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Download: Motorola XOOM 4G Android 4.0.4 IMM76L Update

Here is the official file, straight from Google. As you can see, the build has changed to IMM76L. 

Download:  IMM76L-from-HLK75H.2a903016.zip


*Instructions require a USB host cable (like this) and USB drive/stick.
* You will also need to be on Android build HLK75H

1.  Download the file from above and drop it on a USB stick or SD card that can be put in a USB Stick.
2.  Turn your XOOM off.
3.  When you power it back on, tap Volume Down at the red M logo until it says:

–> Android Recovery

4.  Tap Volume Up to enter recovery mode.
5.  At the green Android logo, press Power and Volume Up.
6.  Plug in your USB drive to a USB host cable and then into your XOOM.
7.  Scroll down to “apply update from USB drive” and select it with Power.
8.  Scroll down to the .zip update file from above and use Power to select it.
9.  Your XOOM will now update.

*Note – If you know another method for manually updating, please let us know in the comments.

Cheers Justin!

  • oudeh528

    hey guys i have question.
    mine it download the update and restart to install but in middle of installation it give me droid error icon, i tried to do it throw USB stick as instructed but same thing, i wont mind keeping the 3.2.6 software except the Google apps don’t work and i cannot sync my gmail account so no market as well what yall advise

  • siva srinivas kolukula

    How about xoom 3G ics update? I did this many times, no update till now?:(

  • Paul Ruo

    Installing now! Thanks for the help!!!

  • Take a good look gang; we waited, and waited…. waited some more, watched the XOOM Wi-Fi get dessert first, but now…… We have it! Who’s happy? Because my XOOM 4G on ICS is a monster. Love it.

  • Chris

    Ok, not gonna lie here I was very skeptical of the Google Services Framework method, especially after trying it a couple times on 2 separate days. However after reading comments yesterday I tried again. I lost count after 10 tries, was almost not even looking at my Xoom and robo tapping while watching Heat/Celts, then there it was! Think I got it on try 13. ICS is now running nicely. Finally got to install Chrome and folder-up my stuff, gosh the desktop was ugly before cuz I simply don’t like digging in the App drawer…A-Z is just.too.much.work! …Also, it shaved 45 seconds off boot time, down to 1:35 from 2:20(encrypted).

  • gfacekilla01

    @1bfa51fa126ca1d33075dc1c153c1264:disqus Your knowledge is immense. I thank you for the information.


    Wow just tried the Google Services Framework trick and it only took 3 times now I’m installing ICS right now!!! this is definitely the way to do it!!!

  • Mike

    Installed as per instructions, now 4G doesn’t work – Anyone had this problem? Everything else (WIFI etc…) seems fine

  • coolbreeze83

    the settings—>manage apps–>select all–>Google Framework trick worked! It took me 8 times but it finally came through…downloading via the 4G network!…thanks for the tip

    • campsite

      Do I have to be on a certain build for this to work?

  • Rand Nix

    Awesome! Worked like a charm! Very happy with update!! Thanks.

  • kurama

    Any 3g xoom owners getting the update yet?

  • Ant R

    Still can’t take a screenshot?

  • WazzuCougar02

    Just a heads up…worked the first time for me even though others have had to try multiple times…..

    I’m not going to take credit for these instructions, but they have been floating around the Interwebs for a while now.

    Step 1. goto settings, manage applications, select all and find Google Services Framework.

    Step 2. Clear all data and force stop.

    Step 3. Check for updates .

    You may have to do this 3 or more times in a row, but it seems to work.

    I just got ICS by doing this today!!!

    Good luck and have fun

    Got it from here: http://forums.androidcentral.com/motorola-xoom/178386-how-force-ics-update-vzw.html

    Currently downloading on my xoom now….106.2mb’s!!!

    • Thank you very much, I am downloading it now! Thank you!

    • That little trick worked for me. I’m running ICS now. Thanks for the post

    • Jwhap

      Okay…..I have to admit, I totally thought this was not going to work. It took 5 times but it did eventually pull it.

      Thanks for this!

      • Wazzucougar02

        I had the same thought…no way this is going to work…

    • Xoom-Xoom

      Sweetness! My Xoom update status showed “Up to date” but no ICS. I tried this and Xoom updated to ICS on 2nd attempt. Be humble if you want, but I’m giving you BIG KUDOS for posting info here. Thanks!

    • hsamad

      WOW! That worked for me on the 3rd time..Thanks for the info!!

    • Mr. Doc

      Thanks for posting these instructions on how to get Ice Cream Sandwich on my Xoom 4G. It worked and I finally have Ice Cream Sandwich…!!!

    • Josh Schinagle

      Updating right now, thanks for the post!

    • It took 6 tries for me, but it worked! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Very Happy

      This works!! Thank you for the advise. Recommend trying this method to all who want to upgrade to ICS before trying the other methods. Just when you think it is not going to work it does. I reversed the steps of clear data and then force stop and bang got the update!!

    • atar

      Had to do it about 17 times but it worked for me. You are the man. Ics is really smooth.

  • Ant R


  • android4temo

    Can a video please be made of this process? Im a visual guy…. Thanks!

  • Edgar

    I didn’t upgrade my xoom to 4g and I realize that in order to get the ICS you will need the previous updates that were intended for 4g LTE modem…

    • Edgar

      However, I applied the update that says 4g LTE modem only, and the following update (HLK75H) brought back my baseband… I will try and install the ICS update now…

      • Edgar

        Success! Find the HLK75H file here: http://download.peteralfonso.com/stingray flash ur xoom even if you didn’t upgrade to 4G modem, the update after will put back in your baseband… I used the custom rogue-recovery file as mentioned earlier and I applied the ICS I downloaded. Before I was receiving all sorts of errors…

  • Luis Betancourt

    Got the update at 12:15am central time. I had just finished watching a review on the HTC Evo 4G LTE on YouTube and decided to check one last time before going to bed and shazam ICS update was there. I can go to bed a happy camper.

  • just got my official ota update on my xoom! finally!!

    • Matt’s a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • for real no joke got it last night at 11pm central time

        • lrcasey

          Mine is loading right now as well!

  • andrew

    thanx it worked.

  • Robert D

    can u just put it on a micro SD card and update it from there

  • WillCald

    i cant just connect my xoom to my laptop and install it that way?

  • If you get stuck in “Starting Fastboot protocol support.” just be a little more patient … count to 4 before pressing the down arrow on power up.

  • Xcountry

    Jeremy Martin your the man!!! Good work!!! I have ICS now! Big thanks!

  • glenn

    Tip….don’t press the down volume right away…let the Red M display for about 3 seconds and then hit it, you will then see the Android Recovery (and not the fastboot reboot message).
    Hope this helps.

  • Is this for stock and not rooted people?

    • Frank Scotello

      Yes. Works fine on stock. Make sure your USB media is FAT32 and not NTFS formatted prior to copying file.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I just updated mine…what i did was this:

    1. I downloaded the patch to my internal storage (you could probably just use the sdcard as well but i used my internal storage) and renamed it update.zip
    2. adb reboot bootloader
    3. fastboot flash recovery rogue-recovery.img (file name found on xda forums http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1235170)
    4. fastboot reboot
    5. at the M logo i started pressing the down vol key to get into recovery mode. IMPORTANT…DO NOT LET IT BOOT INTO ANDROID OR ELSE CUSTOM RECOVERY WILL BE OVERWROTE AND YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER AT STEP 2!!
    6. When rogue recovery was shown i installed the update.zip from my internal storage.

    I am now using the new ICS 4.0.4 update 🙂 No need for that USB cable idea.

    • Jeremy Martin

      I hope the above helps you as well 🙂

      • IT WORKED!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

        • Jeremy Martin

          Great 😀

        • Jeremy Martin

          Phillip…now that you are in the world of unlocking and flashing you should give Cyanogenmod 9 a whirl.

          • Right On! Is there an issue with the radios though like has been speculated?

          • Jeremy Martin

            Not sure what you mean. However i dont use the LTE feature of my xoom as i only use wifi. i still have unlimited data on my phone so i wifi tether it. However my radio does find my CDMA/LTE network as Verizon Wireless and i have no issues with my wifi connection.

          • ahh. yea my company pays for mine so it has the LTE radios on it. I was reading on XDA that the Roms use hacked kernals for the radios that tend to drop the connection. I’m not an expert so I have no idea as to the validity of those claims, but it’s enough to steer me away due to the fact that I rely on it.

    • Thanks for this! I’m a bit confused about the flashboot though. I have the drivers and the adb bootloader… so what do I do after that? I get that I have to fastboot and use adb, but are those commands you listed? Sorry for the newbie questions but it’s a company xoom so I’ve never fiddled with adb, flash recovery or anything. I was waiting for the OTA just for that reason, but I’m absolutely fed up with verizon so any clarification you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

      • Jeremy Martin

        No problem 🙂
        This all assumes you are unlocked. If you are not unlocked then you need to boot to the boot loader and run “fastboot oem unlock”. Google this as this is as good as a factory reset once you do it.

        If you are already unlocked:
        “adb reboot bootloader” is done to get into the boot loader.
        “fastboot flash recovery rouge-recovery.img” I renamed my file i downloaded from the link above so i could have something easier to type. However this will flash a custom recovery.
        “fastboot reboot” this will get you out of fastboot mode and reboot your xoom. You want to start hitting the down volume key as mentioned in the topic so you can enter recovery mode. If you let it go into honeycomb android it will overwrite your custom recovery so you will have to start over again.
        “updating from rogue recovery” is something that you will need to google for. Its pretty simple but if you are new it might not be as simple as it sounds to me. However dont fear its nothing difficult 🙂

        Does this answer your question?

        • thanks again so much for walking me through this. You have answered my questions. The only question I have now is that I’ve read that the unlock will wipe my device. Is this true? Not a big deal if it is, I just need to make sure I prepare myself before running into this like Leeroy Jenkis :p

          • oh, and I have just 1 more little question. the fastboot flash… I’m assuming I have to download that and place it on my micro-sd card in order for that command to work?

            Thanks Again!

          • Jeremy Martin

            Unlock will wipe that is correct. As for files flashed with fastboot…the files
            should be put in whatever directory you have the android sdk platform-tools folder in on your computer.

          • Got it. I just caught that you said it was as good as a factory reset, my bad for power reading :p. and right on, I have all the tools copied to my tools folder, so I’ll just copy the fastboot files there. Thanks Again!

    • Totally worked for me! Thanks!

      • Jeremy Martin


    • Jackson

      Question I downloaded that link and did what you said and now I am on the boot up screen for cyanogen Mod 9?

      • Jackson

        Never mind I think it was accidently renaiming the wrong file lol

        • Jackson

          Realized that I rooted on accident lmao.

          • Jeremy Martin

            🙂 glad it worked

          • Jackson

            Yep running smooth

    • Jackson

      Worked great lol

    • campsite

      How would I do this I’m still on build HLK75D. It wont update???

  • win

    works great. Best cable I have ever bought. I normally use it to charge my phone, but this is so much better!!

  • I wish I was at home near mine, to see if I can just dowlnoad it, or if I will have to wait, unless I can use my SD card to update it.

  • which end of the cable is necessary? the smaller one or the big one?

  • Can the update be applied if a standard USB cable is used with debugging turned on? I can access my SD card when I plug in with USB debugging. It be nice if I could drop the update on my SD card and install update from SD card……. if possible.

    • Not that I’m complaining… i’m grateful the community stepped in and posted this to bypass verizon’s rediculous month long process… But I’m not sure how many people have the OTG cable compared to a spare micro SD card they can use for the update. I’m just frustrated. after months and months of waiting, the only solution that has been posted is unfortunately a road block for me.

  • Trevor

    Should us Nexus users start complaining since IMM76L is clearly newer than IMM76K? Just kidding…

  • So when is ICS being pushed for build HTK75D (3G)?

    • Edgar

      I forced update my 3G xoom to 4G xoom software and I was able to install the update. I don’t use the 3G on mines, however I can see the baseband shows up… So hopefully that works for future use…

  • SynnerSam

    installing now…man that was fast !

  • Why does my xoom hate me? Broken USB port, no OTA update. FML

  • crownedchild

    Does clearing the Google Services Framework help force the update, as it did with the GNex?

    • Didn’t work for me.

      • The update is only going out to member of the MFN Motorola Feedback network. A general release will be available probably later this week.

        • n900mixalot

          Ive been a member and nothing yet so I am not sure that is the case.

        • Luis Betancourt

          Wasnt that what the soak test was for?

  • steveliv

    Play Store is telling me that the Chrome Beta isn’t compatible..Anyone having the same issue?

    • steveliv

      Pushed the installation from the browser based store and it installed.

      • steveliv

        no lag on swype keyboard!

        • Installed Chrome without issue from the device. It was the first thing i installed. Does Google+ lag like hell on yours though with the swype KB. On my Gnex i cannot reply to messages using swype it is so bad i cget about 10 words ahead of it.

  • Kolin Shapiro

    would this work with the ZOOM family edition?

    • steveliv

      i believe the xoom family edition is wifi only and that update is already available…

      • Ben Taylor

        My understanding was that the family edition was part of the xoom 2 club, and therefore not eligible for this specific package.

  • I’m doing it now. As long as you have the correct version on your 3G/4G tablet, and the external connectors required, the steps are self explanatory. Easy as pie!

  • My USB port doesn’t even function, nevermind not having a dongle lol. Anyway to do this from a micro SD card?

  • steveliv

    i joined the moto forums soak test earlier, and just got the update…here we go!

  • jjooeey

    I dont understand the instructions do i plug my xoom into my computer while the usb stick with the file is also connected to my computer?

    • This is a USB host cable – http://www.amazon.com/Electronics-Micro-USB-Host-Cable/dp/B005GGBYJ4

      You can plug in a USB storage stick into it and then to your XOOM.

      • jjooeey

        can i use that to transfer music and pictures from a usb stick to my xoom also, like anytime?

        • I’m pretty sure you can. They are nice to have around, especially for updates.

      • feztheforeigner

        Is it possible to use an SD card in the same way? As in can I use the above instructions but with an SD card rather than a “USB stick”?

    • Ricky

      I agree why not just do it from the SD card slot?

  • Running AOKP and not sure if I should install this or not.

    I guess I could always use the AOKP backup – I just don’t want to deal with re-synching all my kindle books and other apps all over again .. sigh.

    • NorCalGuy

      No point you are already running this if anything you will lose features by going stock… ie no more root…

  • Just tried installing from USB. Failed.

  • Ricky

    If I remember from past installs it wasn’t that hard, just dump it on your SD card or something along those lines.

  • Ricky

    Excellent work DL, that was fast.

  • vonbane

    Just checked for update on my Xoom and it was there, installing now…

    • jjooeey

      damn i didnt get it on my xoom 🙁

    • Xoom$GLTEICS

      Mine too Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • n900mixalot


      • Rocketjrb


  • Knlegend1

    Razr update where are you?

    • n900mixalot

      Please don’t take this the wrong way but would you mind letting us have our moment? The Razr came out way later and your time is coming, just back the hell off for now.

      • Knlegend1

        Lol really how else am I going to take that? Its just a statement which holds no power in Moto. Razr update where are you?

        • n900mixalot

          Well … sigh … as much as I hate to taint this joyous occasion … I should expect no less from someone who buys a Razr after what Motorola did with the Droid X and Droids 2+. At least with the OG Xoom, there was no forewarning for us that Motorola, nee Verizon, would play such dirty pool, so it’s kind of your fault for falling into Motorola’s and Verizon’s blurry-assed Droid line trap. A blind bat in daylight could have seen that delay coming, so good luck with that one because it isnt coming for a while and you should know that. Quit being a hater/debbie downer and let some people enjoy their Xooms. Yes, I mad bro.

  • jjooeey

    I wonder how hard it is to install this