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Faulty Pebble Blue Galaxy SIII Pictured, What the Heck is That White Stuff?

With Samsung stating that delivery of the Galaxy SIII in Pebble Blue would see a 2-3 week delay, the question lingered as to what exactly the problem was. As it turns out, a European site has already received their Pebble Blue SGSIII and knows exactly what the deal is. As pictured above and below, when viewed at certain angles, you can see a huge white or splashed liquid mark throughout the back of the device. 

What is it exactly? No idea, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want it on my phone. I don’t know whether to be concerned that Samsung is only now seeing this issue or that they’re handling it so well and plan on completely re-manufacturing the device’s backplates to make sure no one receives a faulty plate.

Via: Mobile Bulgaria

  • Nate

    It’s the Droid eye.

  • john

    “what the heck is that white stuff?” <——-thats what she said 😉

  • docmars

    Or maybe it’s just the adhesive plastic protector that’s a part of the packaging (like you see on most electronic surfaces?)

  • its either semen or glue from the inside


    Moar Samsung garbage to match their other products like tvs and bluray players. speaking from experience. to hell with samsung.

  • Obviously they meant to do this this. It’s bird shit inspired by nature.

  • Jjc02d

    It’s Monica Lewinsky ‘s phone

  • Fred

    Ummmmm Fruity Pebbles

  • Typical Google minion says:

    the white stuff is dried tears of iphone users becuase theyre so jealous that this phone blows theirs out of the water. oh wait apple patented white stuff now theyre gonna sue lol

  • regkilla

    That’s milk. The folks over at Samsung’s production line were dipping Oreos near the Galaxy SIIIs

  • Actually looks like the protective film prior to being removed. I would guess that it is nothing of consequence.

  • New_Guy

    My guess is that you can’t see the mark on the white one and has been there all along.

  • I don’t know why people are impressed with Samsung their phones are being made of cheaper and cheaper materials. Their phones almost have a disposable nature. HTC and Motorola clearly have a leg up.

  • androiduser

    Why does Samsung have to copy Apple all the time?! (…remember the white iPhone delays?!) 😀

  • MrEnglish

    Not asserting that this is the case here, but I’ve seen this on cheaply overlaid devices when the packing plastic was pulled off. The finish, being of low quality or having an issue, gets “stained” or discolored when the cling plastic is left on during shipping and then pulled off on unpacking. Could be? Either way, looks like a finish issue.

  • Volbeat

    That is what’s referred to as “splay”. It happens during the molding process when the plastic is too hot while in its molten state. At least is appears to be that from these pictures.

    • KOBALT

      Thats not splay. i did the whole injection moulding process. if thats your definition of splay, i’d reject your products.

      • Volbeat

        Its either splay or a hot tool. You “did” the whole injection molding process. I “do”.

  • Lala

    thats what she said

  • Mr. Bill

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster lives. Long live Pastafarianism!

  • Trevor

    Maybe this time around they’ll make the backplate out of soft-touch coated metal…. Wishful thinking?

  • EC8CH

    I swear to god I see a frowny face right in the middle of the second pic 🙁

    • Trevor

      That or it’s Jesus.

  • Mike_Cook7

    LOL its Nature 🙂

  • yellowcanary73

    Just another Samsung lousy build quality

  • Weapon X

    It is the plastic film that they put on new phones.

  • JesterEE

    If I sign something that says I don’t care about frame discoloration will Sammie and VZW sell me one now!? My OG is literally burning a hole in my pocket and only an S4 will do.

  • Vire

    The resin that composes the phone’s outter shell appears to be staining the inner pebble blue faceplate.

    • Vire

      More accurately, making the coloring bleed or run.

  • Cam

    Looks like the residue from the plastic protectors they often put on devices. The two types of plastic might not play well together and it left the back stained.

  • burntcookie90


  • I bet the heat from the battery charging/discharging caused this discoloring in the clear coat. I bet the solution is to remanufacture and replace a bunch of battery covers as they toss out the old ones (or something).

    I bet the rest of the device will suffer from the same problem but it will be less likely to happen since the edges don’t heat up as much as the screen and battery cover do. That said, beware if you’re one who leaves his/her phone in a car dock in the heat a lot!

    Ultimately, I hope I’m wrong.

  • Dima Aryeh

    At least good for Samsung, remanufacturing the plates. If they didn’t, that’d be just pathetic.

  • Trueblue711

    If they have to do a re-run, maybe using metal would’ve been cheaper after all…

  • gregmr

    It’s the quality “oozing” out of the plastic

  • Stephen D

    “What the heck is that white stuff” That’s what she said!!
    I’ve been watching old episodes of The Office on Netflix…

  • Butters619

    Looks like water, pebbles, and leaves aren’t good for electronics

    • Inquizitor

      Wait, what? I left my phone in a koi pond because I thought that was its natural environment!

  • mustbepbs

    It’s the new Samsung Petri Dish.

  • Matt Gondek

    It’s not a mistake, it’s just customized…like a dog leaving a mark on a tree

  • sc4fpse

    Eheheh, my bad. Sorry about that.

  • looks like someone got a little too excited over their new GSIII. 😛

    • Austin

      Nature inspired someone a little to much lol;)

    • Inquizitor

      That’s what you get when you handle the GSIII au naturale.

      • Droidfann

        That’s just all the pollution in the atmosphere in china drying on the device as it comes out of painting.

        • StopBuyingChinese

          Dam those chinese kids in the slave shops, looks like they’ll be docking their .83 cents of daily wages till they fix them.

    • Is that right 😉

  • Inquizitor

    It’s inspired by nature. Designed for humans.

  • instant lunch

    Someone got a little too excited when they saw the GSIII?

  • Sweat stains from humid back-pocket swamp-ass

    • I still don’t understand how a back pocket is a good place to put a phone. My wife has had a lot of phones take toilet dives due to this. To top it off, WHEN you do fart your phone is just basking in it.

  • Liderc

    You can’t stop nature from evolving Samsung!

  • will bartlett