaxy Nexus has big and beautiful notification light, we need to make sure you are getting the most out of it. In one of our previous Ice Cream Sandwich videos, we showed you an app called Light Flow that allows you to customize, but have had enough readers ask about it over the last couple of days to give you a quick reminder. This app, is awesome for the G-Nex. If you were looking to utilize the multi-color functionality of your phone, I’m not sure there is a more intense app to do it with.  (more…)