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HTC Sales Pamphlet Explains How the One X is Better Than the Galaxy S3

According to documents obtained by shopping site PriceBaba (and assuming they are real), HTC wants its sales staff to know exactly why they believe the One X is better than Samsung’s new Galaxy SIII smartphone. Through a pamphlet or flipbook of sorts, HTC compares specs of each phone, but also tosses in some biased flair, which you would expect. Is the One X superior to the Galaxy SIII? If only there was a simple answer to that. What we want to talk about though, are some of the arguments that they use which made us giggle. 

First up is the argument that a removable battery is a bad thing because you would need an external charger to charge it with. Clearly the creator of this document does not realize that the point of having a removable battery is so that you can swap in a spare or use an extended battery in place of the low mAh OEM one that came with the device.

Second, their SD card and memory claims are hilarious. The One X has 32GB of internal storage along with 25GB of Dropbox storage. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, however, the Galaxy S3 has 32GB of internal storage, an SD card slot that supports 64GB cards, and Samsung is also willing to give you 50GB of Dropbox storage on the side. I don’t think I need to do the math for you to realize the winner in that argument.

The rest of the stuff in there is mostly opinion, so we won’t harp on it too much. After all, this is HTC’s document, so they should be selling the hell out of it to their sales staff.

I will say a couple of things in defense of the One X. It is still the most beautifully designed phone ever, in my opinion. The screen also cannot be beat by any phone that I have used and that includes the Galaxy SIII. Unfortunately for HTC, the One X just won’t have the adoption rate or community that the GS3 will and that’s a turn off to a user like myself. For the most part though, these phones are on the exact same level, but it’s up to the user to decide which spec bump here or there makes one better than the other.

So tell us, One X or Galaxy SIII?

Via:  The Next Web | PriceBaba

  • Andrew Davis

    Hahaha, this sales indoctrination material is nothing but a load of B/S. Same as all the newest-fastest-best Chrysler new vehicle sales books I used to have to read for work. This material is not truth and is meant to indoctrinate sales staff on how to recommend HTC over Galaxy S3 to customers who don’t know specs or don’t care.

  • vcarvega

    Well, I have to agree with them… The One X seems like a MUCH better phone to me. The SIII is cool I guess, but the One X looks way more sexy and Sense 4.0 looks better than Touchwiz too.

  • dean1650

    I always buy after market batteries for my phones. They are better. What company is going to make one for the HTC One when nobody can change them. I also don’t like using my data plan to backup and restore files. I have many SDcards. I also don’t want anyone hacking my files stored on someone elses server.HTC made some critical mistakes and now their trying to back peddle.

  • lolz

    ROFL @ ‘disappointing’

  • Steve

    HTC’s tone is clearly defensive and emotional. It’s obvious that they are very aware of the One X’s inferiority to the S III, yet they’re trying their hardest to justify and look for arbitrary reasons why it’s better. Winners don’t need to justify why they’re the best, because everyone knows it already – Samsung Galaxy S III #winning

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha HTC you’re pathetic hahaha lol BeatsAudio is only an equaliser preset setting which can be download from PlayStore now.

    Everything on the pamphlet are false. You really are desparate. Big time!

  • JulianZHuang

    1. cloud storage require fast internet, 3g/4g/wifi – which mean more battery drink

    2. light weight which mean feel cheap, low quality feel.
    3. you need to be a robot to tell the different between those two screen. again, brighter mean more battery drinking.
    4. most battery last about 400 to 500 charges. changeable battery wins.
    5. it’s a galaxy S phone, instant win.

  • Jimmy

    TBH I think One X is a better looking/designed phone. SIII looks a bit cheap to me. With that said, it’s pretty much same/similar phone considering the main components. The fact that SIII is on so many carrier does mean it will sell much better. This pamphlet is purely some crap marketing came up with for store employees to sway potential uninformed buyers.

  • I M O

    GS3 is the best smartphone to date!

  • swayda

    Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me HTC

  • Mark

    If I hadn’t seen that chart with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe how pathetic HTC could become.

    Better speed? Better camera?

    LOL Every review and benchmark shows the Galaxy S3 has superior performance and camera quality.

    Better durability?

    LOL Polycarbonate = plastic! And the S3 is ALSO polycarbonate.

    I can’t believe HTC would stoop to this pathetic level of dishonesty.

    Better screen?

    Samsung’s screen technology is second to none. The entire world knows that.

    Better design is a matter of opinion.

    In my opinion, HTC’s phones look like cheap Chinese knock offs of the
    Lumia. The back also looks like it has a nipple or a dead fish eye

    My god HTC. How low you have fallen. I lost all remaining shred of respect I had left for you.

    • OhAaron

      I’d agree on some of that, but I don’t think you could say that the GS3 has a better screen. Read up on the screen that the HTC One X has. It looks like the stuff on the screen is floating above the glass. It is beautiful.

  • I’ll get something better than both of them anyway. Not worth the upgrade.

  • Matthew Merrick

    i want the GS3 over the OneX. reasons?
    SD card slot (have 32 GB of music :P), bigger screen (720p is good enough for me, screen size matters tho), multitasking is not crippled (i’m sorry, “customized”), and IMHO touchwiz is prettier, more user friendly, and has better features than Sense.

  • Really HTC!? An 1800mah battery easily lasts a full day? Is that with LTE? If it is, I’d like some of you magical batteries! And who makes you power-sipping LTE chip?

    I’ll tell you what easily lasts a full day, a 3300mah non-removable battery!!

  • It’s like watching your typical jackass on the playground bragging about his new PSP 9000 being better than the 1000 and “technically” he is right, but in the end, most will go with what is overall the better phone. Yea, HTC may have the better phone but trying to get people to buy it by being a tard surely isn’t winning any arguments. I would refuse to get one (if I even had the option) based solely on this passive douchebaggery.

  • N8shon

    They may need to train some people who actually speak English properly to be in charge of writing these “training” documents. Does no one proofread or edit documents anymore?

  • feztheforeigner

    I was rooting for the One X, however this kind of stunt of irrational reasoning is something I can only imagine Apple or more likely Microsoft doing with Windows Phone. This swayed me to the S III. I now believe it to be the best phone. Thanks for the info HTC, reminded me of all the reasons why Sammy is better.