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Android Other: Moto Qinara Stops by FCC, Galaxy SII On Sale, T-Mobile Not Getting a Galaxy Nexus Yet and CM9 For Everyone

Motorola Qinara (Atrix 3?) Makes a Stop By the FCC, Doesn’t Reveal Much

The Qinara made quite the splash when we heard about it and got this leaked image of it last week. It has since made a trip by the FCC to make things all official but unfortunately no new details were confirmed for us other than it will have LTE on-board, which no one was doubting. 720p HD screen, Ice Cream Sandwich and on-screen navigation keys all on board allegedly so we’ll just have to wait until AT&T decides to tell us if we are wrong or not. 

Via: Pocketnow

SGH-T699 is a QWERTY Samsung Phone, Not the Galaxy Nexus

Much to do was made over at AL when there was a rumor of an unannounced Samsung phone that was sporting a 720p screen and a few other features. All signs were pointing to the phone being T-Mobile’s version of a Galaxy Nexus coming to the carrier in the near future. The guys over at TmoNews however have finally gotten a picture of the T699, and found out that it’s a full-featured 5-row QWERTY phone. The phone is said to run Android 4.0 right out of the gate and have a 5MP camera on the back as well, but all the other specs are still missing at this moment. A little disappointing that T-Mo didn’t have a Nexus up their sleeve but we’ll wait to see what this phone looks like.

Via: TmoNews

Need a Pretty Decent Phone for Your Father’s Day Present? AT&T Selling Galaxy SII for $9.99

Sure the Galaxy SIII may be weeks away at this point but what if your dad isn’t the most tech savy guy in the world, and you want to hook him up with a good smartphone? AT&T has knocked the Galaxy SII down to $9.99 for the holiday and this makes for a great gift. The SII is one of the best selling Android phones ever so you can’t go wrong here. The only downside is that it isn’t the LTE version, but even then this is still a good deal.

Via: Phandroid

Official CM9 Nightlies Hit for AT&T Galaxy SII Skyrocket and T-Mobile Galaxy SII

CyanogenMod 9 is a big upgrade from the last CyanogenMod and it’s taken some time, but more and more phones are finally getting their own builds. Today we can add two more phones to the fold of “nightly” builds, or builds that are the cutting edge of Android, freshly put together from their code. The T-Mobile Galaxy SII and the AT&T Skyrocket both now have builds available for download at the source links below. Get to downloading!

Download: T-Mobile SII | AT&T Skyrocket

  • Noel

    At this juncture Tmo should skip having their own GNex and instead work on getting the upcoming JB Nexus device or devices..depending on how many OEMs Google has given the nod to. Besides the GNex sold at the play store works well on Tmo.

  • teejaycard

    That widget it pretty nice but takes up way too much juice.

  • Tony Allen

    Doesn’t the unlocked GNex in the Google Play Store work on T-mobile?

  • Eta508

    Too bad about the atrix3 and how they went to a larger screen than the previous versions. If the inc4g doesn’t come out next Thursday when I make the switch to att this would have been the phone I’d get…

  • Anyone know why there aren’t any CM releases for the rezound?

    • RobMorris


      • RIL? I’m behind on my acronyms. 🙂

  • socalrailroader

    Do you mean the Dinara? That is going to be the Atrix III.


  • feztheforeigner

    Motorola really ruined the beautiful icons found in ICS…

    • In your opinion. Personally ICS’s icons aren’t my favorite part of it.

  • elemeno

    Is an.droid-life.com over?

    • jeesung

      reduce fragmentation!

  • Lyle Ferguson

    What is that clock on the Qinara? I love it!

  • Eeyore

    Theres just too much news to read.

  • KleenDroid