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Ice Cream Sandwich Test Build for DROID Bionic Hints at Release from Motorola?

Over the weekend, a supposed Ice Cream Sandwich test build found its way onto the Cheesecake app for DROID Bionic owners. The Cheesecake application searches servers that Motorola hosts their public files on and sometimes, people score early builds. Before this, no builds or details have been seen from Motorola, but we have known that the Bionic is due to receive the update sometime in Q3. The build is currently un-flashable and is basically just an engineer build. Hang in there, Bionic owners – the wait is almost over.

Via: Droid Hive | XDA

Cheers Colin!

  • John

    Google is cutting about 4,000 jobs at its Motorola Mobility cellphone business and will close or consolidate about one-third of its 90 locations.The reductions represent about 20 percent of Motorola Mobility’s 20,000 employees, and 7 percent of Google’s overall work force. Two-third of the job cuts will take place outside of the U.S., Google said.No Ice Cream for Bionic?http://www.manufacturing.net/news/2012/08/google-cutting-4000-at-motorola-mobility?et_cid=2794329&et_rid=54689999&linkid=http%3a%2f%2fwww.manufacturing.net%2fnews%2f2012%2f08%2fgoogle-cutting-4000-at-motorola-mobility

  • supergirl

    I hate motorola…bionic was out before the razr yet we get screwed…thanks motorola for once again dicing my confidence in you..remember the phone you sold me that kept shocking me in the ear and all you said was were so sorry we’ll send you a new one that did the same thing…..Guess what I could care less about icecream sandwich now…im going to iphone 5 …see how that hurts your budget..i suggest all others do the same…

  • johnny

    I intsalled the update and now my madden 12 doesnt work droid bionic. Update works well though but does anyone know how to fix my madden

  • Mahmelhaud

    It bothers me that they are releasing it to the Razor and Razor Maxx first. First, they screw over all of us who waited 8 months for the phone by releasing a better phone after all of us are locked into our contracts after the 30-day trial period. Then, they throw us to the back burner when it comes to updating our inferior phones. I’m still pretty unhappy with Big Red and Motorola. That was a shady business move, and they aren’t even attempting to make up for it.

  • Nick

    Not to be a “Debbie Downer”, but I just want to set expectations with everyone. Motorola is aiming the release for Q3. The chances of Motorola completing the ICS build and Verizon pushing it before the end of September is slim to none.

    I work in Systems Development Life Cycle for a Fortune 40 company. If this is truly the “first” engineer build, as it appears to be, I can guarantee you this is still months away from hitting devices. Even if they’re able to complete development over the next 30 days (which is a daunting task), they’ll be only ~2/3 of the way through the project life-cycle, not including any delays caused by Verizon.

    I am a proud Bionic owner, but I’m also realistic. If you “expect” this earlier than September, you will be disappointed. I am hoping and praying for July-Aug, but I have to be realistic, and to save you pain and frustration, I hope you are too.

    • Aixa

      There is no way this will be September in my opinion, that’s not “Early Q3” which is what motorolas update schedule has it set for (which as far as I know is the most accurate with update info since nothing else pans out). Im not saying its going to come out in July, but it may…With it being pretty vague, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s as late as mid august tho…

      • Here’s my take on it:
        “Early Q3” = July
        “Mid Q3” = August
        “Late Q3” = September
        Just because the engineering build is the only one we’ve seen doesn’t mean later builds don’t exist. Could be the Bionic dev team is simply better at covering their tracks. Moto, FWIW, states “rollout begins early Q3 2012”

  • michael curtis

    Some Guy Post I think I found ICS for Bionic and it makes it on to droid life…. Don’t give Bionic users any more false hope we can’t take it. We need concrete ICS post.

  • TruWinkleStein

    LOL @ the iPhone troll who doesnt even know the size of his own phone. That’s all there is to be said about that TOOL. To all the whinners with RAZRs. STFU. We have been waiting twice as long as you have. Take your midol and put on your patience cap!

  • Realrider1224

    No update for droid razr as of June 12th 9:00am est so sources say that the razr will not be getting ics at all Google needs to cut the crap and Update the software already GINGERBREAD IS JUNK.

  • plz bring to my RAZR MAXX Nao!

    • Joyce Davis

      I surely agree, please bring it to the maxx,, I had a nexus and returned it I love my maxx

    • Jeremy Martin

      Why? Bionic has been out longer…can support ICS and people have been waiting longer. You can wait.

  • Daniel Clifford

    First the soak test update and now this?!?! Great couple days.

  • vyruz


  • Michael


    This headline and post is soooooo pathetic, but it’s been this way ever since, yet Android users still worship them.

    At least I know EXACTLY when to expect my iOS 6 update and not have to worry whether I will get the update while my wife does.

    • Jay

      And at the end of the day you’ll still have an operating system with nowhere near the depth or potential of android.
      I mean how long has it been since the original iphone? And it took them this long to get their own maps application, and I could go on? So you go on and gloat about updates, you’re still running an inferior system as far as I’m concerned.

      • Michael

        while us iPhone users will ALL get the iOS 6 when it’s available,
        majority of you will still be wondering, “will I ever get the latest
        dessert on my clunky, fragmented, outdated device.

        I say this again, it’s iPhone (quality) vs. Androids (quantity) and I
        rather go with a device that is finely polished, smooth interface, and
        effortlessly synched with all my other Apple devices at its latest
        updated operating system.

        Let’s not forget about the resale value of iPhones vs Androids. I
        will have no problem getting my money back as I can easily sell my 4S
        for $300 when iPhone 5 comes out. Too bad we can’t say the same for
        Android owners cause by the time eligibility rolls in for upgrade, a
        year and 8 mos. old device will be a big “has been” and still have yet
        to receive its latest OS.

        Go ahead and bash me all you want, but truth hurts sometimes.

        SO sad that only 7% of Android users are up to date with Ice Cream OS
        while rest are still getting short-changed. Pathetic if you ask me.

        • Mr_Bucket

          You do know that not every version of the iPhone will receive all the new features that come with iOS6, right? As long as you’re happy with that I don’t see why you care about what phone I use – or why you’re wasting your time reading Droid Life to begin with…

          • Michael

            yes it will be avail for 3S and later models. so Apple is bringing 3 gen of its models “up-to-date”.

            I come in here cause I work at VZW and have to keep up with all the devices.

          • Mr_Bucket

            The 3S, 4, and 4S will all get iOS 6 but the 3S and 4 will not get every feature of iOS 6. The big missing feature everyone knows is Siri but I also heard something about turn by turn navigation being left out of older phones as well. As I said before, ”
            not every version of the iPhone will receive all the new features that come with iOS6.”

        • Jay

          Oh you mean like that last iOS update which ran like garbage on older iphones? Yeah that’s so great, but hey at least they got a REAL notification system right?
          I really don’t care about resale value or any of that, by the time my current device is out of date, I can pick up a newer, better, android device on the cheap, and it’ll still have a better operating system than whatever iphone you’re on.
          By the way short changed? There’s an ICS rom nearly every major device of the last 2 years for android, most of which rival or exceed the polish of the stock OEM versions. And before you start with that verbal diarrhea, that’s exactly the point of the open source part of AOSP. So no one’s really missing anything, however I doubt you can really grasp a thought like that with your head up Apple’s colon.

        • Hothfox

          Actually if you notice in their WWDC keynote, they note on some of their slides that certain new features will only be available to the 4S and better, or the iPad 3. So like, now you’ll be fragmented and stuff.

          Also, I sold my used Thunderbolt for $230 which is like $40 more than I bought it for.

      • Michael

        btw, androids are google based so of course maps app was avail from the start on Androids and WAS the only mainstream maps app, but not anymore!

        • Jay

          by the way that was just an example, there are other features lacking in ios that android’s had seemingly for ages that I could point out.
          In any case that’s a friggen cop out on your part. There’s no good excuse for a company with the resources and cash reserves of Apple to not have something so basic. You dunce

    • SeanBello

      no, they just leave key features out on some phones so you have to buy the new one every year just to stay relevant

    • Liderc

      Too bad you have to squint to see your tiny screen and look like you’re using a child’s toy.

      • Chris

        squint? wow get a pair of glasses cause 4″ is enough for me and fits nicely into my pocket. if you dont mind looking ridiculous having a brick size device pressed up next to your ear while you talk, by all means stick to Samsung Galaxy Note

        • james

          You are a faggot troll so go suck your mommy’s tit and go to sleep boy.

        • AndroidDefender

          Hey dumbass, your phone is only 3.5 inches and any version of Android is better than any iPhone. Why did Apple have to copy most of there new features from Android. Even though Android has had all of those features for over two years. And your phone has barely changed since the first version. And you still don’t have widgets or anything that will possibly let you customize your phone. It’s just a piece of crap that has rows of apps and it gets boring so you have to come to a site about good phones to bother people because you are so bored.

          • Michael

            Dumbass? hey jackass, if if wasn’t for the iPhone, Androids wouldn’t even exist, or be what it is today and I was referring to the upcoming 4″ screen on the iPhone 5. Don’t be bitter cause your OS gets outdated so quickly.

          • marleyinoc

            Android was in development at same time or before the iPhone. But the touchscreen adoption is really to Apple’s credit, as I understand it. It’s funny how crazy people on both sides of the fence can get. I’m happy with my Android but to each their own.

        • Liderc

          I was talking about the guy with his Iphone, which is 3.5”.

  • Hey, just glad that there’s proof that something is being done.

  • ipodmypants

    as the name states … ipodmypants when I heard the news …

    as a boinic owner, i don’t care that it took so long so much as that we are still getting support. I got over the razr release right after the bionic’s and just tried to make the best with what I had, which in all honesty, is still a great phone. To the bionic faithful, we’re almost there! (officially anyways …=P)

  • Xcountry

    I get happy when I see this but too bad its too late!! I will be rocking the s3 in a few weeks!

  • LLcdPH

    What happened to ICS for the Droid Razr that “supposedly” was coming today? Haven’t heard mention of anything there.

    • droidian1441

      It was supposedly coming on the 12th. It’s the 11th. lol. If it does roll out I’ll be happy. Even though I have a Droid 4 I’ll still be happy.

    • Liderc

      They aren’t even doing soak tests yet, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

  • Derrick

    i’m convinced the data drops isn’t a device issue, but rather a 4g issue. I’ve had a horrible time trying to keep my data from dropping all weekend and my cousin, who uses a droid razr, had the exact same problem. the past 2 updates were to fix data connectivity, which it has failed to do, but back to my point, i don’t think it has a damn thing to do with our devices.

    • I can agree with that. I live in 3g only, but work in a 4g area. The transition from 3g to 4g is seamless, but the other way around…. ? Ugh. That’s usually when I toggle to 3g only if I need to do something on my phone.

  • Bionic

    End of July at the latest or ill be pissed

  • RoadsterHD1

    Bionic deserves some love……

  • Buy This

    Thanks guys for featuring my tip! And to everyone else who tested it and posted info (dhacker). @b8e7d31f5be6589f8f21151221c6e8fa:disqus , I put it on my phone this weekend and then flashed eclipse 3.0. For what its worth. the data in my house seems to be worse (although the handoff is way smoother) but outside it seems WAY stronger. Overall, I would rate it positively.

  • Bionic

    i still havent got 905 yet

  • Bionic

    About damn time

  • Lambo_21

    as a disgruntled bionic owner i am happy to hear some news! and by news of course i mean leaked news

  • Lambo_21

    nice double post. so again
    i dont see razr maxx anywhere in this title… do you?

  • hkklife

    905 is solid but still IMO not as great as 902 was. 905 has more data drops than 902 did and while 905’s battery life is better than 904, I don’t see much improvement over 902. Still, it’s good enough for right now but I really hope ICS drops soon.
    Too bad Moto took so dang long on rolling out ICS (especially seeing as how minimal its changes are–perhaps the Webtop took more effort than they expected?) as I’ll hopefully have my GS3 by the time my faithful Bionic sees ICS. This is still encouraging news, however.

    • Niroc

      I noticed just the opposite with 905: better 4g connectivity but the battery life is slightly worse.

      Great news on ICS! Too bad there are so many Bionic haters out there because it is really a solid phone.

      • T Hall

        905 has more data drops for me too 🙁

  • Jeremy Martin

    Bionic owners “Man this is an awesome phone” (razr comes out) Bionic users “wtf they released the razr without fixing all our issues?” Razr owners “hahaha idiots this phone is awesome screw the Bionic” (razr maxx comes out with better battery and “fixes”) Razr owners “hey wtf they released the razr maxx without fixing our issues?”. Razr MAXX owners “all your base are belong to us” Razr Maxx owners you will have your update dont worry…Bionic users have been screwed longer so calm down.

    • balthuszar

      i have a razr, and aside from the battery…what makes the maxx better? hm…nothing?

      • Liderc

        Yeah but the battery is twice the capacity, that means a lot when the price points were the same.

      • Jeremy Martin

        You are kind of missing the point…the point really is more so that Bionic users bought the latest and greatest and then the Razr came out shortly after. All you read was how great the Razr was but then when it comes down to it all the Razr was is a repackaged slimmed down Bionic with a permanent battery. But man did the Razr owners let the Bionic owners have it when it came out about how great their phone was and how much the Bionic sucked. Then shortly afterwards the Razr owners felt the burn from Moto when the MAXX came out and it was the phone that people were hoping the Bionic was going to be when it was released.

        What I am saying is let the Bionic owners be happy for once…they have been getting screwed over for a while on the “Rule all Machines” device that Moto seemed to abandon in favor of the Razr.

        • balthuszar

          having used both the razr and the bionic…i can say that if you’re always interested in the next best thing…you’re going to go broke buying phones…the bionic had the probability of being a damn good phone…and from what i’ve heard with the recent updates, it is a damn good phone…and owning a razr at the moment…it didnt bother me that the maxx came out so soon afterwards…i get plenty of juice out of my razr without the extended battery

  • bakdroid

    Neat. But, still waiting on 905. Not that 902 doesn’t run great. Just don’t want them to rush ICS and break a bunch of stuff.

    • Lambo_21

      grab the download from the droidlife article on it. edit: then there is no wait

    • Mr_Bucket

      905 isn’t working so well for me. Too many data drops.

      • Diablo81588

        Very strange. Flashed 905 two weeks ago and no data drops since. Your area maybe?

        • Mr_Bucket

          Detroit and Chicago, but I have been having more data drops over the last 2 weeks leading up to the soak test so maybe…

          • Dan-O

            In live in NY and work in NJ and had bad data drops footer the past 2 weeks too. And have had no problems before. On 902.

    • Download and flash it. I haven’t seen any issues with the antenna since I got it. In fact, I think its improved. Just keep in mind that the “official” name has 902 in it. Threw me for a loop when I booted into recovery and saw that.

    • WaitingForIt

      No joy here with 905 either. LOTS of data issues. I’ve never seen so many “no data connection” error messages. Sounds like 905 runs “fine” on many phones, but terrrible on some.

  • What about the razr maxx update that was reported to come out tomorrow?

    • Lambo_21

      i dont see razr maxx anywhere in this title… do you?

  • richardsonadm

    This falls into, no news is good news? lol

  • MikeSevenfold

    As a Gnex owner, this makes me happy. ICS for all!

    • Lambo_21

      you sir are a true gentleman and scholar… i think i messed up that quote but you get the idea

      • MrSteve920

        Cut out the “true,” and I believe you have the original quote; not that it really matters.

        • Lambo_21

          I believe you are right haha

          • balthuszar

            pip pip and all that jazz old boy…

    • Amazing! A humble gnex owner!

    • Jeremy Martin

      Same here…I owned a Droid Bionic and now own a Galaxy Nexus. My wife currently owns a Droid Bionic. This is ridiculous that carriers and manufacturers are holding on to ICS this long. The year is half way over and yet devices still do not have ICS that should.

    • azndan4

      People who preface their customers with “As a …..” to imply that they have some sort of authority are dumb.

      • azndan4

        I typed customers instead of comments. I guess I’m even dumber. 🙁

    • LiterofCola

      +1 for you Sir

    • Alexander Garcia

      Oh there you are!!! I’ve been lookin’ for your kind for the past 7 months!!! Pleased to meet you my friend. =)

  • eddieonofre

    I want icecream sandwich for my bionic

    • corymcnutt

      Not to be smart, but what exactly is ICS going to do to enhance our Bionics? What will it be able to do after the ICS update that it cannot do now? Just wondering!

      • Lambo_21

        have you seen 4.0 feature lists? trust me there is quite a bit. plus chrome beta browser (sync from pc to phone from chrome). its something needed

      • DonDemon

        I wonder that same question. I look forward to hearing the answer.

        • eddieonofre

          ICS runs better than Gingerbread, true dual core, better video acceleration, better handling of memory, better battery life, new API’s (this is the reason why some apps run only on ICS)

      • Nick

        ICS utilizes the dual core processors to their full potential.

      • Mr_Bucket

        Chrome, better Webtop functionality (a lot of us picked up the lapdock for cheap over the last few months), better standard keyboard and dictation (if you use voice to text), and more control over applications and background data usage. Oh, and replacing the current Moto notification dismissal I can never hit quite right with swipe-to-dismiss. There’s more but those are the features I’m looking forward to the most right now.

        • kmvp860am

          I agree Mr. Bucket.

      • George Davis

        Hardware video acceleration, true dual-core CPU support, and Webtop 3.0 (which upgrades Webtop to the tablet version of ICS, and replaces the outdated version of Firefox with Chrome) are my top three Bionic ICS enhancements.

        • kmvp860am

          This is to the Droid owners, not the iTards. I too bought the Lapdock and enjoy using it. I am looking forward to updating to ICS. Using
          Firefox, on my Lapdock, I can watch Hulu at no extra charge but I
          downloaded Chrome Beta to my wife’s Xoom (which has ICS) and Hulu
          recognizes it as Mobile and as such wants to charge for Hulu Plus
          because of that. Do you think there will be a way to retain or reload Firefox after ICS and Webdock 3.0 Beta loads?

      • eddieonofre

        among the already mention I have to add the battery life,
        I had installed the ICS mods from droidhive.com and honestly the battery life has been better
        Another of the plus’s is the fact hat ICS runs so much better than Gingerbread

      • Alexander Garcia

        The ability to use the Chrome Browser for Android is enough for me to eagerly await the ICS update for my RAZR Maxx. Til then…