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Google Makes Galaxy Nexus IMM76K Download Available Again, Update Imminent?

At the beginning of the month, Google made the 4.0.4 update file for the Galaxy Nexus available for everyone to download. Unfortunately, Google must have jumped the gun, because just a short time after release the link was pulled and G-Nex owners were back in the dark with no word from either company. The link is now back in order which could mean our 4.0.4 update is finally on the way.

If you’re tired of waiting for Verizon to give you the OTA, head over to our previous post here and read the instructions on flashing this official zip file.

Download link

Cheers Jason!

  • chazzdjr

    I upgraded without unlocking or rooting using the instructions located here:

    Worked great! I was getting something weird with the sdcard process using 23% of the battery after flashing. I did a factory data reset and now it’s running excellent. Signal strength is WAY better. Battery life is also way up. I went from 6-7 hours of battery life with 4.0.2 and right now I’m on track for a 10-12 hours. Pretty impressed overall.

  • I just got a replacement G-Nex from Verizon, and it’s still coming with 4.0.2. I had hoped that it would come with 4.0.4

    • joe

      ive had five and they all sucked,thats just what kind of phone it is

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    It unrooted my Gnex. :'(

    • arc

      You got it? Pics or it didn’t happen.

      • Unrooted mine, too. I put su.zip on the SD card, rebooted to recovery, flashed su.zip and I’m still not rooted. I dunno what happened.

        • diobando

          I read somewhere there is an updated su.zip file somewhere that works

  • when they do release it, i’ll bet money that its the last update this pos will ever get

    • IdanShtayer

      If you hate this phone so badly… Sell it and get the $%#& out of the comments section… We’re all disappointed that we haven’t received an update, but it’s annoying listening to you whining all day!

      • joe buck

        Lick my crack

  • So those that bought this phone like myself, are stuck with it. Unless of course you’d like to spend $500+ on a phone at full retail. This phone has known issues that aren’t being repaired. On top of that, they are nixing unlimited data plans? Come on. Verizon is shitty the bed so hard with this phone.

    • Stewie

      Or you unlock, root and load er up ….. geez, the first leak of 4.0.4 fixed most of the issues I had with mine …. so much so that the saying “if it isn’t broke…” may apply here. If I have to go back to the 4.0.2 to go to this 4.0.4, I may pass and wait it out.

    • LTE4G

      I tried 2 from diff stores, the first one had issues with proximity sensor, outbound audio, and BT, second one, outbound audio and low signal about 10dbm lower than the previous unit,
      So far prefer my Moto Razr Maxx


  • yea,they wont release it, but the sell phones in their stores that have it

    • Drummer62

      again, no they don’t

    • La2da

      “sell” phones?

  • Great article, like always! I am very much impressed with your work..

  • Mark Knapp

    If I am not rooted and I apply this update will this erase everything on my phone and put me back to stock?

  • joepedus

    Am I the only one that woke up this morning to a dead phone?

    • what happened?

      • joepedus

        Phone was plugged in/on all night, as usual, picked it up and tried to light it up…nothing… The only reason I even know that it’s alive is that the LED is flashing indicating that I have an email waiting for me. Pulling the battery did nothing…

      • joepedus

        all set… pulled the battery for a little longer and phone restarted fine. Guess i was too impatient earlier today. Sorry for the false alarm.

        • I owe you a virtual beer. My phone did the same thing last night and was still not working this morning, despite a battery pull and even switching to the standard battery instead of the extended. I was about to give up until I tried pulling the battery for a few minutes. Thanks a ton.

    • guest

      Same here. Battery pull worked. Then i saw a dialog stating “upgrading software” which disappeared. Got me excited but it wasnt the update.

  • Scott

    $5 that this will get pulled again before the end of the day.

  • Josiah

    Do I need to be rooted to use this update?

  • JP

    Question for all: Will the OTA from Verizon include different radio/kernels/anything than the download from Google? My issue is like many which is I am constantly dealing with one way audio / mic cut out issues. I have not rooted this phone yet so I could ensure I have the latest from Verizon to fix this before I make it a sandbox. This issue makes the phone virtually unusable as a phone.

    • Jwhap

      I have been running this since May 1. It fixes all of those issues. The verizon version is this version. This is the OTA in form of a download. You are just getting it directly from Google.

      • Earlwm

        I have been running this since May 1 also and it does not fix the microphone cut out issue (one way audio out). I did not experience the issue for a couple of weeks after flashing 4.0.4 but have had several occurrences since.

      • JP

        For all those interested, I also did not have success in this resolving the one-way audio issue. I ran the download for 4.0.4, used the wired headset app, tried data privacy change settings, etc. and I have not been able to resolve it. This is my second Nexus with this issue. And I unfortunately am now resigned to trading it in for a RAZR MAXX. Reluctantly but I need a functioning phone. Hopefully for all others impacted, Samsung/Verizon come out with a fix soon.

    • Jeremy


      This is solving most peoples Mic issues. Out on Rootzwiki there is a posting about the signal strength reading on Nexus. Its calculated way different than Gingerbread hense the lower reading. If you phone is not dropping call you are fine. If it is get a new handset its defective. The biggest signal issue is the 4G 3G handoff causing massive battery drain.

      • JP

        Appreciate the help. I downloaded the app and will give it a shot. While 4G / 3G handoff isn’t great, I can work around that by toggling them manually. I most often switch to WiFi at home and largely use 3G unless I’m downloading. Assuming the app fixes my mic issue, I’ll tackle the upgrade. Anyone know how to install w/o PC? Traveling for work on a locked down laptop.

    • Scott

      They should be the same. I would take it back to Verizon for a warranty issue.

  • daryle barden jr

    Is this the full ROM?

    • Jwhap

      No. This is a smaller update/patch fix. There are some full roms of this out there for root users.(try rootz wiki)

      ***you need to be on a stock rom to apply this update 4.0.2

  • Jwhap

    So now that this thing should be rolling out I assume Google will be announcing 4.0.8 that us Verizon users will be upset that we won’t get it….until Jelly Bean releases of course! 🙂

  • Addinsx

    Waiting for over the air updates from Google or VZW?!? Is this a thing people do with their Nexus devices…? If so Why?

  • ScottyByrd

    Android Central has already looked at this and the previous one that was pulled. It is the exact same update according to the MD5 or whatever lol.

  • what pisses me off is that anyone can walk in a verizon store and buy a nexus with 4.0.4, and they wont give it to us

    • I don’t believe they sell them. They’re just for testing in store.

      • Drummer62

        they dont have them in the store!

    • Drummer62

      I’ve been in three stores, ALL their Nexus were still on 4.0.2. Seems like a nasty rumor that all the stores phones are updated because from what I am seeing here in the Chicago area none of them are.

    • Nick

      No. The models with 4.0.4 are the display/testing models in the stores, not the ones for sale. Verizon was doing a test of some kind through some corporate accounts, including the one that the display models were connected to. Update roll out should be imminent though.

  • Markuz

    F*** you Big Evil Red!!!!!

  • C-Law

    Fyi, these new fa04/fa05 radios sucked on my phone. I have aokp with 4.0.4. I ran the new radios for two weeks. I was having dropped calls and sometimes had problems switching to 4g. It would come back on as 3g and not connect to lte. I went back to the fa02 radios and everything is better again. Maybe some phones are different but if u had the choice, I would flash back to the fa02 radios

  • DonnyDon

    Best Part of this UPDATE is that it fixes nothing. Battery life sux, and so does reception. I returned mine for a Razr Maxx as soon as I was able to try the Leaked Firmware. Moto gets a full signal where My Nexus was in and out making the battery even worse. And yes this even with the firmware and radios.

    • so you are saying that even with this update its still a pos? boy thats depressing, why is everyone been saying how great it is ?


    • mustbepbs


    • The thing about the RAZR (and most Moto phones) is that you can’t fix a terrible display with software.

  • Qbanito

    Here we go again.

  • Bigsike

    So I’m confused if this the same update from weeks ago is this just Google telling Verizon to hell with it, if you won’t update the phone we will? I believe Verizon still had no idea what they were getting into releasing a Nexus they never understood that it must be updated in order to support the developers this was simply just not an option for them to update whenever they felt like it.

    • wickets

      I hope that your theory isnt correct. if it is, I need to find help ‘rooting’ help pronto

      • Jwhap

        All the help you need is on Droid life. I just rooted 3-4 months ago. All the info can be found here. Once you get your sdk set up the rest is easy.

        • wickets

          Thanks. btw, i went to watch the video on the strife blog(?) but after dire warnings to technophobes i quit haha

          • Jwhap

            lol……Funny. I had heard you could update this without root but with root is is just a quick flash from clockwork. I have not looked at the other way. I had actually not rooted my phone until Feb. when the first leak came out. I have been rooted ever since. The freedom to add updates to my phone on my terms makes it worth it.

  • droidroks

    what a joke!

  • DaveTea

    Anyone have a MD5 of the prior file to compare to this one? I wonder if its exactly the same. I don’t have the older file that I downloaded when it was available so I cant check.

    • Jackpot

      It’s exactly the same as the old one. I don’t have an md5 of the older one, but I extracted both .zips and did a batch diff of every single file and they were identical

    • Q

      I have the old file. Looks to be the exact same as this new one.

  • Tyler

    Three words … ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

    • Kretz7

      That’s actually four words :

      • The conjunction makes 2 words 1.

        • contraction

          • Michael_NM

            “Its” is neither a conjunction nor a contraction. It is (or it’s) a possessive form of it. Coincidentally, I think “it’s” was meant to preceed “about time.” Regardless, the original comment is actually 5 words. :

          • Right, “its” is possessive. But he meant to type “it’s”, which is a contraction, not a conjunction. That’s all I meant. 😉 I just didn’t go back and reread it to realize he forgot the apostrophe.

          • Thanks for all the updates guys.

          • damn.

      • When two become one. . .

      • Tyler

        I forgot the apostrophe but either way “it’s” is a conjunction joining two words together into one therefore my initial count still stands. 🙂

  • joe buck

    I still say this phone should have never been released, it was a joke from day one, and almost 6 months later we are still waiting on a fix, and now they are talking jelly bean…really ? This kind of crap makes android look like it came from a walmart, its time to be a bit more professional

    • Cowboydroid

      “I still say this phone should have never been released on Verizon.”

      FIFY. The rest can be left out.

    • Kretz7

      Android does come from Walmart…so do apple products.

  • anonymous

    So much craziness with VZW pushing out the OTA. I would really like to manually update but I cannot since my stock 4.0.2 is encrypted. The manual update method requires one to temporarily load CM; CM cannot be loaded on Android 4.X once it is encrypted. I have no options other than to wait for VZW to OTA 4.0.4! What is your problem VZW? We’ve all seen you managed to update only you corporate Gnexs and of course the ones for sale. Guess that’s how VZW treats people who’ve already given them their hard earned money!

  • Knlegend1

    Where is my ICS for my Razr lol

  • NorCalGuy

    its called AOKP, been around for months

    • netfoo

      CDMA proprietary code as well doesn’t equate to simply AOKP

  • qudwls6933

    there is a Korean news that samsung will launch galaxy s3 lte that has quad-core exynos ap
    and 2gb of ram in Korea.


    how about verizon?? damn it..

  • Tito Vides

    Plain and simple, is there any risk in doing this?

    • Jwhap


      I did this three weeks ago. The phone has never worked better. My only question is this the exact build from a couple weeks ago.

      edit*** And I will probably never wait on Verizon for an update ever again!

      • Tito Vides

        I just really wanna know if the phone will be like original where we will still get future Updates from verizon whenever they actually do send them?

        • Cowboydroid

          If not, does it really matter? Looks like you’ll get better support from the community anyway.

          • Jwhap

            That is how I feel about it. You will always get the updates this way before verizon sends them out, and who knows what vz will attempt to shove down our throats with bloat.

          • shanklin07

            I agree. I don’t know why some people worry about getting “delayed” future updates from VZW when they can get better support from the community. Guys embrace the community, it’s their and it’s thriving! Everyone is welcome. I guess people think it’s easier to just wait or maybe they think they won’t know what they are doing and will screw their phones up. I dunno why but it’s all not true. Take 20 mins to read up on rooting and bam, you know almost all you need to know to get your phone up to date. Who knows, you might even make some friends in the process.

          • Jwhap

            I think people fear the unknown. They don’t want to void warranties,what if they brick their phone and what not. You and I may get caught up in a boot loop and shrug our shoulders and move on…..it just takes getting used to.

        • Jwhap

          You will have to unlock your bootloader to apply the update. You can relock your boot once you have completed this. When you unlock your bootloader you will erase all the stuff on your phone. Personally I am unlocked and rooted. If it looks like the update is going to be different than what I have I will apply it or if It comes out as an OTA, I will unroot my phone. It is pretty simple once you set up the sdk.

          I would guess Tito if you give yourself 2-3 hours the first time (make sure you have a beer handy) you will be able to do this relatively easy. You may scare yourself in a boot loop but they are harmless on this phone.

          • Tito Vides

            Thanks , what the heck ill update. Which exact drivers do i need. * note: im not rooted, so ill relock

          • Jwhap


            This is instructions on how to unlock your bootloader. You should be able to apply the update without rooting from the leak in the article. But if your bootloader is unlocked, rooting will only take like 5 minutes and then you can just flash the update.

            There is also instructions from the link I attached how to root and unroot your phone. It is only a couple of commands.

          • You should also warn people that unlocking the boot will wipe your phone..

          • You should also warn people that unlocking the boot will wipe your phone..

          • You should also warn people that unlocking the boot will wipe your phone..

          • You should also warn people that unlocking the boot will wipe your phone..

          • You should also warn people that unlocking the boot will wipe your phone..

          • You should also warn people that unlocking the boot will wipe your phone..

          • Q

            You dont necessarily have to unlock the bootloader to apply the update. I used these steps here to apply it to my BONE STOCK GNex running 4.0.2 ..

          • Jwhap

            Good news for those that don’t want to root!

  • Jwhap

    Just curious is the picture above this download?

    Is this the same as the last leak a couple of weeks ago?

    • Q

      It’s the same exact file size as the image from earlier this month, so I’d assume it’s the same thing from before

      • Jwhap

        Nice! I won’t have to mess with it then!

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Maybe your Thursday instincts were correct…

  • Steve

    If its Google why isnt it the full image ? Like all other devices.

    • 4n1m4L

      Its an ota. Changes some patches some. Not a factory image

  • Will believe it when I see it. Don’t think Google can bypass Verizon entirely due to CDMA, especially if they want an OTA update.

    • Spoken Word™

      You are semi correct. Since Google already has the signed radios they could release updates with the old radio firmware. But since a lot of the issues revolve around the radios it wouldn’t be of much use to release updated OS code with janky radios.

  • Samzzz

    Isn’t this the 5th or so “imminent” release? I’ll believe it when I see it. and FU Verizon.

  • Tito Vides

    also will we still get future OTA updates?

    • Michael_NM

      If you’re talking about about VZW G-Nex, don’t worry about that happening any time soon. Besides, Droid Life will always get your updates more quickly than VZwhenever they get around to it.

      • Tito Vides

        Droid Life must have great sources because i cant find any news on this update anywhere else -_-

        • Waiting GNex Owner

          I only found it on Android Central after I saw it here. But no one else is reporting it!

  • Tito Vides

    anyone have any success?

    • 4n1m4L

      I’ve used this ota on my g-nex. Works wonderfully

      • Jwhap

        Agreed. This is the update that should have come out on release day.

    • Q

      Installed this three weeks ago.. worked great

    • Cowboydroid

      Installed this evening. Went well. Haven’t noticed much difference yet, but we’ll see.

  • Well..it still don’t fix one way audio…..

    • dominick zappia

      That sucks! The one way audio is killing me..i downliaded the new radios but went back to stock hoping the ota will fix issues..im going to wait for the next razr and have them send me a replacement for my galaxy everything but a phone nexus!

  • fatboiiii

    Until I get the notification….O RLY?

  • Verizon is ridiculous.

    • They really are specially for releasing updates..

    • feztheforeigner

      Especially considering this is SUPPOSED to be a Nexus. Sure doesn’t feel like it…

  • Maybe google has decided to bypass verizon all together which is fine by me

    • hkklife

      That would be great if possible but given the proprietary nature of CDMA tech, it ain’t gonna happen. I am seeing a number of GNex $100 & $150 deals, even for upgraders, so I would not be surprised to see the GNex pretty quickly phased out over the next 2 months to make way for the SGSIII.

      • Cowboydroid

        You think Verizon is getting the SGS3? You think they’re going to stop selling the Gnex just six months after its release?

        • adt1982

          Why would Verizon NOT get the SGS3?

          • Cowboydroid

            Is that a real question? GSII.

          • La2da

            2010: Galaxy S2………… 2011: Galaxy Nexus…………… 2012: Galaxy S3.

          • Because Verizon essentially already has it. The Gnex. Isn’t the SGSIII going to have the same screen? LTE and a dual core processor?

          • LiterofCola

            We have already seen the evidence that it’s coming to Verizon a couple of days ago. And the Nexus was a tweeked version of a GS2, not a GS3

          • But isn’t the sgs3 going to have a dual core not quad core processor? And that is really the only difference. Besides touchwiz and a better camera.

        • hkklife

          Try finding a 3G smartphone or even a Bionic still for sale in a VZW corporate store. They have been pretty quick to phase out EOL devices lately. Besides, a $199 GN would be likely to steal sales from a $299 GSIII since they are so “similiar”.

          Also, an imminent Verizon GSIII is pretty much confirmed, if you have been paying attention to the news recently. The VZW version made its way through the Bluetooth SIG, so it’s coming to all 4 major domestic carriers..

          • mustbepbs

            Except that the SGS3 and the GNEX are completely different animals. You don’t see them phasing out the RAZR for the MAXX do you? The SGS3 would not be the successor to the GNEX. Only another Nexus could be that. It’s a Google Experience Device.

          • possomcrast1

            If the past says anything it will be a crappy version of the version the other carriers get.

          • LiterofCola

            You’re also forgetting that Verizon reps will be pressing the GS3 hard over the Nexus anyways (even though they never pressed the Nexus in the first place)

      • Q

        Even if Verizon phases out the GNex over the next few months, it’s had a good run along with the Razr series. These phones have been Verizon’s top tier devices for the past 6 months. I remember getting the Bionic and hating myself when the Razr came out 2 weeks later. I remember people getting the Razr and flipping out when the Maxx came out weeks later..

      • Rick

        B.S. its a few signed drivers that is all…

    • EvanTheGamer

      NOT fine by me.

    • Wouldn’t be possible that VZW checked and tested this update to sign off on it. Now its back where it belongs so Google can send out the update?

  • Aaron

    Glad I didn’t wait after it came out the first time. Much better than 4.0.2.

    • Jwhap

      No doubt this looks like the same build I have been running for 3 weeks now.

  • unknown

    Your mama Verizon