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Video: Larry Page Rocks Google Glasses at Zeitgeist 2012, Says “Android is on Fire”

Recently at Zeitgeist 2012, Google CEO Larry Page gave a nice talk about Google, Android, and of course, those funky looking glasses he’s sporting. Page said he was really happy to be wearing a working pair of Google Glasses and that there is still a lot of work to be done on Project Glass. To see Larry and the Glasses in action, check out the full video down below – it’s actually quite the listen. 


Via: Android Community

  • “Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here!”

  • socalrailroader

    Now, I’m a big techie and geeky guy, but I gotta say GEEK ALERT to the MAX! 😀

  • monk3ywr3nch

    Is he talking into a hulk testicle?

  • TimXer

    D-Life – how do you honestly put up with all of the negative, useless, thoughtless comments. What a drag to come to the comments on most topics – you would think folks would have something meaningful to say.

  • ff1198

    Looks like Jim Carrey from dumb and dumber!!! Lol

  • Davis Darvish

    wow what a nerd… he should not be the public face of the company

  • chudilo

    Really , He has Google Glass on and he’s reading from a paper!!!! Couldn’t he pull up a PDF on that thing 🙂

    • C-Law

      lol! guess it really doesn’t do all that much yet

  • bionicchimp

    Uss enterprise this is spock beam me up

  • GOODNESS. Is that REALLY how you talk? I miss Eric. {{o_0}}

  • Christopher Jansen

    Hey, he’s color coordinated. Green shirt, green mic cover. Hey great glasses. Glasses for nerds who can create imaginary dates, imaginary friends, and imaginary bullies who will still beat them up.

    • sporttster

      He talks like Kermit, and dresses like him, too lol. ♪ It’s not easy being greeeeeen….♫

  • srh12

    And when it goes public, expect google to support it with updates for about a month

  • Sporttster

    After seeing the Kermit comment, had to listen to it and he DOES sound like Kermit! LOL!

    • michael

      sounds more like ray romano

    • michael

      he sounds like ray ramano, with spock’s haircut

  • Sporttster

    (in my best ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ dialect) Hi everyone, (pushes glasses up with finger), my name is Larry. How are you? (again pushes glasses up with his finger) I’d like to introduce my new hyper fantastic, super power glasses! Har har har snort! Do you like them?

  • Counsel Dew

    Maybe they can make a 2-way phone call-I bet his G Nexus, like mine, can not…

  • Could they get anyone more nerdy to wear those? Wow…I was hip on them before but now I feel like if I put those on I’ll start caring about Linux distros and anime.

  • I can’t believe how disrespectful and immature the comments are.

  • Timmy Blume

    Instead of shutting down all those products that nobody knew about, why didn’t you advertise them so people do know about them.

  • When’s the last time you revolutionized search? Or even understood how the update process works? Idiot.

    • LiterofCola


  • MicroNix

    I sure hope they’re smart enough this time to patent EVERYTHING in project glass so we don’t see fruity glasses anytime in the next 14 years.

  • WickedToby741

    It’s not his fault. Blame Verizon, they’ve had the update and have been sitting on it for months.

  • ddevito

    He’s mining everyone’s data in the audience while he’s speaking.

  • feztheforeigner

    I miss Eric Schmidt…

  • TheDude

    Oh, for a second I thought this was Jim Carey in character for the new dumb and dumber movie.

  • Liderc

    Well I made it to 3:48 before I all I heard was wah wah…wah wah wah…. waaaah.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      i didn’t even make it to hitting the play button. Something disturbs me about the actual first photo.

  • Matt Gondek

    When he talks about G+, I can’t help but think about how awesome it’d be if more people used it

  • Matt Gondek

    Love the glasses, but dude needs a new barber

    • feztheforeigner

      And voice. No offense to him, but that was very mono-toned and hard to listen to (boring).

    • ATBvsBFZ

      add pointy ears and he’d look like a Vulcan of Star Trek fame.

      • C-Law

        lol, I was thinkin the same thing

  • mike3843

    The problem with google is they get 92% finished something then move on to the next project.

  • G

    Is it my imagination or does Larry sound like Kermit the Frog?

    • C-Law

      He does! like an adult version of kermit, lol

  • [email protected]

    I hate to talk down on a man based from his voice, but Larry Page’s voice sounds…. kind of funny. I feel like he’s doing a light imitation of a Cookie Monster or something.

    • YourFriend

      What am I thinking, not Cookie Monster, I meant Kermit the Frog

    • ♫♪Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection , the lovers, the dreamers aaanndd meeeeeeeee♫♪

  • [email protected]

    And one day, Project Glass will turn into Project Contact Lens

    • And then Project Brain Implant

      • mustbepbs

        Nope, Project Prostate first.

    • herpAderp

      Project Enema

    • Right now I’m waiting for Project Porn. {{-_-}}

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Watch “Torchwood” series from the BBC is you want to see this project in a contact lens version :p

  • Dudeman

    I can’t even watch this. This guy is the worst speaker I have ever seen. Speak up into the microphone, make eye contact and hold it….oh, and for the love of god take that stupid grin off your face. Total douche.

  • Thomas Partida

    So long as they look better than those glasses Durant and Westbrook were wearing after the game and im all in.

  • With that haircut/color he’s either the youngest looking old man, or the oldest looking young man.

    I can’t decide which.

  • He is obviously a very smart man, I just can’t pay attention to him. His voice is so distracting.

  • Rickerbilly

    he seems high.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      This was filmed at 4:25 actually

  • ragedroid

    Android is on fire, bring the ice cream to cool us down.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    i’m sorry, but these look like my safety eye glasses from work. pretty soon everyone is going to look like they came from a refinery. do these come with a protective hard hat?

    • Michael_NM

      Do your safety glasses allow you to watch pr0n?

    • Emu

      This is Google, not Valve 😉