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Wednesday Poll: Galaxy S3 in White or Blue?

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is up for pre-order today at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, with shipping dates that vary depending on the carrier. You can find both 16GB and 32GB models in blue and white at Big Red and Sprint, but only the 16GB version at AT&T.

What we want to know though, is what color you would choose? This is the first time in possibly ever, that an Android phone has launched in multiple colors, so we are interested to see what the community is leaning towards. Blue and white are something semi-new in general and a departure from the standard blacks and charcoals, leaving you with quite the decision on your hands. Which would (or did) you buy?

Galaxy S3 in blue or white?

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  • sagatarius

    I’m typing this with my pebble blue galaxy s3 right now so I guess you know where my vote goes

  • Freespirit

    I am thinking to get a white one and then when the red comes out, buy a red cover for it since I can’t get the red phone (I’m staying with Verizon). I think that ought to look good.

  • kimari

    Wanted white is on backorder so blue with white or green case here I come

  • Black. lol