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ClipSync for Android Lets You Copy and Paste Between PC’s and Smartphones Easily

We live in an age of the cloud, where if we have one thing on one device, we shall have it on all devices. ClipSync looks to take the age-old clipboard and move it into the cloud. The app involves running a client on your computer along with an application on your phone that sync together. Then once you have it set up, copying and pasting from one device to another has never been this interesting. For example, say you are on your computer and copied a URL or text message that you would like to have immediately on your phone. With ClipSync, the copied info from your computer’s clipboard is made available to your phone. Open your phone, long press in a text box and paste.

The app uses WiFi or LAN and as soon as you have it set up, using the app is seamless, but we should remind you that the app is still a work-in-progress. We tried installing it ourselves and had a little bit of difficulty, however, the awesome concept has nowhere to go but up. 

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  • Ken

    There is a new App available for Android called MobileCopyPaste (MCP) that does this over *any* internet connection, so the locations of the phone and computer do not metter. It is available in Trial and Full versions. More at http://www.mobilecopypaste.,com

    • Ken

      Please excuse my typo … ‘matter”, not ‘metter’.

  • Serra Stone

    No Mac love? No thanks!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Incredible. Set this up in literally 2 minutes. Very easy. Excellent!

  • i just email myself on gmail 😛

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Poopy Windowz PeeCee support only… ugh

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Ok, he lost me at the Duct tape, 🙂

    Alright can’t watch it any more, but it sounds as though its a hard way to do what you can do with Evernote, Catch Notes, Chrome Browser, and a number of others, why is this even on this Forum, and isn’t that windows 98.

  • Liderc

    No one else notice this guy is using windows 98?

    • michael

      and a busted up htc phone missing button and duct tape together?

      • Jules Colle

        Lol, it’s XP and a really old HTC Legend indeed. I thought this would nicely illustrate that it works on any android version and any windows version 🙂 (I made the video btw..)

  • SGMD1

    Chrome to Phone has this functionality I believe, along with the ability to send web links and directions as well.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    ummmm Guys.. this has been a feature in Chrome to Phone forever.

    • mcdonsco

      Apparently you like chrome…I don’t (tried it many times, just bounces all over the damn place), have to constantly keep tight control of scroll or the page goes nutts.
      Other than that, maybe Im reading this wrong, but it sounds like it would do it everywhere on the system including outside the browser…? Could be wrong?

      • PuzzleShot

        with chrome to phone if you copy text from a text box or selection using the chrome to phone option in the right-click context menu then it puts it in your phone’s clipboard, regardless of whether or not you’re in the browser

        • mcdonsco

          damn, wish i liked chrome then…If I coud just figure out why the scroll bounces around like crazy i could use it…doesn’t happen firefox or ie, only in chome 🙁

          • michael

            I could never get chrome to phone to work properly, everything from my phone would not be recognized on my pc chrome browser.

          • There is a Chrome to Phone extension for Firefox (Fox to Phone, IIRC). Works great for me (including this feature).

        • Jules Colle

          That’s so cool. I use chrome to phone a lot but didn’t know about this feature. But it only works in one way right? You can’t copy text from your phone to desktop with it I guess?

      • AlexKCMO

        I agree. This is also a semi-common bug, but if Chrome is either installed or open (can’t remember); it will sometimes bug out certain keys on your keyboard and they won’t work. I want to say C,V, and H were 3 of the ones that stopped working.

        Once I uninstalled Chrome, that never happened to me before.


    • John

      Yep. Use it all the time)

    • Chris Pinola

      I don’t know about anyone else, but ever since ICS that feature no longer works for me. if I select a chunk of text on a page, right-click the selection, and select Chrome to Phone, the page that I’m viewing opens on my phone…but doesn’t copy the selection to my phone’s clipboard. if I link Chrome to Phone back to my old Droid X running Gingerbread it works just fine, but no such luck on my 4.0.4 GNex.

  • mcdonsco

    I read this and thought “awesome! I could totally use that!” then discovered that ONCE AGAIN this is a wifi only app.

    Am I like the only person on Earth that doesn’t use wifi on my phone? I have unlimited VZW 4g data, why would I enable wifi as well and drain my battery twice as fast for fun?

    Grr…really wish devs would start creating apps that worked over the net using DDNS or something.

    EDIT: I posted the original post below this one, it refused to display carriage returns, then just didn’t display the post at all, so I re-posted this one and once again no carriage returns and now the first one shows up…WTF discuss?

    • D.C.

      The main reason to use WiFi instead of 4G LTE is that your battery will last longer. Especially if you turn off 4G and just use 3G and WiFi.

      • If you have good 3G signal, turning off wifi helps things last even longer.

    • Ken

      Try the new Android app “MobileCopyPaste” (MCP) … it works anywhere you have an internet connection ! It’s even got a free trial .. so you can see if it fits your needs !

  • mcdonsco

    Apparently I’m the only person on Earth that does not use wifi on my phone; at all…
    Why would I? I’m grandfathered in on VZW unlimited 4g data, I have no need for wifi on it and would prefer not to drain my battery for the fun of it.
    Why is this a problem in this post? Cause I read this about clipsync, thought “wow, cool, I could totally use that” then installed it and realized ONCE AGAIN ANOTHER APP THAT ONLY WORKS VIA IP ADDRES / LOCAL LAN/WLAN.
    Grrr…just annoying.

    • SeanBello

      you only use 4G but don’t wanna waste your battery for the fun of it? how’s that working out? lol

      • Colin Zack

        He somehow hasn’t realized that using wifi uses WAY less battery than 4g…

        • mcdonsco

          And if you were coming and going from two different offices and your car many MANY times a day and your income was directly related to how fast you can respond to emails and calls, you probably wouldnt want to risk forgetting that toggle either…

          As mentioned to the other fellow, not everyone uses their phone the same way (as you).

          Its amazing to me how you can essentially call someone stupid (yes, i know you didnt literally say it, but you implied it) because you assume you know how everyone uses their phone without knowing a thing about them…says more about your intelligence than mine.

          • Colin Zack

            Except that your original post didn’t state you used 4g because of your travel and moving around. It said you said you used it because you didn’t want to “waste” battery, which isn’t even close to correct.

      • mcdonsco

        I need to use the phone while using data all the time when I’m out and about (hence 4g, 3g on VZW doesn’t do that, and others like AT&T suck in this area; plus I’m grandfathered in on unlimited data, I am NOT giving that up as i use a TON of data, tethering laptop, tablet etc), and I come and go throughout the day constantly so it would be more of a pain in the butt to constantly enable/disable 4g as needed; hence 4g stays on all the time…and being that’s a razr maxx, even with heavy use my battery still last’s all day, if i were to enable wifi as well it wouldn’t. Hence my post.

        Not everyone uses their phones the same way bubs.

        • SeanBello

          switching the radio on and off uses a very minimal amount of data, significantly less than downloading a large amount of data at 4G speeds. obviously everyone uses their phone different, but your reasoning is flawed.

          • mcdonsco

            Well its a damn good thing i dont need your approval or permission to use my phone the way i do 🙂

          • Hoffman

            There is an app called “Y5 – Battery Saver” turns on and off wifi based on proximity. No need to ever worry about toggling the wifi ever again. I have been using it fir years and never had a problem. Try it, you’ll like it.

  • Airdroid basically does this without a helper pc app. You can copy/paste to and from your Android’s clipboard from the webapp.

  • richcricketz

    This is Totally Awesome. This is why I love Android, people are busy every day developing awesome stuff I haven’t even thought of. Give this Developer a gold star 🙂

  • SeanBello

    AirDroid is easier.

    • richcricketz

      Thank you for this awesome app also!! how did I not know about these! is there some website that lists all the coolest apps like this?

      • SeanBello

        I don’t remember where I saw it, but it’s seriously one of the best apps I’ve ever used. absolutely perfect to use at work.

    • TheOiulkj

      I swear, every time DL features an app I’m like “awesome!” then after I install it I look through the comment section and find something that works 10 times better.

      You sir, earn this round’s cookie.

      • SeanBello

        I wish I could remember where I saw it, but I remember being like “damn, how has DL not reported about this. I was gonna send Kellex a link, but I figure he probably gets a million trash emails so I didn’t bother.

      • And I saw this comment after installing the app on my cell and companion on PC. 🙁
        Uninstall on PC is fine (hoping it doesn’t leave any garbage/trojan behind), but now it’s stuck forever in Play Store “My Apps”. X-(

    • Jules Colle

      I’m the developer of ClipSync. Airdroid is one of the awesomest apps out there. But you need to have it open in your browser and paste the text in the webpage to send it to your android clipboard, right?
      I tend to have a lot of tabs and windows open at any time on my PC, and switching between them to perform a trivial task is often enough to make me forget what tab I was working in before. I understand most people don’t get lost in a maze of browser tabs as easily as I do. But I’m just saying that there is a clear difference between how you would copy paste text between devices with AirDroid or with ClipSync.

      • SeanBello

        No disrespect intended, and I really appreciate your skill as a developer. I just think people would rather have a tab in a browser open than installing (yet another) PC companion.

        • SeanBello


  • KleenDroid


  • Steven Cornea

    …..I’ll pass