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Verizon Announces Share Everything Plans, Starting at $50 for 1GB of Data and Unlimited Talk/Text

Here they are, folks, shared data plans or as Verizon is referring to them – Share Everything Plans. They just came across the wire and are definitely an interesting approach to wireless plans. This new plan structure will debut on June 28. Let’s try to talk through exactly what we have here. 

Verizon is offering unlimited minutes and texting and then adding on set amounts of data at an account level. The fees start with a monthly access fee which is basically where you choose the amount of data that you think your family will use:  1GB for $50, 2GB for $60, 4GB for $70, 6GB for $80, 8GB for $90, and 10GB for $100. Then, you start adding on devices (up to 10) which each come with their own fee:  smartphones for $40 each, feature phones for $30, Jetpacks/USB dongles/Notebooks/Netbooks for $20, and tablets for $10.

For example, if your family has 2 smartphone lines and 1 feature phone ($40 per smartphone and $30 for the feature phone) and you want 6GB of data shared between all of you, add on $80 to the $110 for the devices and your bill is roughly $190 (or a tad more with fees and taxes). If you have a 4G LTE tablet, you can add that to the account for $10. You can also add a hotspot plan on for free (or they are simply included), but just remember, that it pulls from that 6GB of data that you are all sharing.

Here is an an example of what my current plan looks like – 2 smartphones and 1 feature phone on a 700 minute plan with 2 unlimited data packages. We pay $10 per line ($30 total) plus $30 for each unlimited data package and $80 for the 700 minute plan. My bill is roughly $170 each month.

If you go over your data limit, you pay $15 per 1GB. If you need more than 10GB per month to start, you can add on an additional 2GB for $10.

As you can tell, and probably could have guessed long ago, this is a monumental switch off of caring about minutes and texting and focusing everything on data. The minutes and texting are never a worry with these plans since they are unlimited, but you now have to start monitoring how much data your family is using. There is no longer an unlimited option at all and the highest amount of data you can buy per month is 10GB for $100 (unless you add more for an additional $10). If you have the full 10 devices attached to an account, that gives you 1GB per device per month, which as you can imagine, is not a lot.

*We broke this whole situation down into a “basics” type of post that you may want to check out.

*Don’t forget, there are ways to keep your unlimited data plan.

*Be sure to vote in our poll and tell us if these new plans would save your money or cost you more.

*We now have info on corporate employee discounts here.

Here is Verizon’s site that details everything.


Share Data with up to 10 Verizon Wireless Devices; Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages and Mobile Hotspot Included in All Smartphone Plans

 BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Verizon Wireless today announced Share Everything Plans that will forever change the way customers purchase wireless services.  Share Everything Plans include unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text, video and picture messaging and a single data allowance for up to 10 Verizon Wireless devices.  In addition, the Mobile Hotspot service on all the devices is included in the Share Everything Plans at no additional charge.  The groundbreaking Share Everything Plans debut on June 28 and will be available to new, as well as existing, customers who may wish to move to the new plans.

“Customers asked, and today Verizon Wireless delivered an industry first,” said Tami Erwin, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless.  “Share Everything Plans are the new standard for wireless service.  They are simple; customers no longer have to think about their voice and message plans, because both are unlimited.  Share Everything Plans are convenient; customers purchase one data plan and they share it with up to 10 mobile devices.  And, they are worry-free; customers can connect their 3G or 4G devices wherever and whenever they want on America’s most reliable network.”

How Share Everything Plans Work

To get started on a Share Everything Plan, customers first select the devices they want on their accounts.  The next step is to choose a plan that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages and a shared data allowance that begins at 1 GB for $50.  Customers adding a tablet on their Share Everything Plans can do so for an additional $10, with no long-term contract requirement. The following matrix shows pricing for an account with several different devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet and a basic phone, billed to the same individual.

Step 1

Step 2

Monthly Line Access

(per device)







Monthly Account Access

(shared with up to   10 devices)

Smartphones – $40Basic Phone -30Jetpacks/USBs/Notebooks/Netbooks – $20Tablets – $10



1 GB




2 GB




4 GB




6 GB




8 GB




10 GB


There are separate plans for accounts with only basic phones, or data only devices such as USB modems or Jetpack Mobile Hotspots at www.verizonwireless.com/ShareEverything.

“When developing these plans, we first asked customers what they wanted in a wireless service plan.  We also looked at the technology and how customers were using it to manage their lives.  And last, we took into consideration the evolution of the technology and how customers would use wireless in the future,” Erwin added.  “Share Everything Plans are the outcome of that research.  They cover every device Verizon Wireless offers, from basic phones to smartphones, from tablets to Jetpacks and more.  Share Everything Plans represent a tremendous shift in how customers think about wireless service.”

Switch to a Share Everything Plan

Customers are free to keep their existing plans, but there is no fee or contract extension to move to the new Share Everything Plans.  To help customers determine the best Share Everything Plan option, Verizon Wireless has created an easy to use online tool at www.verizonwireless.com/ShareEverything. 

About Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s largest 4G LTE network and largest, most reliable 3G network. The company serves 93.0 million retail customers, including 88.0 million retail postpaid customers.  Headquartered in Basking Ridge, N.J., with 80,000 employees nationwide, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE, NASDAQ: VZ) and Vodafone (LSE, NASDAQ: VOD).  For more information, visit www.verizonwireless.com. To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at www.verizonwireless.com/multimedia.

  • Doreen

    It will cost our family $70.00 more per month with1 smart phone and 4 basic phones!!!!! Switching to [email protected]!!!!!!!! Not everyone can afford 5 smart phones for their family!!!!! VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!

  • Sheesh, even our double data plans work out to be cheaper since we only have 2 data phones. 4GB/$30 each. We’d have to switch to 4GB to get the same pricing. No thanks!

  • Guest

    > Verizon Announces Share Everything Plans, Starting at $50 for 1GB of

    > Data and Unlimited Talk/Text

    Wow! Only $50 for 1GB, and unlimited minutes, and unlimited texting.
    Oh wait… droid-life totally forgot about the $40 you ALSO have to pay.

    $50+$40 = $90

    $90 is NOT $50

    Wait, it gets worse: That extra “forgotten” $40… is *PER* phone.

    You can’t “share” without a least 2 phones.
    So that’s really $40+$40+$50.

    $130 is NOT $50.

  • Greyhame


  • I have a question. I currently have 3 smartphone with unlimited data. When my son gets a year or two older I was going to get him a phone. When I add him to my account in a year, will I still be able to keep the other three lines on unlimited or does verizon see this as a change in contract?

  • Christopher Kennedy

    I spoke with a VZW rep about this and she said that current family plan holders could maintain their base plan with the $10 add-on per line, and just go for the shared data. If this is the case (and it sounds too good to be true) it could make the pill easier to swallow for people with multiple smartphones. Currently for example we have 3 smartphones and a basic phone, so our services total $190/month (80 for two lines, 10/ea for two more, $30×3 for data on the smartphones). Keep the 80+10/ea for two lines and add the 6 gigs (which we have now) and we actually save $10 a month. Like I said it’s unlikely that this is actually the case but it’s worth trying when the plans roll out.

  • Jumbo McNasty

    Add data ROLLOVER and MAYBE this is a better deal…not really but it’d be nice

  • duke69111

    Ok. I have one smartphone line and three feature phones on my account. So what if I want to keep my unlimted smartphone line, but take two of the feature phones on my account and put just the two phones on the shared plan…can that happen or do all lines have to make the switch to shared?

  • Redflea

    So what happens if you have two smartphone lines w/unlimited data, and then upgrade a third line already on your account from its current dumbphone to a smartphone? Can you assign a tiered data plan (e.g., 2 GB/$30) for that line and keep the existing lines unlimited?

    • Redflea

      NVM…had a chat w/verizon rep, who confirmed that upgrading another line after 6/28 to a subsidized smartphone will not affect existing unlimited smartphone lines.

      VZW:*So let’s say that you do have 4 lines on your account and the first two have the unlimited data. You can upgrade the 3rd and 4th lines and it will not do anything to the other lines. If you upgrade line 1 [which has unlimited data], then you need to change the plan [and lose unlimited data]. If you upgrade line 2 [which has unlimited data], you will need to change the plan for that line [and lose unlimited data].

      VZW:*So even if you upgrade your 3rd or 4th lines, you do not have to go to the Share Everything plans [for the entire account].

      VZW:*You will still have the Single Line data plans that we currently offer available. [for the upgraded third or fourth lines]. There will just now be more plans available with the Share Everything Plans.
      VZW:*Our current data packages are 2GB for $30, 5GB for $50, and 10GB for $80 a month. There will still be available after the switch.

  • sth

    The only thing I really don’t understand is….why are FEATURE PHONES $30 and TABLETS only $10??????????

    • sth

      I actually realized tablets don’t text or talk…..my bad.

  • Magnious

    With this new plan, my bill will jump from $170/mo to over $200/mo after taxes and the 6GB plan. (1 smartphone & 2 basic). I have a smartphone, and my mom & dad have a regular phone. Sprint is going to cost me $149.99 for my 3 phones (Unlimited Everything). AT&T will limit me to 5GB of data, but I will keep my current minutes & text usage for only $149.99 as well. I am already paying more than both companies, because I love verizon, and I’ve been with them forever. But with the others being almost $50/mo cheaper..I think it’s time to jump ship. This sucks so bad!! 🙁

  • Emilio Figueroa

    What happens in the mean time if you have 2 devices on a shared plan while the other two in your account are still in their contracts? Do you have to pay more because of the fragmented plans?

  • GovGeek

    Supply, demand, and captivity. Create a cloud based generation, once subscribers have their lives in the cloud, begin to charge extra for access to the cloud’s assets. Golden Goose for suppliers.

  • jjt to save the day

    These people have lost their ever-loving minds! Does anyone remember when you signed your unlimited data plan? Did you read anywhere in the fine print that at some point in the future they could change the rules like this? You can force Verizon to prove that their original contract allowed for these changes. If enough people do this, as well as calling the FCC, it could, if not cause Verizon to “reconsider”, at least make the FCC hold up their plan to institute the policy.

    If you are wondering, YES they do respond to FCC complaints, I know because I have done it. It involved their throttling of some unlimited data users. I got a call from the Executive Relations Office. Here’s a contact in that office…. Have fun with it!

    Call Sylvia Thomas [Executive Relations Office] @ 240-568-2185
    Yes this is the real number for the ERO. Also, call the FCC. Flood FCC with calls about this data crap _and_ the new $30 upgrade fee. Verizon continues to ask more out of customers while providing us with less. The only way they will get the picture is through incessant complaints from customers and investigations from the FCC, and of course, fear of losing a multitude of customers!
    Good luck Big Red customers!!! Get pissed and get on it!!!

  • Aaa

    What I don’t get: If mobile hotspot is free, why add on a tablet (and a subsequent $10/mo) to your plan?

  • I wonder if this would let us get out of our current contracts without an ETF…

  • Miller Lite

    I feel for those that never use data and will get a $50 shaft regardless!

  • You know, if Verizon dropped the price per device to $20 for smartphones and $10 for dumbphones this actually wouldn’t be too bad. Most families would save a lot of money on that.


    I plan on staying with Verizon until I get a new phone in a couple of years since I just got the Droid Razor Max. This plan is built for families and puts a lot of the cost factor onto plans with a singles phone.

  • Pegleg

    We currently have 2 smart phones on unlimited data and one basic phone on a shared 700 minute plan and 250 shared texts and receive a 15% monthly access discount for which we pay $155.63/mo. Under the new structure we would pay $160.00/mo for 1GB shared data before taxes and before our discount. We average .119GB/mo. so unlimited does us no good. Bottom line is where will the discount be applied to see if we would pay more.

  • for our plan it should save us a decent amount of money. i dont use data much so it helps me out a lot. for people who uses lots of data it obviously doesnt. im not sure if the average user uses around 1gb a month. or if that depends on their network performance.

  • Pegleg

    Since discounts previously were applied to the voice part of the plan, and now voice is not a separate part of the plan, how will discounts be applied?

  • tempco

    I pay 325 right now. Under the share it would be 280

  • Does this mean that “Basic Phones” will be $30 each if someone switched to this plan?

  • dk81

    Greedy bastards

  • Firelight

    What about tethering?


      It’s included.

  • CuriousG

    think you missed part of the quote… “When developing these plans, we first asked customers what they wanted in a wireless service plan, then we completely ignored it.”

  • tweebee

    I have 3 smartphones and 2 basic phones on my current plan, which I’m paying about $195 currently. With the new plan it’s $230 with just basic 1GB data to share for 3 smartphones. That’s $35 more than what I’m currently paying. I wouldn’t mind paying more if it was unlimited data or something better in tiered, but 1GB for 3 phones is just crap!! The day I am forced into this plan will be the day I am leaving Big Red!

  • steve0617

    Kellex, your title is misleading. It’s actually $90 for 1 gig of data and unlimited talk/text, not $50. You aren’t mentioning the $40 per smartphone ‘monthly line access.’

  • For those mentioning discounts – it’s going to be interesting to see how discounts work. This plan could save me money – but could cost me more – depending on how discounts work. I also don’t like the idea of paying more money for less, but need to see more details in regards to discounts before I can really judge how it affects me.

  • Interesting, quite a bit pricier than I was expecting even for Verizon.

    Comparing it to my current (grandfathered) T-Mobile family voice plan with add-on data plans, currently we pay a total of $130 (before taxes and BS fees) for 4 lines including 3 data plans.

    On a current T-Mobile (subsidized – trying to compare apples to apples as much as possible) plan we’d be looking at about $160 (which is more than we pay now including taxes and BS fees)

    Looking at AT&T (comparing apples to apples would want to have LTE as an option) it would be about $170

    On these new VZW plans we’d pay $210 to share a single 2GB data pool (which I think we could do but would be pushing it)

    It gets really sad If you compare it to the current VZW plans we would be looking at about $180 for four lines and three 2GB data plans, paying less for a total of 6GB of data.

    These new plans don’t even make sense if you have a tablet you want to add on, you could get a smartphone and a tablet and have them both share a 2GB data pool for $110, compared to $100 for two 2GB plans under the current plan structure.

    I guess you could say VZW doesn’t fail to disappoint in delivering disappointment.

  • EvanTheGamer

    $50 is an f’n outrage! I’m starting to rethink staying with Verizon and going elsewhere. Seriously, WTF?!

  • Rodys Gonzalez


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      I really gotta know though – what’s with the semi-colons and periods after exclamation marks? Is this some new-fangled emoji or something?

      • Aires_OFFICIAL

        HOW;; DO;;


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          So sue me. I’m a fan of Loud Howard…


          (The +1 on the OP’s post? That’d be me.)

          Oh, and disqus blows.

          PSPS: Don’t bring BN here….*please*…BN blows worse than Disqus….

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            You know a site’s gotten bad when it’s too trolled/flamed even for me. 😉

            Well, hello, anyway. (it was probably my reaction to seeing a BN user that triggered my misunderstanding…I got so used to the trolling there I associate it. Not your fault.)

            Thanks for the gorilla, but honestly, I’m trying to cut back…

            (The binary thing was novel…was…) 😛

          • Aires_OFFICIAL

            I just can’t get on Droid Life with Disqus at all. In fact I’m Disqusted.

            I’ll probably randomly reply to some of your posts just to keep in touch, I’ll keep an eye on what you write. 😉

          • PC_Tool

            Did you set up your Disqus account with your Betanews login? This causes no end of problems…I did the same thing.

            Had to “reset your password” in Disqus account management, go through the entire email authentication rigamorole, and now, finally, I can access the account without having to log into BN first…

            If that’s the problem you’re having, give it a try and let me know. Seems about the only way to make them full-fledges disqus accounts..

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    Huh, since when has Tony Soprano become the new CEO for Verizon Wireless.

  • OminousVyse

    I have an unlimited data plan on my account. Do I need to change it?
    Starting June 28th……
    You’re not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.

  • One thing I’m curious about with this “shared” feature. How will discounts work? I’m sure some of us (I know I do) have a discount on lines through employers. Will they take it off the entire bill now instead of just the main account?

  • Bionicman

    i have 4 phones total (3 smartphones, 1 feature phone). unlimited for 2 out of 3 smartphones and no data on the 1 feature phone. i pay about $220 now. if i were to sign up to this new plan it would be 40+40+40+30+90 (8GB data) so that’ll be $240. The only difference is my feature phone would now have data and my 3rd smartphone will have a bigger data cap (currently 2GB). nope not worth it, at least not right now…

    • Bionic

      then drop down the data? do you actually use all of the 8gb?

      • Tony Allen

        Dropping down the data makes for a worse and worse deal. Why isn’t 1Gb of shared data $10? It’s not like 1Gb is really all that much, especially between multiple devices. Mathematically it makes sense. $10 per Gb would be a way more reasonable option.

      • Bionicman

        right now i use over 2GB (currently on unlimimted data) and my wife uses over 1GB (also unlimimted). my 3rd smartphone (iphone 4s) hits close to 2GB as well. soooooo i can definitely see myself getting to 8GB in a month.

  • Bionic

    Honestly this isnt that bad. I actually stand to save $10-$15 a month using this new structure. The only people i see bitching about this is people who download a lot of illegal movies or use their phone as a tether.

    • Tony Allen

      I don’t download movies at all, nor do I tether. and I’m against this.

      • Bionic

        im “against” this as well, of course I want my unlimited data, but there is simply nothing i can do to change that. Every cell phone company is gonna do this, so im keeping the best signal i can get, which is verizon.

    • Artistan

      Or if you use you’re phone for Google Music streaming, Netflix, Hulu and everything else that is data intensive. I’ve used 1GB data within 4 days and I don’t tether nor download illegal movies on my phone,

      • Agreed – I’ve found it really useful to use Google Music while I use Endomondo Pro to run. In doing so, I’m using a ton of data, but I’m using my phone for an intended purpose for my use.

        In cutting to wifi only (only using GPS for the running – and music on board my phone) I can certainly cut down on data use – but it’s a shame the variety of running playlists I’ve made will no longer be useful once I’m forced onto this new plan.

      • Bionic

        netflix i could see, but you would have to stream A TON of music for like 8 hours a day 5 days a week to make that big of an impact on your data. My wife listens to her pandora for 6 hours a day a work on her iphone and even she was only at 1.5GB for the month last month.

        • Artistan

          Depends on what bit rate your music collection is, The majority of my music uploaded to Google Music is 320kbps. Your talking 4-8MB per song.

  • dukenilnil

    I am not a socialist… I don’t want to “share everything” Verizon

  • Now what about that GSIII I preordered? The preorder says Unlimited data. If it shows up after the 28th, what the hell happens?

  • firedawg

    What are peoples opinions on winning the argument that I already “bought” the Galaxy S3 under the pretense I would have unlimited data still?

  • Jonathan Rose

    Can’t find if this was asked and answered but I am on a family plan now and if one line upgrades their phone, will it force everyone onto this plan? If my dad upgrades his phone, will I lose my unlimited since he would be forced into a family share, or would he have the options of just 2GB no share?

    • Tony Allen

      I believe so, yes.

  • Looks like I may have to switch from Verizon when I go to renew my contract…I’m in NYC, basically any provider is going to give me a good signal.

    Ridiculous that my bill will cost more for less. The only plus I see to this is you don’t need a separate data plan to add a tablet….but you lose so much data.

    • And that’s the advantage of being in a major metropolitan area. All carriers should give you a good signal.

  • Stewie

    What a load of useless horse$hit. Let’s make it more confusing as ever for the basic lemming out there, let alone those of us in the know.
    Greedy greedy greedy …

  • htruong

    so if we preorder the s3 before the the plan roll out will we be safe ?

  • Ok, so for the people that are saying “OMG $90 for 1GB is ridiculous!” you need to be reminded that this is intended as a FAMILY PLAN.

    I currently am on a family plan with my wife. We both have smartphones with data plans, and we pay roughly $170 per month for unlimited data with 700 shared minutes. That’s after a 19% corporate discount I receive.

    We both try to use WiFi as much as possible, so I tend to use about 500mb-1gb of data per month and she only uses 100mb-300mb per month. So if I were to switch to this plan, I would probably get the 2gb for $60 plan. Add in the fees for our two smartphones, and we’re at $140, which $30 LESS than what we’re paying now. And that’s not even counting the 19% discount I’ll get with that as well. Even if we go over by 1gb, our monthly cost would still be less.

    Face it folks, this is a good deal for some people.

    • mustardhomie

      some folks… not all like myself unfortunately

    • Guest

      I am pretty sure after June 28th, everyone and not just families will be forced into those plans when buying new. The point is moot! 😛

      • Is that true though? I don’t see anywhere that Verizon would be forcing everyone into this plan. It’s called a “Share” plan, that would be like Verizon forcing everyone into family plans.

        • Tony Allen

          Share data, targeted at you having a smartphone and a tablet. This is probably a universal plan intended to simplify and streamline all accounts/services.

        • Guest

          I understood it as Tony Allen said. They are switching all plans to just that one type to streamline the process. Everything I have read has been pointing at that happening.

    • bkosh84

      I’m in the exact same boat Slink, but I did start pricing out other carriers about two weeks ago and found that Sprint is cheaper than Verizon regardless of the savings me and my wife would get.

      Like you said, good for some, bad for others..

      • Sprint is definitely cheaper, but I’m not convinced their network is up to snuff. Maybe in a year or so when they hopefully build up their LTE foothold a little more I’ll consider switching.

        • bkosh84

          Yeah, we’ve talked extensively about what we should do with this coming up (our contract with VZW is up at the beginning of July) and we did our research on all the other three services and went in and talked to all of them and decided that even though Sprints network isn’t up to snuff with Verizons, we are trying to save money and they fit the bill for what we need right now.

  • Here is the question. Why does Verizon change overages, instead of changing the plan that we would been based on what we use. Are they not screwing us enough, that they feel they need to charge $15 for 1gb, instead of moving us to the next plan for the one month that we go over, which is only $10 for 2gb more. Now with the shared plan, people could easily go over if more than one person stream a couple movies or something.

    • Detonation

      With that thought, why do companies even set plans – why not just pay for as much as you use? The reason is simply money. A lot people end up paying for minutes/data they don’t use (free money for Verizon) and other people will go over their limit (more money for Verizon).

      Fortunately, if you know you’re close to your limit, I believe you can call Verizon and get your plan upped to the next one during that cycle before you go over (and reduce it down later if desired). But yes that still doesn’t help after the fact.

  • Unless you need unlimited voice, this plan is absolutely unnecessary. I am currently with a 700 shared minute plan, with unlimited text, unlimited data, and 4 smartphones. Let’s just say that I no longer have unlimited data, and only have the standard 2Gb data. My monthly fee will still be the same, slightly less than $240 a month.

    Switching to the new plan will cost me:

    4 smartphones x $40 = $160
    8Gb data = $90

    Right out of the box, I have to pay $10 more. Yes, I will get unlimited data, but last month, my whole family used 66 minutes only. Why would I want more than 700 minutes — I actually want less! I bet many people are like me, use very little voice minutes every month.

    Just in case you haven’t noticed, if you calculate the new fee for Kellex’s plan (assuming he only got 2Gb data instead of having unlimited data), he will end up paying $10 more also, exactly the same as what I will need to pay more if I switch. I have a feeling that this is what Verizon has been planning all the times — luring people with 700 minutes plan who are near their max minutes every month to switch to the new plan and pay more.

    • Andrew Grant

      If you call they offer a 550 minute plan

  • Rob

    While I agree with most of the comments, I think people are forgetting to look at it for people with multiple lines (especially if they don’t use data that much). For an individual, the new plans totally suck balls.

    The only people I can see this benefiting? Multiple smartphone lines of users that use up about 1-2 GB per device and also have tablets. If there is an account with 2 smartphones ($80), 1 tablet ($10), sharing 6 GB for $80, you’re paying around $170 plus taxes per month. And this also includes hotspot tethering, right? Which is usually $20 for 2 GB (I believe it’s additional though, so I would say the hotspot tethering is kind of a wash since it’s included but you don’t get extra GBs).

    Phone plans for families start at $70 for 700 minutes + $10 for the second line, $30 for 2 GB (so that’s $60 for two smartphones), $10 for 1000 texts (wow what a rip off, I didn’t know it was this bad until I looked at it, not sure if this is for all lines in family plan or for each line). Add a tablet and that’s another $30 for 2 GB. So that’s $180-190 (depending on if the 1000 texts is per line).

    I’m not defending Verizon, but the only way this is beneficial is if you don’t use that much data (face it, not many people don’t), but also if you have multiple accounts (especially tablet users).

    If they force this on everyone and not just accounts with multiple lines, that’s total bullshit. I feel that the only group it benefits (as described above) is a minority. Let’s hope everyone else doesn’t start doing this too.

  • Ok, here’s a workaround people….All you have to do to keep unlimited data down the road, and still get upgraded prices, is designate one phone on your line (assumming you have a number of lines your account like I do), someone who doesn’t use a lot of data and let that line “take the hit” so to speak. The rest of your phones can remain on unlimited.

    Then when another line wants to upgrade, instead have the line already on the shared data plan order the phone and use the upgrade available. Once the phone comes in, just activate it on the unlimited data plan line of your choosing.

  • rakoskjc

    yes this sucks but everyone that is complaining with still stay a vzw customer and pay the bs fees. all carriers will rape you and take your money. Time for google to offer wireless services and take down att and vzw

  • If I’m reading Verizon’s and AT&T’s pricing correctly, they’re both $90 minimum for 1 line. However, AT&T gives you 5x the data for that price.

  • Rich

    Sure am glad my grandfathered contract will end in a few months… And I sure as hell won’t be using VZW anymore with the plans and prices like this… there is no way, I would use them after this… I can just not have a phone and use a map like old times…

  • I have been out of contract w/ VZN for 7 months. I renewed it to get my upgrade for the s3. Which Im grandfather into a 1 yr contract. After that 1 yr, I will be switching to a GSM carrier. I will have capped data, however no overage charges (at least as of now), no extra hidden fees, no more VZN BS in general, and any global phone that is the next big thing I will be able to get, unlock it and use it on that GSM carrier and not have to wait on VZN dictating my phone selection anymore and software updates !!

  • JWellington

    Damn. This is total rapage.

  • bkosh84

    So I did an account analysis on MyVerizon and figured I have used <2GB in the past six months between me and my wife and we have Unlimited and we pay $180 a month for both smartphone lines…

    With this new share everything plan, me and my wife would get the 2gb plan and that would have us paying around $160 a month, so I guess technically we'd be saving twenty dollars from what we were paying, but what happens if my wife does more on her smartphone one month and we go over? 15 more bucks for overages so then it will shoot us back up to what we were paying before…

    It sounds like the more phones (Smartphone or Featurephone) you have on the plan, the more screwed your getting than you were before, this plan really caters to people with 1 or 2 on a plan from what I can tell..

    • Guest

      No, it doesn’t even do that for a single phone. If you are still on Unlim, it’s ~$90, but one device + $50 for 1GB is also $90. So it’s $90 minus the Unlim plus 1GB. You are getting screwed hard right there. There is simply no way to save money over Unlim with this new plan.

    • dragonflyr

      i have an unlimited 2 line plan … there is just no way this saves money .. unless you use no data. basically .. this is a smoke and mirrors way of upping the data fees through the per line charges. btw .. a 1 phone plan is getting screwed hard. all in all, i see no savings in this at all. unless, again, you opt for the 2 gig bucket. it’s ALL about the data!

      • bkosh84

        Well considering I only used an average of 1.54gb of data in the past six months between me AND my wife yes, we would be saving, but then again I use wifi when I’m at home and work because it’s more reliable than 3g. It all depends how you use data I suppose…

  • Clifford Gadd

    How will this affect business accounts?

  • With 5 Smartphones and 2 Tablets on my current plan and only using 7GB a month between them, this new plan would save almost 100$ a month off my current bill.. It may not be unlimited but the savings is worth it for me at the moment.

    • mustbepbs

      5 smartphones? Jeez. Are you one of those people who has 7 lines for themselves for the upgrade options?

      • No, unlike some people we actually use the family plan for the family.

        • PC_Tool

          Yep. We actually had my Mother and my wife’s Mother on ours for a good while until our children got old enough for devices of their own…it *was* just cheaper at the time.

          …no longer.

        • mustbepbs

          Big family. Hate to pay your bill :X

          • PC_Tool

            5 smartphones? Hsuband and wife, parents/grandparents.

            Done and then some.

            It’s not really that hard….

            I’ve got to wonder why there are so many folks out there apparently completely estranged from the rest of their family…

          • mustbepbs

            It’s not that people are estranged from their families, it’s that people usually don’t share bills with family members, especially if they’re married. Seems odd.

          • PC_Tool

            Didn’t seem at all odd to us, I guess. The “moms” needed cell-phones and instead of having them get their own plans, we offered them slots in ours. All they paid was $10+data.

            Saved ’em a bunch.

            Wouldn’t work at all now. Would actually be cheaper to have them buy their own plans…

    • PC_Tool

      Your current bill is over $410???

      (7 monthly access is $220 + data @ 8GB is $90 = $310, and you’d be saving $100 a month…meaning you pay at *least* $410 a month now.)

      (Had to fix my math a few times….oops)

      Monthly access for smartphones: $40 ea. (x5 = $200)
      Monthly access for Tablets: $10 ea. (x2 = $20)
      Data plan (8GB): $90.
      Total: $310 before taxes.

      • Yes. After taxes and fees its like $419, with 5 Smart phones with unlimited data and 2 Tablets with 2GB each and 1400 minutes. I am the only person who really uses data on the plan and I don’t *really* need unlimited. This is just me, but I really can’t argue the new changes. In the future it may come back to bite me, but we shall see.

        • PC_Tool

          Ouch. I thought my plan was getting expensive @ around $200 after taxes.

          Still … getting the wife an SIII and then slowly dropping the lines as they go off-contract until we have none left.

          We;re done with VZW. Awesome network…absurd pricing.

          I’ll be happier with the GSM nexus devices anyway at this point.

  • thomas

    If you were to buy unlimited text and talk currently it would cost $90. Then if you add on data it costs an additional $30. This is for one phone. This plan would save you $20 a month.

  • br_hermon

    Another question I have, which I haven’t yet found the answer to on their site…
    What kind of charges are we looking at if we go over our data limit?

    *EDIT* Nevermind, the article was updated with that info.

  • LTB

    Page Plus Cellular – $55/month, unlimited talk/text, 2GB data. Bring your own Verizon compatible device. Good enough for the kids and grandma.

  • B O H I C A ! !

  • Shawn Maloney

    if you do the math and compare it is really not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. You already pay a fee for your smartphone, plus minutes, plus txt, plus data etc etc. It was more itemized. I currently have a family plan with 2 smartphones (with mild data usage) and 3 basic phones for kids. Under this new plan, I can share data with the kids (which they have none now), get unlimited minutes/txt and end up paying about the same, but get more.

    • dragonflyr

      are you factoring in the $170 just for line access on these phones? ($80 for the smartphones and 90 for basic). THEN add data.

    • Tony Allen

      I don’t pay a fee for my smartphone. I pay $10+$30 for unlimited data, which is the equivalent to what they want for just me having a line with my smartphone on the family share plan. Two of the people on our account have regular phones, and have no need/interest in having a smartphone. One other account is identical to mine, except they have 4Gb from the double-your-data promotion when upgrading to a 4G LTE device.

  • Markuz

    This is BS!! 40$ +50$ + TAX and stupid additional charges = almost 100$ or more for 1GB of data? Makes no sense! Like always Big Evil Red screwing people over any way they can. Switch to another company is that best way to go! Verizon Service Sucks!!

    • dragonflyr

      agreed. for a single phone/line plan it is a terrible deal.

      • krisguy

        It’s not a single phone plan. This replaces family plans, min. 2 devices required per the VZW PR.

  • schmaltzy

    If I have an eligible upgrade available on my account right now and preorder the SG3, even thought it doesn’t ship till July 7th, will I still be able to keep my unlimited plan?

    • toosurreal01

      Word on the street is yes since the “contract” gets agreed to as soon as you pre-order the phone.

      • schmaltzy


        Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.You are now chatting with ‘Noah’Ryan: I have a question about preordering the GS3.Noah: No problem what question do you have?Ryan: Well, I am wondering if I preorder the GS3 now, even though it doesn’t ship till July, will I be forced into the new, more expensive, shared plans that don’t start till June 28th?Noah: No you will not if you have a plan with us already.Ryan: But after June 28th, if I were to upgrade, would I be forced into the shared paln?Ryan: *planNoah: You are not forced in to the pricing of new plans.Ryan: True. But if I want to get the GS3, at the discounted upgrade price AFTER June 28th, do I have to switch to the new plans….?Noah: If you are upgrading before that time so you are safe your only waiting for your device to ship not place your order.

        • schmaltzy

          Sorry, that didn’t post as nice as it originally looked. But I chatted with VZW support. He said if I preorder BEFORE June 28th, then I am “safe” to stay on my unlimited plan.

  • So here is my setup 4 smartphones, 1 feature, 1 tablet and 1 jetpack. I also have the home phone adapter thing not sure what that will run. So 160+30+10+20 10GB is more than enough so 200+100 leaving me at $320 for all devices compared to the $400 I pay now. I know some people are going to end up paying more and are going to cry about losing unlimited data. I currently worry more about going over the smaller cap on my tablet since I use that for movies and such even at the overage I get over 6GB before I reach the same bill amount. This will be much nicer than using my jetpack when the tablet data is getting close and all of that hassle. Last month for example we used 8GB total on all of my devices. At this rate though I might as well get my dad a smartphone for 10 bucks extra he gets some cool stuff like navigation and all the things android brings. I am actually looking forward to getting everything consolidated.

  • this is why I switched to StraightTalk w/my unlocked GNex

  • I find it very hard to believe that Verizon’s operating/maintenance costs for 3g/4g are high enough to warrant this pricing model. They always say that we’re paying more for data because of the cost it takes for them to operate the infrastructure but I don’t buy it. What happened to net neutrality? It’s the god damn internet 1GB of traffic means nothing in the scope of things. $50 my ass

    • EDNYLaw

      They’re not, last year Verizon posted a 2.8 BILLION dollar profit. Their lines about the necessity of fees to ensure quality and keep up with network traffic are BS. The bottom line is… well the bottom line. Shareholder happiness and corporate greed are what motivate the pricing structures, not Verizon’s benevolence.

  • TheWenger

    Wireless carriers are becoming like the big oil companies. It was said here first.

  • Joshyz73

    I pay about $150 a month after taxes and fees for 2 smartphones, one on unlimited data, the other on 2GB, 250 text messages on one phone, 1000 on the other, and 550 shared minutes (it’s a loyalty plan, and we never come close to hitting that). BEFORE taxes and fees on the new plans, I’d be paying $160 if I went with 6GB shared, or $150 if I went with 4GB shared. Only going to cost me more. I guess it’s full retail for phones from now on.

  • MikeCiggy

    This is not even bad for those complaining. A plan with 3 Galaxy Nexus’ rite now costs $110 for unlimited text and 700 minutes. Then $30 each for 2gb each. That’s $200.

    Now it’s $80 for the same 3 phones and $40 each for access. And that’s still 2gb each only difference is being able to share data that is or is not used.

    My plan will happily be going up $10 so we can get those 2 extra shared gigs. I use Pandora religiously and never really go over 2.5gb so that’s perfect.

    • EC8CH

      for anyone who doesn’t need unlimited talk and text this is beyond bad

      • MikeCiggy

        I was just reading through comments and I am now understanding some people are upset about being charged for unlimited talk and text when they wont use it. But as Kellen wrote and I also believe carriers will all start to focus on data use it self and much less on talk and text pricing.

    • And by “…not even bad for those complaining…” you mean “not even bad for me”. Good for you for not using much data, but not everybody uses their devices the same way that you do.

      • MikeCiggy

        I’m curious how you consume so much data. I consider my self a power use constantly on my phone using it for the web, music. The only thing I will not do is download files I save that for when im home and place them on the phone after downloading. Not to mention when your home if you have a wifi network you should be using it instead of your phones data.

        This post is meant with the most respect. I truly am interested in how other use large amounts of data.

        • You answered the question yourself. Download files… I very frequently download roms, among other things. Like I said, different people utilize their devices differently. Personally, I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old… It’s not easy for me to sit down at my laptop or desktop at this point in my life. My best bet to be able to do some of the things that I would normally do on my machines is to do it on my phone while on the move. The vast majority of my computing is done on my phone at this point in my life.

          • MikeCiggy

            The only advice I have for that. Is when I download ROM’s or files to my phone if you can’t sit at the laptop is connect your phone to your Wifi network when you decide to download files. Since your running roms you know turning on wifi is one button click.

            I was once on unlimited data and then moved to my own account where I had to get 2gb because it’s all I could afford at the time. The way I made up for loss of data is every time i’m home I connect to wifi no matter if I’m downloading or not. It saves data and actually saves battery.

          • Your advice is assuming that I’m always in my house… I’m not. With two kids who have two very different needs I’m all over the place. Not to mention I’m at work a large chunk of the day, where my wifi access is limited.
            I fully understand what you’re suggesting, and that’s what I’d be doing if it were feasable (its what I used to do, pre-kids). But right now if I want to be able to do the stuff that I want to do I have to do it when I can, I can’t really afford to wait until I get home and then wait for a moment when neither kid needs my attention.

        • Detonation

          I stream music all day at work where there is no WiFi, which is 100-200 megabytes a day. And I know people that take the bus to/from work that stream netflix during the ride which adds up real fast.

          I know I could put music locally on my phone to cut down on streaming, but why should I have to change my ways just because Verizon wants to be greedy?

        • Not so sure so a “power user” is one who uses their phone for web and music a lot and doesn’t download files, etc.

        • PC_Tool

          Pandora at work.

          Done. Far more than 2GB a month right there. Add any netflix at all and that 2GB suddenly seems laughable.

  • Liquidretro

    This raises my monthly plan by over $50 and that is without converting the one feature phone to a smart phone which we will probably do without taking into account taxes.. How does this effect business plans?

  • Mlarson6

    One of the biggest problems I see is having to track data use each month as a FAMILY and not just as an individual anymore. Verizon definitely designed this whole thing planning on families going over their limits each month and getting even more money. hate these stupid new plans…

    • King of Nynex

      I pity VZW customer service reps. I can only imagine the irate parents who will be calling when they find out that their kids racked up $2,000 phone bills watching seasons of “How I Met Your Mother.”

  • I’m sorry to hear that sir. Are you sure you want to close your account? Yes. Thank you very much. After 6 months they will reduce the price cause they will lose many customers (the ones that can add).

  • The only way to come out ahead on this deal is to have a lot of phones that need modest amounts of data each.

    I have five smart phones and one tablet. One of the phones is on an unlimited talk plan, all five have unlimited data but only two of us use more than 1GB of data per month. Total monthly data usage across all six devices is roughly 8GB. The plan allows 2GB extra for $10 so I could have all six devices with 16GB for $340/month. My current bill is around $450/month.

    Depending on how much the extra fees cost I could save $100/month so this is worth serious consideration. Losing the unlimited data is a scary thing but my total usage has been pretty stable for the last year, and ICS allows devices to monitor their own data usage and prevent overages.

  • I have four lines on my account, with 1400 minutes unlimited text, and 3 data plans. I’m the only unlimited but i use 4-6 by myself, so say we go to 10, that way neither of my 2 other lines need to to sacrifice (have been on 2gb plans since day 1). This bring us to 100+40+40+40+30=250 before taxes.. Right now my bills is 260 AFTER! If we ever switch the fourth line to a smart phone, I’m looking at a 300 bill every month, and there’s no way way there will be enough data to go around… I’m leaving Verizon, end of discussion.

  • ilovetechnology

    You need to update the title of this article…the plans start at $90 for unlimited talk/text and 1GB smartphone data. When I saw $50 I thought “Hey, finally Verizon did something right!”. Silly me.

    • toosurreal01

      Agreed. You have to have at least 1 smartphone attached to the plan, so the minimum would be $90/mo.

  • dragonflyr

    the line access fee (for smartphones) went up to $40. THEN add the data/voice/text. I think the few people who are saying this is good are forgetting about the per line access fee (and god only knows what other fees). my 2 smartphone family plan just got more expensive. thanks vzw! i’ve been with you 12 years. this is what i get!???? And you’ve got the balls to say “this is what I asked for!!?” done. finished. next upgrade I am GONE. seriously .. just like cable tv/direct tv, this model is DYING.

  • What does this mean for business accounts? I am on an account with 30 lines, all on smartphone, umlimited plans with pooled minutes.

  • zizzybaloobah

    Share everything = gimme all your money.

    I’m calculating what I’d pay under the new plan (I have 5 lines, 3 are smartphones). Total right now (before taxes & fees) is $10 than my current bill, and that’s with ONLY THE 1GB option. When I add 8GB data (which is lower than our average usage), I’d be paying over $60 more per month.

    It’s no so much the data charge that’s blowing up my bill as it is the per phone charges – I’m only paying $9.99 per line and in the new plan, it’s no less than $30.

    I don’t need to hotspots or any of that other crap. I don’t need unlimited minutes — right now we use significantly less than half of my plan’s shared 900 minutes.

    fail. Fail. FAIL.

  • Milkweed

    How do discounts through companies affect these plans?

    • cbkcc1

      i am assuming it is better now only IF the plans are right for you.
      you will get the full discount on the lead phone on the plan. so it will be the total minus your discount. now the other phones on the plan with their data don’t get that disocunt.

  • florious80

    As expected, Verizon has announced the “rip me off” plan. If i go with this new plan, i’m looking at an increase of $63 for a plan of 2 smart 2 feature phone. Oh and only 4GB shared. Sigh.

  • Sean Wood

    And now we watch Sprints cutomer base double over the next year….lol

    • Tony Allen

      No, now we watch Sprint soon to follow in similar footsteps, or go completely bankrupt, whichever happens first.

      I seriously LOL thinking about people who seriously believe that people will just go flocking to one of the worst networks in the country because of this. They will go prepaid on some sort of Sprint MVNO maybe, but they’re not going to pay for Sprint full-price.

      • Donnwon

        I’m headed to t-mobile prepaid. I can get unlimited talk text and data which is capped at 5gb for high speed and only spend 129 for 2 lines and not be locked into a contract, not to mention since its a bring your own phone deal I can buy whatever phone I want.

  • King of Nynex

    “They are simple; customers no longer have to think about their voice and message plans, because both are unlimited.”

    Google voice allows for built-in unlimited texting. And minutes are nothing to the carrier. Even years ago when I worked for AT&T Tech Support, they told us that we can throw thousands of minutes at unhappy customers because it costs the company basically nothing.

  • PC_Tool


    5 lines, all unlimited…

    Verizon is about to lose a $300+ a month customer here. This is bull.

    Time to check out Sprint and T-Mob again…

    • toosurreal01

      I’m in the same boat 🙁

    • bkosh84

      That’s what I did. Sprint is cheaper right now and we have unlimited data with Verizon still.. I am switching me and my wife in July when our contract is up to save money.

    • florious80

      They are grandfathered. As long as you don’t plan on upgrading with discounted phones, you won’t lose them.

      • PC_Tool

        “As long as you don’t plan on upgrading with discounted phones, you won’t lose them.”

        VZW doesn’t do non-subsidized pricing. Not a chance in hell I’ll be paying full price and *then* for a subsidized plan. That’s just as BS as these new plans are.

        I’ll likely be following bkosh84 when our contract is up.

        • florious80

          I agree with you that V is just going to make money anyways since we are still forced to pay for subsidized price, without any subsidy if we upgrade with full price phones. However, I think no matter which carrier you go (at least the major ones), none of them have a “non-subsidized” price for their plans. I guess the option is Sprint that currently still offers unlimited with subsidy. I would expect, though, that they would end that as well eventually. 🙁

  • Pokemomtez

    Dang…. My plan for 3 droids on 700 min and unlimited data is $160/mo…. For the same price PRE tax…. We get to share 1gb???? That’s just bad business. Better preorder that GS3

  • John

    For me this actually works out better for me. I have two smartphones currently, which both have their unlimited data plans. My wife uses maybe 200Mb a month, since she’s a stay at home mom, and uses the wifi. I listen to Pandora on the daily two hour commute, so I use roughly 2Gb per month. I’d get us the 4Gb plan, which when all is said an done will either be slightly cheaper, or just about the same.

    So, atleast for me, this is better than I thought it would be, and I’m not nearly as hard up to keep my unlimited data, since I barely use 2gb now, and 4 would be enough and then some.

    • toosurreal01

      Do you have a 4G phone now? If not expect that data usage to only go up.

  • Master O’Disaster

    Based on my rough calculations, my plan would be going up by at least $30/month (including taxes, etc.). That would be under the best circumstances: I tried to guess where VZW would apply my company’s employee discount of 21% to the new plan. If I don’t get all of the expected discounts on my services, my rate would only go up from there. 🙁

  • bakdroid

    Time to switch to two cans and a string service.

  • Lucas Moller

    The best deal here seems to be the hotspot sharing (free) and the $10 tablets add-on (makes much less of a barrier to snagging a 4G tablet)

    • This really makes me want to trade in my wifi xoom for a 4G one…

    • florious80

      I wouldn’t say hotspot free is a good deal. Keep in mind that the hotspot also eat away your shared data. They definitely want you to use it so you would exceed the limit.

  • BUT! Can I put my CR-48 to this plan?

    • krisguy

      If you use your existing device to tether, yes. BTW, aren’t Chromebooks GSM? or are they Wi-Fi only?

  • Wait… So a plan with 2 smartphones and 1GB shared data will be $130????

  • toosurreal01

    Right now i pay $195/mo for 5 smartphones with unlimited data (all 3G phones, not that it matters)

    So based on this I would need to pay $200 for the 5 smartphones just for the TALK/TEXT, then another $80 for 6GB of SHARED data?

    WTF Verizon, this is the biggest bunch of bull I’ve seen, and it certainly not “focused around the customer”

  • interstellarmind

    Share Everything Plans represent a tremendous shift in how customers think about wireless “service.”

    Right, like how I will shift to AT&T or T-Mobile. You lost an already $200+ monthly bill customer, VZW, and for what?

    • bakdroid

      All you are doing is giving yourself a reprieve. Trust me, this is what the future of cell service holds for all.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        A move to prepaid is in my future, and after that when prepaid goes through the roof I’ll just switch back to a dumb phone. I can’t afford this nonsense.

    • AT&T will probably follow Verizon’s lead, I think they High Five each other on any price gouging practice behind the scenes. Like dude Good One! My turn, HAH I 1 upped you and sprint and the others still suck enough that we won’t lose muhahahaha

  • br_hermon

    Ok so let me get this straight…
    Current Breakdown: Minutes + Line + Data + Texts + Various Charges = Final Bill
    New Breakdown: Line + Data + Various Charges = Final Bill

    Is that right? If so my current 2 line service breaks down to 70+((10+30+10+7.50) x 2) = 185
    (I have an old $10 texting plan)
    New breakdown: 40 (x2) + 70 + 7.50 (x2) = 165
    So… that’s it? Simple as that? Hmmm… I guess I’d save $20 but I’m still not sure about all this quite yet.

    • the 7.50 (insurance?) would be per-line same as now. Plus, if you got into tiered during double data, your total data would be cut in half. Not a big deal if you never use said 4GB (or 8GB), but there it is. So, you’d save ~$13 /mo (lower taxes).

      • br_hermon

        The 7.50 is surcharges and taxes. Sorry shoulda been more clear. And if you check my math again, I did double up the 7.50 (per line) so it looks like I will in fact save $20 a month.

  • My plan goes up $25+ tax just to keep doing what we are doing! Thanks for thinking of me Verizon. Kick rocks BAREFOOT and then go plank in traffic.

  • npomp

    I’m quickly reading through the details and looking at the plans and thinking to myself “hmm, that’s not so bad.”
    Then I realize they are charging you $40 just to have a smartphone!!! Hahahahah asshats

  • droid-razr-user

    as a business it makes sense for them to offer unlimited voice and text since if you’re an android user you’re most likely using google talk or some other IM instead of text messages, and you’re using your phone more to go online than to talk. For most users like us this sucks the big one. The only plus side I see to this is being able to add a tablet for $10. The problem is how many phones do you have in your account and how much data will you have available will most likely be less than it is now.

  • MrEnglish

    Petition time? Service change time? GFY Verizon time? Please choose an option and press #.

  • MrToTo83

    You can tell they want you to get smartphones. 10 more gets you one that shares the data. Kind of reminds me of the Altell SmartPack Plans in reverse.

  • Mario

    FU Verizon!

  • So I have 2 basic phones and 1 smartphone w/ unlimited data. I can’t figure out if I will be switched to this plan when upgrading one of the basic phones to another basic phone.

  • e_droid

    For my family and I these plans will not be worth it. Two ‘dumbphones’ and two smartphones on the plan, cheapest amount of mins, unlimited text & data = ~ $178/mo. The VZW site suggests we would need the $230 plan (with 2 – 5GBs data)…. FU VZW. Last contract ever with you.

  • King of Nynex

    Maybe it’s just early, but how is this “easy?” There’s numbers everywhere.

    • rather than choose which plan minutes, individual or family, how much data per line, whether each line gets sms/mms at what amount, they simplified things: you have x # of phones, tablets, w/e at preset costs. now just choose how much data you want. They do have separate plans for “dumbphone only” accounts.

  • Mr. Wiggles

    What does this mean for those who preordered the SIII? I preordered from Best Buy. Also what if you’re the only one on a family plan upgrading?

    • e_droid

      We’ll be fine.

    • DroidBricker

      I read that you will not be forced to change if you preordered.

    • xbr360

      Are any of you really sure that those who preordered from BB will be able to keep their unlimited data? I know that those who preordered from verizon will be ok, including myself, because the contract that I signed still says unlimited data $29.99. I personally would be worried if I preorded from BB and didn’t sign a contract that said the same thing reguardless of what I had been told by a sales or customer service rep.

  • Mario

    I guess I will be paying full price in that Droid Razr HD

  • Slide83

    Wow, I was hoping this would help me get my wife a smartphone, but this is crazy expensive.

    • noc007

      No this will help relieve you of money so they can stuff their coffers.

  • theguyoverthere

    May not be an entirely bad thing. With unlimited talk and text I can get rid of my home phone. It does suck they got rid of unlimited data though.

    • EC8CH

      your correct in that it’s not entirely bad

      sure it’s bad for the customers…. but it’s good for verizon

  • zizzybaloobah

    “When developing these plans, we first asked customers what they wanted in a wireless service plan” Oh really? Because everyone I know wants to keep UNLIMITED DATA in their wireless plan.

    • We should have a let everyone from droid-life keep their unlimited data petition

    • Except everyone you know is not even .5% of their total customer base.

      • michael arazan

        we need to get organized with all the android blogs/ forums with a petition.

  • cbkcc1

    obviously not right for everyone. but it basically comes out to $15 cheaper a month total with 2 basic phones, 2 smart phones, and a tablet.
    this gives unlimited talk, text, and virtually unlimited data (10GB) with free hotspots.
    this is a great thing if volume is your need. people that are complaining for one phone don’t need this, this is for LARGE GROUPS of phones.
    it is much better priced than i thought it would be and with the plan discount it is now discounting everything not just the lead phone.
    this also means the possibility of getting rid of your home phone completely.
    there is a calculator on the link.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      How is 10GB “virtually” unlimited data? Do you not understand the term “unlimited”? It is nowhere near unlimited, it doesn’t even begin to smack of unlimited. Good lord you people are insane.

      • cbkcc1

        if you are using more than 10GB a month, i suggest you learn to use free wi-fi or pay for a cable modem. i am a heavy user on the road and i barely crack 2GB. streaming netflix on your phone is not what it was meant for. buy a nice tv and get internet in your domicile.

        • Detonation

          Hmm, free unsecure slow Wifi, or blazing fast secure LTE? I pay for data so I can use it anywhere. If I wanted to use Wifi all the time, I would just get a dumbphone and an ipod touch/android equivalent.

          • cbkcc1

            i’m talking about if you are not able to utilize the discount here, if you can’t then keep your single line with your unlimited data.
            get with a group of your friends on VZW the, the more people on a plan the bigger savings. if you are a SINGLE person with UNLIMITED data already, then OBVIOUSLY don’t worry about these SHARED plans.

          • cbkcc1

            if you are a SINGLE user this doesn’t apply.
            if you have UNLIMITED data on your SINGLE plan this isn’t for you.

          • Detonation

            Actually I’m the only smartphone on a 4 line family plan. And one of those lines may be interested in a smartphone soon, which I’m worried is going to force the whole family plan onto this nonsense.

          • cbkcc1

            that is a gamble. you might be forced if you do not upgrade. i think there might not be as much of a benefit for just 2 smartphones depending on what you pay now.

      • It’s people like you, and many others, why unlimited data is going away. If you’re using more than 10GB a data a month, you need to put your phone down and either spend more time with your family or get out the house every once in a while. I’m a pretty heavy user and I only use 3-4GB a month, and I have a grandfathered unlimited. 10GB of data is ALOT of data and if you’re going through that much in a month, then it’s people like you and many others that are causing the data tiers and shared data plans to come out.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          No it isn’t, Verizon wants to you keep thinking that though. Verizon had plans to do away with unlimited data the second they saw the smartphone boom take off, you’re a fool to think otherwise.

          10GB is nothing if you have a family of 5 all using smartphones. The future, as corporations see it is cloud based everything. Stream this, stream that, 10GB is the 640K of the mobile world on LTE (otherwise what is the point of having faster networks?).

          By the way, I get out plenty (100+ miles a week on my road bike enough for you?), spend plenty of time with my family and I am still able to use my phone quite a bit (I work, I stream Pandora, etc). But keep being a corporate shill, Verizon loves customers like you.

          • arturo_bandini

            Yes, this is basically it. Everybody is saying “this isn’t so bad! I only use 1GB of data right now!” But Verizon is doing what we never suspect big corporations of doing…they’re actually thinking long term, and setting themselves up for the future. What pre-breakup AT&T was to land lines Verizon aspires to be for cellular.

            Data growth is exponential. If you sign a two year contract you’re probably going to be using a lot more data at the end of that contract than you are using now. And if this becomes the “new norm” then you’re probably going to be paying a lot more in five years to use A LOT more data.

          • arturo_bandini

            Yes, this is basically it. Everybody is saying “this isn’t so bad! I only use 1GB of data right now!” But Verizon is doing what we never suspect big corporations of doing…they’re actually thinking long term, and setting themselves up for the future. What pre-breakup AT&T was to land lines Verizon aspires to be for cellular.

            Data growth is exponential. If you sign a two year contract you’re probably going to be using a lot more data at the end of that contract than you are using now. And if this becomes the “new norm” then you’re probably going to be paying a lot more in five years to use A LOT more data.

          • Dude, I’m a sales representative for a construction supply company. I drive 800-1000 miles a week for work, do corporate emails through my phone, link up via VPN clients through it, text messages, web browsing, etc…etc…etc…and I use only 3-4GB a month. This is where free WiFi comes into play. This is when you’re smart about your plan you have. I get out plenty myself, as do you apparently, but I still am able to use less data than you. If you have a family of 5 then MAYBE you should look at putting them on to different plans and different data tiers. Just because someone can look into the math and see that it works for them, doesn’t automatically means its gonna work for your dumbass. Learn how to use that WiFi widget on your phone. Learn how to do things without HAVING to have your phone or tablet around you 24/7/365. You can think I’m a corporate shill all you wanna and think that Verizon LOOOVEEESSS fools like me (as you so wonderfully put it) however, fact is that you’re a data hog and Verizon is getting people, like you, under wraps for taking up bandwidth and you don’t like it. Let’s go this route, how bout we get rid of data tiers and just start billing people exactly for all the data they use..X amount of dollars per GB of usage. I bet your ass will start learning how to consume less then.

      • cbkcc1

        this is ONLY a good idea if it helps you. if it doesn’t, keep your SINGLE phone on your UNLIMITED plan.

  • Look at the infographic for a clear picture of what pricing will be for you:

    Or use the calculator to see how your current plan compares:

    • Thank you – Kellex really should feature this 😀

    • Bamzilla

      No matter what, they recommend at least 8GB plan even if you select 0-2 haha

  • bp328i

    One of my five lines has an upgrade available on June 28th. I was going to get the SGlll but this makes me think it’s time to start moving my lines to T-Mobile or Sprint.

  • Detonation

    Wow that Share Everything Calculator is bad…My current plan is 1 smartphone, 3 basic phones and costs $170/mo after taxes and fees. The Calculator recommended me the 8GB shared plan (…with the 1 smartphone on my line) which is $220 before taxes and fees.

  • Murphy

    This only helps families, not individuals. Simply put.

    • EC8CH

      and only family’s that need unlimited talk and text

  • Story_Ninja22

    When Exactly does the mandate start. After June 28th are these the only plans moving forward?

  • i don’t see how this saves me money…

  • ASDF

    How you could manage 1GB for 10 devices in one month is beyond me. I’m just glad they are allowing me to keep my plan already. My only worry is if someone on my family plan goes into these, that would in turn force me into it as well.

    • I have a feeling they may try this.

    • TheWenger

      I’m worried about this too.

    • Tony Allen

      I’m pretty sure this is exactly the ‘plan’. At which point in time, I will raise hell with Verizon until the remove me from the family share plan & let me keep my contract, or I walk away.

  • EC8CH

    Why are they forcing you into unlimited talk and text plans?

    That alone rules this out for my personal line as I currently need neither.

    This fails Verizon’s customers in so many ways.

  • jonboi78

    The only way this is saving anyone any money is if you are already on an unlimited plan. I have four lines and we share 1400 minutes and I don’t need unlimited talk time. Not crazy about this.

    • noc007

      Do you mean it saves VZW money for when people change from unlimited? I have two unlimited plans now and 1400 minutes; switching would only get us 2Gb to share for about the same amount of money.

      They’re still charging the same amount to add a phone and data plan ($10/extra line + $30 for data) except now they’re saying you have to share data.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    So is my math right here? 2 smart phones and 1 tablet…. 90 dollars before I even select a plan? So I would probably need 8 gee beez… so 180 bucks total. So I would save… 20 dollars. That’s not terrible… but they definitely need bigger plans to support more devices.

    • Justin

      There is higher plans up to 30 gb that are not listed here

  • Brian

    I’ve got two smart phones, averaging 4-5 GB data between the two per month. I currently pay ~$140 for service, ~$155 after taxes and surcharges. To get 6GB data plus the two smart phones, I’m now going to be paying $160 for service plus taxes and surcharges. My bill will end up going up approx. $20/month if I switch and I’ll have to grow as more data is used. Frustrating.

  • Detonation

    So is there no option now other than unlimited talk/text for family plans? We cut costs on our bill by dropping to 700 minutes and would never have a need for unlimited.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    I still have quite some time left on my contract, but the second they try and force this on me is the second I am gone. I know companies need to make money, but this is nothing short of pure scumbag greed.

  • Shadowcell

    Lovely, I thought the new shared plans wouldn’t come until July not the end of June. I haven’t upgraded to a 4G phone yet but if they are deliberately holding onto the Droid Incredible till the 28th I’ll be forced to get something like a Galaxy Nexus or a Razr. -_-

  • Matt Gondek

    Also, love the early start to DL on the East Coast!

  • EC8CH

    At least they are “including the mobile hotspot at no additional charge”.

    Paying extra for tethering when you are on tiered data is one of the biggest scams ever conceived.

    • I don’t pay for tethering anyway. There’s an app for that! This is HOT GAWBAGE!

      • EC8CH

        no doubt this is no help to root users, but at least they are going away from charging tiered data users an additional tethering fee, which is straight up evil.

    • Eric Souza

      But considering how much they’re bumping the prices up, they might as well have just folded the mobile hotspot fee into this new plan.

  • I am tied into Verizon for one more year but I cancelled one line to test the new program by Straighttalk where you can just buy a straighttalk sim card and place it into any GSM phone and get unlimited everything for $45/month. I have had it 1 week now and it works fantastic. I even ported a number and activated the device within 10 minutes. If Verizon is going to charge these ungodly rates, I am swithing everything over to straight talk. I refuse to pay these increasing fees by Verizon

    • Just don’t use too much of your “unlimited data” with Straight Talk. I did the same thing you did and after streaming a bit too much Pandora they informed me via text message that I need to stop using so much data or they would cancel my account. Read the fine print

      • lame that they would do that. I wish republic wireless ($19/month no contract) could add 3g/4g somehow. if they did I would switch in a heartbeat

  • Destroythanet

    Anyone with an upgrade who wanted to wait for the RAZR HD are now SOL.

    • EC8CH

      just pay full retail

  • Fingers Crossed

    …so I can use 6gb/month like usual while the other two lines combine for about 3gb/month and we all have unlimited minutes and text….for $100 with the 10gb plan? So no $10 added line charge? If that is how this is to be interpreted, then I will not only save a bunch of money, but I won’t have to use less data….I definitely need some clarification because that is TOO good to be true. Pr-ordered the S3 day 1 just to keep unlimited but I might not have needed to. Really wanted that Razr HD.

    • Matt Gondek

      First column gives you the $40/month smartphone access fee, $30 for feature phones. Which is ridiculous for the basic phones…

    • From what I read:
      $40 for each smartphone x 3 = $120, + $100 for 10GB shared data
      Monthly access = $220, and there is NO WAY to reduce that number by removing features. Rest assured, this will not save the average user money.

      • And this includes Unlimited Voice for ALL included phones?

        • krisguy

          UNL voice, SMS, MMS is included according to the press release.

    • RSLP

      Nope. $220. Plus tax. So about $240.

    • The problem is the future for alot of us who will stream more and more data with the cloud. Right now it may not be that big of deal as far as the data caps. However, a year from now I can see the data being a big issue the direction most services are going.

    • NOPE. Each smartphone access fee is $40/month (not $10 anymore). As RSLP said… 3phones x $40 = $120 + $100 for 10/GB = $220+BS… OUCH

  • JoeInMO

    Verizon is doing everything possible to eliminate the benefits of a smartphone. $50 per month for 1GB of data? That’s INSANE.

  • bobo

    1 GB…lolz.

    I would rather cut my allowable voice minutes and texts versus my data. This plan would’ve been a good deal back in 2005.

    • InvaderDJ

      I understand why they don’t do this (make smaller voice and text limits), they don’t do it because voice and texts are a negligible strain on the network and having them be unlimited makes their plans look like a good deal to people who don’t know how much they actually call and text.

      But it still sucks so hard. I could get away with 100min in a month easily. And since I use Google Voice I could get away with 200 texts. Even if I didn’t, I could get away with under 1000 messages. But what I really need is data and every carrier, even prepaid is determined to make us pay an arm and leg for it.

    • Yeah so would a lot of people. That’s why their doing this. They know moving forward minutes and texts don’t matter as much as they used too. So they make it look pretty with free minutes and text to rail in most who have no idea the amount of data they will consume.

  • Matt Gondek

    Wait a minute…”
    Smartphones – $40Basic Phone – $30Jetpacks/USBs/Notebooks/Netbooks – $20″ When can I get myself a VZW JETPACK?!?!?!

    • Tony Allen

      You might want one now, but wait until you see the special access taxes and fees on one of those 😉

  • Dave S

    If the monthly access fees were half that it might be enticing. But $80 for two phones, then another $80 to cover our data use, plus taxes, puts us at least $10 over what we spend now.

    No thanks.

  • Justin

    You guys are only listing half of the data packages. It goes all the way up to 30 gb!

  • maxkobi

    the math i do right now with my plan, 2 people locked into unlimited, 1 with a normal data plan and 2 more that will soon be upgrading will put us at around 290 a month but that gives 2 people unlimited and the rest 2gigs… how is this anywhere near a better deal? i would have to pay 300 for 2 gigs each… sorry this plan is looking like a bust unless your big on tablets and your computer getting a dongle because its only + 10 bucks for tabs and +20 or laptops… if your phone only this looks like it will hurt the bottom line

    • InvaderDJ

      If you switch to this you will lose your unlimited data. You would have to have an entirely seperate plan for your unlimited devices and then this shared everything plan.

    • this situation is where things get really confusing. could you move the already-tiered lines or upgraded to a new account without paying ETF? also, if you didn’t subsidize, and the two “upgraded” lines didn’t already have data, would that force you into a shared data plans since per-line data wiould no longer be available?
      I’m thinking you need to talk to a VZW rep and get your account split up how you want/need it before this hits.

  • chris125

    Wow these plans are shitty. Ill stick with my current plan and buy full price. Nobody will buy into these plans.

  • all

    They asked the customer lol really who customer?

  • htowngtr

    It’s not terrible if you have multiple devices. If just two phones it’s not cheaper.

  • 1MPR0BUS

    CNET also reported that Verizon hinted that you can no longer extend Unlimited Data into a new subsidized contract post June 26th. Which isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be. Look at it this way. Say right now you are on unlimited and use 6-7 Gigs of data per month. Currently that costs you about $30. On a new tiered plan for data you are looking at $70ish for that same amount of data. So if you own your device for 2 years to continue getting subsidized phones you will pay $1680 for data alone plus say $300 for a top of the line phone which totals $1980 over 2 years. Now if you choose to buy a non subsidized phone you will spend $650ish on it but your data at $30 per month over 2 years only costs you $720. So $720+$650= $1370 which means by buying an unsubsidized phone while keeping unlimited data over 2 years is actually $610 cheaper. Just some food for thought.

    • Everyone please read this. The only way customers will win against the carriers is if this method is adopted. Even if you can’t swap the phones from carrier to carrier, buying direct from the oem is the best way to make the carriers sweat. No contract means no guaranteed revenue. If there is a way in the future to flip the device between att/vzw (doubt it, they use different lte frequencies) then we’ll really have a war on our hands. I’m pretty sure both companies agreed to use different frequencies though, in order to protect the viability of the subsidized device w /contract.

      • the ability to swap is completely dependent upon the radio manufacturer and oem. if they include frequencies for the LTE of VZW, ATT, T-MO, and Sprint in one device, it could theorectically be activated on any network with minimal effort. THAT would truly screw with all the networks.

        • The carriers will blackball any manufacturer that made such a phone, in the past there have been a few phones like that but those were super expensive (>$2000) ultra luxury units sold in places like Sharper Image.

          • Well, it might be easier with LTE now that I think about it, I think @twitter-423074326:disqus may be on to something. We aren’t talking CDMA/GSM/LTE chipsets once voice-over-LTE becomes a reality. It would be just like having a quad-band world phone. I mean, if it supports all frequencies and doesn’t need to touch VZW’s CMDA network, then I guess there’s nothing Big Red can do to stop it, right? at least they’re getting your money… although, I originally spoke to this point to support the idea of NOT giving Verizon money lol

      • Sp4rxx

        That’s all well and good if you happen to be one of the few people that can cleanly drop $650 out the gate on a phone…..

        Otherwise, us NORMAL people that don’t have that kind of cash just sitting around to be spent get screwed by the corporate beast.

        • Chuckers

          Being screwed by the corporate beast means spending that $650+ in higher monthly bills.

          NORMAL people know how to save.

          • 1MPR0BUS

            I didn’t want to reply to him earlier for fear of sounding mean but why would you voluntarily spend more money over the time of your contract instead of saving money for the 2 years and buying a device outright… I agree Normal people know how to manage their money.

          • yeah, but the extra data cost plus $30 for every upgrade is WAAY more than what I would pay by getting a phone at full retail and keeping my unlimited data. Get a coin jar and get to saving 😉 lol

        • KleenDroid

          You are going to spend $300 for a new phone anyway. Why not save up another week to pay $600 and save a lot of money long term? Verizon counts on people making poor decisions.

          • feetz

            Does VZW reduce the price of service if you go non-contract?

          • Nick

            No, but the whole reason to stay non-contract would be to keep unlimited, which someone above has pointed out will save $1300 over two years if you use 5gb of data a month, vs going to shared data.

          • Sp4rxx

            @KleenDroid You must make a lot of money to have a spare 300 after bills are paid off. That’s A LOT of money to get in one week …SPARE.

            I’m glad you can afford a phone outright because I sure can’t

          • Nick

            Then you shouldn’t be buying an expensive smartphone, which is a luxury. Someone above has already done the math, and buying subsidized phone will result in a contract that will cost an additional $1300 over two years. Maybe the reason you can’t save up to buy a $600 phone every two years is because you are only concerned with the right now, which is a very stupid way to manage money. Start saving for your next phone when you buy your current one. $600 over 24 months is 25$ a month. That’s less than half the price increase cause by going from high-usage unlimited to high-usage shared. And don’t say normal people can’t afford it. I’m a poor college student and I can afford things like this just fine, i just manage my limited money wisely.

          • double post 🙁

          • KleenDroid

            Really? Then wait however long it takes to save the money. And if you can never save it up then don’t buy a phone.

          • Common Sense

            What?! I don’t understand this concept and I’m a normal person, so you are full of jibberish! Now I’m going to go buy an Escalade on an 8 year loan.

          • KleenDroid

            You don’t understand the concept of not buying a phone that you can’t afford? I don’t understand what you don’t understand.

          • it doesn’t have to be a NEW phone. The galaxy nexus, which is still in the top tier of smartphones, has already dropped to ~$400. Selling old phone+buying “like new” phone= a reasonable hit to the ole’ pocketbook

          • Guest

            How much you do save?
            I’d much rather buy a $199 phone… and (maybe) pay a $350 cancel fee.
            Instead of buying a $700 phone…. just to (maybe) avoid paying $549.
            You end up with exactly the same phone… for a lot less money.

            Unsubsidized phone are ALWAYS a very bad move.

      • siphyn

        Seriously, the only way to put the heat on the major carriers is for everyone to start buying unlocked phones and using mvno carriers like Europe does. MVNOs like straight talk that offer unlimited everything for $50. Until Americans start doing that, even if you buy your phone outright, you’re still giving the big three your money at the end of the month, and because of that, they will continue to screw people with high priced tiered data plans.

        • AlexKCMO

          The problem is reliability. I need my phone to work… everywhere.

          • siphyn

            Thats the thing, MVNO carriers use the major carrier networks. With straight talk you get your choice of either at&t or t-mobiles network. That should be reliable enough for most people. Granted, if you live in the country, I could see why Verizon would be the better choice. Straight Talk is just one MVNO. There are plenty more to choose from.

          • Jordan

            Heres where you’re wrong. They use major carriers networks to an extent. Only the the towers that they pay for are usable by their customers. If what you’re saying is the case, why wouldn’t everyone switch to The Revol’s and the Straight talks.

          • siphyn

            The reason why is phone subsidies. Americans don’t want to pay more than $199 for a phone. With most mvnos its required that you buy your phone outright. So instead of using an mvno people here pay $100+ dollars a month but only pay $199 for the phone, which ends up being more costly over 2 years. Another reason is advertising.

          • I don’t think this is the case. I think the carriers push the contracts down our throats. That’s why the retailers (Best Buy, indirects, etc.) charge a higher amount for full-retail. Best Buy could easily negotiate to get a samsung phone cheaper than VZW gets it for (VZW buys samsung phones, BB buys phones, refrigerators, mp3 players, televisions, and more). That’s why the carriers lock their phones to a network.

          • Guest

            You might not have to pay the monthly fee to the SAME carrier for 2 years… but you will always have to pay SOME carrier for 2 years.
            (Your phone is useless otherwise.)

          • Then you need a satellite phone, because no terrestrial mobile phone works anywhere close to “everywhere”

          • AlexKCMO

            VZW comes pretty damn close. I’ve never been anywhere I needed my phone to work and it doesn’t.

          • As always YMMV, I carry a personal T-Mobile phone and a work AT&T phone and regularly ride with a friend who has a VZW phone. It’s extremely rare that we are in a place where the AT&T phone doesn’t have signal and the VZW phone does, and it’s just as likely for the opposite to be true. (obviously the TMO coverage is a joke compared to either 95% of the time)

          • Laki S.

            My Droid didn’t work in West VA while my boyfriend’s AT&T iPhone did. We spent a day at the range there and it was more than a little irritating to have spotty voice and absolutely no data for the entire day. We were in Martinsburg, right across the border from VA.

    • EC8CH

      Agree… fight back and buy unsubsidized. Help put an end to this sh!t.

    • r0lct

      If you are not on a contract I would imagine at some point they can force you to change plans. Not saying they will, but no contract means no guarantee.

      • 1MPR0BUS

        While I believe this is true I also believe that Verizon is from the standpoint that if enough boneheaded people feed the beast they won’t worry so much about the small percentage of us who have half a brain and do what’s financially smarter.

        • capecodcarl

          Besides, any abusers can be quietly kicked off the network by claiming some terms of service violation to cut down the number of unlimited users. Any non-abusers (people using less than the 2GB/month “average”) are probably background noise and can be safely absorbed indefinitely.

          • Alex.

            I’ve been on a grandfathered plan for years and although they keep trying to persuade me into the new nationwide plans, I have been able to keep it the same.

      • T4rd

        Exactly. We’ll see how Verizon handles it as customers contracts expire, but they have no obligation to keep you on your current plan or pricing after your contract is over. But at least on the flip side, you have on obligation to stay with them at that point an can move to another carrier with no penalty. I’m hoping by then Sprints LTE network is somewhat widespread and will be a decent option to defect to (as long as they still offer unlimited data at that point). I have almost two years still before I have to worry about it though. Maybe if I go to a corporate store nearby I can drug deal a new contract with my current plan/pricing too =/.

        • r0lct

          unfortunately since phones aren’t carrier unlocked if Verizon does change plans it’ll cost people to move and that’s really the reason we’re in the place to begin with. There’s no direct competition between ATT and Verizon without buying a new phone.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, but at that point you are either ready to buy a new (subsidized) phone anyways or you can sell your current phone and make up at least most of the cost of moving (say if you had just bought a new $600 phone and they change your plan/pricing, you can sell it and buy a new phone for your next carrier).

      • Bionic


    • Lee Winters

      Verizon seems to have lost touch with its customer base…..just like Netflix did. I forsee lots of customers jumping ship like I did. My family is now on Walmart family mobile for $45 for unlimited talk and unlimited texting with 8 gigs of data for $40. Suck it big red!

      • AlexKCMO

        1) Where do you live (I promise I’m not a stalker)?
        2) Where I live (Kansas City, MO; I travel to Miami frequently) every cell carrier sucks compared to VZW. The speed sucks (downloading that 30 MB app over 3G not such a good idea on Sprint), the reliability sucks, and VZW 4G is unparalleled.

        • EvanTheGamer

          And this is what Verizon hopes to bank on. Seriously, their speeds are incredible, which also makes the switch that much more painful(if we switch..). But their new rates are just too damn high now. I mean, we’ve been with Verizon(along with lots of others) for years, and this is how they repay us for our loyalty? All they care about is money anymore, and I’m f’n sick of it. I hope everyone leaves ’em and that makes them lower the prices again, but..that’s pretty doubtful.

      • Bionic

        good luck getting a signal out in the boonies or on a road trip out west. I went camping with my friend in Montana, i had signal from verizon, he didnt.

        • Different phones and networks work better in some areas than others. I carry a T-Mobile personal phone as well as an AT&T (LTE) work phone, I regularly ride with a friend who has a VZW phone.

          Obviously the TMO phone has the worst coverage but almost never are we in a place where my AT&T phone doesn’t have signal and his VZW phone does. Sure it happens once in a while but no more often than us being in a place where the AT&T phone has signal and the VZW phone does not.
          Occasionally we are in some strange alternate universe where the only one of the three that has signal is T-Mobile which is always hilarious.

          • Bionic

            true enough, but you get what you pay for, and im paying for the best signal, in 9 out of 10 cases.

      • EvanTheGamer

        I’d rather ride a tornado than ever having anything to do with that wretched company(Wal-…). lol – Also, doubt the speeds are as great as Verizon’s though, this I doubt very, very much.

    • Rich

      Don’t be Dumb… You can’t keep unlimited data.. The CEO said Grandfathered plans will no longer exist… And WHEN you RENEW, you WILL BE PAYING MORE A MONTH…

      • 1MPR0BUS

        The point of my argument is you don’t renew your contract… Perhaps you should read, think, read again, think again, and then type before idiocy spills forth from your fingertips.

      • AlexKCMO

        So what you do is never change your plan. Buy unsubsidized (full price) and walk into the store and ask them to swap out the phone.

    • jjt to save the day

      Well, I can afford to pay upfront for my device, but so many folks don’t have my resources. It’s true that financially it makes sense to buy an unsubsidized device… if indeed you can afford it.

    • Just be careful not to lose or break or worse to that phone and treat it like gold for those two years. Buying a new phone every single time or going through insurance can still be expensive even off contract.

      • aaron

        Buy it from best buy …get black tie protection. Win.

    • Me

      You seem to be basing this on one person. These plans are for families. You need to add in the data for, say, 2 lines at least plus the cost of 2 new phones.

      Old (unlimited)- $60/mo for data (2 lines) x 2 yrs.=1440 + 1300 (2 phones off contract at $650 each)= Total: $2740

      New share plans- $80/mo for 6gb data x 2 yrs.= 1920 + 600 (2 phones on contract at $300 each)= 2520

      New plan saves $220.

      I don’t agree with the way VZW has been doing things. I just wanted to mention this.

      • you forgot the $40 per smart phone. 2×40=$80+$80
        /mo for 6gb data =$160 per month.

    • Guest

      > Say right now you are on unlimited and use 6-7 Gigs of data per month.
      > that costs you about $30. On a new tiered plan for data you
      are looking at $70ish
      > for that same amount of data.

      So *DOUBLE* the price… is “not a big deal” to you?

      Want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge from me?

    • Bauce40

      Best Buy offers 18 month no interest financing a lot of times. If you purchase the phone outright without contract, you can finance the difference of the subsidized phone vs non-subsidized phone for less monthly than what the difference will be from your unlimited plan to the new shared plan

  • yel

    $50 for 1 GB is ludicrous

    • couldn’t agree more. these are insanely priced for their customers

      • EvanTheGamer

        I fu*king HOPE everyone leaves screwed up Big Bastards and they go out of business due to screwing over it’s MOST LOYAL OF CUSTOMERS!

        I want to break something right now. Seriously.

    • Mario

      Its actually $90 for 1GB if you have a smartphone -_- … does anyone remember the time when $30 would get you unlimited data? WTF is happening here!

      • Dan

        if you add in the talk and text I believe your $30 becomes at least $70, to make your comparison somewhat plausable.

        • Jake

          Yes, but they will compare it to “Unlimited” talk and text plans from today as a way to make it look like a “Value”!

          This is a mess. It wouldn’t be so bad if everyone already had all the smartphones they may eventually want for their family on unlimited plans. My kids are 3 and 5 though so I am a ways off from that point.

          If there were at data only option and that made the “smartphone” per device fee negligible or better yet nothing I could see this setup as plausible. As it stands though the per device fees make it totally ridiculous if you don’t talk and text much.

        • Chuckers

          Dan’s right, but still that leaves us paying $20 more in this situation and going from unlimited to 1GB. This is exactly why I left Netflix and never looked back.

          Can’t jack my bill 80% and give me nothing in return.

      • $20 for unlimited data here 🙂

    • T4rd

      Edit: nevermind. Didn’t see the “Monthly access fee”. This is total garbage is is much worse than before =(.

      • How do you figure it’s cheaper than before for bare minimum?

    • r0lct

      Prepare ship for ludicrous speed.

  • burkett375

    My plan would go up $60+tax!!!!! And WITHOUT unlimited data for me and the wife!

  • Destroythanet

    Wow, this “deal” is even crappier than I thought it would be.

    • I almost thought they weren’t going to be “that bad”. I read $50 1GB (bad) and was thinking monthly access $10 (good) maybe ($20 still decent)…. wrong, $40 -My mistake.

  • dragonflyr

    wow. GET BENT.

  • Mario

    Thanks Verizon for once again bending over your customers..

  • r0lct

    They desperately need to retrain us to pay more for data as in the next couple years it’s all going to be data and there’s no reason to pay for minutes and text. So this is the intermediary step to keep their MRC from going down.

  • marty jones

    I’m concerned you’re not waking up early enough to service your eastern time zone devotees who pay so much to access this site

  • This is so much worse than I thought it could be. I would have considered it to buy my mom a smartphone without getting a full data plan for her that she doesn’t need. After this a will sticking with my unlimited, thank you very much.

  • e_droid

    What does this mean for those of us who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy SIII on VZW?

    • Shadowcell

      Nothing. You’re set in stone.

  • MD

    I use at least 5 gigs of data a month…no way this is going to work for me

  • Mario

    $40 smartphone fee for each phone? So if I have 2 phones that $50 dollar plan is actually $130 correct?

    • Detonation

      Yep for a whopping 1GB to share

      • Mario

        Damn… talk about getting screwed over..

  • Detonation

    “The groundbreaking Share Everything Plans debut on June 28”
    How convenient, the day the GSIII comes out…

    • Larizard

      LMAO noticed that too

    • great… my upgrade is the 30th

      • Travis

        You can upgrade 7 days early at any premium retailer (non corporate store) . I don’t know if best buy or target would work as well.

      • Jason Smith

        go to the store, my rep said i could do it a week early

  • Kris Brandt

    10 GB for $100? I suppose that’s good if you have 4 smartphones and you all use less than 10 GB. It would save $20 a month… yeah, I don’t see me going with their new plans anytime soon.

    edit: and then I saw the $40 per device. Yeah, that pushes it into a more expensive range.

  • MrEnglish

    …”we first asked customers what they wanted in a wireless service plan…” Really? I didn’t get that memo, because it wouldn’t have been this.

    • AMEN!!!!

    • I don’t think I got a call either

    • They had a corporate meeting where they role played. Some of them pretended to be customers while the others asked them the question.

      • MrEnglish

        +1 LOL

      • michael arazan

        no sh1t, where was my questionnaire, no one I know of on vzw was ever emailed this sh1t. Who the F$ck did they ask?

    • I got the call. I asked for ridiculous pricing and to put customer loyalty aside. I want to corporate greed ahead of ANYTHING else!

  • burkett375

    is the
    http://www.verizonwireless.com/ShareEverything site live? I can’t get it to work…

    • burkett375

      Nevermind, it is now

  • The wording is a bit tricky here .. Trying to wait on passing judgement until someone can clarify details

    • MrEnglish

      Use their calculator, it clears things up quite a bit, and not in a good way for some people. I have to admit, it lowers my monthly price by $70 dollars across my devices, but at the cost of killing my unlimited data plan.

      • I have 3 phones (2 Smartphones and a dummy line) and it would raise my bill by $30 to drop my Unlimited Data plan. My wife and I never come close to using up our mins because everyone we know is on VZW, so this plan is a bust for me.

      • Holy crap. I don’t know, that sounds like a pretty decent deal to me. If you have all the data you need, why continue to pay more?

  • realfoxm

    That’s… unfortunate.

  • mog386

    So I have 3 Lines,, 2 smartphones and 1 dumphone… So it automatically starts out at $110 just for the Access…add in the $100 10GB package it comes out to $210/month

    Whereas right now I pay $230/month for unlimited data on the smart phones and 700 minutes shared between them, and we don’t use the 700 minutes, ever…

  • burkett375

    Wow…those look ridiculous. I’ll stay where I’m at.

  • This is not what I was hoping for at all.

  • jeff

    Yea had a upgrade 7/1. I guess i will have to wait

    • Sean Livingston

      Jeff, try to call verizon and see if you can use it early. Tell them you do not want to go into that new pricing structure; I’m sure someone will budge if you get the right person

  • So how does this work on a family plan where only one phone requires data? I’m expected to pay AT LEAST $50 + whatever my current minutes plan/line fees are?

    • With one smartphone, and 3 feature phones, you would pay $40 + 3x $30 + $50(min for 1GB data) = $180 /mo +taxes+any feature not included (insurance, ext. warranty, detailed billing, visual voicemail, etc.)

  • Chimera

    So 1 GB per month on just a smartphone is $90. Amazing…

    • Yeah, I think it’s 1gb per line for the entire account for 90…but I’m not sure.. Its still a bad deal unless you have 4 lines or more,and even then the users would have to be using no data whatsoever to make the limit viable. I go through a gig every 2-3 days :/

      • As I read, the 1GB is shared across all devices, not 1GB per device. One data bucket, everyone on that line pulls from it. So, 4 smartphones with 1GB shared data would be $210/mo

      • just curious: what are you doing to use that much data every 2-3 days? and how much do you use in a month?

        • I was thinking the same I generally only go through 1 GB a month but at work and home I am on my WiFi. About the only thing I use mobile data for is nav and look things up while out and about I don’t sit and stream 24/7

        • arturo_bandini

          They’re asking you to sign a 2 year contract. Don’t ask yourself how much data you use now, but how much data you’ll be using 20 months from now.

      • I don’t think it is 1gb per line. It’s 1gb for whatever lines that are on the account to share. These are terrible plans. It’s funny when they say their customers asked and they delivered… The only thing they delivered is a foot up their customers ass.

  • rich

    Looks good to me

    • Slide83

      Hi vzw employee!

  • Nothing special for the grandfathered unlimited customers they screwed(cleanest way to put it..) over? Cool, just what I wanted to see.

  • BigFonz

    “Customers are free to keep their existing plans”

    That’s good, I’ll be doing that!

    • Larizard

      not until your contract is up! next time you renew it, they’ll force you into this crap..

      • Like Zepfloyd said, just buy a phone at retail from a different retailer and replace only the phone, not the plan, then sell off your replaced phone to make up for some of that cost

        • cbkcc1

          that still doesn’t mean they can’t change the data at some point. if the contract is over, so is their obligation to keep your unlimited data.

          • It states you can keep your Unlimited Data as long as you buy a phone at full retail price in the questions section on the VZW page

          • cbkcc1

            that is funny, so they purposefully get your either way. well it is good that is is an option though.

          • Stewie

            They get nothing – if you buy full retail it goes to the phone manufacturer not the carrier ….

          • Chuckers

            I promise the retailer, which in this case is the carrier, gets a cut if you pay full retail. I’m not sure who gets the profit if you were to buy from like an amazon type retailer.

          • Rich

            yeah UNTIL you renew or get a new contract… Unlimited data will no longer exist after a certain date… the CEO said this in a news conference…

      • Where does it say “until your contract is up?” It doesn’t. Keep the rumor out of here.

        • John

          You don’t know VZW very well do you?

        • Larizard

          Zepfloyd linked it below. Unless you pay full retail, they will force you to sign into one of these Shared plans. That’s been established for a long time here in DL.

    • zepfloyd

      you can, but expect to pay full retail pricing.


  • Rebel

    I wonder where my corporate discount gets taken off with the new pricing…

    • I’m wondering the same thing. With my discount, a plan for 2 phones and 4 GB might actually save me money (depending on taxes and surcharges).

      • Rebel

        Only way I could see it being worth it is if you or the other user use TONS of minutes. But the unlimited data part is too good to leave with how fast everything is becoming.

    • well, mine applies to data and access, but not extra features. In this case, it would come off at the phone activation + access, so a 20% discount off two smartphones at lowest possible cost would be 80+50 = $130 * .80 = $104 + taxes + features. For current offer (2GB / line), the cost would come to $120 /mo. However, that’s only a guess considering that such price cuts haven’t been detailed out yet.

    • Scott H

      I get my discount off the main phone on the account only. So that would obviously apply to the $40 charge for that phone. But hopefully it would also apply to the entire data charge as well? So $40+$70=$110x.8=88+40+40=168. (if I went with the 4 gb plan with two additional smart phones)

  • So when they say that we are free to keep our existing plans does that mean I have to lose my unlimited data?

    • you will not lose unlimited data unless you upgrade at reduced (subsidized) price and sign a new contract on or after June 28th. If you purchase a new device at full retail (or a used device on ebay or swappa), you can have it activated on your account and keep your unlimited data.

  • Verizon really likes to put the screws to their customers don’t they?

    • How is this putting the screws to the customer? Just do the math the higher up you go in the plans. If you’re on an unlimited family plan, right now, then that’s $120 a month for 2 lines. Then unlimited messaging for both, at $30 each. Then (2) – $50/month for 5GB each line. All that adds up to $270/month. With this new plan, you get unlimited minutes, texts and a share of 10GB/month for two devices for $180/month…plus you get mobile broadband hotspot too. Sounds like a better deal to me.

      • chris125

        You are forgetting the $40 fee per smart phone.

        • No I’m not….Shared Everything plan w/ 10GB shared is $100/month. 2 lines of smartphones @ $40/ each equals $80. $100 + $80 = $180 for 2 lines with unlimited minutes, unlimited text and 10GB of data shared w/ hotspot included. Same scenrio with current Family plans with same minutes, text and amount of data total w/ hotspot included on both lines is $320. Please correct me though if I’m misunderstanding.

          • nate aka beanstown106

            what if u preorder a sgs3 today will u be able to keep unlimited data sence ur getting the plan before the 28th or is it when u activate the sgs3 thats gonna screw you.. any way u look at this it sucks unless u can do what i said preorder sgs3 now.. input on this plz

          • As far as I’m understanding and reading, if you pre order ur SGS3 today then you should still be locked in into your grandfathered unlimited plan.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        You have to be a corporate shill to think this is a good deal.

        • Definitely not a “corporate shill” but, if you are on Family Shared plans, in that scenario, then the new Shared Everything plan may be a better deal…if you just sit down and look at the options and do the math. For the individual person who has a low bucket of minutes and has unlimited data, currently, then no, this f’n sucks ass. But, for the family plan people who have multiple devices and paying what they pay now for 5GB of data, it’s a better deal. Just like anything else, it depends on the customer’s current plan and scenario they have.