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Thursday Poll: Will You Buy a $199 Google Branded Tablet?

Today’s hottest topic has easily been the $199 Google tablet that will most likely be unveiled at Google I/O next month. We are expecting it to be built by Asus, powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor, measure in at around 7″ on the display front, and be sold directly to customers through the Google Play store. It sounds like all sorts of win, however, we still want to know if the Android world is ready to take this step into the tablet realm.

While $199 sounds like an amazing price point, there are some things you need to understand. You have to assume that this won’t be anything close to the quality of an iPad or even Transformer Prime for that matter. NVIDIA has talked recently about their Project Kai which is a platform or package for companies to cheaply make semi-high end tablets using their quad-core processor. The catch here is that they will use cheaper RAM, probably less internal storage, and displays that are miles away from the new iPad’s retina to keep costs down, similarly to what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire.

Are you OK with that? I would assume that if you don’t already own an iPad or other high-end tablet that this is definitely an option. It will be stock Android, tied directly to Google for updates (not carriers), and at a price that will be tough to beat. Are you in or out?

We have kept the poll to a simple “Yes or no,” but we would love to hear your reasoning in the comments.

Will You Buy a $199 Google Branded Tablet?

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  • Brad Chesney

    I am a hard core linux/Unix admin and web back end developer. I barely use my rooted custom ROM tablet for anything besides reading and ultra beginner android/java development. Still, I would buy at $200.

  • If google is behind it, I would consider it to be of decent specs, or it will at least run very smoothly on ICS. Google won’t embarrass themselves with a shitty ass tablet. LIke this:

  • jamisles02

    I’m so used to my 10″ Xoom that when I see 7″ tablets, they look too small, so I’d have to vote no if it’s 7″

  • ryanallaire

    voted no, just don’t have a need for a tablet..

  • I am very excited about this tablet. I already on a Transformer Prime and love it. For me I want to purchase 2 of them. 1 for each of my boys. At this price point, knowing the games available, free and inexpensive games, books, netflix etc. it beats out getting a portable gaming system like the Nintendo 3DS. It has a lot of functionality with out breaking the bank.
    I think this tablet will do very well if it is marketed correctly.

  • Troubled_Asian

    Although I have a Gnex and just purchased an ASUS ultrabook (which I love very much), I am still temped by the prospect of a $200 Nexus tablet. However, I would ONLY consider buying it if it has these things:
    1. dual-core or better processor (wouldn’t it be nice if it had a tegra 3 or snapdragon 4)
    2. micro sd slot
    3. GPS
    4.1GB of RAM
    5. MicroUSB slot

    • tonysam1

      Nice I have the same setup. UX31 and GNex. I am missing a device for the middle ground between the two though.

  • Nolan

    If they can pump out $200 tablets why are phones ~$600 off contract?

  • Lizz.0

    I’d rather pay $249 for something that doesn’t skimp on build quality

  • Is it just me, but i’d like to see 12inch tablet made as light as possible as notebook lcd alone.

  • juniorsgv

    as a previous samsung tab owner, and xoom. sold for that very reason. what’s point of android if you don’t get updates? google won’t release a flagship item without least having decent specs. i’d pick lower powered if i had guaranteed updates.

  • RGiskard

    I’m a “no,” but that is because I have a Xoom. I think I’d prefer a higher-spec tablet if I’m going to use one. The only user in my family for a 7″ tablet would be my daughter, and I’m sure she’ll want one in a few years.

  • I wonder if these will only be available through the Play Store, or if they’ll be in stores like Best Buy?

  • MKader17

    I said no because I just don’t need a 7″ tablet, but I am very interesting and I’m excited for it to be released.

  • Cam

    Yes and no. I would pay 300+ if this were larger than 7″. Probably the 10″ zone is the sweet spot for me. I just see very little need for a 7″ device. It’s just such an in-between size.


    It really depends on how good they make the software for it.

    I already have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 rooted with custom ROMs on it and it really does great. There’s no reason to replace it with a smaller screen device.

    Also, I would like to think that buying a tablet should be more like a laptop than a cell phone. You shouldn’t have to replace them that often.

  • danofiveo

    No. I’d be willing to pay more for high quality components.

  • I was really excited about this device when it was priced at $225 or $250. Once it went down to 200, I knew it wasn’t going to be the device I wanted.

  • Yes, i will. I wanted to get a Kindle Fire e-reader until I noticed that there is no access to the Google Play store. But if I can read, and use my apps on this device, it’s like an open-kindle with Google support. Yes please.

  • Give me a 10.1″ with an SD slot and a decent display for $300 and I’d be sold.

    I love my Asus Transformer Prime w/dock, and Asus does great with updates…but my wallet still hurts after shelling out that cash.

    A $300 Nexus tablet would be a much better fit for my needs.

  • NexusMan

    Since I have a Kindle Fire, I will not. However, when/if Google releases an affordable 10″ Tablet, I absolutely would. Unfortunately, Google a little late to the party, for me with the 7″. I’m sure I would absolutely prefer the functionality a Google 7″ will offer over the Fire (Market, bluetooth), it’s not enough to buy another 7″. But I do want a 10′.

  • No but I’d buy a $250 Google branded tablet, to meet the $200 price point I’m quite sure they will need to strip out features that are important to me. I’m expecting the Nexus tablet to ship with only 8GB and no MicroSD card slot, GPS is also probably off the table and the only reason it might have a front facing camera is because of Google+ hangouts.

    I had been waiting for the Nexus tablet but I got tired of waiting for a device that was looking more and more like it wouldn’t meet my desires so I just picked up a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ (http://amzn.to/J4OwW1) and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a fantastic tablet for $250.

  • dbam987

    Seeing as I paid $800 smacks for the Motorola Xoom 3G/LTE, which at the time I thought was a “Google” branded device, my vote is no. I’m looking into getting Windows 8 on a tablet, prefrebly on my Xoom if possible.
    {Slaps self for dreaming of something that will never happen}

  • No because 7″ is too small for my man fingers to type on.

  • S_T_R

    As much as I like my Nexus, and my last Nexus, I’d rather spend $400-$500 on a netbook than even $200 on a tablet. Especially with the new Ivy Bridge CPU’s and their actually decent onboard GPU.

    At least until I can do EVERYTHING on the tablet as well as what I can do on the netbook.

  • Xroid

    I still have a bad taste from my Asus Prime. I have $650.00 tied up in it and the keyboard.
    I have already sent it in once for repair, it came back with all the same issues. And now they want me to send it in again. Asus support seems to be very lacking and there quality control seems to be asleep at the wheel. Weak WiFi non functiong gps, random reboots on a daily basis and horrible lag and glitching when scrolling in any of the 4 browsers I have tried including the stock browser. I would not want this frustration if they gave it to me.

  • I’ve been looking at 7″ options for a while for Car integration. If this has good reviews I’ll be sold.

  • James

    No, but I’d gladly pay $100 more if it has a retina-like display.

  • I doubt the specs will be that bad and if they add in micro sd and hopefully 1gb ram (which I don’t see why not) I will definitely get for me and give my wife the prime or vice versa

  • YES, if it is as good as the Kindle Fire
    NO, if for less than $300 I can get a Nexus tablet with fast RAM, more storage, and a great display.

  • guest

    Yea; should be yes, no, MAYBE option in the poll. I’m a MAYBE because there is not enough info for me to make a informed decision.

  • motta2003

    I’m leaning yes but to use for my kids on car rides and stuff…they always want to use my phone for Angry birds or something so now they can do games and video on this puppy. Granted, if they go too cheap on it then all bets are off.

  • Flageek

    199 is a good price. Although it should have the same features as an iPad for that price.
    When the price gets above 200 dollars approching > $400 consumers will begin doing the trade between a laptop and pad devices.

  • Clift

    No because I already have an Asus EeePad Transformer with keyboard dock.

  • I may be the one person that thinks calling a 7″ device a tablet is silly. I have not found a reason yet to buy a 7″ “tablet” for any amount of money and it annoys me that manufacturers are still producing them. Tablets should always be 10″.

    • Raven

      You know, I have the 10″ ASUS Transformer at home and I have a 10″ Transformer Prime at work and I love them both, especially with the keyboard for some serious typing. But, I also have a cheap 7″ Acer A100 that I got for $190 and I use it way more than the other 2 put together. If the 2 are laying side-by-side and I want to check the weather or Google something quick I pick up the 7″. If I am going anywhere I might need to kill some time like a waiting room or restaurant I pick up the 7″. Sure, I have a 4″ phone with me also, but the 7″ tablet has just become my go to device. I would love to get a new one with better specs for another $200.

  • pball_inuyasha

    I said no for a simple reason. I’m not ready for a tablet at this time, still looking forward to getting a 10″-14″ laptop some time for when I’m away from my desktop. Perhaps when you can link a keyboard and mouse to a tablet and get a more traditional experience I’ll really start thinking about one.

  • brando56894

    I already have the original Transformer so I voted no.

  • rockstar323

    I wouldn’t rule out it having high end hardware. I could see Google eating some of the cost of the tablet just to get it in to more people’s hands.

    • evileclipse

      This ×1000! I honestly believe this is a good possibility. Most people don’t remember or know that Google once tried to subsidize cell phone plans to the tune of millions of dollars just to get android into peoples hands.

  • Sarcaustic

    Why would Google go after the Kindle and Nook market instead of the iPad? We need to demand premium products of these companies (Google, Samsung, etc.) if they want even a chance to compete with the iPad market.

    That means more metal, less plastic. Are people really strained by the few extra ounces that metal gives?
    Big, high quality screens.
    And great battery life.

    For this, I’d be willing to pay iPad like prices, $500-600. There’s millions already paying that for an iOS device. I’m sure people would if Google tried the same approach.

    • Because the Kindle and Nook are competing ecosystems. They want the devices in as many hands as possible, in THEIR ecosystem. So, hitting the low side of the cost spectrum is the best way to get the OS out there.

      Google is not after the people willing to spend several hundred dollars on a tablet with this product. You’re simply not the target.

  • Wyveryx

    If the specs were decent, then yes. I would probably still do it, simply because the OS allows for more customization and I like to be able to change things to the way I want, not just have a page of apps.

  • Jer85008

    Only if the screen is larger than 7″.
    8″ Nexus tablet for $200? Will buy.

  • joe

    You get what you pay for. Unless you buy a nexus tbat is

  • balthuszar

    i couldn’t see 200 dollars for a supersize phone, which is essentially what a 7″ tablet is…maybe, like some have said…300 for a 10″ would be perfect…

  • areffes

    I would buy it in a heartbeat if it were a 8.9 or 9 inch. 7 is just too small for my taste. Used to have a Xoom, but that was too big and heavy to make it practical for me. Other than the size, I’m all about it! And I can’t wait to see how this little monster gives Kindle Fire a run for its money!

  • ofusball21

    I already did, the kindle fire with cm9.

  • petrochemicals

    Why would Droid Life be interested in this information? Who is paying for these stupid polls to be published here?

    • Jigga_Z

      Because they want to know what their readers are interested in for articles? It’s not a conspiracy theory.

      • petrochemicals

        You’re right. There must be so much Android news happening every day that Droid Life could afford to just skip over writing about the first Nexus tablet.

        Common sense would dictate that readers of an Android news blog would want to hear about the first Google branded Nexus tablet. No poll is needed for that. Unless of course Google was interested in this information and was willing to pay popular Android sites to publish polls like these. It is obvious these polls have nothing to do with the interests of the editors of these sites.

        Here is Android Central doing the same damn thing. http://www.androidcentral.com/late-night-poll-are-you-liking-google-update#comment-421262
        Now someone please tell me how knowing whether we like the G+ update or not is useful to an Android news blog. It isn’t. This is another site that is also being paid by Google and others to publish polls. Frankly it is getting really old.

        • Troubled_Asian

          I agree with almost everything you’re saying. However, in this case, I hope Google is directly behind this poll. I want them to make this tablet, and I hope that they are paying attention to the minimum requirements that people are saying that it needs in order for people to buy it.

    • Guest

      I’d like to see a poll on here that said “What if google sold a box that was literally full of human feces with a google sticker on it, would you buy and defend it til the death?” I’d expect to see to see close to 80% in favor also. And then when the flies showed up, they’d be verizon’s fault.

  • Bionic

    As long as the screen is average to good im fine with it. Same goes for the RAM, as long as it performs as it should, its all good. My needs are not that great that I dont see not being happy with it. All I want it for is my main music player and road trip magazine reader.

  • Detonation

    No. I’ve got my $99 Touchpad with ICS on it…and I still find myself struggling to find a reason to use it instead of my laptop or nexus. At $99 it was worth it as a toy…twice the price not so much.

  • ajavgeek

    Bought big enough Gnex and now no way I will buy 7″ Tablet. I am looking at ASUS 10″ Tablet