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Best Buy Telling Verizon Galaxy S3 Pre-orderees to Expect Shipments by June 28


Before we dive too deeply into this, understand that Best Buy is wrong A LOT of the time. They were telling employees that Ice Cream Sandwich updates were coming to the Rezound and RAZR back in early April, and yeah, owners of those phones know exactly how that panned out. They also tend to populate their systems with dates that look more like estimates than anything official. With that said, they do give us good info from time to time, so we thought we would at least share.

If you pre-order the Verizon version of Galaxy SIII from BBY, they are apparently telling customers that the device could arrive in stores by Thursday, June 28. There are a couple of reasons we like this date:  1. It’s a Thursday and Verizon likes launching phones on Thursdays. 2. We were told by a source that Verizon expects to have the device at warehouses as early as June 23. If that’s the case, then the 28th is certainly a possibility.

Again, Best Buy is hit or miss with this stuff, so don’t take it as gospel, just file it away into a “potential” locker. If you pre-order directly from Verizon, they are telling customers to expect it by July 9.

Cheers Matt!

  • Frank

    Anyone get there phone from best buy yet?

  • Jonathan Cain


  • turf

    I just talked to my Verizon rep and I am supposed to have my phone June 28 th

  • can’t wait for my phone!

    My Best Buy store told me June 21st confirmed for Verizon GSIII. I just asked again today to confirm. Was also told I would be able to keep my grandfathered unlimited data as long as it was before June 28th.

  • bilbowski

    Since the charge isn’t made to the credit card until it shipped.
    , seems logical to check with the credit card service on or about the projected ship date and verify shipping has occurred. If the card has been billed——–

  • Stacy DellOrfano

    How do you explain this, I just clicked the check status of your order link and got this as the Expected Ship Date: 08/10/130. Two things startle me about this 8/10 and that crazy year. I ordered around 7:30 am the first day of pre sale.

  • achaf86

    So if it ships on the 9th then we’ll get it on the 11th? the 11th is a wednesday! it would be nice to get it the 28th bc I hate waiting. Also anybody who order through verizon on my receipt it says I won’t be charged until its ships so I’m assuming it won’t charge me until it ships then? I’d rather have them just take it out now instead of waiting!

  • Craig Lambert

    The Best Buy kiosk also said Metallic Blue for the Verizon phone, which kinda sucks. I asked the BB employee about the 6.28 date and he said he wouldn’t go by that. I feel like the 7.9 date is what we’ll get.

  • legalkill

    I just got this email…

    Important information about your Samsung Galaxy S IIICongratulations and thank you for your Samsung Galaxy S III purchase. We know that you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new phone.Unfortunately, our original confirmation email to you contained an incorrect Ship By Date of June 6; the actual ship date for your order is July 9.We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We recognize that you have a choice in wireless service and thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.

  • gabe

    I just order mine from the Verizon store and was tolled june 28

    • LionStone

      For when the date tolls… 😉 That sounds about right though.

      I’m just wondering what the hold up is for the Inc4G? Hopefully it releases before the end of the month or heads are gonna roll~~;)

  • Spoken Word™

    We all know how reliable Best Buy is….

  • Anyone know if you can keep your Talk & Text Plus Data $20 Discount if you preorder through Best Buy?

  • Plu

    For some reason no matter where I search (or what I type in) nothing shows up on bestbuy’s website for the SIII… what am I doing wrong?

    • Preorder only available in store.

      • Plu


  • MKader17

    Can Verizon release a phone without a delay? I’m hoping for it but I find it hard to believe.

    • Spoken Word™

      It can’t be delayed if no street date is given!

  • nightscout13

    I pre-ordered 2 of these at Best Buy yestreday, and the phone manager told me the same thing, that Unofficially the date is 28th of June, but subject to change.

  • slops

    the verizon date is probably giving them time to receive multiple shipments due to the probably high volume of pre-orders. you could be part of the lucky first shipment and get it early but, if not, at least you know yours will ship by the 9th

    • tgom222

      Wow, that makes a ton of sense. Good to see a post that is not a knee jerk reaction.

  • Shadowcell

    That’s the beauty of the word “estimated”. You can’t hold them up to their claims and you’ll be impatiently for that package.

    Best just to order and read a good book in the meantime.

  • Guest

    Why would Best Buy get a huge number of phones *WEEKS* before any Verizon stores would even have them at all?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I think this links back to the fact that Verizon is saying “By July 9th” . . . meaning it could possibly happen before. BBY probably has a “Possible” ship date as early as the 28th from Verizon.

      • LionStone

        Yep, and even then there may be limited supplies, if you don’t preorder somewhere, you may have to wait, which isn’t life threatening, but for some people it may be 😉

  • Guest

    And what would you do if you don’t have your phone by the “estimated date”?
    Cancel it?
    Order from someone else and wait *ANOTHER* 3-4 weeks?
    Demand they give you the not-available phone anyway?

    Best Buy could give you *ANY* random date… and you really don’t have a choice.

  • tgom222

    Seems like a lot of people don’t know what the definition of the word “by” is. Verizon is saying by July 9, not ON July 9. They could very well ship sooner. On the other hand, they very well could wait till the ninth…

  • iamtheonex

    Best Buy’s inventory system also listed the street date of the Galaxy Nexus as December 15 about 2 days before the actual announcement, while Verizon was going bonkers and making stuff up.

  • wickets

    it would be quite irksome if verizon didn’t ship phones to its direct customers first

  • FortitudineVincimus

    My 32gb, White from BB also says June 28th. Who knows WTF that really means though

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Why did you go with the 32GB instead of 16 even though there is an SD Slot? Just wondering.

      • SubMatrix

        Why not get 32GB version and throw in a 64GB sdcard for max storage?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Lol. 96GB Drool Worthy!

  • mustbepbs

    I wouldn’t believe this at all. BBY statements hold no water as they’ve proved time and time again over the past year.

    • LionStone

      That’s true…the last time I preordered from BBY, my device came a couple days “earlier” than the announced date 🙂

  • The VZW rep told me July 9th or sooner, If that gives anyone hope!!!

  • Murphy

    This may have been answered but will BBY honor unlimited data?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      According the VZW, I called them 5 minutes ago, they said… yes

      It is all about preordering. Through BB or VZW does not matter they claim, just preorder.

      Many other here have also confirmed they were told this by VZW and BB in other posts.

      I was going to PO no matter what. but since I can use that $50 Phone Freedom on BB and not VZW, I went to BB to preorder as that $50 covered my cost to go from the 16gb to the 32gb.

      • Murphy


        • Silent Majority

          Is the $50 BB credit in addition to the $50 new every two Verizon gives you? Or is it in lieu of the $50 from Verizon?

      • Did you have any discounts on your account? Do you know if Best Buy messes with discounts or does everything stay the same but just extend for two years?