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Brand New Firefox Beta Released on Android, Say Hello to a New UI and Flash Support

Every time Mozilla announces that a new Firefox beta has been released (this time to the Play Store), a part of me hopes that it is nothing short of awesome. And not that I’m all that willing to give up on Chrome, but competition is good and having used Firefox on a PC for so long before Chrome became such a powerhouse, it would be nice to see it carve out a niche on mobile as well. Then I install it and always immediately say, “Ugh.” Such is the case again today with the latest beta that introduces a new UI and Flash support.

The changelog got me excited, especially with the “user interface has been completely re-designed.” Unfortunately, the good news seems to stop there. It’s still buggy, clunky, and freezes up during the simplest of tasks. Once you get it rollin’, it can open pages fairly fast, but the way multi-touch and scrolling work are odd enough to give you a headache. The Flash support is welcomed though. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next release.

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Via:  Mozilla

  • lamenting

    There’s a reason this story only has 15 comments – Firefox is awful on Android and nobody cares. Every version that comes out I uninstall with a few minutes. It’s slow and it can’t render pages properly.

    I used to be a huge Firefox fan on PC.. but switched when Chrome came out and never went back.

    Time for them to pack it in.

  • TheOiulkj

    google fanboys gonna fan.

    Chrome is one of the slowest mobile browsers I’ve used. Almost as bad as firefox. The interface is better, but still just as buggy.

    Opera and dolphin mini are my go-to browsers for now, though I can’t say that they’re groundbreaking either. But at least they don’t crash… all the time.

    I’ll have to try out the new firefox, can’t say that my hopes are too high though.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    I’ve been using this version of the UI since the very early nightly builds months ago. It has come so far, and for me is working awesome. It’s so close between this and Chrome, but I think FF will win simply because of native Flash support. Opens fast, renders great. Very snappy and smooth overall. Tons of extensions. What a nice change from the old FF mobile versions.

  • Scott Bowen

    I’ll try it out… but Chrome is my best friend…

  • RW-1

    Not even bothering, stock browser with QC’s FTW.

  • New_Guy

    It’s actually working very nicely for me. Very smooth and snappy. The only thing is that there is no reflow option at all. kind of sucks to not have that on a phone’s interface, but meh…

    • John

      reflow option? what’s that

      • New_Guy

        Your native browser (and most others) should “reflow” the text when you zoom in; making the words fit perfectly (or close to) within the screen so you don’t have to side scroll through the whole article. Kind of anoying not to have when you are reading Droid-Life on a 4.3″ screen…

        Guess that means I’ll have to get a Galaxy Note =)…

        • John


  • moelsen8

    bah i’ve stopped checking firefox updates out for the same reason. it’s been an unusable mess for like 2 years now.

  • hmmm will it actually work this time?

  • Bryan

    Use Opera Mobile if you need Flash support, that’s what I do.

  • Smooth918

    I still Love Chrome, and it is still my default Browser on my Vaio & GN, never did care for Firefox, not even on the Desktop. But Chrome is only lacking in Flash and I need my Flash for certain sites. Well many years ago there was an IE alternative cause Lord knows I can’t stand that FkdUp Azz Browser. But anyway Maxthon was that Browser and today, the Ole Faithful has a Mobile version thats extremely fast and supports Flash. If its speed and flash you need check this link: http://goo.gl/pDZac

    • Josh Groff

      Used to use it because it was bundled with ARHD ROMs, great browser.

  • Michael_NM

    …but I thought we were supposed to love Chrome. 😉

    • Murphy

      We are,