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CyanogenMod Reaches 2 Million Installs, Over 750 Different Devices Have Received the Love

Everyone’s favorite custom ROM CyanogenMod, has officially hit two million installs. It seems like only a short time ago that everyone was excited about CM5 on the “OG” DROID and here we are in 2012 with CyanogenMod 9 ruling the world. For those curious, the stat tracker uses unique hardware ID’s, so reflashing and reinstalling the ROM doesn’t count towards that number. In the grand scheme of things, these numbers are quite small when considering how many Android devices are currently activated in the world. With daily activation numbers reaching 800,000+ a day, the total number looks to be around 375 million. Congrats to the Cyanogen Community and fingers crossed that it only keeps growing.

Via: Android Police | CM Stats

  • AE35

    Love these guys! <3

    (Cid kinda give me the creeps though. He's looks a little menacing)

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I made a donation. Everyone who uses CM should.

  • jahsoul

    *remembers running JesusFreke rom on the G1 and then remember Steve taking the reins when JF called it quits.*

    I think I still got my G1 with CM4.2 on it somewhere..lol


  • HeLLo

    I might be wrong here but don’t the developers behind AOKP use CM source?.If so basically you’re running a rebranded CM with CM features missing.

  • ryanallaire

    Congrats guys! Now where’s CM9 for the tbolt?!?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Who has a ICS rom for bionic that has muti burst on the camera.

  • cizzlen

    Big ups to the CM team for laying down the foundation and supporting so many devices but when it comes to my Gnex they’ve become similar to past gens “Droid Mod”

  • pookietookie

    Still prefer AOKP, hands down.

  • I have ran CM9 only on my Galaxy Nexus. Haven’t ran another rom. I just like how its fast and stable and doesn’t have a ton of features I would never use. Also the features it has right now are implemented a lot better then AOKP. AOKP’s way feels like they just threw it on top. CM9 feels like its meant to be there.

  • Over 750 devices! But not the Thunderbolt :[

    • Airwolf

      Or the Stratosphere

      • That’s what’s annoying me, I’d upgrade to a Stratosphere from my D2, but, you guys don’t have CM9 yet! Get on it!

    • Yea its for the thunderbolt. Its just not official yet. Probably never will be because of how the phone is designed.

  • Matt Gondek

    I’m an AOKP man myself, but I’m more impressed by the fact that CM developed a working ROM for 750 devices than that they’ve had 2 million installs…I never would’ve guessed there were 750 Android devices alone!

  • CM is great for those of us who wants as close to a stock experience as possible, while still getting the performance benefits of a ROM. Also, some of us don’t need/want all the extra features in other ROMs.

  • EC8CH

    Once they release an official stable toro build I’ll check it out, until then I’ll stick with AOKP.

    • bose301s

      Why? CM9 is already >>>> AOKP.

      • EC8CH

        guess I keep telling myself, “they’ve got to release a stable build any day now” so I keep putting off trying a nightly.

        • bose301s

          Don’t worry that it’s a nightly, it’s as stable as any ROM I have ever used over the past 2.5 years for my OG Droid or GNex, seriously awesome. Fast, stable, amazing battery life and less cluttered than AOKP, I LOVE what they’re doing with CM9.

          • Abu Laloque

            yeah..have to agree..even CM nightly build is more stable than AOKP milestone..too much goodies in AOKP that kill the device performance..

      • r0lct

        How so? (asked sincerely, not trolling)

        • kselby

          I have switched recently from AOKP to the CM9 nightlies and the difference is quite noticeable to me. My battery life is a lot better with CM9, it is much smoother, never crashes like AOKP did for me, and they are starting to integrate much better features than AOKP offers. It is not all quite there yet though since they haven’t reached that first stable release, but it is definitely better than AOKP.

  • Mark Meisner

    I’ve been running the CM9 Galaxy Nexus (aka toro) nightlies for a few weeks now and they are incredible stable. Fear them not! Download at get.cm or via RomManager Premium.

  • Jeff Dickerson

    I can not for the life of me find CM9 for my CDMA Galaxy Nexus. Can someone linky? All I can find is nightlys.

    • I think that’s all there is. No official release. Not even an RC possibly. Been too busy with AOKP to keep track these days! Someone link if I’m mistaken!

      • John

        You’re correct. Nightlies only.

    • John

      It’s not even worth it man. I tried it not too long ago, and it’s very feature less. If that’s your thing, then I guess have at it, but AOKP is the new CM for the Galaxy Nexus. It’s kanged just about all that CM offers so why use something else? AOKP is pretty solid these days anyway, especially after the latest milestone rls.

      My .02¢

      • Seconded. I used CM on my OG Droid, but I use AOKP on the Nexus. AOKP is more on top of their game. CM still doesn’t even have the LED flashlight working. AOKP has swagger.

        • Jeff Dickerson


        • and thats one reason I will never run AOKP. It has useless stuff I will never use. Swagger toggle does nothing. So why have it?

      • Jeff Dickerson

        Thanks! Running Gummy now, but want a change. WI will use AOKP.

    • sc0rch3d

      I’m pretty sure VZW Nexus is still on CM Nightlies

    • Cory Larson

      AOKP Milestone 5 with Franco’s latest nightly kernel (r173) and the IMM76K radios is the way to go (at the moment) for the GNex.