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Verizon’s Latest Double Data Promo Ends June 5, the Day Before You Can Pre-order the Galaxy SIII

According to info we received from friends of ours at Verizon, their newest Double Data promotion will end tomorrow, June 5. If you are wondering about the timing, consider the fact that the Samsung Galaxy SIII goes up for pre-order the following day, June 6. The last date we were given pegged June 3 as the end of the promo, but apparently VZW was giving you an extra couple of days to get in on the deal.

From June 6 going forward, you will only get 2GB of data for $30 rather than the 4GB for $30 that new customers are currently enjoying. 

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  • chrissands

    Thinking about switching to the 4GB plan for replacing my Unlimited plan — if they take away my unlimited at least ill have 4GB instead of 2GB.

  • Tyler Cameron

    One has to wonder why Verizon won’t keep this deal – it puts them at an advantage and allows them to advertise “We give you double the data every other carrier offers for the same price!” or something like that. They need to switch to speed tiers. Data is an infinite resource, bandwidth is not.

  • tcb

    i work for verizon and its definately ending june 6, if you want to keep your data you will have to upgrade or pre order before then.

  • Rahul

    According to Amazon Wireless, the double data promo ends on June 6th.


  • lovehate

    I almost want to get 10 gig for 50 and get rid of unlimited cause im afraid they’re gonna throttle all the people that are grandfathered in

    • Tyler Cameron

      FCC regulations – under Verizon’s 700MHz block c spectrum deal, they MAY NOT throttle LTE data.

  • S2556

    I get 6gb for $30!

  • What happens if you buy off contract?

    • chris125

      you keep what you currently have.

  • those poll numbers are gonna change after this announcement.

  • sahilm

    What are the chances that this will return in the future? Galaxy Nexus owner, and when I upgrade in a year an a 1/2, I hope I can get a good deal like this.

    • Tyler Cameron

      You’re grandfathered into this deal.

      • sahilm

        I meant that right now I have an unlimited plan and when I go to tiered, what’s the chance a deal like this will be on. i.e. does Verizon offer data deals like this often?

  • GNex Owner

    Why can’t you just call Verizon up and choose that data plan option now? Was this plan only available to choose when doing a new 2 year contract? With other plans, you can change them at any time, not only during a phone upgrade.

  • ScottyByrd

    I thought double data was for anyone? I got mine when I wasnt a new customer

  • Butters619

    I wish there was solid nationwide carriers besides Verizon and AT&T. It’s like pick which way you want to be screwed.

    • nightscout13

      Sprint is rolling out LTE, that will be good eventually……..And they still have Unlimited 4G Data.

      • Butters619

        Hopefully by the time they have a solid LTE network rolled out they still offer unlimited data. I won’t hop over to them now because going from LTE to Sprint’s 3G is just too painful.

        • by the time sprints get 100 % 4g, everyone else will be on 6g lol

          • No one is offering 3g. The most be offered is 3.5g.

      • michael arazan

        Sprint will start to roll out their true LTE in 2013 they publicly said, didn’t give dates just in 2013.

    • Guest

      > solid nationwide carriers besides Verizon and AT&T.

      Solid? AT&T?

      You do know that AT&T is always rated “worst carrier in the country” year after year.
      You do know that AT&T has 90% *FEWER* 4G cell towers than Verizon.

      • Butters619

        Still beats the pants off Sprint and T-Mo (except some areas where T-Mo really shines and kicks ass).

  • EC8CH
    • John

      whoa. image thumbnails work again? sweet.

  • Love the tech/manufacturers , hate the prices/carriers. Bunch of greedy f*ckers

  • Jigga_Z

    So that means people who want double data and the GS3 should just get a phone before then, then return it for the GS3, right?

    • kretz7

      Couldn’t you just extend your contract without using your upgrade and wait to buy the GS3?

      • nightscout13

        No, extension of contract requires phone subsidy, otherwise you pay month-to-month. Someone correct me if i’m wrong.

        • Guest

          What if you already like your current phone?

          You’ve got that exactly backwards.
          You *NEVER* have to “get a different phone” just to “extend your contract”.
          You *ALWAYS* have to “extend your contract” to “get a different phone”.

          • nightscout13

            It’s the same thing… are you retarded? If your contract is up, what happens is that you go on a month-to-month rate, which is the same as your last contract monthly rate was.

    • Butters619

      I wonder if that would work. Since technically you are signing the contract before the end date. Just “replacing” the hardware.

    • Should work, yeah. Just return whatever phone you bought and then try to pre-order. Might have to do that through a store though.

  • nightscout13

    Uh Oh…… Might Verizon also prevent Grandfathered Data before release of SGS3 ???