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Download: Full Android 4.0.4 IMM76K Build for Galaxy Nexus, Flash Over Any ROM

The 4.0.4 update to the Galaxy Nexus is trickling out to users today, however, if you want to run it now and are rooted or running some other custom ROM and not on the upgrade path, we have a file that should get you back on track. Our buddy @P3droid sent over this full IMM76K ROM which is 100% stock, but has been given root/superuser. It includes the new radios, bootloader, and all of the other fun that Google included in 4.0.4, you just don’t have to wait to get it.

For those that are stock and waiting, remember that we have instructions with the official file for you here

Download:  update_imm76k.zip


*Rooted users only.

1.  Download the file to your phone’s storage.
2.  Reboot into recovery and create a backup.
3.  Wipe data and cache. (If on a custom ROM. If on an official build, no need to wipe.)
4.  Flash the file that you downloaded from above.

*Note – I have not personally tested this, so for those that do, be sure to let us know in the comments how the process goes.

Cheers P3!


  • I am on 2.3.3 can I just update directly from that or do I have to update to 2.3.4>2.3.6>4.0.3 then this?

  • James

    Just want to add that I was on 4.0.4 IMM30B and was not getting the OTA Jellybean update no matter what I tried. I thought it just hadn’t been released to my phone yet, but no… I downloaded this file and flashed to IMM76K using the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit and as soon as I had booted up and went into system updates it was already downloading Jellybean. Thanks for this post!!!!

  • Bigsike

    Just wanted to let people know I successfully flashed back to ICS from Jelly Bean using this method. So if you wanted to try out JB go ahead no worries this will bring you right back in case you need to.

  • Eric Aguilar

    yes it worked!! I used Rom Manager, I was getting a red exclamation trying to install the other version. Thank You.

  • Corey Stock

    if i am on IMM30B, and have no root capabilities, will I recieve the OTA?

  • Capt. Willy

    Does this nuke the user data (texts, email accounts, etc.) like a unlock and flash would?

    • Just make a backup. Then experiment at your leisure.

  • i have been running leaked radios on mine, will this update overwrite the radios to the latest version also?

  • Ant

    So i did this…. No wipe. Right over top of my AOKP rom with rootkeeper installed. Worked perfectly. Only thing i lost was my rom. Gained my nfl mobile app back working… Don’t be afraid. Just go for it!

  • Worked great for me, thank you! I did not wipe anything and kept root. I used the voodoo OTA RootKeeper app

  • itheman23

    How I just manually got my stock 4.0.4 OTA update… Went to Apps; Running; Google Framwork Services; Clear Data; About Phone; Check for updates date shows 1969; Check Now; Boom IMM76K is downloading as I share this with you.

  • I was SOOOOOO happy when the update came across the screen of my phone!!! I hope that this fixes the issues that I have had with calls! It is hard to do business on your phone when you lose connection on your side after 2 minutes!

    • JohnPA2006

      Sorry to tell you this but I got the update last night, the 1 way audio drop bug is still occuring. Also this thing is dropping calls more often now, in spots where my old phone never dropped. I sweat this update made things worse.

  • Dan

    So I installed IMM30B through the stock method right when it came out and was troubled by the rumor floating around that we might not get the update to IMM76K. Was trying to decide if i wanted to root (and possibly screw with Gwallet) to revert back to 4.0.2 to be able to update to IMM76K when I checked my phone. I must have got an OTA update while I was asleep because my phone is on IMM76K! Moral of the story, if you’re stock on IMM30B and want the new update, sit tight, it’s probably headed your way.

  • JohnPA2006

    This update just popped up on my phone, took just over 5 minutes to install.
    I was browsing Droid-Life over wifi when it popped up on screen.
    I was like ” INSTALL, INSTALL, HECK YEAH !!!!” Wooo hoo !
    I’ll hope it makes a difference in the phone now.

  • Swizzie

    What is the difference between my baseband being EK05/EK02 and the FC04/FC05 in kellex’s picture?

  • Hm…I tried this out and it appears to have broken my root. I tried reinstalling clockwork and that went fine. I also tried to reinstall su.zip. The icon appears but I’m not having any luck gaining root.

    Suggestions? Anyone else with this issue?

    • nevermind…I updated my su.zip and now it works fine. Stupid me.

  • Updated, did not wipe anything, and kept root, I think because of the RootKeeper app http://bit.ly/JCJHDg

  • fgclolz

    Awesome! Is this rom odexed? Is there a special step we have to take if we have data on Google Wallet?

    • Matthew Harmon

      You must go into the settings of Google Wallet and Rest it. It will remove your active cards. Run the update and then reinstall Google Wallet. I took a back up through CWR before I reset Google wallet and one after and noticed in the back up that it did say it was missing the secure element (which is a good thing). Just reinstall wallet after the update and you should be good to go. I used wallet last night after applying the update.

  • Brandon C.

    Any difference between leaked IMM76K and official update?

  • no

    um…maybe rename the file too full_imm76k.zip …

  • Are people that flashed the leaked IMM30B build a few months ago still getting the IMM76K OTA or do I need to manually flash this one, too? Also, is the Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper app working as advertised for people on this OTA?

  • MikeSaver

    When will mine automatically update? It still hasn’t found any new updates yet.

  • michael o’brien

    Has anybody else been having issues. This new version does not include busybox, and when I try to install it I get a failed message every time. This disables all of the rooted programs and is just giving me fits right now.

  • cjlee89

    IF coming from IMM30B… Make backup, Boot into CWM and Wipe both caches (cache and dalvik cache), flash IMM76K, reboot, flash su.zip, reboot, flash custom kernal if you had one. DONE!

  • kashabrown

    Roman will probably pull whatever is in this K update versus the I that B37 is based upon and add it to B38 or something newer….

  • whenjasonattks

  • Would stock roots get the update?

    • Matthew Harmon

      Stock root should get it if you have the stock recovery.

  • Matt Gondek

    Flashed, so long root. Looks like I have some tinkering to do after work…

  • Everyone who lost root should look at this guide from the first leak of 4.0.4. Hope this helps. http://www.droid-life.com/2012/02/06/how-to-root-android-4-0-4-on-the-galaxy-nexus/

    • Jeff

      Thanks… That solved my loss of root issue…

    • aj

      Thanks. Solved my 3-day mystery

  • Jeff

    I was on IMM30B, so I did a backup as a precaution. I then flashed IMM76K right over the top of it, no data wipe, and it worked. I did lose root, so I rebooted into recovery and re-flashed su.zip, and all seems well. Still tinkering around to make sure everything is working, but I haven’t found any issues yet. So far it appears as though you don’t have to reset before upgrading from IMM30B to IMM76K.

    • michael o’brien

      I am going to try that…hopefully it works…my phone didnt act like it lost root…I just kept getting could not acquire root due to busybox

      • Jeff

        My pleasure. I’m usually the one looking for solutions in these forums, so I’m glad to be able to share this time. Overall, a rather smooth process, and I’m glad to be back on the “official” build track.

        • michael o’brien

          You do know, that you still wont get the “official” updates. It is nice to be running the newest latest and greatest though.

    • michael o’brien

      I am so glad that I just did what you said to do. Worked flawlessly for me. I have been scratching my head for the last hour trying to figure out what step I was missing. Thanks Jeff.

  • DaveTea

    This has a borked su but its easy to fix. Load su.zip onto the g-nex, do a ‘adb reboot recovery’, then just flash su.zip. Works fine after that.

  • Jacob Connors

    Amateur here….When I try to boot into recovery I receive a red exclamation point and after a minute or so the phone reboots. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • TJ

    Worked great! Lost root but i simply rerooted. Everything works fine.

  • Prime7

    Is there any difference between this and the IMM76K ROM that leaked a while back?

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Looks like I lost Root Access…. Back to basics!

    • Steve Koch

      Same here

  • Jonny Blings

    I have an unlocked bootloader, was rooted, flashed to the 5/1/12 4.0.4 and have not re rooted phone since. So I am just on the leaked stock 4.0.4. It seems as if the ota is exactly the same as the 5/1/12 file. Will i get future ota downloads going forward?

    • RW-1

      Yes, you should.

      • Jonny Blings

        Ok Thanks. Will most likely re root but was just curious

        • RW-1

          If you stay stock and dont place a custom recovery on it, you should get any future OTA’s. Looks like this one will lose root, though not designed that way, but you only have to reflash SUU after the ROM.

  • Matthew Harmon

    I need a little help. I’m currently rooted and my bootloader is unlocked. I do have Google Wallet installed. My build number is ICL53F. I have touch CWR installed. I do not necessarily want a custom ROM (not right now anyway). How should I go about getting the update? From what I understand, I should 1) Uninstall Google Wallet, 2) Put the file from above onto my phone 3) Boot into recovery and install zip file. No need to wipe b/c I am running a factory ROM 4) Install and wait? I don’t want to battle with a bricked phone, I know just about enough to be dangerous to myself.

  • I use the location based ones to silence the ringer while I’m at church and work. I use a time based action to silence the phone and I use the battery extender action.

    • PaulSchroeder

      Lol you should use them to inform you you’re on the wrong post 🙂

  • tgraffer

    flashed the update and no longer have root access.

  • billy

    I just rooted for the first time two days ago. I’m currently running aokp b37 with lean kernel I’ve all ready flashed the new radios. Is there any reason to flash this?

    • Jwhap

      Yeah, if you hate AOKP and want to run stock…. lol

  • Ben

    Worked like a champ, thanks!!

  • CLSpike

    I’m about to try it. I’ll let y’all know

    • CLSpike

      PS I use Paranoid Andrew

    • CLSpike

      PS I use Paranoid Andrew

  • So has anyone actually tried flashing this? Just curious if it is worth the data wipe.

  • Roshan John

    I don’t mess with anything form P3Droid… learned the hard way 2x

    • CoCoCalypso

      Please share with the class…

  • fartbubbler

    will this work on my Galaxy SIII ?

  • pubasnacks77

    I’m really only flashing this so that my stock rooted Nexus has ”
    IMM76K” in its build field

    • pubasnacks77

      And I lost Root, anybody know how to get it back. Superuser is still showing up in my app drawer but nothing is getting access

      • DaveTea

        Load su.zip onto the g-nex, do ‘adb reboot recovery’ then flash su.zip and reboot. Good to go after that.

        • pubasnacks77

          Ok, I will try that when I get home

      • What recovery do you have? Actually check, because I also got slammed with the STOCK recovery instead of CWM.

        • pubasnacks77

          Have CWM

          • Just flash the SU from this post. http://bit.ly/LjenGp – it’s a droid life post.

          • pubasnacks77

            Just did and it work, thank you

          • No problem!

          • Jwhap

            That worked for me last month….

          • Did you do it again? Did it not work?

      • David Tourtillott

        Root it the same way you have always rooted it. The gnex root method will never change.

  • eagletrippin

    “3. Wipe data and cache.”

    Does that mean you’ll lose all of your apps and personal files?

    • gbenj

      Id like to know this too…I know if you do wipe you’ll lose stuff but is a wipe necessary coming from IMM30B to this?

      • pubasnacks77

        Def need to wipe unless you want your phone actin crazy, just use titanium backup to backup all your ish

        • gbenj

          Can you explain why id need to wipe if its an upgrade and a “Flash over?” I’m on stock IMM30B and going to stock IMM76K…I dont see why a wipe is necessary, just want to confirm.

    • Greyhame

      I have not flashed this ROM, but previous data / cache wipes have left all the files in the “sdcard” folder untouched. It really is like having a sd card in your phone.. you just can’t remove it.

      The only time your phone gets completely wiped is when you unlock the bootloader (to my knowledge).

      • Greyhame

        You will, however, lose all apps. A titanium app backup and restore should save you though, as the titanium backup is stored in the sdcard folder.

  • rmp20

    Is there any reason to do this (install over current ROM then re-install current ROM) to get the new radios rather than just flashing them separately? I only ask because while everybody seems to have been flashing the 4.04 radios on their own recently, there’s a lot of other chatter about how people never mess with radios because of the bricking danger. I’m on AOKP B37 now, but have not flashed the 4.04 radios. Any reason not to just go ahead and do that?

    • Greyhame

      I have flashed radios without full ROMs without issue, or even wiping data/cache. The 4g radio flashes quickly. The CDMA radio takes more time. Just be patient.

      I did have an issue once where some of my applications acted a little funny afterwards. I would still make a backup first, even though the radios you’re currently running will not be a part of that backup.

      Good luck!

      (Note: I’m currently running with I515.09 V.FA02 / I515.FA02 due to it being better at connecting to 3g in an extended network. I.e. the new radios aren’t perfect)

    • RW-1

      If you plan on staying with AOKP, you can just flash the radios, AOKP likely already has all the 4.0.4 stuff on it that others have not.
      I’m still in the air on going up from IMM30B, because most haven’t said if the radios have been a major improvement, mine is working fine since IMM30B, it’s that “But I don’t have the latest….” thing that is burning me up … Let the others on IMM30B report in on their findings, perhaps this weekend … Thing is this is a lot easier to do then to go back to 53F and then forward thru OTA, plain and simple.

    • KleenDroid

      If you are on stock radios all you have to do is flash the updated radios and bootloader. It’s all done in one simple flash and there is no need to worry about anything. I am sure you can find a link but if you need it drop a note and I’ll post the link.

      • rmp20

        Did you have that link? If it’s just that easy, I’ll probably just do it. Though the comment below about 3G reception on extended network getting worse is slightly worrisome. I often end up in that situation, and reception is dicey enough as it is. Anybody have a confirmation on that?

        • Greyhame

          Here’s what I’d do. Try the new radios and see how they work in the extended areas you live in (I live in WI, I’m sure not all are created equal). If they don’t work, grab the radios I listed below and try those. The newer radios handle switching between 3g / 4g better, so it depends on each individual’s situation. This is the beauty of an unlocked phone.

          • rmp20

            Ok, went ahead and flashed the new bootloader/radios. We’ll see if it makes a notable difference, but it does not seem to have caused phonemaggedon at the very least.

          • Greyhame

            I tried the new radios again just to be sure. And for me, they are worse at connecting to 3g data in an extended area. Sucks.

        • KleenDroid

          I see you already got it but here is a link anyway. It’s the bottom zip file

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Any reason to flash this over milestone 5 with the current radios? Not being a smart ass, just curious if anyone has experienced some improvements.

    • John

      I believe this radio is the one that came with the prev 4.0.4 leak couple weeks ago? I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong…

      • Yes, this is identical in every way to the update that showed up on Google’s servers at the beginning of May and again last week.

    • Greyhame

      From what I have read and heard, no.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        That’s what I am thinking. I have the latest radios, the AOKP is running off of 4.04 and it has better customization. I think I will sit this one out.

        • Greyhame

          Yup. Waiting for Jellybean now. Or rather, waiting for AOKP to get their hands on the eventual JB leak, add their awesomeness to it, flash it, and have it months before VZW rolls it out. 😉

  • Christopher Saroka

    Any significan differences from IMM30B?

    • My guess is that they fixed things that were broken.

      • John

        Pushing that ol’ noggin today aren’t ya?

      • zepfloyd

        Thanks John Madden.

    • 4n1m4L

      Docking is added to options. Lock screen options changed. New radios. New boot loader that specifies that this is the 32gb variant…

  • pubasnacks77

    P3Droid <3

  • RW-1

    What happened to my earlier comment, damn disqus …
    P3Droid FTW!
    Thanks for not leaving us IMM30B users in the dark.

  • MattyB65

    Uhh might want to make sure you reset google wallet before you do…..

    • RW-1

      or uninstall, then reinstall afterwards ….

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Come on Kellex we’d appreciate it if you did a guinea pig flash for us!?

  • I’m the worst troll

  • gh

  • That Droid Charge life thou

  • RW-1

    P3Droid FTW!
    I knew he wouldn’t leave us IMM30B users in the dark ages ….

    • John

      I still dislike that guy.

      • j__h


        • John

          Cause of the crap he caused during the pre gnexus rls drama. I appreciate what he did/does with some things, but he turned into a big dbag during that time is all. He started acting better than everyone a lot of times etc. It’s just one’s opinion is all =/

          • Heh

            All of this, rom, radios, and everything was available on XDA since the beginning of this month. So there is no need to heft p3droid on shoulders for this. Sure, it is great he did it, but he reinvented the wheel.

          • onmyown

            alas again you are wrong, this was not available – it was only there for people on icl53c, I’m running imm30B and this didn’t work. Again I don’t want to hoist anyone up but also don’t see a need for the constant tearing down of others. Thats all i’ll say.

          • onmyown

            Man you sound like a butt hurt child, i’m sure you don’t know him nor could you give concrete examples. I don’t know him either but I’ve not seen anything to resemble what you say.

          • Heh

            Hardly but hurt. All we saw on twitter for the longest time before release from P3droid was…look at what I have and you don’t!

            Almost daily, in fact.

            You would think that a grown man would be mature enough to not play kindergarten neener, neener games, but there it is.

          • John

            Exactly. I’ll stop posting since I’m sure onmyown will continue it.

          • RW-1

            You don’t have to like him to respect what he has given to the community over the years, I admit I got tired of the tude a bit as well, but I could have foretold that he’d have the full build complied once the OTA started out in batches to the rest of us IMM30B users. He does do great work …. got most of my OG updates from him early on.

          • John

            Relax Timmy. It’s just my opinion. I probably couldn’t pull examples anymore. It was from 8 months ago.

  • wickets

    In my next life I wanna come back as a techie!