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AOKP Team Inches Closer to Swipe-able Widgets in Your Galaxy Nexus Nav Bar


Who would have thought that when the Galaxy Nexus was announced with no hardware navigation keys, that devs would grab that idea and blaze these kinds of trails with it. Take the AOKP team for example, who has created a way to embed multiple widgets into the nav bar that can be accessed from any screen and are also swipe-able. From what we understand, this specific feature is not 100% ready for public release yet, but it certainly seems like they are getting close.

Impressed? I am.

Cheers Nick!

  • that is intense.. up until now i didn’t feel a need to use anything but stock roms.. but this changes everything.

  • theres a reason why Pure NExus devices are the best Android devices

    • They are hands down, but they do have their flaws as well. Mainly the signal issue. Most phones have bad battery life, so can’t really argue there, but Moto has the best radios by far. Software wise, there is no question the Nexus rules all.

  • svfd757

    This would make it so we would no longer need the multitask button

    • Steve Schneider

      How would that render the multi-task button useless? They are widgets if anything you’re opening more programs. Using more memory… and you’re not switching between apps, you’re switching between widgets. not to mention you can’t swipe to kill.

  • spickle

    wooow, i read the comments before i watched the video and i must say, this looks epic. can’t wait to use this.

  • Greyhame

    “But, but, but I want more screen space and real buttons!!”

    To those of you I say, neener, neener!

    • Steve Schneider

      If I want to press real buttons I can use my volume and power real buttons and if I want more screen real estate I’ll switch to tablet mode. Neener that.

      • Greyhame

        No need.. you’re in agreement it seems. Onscreen buttons are the way to go simply because of what the dev community is doing with them!

  • BrianWenger

    AOKP is the best.

  • BrianWenger

    AOKP is the best.

  • jcorf

    Holy sh** my mouth just dropped clear to the floor.

  • Steve Hong

    Power Strip by Intuitit has the same features, but kudos for AOKP to implement it.

  • possomcrast1

    This is AH-MAY-ZING!

  • ericl5112

    This is, quite literally, the first time on screen buttons on a phone look interesting to me.

    • ericl5112

      Putting this on a tablet would be great too.

  • MKader17

    This will be sweet for longpress!

    • OMG that is an amazing suggestion! I have 5 buttons already, (I added phone and text apps) and was contemplating how to fit this in. It would be PERFECT as a long press for the home button or the recent button.

  • br_hermon

    This is impressive, don’t get me wrong. That takes some incredible skill to develop that. However… I can’t help but think they’ve created a “Notification Bar 2” This will be useful yes, but I wonder why they chose the navigation bar rather than the notification? Doesn’t the notif. bar have features similar to this
    already? Perhaps the most obvious answer is, the navigation bar is 100% persistent, where as sometimes apps make the notif. bar disappear.

    • sc4fpse

      I think you hit the nail on the head. The navigation bar is always present, including in games, as you saw demonstrated in the video.

  • Will this work on SIII?

  • Alex Sherer

    Brilliant! With that, I could just do away with widgets cluttering my other pages. I don’t need all my widgets constantly running and this looks like a much better alternative

  • jslafarr

    They should be inching closer to better battery life. Aokp shits on all other rooms but battery life is atrocious.

    • mikesuds

      try a different kernel?

    • Try Franco kernel or lean kernel. Both have seemed to have good battery life for me with AOKP.

      My issue is that I tend to use my phone a lot, so screen on time kills me. I fixed this by going into “Settings->Display->Custom backlight settings” and enabled light sensor filter, and use custom light levels. If you go into “Edit other levels…” and play with that (I have only 10 levels, as opposed to the like 20 or so that is default, and they’re mostly lower than default)

      Changing those levels helped A LOT. If you want my settings for that, hit me up on twitter, Rootz, Google+, or whatever. I’m Havens1515 just about everywhere.

    • ishan

      Glados kernal wheatley governor never look back

  • skyskioc

    AOKP ! FTW

  • Ajkowal

    Hey its that song coldplay totally stole.

  • Petri Kaunisto

    THe coughing 1:30 into the video scared the living daylights out of me.
    Awesome feature , impressed here too.

  • Wow nexus rocks!!!

  • WilliamKu

    damn. i have my nav bar disabled and using LMT though. i really don’t wanna turn my nav bar back on….

  • Glad I could help with the tip, AOKP is the best, but I wouldnt have known about it or more importantly, not known about root at all back when I got the OG Droid and Droid X the day they came out without your site.

  • Nice this is gonna be awesome.

  • My OG was rooted an ROM’d within weeks of purchase and I never looked back. With my GNex I have been trying very hard not to root/rom, just trying the stock thing. But Verizon’s slow updates and especially seeing these AOKP addtions, I think my non-root, stock ROM days are nearly over.

    • TJEgan

      Just wondering why you would root and flash your OG, but not the Nexus? The custom mod’s are incredible, and I’ve easily doubled my battery life

      • Sapko82

        How did you double your battery life, I rooted mine as soon as I got it so I cant tell if my battery life is any better then stock

        • It depends on what he means by double.

          With screen on your phone will be maxed out at about 4 hours (on a good day with no heavy application use, just sitting there). No ROM or Kernal will ever be able to change that.

          ROMs can help with standby time and may reduce power use in some other places.

          However, unless your phone has its screen off constantly, you will most likely not see your phone’s life double. From my own experience it raises it by five to ten percent.

          • Sapko82

            That sounds reasonable

        • Stoptrollin

          Funny you say that sir, since I rooted my phone I lost 20lbs! Everyone should root their phone

      • At first I really just wanted to get to know the stock experience on ICS. I hadn’t run a stock ROM for so long. But then I started seeing reports of secure element errors, unable to watch google movies (not that I’ve ever rented one), etc. And decided to hold off on root until those issues were resolved. They seem to be more or less figured out now, so I’m quickly running out of any reason not to root/ROM again.

  • mmmmmm satch. haven’t listened to that album for a while.

  • sc0rch3d

    the 1 thing i miss about webos is the notification system at the bottom. especially having small hands, i hate swiping from the top for my toggles / notifications / whatever.

    • Josh Nichols

      Try a tablet mode rom.

    • banoctopus

      Have you tried using the swipe gestures built into Nova Launcher (and other non-stock launchers)? – eg: I have a single finger swiping down pulls down my notification menu from anywhere as long as I’m not in an app currently. I chose that because most of the apps being released are “ICS-ready” and have removed the notification bar for a full screen experience. I’m even so lazy that three fingers swiping down opens the ROM Controls, so I don’t have to hit the Menu button -> System Settings -> ROM Control just so I can get to customizing my GNex faster 😀

  • This is what makes Android > iPhone. The ability to customize the experience of the phone YOU paid for to have it work HOW you want it to.

    • Come on. You have to root and rom to do this.
      If you jailbreak the iPhone you can do this exact same thing.
      Neither system is completely open right out of the box.

      Both can be customized if you are willing to put in the work.

      Fanboyism goes both ways.

      • MikeCiggy

        I’m sorry I’ve jailbroken an iPhone and it doesn’t match the possibilities of custom ROMs on Android devices. Not even close, Apple is not open source. Thus the limitations.

      • Doron Zehavi

        Android is much more customizeable out of the box than the iPhone. I mean shit, you can’t even change your keyboard on an iPhone.

      • Jailbreaking just make the iPhone more like a stock android. Why can’t see how obvious that is.

      • Not really, no. Jailbreaking sucks on the iphone, the options are limited, and it’s still an icrap.

      • GazaIan

        If you jailbreak the iPhone you can do this exact same thing.
        Neither system is completely open right out of the box.”

        Oh yeah? Show me the Cydia package that allows you do this, and not using those crappy HTML widgets that break every time iOS is updated.

        Secondly Android is 10000x more open than the iPhone will ever be.

  • Things like this are why I will never buy an unrootable locked down phone. Good job AOKP!

  • very nice, but I really like the three button nav, adding a forth button makes it look off balance. So I don’t think I could bring my self to use it. I wonder if the function will be assignable, so I could lock it to long press of the recent btn?

    • Zaphod

      Yes, you can assign it to short or long press 🙂

  • Eric Franca

    I’m a little depressed by this AOKP Nexus ROM. I just got my Galaxy Nexus and, coming from the DX, I am disappointed that I’ve most likely found the ROM I’ll never migrate from within a couple weeks of my unlimited-data-preserving-upgrade. The Milestone 5 AOKP Nexus ROM is flawless. Especially with the Franco Kernel. I was flashing new ROMs with my DX practically every week. What will I waste time at work doing now?

    • KreeTerry

      i thought the same but then i flashed liquid, the remdemption rom, then rootzboat, and ive been flashing every since. Too many options!!!!

    • I’m pretty much thinking the same thing, coming from a D2, which had CM7 as the phone ROM, and AOKP, CM9, and liquid installed on ROM manager.
      I installed AOKP about 3 days after buying my nexus, and haven’t looked back. I’ve just been flashing different kernels every week or so now. The only time I installed a new ROM was to go from an AOKP nightly to milestone 5 (and probably will again with the next major release)

  • Andrew Elliott

    I need this now. Gotta love AOKP.

    • Andre

      Forget now. I need this like yesterday

  • Seiga

    Things like this make me think that AOKP has made the perfect android rom!

  • Lord_Demmington

    Oh. My. God.

  • Liderc

    This is why the Gnex is so much fun. Very well done.

  • I have always had trouble justifying most widgets because you had to use several clicks to get to them anyway and I like my main home screen minimal. I would definitely use widgets more often if they were available in-app and globally.

    • drparty

      Absolutely agree with this. I literally have two widgets, with one being a clock. This global method of access would be sweet.

      • MikeCiggy

        I also agree! The clock not so much unless the application closed the status bar but music controls is one thing I could definitely see my self using daily. Pandora included.

        • I agree. The music would be a big thing for me too. I might actually check out some of the larger widgets if I had this. I don’t quite like my homecreens minimal, but some widgets take up an entire homescreen, and that seems wastefull in a normal situation.

  • SD_Scott

    Simply amazing… Not sure how I could use this but I’m willing to give it a shot!

  • Jeff Dickerson

    Wow this is killer!!!!

  • desiman26

    That’s pretty awesome. Loving my Galaxy Nexus even more!

  • Mordecaidrake

    This is friggen awesome.

  • THIS. This will make me use widgets more often.

  • Greg Morgan

    That is very impressive! Look forward to seeing that soon! Love the Android Dev community.

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