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HTC Rezound Drops to $80 Through Verizon

Thanks to Verizon’s Summer Sale, customers who sign up for a new two year agreement can get the HTC Rezound for a mere $80. Originally ringing up for $199, the promo is for $120 off, which is a crazy good deal. With the device receiving tons of love from developers and the community lately thanks to its unlockable bootloader, the Rezound is sure to treat any owner properly.

Via: Verizon

Cheers JT!

  • its back to $199.99 🙁 FML my upgrade kicks in this week

  • Xenu

    When will Best Buy lower their price? Does anyone know where to get a scan of next week’s ad? When I try to buy online, verizon tells me it can’t and that I have to go to a store even though I am eligible for an upgrade.

  • Rezound is an awesome phone! You can be sure this is in response to the pending release of the Incredible 4G… but as small as that phone is, I’m sure the Rezound will continue to sell well.

  • Cantuckee

    I’m happy I got this when it was 49.99 a few months ago

  • This has been verizons best phone since November 14th. It’s verizons version of the one X. So what if the processor is a smidge faster on the one X? They are both dual core 1.5 GHz with an hd screen and 1gb of ram.

  • JeffDenver

    I have had this phone since November. Have been running it with the ICS leak for weeks now and am in LOVE with it. So full of awesome.

  • Diablo81588

    Hey Tim, why isn’t the 360 degree view workin’?! 😛

  • MLSchleps

    Best phone ever! Love my Rezound!

  • Chidoro

    And they raised the 2 razrs back to their regular prices of $199 and $299 again. I was hoping the S3 would put an end to Verizon’s $299 price point but that does not appear to be the case.

  • I love my rezound, no doubt. But, I would LOVE to have vanilla… There are tons of Roms out there for the rezound, which is wonderful, however; nothing comes anywhere near the AOSP experience. Sometimes, I wish I would have kept my Droid X. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed, day-by-day devs are getting closer to a stable AOSP experience for the Rezound.

  • Edgar

    how long the deal last?

  • inboy81

    Junk phone… greedy provider… don’t forget to add all the other hidden fees!

  • Just an FYI. I talked to CS…if you have a NE2 left, it does not apply to this deal. VZW says this phone is already discounted enough…their words not mine.

  • Shadowcell

    Nice to know they are cleaning out stock but honestly I don’t see this as my ideal phone for everyday use. Too bulky compared to most phones, weighing slightly more than my DX. Still, excellent specs for $80 on a 2-year.

  • MrEnglish

    I love these promos, it keeps me grounded by showing me exactly how much of a markup there is on this stuff $649 retail, wow, price gouge much?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Johnny, it’s not really price gouging… part of your monthly account payment goes toward paying for the phone. Although it will never change, theoretically all our bills would be lower if VZW only sold a service instead of a device.

  • shehippie

    This is an awesome deal for an amazing phone!

  • Larry

    Damn. Just bought this 15 says ago for 179. FML.

    • Call customer service. They should adjust the price for you.

    • Calexander

      Some stores have 30 day price protection. Worth a shot!

  • RellC

    Love this phone..no complaints. Paid $50 when verizon was running that special a couple months ago!

  • scan

    Technically it dropped to $110. We cant forget those mandatory upgrade fees!

  • dragonflyr

    nice. great phone … GREAT radios. there are times when i’m struggling with a signal on my nexus and I think, “i bet the rezound wouldn’t have this problem”. nice phone.

    • bigillz

      Indeed. I get a decent 4G signal in underground parking garages. Nice avatar, Ron.

    • JeffDenver

      Yeah I get signal in bathrooms, elevators and basements no problem.

  • Rockrdr

    Dont forget a 30.00 “bend you over fee” on ALL new phones you purchase

  • Edgar

    does this work with upgraders?

    • Bailers77

      Yes. I just bought one today. With tax and the upgrade fee, it was about $120.

      • Edgar

        what phone you upgraded from?

    • Yup! I upgraded my wife’s line yesterday as soon as I found out it was $79. Perfect timing too, right before the shared data raping begins.

  • Destroythanet

    Expect deals like this and better quite often after Family Shared Plans kick in. Verizon wants badly to entice people off unlimited data with great on-contract pricing for their phones.

  • hkklife

    Good deal, especially if they are still bundling the Beats earphones. But there was a brief period in late April or early May or so when the Rezound was actually $50 online from VZW, even for upgraders! Then the price on it got jacked way up about a week before I became eligible for an upgrade. But now, seeing the GSIII, I’m glad I didn’t get sucked into the Rezound. It’s a nice phone but I really am not a big Sense fan and 720p demands a screen bigger than 4.3″ IMO.

    • JoshGroff

      I was pretty sure that they removed the beats when they dropped it to $199, I could be wrong, but heck, it’s still a great phone for $80.

      • Sobr0801

        I am sure they havent produced any new Rezounds in a while and have been selling off the original stock. If I am right with that, they should all have the headphones. Mine did.

      • Bailers77

        It better have them, I just bought one and it said it had the earbuds on the in the box link.

      • Verizon’s page says it comes with the headphones. It BETTER come with the headphones, I just bought one yesterday.

        • JoshGroff

          Looks like I misread it when it was announced that their new phones won’t be bundled with Beats and figured that included Rezounds going forward from that announcement as well.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant


  • Eta508

    Dear baby Jesus, I promise to be good if you release the inc4g in 2 days and this deal is to clear out any remaining inventory.

    • Sobr0801

      I was trying to get my brother into the Inc4g, but after his wife got the GNex he wanted a bigger screen. This deal maybe the one that gets him to burn his sons upgrade.

    • capecodcarl

      Why on Earth would you want an Incredible 4G instead of the Rezound? The Rezound is a better phone and has a much nicer screen.

      • LionStone

        Better for who? I’m gonna buy the Inc4G too for my gf for: smaller form factor, latest/better processor, better battery life (most likely), NFC, and ICS baked in.

        • LionStone

          Guess I posed a pretty tough response… 🙂

    • bigillz

      Well that would be silly. The Rezound is a top tier phone – the Inc4G is a middle tier phone.

  • Black Roger

    Got this phone through work. Went through the whole wire trick to get S-off. Overall not impressed with the laggy, ugly roms available for this thing. Sence really really sucks.

    • JoshGroff

      Throw on a Senseless or De-Sensitized ROM then? (or you can throw down a custom launcher and remove sense components bit by bit yourself with TiBu or ROM Toolkit.

      • Black Roger

        I guess I am just spoiled with my GNex. Love pure ICS and the super amoled screen running AOKP b39!

        • Sobr0801

          Ehhh, Super Amoled is played out. Otherwise your Gnex is pimp.

        • JoshGroff

          AOKP is pretty awesome, I run it on my VZW Xoom, all hail the angry pink unicorn.

        • AMOLED vs a high resolution LCD screen with accurate and crisp colors? I think not.

    • capecodcarl

      To each his own. I love HTC Sense. The plain vanilla ICS interface sucks as it is too dark and gloomy with too much black and dark blue for my taste. My Rezound running the ICS Business Sense ROM is smooth as butter.

  • They should have dropped this as soon as the Galaxy III was available for preorder. It is a nice phone with a gorgeous screen. It will make some people happy.

  • cobjones

    It was 299 for just a bit right?

  • brettski

    Where’s my ics.

    • JoshGroff

      We still have until the end of next month theoretically. I think I might just drop some Sense 4.0 ROMs on instead though, since HTC won’t be rolling it out to us.

      • chilltech

        You saying the Rezound isn’t getting ICS or just that HTC will Skin the heck out of it?

        • shehippie

          Yes its getting ICS.

          • chilltech

            I was going to say, that’s what Ive heard.

          • will bartlett

            but it wont get sense 4.0…it will have sense 3.6 or some shit

        • bigillz

          It will get official ICS shortly, he meant it won’t likely be getting Sense 4, though there are already stable Sense 4 ICS roms for it.

          • JoshGroff

            Yes, for clarity, I meant HTC will not be rolling sense 4.0 for Rezound owners.

    • Sobr0801

      Running mine as we speak, unrooted, stock, and bloatware froze. The bonus here is, when the final version is available for download, I can install it over the latest leak without any complication.

  • Sobr0801

    Only paid 100 bucks for mine back in febuary through Verizon, leap day special.

    Edit: God I love this phone.

  • BikerBob1789

    Do the full retail prices ever drop? It would be nice to get a good deal on an older phone (but better than what I have) in order to keep unlimited data.

    • Greg Morgan

      That’d be making it too easy for people to keep unlimited, VZW will make sure that doesn’t happen.

    • Mudokon83

      swappa.com – buy used phone, go to store, activate it, upgraded phone while keeping unlimited data.

  • Mudokon83

    Thought about getting Rezound, but went for Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I just really want to try OG ICS without any bloatware, just to see how it competes coming from an HTC Inc 2.

    • bigillz

      CleanROM DE for Rezound. Inc2 is a lesser phone than the Rezound.

      • Mudokon83

        Oh I know, I’m saying i currently have a Inc2, and wanted to upgrade to Rezound or Nexus, and picked the NEXUS only because I wanted to try a different brand than HTC.

  • Imitation

    Love my Rezound. Have had it since launch day. ;D

    • JoshGroff

      It is a great phone, I have no complaints. Bought one used off swappa about 2 months ago. Don’t plan on reselling it until that HTC Note comes out with an S4. (hopefully with 2GB RAM)