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Ice Cream Sandwich is Up for a User Experience Award Tonight, Here is a Taste of Some of Its Inspiration

Android 4.0 is up for a 2012 User Experience (UX) award tonight and to help celebrate, the Android team released a video that not only goes through some of the best commercials they released at launch, but they also give us a look at some of the early design ideas. If you don’t feel like watching all of the commercials, most of which are pretty brilliant by the way, then jump to the 2:05 mark to see the motion and visual graphics stuff.

I think most of us can agree that Ice Cream Sandwich as an operating system is nothing short of beautiful. It’s minimal lines, smooth transitions, and simple colors have made this the most refined version of Android yet. Hopefully it takes home this award. 

  • enyibinakata
  • zach

    You are all ridiculous. You think 7% of “hundreds of millions” of devices is impressive? Are you kidding?! Do you know how many users are on Apples latest OS? ALL OF THEM! It is absurd that Jelly Bean is possibly coming out soon when so few Android users have the last update. Great that you have the latest ICS from CM9…..99% of the Android world doesn’t so shut up and stop talking about it. The truth of the matter is that Android’s fragmentation is losing more and more users. Once the new iPhone comes out, droid is screwed. Screen size and 4G is all the main consumer cares about and Android is about to lose that hold on the market. Android needs to stop updated every 3 months and get everyone up to speed.

    • Do you know how many features Apple’s latest OS has, that Android has had for years? As well as other OSes on previous phones. Apple is a joke. Their software and products are boring, outdated and not innovative at all. They have to steal what Android does/did, to even keep up with the competition. Even when they catch up to Android, they have to sue left and right, just so they don’t get left in the dust. Numbers are nothing. It doesn’t matter if 400billion users are on iOS, that doesn’t make it the best. Once the new iPhone comes out, everyone will be disappointed, like they were with the last iPhone release. It’s funny you mention screen size and 4g, because the iPhone has a tiny ass screen, which is outdated and not what the user wants, and no 4G because, well, it sucks. Haha. Things like that do matter. As well as the processor, which Android is ahead with and many many many other features Apple wishes it had.
      So in the end, you’re ridiculous. Thanks.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        The A5 chip is a beast so idk where the processor rant is coming from and this “disappointed,outdated” phone only went on to break sales records..which at the end of the day is the only thing that the OEMs really care about

  • Trill43

    A theming engine would help if not resolve a lot of things but more importantly its carrier/OEM control that’s the problem which exist cause Android is open also the problem with updates its with the latest release of Android then OEM adding there crap to it making it to where devices can’t get updated

  • MrEnglish

    The Android OS’s are getting better each time. I can’t wait for future versions in search of one that is highly polished and doesn’t feel like a dev release. ICS is my favorite so far, the others are a complete joke to me. I’m hopeful JB will surpass ICS and eventually it will look more like a full OS than just a mobile port.

  • Jonathan

    It will be nice if we ever get ICS!!! ~Pissed RAZR owner!

    • DoctorOta

      Que bionic owner reply ~ Patient RAZR Maxx owner.

      • TinmanTinman

        impatient Atrix 2 owner here

        • impatient Galaxy Nexus owner … oh wait!

          • michael arazan

            My friend has the moto photon, he’s pissed was q2, then q3, now q4 its pushed back till december. The photon came out last july.

  • Droidzilla

    Apple is also us for a UX award for the UI in iOS 6 . . . the “Looks like a 2002 Nokia Feature Phone” award. It’s very prestigious.

    • RobMorris

      yay for grids of icons!

  • sc4fpse

    A user experience award for a user experience that so few users are experiencing. 🙁

  • Slappy Sam

    The award winning OS that only 3.6729% of Android users are on. Sad Face…

    • NicholasMicallef

      7% I believe, anyways… CM9 FTW w/ Android 4.0.4 on my SGS II 😀

    • Christian Bennett

      3.6% of hundreds of millions of devices is still impressive

      • Mike

        No, really, it isn’t. I wish Google could strong arm these companies into some kind of deadline for making updates available. I mean, won’t it be nice with app devs can program for ICS and know they will be able to run on more than 7% of the Android phones/tablets in the world?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Really? An Award? For an OS on a phone?

    wow.. what’s next? An award for the cool digital readout on my Wolf oven?

    • You have an oven just for Wolves?

    • geedee82

      Really? A douchebag in a comments section on the internet? you gotta be sh1tting me

  • JeffE1010

    I guess i can only blame myself for buying the Rezound. Will it ever get to the point where all of the Android phones will run on the same operating system or will it always be this guessing game for which ones are lucky enough to get the new updates?

    • AlexKCMO

      Running ICS now. Grab the leaked RUU and install it. It’s a completely stock experience. You might not be able to get the official OTA when it’s released, but you will be able to download it and flash it (not sure if the OTA updates are available on the leaked RUUs).

      It’s on the front page of Rezound Android Development on XDA.

      • Kevin McDole

        Do this. You can’t go wrong.

        • JeffE1010

          I guess I just feel like it’s kind of pathetic that official releases take so long and are so uncertain. I would never switch from Android to anything else but it would be nice for the OS to be more universal

          • AlexKCMO

            CM9 is sort of attempting to do something like that, the problem is getting it on all devices.

          • AlexKCMO

            CM9 is sort of attempting to do something like that, the problem is getting it on all devices.

            The PadPhone should be upated reguarly, but you can’t have it on VZW.

    • NicholasMicallef

      I agree even if I don’t have this problem on my SGS II. It’s nice to see Google and OEMs doing something. Samsung didn’t allow custom versions for carriers, which were slowing things down severely and google is planning to release the code to all OEMs earlier. its far from solved but if they manage to do it they’d have taken care of Androids biggest problem. Also a problem is the fact that most owners of mid-low end smart phones don’t get as much attention and when they do get an update they don’t even care enough to use it.

  • am i the only one who wants the homescreen at 2:29?

    • AlexKCMO

      Seriously, WTF was that?

      Yes, I want it also.

      • Charlie Rodiger

        JELLYBEAN??? Just kiddding but honestly that looks sick whatever that is

      • It looks more like a tablet UI than a phone UI. Perhaps an early design of ICS for tablets.