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Microsoft Creates On{X} App For Android, Wants to Automate Your Life

Weirdest title in history, right there. Why on Earth Microsoft has developed an Android-only app is beyond me, but we’ll take it. The app is called On{X} and it aims to automate your life, similarly to what Motorola has done with Smart Actions.

Through On{X}, you get to pick out “rules” using a web portal that then translates everything to an app on your phone. It’s as minimal as it gets, but think of how nice it would be to have your calendar launched every time you arrived at your job. Or what about having your phone start a weather app in the morning only when it’s raining, so that you know how to dress for the day? It’s location, time, and action based.  

The only catch seems to be that you will need to write your own “rules” for the app which requires a bit of coding. There is a whole guide over at the On{X} site to teach you the ways, so I can imagine that most of you will figure it out and create your own amazingness. For those not into learning to write some simple code, there is a community forum that we are assuming will be a way for users to share their different works.

Oh, the other catch would be that it requires you to login to Facebook.


Via:  Play Link | Microsoft

*Note – Yes, this app is like Tasker in a sense, and every other task automation app. Feel free to go grab it. It’s an oldie, but goodie that will run you $6.49. Here is the Play Link to it.

Cheers Brad and Dominick!

  • What people seem to be missing (and if they stopped balking at the Facebook requirement and actually played with the darn thing) is that all these ‘recipes’ are written in JavaScript, something I don’t remember Tasker having the ability to do. Sooo, for anyone who knows how to spin some interesting ‘script, this lets you spin it for automation on your phone. Have fun. Geez.

  • Mei

    Why does it require Facebook login? =.=

    I guess there is still ‘Tasker’ or as some mentioned ‘Remember the Milk’.

  • nalpakj

    This may provide a lot of the same functionality as sometihng like tasker but I think the key to this is the javascript side. I haven’t used Tasker much but I don’t think it intergrates a full scripting engine to determine how its tasks will be triggered or what even they will trigger. From what I’m reading and seeing, onx lets you write JavaScript to take total control of both the event and the task to perform.

  • is this a mobile knockoff of IFTTT?

  • ABitterBuffalo

    Already use this app = AutomateIt. Use it for setting the media volume when turning on Spotify, turning on GPS when opening Maps, turning pff GPS when closing Maps, etc. And I know Tasker does all this too… what is Microsoft up to?

  • I set it up to load spotify when I was driving and it decided the just open it every 15 minutes. So much for their existing recipes

  • RW-1

    Tasker – UI maight be easier here, however Takser does more than this does.

  • Timothy McGovern

    I just made recipe called “poor me another beer when I’m done with this one”. I hope it works. That would save me a lot of time.

  • MrEnglish

    Log in with FB? Ha. Pushaw, when monkeys fly outta my butt. Come here you little anal dwelling simian.

  • GCurry

    login to Facebook? Fail.

  • Carlos


  • Chris

    When calendar shows it’s that time of month for the GF, Launch WatchESPN and Yelp to order take out. On anniversaries, launch AllRecipes and Pandora Marvin Gaye station!

  • ranlil

    Check out the reviews… So far 1.8 stars all due to the Facebook requirement. I’m hoping to get Smart Actions on my Bionic. If not, I’ll go to Tasker

  • Jacobm001

    So is it anywhere near as good as tasker? I’m not liking the idea of logging in with facebook.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Wow. Those ladies were hella fine.

  • theguy


  • Everyone is has a strong foreign accent. This app must be good.

  • New_Guy

    Looks like MS is wising up and jumping on the Android wagon =)…

  • hiimdh

    I can see MS using this to develop their own Siri type of assistant. One that combines the “digital assistant” with Tasker.

  • NorCalGuy

    Only catch seems to be… LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK… nope next app please

    • bogy25

      Good to hear I am not the only one without a facebook account – not even going there….next

      • michael arazan

        C’mon facebook stock, keep plunging! Go out of business already,zuckerberg has already dropped off the billionaire’s list as stocks fall.

  • sahilm

    From what I hear on other sites, this is more like ifttt than tasker. This can do things like if it’s going to rain, send me the weather report.

    • You can get Tasker to do stuff like that, though admittedly it would be a pain in the ass to do…

      • sahilm

        I know you can, but I think a lot of people are saying this is just another Tasker, but it’s really a bit more robust (in certain areas) than that.

    • What is this app? I couldn’t find it in the Market.

      • sahilm

        Ifttt isn’t an app. It’s an online service that does (using an online interface) tasks like On{x} does.

  • So a dumbed down version of Tasker?

  • Just a heads up this requires you to login to Facebook. They do not mention this which I find shady.

  • jdjdjdjdjudufudjej

    nice try microsoft, but your not going to spy on this android user.

  • Dylan Bourque

    Saw this earlier today on a Visual Studio dev blog. Built by MS Israel, they say they built the client for Android because the more relaxed security model is more suited for early prototype applications. :-/

    Regardless of my thoughts on that particular statement, the web site requires logging with with your Facebook profile, so it’s a non-starter for me.


    • I think it’s *HILARIOUS* that Microsoft came up with an automation idea and had to prototype it in Android because it was too hard to get them to figure out how to do it in Windows Phone first…

      (and I don’t think Android’s model is so “relaxed” to be any worse than whatever the Windows model is. Android’s got sandboxing out the wazoo. I think the Windows dev environment must just be a bear. Good luck selling that to app developers! (I guess MS is OK being the only app developer… It’s like .NET, but small))

  • wat.

    Wait…Isn’t this totally like Tasker?

  • lol. I love the “Tasker” comments that have popped up already. Why does Droid Life seem to ignore Tasker? DL drooled over “Smart” Actions (did I misplace the quote?). Now they drool over this. No acknowledgment that these are all OLD ideas…

    • Tasker is years old, are we supposed to talk about it every time a new task app comes out? Just sharing the new talk of the town with this app, nothing more.

      • r0lct

        Yes, while I am a huge tasker fan I also enjoy seeing what’s new as the interface isn’t for everyone, especially non-tech people.

        • Yes, and the On{X} JavaScript interface will be a big hit with non-tech people. :-p

          • r0lct

            I was assuming if kellex bothered to review it had a good interface. If it doesn’t that’s a waste of time

          • Even Kellex says above in the post, “The only catch seems to be that you will need to write your own ‘rules’ for the app which requires a bit of coding… For those not into learning to write some simple code, there is a
            community forum that we are assuming will be a way for users to share
            their different works.” Also, as described above and elsewhere, you do all of this coding on a remote interface. The generated rules are then transmitted to your phone. You don’t actually generate them on your phone.

            As Microsoft has said, this project was just meant to be a prototype for something they actually intended for Windows Phone (which might have a better interface that lets you do things without the coding-by-remote). So I don’t really think you could count this as production quality. Support for it will probably be dropped pretty quickly once the dev team starts working full time on the Windows Phone version.

      • Just felt like it needed an ack. That’s all.

  • I would actually use this, but only until Smart Actions comes out for the Bionic.

  • Tasker?

  • Tasker?

  • rals

    Possible Data Collection?

  • Is there any significant difference between this and Tasker?

    • icefreez

      Ya.. read the reviews on the app. This requires access to facebook and makes you use facebook to login.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Pay attention… all over the web this nasty requirement is becoming the norm more and more. I cant post on some blogs I use to since they made their login system tied to some sort of social networking account.. mostly FB. Ugh!

        • Don’t worry, no Facebook comment system ever coming here. 🙂

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            “Liked” your comment on Facebook. Lol

        • sirmeili

          I agree. I’ve noticed the same thing. I often email the site/app owner and tell them I won’t be using their site/app until they give me a better option, preferably a site specific login.

      • Facebook login? Microsoft? That’s some crazy Sh&*. no live.com or so.cl?? crazy.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      That the great evil MS made it.. support Tasker!

    • jjrudey

      This doesn’t cost $6.49