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DROID Bionic 5.9.905 Update Ready to Rollout, Improves LTE Connectivity

A DROID Bionic update as build 5.9.905 has been approved by Verizon and is ready to rollout. No, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is the leak we saw a couple of weeks ago. As you can see from the list of changes, it’s pretty minor. After updating, users should have a better 4G LTE connection, easier-on-the-ears volumes with Bluetooth, and improved Visual Voicemail. Yep, that’s it.

The update is 42.5MB in size. More info.

  • Major_Pita

    Have been running the leaked .905 for a week now. Better battery life than the .904 update. Better hand-offs between WiFi and 4g as well.
    Running overclocked @ 1.25Ghz W/GPU OC’d @384Mhz.
    This phone now beats up stock Razrs, Stock Galaxy S2s and stock Galaxy Nexi. At least according to respective benchmark’s posted score pages.
    There’s some still growl left in this old dog…
    Nenamark2:31.5;Quadrant Advanced 2628; CF Bench 6891; SmartBench 2012 Prod: 2943 ; Antutu 6057.

  • WarEagleVI

    I got the download at 12:50 Eastern.

  • cleffy

    Update got pushed to my phone just now

  • corymcnutt

    OK, my updated just downloaded itself about 5 minutes ago!

  • Luis

    looks like some people are getting the notification to download already, Check it out:

  • I just gotthis update ota…downloading now

  • Has anyone got this update yet?

  • is this article true or just another leak? would be nice if it was true. any update is welcomed

  • Mike

    Any idea which month the Bionic is getting ICS. Also, this phone is simply amazing to me considering I hear alot of bashing about this phone.

  • Harry

    Im having the same issues with my LTE. I LIVE IN FRESNO, CA

  • Bionic

    Hi everyone, its me, I just wanted you to know that I went to the cell phone congress today and lobbied them to not only give me this update, but ICS. They simply said “talk to us in a month or so.” I just wanted to say that to those of you who have been patient with me and loyal to me, im trying my best to secure this ICS update, im fighting for you with my dual hearts. I promise I wont let you down.

    I’ve had a hard life, but I aim to turn things around just like I did with the .893 update.

    • OhAaron

      That was actually kind of touching. I feel bad for this machine…

      • michael arazan

        Is bionic gonna start signing Daisy?

  • Michael Quinlan

    Ahh… the long awaited “improved Visual Voicemail”. Does anyone actually use this?

    • InyRules

      I know I wouldn’t pay to see my voicemails. Google Voice all the way, baby!

  • ManBearPig618

    Obligatory “lol Bionic” post.

  • Tony Allen

    Too little, too late..

    -Sent from my Verizon Galaxy Nexus

  • Typical Google minion says:

    OMG yes! I said it before and I’ll say it again, this phone is an iphone killer. Killer specs, it will put apple out of business. Dual core beast ftw

  • I can’t wait till my Galaxy SIII comes in. I won this phone in a contest but it is horrible. DATA drops all the time, no one can understand me on the mic if it even works. I dropped my phone and shattered the screen (so my fault). the software is laggy, battery life is sucky although not to bad with extended. I don’t know how people can like this phone, it basically has no developer support. ICS is romable but still lacks HW and seems to be basically unchanged for the past 4 months. I highly doubt this phone will even seen ICS offically.

    • Torian

      You must’ve got a lemon. I’ve had this phone for 6 months and not once has anyone ever told me they couldn’t understand me. Data is pretty spotty but I’m in a low coverage area. Software however is not laggy at all and battery life? Well it’s better than my girl’s Charge but that’s prettymuch the only comparison I can make.
      More or less it’s been great, and the data patch if nothing else is gonna make it amazing.

      • jroc74

        I would have to agree… For working as a phone….I think Motorola does a better job than most manufactures.

        I thought he was talking about a G Nex until I got to the end of his post….

        Still amazed that ppl think developer support is all anyone cares about with these phones. I have a RAZR and Rezound. I have yet to root my Rezound…had it since 1-14. Had my RAZR since 11-11-2011…and have yet to put any ROM on it.

  • When is the update?? I tried to manual update and says my device is up to date. .903 is what I have now.

    • George Davis

      .903 is off the upgrade path. The last official OTA was .902.

  • trbasil

    The bionic must be a Samsung, because Motorola radios are perfect and need no updates to help them.

    • Diablo81588

      Not perfect, just better 😛

  • Lambo_21

    i just want ICS for my Bionic……….. i really hope this does fix the radios finally… or i’m going to VZW, again and this time they will give me a replacement. I live in Philly so i know for a fact it’s not a fringe area

    • i live in Philly too and i am now on my third Bionic. I am getting really frustrated.

      • Lambo_21

        Im glad im not the only one in philly that has an issue

        • Dawn G.

          I live in Philly and have this problem. 4g > 3G = Stall stall stall.

  • Calm down joe, will is just a bit dense. Lol

    • will bartlett

      you obviously didn’t read his post.

  • OfficerDangledoobie

    LTE connectivity fix and u say “Yep, That’s it”? That is a HUGE update IMO.

  • Mneighbo

    This phone was perfect for a while. I’ll love it again!

  • corymcnutt

    When will the download be available to everybody? Mine still tells me I have the most up to date software.

  • wonder how long they been working on an update that size, the nexux update was smaller and it took almost 6 months for that,and I really cant see it helped much..lol

    • will bartlett

      you are still crying over your nexus. on other posts that aren’t about the nexus. why?

      • read closer,it was about the size of the bionic update idiot

        • will bartlett

          “wonder how long they been working on an update that size, the nexux update was smaller and it took almost 6 months for that,and I really cant see it helped much..lol”

          i am reading closely. you bashed the nexus. again. in a post that wasnt about the nexus.

  • RoadsterHD1

    YES!!! This is the last update till ICS in early Q3

  • mcdonsco

    DL’s been busy posting about updates to VZW phones in the last few days…seems everytime I’m on here, VZW is pushing out another update…
    Where the F*&%! is ICS for my Razr?

    • The RAZR will get it before my Bionic. Think I’ll go cry now…

      • mcdonsco

        Yea, that does suck (for you)


    • Anon

      I don’t know where that is, but I think I know exactly where you put your sense of entitlement. This wasn’t a RAZR thread, last I checked.

  • Michael_NM

    As maligned as the Bionic is, I actually like the phone better now than I did six months ago. That $50 lapdock sure makes it fun to burn through the unlimited data while it lasts too. 🙂

    • Lol i agree. Bionic went to the wife though, her Charge crapped out and she didn’t like how thin/wide the Razr they sent her was.

      • LiterofCola

        To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever heard people tell me that my phone was “too thin,” They’ve actually have been more like “I like how thin it is.”

        • Apostrafee

          I hear that all the time, “it’s too light and too thin” and definitely too wide. Most people enjoy the hardware but a lot do not

    • jroc74

      Updates made it better? You dont say….What an odd concept…lol.

      I await the Bionic haters that all jumped to another phone that also has/had many issues that updates made it better too… …

  • Greg Morgan

    You know, I kinda miss my Bionic…kinda

    • mcdonsco

      I don’t…however I’m VERY glad I have 5 VZW lines of service cause when I got the “Big bad new” Bionic 4G Moto device: DING; upgrade used, very shortly after the Razr hit…DING; upgrade used, then the damn Maxx: DING; upgrade used…
      At least I never lost a dime in it, actually made a few bucks, but damn, not sure if I’ll have an upgrade available for the Razr HD now 🙂

  • Luis


  • Liderc

    You mean a Motorola device doesn’t have perfect LTE radios?!

    Sorry had to =P

    • conanbarb

      Does anybody have a perfect LTE radio?

      • Sobr0801


        • Diablo81588


        • jroc74

          With my 2 Rezound getting stuck in 1x in weaker areas….that I have to reboot to fix….I would say no….

      • jroc74

        No…and thats a great point. Also….every manufacture cant hit a home run every time. Case in point….GS2 vs. the G Nex.

        I will say the RAZR is nice, less annoying than others I tried. The Rezound…..shocking as it may be to some ppl….something makes it have more annoying data issues. Kinda on par with the G Nex IMO. In some cases my G Nex did better than my Rezound.

    • Diablo81588

      It does now. Haven’t had a single data drop for a week since i flashed 905. Hopefully when ICS drops it’ll be just as stable.

  • It’s about time, VZWMoto! Thanks for the update!

  • lualru


  • faganm24

    The question is, can you update from the 904 leak?