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Fully Deodexed GSM-based ROM Released for HTC Rezound, Goodbye Verizon

As we found back in January, the HTC Rezound’s sneaky global radios were exposed by a user over at XDA. Now, a fully functional GSM ROM has been released for all HTC Rezound owners that want to take a leap to a different carrier. It’s called the Venasaur, most likely because the developers are all about the ‘evolution’ of the device. The ROM comes with a ton of tweaks and hacks, other than just being able to use a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM on it.

Download links and instructions are available if you follow the via link below. If this is the step you have thought about taking, do be careful while performing these advanced tasks.

Via: XDA 

Cheers Patlex!

  • ClapClapClap

    The miui ROM had gsm working first but the credit somehow went to another popular dev who is great. but the miui Rom had it first. T mobile 3 g does work but att 3g doesn’t. On xda users around the globe have it fully working on various carriers

  • AT&T 3G doesn’t work I tried it yesterday, you get edge which is horrid, it doesn’t support the AT&T 3G bands only Euro 900 and 2100Mhz. I don’t have a t-mobile sim to try out but I suspect that it doesn’t cover AWS bands (T-mobile) either since it’s such an odd frequency
    This was designed so that Verizon customer’s can use 3G when traveling Abroad, so unless you like 100 – 200 kbps speeds you won’t be switching to any US carrier with this phone.

  • Who has flashed this ROM on a Verizon HTC Rezound? Does the straight talk sim card work directly after the rom is flashed? Any additional steps required? Which straight talk sim card did you use? Text, data, and calls work? I’ve done this with an iphone awhile back and I’d like to use straight talk service on my Rezound. Please reply and lmk some details. My Rezound is unlocked, rooted, running ICS Clean Rom. Details please? Thanks 🙂

  • JeffDenver

    If only T-Mobile and AT&T did not have such horrible networks.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I’ve not looked inside my wife’s Rezound and if i ask her the question she’ll have no idea what i’m talking about.

    Does the resound have a sim that will allow 3g gsm talk and data? to put in local ones? or does the micro sim slot for lte cover this?

  • amaroth amaroth

    well jeeze! Really want to switch to Straight Talk now! But hell how do I get out of my verizon contract? And will I miss my unlimited vzw data? Does straight talk truly have unlimited data?

  • iOSh8er

    They don’t say “lte” in that commercial

  • Destro

    It should also be noted that this ROM is a Sense 4 ROM running on the Rezound…

  • This rom rocks s-off Install latest leak and recovery and go for it

  • Well AT&T does have 2000 more towns and cities with 4Glte then Verizon so maybe I’ll switch……….yeah, keep telling yourself that ATnT

    • AT&T does technically have 2000 more towns. Do you know why? They cover a large city and the surrounding areas. Each zip code counts as a town. They are using that information to buff their numbers up. It helps validate their claims as the nations largest 4g network.

      • kevinc

        largest 4G network != most towns with 4G service
        largest 4G network == 4G service that covers the most square miles

        • daniel.archibald33

          and verizon has the most of both

    • bronzah

      Well actually AT&T has 2000 more towns and cities with 4G not 4G LTE. You need to pay more attention when reading those statistics. The 4G they are talking about is HSPA+ network which is still quick but not as fast as the 4G LTE networks. Its a marketing scheme to compete with Verizons head start on the LTE market which by the way has more coverage then AT&T.

  • KleenDroid

    I gotta say I LOVE this! Love it, Love it!

  • This MIUI ROM should also be noted for the Rezound having a GSM build: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1659210

    Guy has it working great on GSM but has issues with CDMA.

  • picaso86

    Can this be done on the Razr?

  • bouya

    also just got a GSM/CDMA miui ROM for Rezound 🙂

  • Down with Big Red

    Thanks to current generation SOCs where GSM and CDMA are on the same chip, I hope to see this happening a lot more. Provided they don’t cripple the antenna, this is a nice coup for the consumer. Let’s see if Verizon moves to embedded sims like Sprint in order to stop this from happening.

  • trophynuts

    as an international traveler ….this is awesome sauce. hello prepaid local sim cards 🙂

  • that is just awesome lol

  • thislandisyourland

    Am I the only one that wants to buy a Rezound and do this JUST to have a ROM that’s know as Venasaur?

  • Oooo… Tempting.

  • daniel.archibald33

    So Kellex, does this mean if you do this to your Rezound that you will be able to use AT&T’s LTE band also? or is strictly for GSM??

    • Blueberry Muffin

      LTE is GSM, but LTE is probably a no go, different bands.

      • daniel.archibald33

        Actually I believe they are two seperate frequencies so they are not the same thing. I dont have a rezound but would try it if I did. I have the 32GB RAZR or in my case the 80BG Razr. I run the 64GB microsd card

  • Thunder

    What are the chances of getting a hack like this for the Thunderbolt?

    • If the Thunderbolt doesn’t have global radios, there is a 0% chance.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Even if it had the radios the chance is less than 0% as development for the Tbolt is all but dead.

  • Interesting. Looks like the Rezound just got a little more appealing to me. Especially over the Incredible 4G LTE

    • mmoreimi

      That’s because it already was more interesting than the Incredible 4G.
      Sorry 🙂 had to.

  • Verizon Hater

    Everyone get off Verizon!!!!!!!!!

    • Butters619

      Hell no. I don’t want all you heavy data users on AT&T. I’m loving my LTE speeds right now. I don’t want AT&T LTE to become as bogged down as their HSPA. ;P

      • Blueberry Muffin

        Technically AT&T can do a lot more bandwidth, it has a fast LTE network, and users can always drop back on a fast HSPA network which will run for years.

        • Butters619

          Come to San Diego. HSPA crawls….. Like painfully slow. Especially between 4-6pm when everybody gets off work.

    • AndroidTaskForce

      To what, AT&T? I still use the phone part of my smartphone ya know. 😛

    • gross…………..