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Google Wallet and Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Play Nice After 4.0.4 Update?

After updating to Android 4.0.4 on his Verizon-powered Galaxy Nexus, one of our readers noticed that Google Wallet was popping up as being compatible. As many of you know, Verizon told Google that they would rather Wallet was not made available to the G-Nex at launch as it was looked at differently than other apps, which most of us took to mean, “We have our own NFC payment system on the way, please block your own.”

So we aren’t sure if 4.0.4 and this newly found compatibility is Google’s way of saying, “Piss off,” or if Verizon has given it the thumbs up. Either way, we pulled up the listing in the Play store and it also showed that our VZW Nexus (100% stock) was compatible. It installed without issue and even allowed us to re-add our previous card and balance.

Feel free to check for yourself and let us know.

Update: Β The first batch of comments are leading us to believe that this may not be the case for everyone. What’s odd is that both myself and our reader are as stock as it gets (I’m not even rooted at the moment) and it installed without issue. Continue to let us know in the comments what your outcome is.

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Cheers dragon19104!

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  • I had the downloadable apk installed prior and today I went to the Google Play web store and it showed as compatible. I installed it, and so far so good. My card shows up, balance, and offers.

  • k

    works fine on mine

  • mine is now listed as compatible ( already had it installed before the 4.0.4 upate and also forced the ota using DLs instructions )

  • MrWicket

    I had previously done the market/back method but never used it. I uninstalled and went to the play store (web) and it showed being installed, so I clicked installed and it let me finish installing it. seems like lots of different results from all of us with different variables.. wonder what the official word is.

  • mine says unsupported device across the top.. used it plenty of times before I updated to 4.0.4

  • D.C.

    BUT, the update now asks for SuperUser access and shows the balance of the Google Prepaid Card as “unavailable” and “Cannot contact bank”

  • D.C.

    I’m on the IMM30B leak of ICS 4.0.4 and previously installed Wallet via the Market/back method. Wallet doesn’t show in the Play Store, either from my Galaxy Nexus or online. The direct link did offer an update, which installed normally.

  • When i forced the update weeks ago and stayed stock there was an update that it would not let me get. Recently though it did allow it. I am willing to bet Google threw a big middle finger at VZW.

  • Wallet would not install for me post update

  • MttFrog13

    It’s working perfectly for me. I was able to pull it up on my computer browser and install it to my phone. It didn’t come up if I tried searching from the play store app. Installing from the browser worked like a charm. I am completely stock, not rooted, with the OTA 4.0.4 update.
    UPDATE: After getting it installed, it seems like the google wallet service is down. It won’t let me add the prepaid cards or my credit cards. It says citi, or “prepaid is unavailable”. The service is probably just down momentarily while google prepares for the rollout.


    • I am having the same issue where it is saying that Citi is unavailable. Has your connectivity been resolved yet?

      • MttFrog13

        Still doesn’t work for me. I actually have a wild conspiracy theory that somehow with the 4.0.4 update Verizon/Samsung disabled the nfc chip or broke whatever that security feature is in the nfc chip that is required to use Google wallet.
        UPDATE: Looks like it was just down, but now it’s back up and working perfectly.

  • Fernando Montenegro
  • Aaron

    I was able to add through the market website again, but now I get messages saying that prepaid is unavailable again (I had a balance of a couple bucks before I updated and re-installed). Anyone else having issues?

  • Jake Lackey

    Doesn’t work with my rooted Gnex from Verizon.

  • Alex

    I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I found a Galaxy Nexus and it is locked. I am trying to restore it to factory settings but I can’t do that since it’s not rooted and putting it in recovery mode doesn’t give me any options. Anybody know what I could do?

  • Tony Allen

    Not working here either. I got it sideloaded though the same way I did on my T-Mo Nexus S.

  • Stock, unrooted. Browser trick didn’t work, and now this doesn’t work. Lists device as Verizon Nexus and incompatible. :/

  • David Cohen

    Hm I’m on AOKP the newest milestone and it works now. I had it installed before, but after reflashing a rom it went away. Not sure if that makes a dif. I just updated the app through the website.

  • theraskell

    Not compatible with any of my devices πŸ™

  • CrackerJack

    I was able to install it but I still get the stupid “Unsupported device” banner across the app because I’m rooted. Verizon was supposed to come out with Isis last month but I have not heard anything about it.

  • Randy Rowland

    Got it to download but when I go to launch it on the phone I get, “Not supported – Unfortunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device / carrier.”

  • Randy Rowland

    I got mine thru the Play website but in the drop down box it doesn’t show my Nexus as a Verizon one. Just says Samsung Galaxy Nexus but I have been on WiFi for the past two months and also when I download it.

  • no compatibility for me , running AOKP B37….. AHHHHH


    Oh, i guess “El Goog” is blocking it again.. compatibility is now gone πŸ™


    Never rooted or anything. Just updated today and even though i had it already installed..maybe it installed a new one.. says its compatible and i installed.. works amazing! πŸ™‚


      or maybe not.. clicked install.. but nothing happened.. still doesn’t show up in app list or “installed” section.. i have the apk released from a little while ago installed.. might be why..but online it says compatible.

  • Jonathan Berry

    I already had it installed using the previous trick with the web store on the phone, but the Play store on my computer is now showing it as compatible. I forget what it showed before the update.

  • alpine2g

    play link worked for me, akop milestone 5 rom. No more annoying pop up!

  • I already had it on my Gnex and it still works fine… But it doesn’t show up in the Play store at all for me, nor is it listed under “my apps”.

    Play store online shows:

    This app is incompatible with all of your devices.
    Samsung Galaxy NexusYou have not opened the Google Play Store app recently on this device. Please open it and try again.”

  • This was one of the first things I tried. First time I checked, it was still unavailable on my device. Then, I decided to stop the Play Store, clear cache and data, and restart. Lo and behold, it worked. I’m stock (locked and unrooted).

  • alphanu22
    • fvqu

      Sorry to have to tell you this, but the issue you are experiencing is unfixable. The app is entirely useless unless you buy a new phone.

      • MrEnglish

        Bollocks. Uninstall and use the other method provided by DL previously. I had the same issue.

        • fvqu


          • MrEnglish
          • fvqu

            I have no idea what issue you thought I was referring to, but that does not appear to be the same thing, I was talking about the secure_element bug, which seems to be the issue that the guy above is having, and yes it is unfixable. Either that or you provided the wrong link.

          • MrEnglish

            Stuck on blue screen saying “initializing”. Which by the way, mine is no longer stuck on. After repeated wifi and 4g attempts, I went from the stuck blue screen into the account authorization and now have my $10 dollar G-card available. As for the link, it was to install the wallet if you could not get it done right by just going into the market directly. It was the only thing that worked for me. I hope I’m responding to the right dude from above and if I’ve put all this into anything but the “stuck on initialization screen’ then very sorry.

          • Jwhap

            I logged into Google voice and this screen went away. Apo still screams for su permissions and I still get device not compatibile warning, but app still works confirmed at Walgreens.

          • MrEnglish

            End result is that it works, so alls well! Funny that wallet won’t show on my phone market but shows on my desktop market and says it is compatible. Oh well, details be damned, it’s installed and working. πŸ™‚

          • alphanu22

            Wallet Works, once again-

          • michael arazan

            Google market in browser works again for me showing installed again, running stock 4.0.4, never rooted or anything. Nice to see it back and showing it is compatable again even though I had installed, it still says “install” even though I already have it.

    • MrEnglish

      In the midst of replying and trying to find the link to get the wallet working when it wasn’t supposed to, I tried moving past the blue screen again and actually was able to fully restore the wallet app on my 4.04, just switched to 4g and tried again and it went through the second time. No clue why, but it works now. So maybe try that and let push through.

      • 4n1m4L

        It’s really slow but it works. I had to call a google up and give up with them for my google wallet started working

    • alphanu22

      here is a lil update: my Wallet Works, i found a way to get in my self. Unfortunately the Card System part of it is down, i just called them-


      what i did was put my Nexus into Airplane Mode, turned on the wifi, clicked on Wallet, it says its not available in my country blah blah, took it off Airplane Mode, waited till i got service and im still on wifi and boom sign in screen-

  • TheDave1022

    Finally works for me. AOKP N37

  • ufmd

    Forced 4.04, wallet showed
    up, downloaded fine. Unlocked

  • MrEnglish

    100% stock here….. Remove google account from phone. Set up google account on phone again, refresh store, device now shows up and google wallet installs.

  • Works for me, rooted on AOKP b37

  • Brendan Heckman

    I can directly download it now. Im on a custom ROM running 4.0.4. It doesnt recognize my phone as a “Verizon” Galaxy Nexus. It doesnt mention a carrier at all

  • Christian

    It seems like this is only true for people who have previously installed Google Wallet through a different method such as sideloading the APK.

  • Kerry Davies

    Worked for me and let me update it!

  • weird…now all of a sudden it shows “compatible” on the online play store, and says already installed on my nexus..but still does not show up on Installed apps list on phone app. Only on ALL apps. Maybe after next update it will move over to the Installed drop down list. I think opening Google Talk and signing out of it did something. Who knows..this is just all strange!

  • For some reason, I don’t have a “Verizon” coupled with my phone in the dropdown menu on the Play Store.

  • Mark

    After reading this article, and updating to 4.04 last night. I decided to check my Google Wallet and it stated I have an update in Google Play. So I update my Google Wallet, everything is working fine!!!!!!!

  • Sean Stone

    Checked through the play store on my phone, didn’t show up. Checked online, showed up and let me install it with no issues. I’m using AOKP b37. I’ve check recently actually, and it wouldn’t work, and now it does. I’m thinking it may not be the OTA update, but that VZW may have finally changed their stance?

  • Nogo for me, fully stock and took the OTA.

  • baldypal

    Worked for me online but not in play store on nexus and I’m running stock locked unrooted with OTA 4.0.4.

  • Helen Read

    Play Store was claiming that I had no devices after I did the force update to 4.0.4 today. I finally got that straightened out by signing into Google Talk on my phone. The Play Store now at least recognizes my GNex, but it still says that Google Wallet is not compatible.

  • chris

    installed with the apk way back when, i am 100% stock etc, I have got the ota update, wallet still works, but does not show up in playstore or on website???????

  • ddevito

    Was “compatible” and available to install on mine, too bad it will never work again. Bastardos.

  • Tpreludesh

    I got the OTA 4.0.4 update last night and just tried to install wallet with no problem at all. may GNex is stock and not rooted right now as well.

  • William_Morris

    It seems that what I’ve noticed with my G-Nex is that I went the backdoor way to downloading Google Wallet (the internet market method) and when I updated to 4.0.4 the latest update worked on the phone. I suspect that a lot of us who are noticing this success with it working has to do with that primarily.

    Of course, YMMV.

  • Dan Churco

    Got the OTA Update last night, and installed wallet from the Play store today. I’m totally stock, unrooted.

  • Richard Jackson

    I’m running a stock Gnex. I use the browser trick to install my Google Wallet. After checking my phone after getting 4.04 I saw that Google Wallet says update. I updated the app and it appears to work. I will try it out later. I’m not rooted and the banner saying not a supported device is gone.

  • Helen Read

    After doing the force stop / clear data cache / check for updates to get 4.04, the web Play Store now claims that I don’t have any devices. Yet my installed apps show up if I go to the Play Store from my phone. How to fix?

    • gpzbc

      This happened to many people, including me. Here is how I fixed it. I first went into my Apps>Google Play Store and cleared my Data/Cache. Then I rebooted my phone. Then I went into my Accounts & Sync and removed my Google Account, then rebooted my phone, then added my Google Account back. It took a little time for everything to refresh and resync, but now it is all back to normal.

      • Helen Read

        I cleared the data/cache, rebooted the phone, and it was still messed up until I logged into Google Talk. I think it’s OK now.

    • it will eventually re-sync itself and show your device. just download an app using your phone and that will tell the play store to add your device.

  • Graham Wilson

    worked for me! but doesn’t work for my mom! we both have a nexus!

  • mine still says incompatible after the update on the web version. But it’s still functioning properly. I did notice it is no longer in my INSTALLED apps drop down in the play store, but if I swipe my screen to the right to ALL , it’s listed there, and I just applied the update it had. I also check the “automatically apply updates” so it should continue to update. It does not give me the banner that says it is not compatible with my carrier on my phone any longer, fwiw.

  • From what I can tell, if you were able to install Wallet using that browser trick that was going around some time ago, then it will appear as supported in the browser version of the Store, although you won’t be able to get to it using the Store app on the device.

    If you didn’t install it using the browser trick, it remains listed as incompatible.

    • if you have it installed on your phone already, it will be in My Apps>Installed..swipe to right to ALL> listed there…apply updates

      • For some reason I can’t find it that way – I also have hundreds of apps on that list so it’s a pain to scroll through.

        However, what else you can do is go to the Store page for Wallet on your desktop, then Chrome to Phone it over to your device. When it comes through, select to launch it in the Play Store and it will take you to the Wallet app page where you can update it from there.

        • if you ever do find it and apply the update…it brings it to the top of the list. πŸ˜‰

  • it may not be working for some of you because you are running a ROM without an updated fingerprint.. Its not working for me on Gummy but I am testing a build now with an updated fingerprint and will report back.

    • Brendan Heckman

      Im on gummy 1.2.5 for the galaxy nexus and it direct downloaded. didnt even recognize that my phone was from verizon

  • my95z34

    I’m running AOKP and it’s showing incompatable for me.

  • dean2359

    I don’t even see it when I search for it in the market and my xoom finds it but is not compatible

  • Just updated to 404 using the framework reset method and wallet is still not compatible through web or Android Play app.
    unrooted too.

  • ChuckDz3

    I haven’t checked in a while, because I have had a working Google Wallet for quite some time. However I just checked through my PC web browser and it said it WAS compatible with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I’m not sure where this would have been allowed since I have been on 4.0.4 for a while now. So maybe Verizon finally did give the thumbs up?

  • dragon19104

    EDIT: I was the source of the tip.

    I’m stock, non-root as well. I did have an earlier version of Wallet previously installed on my handset via the prior Play Store web site-to-client backtrack method described on DL. Though while on 4.0.2, I could not update Wallet to the latest version. I unlocked my handset’s bootloader last night (causing a full factory reset) in order to install the 4.0.4 update manually. After VZW’s OTA beat me to the punch, I went into the Play Store web site this morning to reinstall Wallet via the backtrack method in hopes that the latest version of Wallet would install on 4.0.4. To my surprise after logging into the Store, Wallet appeared as compatible with my GNEX and was successfully pushed to my handset. Pre-paid card re-provisioning was successful as well.

  • JaySee08

    : Worked for me, but it did take me 3 tries and I restarted my phone too. But I’m finally updated!! πŸ˜€

  • Q

    I updated to the IMM76k a month ago and noticed it says Wallet was compatible through the web store interface. Unfortunatley, when I hit install, It never came through to the device. So I still had to sideload it. No biggie I guess, but it really is annoying how Verizon is blocking this for no reason at all..

    BTW, if anyone needs the latest Google Wallet to sideload.. http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-galaxy-nexus/174268-google-wallet-1-1-r63-v12-may-16th-update.html

    • WF

      Thanks I was able to sideload that file on my stock/locked/unrooted 4.0.4 OTA.

  • While I have it installed via apk, its still not showing in my apps in the play store or searchable via the play store from the phone.

    However, from the play store website it shows as installed and compatible and I was able to send myself the latest version that had not been updated automatically.

    Basically, it looks like its a one way block. Only from the phone’s play store.

    I’m also stock.

  • Alex Mette

    Worked for me. Did it through my phones browser.

  • Matt Gondek

    I’m rooted and already have Wallet from the former workaround, but I did notice my phone doesn’t come up as a VERIZON Samsung Galaxy Nexus, is that a root thing that I never noticed before?

  • Varying success rates with this:
    You can try it though. Scan with Google Goggles : Open with Market

    • This doesn’t work for me anymore :[ So much sad. It worked flawlessly 3-4 months ago.

      The website isn’t letting me have it either.

    • chris

      this worked……………..wow, you the man

    • jwthrush

      This does the same thing the previous market trick did for me. Takes me to the Google Wallet permissions page where the “Accept and Download” button should be, but there’s no button.

      • jwthrush

        Sideloaded the updated app, that didn’t work. Reverted to old app. Got stuck on blue initializing screen. Took a while to get past that, finally readded my gmail. Now the app is just crashing over and over while trying to verify my account with Money Network to readd my prepaid card.

  • brad

    no luck. stock & unrooted. had wallet side-loaded at one point. I don’t know if that affects things.

  • Pedro

    It may be a glitch in android 4.0.4 (I have the unlocked gsm version bought in england) because before I got the 4.0.4 update, I couldn’t install google wallet because it wasn’t available in my country but after I got the new update, I can install it but one I open the app, it shows a message about wallet not yet certified in my country…

  • john

    interestingly, my gnex is no longer showing up in the drop down in the play store AT ALL. wow. that kind of sucks…

    • if you go to you play store go to my apps then swipe screen to the right to ALL, it will show you Wallet and possibly an update.

      • D.C.

        that worked!

    • Same with me. I use Google Apps, and it now says that I have no valid devices or have an apps account that needs to be updated. I’ve used the web store in the past though.

    • Helen Read

      This is happening to a lot of people that did the force update to 4.0.4. I fixed it by going to Settings->Apps->Google Play Store and clearing the Data/Cache, reboot phone, then log into Google Talk.

  • JMG

    Nope. Didn’t work for me either.

  • Just worked for me, rooted, rom is 4.0.4 ParanoidAndroid

  • yomomma7826

    Doesn’t work here either.

  • david g.

    well i already had it installed with that trick we were able to do while back, checked it out and it actually updated my wallet with out issues.

  • cmdub

    nah no luck for me


  • Worked for me. But then I didn’t get the OTA. I downloaded and applied the IMM76K update that showed up on Google’s servers last week. It’s identical to the OTA, so I’m not sure why it worked for me and no one else.

    • This is what I did as well. Sounds like it’s hit or miss for whatever reason.

    • ddevito

      same here

  • Nicholas Tino

    It does seem to say its compatible now. I already had it installed and it said it updated it. But I still get the banner that says “Unsupported Device”… maybe because I’m rooted?

  • yup… mine says it’s compatible with my GNEX

  • Steven Cornea

    ya didn’t work for me, only way I got it is from the work around.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    didn’t work for me

    • Ricardo Rodriguez

      and i’ve always been 100% stocks since day 1

  • Teabling

    Both mine and my wife’s say it’s incompatible.

  • Doesn’t work here. It says not available on my carrier.

  • wickets

    no luck here either

  • Eddie Jr

    No luck for me.

  • Jack Applebaum

    Try it still said not available by this carrier