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Samsung May Have Blocked S Voice From Working, A Couple of Fixes Already Floating Around

After enjoying Samsung’s new S Voice service that had been pulled from the Galaxy SIII, users started to notice a network error appear often enough to assume that Samsung had blocked the service. If you were running into this issue and can’t live without S Voice on your phone, there are a couple of fixes out there for you to try.

The first is a new .apk file. Simply uninstall the old one and install this one instead. You may even be able to install this if you aren’t rooted.

If that doesn’t work, there is another method that involves editing your build.prop to trick Samsung’s servers. You can find those instructions at the source link below.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Adam and Joey!

  • PP PooPoo

    worked for me.. thx

  • Hopefully those of you working around Samsung’s attempts to stop you from using this actually own a Samsung phone, at the very least.

  • This is stepping out of the gray area into malicious behavior. They haven’t even released the phone and people are hacking their way into Samsung services. Even worse? You’re calling these hacks “fixes”. That would imply something was broken in the first place. The Modding community is acting far too flippantly.

  • eninef

    This is a work around i found for GNex and it works well for me. I’ve installed and it works like a charm. You maybe need to do some tweaks on its permission & owners in order to work. ( From the information i got, this .apk file only works in Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS’s only )

    1) Download the .apk file

    2) Open root explorer ( requires root ) or any root enabled file explorers.

    3) Copy the file from SD ( which the .apk file is saved )

    4) Go to /system/apps and paste the .apk inside the folder

    5) Long key press on the .apk Icon until it comes with a Options Menu, Click on Permissions and set to Owner: read & write / Group: read / Others: read & press OK

    6) Then go to Change Owner & select the new owner & group as follows – Owner : 0 – root / Group : 0 – root and press OK

    7) Exit the application

    8) Reboot ( Must reboot to make it work, or it might not )

    9) Start up as per normal

    10) Enjoy! 😀

    //ps : If this tutorial helps, please feel free to post it on other blogs, as i believe knowledge flows free!

    mail – mh hackinthebox (dot) org

  • shamefulzero

    any one have a qr code yet?

  • Confirmed working on HTC Droid Incredible running AOKP. Only just started playing with it, but it sent a text message completely through speech.

  • I was showing the S Voice to my roomie last night on my GNex and was getting network error for everything. Embarrassing. 😛

    Using the new signed apk worked for me. Didn’t have to edit build file. And didn’t even have to install it as system app.

    I’m waiting for Google Magel though. That’s gonna be awesome (I hope).

  • Samsung should just make this a free app for all Android Devices.

    • hot_spare

      should?? i think they are in the business of making money. give me a valid reason why they should do so?
      no wonder developers first develop for iOS, and then they think about Android. Android blogs like droid-life/Android Central/Phandroid/Android Police (almost everyone) advocating and spreading piracy. Yes, droid-life is shamelessly spreading piracy. did samsung say that the you can have the app for free? are they selling it in the Play store for free? that app is exclusive to SGS3, and by pirating this app, people have one less reason to buy SGS3.. guys here behaving like they have a divine right to use any app. why do we feel so proud of stealing from someone? most articles show max votes for someone who provides the link for apk or a hack in XDA?is this what shows the true nature of android users – thieves and pirates?

      • BA_Carroll

        How can you “steal or pirate” something with the code being open source to begin with?

        • hot_spare

          S Voice is open source?? s voice is NOT same as Android. Prove it that S Voice it open source.

          Going by your logic every code inside any android phone is open source!!

          • BA_Carroll

            Have you ever downloaded the Android SDK (System Developers Kit)? You know the program that is free and open to anyone to develop programs or apps for Android! Even Samsung uses the same program that is available to us all, or did you think they use some magical version of Android not available to us all?

          • Don’t talk like you know things when you most obviously know nothing.

            Most of Android is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. It’s a less restrictive license than the GPLv2, and even the GPL allows for propritary software built with open source tools (for an example of this, look to Apple; Xcode uses a version of the GNU compiler using the GPL).

            Neither one of us will likely change your stance on this though, so enjoy your free ride…

        • Exceptions in the agreements allow for proprietary software built with open source tools. But seriously, how do you even believe yourself? Developers have every right to keep their trade secrets closed and try to turn profit on their hard work. You should actually look into the laws instead of trying to justify your own crappy behavior.

      • 100% agree with you. And perhaps Droid Life isn’t purposefully advocating piracy, but they need to understand that in this instance, it can be considered nothing other than piracy.

      • Jerry Wilcox

        thats rich apple fanboys do it all the flippin time. Just like when Siri first came out. It was only a matter of a week or two when it was being sent to the older versions of the iphone. Get off your want to be high horse. and learn what piracy is before you open your mouth.

        • I lose a lot of money due to piracy, and I agree with the guy. What is it you do? I bet it doesn’t involve software development. Keep your opinion to yourself.

          Piracy is everywhere, but it’s more of a problem on Android. There’s a reason Android is growing bigger and bigger yet Apple developers continue to bring in more profits. The users are actually willing to spend money where necessary.

  • tracker

    dont work on HTC rezound ICS. FC everytime..
    Delete old apk.
    put new on in system/app
    change the permission to RW-R-R
    install from system/app
    unfortunately s voice has stop—–:(

    • I got it to work on mine. I just say “Remind me to Force Close S Voice right now” and it never fails.

  • SeanBello

    working well and with fast responses for me (wifi) @1350 mhz clock speed; but the wake and samsung lock commands aren’t working for me and that’s the thing that would’ve made it useful.

  • vyruz

    Whenever i try to install it just says there is a parse error. Bionic user.

    • SeanBello

      have to have ICS

  • Mike

    Anyone have a mirror? The link appears to be broken.

    • SeanBello

      if you’re trying to get to it from your phone, you have to hit “request desktop site” or the like.

  • justin

    my sVoice is working pretty well, however if i try to use a music command it shuts the sVoice app down.

  • e_droid

    Working on my Droid X (running AOKP .35)

  • Mario Lo

    And life goes on.

  • aj522

    I tried downloading it twice, when I try to install the apk I get “There was a problem parsing the package.”

  • bbbb

    works on non-rooted verizon galaxy nexus

  • spickle

    switched .apk’s and works fine. loaded it like a normal 3rd party app. thanx

  • bbbb

    works on non-rooted verizon gnex

  • sk3litor

    Does this only work on ice cream sandwhich? And is it better than say….skyvi or the other ones?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      ICS only

      Better? I think they all tend to suck. Nothing like TV commercials lead you to believe

      • sk3litor

        I agree. Unless you can talk to it like a person there’s no point in it

  • FortitudineVincimus

    The first one from the other day installed on my Asus Prime but gave the endless server error

    This one.. server error also

    I have no problem tweaking my build.prop – but not willing to for this app

  • Dan

    i hope google releases their magel or whatever they call it sometime soon

    • feztheforeigner

      Project Majel

      I can’t wait either!

      • michael

        Computer self destruct, Code 1-1A-2B

    • Jackson

      Apparently that’s just Google now lol works great though

  • Can anyone confirm that the new apk works without editing the build prop?

    • James_Kernicky

      Yes it’s working without editing.

    • Confirmed

  • Bionicman

    does this work on Verizon GNex and I could uninstall it without issue right?

  • James_Kernicky

    The link to this .apk isn’t working for me. Anyone else having any luck?

    • James_Kernicky

      Nevermind, just wouldn’t work on Chrome Beta. Had to download from my PC

      • Does that APK work without modifying build.prop?

        • James_Kernicky

          It’s working for me

          • JSIN

            worked for me as well GNEX running current AOKP

      • PC

        On Chrome mobile you can simply choose “Request Desktop Site ” to load up the link to the apk.

  • I saw these reports coming in but I haven’t had any issues….wondering if the server was just down.

  • htowngtr

    Looks nice, but I’d bet Google already going to come out with something that augments their current voice control at Google IO.

  • T4rd

    Thanks Kellex. I didn’t want to modify the build.prop file to make my phone seem like a GS 3. Wouldn’t that make the Play store think my phone is a GS 3 instead and potentially cause erroneous compatibility issues?

    • Dan Treacy

      Also Google Wallet might stop working…so yeah it’s better to leave the build.prop alone if possible.

  • Barry Taylor

    I changed the build.prop last night and the network errors went away.. Rooted.