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Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 Update Arriving May 22?

Could this be the week? According to a handful of readers who either called into Verizon support within the last few days or entered a store looking for help, the Galaxy Nexus is scheduled to receive Android 4.0.4 tomorrow, May 22. One of our readers said that a VZW employee went as far as to show him her screen which mentioned the date specifically.

Are we ready to fully buy into it happening? After seeing 3-4 months of delays and 2 leaks fly by without mention from Big Red, it’s tough to even consider putting any money on this. However, we like to see information flow into our inbox in bunches and that has happened with this 5/22 date. Still take it lightly as these things change and depending on who at Verizon you talk to, you may get 5 different answers. This at least gives us a day to focus on for a brief minute.

Cheers Bill, Derek and everyone else!

  • zeus

    2days gone by and still nothing….. wtf Verizon!

  • destroyer101

    Me to we need to blow that $hit up

  • jawtab
  • Qbanito

    Is everyone enjoying their 4.0.4 update?

    • arc

      Too soon, man.

  • was just in a verizon store, they are selling the nexus with 4.0.4, so that are selling it with the updates, but wont give it to us

    • tik

      if thats true, i’m almost tempted to go in the store and request a new phone. Wonder if they would give it to me if I told them my phone isn’t working right (data sleeping, etc) and I’d like one of their completely updated models.

  • [email protected]

    This is turning out to be just like the initial Incedible phone from VZW. Stringing us along promising update after update until finally everyone says “screw it” and buys a new phone. If this happens again like before I will be very pi$$ed off. Send it out already and fix the problems Verizon. Stand behind your service for once.

  • Beebs42

    As silly as this may be, I just sent a tweet to @VZWsupport and used #FreetheNexus. Maybe, we can use that to get our point across. I figure if it trends, its better than one of those petitions.

    • arc

      I have now, too. Trend, damn you!

      • MikeSaver

        i did it too. does three people make a trend?

        • SlapNuts3000

          Make that four!

          • Act of God


          • Act of God


          • Act of God

            Five, screw them

    • arc

      Let’s also tweet @SamsungSupport, @google, and @android

  • theNewDanger

    This is an example of why unlocked is the best way to go. I wish there were less of a headache dealing with CDMA devices though.

    • InyRules

      When my Verizon contract is up in 2 years I’ll be going unlocked. The Google Play Store should have some nice phones out by then 🙂

  • preston

    I have the nexus and im sick of thw bugs of android had a iphone 4 before im going back to yhe 5 this is rediculous

    • jawtab

      Droid X has no intentions of going to iphone. After this flagship nexus, I actually did. But believe Samsung is just crap or put more energy into form than function. Moving on to Razr Maxx for now!

  • Suckas

    Verizon has your money! Verizon has your money!! They don’t care about your phone, they have your MONEY!! SUCKAS!!!

  • Spoken Word™

    All this angst over an update tickles me to no end. It’ll get here when it gets here. My Galaxy Nexus has 1 issue and it’s a rare issue; once a week or so it it reboots. I understand that everyone with issues wants them resolved. Hell, I want the random reboots to stop. But “showing out” online isn’t going to make a fix come faster.

    • jawtab

      ever get a your alarm clock app to crash on your nexus? I did. late 2 hrs. awesome!

  • Stewie

    Wow, suprising, no update, wait a minute, I’m on 4.0.4 …. whew!

  • Vattaboy

    May 22 has come and gone…nothing from evil big red. Tired of waiting…love the phone …not loving Verizon. Has ANYONE seen the 4.0.4 or whatever update yet?

  • Packratako

    May 22 my butt..

  • TurdFerguson1

    Just as I suspected, the day had come and gone with nothing to show for it. Thanks again Verizon for giving us the big bone up the arsh. I really like paying all that money for sheight.

  • Sccarlin

    Yet another broken dream…

  • BobMarr

    LAMEEEEE, It’s my update and i want it NOWWWW!

  • jawtab

    I bought a used Razr Maxx.

    Selling my Nexus.

    I’ll use my FOREVER battery life w/ the Razr Maxx MIFI with a tablet if I want a nice screen and internet when traveling.

    I won’t miss you nexus. Goodbye.

    • diobando

      enjoy your 2.3 Android phone, oh and about the battery life in the RAZR Maxx, it last a long a the extended battery I bought my gnex. My buddy at work has the razr maxx and we compare every day and it’s about the same duration. And the thickness is the same. He’s gettinga gnex. Love the gnex.

  • yes Verizon is being annoying saying they are going to send out an update and then dont, dont blame the phone. if some of you really hate the phone that much; sell it on eBay, go buy a new one, buy out of your Verizon contract and stop whining.

    • Jwhap

      Anytime I see a phone I want, I purchase the new phone and sell my old one on Ebay. I may have had 4 android phones over the last 3 years but I keep my phones current as possible.

      • i do too, this is my second android going into 3 years, i am also all about keeping everything up-to-date, laptop, phone, tablet, everything. sure i’m pissed that verizon is taking forever to release the update. every phone has bugs, and thats the point of updates. so i just dont get why everyone is taking it out on the phone when it’s verizon holding back the fix to the bugs

    • you are another fool that worships a pos

  • dx2gnx

    I’m shocked! SHOCKED I say. No, don’t
    speak, it’s too soon. No big deal. (sniff)
    No! Don’t touch me! I’m taking a cab

  • Iny


    So, after my hour long debacle with Verizon tech support, I found an old email of a woman from the email response team that called me back on May 1st. I remember her being very nice, and she’s actually the one that told me around end of May for the update. I decided to send an email back and chronicle to her my frustrations. I just got a call from another woman on the response team, and she apologized for the no information I was given previously. She stated that the reason there haven’t been any update is because Verizon keeps refusing the software Samsung is sending. She stated that their software was causing too many bugs, and was unstable.

    She recounted the old Fascinate, and said that Verizon basically accepted any update for it willy-nilly, and that’s why it was so riddled with bugs. I told her guys doing development as a hobby on the weekend came up with better software, and she laughed and agreed. She then said that for whatever reason, Samsung software is not as good as that from other manufacturers. I told her all the reasons why I bought the Nexus, and she agreed with me on all counts of bloatware sucking, and that there is something being tested now, and that hopefully it will make the ETA the earlier woman told me. These two have been the only people at Verizon that have given me any kind of good information.

    • i’m on my 5th nexus and all have been crap this is the first samsung phone I have owned and it will be my last,worse thing about it is the constant mic cut offs, samsung just threw this thing together,

      • Iny

        That’s kinda what she was alluding to in a nice way. I stopped wanting to receive replacement phones after my 4th Nexus.

        • Jwhap

          not trying to be a douche…..I was having the mic cut off’s. As soon as I downloaded the 4.0.4 leak from two or so weeks ago they mostly have gone away. I know a ton of people hate the whole root your phone crap, but it really did help. I just got tired of waiting and took it into my own hands. Besides setting up the SDK which was the hardest part, it was super simple. I have only had one nexus. I keep seeing folks take them in for what is assumed “hardware issues” but I believe these to be software problems. Hope this helps. I also read you can update this without root but you have to unlock the bootloader.

  • hanes24

    Haha I knew better than to believe this garbage. Screw Verizon, they suck assssssss!!

  • Iny

    This is just a cruel lie. I was on the phone with Verizon for a little over an hour. I worked my way up the tech support ladder, and they didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. I scoffed when they said “Well, let me go to Google.” Dude, *I* can go to Google. I spoke to a tier 2 supervisor, and the most I can get out of him was “They gotta test it on our servers first, so it’s not ready yet.” He also told me that Google doesn’t send the update to all carriers at the same time as not to overload their servers. When I asked why Sprint had the update on their Nexus launch date, he didn’t have an answer for me. He then transferred me to someone above him, and it was the same song and dance about “not having any information” and that Samsung needed to send out the update. It was an hour of “I don’t knows,” “I don’t have that information,” and finally “We’re testing some stuff, but no dates are available.”

  • InyRules

    End of the work day for me, 4:55pm EST, and no update.

    • Jwhap

      Right! I figured. I was going to restore to stock and unroot my phone. But I will wait for a few weeks after the launch, unless it is exactly what I am already running (the leak IMM76K)

  • pat kerby

    well so far its the 22nd and no update again!!! This is such crap i am starting to hate this Nexus!!!

    • Jwhap

      just curious, why do you hate it? The Gnex is a great phone, with awesome software (ics). It is buggy as all get out, well at least 4.0.2. is.