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Google Announces Next Step for the Chrome OS, the Samsung Chromebox

Today, Google unveiled the next generation of Chrome OS-based devices they have built with their partner Samsung. The new 550 series of Chromebooks are faster and built with portability in mind, while on the other hand, the Chromebox is exactly what a wired-in Chrome-lover would use as a permanent fixture either at the home or office. With Google’s new Chrome UI, accessing the web, applications/games , and Drive files has never been easier. 

In accordance with this launch, Google is teaming up with Best Buy stores to display the new devices for people to have a first hand experience with the newly revamped OS. Need to get your hands on one today? You can pick up a new Chromebox today at Amazon for just $330.


Via: Google

  • Tom Snyder

    I smell lawsuit

  • Ordered my chromebox today

  • Typical Google minion says:

    this blows stupid macbooks out of the water!

  • Android on a usb stick kills this product. Look up FXI Cotton Candy or the $74 Chinese android usb stick with micro usb|hdmi|sd card support. it has dual core processor + ICS on it on a Mali 400 GPU.

  • possomcrast1

    This idea is great but samsung really needs to stop this trend of thinking apple design is the best. Get some originality i hate apple.

  • Needs a backlit keyboard. If it had one. I’d get it…

  • If you think Chromebooks are pointless, underpowered, and overpriced and can’t understand why anyone would buy one when “you can get a real laptop for the same price”, then you are not the target market and you clearly don’t understand what the target market is.

    • DroidzFX

      The market of overpaying for a product with cheaper and better alternatives?

      • I love my cordless drill, but sometimes I just want a screwdriver.

        • DroidzFX

          I guess you over paid for the screwdriver too?

        • TheOiulkj

          dude, what’s wrong with you, that makes no sense. And using an analogy that doesn’t apply doesn’t add any more sense to it.

          I guess you answered what type of target market this product is for though…

      • Non_Sequitur

        No, silly. That’s the Apple market.

      • Cowboydroid

        There is nothing “cheaper and better” that does what a Chromebook does. The whole point of Chromebooks is the simplicity and lack of hassle. No need to install anti-virus, no need to install updates. Installing apps is as simple as it gets. Instant-on, days on a battery. Name another device that does the same (hint: there isn’t one).

  • Tyler Chappell

    This is so pointless, why spend $450 on a laptop that is essentially useless without the internet when you can get an HP dm1z with a real operating system and better specs for $400.

    • What if a “real operating system” is exactly what you DON’T want?

      • WickedToby741

        Then buy an HP dm1z and install Chromium OS on it.

      • Tyler Chappell

        As nice as it would be for ChromeOS to become a huge success, it never will. It’s pointless, Android has basically surpassed it as ChromeOS and Android were on a collision course for quite awhile, and the fact that ChromeOS is nowhere near as capable as Windows7/8, makes it flat out silly.

  • This is what Google TV should be (plus the GTV aspect of it)

  • MikeCRock

    How could they build this without an HDMI port? Just dumb.

    • zfdsgfds

      2x DisplayPort++ Output (compatible with HDMI, DVI, VGA)

  • ddevito

    All you spec nerds are missing the point of these devices and Chrome OS.

    No, Google didn’t make it for geeks like you and me.

    You know what – this thing, for its price tag, is still WAY more ‘productive’ than any tablet device.

    • I’m a geek/nerd, and I REALLY want one. I have a self-built PC for hardcore computing and gaming. A Chromebook would be perfect for a “carry around the house” laptop that is light, boots and shuts down VERY quickly, has a battery that lasts forever, and has no issue with needing updates or locking up.

      The wife and I have converted to full Google services for everything. There is literally one program installed on her laptop right now, Chrome.

      • ddevito

        that’s exactly what’s it for – and it’s great. My wife and I use the Cr48 more than my iPad. And now the Cr48 got the new Aura interface – love it.

    • i’ll tell you tomorrow i next day shipped my ChromeBox from amazon

  • Ben Myton

    Samsung really missed the mark on this one…

    This has to be able to beat a $350 Intel Atom 525 based Windows 7 HTPC system to have any edge in the market.

    No HDMI port
    No included wireless keyboard/mouse
    No hardware acceleration for video decoding
    Poor media player
    Unknown peripheral integration
    Poor or Nonexistent integration with LAN based media sharing

    While I know that this would work great for my parents who have been wanting an HTPC for a while and would be mainly using Hulu / Netflix / Facebook, I would worry about getting them on a platform that can’t do the “Computer” stuff they’re used to.

    For $150 I would jump for sure, and for $300 with a built in BD drive and keyboard/mouse I would jump as well.


  • MikeSaver

    Can I use this Chromebox with my LED TV? Doesn’t look like there are HDMI outputs..

    • Bruno Gama

      2x DisplayPort++ Output (compatible with HDMI, DVI, VGA)

      • MikeSaver

        but do i have to get an extension for HDMI or will displayport plug right in? I’ve never heard of DisplayPort.

  • fvqu

    Garbage specs, no thanks. I’ll stick with windows.

    • Cowboydroid

      “Browsing — what the machine was built to do — is screaming fast. I watched hours of 1080p videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix without a single hiccup. Script-heavy sites like Rdio and Facebook simply fly. I typed a few documents, including the majority of this review, into Google Docs with zero latency. Scrolling and multi-touch gestures are smooth, and the responsiveness of the UI is exactly as crisp as I’d demand from a premium laptop.”


  • A Chromebook would be perfect for the wife, but $450 is just too much.

  • AlexKCMO

    I don’t understand how it works off-line. My understanding is that the first ChromeBooks were bricks unless they were plugged in. Does it keep a low footprint OS on flash memory?

    This would be perfect for my mom (who has a 8 year old Dell laptop). She rarely travels, and if she could get one for $200 – $300, I think she’d be on board.

    On another note…. how does this handle peripherals?

  • I really don’t mind Windows. However, I would love to have a unified experience across all my platforms (PC, phone, tablet, console). I just don’t see that happening with android. So until then, I will have to keep windows on my laptops/desktops and android on my phones/tablets. I will for sure try Win8 for tablet/phone when it comes out though.

    • BrianWenger

      Until people can build/code everything for Android on an Android device, that will never happen.

  • WickedToby741

    I wonder if Motorola will build any Chromebooks or Chromeboxes.

    • I highly doubt it. Motorola is not really in the computer manufacturing game. Samsung, acer, asus, and others have market share in both the mobile and the desktop computer sectors already so it makes more sense for them to build these.

      • WickedToby741

        True, but now that Google owns Motorola, Google may want to use Moto to help push Chromebooks. To my understanding, Intel practically makes all the internals anyways, so its not like it would be that challenging and Motorola has already dabbled with the laptop form factor with Webtop.

  • MrEnglish

    16gig HD with a 12″ screen and a Celery processor for $550 via Amazon? Cough. Um, no.

  • Andrew

    If it was able to play games (CD-ROM, Windows) I would be all in on a Chromebox. I don’t game much on my PC, but I would hate to not be able to do it.

    • Jessica Casteel

      that’s where the Chrome Remote Desktop app comes into play.

  • MrEnglish

    A bit optimistic in price for the return.

  • The newest Chromebook is $450. Pretty steep for what you get if you ask me.

    • Yea, Chromebox starts at $340, Chromebooks start at $450 🙂

      • AlexKCMO

        There is also an i5 version at $500.

      • Ugh, $450 is just too much. I really want to get my wife one, but I was hoping they would be around $300.

      • DavidHollinger

        Chromebox is a little steep for regular consumers, but as a business tool in a space where most things are going to Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop, or Web Apps it’s perfect and significantly cheaper than a full on business grade desktop or laptop (usually between $700 and $1500)

      • 329 on amazon

    • Droidzilla

      I see the potential for these in the enterprise space; not much reason to get a Chromebook over a Transformer for a consumer, imo.

  • thecharrr

    I still want a Cr48 (lol misspelling)

    • ddevito


      I can sell you mine 🙂

    • Droidzilla

      You can sometimes find one on Craigslist, but mine would have to be pried from my cold, dead hands (which wouldn’t be that cold since they’d have Chromercize finger-bands on them).

      Yes, I’m a Google fanboi.

      • Jessica Casteel

        my love for my Cr-48 is what keeps me from chucking it out a window over the damn hinge being broken and refusing to stay fixed. if i ever win the lotto though, this is on the list of things to get

    • jcorf

      I’ll sell you mine as well.