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Incredible 4G LTE to Arrive June 21, Galaxy S3 the Following Week on June 28

Word from our sources suggests that Verizon has finally started to inform staff of tentative dates to launch both the DROID Incredible 4G LTE and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Each phone had previously been announced, one with a pre-order period, but Big Red was not willing to give us an in-store date at those times. We now know that the current plan is to launch the Incredible 4G LTE on June 21, with the Galaxy SIII right behind it on June 28.

We seem to talk about this a lot, but as many of you know, VZW likes Thursday launches and both of these days are Thursdays. We had also seen Best Buy pre-orders from this morning that mentioned an expected arrival date for the GS3 of June 28, so this matches up nicely.

And we probably don’t need to remind you of this, but will anyway. These are current targets or tentative dates, so things can change. Until Verizon announces them publicly, assume that they are not 100% set in stone. This at least gives us a couple of week time frame to look forward to though.

Cheers ___ and ___!

  • where is my droid incredible 4g LTE?

  • Eta508

    Another rumor bites the dust for the inc4g.

  • maybe get lucky and get it the 14th? haha

  • I pre-ordered the SGS3 Today by phone. I’m also a retired Verizon Rep. If you pre-order, they must honor the order details, so even if the data plans change on, let’s say July 1st, and the phone ships July 9th, you keep your unlimited data, because your order is a binding contract.
    Also if the Razr HD or Incredible 3 launch, you still have your 14 day satisfaction guarantee to return the SGS3 for another phone. The $70 restocking fee will almost always be waived if you bitch loud enough.

  • Creed74

    After pre-ordering a GS3 at 7:01 EDT this morning, I started seeing this date of the 28th start to pop up. Gotta love (hate?) how VErizon Rep’s are left to their own devices when such things pop up. Of the 3 calls I made about it, the “party line” seems to be that pre-orderrs will be shipped when stores are being shipped theirs.
    When asked to reconcile the “by July 9th” with the June 28th date? “Our legal staff had anticipated a challenge by Apple and thus added an extra week to our ship by date”. O.o Getting this same line from 2 of the 3 call centers doesn’t make it true but I found it humorous that only Verizon would take their usual slow path to release and blame what their legal staff saw in their crystal ball. I love Verizon network but their business practices and creative abuse of the truth make me nauseous.

  • NadaLemming

    I spoke with 2 different Verizon representatives by phone today. Neither had ever heard of this phone. LOL. Called a local Verizon store. They tested a demo of the phone but that was all. No release date in sight per that store. Called another Verizon store. They had never heard of this phone. Sad lot of employess there. Sad lot. If they worked at McDonalds, would they know what the McChicken Sandwich was!?

  • achaf86

    I pre ordered the galaxy s3 today from verizon the guy told me the latest we would have it would be july 5th or 6th but he said its VERY possible to get it at the end of the month.The guy told me if I upgrade after the shared data plan goes into effect then everybody on my account who has a smartphone will lose the unlimited data.. So now, I gotta tell my bf he won’t be able to get the new iphone when it comes out unless he pays full retail price…. I wouldn’t be able to afford a smartphone if we were on a shared data plan bc he uses about 7gb a month!!!!

  • romma

    If it is rootable with a bootloader that can be unlocked without the htc dev tool, I am in for it. I like the incredible family, the specs are good and I already know that given the unlockability of it, there will be great development for it.

  • Silent Majority

    Just got this email from Big Red

    Important information about your Samsung Galaxy S III

    Congratulations and thank you for your
    Samsung Galaxy S III purchase. We know that you are anxiously awaiting
    the arrival of your new phone.

    Unfortunately, our original confirmation
    email to you contained an incorrect Ship By Date of June 6; the actual
    ship date for your order is July 9.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this
    may have caused. We recognize that you have a choice in wireless service
    and thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.

    • mhunnesh

      Same here.

  • enigmaco

    I been looking at the rezound and though the incredible 4G is newer the specs are still better on the rezound.

    • Chris Kendall

      The screen is better on the Rezound. Everything internally favors the Inc. Why are people so confused about this? Certainly not just you, but every time the Inc 4G is mentioned there is this misconception that the Rezound has “better” specs. I don’t get it. The cameras and RAM are negligible, and the slightly smaller battery in the Inc is more than offset by the less demanding screen and processor. The processor debate is not a debate, the S4 is markedly better than the S3. That’s not intended to slight the S3, which is more than capable, but the S4 is better period. Feel free to browse any of the three dozen benchmarks that show how far down the list the Rezound (and for that matter Nexus) has fallen in terms of raw power compared to the S4. NFC, the well received Sense 4.0, ICS at launch while the Rezound still waits, the list goes on and on.

      The Rezound is still a solid phone. That beautiful screen trumps all the other things the Inc 4G has going for it in some peoples eyes, and at the brief $50 price it was enough of a steal to make a person feel guilty. I certainly understand that, but the Rezound is last years phone. The Inc 4G is this years phone with last years screen, something pretty typical of a midrange handset. Maybe it’ll make more sense when the asking price for the Inc 4G, rumored to be $149, is less than the current $199 price on the Rezound.

      Again, this is not directed at you, I just keep reading this same thing in thread after thread.

      • enigmaco

        I’m just going by what I read, I saw a spec breakdown on cnets website, and for what it had listed the rezound had better stats. I did check another site and you are right about the processor. The benchmarks are embarrassing for the rezound. I guess when my upgrade comes around I’ll either think about the 4G or the S3

  • guest

    Why does clicking on the useless ” DROID Incredible 4G LTE” link… just redisplay the same page again and again.

    Great design!

    • Sam

      scroll down…

    • Diablo81588


  • Can’t wait.. Anyone know if the reports of the Galaxy s3 being waterproof hold any weight??
    I just got VZW to agree to replace both my GNEXI with s3’s so I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • kevin

    Ok so this is my first time pre ordering a phone so im kind of scared. I recently (paid full retail price) the gs3 and so if this is true does that mean the phone will arrive on my door step by june 28th or would that be the day they ship it to my house thus id have to wait another week to get it?

  • Steve Benson

    Oh boy, Verizon probably should have scrapped the Inc 4G altogether. They’re going to have a ton of stock left over. The SIII is going to sell like hotcakes.

    • It will sell really well as a $1 or one penny phone in a few months. People still buy the incredible 2 all of the time from retailers. My friend that works at best buy says about 90% of all phone sales are $1 phones. SO the incredible 4g will work as a way to get low end customers onto 4g.

  • So help me out here people. I’m thinking about dropping the money for the rezound. Why would I get the Inc 4G instead? And no, I don’t want the S3, I’m very happy with 4.3 as my screen size.

    • Supes

      The Rezound is bigger than the Inc 4G and the Inc 4G has slightly better specs. The Inc 4G will size in at a very respectable 4″ screen which I think is a perfect hand size for people that don’t want to carry a tablet, sorry, a large phone…around in their pocket.

      • Edwin M

        The only specs the Incredible 4G has over the Rezound is the battery life. Other than that, the Rezound specs are either equal or better. Same processor and RAM, better camera, better screen for the Rezound.

        • Lax77

          I think you’ve kinda got that backwards… The Rezound wins on screen, everything else goes to the Incredible 4G. S3 vs. S4 Snapdragon, battery life, ICS with Sense 4.0 (Rezound is stuck on 3.6).
          It all comes down to what do you want for screen size…

      • Thanks. I really like the screen on the Rezound, but other than that I’m not a big specs guy for my phone. If the price comes down on the Rezound I’ll bite no matter what, otherwise maybe I need to take another look at the Inc’s specs again.

    • Edwin M

      The only reason to get an Inc 4G is for the smaller size and better battery life than the Rezound. I think the Rezound is cheaper.

  • paul_cus

    I can’t stand when the carrier logo gets placement at the top of the phone. That should be reserved for the OEM.

  • bgeek1

    If the SG3 is available in store and I’m still waiting on a preorder shipment than it’ll be listed under reasons to switch carriers come next upgrade. To me, if preorders don’t come first than all these thanks for being a loyal customer mailings are just empty words.

  • Liderc

    I don’t understand pre-ordering phones. You always get it later than someone who just walks into the store and buys it on release day. Plus who knows what Apple patent will come up and delay the release.

    • paul_cus

      Not always, though. I pre-ordered the RAZR, and it showed up the day before it launched. I think as long as you pre-order early on, you’re fine.

  • wickets

    thanks for the update


    here we go again…

  • Maratu

    Oh man, I would love to get the Inc for my wife. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger on my last update for that S3 today!

  • Rob

    Evern if Verizon disclosed those dates publicly, it’s always subject to change. But an announcement would be nice.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Touch wiz and sense screwed up ICS dock. MOTO left it intact, and that’s cool.

  • So you aren’t able to cancel your pre-order of the SG3 according to the Verizon store rep. If I’m going to have to wait another month before I were to get this phone, why wouldn’t I wait to see what other phones may be announced *COUGH* RAZR HD *COUGH* before locking in a month early. Just in-case they sell sneak in shared data plans?

    • I think the Razr HD will have the S4 PRO with the adreno 320 gpu (which the new LG also has). So it will be a little while longer.

    • NemaCystX

      Thats not expected until August

  • I just want a Razr HD date ughhhhh

    • drparty

      Me too! I keep waiting for this thing… taking forever!

      • ERIC REED

        We all know what happened last time Moto kept us waiting…the Bionic!!

        • But they were good with the DX… lets hope that was the only disaster phone

    • I gave up on the Razr HD once it became clear it wasn’t launching until after the shared data plans come out. That’s why I jumped on the GSIII.

      • Well there hasn’t been evidence (that I’ve seen) of anything yet… Lets just cross our fingers guys… But when I see that the shared plans are changing I’m getting a phone 1 day before that….

        Also the SGIII just seems to big for me and is slacking in the battery dept, and I’am not familiar with touch wiz

    • Semi-on-topic: Motorola phones are banned from import to the USA and have been for a few weeks. So THAT still has to get resolved.

    • Stew

      Motorola is probably waiting on the S3 hype/launch to get passed… and Verizon may be trying to not cannibalize the S3 sales…

  • slops

    keep in mind this is probably also the earliest your pre-order will ship. depending on availability and shipping, could still be till july 9th before you get it

  • sgtguthrie

    Wow…maybe the SGS3 will make it in time to secure unlimited data for another 2 years 😉

  • Tarson

    Verizon webpage says 7/9 for SIII

  • Bad timing for the incredible…

  • marty jones

    Finally, release dates set in stone!

    • Shadowcell

      Uhhh not really.

    • r0lct

      You must be new here. 😉

    • sgtguthrie

      More like pencil, or maybe erasable ink 😉

  • r0lct

    Can’t imagine HTC is too happy about this unless Verizon already paid for the stock. $50 difference between this and SG3 is going to be a rough sell to average consumer. Droid branding should help though.

    • Detonation

      I know a lot of people that still don’t want a huge phone/screen, and with the SG3 being one of the biggest, the 4″ Incredible definitely has a market.

      • r0lct

        I agree and definitely not trying to say which device is better and for whom.

        I’m just assuming HTC would have loved the month+ head start against the SG3 they were able to have on ATT and other carriers on Verizon. Especially if Samsung goes all out with the marketing. As I think Verizon is saving their Droid commercial money for the RAZR HD and HTC is unfortunately going to get shafted.

        • Chris Kendall

          Just like the launch of the Rezound…

      • I’m one of those people. I’d like to have a phone with a smaller form factor. However I’m also a gadget snob and the Inc4G just doesn’t compare to the SG3.

        • BlueLetter

          Why not? They’ll have the same internals basically, though the GS3 will have more RAM, it’ll also have a pentile screen. Which to you self-professed gadget snobs is the anti-christ.
          So unless you just have to have the much largerscreen I think it’s prettymuch a wash

          • Dain Laguna

            pentile amoled hd isnt a demerit if done right, and samsung usually does.

          • BlueLetter

            I wasn’t making a value judgement one way or another chief.

      • Chris Kendall

        Agreed, it’s intended as a midrange handset. By that standard, it’s one of the most capable midrange phones that has ever been built. Between the Inc 4G and the Rezound it sure seems like Verizon has been bungling HTC releases.

        One issue is that with the GS3 bucking the trend of $299 prices on top tier phones, the Inc 4G will only have a $50 pricing advantage rather than a $150 pricing advantage it would normally have had, assuming of course that the $149 price is more than just rumor. That’s going to make the road much tougher.

  • Verizon and HTC working on a launch together…what could go wrong?