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Motorola XOOM 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolls Out Today to Testers

Verizon confirmed to us on Friday that the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) update for their version of the Motorola XOOM would start to roll out today. Has it yet? No, but it will shortly to testers and another small batch of lucky XOOM owners. Below, we have a note from Motorola that mentions to testers the rollout schedule:

We’re testing final software. A group of some thousands of Xoom owners will receive the software upgrade. But only a portion of that group is made up of owners like you, from the Motorola Feedback Network. It’s your feedback that we rely on in evaluating if our software is ready.

So for the rest of us not in the testing program or the lucky first thousand, it could be a few days. These tests usually run for a couple of days and then all parties involved decide if it’s good to push to everyone. If you do not see the update today, try to hold it together. These things take time.

Cheers J, J, J and S!

  • Joe

    My Xoom just updated to ICS today!

  • Jason Howell

    I have two Xooms, both purchase the day after they were released. As of Tuesday 6/5/2012 @ 3:30 PM CDT, neither has been able to update to ICS.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I posted another solution to updating to this patch without the use of a USB cable. DL has not updated their instructions but if you look in the comments you will find my post:

  • Adam

    Ugh, I got the xoom the day it came out. I’ve been waiting too damn long for an update.

    • Same here. Over this crap.

      • michael arazan

        I’ve been debating getting a xoom off ebay that is wifi. Does the wifi versions of xoom get their updates straight from google?

        • Jason Howell


    • Jen

      Me too. And today has pretty much driven me batty. I am sure in a few days there will be another reason I don’t have ICS and they will push it back to December. I want ice cream!

      • completely agree. The people doing the soak test are saying everything is working fine. Google even posted the update to bypass verizon’s rediculous time tables for their “staged rollouts” because it’s making their software look bad. If you have the OTG dongle cable, you can download the update here.


        I unfortunately don’t have one, and it wouldn’t work even if I did because the USB port on my xoom was broken since i’ve had it.

  • picaso86

    Wow! after how many months?

  • How about the RazR? I want to get ICS before that stupid Galaxy Siii gets it!

  • vonbane

    My update is downloading now…

    • Are you part of the testers group? also, what is your general location and when did you purchase your xoom?

  • NAM37

    My update is downloading now…

    • are you part of the tester group?

      • NAM37

        Yup. It just got done installing. Very smooth so far.

        • jealous. they posted the file on this site, but I don’t have a dongle so I can’t even install it. I’m about to start killing small animals lol.

          • Jackson

            I actually lmaoed after reading that lol.
            So funny

  • b3ast1

    And this is the reason why I will only buy Google products from the play store from now on. At least that way when an update comes out there is no one in the way of screwing with my update. The Xoom WiFi received ICS in December, and 6 months later it is coming to the 3G/ 4G version????? WTH Verizon?????

    • Charles

      That’s a nice theory, but you will still get screwed out of updates. Sincerely, a G-Nex owner.

      • Actually not the play store is the GSM variant and was updated a lot faster. The VZW GNex is not available direct from Google.

  • mcdonsco

    …And Xyboard…

    • mbaldwin85

      Lol @ xyboard

      • mcdonsco

        I’ve tried EVERYTHING.

        I was an early iPad adopter, had the first 64GB 3G model as soon as I could get it. Then android started becoming a decent player in tablets…Started thinking about Android tabs when the xoom first hit, but couldn’t justify the cost to get essentially the same hardware (size, speed, storage etc) in a different software platform. So I waited for something much better in android to replace the iPad.

        ASUS TF Prime came along…I pre-ordered from OD & BB, figuring which ever comes in first, I’ll cancel the other order. Then while waiting I called Frys one day, they had a few in stock; grabbed it quick! Wifi SUCKED ASS! BB one came in a few days later, I knew i was returning the Fry’s one cause wifi sucked and now I could see if it was that particular unit or the entire line by picking up the one I had ordered from BB, picked it up – SAME THING…wifi was just horrible.

        Otherwise, a FANTASTIC tablet (too bad they f’d up the wifi so bad).

        Since then, I’ve been DETERMINED to get off of iPad and get onto a droid tablet. Tried the Samsungs, ehh…decent but didn’t hold my interest. Tried some others friends had… nah, too big, too slow, too clunky…something always wasn’t quite right with them; so…

        Being a Motorola droid fan (sorry if you don’t care for them, but their droid line has been AMAZING since day one – build quality etc is WAY past everyone else including HTC & Samsung) I decided to try it out and ordered it online (a 10.1 and 8.2 – specifically told the sales guy “if you had them in stores I wouldn’t have to order both and return one to know which I want” – he laughed and processed the order.

        I ended up keeping the 8.2

        -Fits in my back pocket (believe it or not, this is WAY useful for me)
        -Size is perfect, my iPad was just too big, and the 7″ tabs are only slightly larger than my razr maxx (fine, much larger, but still…small’ish) so what’s the point?

        8.2 is about perfect in size

        -Dead reliable
        -Solid construction and takes spills/rain etc (which where I live is important) without a problem
        -Also, the rubberized back plane edges are PERFECT for standing it up in landscape to watch a movie, the sides grip whatever you lean it on
        -Due to build quality, gorilla glass, rubberized edges, water coating etc…no need for a case (though it came with a free one similar to the iPads)
        -iR (I use this a lot)
        -Motoprint (I print from it a lot)
        -Motocast (syncs music, videos, docs and allows me to remotely browse my home computers from anywhere)

        The damn thing just works, it’s right in line with the thinnest tabs out there, just as powerful (albeit no quad-core, but with my use I would NEVER notice the difference, I don’t use a freakin’ tablet for gaming…come on).

        I hate the name “xyboard” – dumbest name ever, but love the device and within the next 2-3 months or so, per Motorola I should be getting ICS on it…even better! Power/volume button placement does stink though…I’ll give haters that.

        I don’t get the moto haters out there, I’ve owned devices from all other major manufactures (Samsung, HTC, LG etc) and NONE come close to the quality of the Motorola products. I think haters just despise Motorola’s consistency.

        …(and by the way, if anyone from Discuss or Droid-life is reading this post, it would be REALLY FREAKING NICE if Discuss acknowledged the damn enter button and space bar for carriage returns!!! This is getting ANNOYING!!!

  • That’s great that they take time. you know what else would be great? If verizon didn’t say June 4th in their press release as if it were the definitive date. Explaining the Roll out period would probably have been a much more responsible gesture.

  • No hurry. I have been using CM9 on my Xoom 4G LTE for months and don’t expect my carrier to push anything better.

  • Angryunibrow

    Will forcing the update like on the Nexus work for the Xoom?

    • Probably worth a try.

      • Didn’t work….

        • mbaldwin85

          Tried a million times. Nothing

          • mcdonsco

            Seriously, you have a freakin’ xoom and you’re raggin’ on me for having a xyboard? Name aside, the xyboard is an UPGRADE from your xoom buddy.

          • mbaldwin85

            Someone needs to relax. I was only ragging on the name like everyone else has since day 1. I actually wish my xoom was a light as the Xyboard.

            Anyways still no update and I used to have one of those cables but like everything else thats small, it gets lost when you move.

  • Kenneth

    I’m not sure I can hold it together. Waiting for these updates is about to drive me stark raving mad!!!

  • Ahhhhh. I’m so hungry for some Sandwich. I ordered my dessert a long time ago…