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Ship Date for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Changes to July 10

For whatever reason, the shipping date for the Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon has changed to July 10 this morning. The estimated “ship by” date had previously stood at July 9, so this isn’t a drastic change or some sort of delay from what we can tell. This is a Tuesday though, so can we put money on July 12 being the official release date? Any chance we see it sooner? Is June 28, the day that Share Everything goes live, still in play? Good questions that Big Red isn’t willing to give us answers to quite yet.

Cheers @JoshKBane!

  • Kellic

    ;_; Would have liked to have it in time for July 4th weekend. Instead I’m stuck on Sprint and this damn EVO 4G that I swear is panting when I open up maps while streaming Pandora.

  • pcguru30

    This annoys me.. I pre orderd with best buy because they said it was coming out the 21st. Now i’m going to lose my 50$ deposit because if I keep the pre order I lose my unlimited data whereas with pre ordering through verizon i keep my unlimited regardless since they update the contract at the same time that you pre order

  • joshua weissman

    Yeah Its because preorder demand is high but if you originally ordered it and were given the 9th as the date it will still ship then they have just delayed any future orders by a day to meet demand

  • arty

    I honestly don’t think that they are delaying the shipment due to the amount of preorders. At&t is releasing it slightly earlier than Verizon, and because of all the new data plans, the elimination of unlimited data and the tierd data being released mid summer…I truly think they are delaying this product due to that. Imagine releasing such an incredible smartphone and having every user with unlimited data plans? Yeah…

    I’ve pre ordered this device a few days ago and I can’t wait for it to be shipped, just like everybody else. I just hope Verizon stays true to the getting grandfathered in with unlimited Data for those of us who pre ordered the device.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but that’s what I truly believe is happening.

    • concerned

      I just added a line on a family members plan so I could have this phone with unlimited data. We ordered it Friday and spent an hour on the phone asking questions, confirming that this would not change anyone else’s plan, confirming I definitely would get the same unlimited data plan when the phone is activated, and confirming that all this would happen even though the line won’t be activated until after June 28th.

      Guess what. Sure enough we looked at the confirmation online and Verizon put me on a tiered plan. I still have to confirm what plan the rest of the family is on. We’ll call tonight to get this straightened out. If it doesn’t work, we’re cancelling the line. If, when the phone comes and I go to activate the line, they put me on anything other than unlimited data I will still cancel the plan and send the phone back. I want this phone but not that bad.

  • I just tried to upgrade with discount on a pre-order while keeping my unlimited data. It was a no go at the store or over the phone. Both places say that it is when you activate the phone that is the important date for the start of your contract and that the S3 of course wont ship until after the 28th so therefore I would have to choose a new data plan

    • pcguru30

      When I pre-ordereed I was told to do so on the website. When I did it on the website it confirmed I still had unlimited data so I anticipate keeping unlimited data even if it arrives after the 28tth. I even had a phone rep notate my case with this because they do have documentation in their FAQs that indicate as long as you pre order through verizon before the 28th you keep your unlimited

  • cabalja

    I preordered on June 6 and was told July 9 at that time. However, when I called back a few days later to talk about canceling the order from Verizon and going through Best Buy (I have credit but they weren’t doing any online preorders 🙁 they said the date in their computer was showing it would ship on or before July 6 if I “lost my place in line” and had to reorder it through Verizon. Hopefully this means that they were just putting July 9 as a backstop and planned to have most early preorders out before the end of June. We’ll see.

  • Eeyore

    It probably won’t ship at all.

  • I’ve yet to receive an email stating the 10th. So, this MOST LIKELY (not guaranteed) means that those that got the July 9th confirmation, will get it then. However, those that pre-order, going forward, will get it shipped by the 10th :O)

  • snema

    I don’t see White one on Verizon up for pre-order anymore???

    • Snowcrash

      I thought the same thing. Click on the little white square next to the blue one.

  • My local BB rep told me they were expecting the SIII on 6/21, so either he is misinformed or Verizon is just trying to cover their butts and saying “all orders” will ship by 7/9 or 7/10 so they don’t have any of us enthusiasts screaming at their CSRs when we don’t have our phones when we expect them.

    • Andrew Butler

      EXACTLY… I think it says “BY” and not “ON” for a reason… Sammy foot their foot down, and is doing the launch there way. SO i never understood why VZW was 2-3 weeks behind everyone else. Not like they are allowed to mess it up (like the G-Nex, or Bionic, etc)

  • total_telecom

    I honestly think they can’t possibly ship more phones on July 9th. So all new orders will ship the 10th..

  • Xeneize480

    That means to many pre orders. Come one Kellex dont make it sound like its that bad

  • [email protected]

    Well I was curious so I chatted in to the Verizon chat option. They said they are on back order for anyone that orders today and on. They stated the released date will be 7/9 that anyone who pre-ordered when the pre-order first went available they would be shipped on 7/9. Not that I know if that’s true or not, however that was what I received for information.

  • Jordan Schuetz

    I just preordered the phone. EVERYONE MAKE SURE TO PREORDER BEFORE JUNE 28th OR YOU WON’T KEEP YOUR UNLIMITED DATA PLAN! I talked to them at Verizon and they confirmed what I just said.

    • John

      Cause just talking to a CSR is reliable
      (but yes you’re prob right in this case)

  • Pre-order question: Do they charge your card immediately? Or when it is shipped? Or just add to the next monthly bill?

    • Ken Bosse

      From my understanding it will charge it when the phone ships

  • Dave

    This has happened with other phones has it not? Don’t they update the ship by date
    according to availability? And I imagine they probably exhausted
    whatever expected supply they had on the first batch of pre-orders. I
    would not be surprised if this gets pushed back even further.

    Although it still perplexes me why they are shipping a couple of weeks out from AT&T and other carriers. Verizon seems always last to the finish when it comes to releasing their phones.

  • npompei

    Also, the wording is “ship by date” not “your order will be shipped on or after.” My point is, it SHOULD be in our hands no later than July 9th, 0th, etc.

    Again as others have said, it is Verizon – lets go golf takes some time to install…

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Ship by date means leaves their warehouse.

  • Thanks for the shout out! +1

  • Need some help deciding. Right now im Locked in till around march of next year with unlimited data. Should I stick with my thunderbolt or upgrade to the s3 before the month is over. The main factor im worried about is battery. I live in a 3G only area for now, the TB battery has been solid for me.

    • Gimp_Ninja

      Not really any point in upgrading “before the month is over” if your contract isn’t up. You still have grandfathered unlimited data, and you’d still end up paying retail price.

  • Just checked my order status online, it’s still saying the 9th. So either it hasn’t updated yet or it’s just for new orders. Could be a cutoff so their warehouses don’t get overwhelmed on launch day.

    • How do you check online? I never received my confirmation email. Talked to a CSR and of course they were no help

  • FortitudineVincimus

    A VZW rep told me no way the BB preorder date of June 28th is possible as VZW will get VZW phones before BB does.. and you know, VZW reps are well known for their facts

    • Harbo99

      My upgrade is not available until the 16th. I called 2 times earlier this week to try to get it moved so I could go ahead and pre-order. Both reps asked ME when the S3 was being released.

      • infernalpudding

        It’s remarkable how bad Verizon has been with the dissemination of information on the S III and the new shared plans. There seems to be so much conflicting information (or completely clueless reps, as in the case of your reps) from official representatives such that it seems one needs any and all communications in writing to protect against being screwed over due to a rep providing erroneous information.

  • & so it begins …

  • wickets

    as an aside Im miffed that lesser carriers are getting this phone to their customers several weeks before verizon does…Im tempted to get one from ATT instead

  • vawwyakr

    They are busy at work cramming it with crapware and locking down the bootloader.

    • Sp4rxx

      ….which will then crash the phone pushing release until August while all the bugs work out

  • chris

    crap samsung phone, look at verizon’s past with the charge and fascinate (one of the worst smart phones ever that i finally dumped last month). you’ll be disappointed with the plastic backing, unless you like the feeling of a cheap phone slipping through your hands. oh and the radios..have fun with those as well. if i hadn’t upgraded to the maxx last month i would have waited for the droid razr hd…but the sheep will flock to samsung, the company that after a couple months forgot it made the phone so it went update it (or take 2 years to get gingerbread like the fascinate)

    • Crakalakin

      You need a hug.

      • ThunderUP

        i agree with him, whoever has a samsung needs a hug, actually. samsung should continue to specialize in what they do best, HDTVs and refrigerators.

      • chris

        getting mad at the facts? you’ll need more than a hug after a couple days with the S3

    • Sobr0801

      Is any thinghe saying not true? I can’t believe any one still wants this phone after all the problem withnexus radios, i wonder how bad the gps on ththis phone is going to be.nexus

      • Adrynalyne

        S4 uses Qualcomm radio(s). Samsung can’t really mess that up.

        • Sobr0801

          Well that is good news. Hopefully they use the same for GPS?

        • Destroythanet

          What radios does the Galaxy Nexus use? I thought it was Qualcomm as well.

      • Antoine

        some people can’t embrace the truth, so they get their panties in a bunch

        • MKader17

          The truth is I never had a radio issue with my Galaxy Nexus so I have no problem embracing it with non-bunched panties.

    • Snowcrash

      “2 years to get gingerbread like the fascinate”

      You should have rooted and flashed a new ROM on it. Screw waiting on Verizon. I’m running 4.0.4 (AOKP) and it’s smooth as silk. I still preordered the SIII though.

      “oh and the radios..have fun with those as well.”

      Since the SIII is running Qualcom’s radios, I think everyone who bought the SIII will have plenty of fun.

    • The Dude

      Samsung Fascinate…still have it, bust phone I have ever had. Upgrading to the s3. Waiting with childlike excitment!

      • The Dude

        Best phone…

    • infernalpudding

      While the maxx is an alright phone (someone in my family plan has one), it seems that a phone with a battery that can’t be replaced may be risky for unlimited data customers intending to hold onto the the phone as long as possible. As much as the battery life may be its core strength, at some point it’ll start to have a hard time retaining a charge. I like the security of knowing I’ll be able to replace my battery as necessary, rather than acquiring an entirely new phone at full retail.

      • dude really? you can take a mazz to verizon and they can replace the battery,and besides that, no one keeps a phone more that 2 years anyway, the maxx or the razr hd is a far superior phone than than the s3, the s3 is an samsung which is awful to say the least

        • infernalpudding

          Dude, really.

          Do you have any citations regarding Verizon’s replacement battery program for the maxx? I’m not specifically doubting you, but I haven’t been able to find any official details and would like to be informed on the manner. I would like to know if they replace the battery when it’s out of warranty, at what cost, and am curious as how how long it takes to get your phone back, etc.

          Your assertion that no one keeps a phone for more than 2 years is false. People do. That said, certainly not everyone does – many like the latest and greatest, but there are people who, for one reason or another, opt out of acquiring a new phone until absolutely necessary (e.g., phone breaks, carrier switch, etc).

          On that note, as I indicated in my initial post, the lack of subsidized phones after June 28th for unlimited users who wish to retain their plan may result in users holding off on phone upgrades due to the requirement that users either purchase at full retail or buy used. Therefore, for my needs, longevity in a phone is important and a user replaceable battery certainly helps that.

          You’ve made claims that the maxx and the razr HD are superior than the s3, but have failed to back up your assertion. “the s3 is an samsung” does not sufficiently do so. Certainly they may better fit your needs (although I’m still waiting on more specifics regarding the razr HD to personally make that determination for myself), but that doesn’t inherently make the s3 awful (although I will say the inability to pre-order the Razr HD and retain unlimited completely removes it from the running for my next phone. It’s simply not a factor.)

          Please tell me why the Maxx and Razr HD are superior to the s3 and why the s3 is awful.

          • La2da

            He won’t. He’s just a turd troll.

  • bgeek1

    They should change it to June 21st. I dont know why they cant get their act together and ship it out on or before at&t’s date.

    • Trevor

      They’re trying to figure out how to make CityID work on the phone.

  • John

    K, is this going to be your daily device for a while?

  • kevin

    So maybe there is the possibility that this is only for people that are recently trying to pre order and the 9th is for the few people that did it earlier?

  • guest

    Kind of a sensationalist headline. This is for new orders, not existing pre-orders. At this rate I’m sure they will have a bunch of ship-by dates and when you order your phone will determine what your ship-by date is. Expect to see July 11 next after they take as many orders as they are capable of shipping on July 10.

  • evilkokonut

    are we going to get the answer on what happens if one of the lines upgrades on a family plan. Do all the lines go tiered or just that line?

    • arthur2142

      If the person upgrading after June 28th is authorized to make account-wide changes, then yes, all lines will switch to the Share Everything plans. If the person is NOT authorized to make account-wide changes (only changes to their individual line), they will be required to select a new data plan (i.e. 2GB for $30/month).

      From http://www.verizonwireless.com/shareeverything:

      You’re not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.

  • nightscout13

    This sucks… Why does Verizon always miss a release date….. The Bionic was a perfect example.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      The Bionic was a POS

      • nightscout13

        I agree.

    • Ken Bosse

      HTC Thunderbolt

      • chris125

        Thunderbolt had a ton of issues they kept trying to minimize before they released it lol

  • Sp4rxx

    heh …

    how surprising …. <– need sarcasm font here

    Bionic anyone?

  • yel

    More time for VZ to stick on bloat

  • DX OG

    I haven’t gotten an email changing the Ship By Date for my pre-order (like they sent when they erroneously put a June date instead of 7/9 originally). Hopefully it is just for pre-orders from here on out.

  • the devil

    oops poww surprisssse!!!!

  • Don

    My ship date still says “Not available at this time”. Hopefully that is not a bad sign. Would rather see July 10th then not available.

    • Same here.

      • firant


        • Wish I could say I was making this up, but my expected ship date now shows as: “04/16/4142”. pic.twitter.com/FwfPgWuo

          • Trevor

            Oh, so it is delayed then?

          • Mine said the same thing last week…but then I logged in again and it was back to unavailable. It’s probably just a glitch in the system.

          • lagavulin16

            I wonder what smartphones will be like in 2000+ years…

          • SKG

            by that time all android manufacturers will be highly advanced that you can just receive and dial calls directly by just thinking about it without any device in hand.. while there will be iPhone version 4142 with still a retina display from 2010 and still bitching about other advancements in technology and still filing law suits like a 2 yr old who cant handle being sent to time out.

          • feztheforeigner

            iPhone won’t be around after 2,000+ years…those that don’t change die (see RIM for example).

          • michael arazan

            a microdot that is injected into a specific area of your brain that will use your own bioenergy to power it while feeding you videos with nano technology. Basically by then people will be modified genetically and bionically, actually in about 100 yrs is an estimate in an article i read in scientific american

          • firant

            Oops.. yeah, my now lists:

            We received your order and it is in process.

            Expected Ship Date:


            I … don’t think I can wait that long. I mean literally, my bones will be dust.

          • Bassdj


    • FortitudineVincimus

      how are you seeing this on your VZW website account?

      • When you get an Order Confirmation email for your pre-ordered phone, it gives you both a pre-order confirmation number and a regular order number. When you click the link that says “Check Your Order Status” you can input the pre-order number and it will tell you the ship date is unavailable. I’m checking it every day, most likely in vain. You can get there below. Just remember that your regular order number won’t work.

      • infernalpudding

        I’d love to know this as well. The order status page linked from my confirmation email returns a “Please check the information you have entered. Data may be missing or may have entered an invalid Pre-Order Number or Last Name.” error message after submitting my order details (I ordered an hour after they started taking web orders, so it should’ve at least been processed already)

        • Input your Preorder Confirmation Number. This is different from the order number you received in the same email. The Preorder Confirmation Number is a 16-digit number.

          • infernalpudding

            Thanks for the reply, Matthew. Unfortunately I’m using the preorder confirmation number (copied & pasted to prevent input mistakes). My error message actually mentions that I may have used an invalid pre-order number, so it seems to be recognizing that I used the pre-order 16 digit format.)

            I guess the next step is to give VZW a call… 🙂

    • bassdj

      Same here…

  • I just figured the ship date was slipping as the preorder was far more popular than they expected. I figured that they went through all the ones they could guarantee getting sent out by the 9th and it just moved it back to the 10th

    • chris125

      I think that is the reason also. Most likely underestimated demand and could not meet all the preorders by one date so now they push it back.

      • michael arazan

        so do you receive it on that day, or does it “ship out” that day, which could be a week or two till you get the phone?

        • joshua weissman

          It will ship by that date but its overnight shipping by default so it will arrive the next day it wont take a week

    • Creed74

      This ^^^^ – Dealt with the same thing when the Maxx was released for order. They far underestimated demand and the “ship by” date is for orders being placed at that time. That date changed twice after I placed my order within a 24 hour period but I still received my phone based on the date pisted at the time MY order was submitted.
      I love DL but this is click-bait guys. No news here.

    • Onlooker

      Agree. In line with this, you’ll see the ship date keep slipping as the orders pile up. Happened with the Droid X two years ago, had a ‘will ship by XX’ sticker for weeks after release, because they were so backed up with orders.

    • BAoxymoron

      Yea I mean rememeber the ONE Ses that have the S3 because qualcomm can’t keep up with orders


    For a second there, I thought this was Galaxy Nexus release date news…

  • MrKevinH

    couldn’t it be because the pre-orders are stacking up and backing up the ship dates for the pre-orders submitted later?

    I feel like I’ve seen this with a lot of the more popular Verizon releases…

    • Trevor

      I have a feeling this is all it is.