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Week One Contest: Win an Asus Transformer Pad Prize Bundle to Celebrate TegraZone’s One Year Anniversary (Update: Winner Picked)

To celebrate TegraZone’s first birthday, NVIDIA have partnered with DL to give away a Transformer Pad prize bundle once a week, for three weeks. The bundle includes a brand-spanking new Asus Transformer Pad with matching keyboard dock, a Logitech game controller, and a Jambox Speaker box to get the greatest mobile gaming experience one can get. So, are you ready to win it? 


Our winner is Holly Bwho happens to love “Where’s My Water?” Congratulations and thanks to the 1,400+ entries!


Prize –

Running the latest Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the ASUS Transformer Pad (review here) is a value packed tablet that with multi-color style, and productivity with expandability when connected to the mobile dock. With a 1.2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with large F/2.2 aperture and exclusive office software, staying connected and productive has never been easier. Along with the tablet, you will also receive a matching lapdock, Jambox Speaker, and Logitech game controller.

To enter –

1.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following:

Win a Transformer Pad Prize Pack from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to celebrate TegraZone’s first birthday! – http://goo.gl/fUPs0 #android

3.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite mobile game is.

Entry period and Winner –

The contest will run from the time of this posting until Friday (5/11/2012) at 12PM Pacific. At that time, a winner will be chosen from the comments and contacted via email. Make sure to use a valid email address with Disqus.

A huge thanks goes out to NVIDIA and ASUS for hosting the contest and putting up the prizes. 

  • Fav games…Cut the Rope, Temple Run, GTA III

  • Matt

    Kamikaze Racer!

  • Crazy Snowboard on my HP Touchpad CM9 with my Droid Charge as the Wireless controller.

  • Osmos HD

  • Q. Edwards

    I’m partial to Fruit Ninja.

  • Willard Potter

    Still loving Shadowgun. Awesome graphics and all around one of the better shooters on android.

  • SupaBrotha

    Draw Something.

  • My favorite is any old school ROM on an emulator! Long live the NES and SNES

  • Zen marvel pinball

  • Quell…so peaceful

  • Jasonlbauman

    Love battleheart.

  • shehippie

    My favs are Sketch It, Angry Birds Space and Dream Heights.

  • Flick Golf

  • @br3w3r

    Plants vs zombies

  • Fave game = Draw Something

  • Steven Letourneau

    GTA !! 😀

  • My favorite mobile game ever was Field Runners!

  • Grand Theft Auto 3 is my favorite!!

  • ojd514

    Temple Run

  • WordFeud!

  • Temple run on my maxx

  • Cut the Rope!

  • ksamp

    Temple run is my favorite game

  • Andrew

    Draw Something


  • Temple run fo sho!

  • Favorite mobile game is tap tap revenge 4, love music and love guitar-hero type games.

  • nesdude

    I’m a big fan of Zen Pinball THD!

  • KB Smoka

    TeMpLe RuN

  • Cut the rope, Osmos and Where’s my water 🙂

  • Farva911

    Cut the rope

  • eidylon

    Right now my favorite game is Pool: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.friendlymonster.totalpool … and Words With Friends comes in second.

  • zizzybaloobah


  • My favorite game is pokemon on gbaemulator

  • Veteanu

    Favorite game Fruit Ninja 😉

  • Jerry

    Temple run

  • T LAM

    Angry Bird Space…

  • Minecraft

  • Definitely Cut the Rope


  • angry birds

  • Sentinel 3. Tower defense games are still my favorite of all mobile games, and Sentinel 3 is the best one out there.

  • Where’s my Water is the bomb diggity!

  • Temple run

  • MrVikes


  • CoolSaluki

    Angry birds

  • jorge

    Angry birds and draw something

  • Running fred, and i have no freaking idea why

  • Gus

    Temple Run.

  • arthur2142

    My favorite mobile game is Dungeon Hunter by Gameloft. The level of detail in this game is amazing, and it provides hours and hours of entertainment.

  • BucWild007

    Dice Me and DeerHunter are my current must plays.

  • Cut the Rope

  • Spirit HD is a lot of fun 😀

  • KGoods46

    Flick Golf and Golf Extreme!

  • MJZ

    angry birds!

  • Clifton


  • Corey Smith

    Favorite mobile game is still BeJeweled2. I can spend hours playing it.

  • ShadowGun FTW!

  • ehoffman557

    My favorite game right now is Shadowgun. Mobile games have come a long way.

  • Angry birds

  • Temple Run

  • Minecraft PE! Can’t get enough building!

  • randompsychology

    Asphalt 6 Adrenaline!

  • patrickmaher


  • phenotype


  • My fave mobile game is Triple Town!

  • My favorite game is Zenonia 4, ATM anyway…

  • zoxxo

    Cut the Rope

  • favorite mobile game is Temple Run

  • I personally like the xmen arcade game that I downloaded not too long ago.

  • The Angry Birds games are pretty fun

  • current addition to draw something is in full swing

  • Ryan

    love racing games, always have no matter the system, so death rally is my current favorite on my nexus

  • Steve Hadlick

    Just to clarify,i meant Legend of Zelda on 3DS but if it must be mobile then Cut the Rope

  • @HollywoodWebber

    Shadowgun is hard to put down.

  • Zynga Poker would have to be my favorite.

  • andystolemywallet

    I like Robo Defense.

  • Andre C

    Samurai vs. Zombies has my attention at the moment

  • Steve Hadlick

    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on the N64

  • GTA 3 the best

  • alex d

    Doom with DoomGLES

  • mjv5117

    My favorite game has got to be Multiponk. I have yet to find any other game that is so exciting in multiplayer and is still easy to play!!

  • Yu Lee

    When all else fails, I tend to go back and play Tetris.

  • DanSciortino

    I am in love with dillo hills and Game dev story ftw

  • Draw Something

  • Mauricio J. Cruz Roca

    I really enjoy Sprinkle, Shadowgun and Angry Birds Space

  • i love Shadowgun!!!

  • Osmos HD right now 🙂

  • Favorite Game right now is Shadowgun!

  • temple run, angry bird space is fun

  • LittleBiscuit

    ShadownGun is my fav

  • utctigers

    Stupid Zombies and Live Texas Hold em

  • Bobby Schmidt

    Where’s My Water

  • Chris Cousin

    My favorite game is by FAR SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE 😀

  • mitchell steele

    Angry birds space

  • Taitanic Cap

    GTA 3 the best

  • Randy Nguyen

    fav right now is Zenonia 3

  • Rob Martinez

    Burn the rope

  • Thomas Babcock

    GTA III of course…

  • Ntbohl

    Princess Punt

  • Osmos HD is fun and pretty.

  • Ntbohl

    Double post

  • Ntbohl

    Princess Punt! Don’t knock it til you try it!

  • David Baldwin

    Angry Birds Space!

  • Favorite mobile game is running Fred. Can’t get enough of it.

  • I love Angry Birds!

  • kdn102

    Best ever – Jeanne d’Arc on PSP
    Recent – Airport Mania & Refraction on Android

  • Quell reflect

  • GTA III, good times.

  • Sitting at the airport and wishing I had this tablet.
    Galaga is still the greatest game that kick-started an entire genre.

  • Hansum_Rob

    My favorite mobile game is temple run right now. Can’t stop playing!

  • middlehead

    Currently, RobotekHD

  • Mark Flores

    Doodle Jump

  • Troy Fillerup

    Angry birds space

  • Luke Blankenship

    Shadow run and game dev story.

  • dochill4u

    Grand theft auto III all the way!

  • I love playing ShadowGun and Osmosis HD. Those games are way too addicting.

  • Paul

    Angry birds

  • Shadow gunner is my favorite so far

  • Fanboy Rae

    I love samurai vengeance 2, GTA III & Shadowgun

  • NYCdroids

    I love temple run!

  • 10lbmustache

    Trial Extreme. Love those types of games

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Zookeeper DX

  • KodiakEd

    Sudoku Daily

  • MasterEthan

    I’m playing Osmos HD and World of Goo mainly right now, but my favorite game I’ve played on Android is Video Game Dev.

  • Kitsune_Udon

    I loved Game Dev Story, played Spidersman for awhile and my most recent favorite game is Swords and Soldiers.

  • cns2007


  • bweiand

    Wordup on OG Droid.

  • John Jablonski

    I’m actually liking Osmos HD right now.

  • Puzzle Blocker 2 and Temple Run

  • Tatsuo

    Osmos! I don’t know why but I love that game

  • Naveris

    Parallel Kingdom

  • derichio02

    Dead Space!!!!

  • GTA 3: 10th Anniversary Edition

  • dvc308

    angry birds, still a classic

  • rooster215

    Am i the only person that loves triple town.but i would love to play some harder core games (don’t think that’s a word) on a tegra 3 device.

  • Sainttaz

    Still like Angry Birds.

  • Still Angry Birds, any version

  • Doodle jump. And eff you Kevin Durant. I’d rather play doodle jump than watch your stupid commercial

  • I have a lot of mobile games, but I always go back to GRave Defense HD.

  • jakymiwm


  • GTA III and Cut the Rope.

  • event121

    My favorite mobile game is Game Dev Story.

  • jchitambar

    Angry Birds Space…I need a real device to expand my horizons. *cough Transformer Pad *cough

  • Favorite game by far is ShadowGun

  • Shahadot

    Awesome Tablet. My favourite game so far is monster shooter!!

  • Christian Bennett

    Riptide. With temple run taking a close second.

  • TuckandRoll84

    I like Refraction. It is a little buggy and hard to work with sometimes but some of the puzzles are pretty challenging.

  • PudgyPanda

    has to be Shadowgun

  • CarlG

    Lets Golf 1,2,&3 on HTC Evo 3D

  • Would love Nazi zombies but I’m okay with angry birds (: or where’s my water, or temple run, Omg there’s so many games! Draw something is a good one too!

  • vai5150

    At the moment- temple run

  • Trey

    Dice with buddies

  • mtkregs

    Robo Defense

  • Dark Meadow

  • Nicolas LaBarre

    I love Riptide GP!

  • Battleheart is awesome.

  • game dev story!

  • VGBA with Pokemon emerald

  • draco259

    Temple run

  • Defender 2 by Droidhen

  • Wes Turner

    Home Derby 3D

  • TeeJae


  • Tiny tower makes me feel like I’ve been productive!

  • Favortie mobile game? hmm does N64oid count?

  • Kiter86

    I actually move to a new favorite about every month, but I am on stick man golf right now. Also some nba jam

  • rmoon

    super stickman golf

  • eddie

    Sprinkle my all time fav

  • Steven Sangster

    Honestly, plants vs zombies im addicted to it

  • Parallel Kingdom

  • TeeJae


  • Ixm

    World of goo

  • Marc Silvia

    Temple run

  • Jason

    Angry birds space

  • My current favorite is Where’s my water

  • ev

    Angry Birds Space bc I love space

  • D3fault121


  • JabroniUNM

    World of Goo

  • As much as I try to avoid it, I just can’t seem to get enough of Angry Birds.

  • olliedcy


  • bitbank

    The kids and I keep coming back for more Plants vs. Zombies

  • WCDave

    Cut the Rope number 1 was a great game until I got 3 stars on every level…. but for now, Minecraft entertains me when I need something to do!

  • Angry birds still. Classic and my OG incredible can’t handle much else. Or super Mario on NESoid

  • Justin Hirt

    Temple Run

  • DigitalDK

    I know it’s not a tegra game but I didn’t see that as a stipulation so my favorite game is Cytus I’ve already S’d all songs and I still keep playing it!

  • Scramble With Friends

  • Todd Nelson

    Cosmos HD!!!

  • Currently, Draw Something is my favorite game.

  • Tim

    My favorite is 9mm

  • My favorite mobile game is Plants vs Zombies!

  • temple run

  • Ryan Palmer

    Shadowgun thx for the win:-D

  • BlackT5

    GTA 3

  • X2caleb2X

    Delver, the game the old school dungeon crawler feel to it

  • droidmodderx

    Dark meadows

  • jefftphillips

    Shoot the Apple

  • I love Where’s My Water…it’s a great puzzle game!
    My Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/prismperfect/status/200979996616032257

    hblaser at gmail dot com

  • hemorrdroid

    Temple run

  • Justin

    Temple Run on Galaxy Nexus

  • RuDdOgG

    Fav mobile game is Cut the Rope & Angry Birds

  • @area0052


  • I enjoy Temple Run. It is a nice time waster when taking care of business or waiting for something.

  • Wheres my Water?

  • David Hollinger

    Shadowgun on Xperia Play

  • CartoonWars Gunner

  • john_glass


  • Jade Williams

    My favorite mobile game is Words with Friends

  • Temple Run!!!!

  • WilliamKu

    Dead Space

  • rme25

    Plants vs zombies rocks

  • Ben Long

    angry birds

  • transformerrrr

    Temple run my gnex

  • Dkpearland

    I am waiting for Max Payne 3.

  • Is there any game better on the mobile device than Wolfenstein 3D?

  • grand theft auto III is awesome!

  • zen pinball, simple, but steals hours of my life

  • Where’s my water is a fun game.

  • TomStieger

    Minecraft Personal Edition

  • James E. Bryson

    I hate to say it but I can’t get enough of all the Angry Birds iterations!

  • My favorite game is Dead Space! I love the consol game and and the mobile really lives up to the standard!

  • Steve M

    GTAIII,Violence on the go at it’s best!

  • Brandon Galles

    I love the Fruit Ninja!

  • chp426

    Temple Run….

  • Words

  • Chavez Y Chavez

    Cut the rope 1&2 on OG Droid INC.

  • croblis

    Zen pinball, simple but steals hours of my life

  • Pretty much love every mobile game I’ve been able to play when I’ve been toying around with Transformers at the local electronics store. Hope to have one of my own!

  • Stick man golf

  • androidkin


  • Zombie Smash

  • htowngtr

    Whale trail

  • Right now my favorite mobile game is Drag Racing.

  • TT

    Definitely like the puzzle games like hambo or fragger or where’s my water

  • bruce bivins

    RoboDefense my all time favorite

  • pgbod1

    Temple Run! So so addictive!

  • croblis

    Zen pinball. Simple, but steals hours of my life

  • D Myers

    OK the mobile game I play the most.. Farkle.. ya I am lame like that : P

  • Shadowgun!

  • I love GLWC. Really fun game.


  • Adam Engelbrecht

    Robodefense ftw

  • allen spurr

    Lately I’ve been playing Shadowgun, but I really need a better tablet to play it on.. hint hint 😉

  • I have a lot of kids games like puzzles and matching games. Keeps me….err, the kids busy.

  • currently angry birds and temple run

  • Nayrb Sekots


  • Mike Yost

    GTA III, awesome on the PS2, awesome on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • mjsalinger

    I love Galaxy on Fire 2, as I have always loved the Space Sim genre. Can’t wait to see what shows up on Tegra 3!

  • Kristen Beckcom

    Doom GLES

  • Im digging on FIFA.

  • m_iott

    Still Angry Birds, although I need to find something else. I’m getting sick of it.

  • Darkit24

    Rocking the good old LED Football. Classic.

  • m_iott

    Still Angry Birds, I need to find something else though. Getting bored with it.

  • normmcgarry

    Robo Defense is great. Quite addicting and awesome.

  • monica

    I’m a dream zoo addict

  • Grand Theft Auto III

  • rakoskjc

    Favorite game is draw something

  • nickasilver

    Reckless Racing!

  • CivilDroid

    Im hooked on Death Rally at the moment.

  • Nelly547

    MC3 and Shadow Gun

  • lodidarkening

    This is a hard choice. Even though I wanted to day some sort of game I’ve emulated (ff6 comes to mind) I am going to give the nod to quell. Very amazing and original game with excellent music and skill levels for all people.

  • Steven Brechbiel

    can not get enough of cut the rope

  • Nick Petrefski

    Other than being hooked on Monopoly lately, Jet Car stunts has been my long time favorite.

  • droidsales

    Right now it would have to be Blood and Gory. Too much fun!

  • Bwonders

    Angry Birds Space

  • GTA III is by far my favorite! ShadowGun is also pretty cool.

  • bigsmallwords

    Scramble with Friends. Casual4life!

  • JustJL

    Grand Theft Auto 3 is by far the most played game on my phone right now

  • Jordan Oakley

    I play loads of games, so it’s hard to choose. But I find myself playing Inotia3 a lot lately.

  • jimmyeuniss

    My favorite mobile game right now is Ceramic Destroyer.

  • Kellygh5

    Cut The Rope

  • Michael Franz

    I love playing nova and asphalt on my phone. Great graphics and very easy to use. Makes me love my phone even more

  • IanKellogg

    Gta3 is easily my favorite

  • Hec

    my favorite game i would have to say its samurai 2 vengeance.

  • plants vs zombies. pwn hella zombies with peas

  • keithsmith22

    I can’t stop playing TripleTown and DoodleGod. I know, lame and boring buy hey, they are addicting.

  • realfoxm

    World of goo!

  • robd3100

    i gotta say I love playing Castle Defense!!

  • Favorite mobile game is galaxy On Fire 2

  • Currently it’s Temple Run; great for a quick game fix here and there.

  • Shadow gun and gta3 all the way.

  • Grand theft auto III

  • cdhabolt

    I love playing UNO even on my phone 🙂

  • Reckless getaway!

  • Favorite game all time is Riptide on Nvidia Tegra zone

  • I love playing “where’s my water” with my 2 yr old son 🙂

  • Anomaly is a great game!

  • moose

    best game is x plane 9! its a flight simulator…. what could be better!?

  • Temple Run

  • I wish Pokemon was on my phone cause its.the best “mobile” game

  • Bradley

    I would have to say Temple Run is my favorite. It is a easy concept and anyone can play it and have a good score. That is what makes it so addictive, you think you can do better and better everytime

  • Justin

    I used to be an avidAngry Birds fan, but now Draw Something occupies most of my free time. 🙂

  • Edward

    My favorite one will have to be shadowgun! Good story line and amazing graphics.

  • Kaleb Knightley

    Riptide GP I bought that thing when it came out still love it!

  • Scramble with friends is definitely my favorite game.

  • OneLumpSum

    My wife and I are having an epic battle to see who can get the longest win streak in words with friends. I just won three in a row, she has never lost that many consecutive games. Needless to say, she is not happy. A tablet for mothers day would sure cheer her up.

  • Loves me some Death Worm and ol school Lane Splitter

  • I’m a BIG fan of Great Little War Game and need a BIGGER screen to enjoy this little war on!

  • bobby3_4u

    Angry birds!

  • Danny TwoTones

    I like the Droid Life Hello Kitty Adventure game. The pink layout enhances the overal user experience and its truly innovative… you don’t see other developers doing it 😛

    But really I am a big fan of Angry Birds Space, once I complete it though it’s back to Shadowgun and Modern Combat 3

  • gardobus

    GTA III ftw

  • nmiltner

    Words with friends or paper toss. Great ways to waste time at the office

  • GTA III !

  • Right now my favorite mobile game is Trial Extreme 2 (because I’m on a dirt bike kick right now…)

  • Right now I’m addicted to playing Temple Run!

  • threerandomwords

    Grand theft auto 3

  • bkosh84

    Trainz Simulator.. It reminds me of MS Train Sim which I loved when I was younger!

  • Temple Run is my favorite mobile game!

  • mkess

    Try again….rip tide is awesome!

  • I’d have to say Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It gets better with every update.

  • Defenders!!!!! I need a bigger screen cus killing all the Goblins sucks on my smaller Rezound screen. Boy is it fun even if it makes my phone hotter lol

  • Right now, Templerun.

  • My favorite mobile game is Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

  • Cut the Rope! om nom<3

  • Matt Tithof

    Droidzee, but Shadowgun is a great Tegra Zone game 🙂

    • blessedta

      Cut the rope

  • Kevin

    On my galaxy nexus, I love playing Shadowgun. I’m sure I would love playing other games too, but I don’t have a tablet yet…

  • Jeff Coleman

    Death Rally… awesome game.

  • NBA Jam is pretty incredible, but i do enjoy some scramble with friends

  • Mark Strutton

    Let’s Golf!!!

  • Rahshaka

    Zombie Smash

  • Favorite mobile game has to go to Pocket League Story. Addictive game!

  • Temple Run

  • desmund

    I would have to say temple run for my rezound

  • Darius Burgess

    Angry Birds!

  • Osmos… Incredibly addicting

  • Edge was my fav

  • I love sprinkle. Hours of fun!

  • Shadow gun

  • FarmerTechno

    My favorite mobile game is Cut the Rope. Ridiculously addicting!

  • RoyD

    Temple Run, although World of Goo gets a lot of play as well.

  • Cartoon wars is by far my favorite mobile game!

  • GTA III is my current time waster at the moment. It’s always fun to experience the nostalgia the game brings

  • supermiah

    Homerun Battle 2. So awesome!!!

  • ncsurob

    Robo Defense

  • My favorite mobile game?
    Death Rally for sure!

  • jdutchy

    Angry Birds Space. Its too addicting!

  • frosty_nerd

    Boggle, er, Scramble With Friends!

  • Speedx 3D! Simple easy game but addictive as all hell.

  • Greatest Little War Game

  • relkma

    Homerun battle!!

  • ShadowGun is absolutely fantastic.

  • Angry Birds Obviously!

  • Shahadot

    Awesome contest. Amazing tablet.

  • Jon D

    My favorite mobile game is still Words with Friends.. Love it.

  • Zen pinball for me

  • jrdsvtk

    GTA III. Bringing back awesome memories one day at a time.

  • Sean B

    Shadow gun!!!! By far the best

  • GizmoGator

    I’m hooked on Temple run right now

  • Hate to say it, but I’m really addicted to Angry Birds Space right now.

  • don’t play many mobile games, but cut the rope is pretty addictive.

  • tslovejoy1969

    Refraction and Temple Run top my list of mobile games right now.

  • Grand Theft Auto III

  • nhlpreds98

    Temple Run at the moment

  • Dead Space

  • Erik

    My favorite mobile game is probably Cut the Rope, or Flight Control. They’re great 10 min time wasters when I need a quick gaming fix.

  • Angry Birds Rio! Ho-Ho-Ho!

  • Shadowgun!

  • reckless getaway. although it is sad that my 4 yr old has gotten close to the same scores as me and he barely moves the car

  • MKader17

    I’d have to say Shadowgun just because it shows off what’s really possible with Android gaming!

  • My favorite mobile game currently is Lego 4+, it really is quite the challenge.

  • Mike Cox

    i like playing Age OF Zombies..

  • Travis

    Hmm……..favorite mobile game……Angry Birds. lol

  • jules mcnubbin

    words with friends

  • Christopher Quan


  • I’m strangely still addicted to Temple Run

  • Words with friends. Although people won’t play much with me anymore….

  • Skel

    Stupid Zombies

  • Nicholas Chivattoni

    Loving Temple Run! So addicting to play on the train… also somehow easier after a few drinks. Also love Game Dev Story so much fun.


    Current Favorite Mobile game would have to be Shadowgun.

  • as corny as it is.. i cant get enough of Dragon, Fly!

  • Tyler Martin

    Flick Golf!….Can’t get enough of the Full Fatgames!!!

  • Matt Ponkey

    Angry birds

  • Favorite mobile game is still Radiant.

  • My favorite mobile game right now is Hambo

  • Benoit et Nathalie PETIT-DEMOU

    My favorite mobile game is surely
    Death Rally currently..
    playable, and such a good souvenir..

  • iamevie

    The Lost City

  • darK meadOw

  • nyr14

    9innings baseball!

  • Ryan McLelland

    Right now Lost Cities is probably my favorite… Elder Sign: Omens is also very good.

  • plumed

    Angry Birds Space is my fav. Can sit on the toilet for hours because of the game.. 🙁

  • Greg Morgan

    Temple Run all the way, my wife and I compete over scores! We can’t put it down!!

  • Eric To

    Currently it is still shadowgun.

  • Flick Golf!

  • Scott Amaral

    Dead Space…so much fun!

  • Tommy Thompson

    Favorite mobile game…hmmmm probably Grave Defense HD

  • muffnman

    My favorite mobile game is Age of Zombies

  • sklein12

    Jelly Defense

  • Alex Rinkus

    It changes just about every week, but right now, temple run!

  • Jason Taylor

    Grand Theft Auto! Always loved this game!

  • I am playing a lot of Death Rally right now.

  • Zen Pinball

  • fruit ninja

  • ewilliams1009

    ShadowGun is my fav

  • Favorite Game: Angry Birds…hands down!

  • nwd1911

    Shadowgun right now

  • Wen

    Ninjump- lol- easy way to blow time 🙂

  • Still waiting for Max Payne 🙂

  • I think my choice in games was left by my age as I grew up as even if I already have finished it multiple times, I still play Plants vs. Zombies! Angry Birds can take the second place especially with it’s newest incarnation as a game in space. Yeah, I think my game maturity got left behind somewhere 😀

  • I like Sprinkle a lot!

  • Im stuck on Death Rally! Its super addictive and graphics look great!

  • Darthchaz

    Terra nova

  • Nicholas Vettese

    I love playing Shadow Gun. It definitely consumes too much of my time.

  • Sirx

    Cut the Rope! Classic…

    Followed closely by Battleheart.

  • My fav game is Cut The Rope. I can play this game for hours!

  • tetris

  • diabillic

    Sonic Episode 1, came preloaded from Gamestop

  • Slot_Machine

    draw something free, best ever

  • I’m a Cut the Rope kind of guy

  • Daryl Johnston

    I know it’s kinda cheesy, but the grphx are sweet! I love playing Galaxy On Fire 2. It was a free game when the TegraZone launched. Got it on my Transformer and have been hooked ever since!

    Other than that, Angry Birds Space. Can’t go wrong with shifting gravity as you fly through the air trying to make some space-bacon!

  • I will always be a sucker for the Sims mobile versions.

  • Brian K.

    Cut the Rope definitely. Although I want to play my favorites on a brand new Transformer!

  • Joe M

    All time favorite is Words With Friends, although I’ve yet to be kicked off an airplane for it…

  • My fav mobile game is Electric Box 2…It goes so HARD that it’s shocking!!!

  • ForrestTracey

    Shine runner!!!

  • Tkazzee

    Dark Meadow… Love it!

  • Justin Marasco

    My favorite mobile game is Riptide GP.

  • Fruit Ninja…I. cant get enough of this sillg game

  • my current favorite game for android is block rogue, favorite for ipod is please stay calm

  • Alexander H

    Favorite game right now is…yes..Angry Birds Space

  • nul7

    Shadowgun is, by far, the best mobile game on the market.

  • MudRacer

    My longest streak on Draw Something is currently at 173. Currently this is my favorite!

  • Of all the games to play right now, I’m addicted to Cartoon Wars. I’m at level 63 at the moment.

  • Evan Knofsky

    I’m currently addicted to Draw Something!

  • sfehrman

    Robodefense or Cut The Rope(need more levels,already beat them all)
    If I had a better device like a transformer I could play some better action type gamesANY game that doesnt use ads! I am looking at you Angry Birds.

  • MisterFrancisco

    As cheesy as this may be, Garfield Defense is my current main squeeze…

  • bjhedges

    Currently playing Hot Pursuit due to 7 yr old.

  • Derek


  • epps720

    definitely shadowgun!

  • Russell Lee

    ShadowGun. Most def!

  • Corey Foltman

    Currently addicted to playing BMX Boy

  • Angry birds space!!! Rocks

  • drquinones


  • Leah

    I will have to say my favorite app is either good ol Tetris or Draw Something!

  • cut the rope….my phone needs updating

  • TankerTuff

    DrawSomething by zynga

  • Joe

    Where’s my Water is definitely fun!

  • tnuts

    Wind up knight

  • Air Attack! Sweet Prizes!

  • shadowgun takes the cake! looks amazing, and runs smooth

  • mcknightrider

    Jelly Wars

  • Plants vs Zombies 😀

  • USU311

    Angry birds space

  • jookalook

    Cut The Rope FTW!

  • Ericfranca


  • Angry Birds Space

  • bawboh

    Dead Space.

  • My favorite game has to be Little Empire. I am addicted to it.

  • seth drasner

    gotta be super stick golf haha, i need a better platform so i can play some real graphics games!

  • craig1989

    X Construct

  • Brian Getchel

    Can’t get enough of N.O.V.A. 2

  • surfacesmith

    I like Bang Bang Racing

  • Eldorath

    Joining in the side with others, and going to have to say Shadowgun. Definitely one of the better games out there 🙂 (Galaxy on Fire 2 is another must have, imho)

  • I recently found the game Quell and have been quite addicted to it.

  • steveliv

    My fave for the moment is Angry Birds Space, though Temple Run comes in a close second.

  • will

    scramble with friends

  • RoboRobP


  • Game Dev Story has my vote for now. It’s so hard to put down at times.

  • Fruit Ninja

  • My current favorite mobile game is “Where’s My Water” excellent game

  • BikerBob1789

    Angry Birds Space.

  • surfacesmith

    I like Bang Bang Racing

  • Monty611

    Temple Run is great!

  • My current favorite mobile game is “Where’s My Water” excellent game!

  • zimme342

    Probably would have to go with Cut The Rope

  • I love Shadowgun…but playing it on a phone sucks….i need the larger screen

  • Jeff718

    Favorite mobile game is Angry Birds!

  • Temple Run

  • Wheres My Water is my favorite mobile game.

  • Chazzhd3rd

    Shadowgun All Day

  • I love to play The Lost City with my 7 year old.

  • Adam Howland

    Currently it’s Temple Run…..addicted

  • droidify

    Riptide GP

  • Paradise Island or Game Dev story

  • Kurt Edens

    Right now I cannot get enough of a little gem I found entitled Paladog. Its like a combination of a Plants vs Zombies style defense game and a side scrolling beat em up with some RPGish upgrade depth. Good fun

  • MattBonjovi

    Angry Birds and the Zombie Shooter as of now…

  • ryancooper143

    I usually wouldnt say this, because the original was boring; but ANGRY BIRDS SPACE FTW!

  • cashclay

    I’m still a fan of GTA III.

  • bloons td 4

  • Favorite mobile game would have to be Cut the Rope.

  • BuckeyeDroid

    Angry Birds!

  • NFL Flick QB!

  • Champlification

    Jelly Defense

  • Josh Parish

    Cut the Rope is definitely one of my favorites right now. Especially since my 2 year old will watch me play, and whenever Om Nom gets the candy, she says “nom nom nom.”

  • Fruit Ninja!!!

  • flow_master7

    whale trail

  • Favourite mobile game is Zenonia 4

  • jmiranda3983

    fav game would have to be demolition inc. love dropping stuff and making accidents happen 😉

  • I have burned WAY too much time on Temple Run

  • Cryptic Cavern is my favorite game. All the other games…AIN”T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

  • Luke Grissom

    Shadowgun is my favorite but Cut the Rope is a close second.

  • Still a fan of Angry Birds, I go back for more with every update.

  • My favorite game is Riptide GP…..IT ROCKS…………..

  • Mastabrozif

    My favorite mobile game has to be Temple Run now. I just want to get to 10 million

  • Favorite game? Angry Birds.

  • Favorite mobile game…..cribbage. the pins store really easily in the sliding compartment on the bottom of the board…. the only other thing you need is a pack of cards………..

    Jackals mode off….

    Angry birds of course…

  • It would have to be Samurai Vengeance 2, Just can’t beat the slicy slice

  • Mark Prettyman

    My favorite mobile game is “Annoy The Wife”. It’s a pretty low-tech game, and it doesn’t require any permissions. You can play it anywhere, and it really is pretty easy. You don’t really “win” the game, though…you basically just try to survive.

  • trumpet444

    plants vs zombies all day!

  • jka22

    Please I need a tablet but not enough to buy one.

  • 1grandmd

    Grand Theft Auto III – learn to steal cars 101

  • Marcus Reid

    Right now Shadowgun

  • My favorite mobile game is Arel Wars, hands down! Endless strategy and long term fun!

  • imbakhle

    My favorite game is definitely Atomic Bomber. Its not super high end, but I can just play it for hours

  • Cyn

    My favorite game is Plants vs Zombies. So many hours of enjoyment!

  • rctp10

    Favorite game for my phone would have to be grand theft auto. It is a fun game to pick up and just mess around.

  • Lia

    Fieldrunners 😀

  • Current favorite game? Angry Birds.. What can I say its a modern day classic!

  • SStewart654

    shadowgun is my fav

  • aero0311

    My all time favorite game is Sentinel 3. I can play that one for hours.

  • chdir

    My favorite mobile is currently Draw Something. It has gotten me back into drawing in a way I never thought would happen again.

  • Imaginary Range for the moment.

  • Favorite game right now is Angry Birds Space. Also partial to Fruit Ninja.

  • tj

    Drag Racing

  • my favorite mobile game is Shadowgun

  • Bo Lee

    Favorite game right now is Angry Birds Space. Great for killing time.

  • My favorite mobile game would have to be Modern Combat 3. The graphics are good and the storyline is decent. It’s like mobile Call of Duty.

  • nickieam2

    I am liking Sims Play and Lets Golf 2 right now! Let’s me get my Sims fix when mobile!

  • favorite mobile game? Draw Something!

  • My current favorite is Temple Run.

  • My favorite game that I was hooked on playing and I can’t wait for updates is Where’s My Water. It’s really fun and semi-challenging.

  • Favorite mobile game is Sonic CD 🙂

  • Arjun Meda


  • 99Bar

    Fav is Plants vs Zombies

  • HotwingCindy

    My new favorite mobile game is Avatar Fight. But Happy Poo Jump might just take the throne.

  • Frank

    I Guess I play Draw Something the most but I’m kinda over it.

  • calculatorwatch

    It’s hard to pick just one! I guess World of Goo, Cut the Rope, and Androminion would be my top three 🙂

  • KRS_Won

    Can’t wait till it’s out of beta.

  • PatrickDackins

    My favorite mobile game is Riptide GP

  • Jordan lee


  • At the moment, Temple Run

  • Piotr G.

    I would say…..shadowgun 🙂

  • Flyinion

    Yeah kinda lame, but current favorite game is Angry Birds Space lol. Need me some Tegra love so I can play the good stuff 🙂

  • Duncan Manning

    I’m still stuck on my Humble Bundles. World of Goo for a physics game, and Cog for a puzzle game.

  • Moneer Alasmar

    Temple Run!!!

  • My favorite mobile game is N.O.V.A. 2, although my phone (Droid X) can’t run it (at least not well). I played it with a bunch of friends (tournament-style) on a school trip and just wrecked. We used 3 iPads (one kid had 2, so I played on one of his) and a Galaxy Player and a few iPhones to play.

    I would love to be able to play games like NOVA 3 (when it comes out) on my own device, so PICK ME!

  • UmangKedia

    Shadowgun HD!!

  • Ojas Padekar

    My favorite games right now would be Shadowgun and Temple Run.. 😀

  • Nelson

    My favorite mobile game is actually deadly dungeons. It is kinda oldschool but the controls make it a perfect game for the phone.

  • I’m stuck on Temple Run right now. I usually play a game for a month or so and then switch it up.

  • Lax77

    Solitaire all the way 😉

  • KMB

    I’ve become completely addicted to Shadowgun!

  • My favorite game is Angry Birds! Lame, yeah, I know!

  • Amathophobia

    My favorite mobile game is robotek HD. Love that game.

  • KevinMichaelSanchez

    Words with friends! Playing that on the Transformer Pad would be like playing it on an actual Scrabble board!

  • Shadowgun is my favorite game.

  • My current favorite mobile game is Demolition Inc.

  • Osborne195

    Since I have to pick one I guess I’ll say Battleheart. Only because it totally consumed me, and when it was over I wished that there was more. It’s the only mobile game that I beat and still wanted more.

  • gonk24

    Really dig World of Goo

  • And the survey says….. ShadowGun!! Yeahh buddy, Pick me!

  • josh

    Gotta say it, I still love Xplane 9(?) on android!

  • Michael Barrett

    I love the game elemental, it’s fun and addictive!

  • My favorite mobile game is World of Goo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

    Scramble with Friends. I just can’t stop playing (well I can when I run out of tokens).

  • David Willden

    At the moment Temple Run is sucking away all of my time!!! HAHA

  • Lane252


  • World of Goo, hands down

  • Definitely Shadowgun! Awesome graphics and gameplay!!!

  • aj34

    ShadowGun is my fav

  • EdsonDJ

    I’d have to say Where’s My Water. Only mobile game I’ve actually completed.

  • Doodle Jump. Game is so lame but hella addicting

  • Plants vs Zombies

  • fav game is alchemy, im stuck in 90s pc reboots

  • Dudgeon defenders hands down.

  • Kyle

    I’m hooked on Draw Something right now.

  • masterxchief

    Hooked on Shadowgun once again!

  • rouxster

    Need For Speed 2

  • evltwn

    My new favorite game this week is Draw Something.

  • jdomann

    Radiant HD. So much fun.

  • dowdjr

    My Favorite Game is Plants vs Zombies

  • My current favorite mobile game is Scramble with Friends.

  • Bryan Burk

    I’m rockin the X-men game

  • NexusMan

    Right now I’m loving X-Men, the new Konami port of their 1992 Arcade classic…in all it’s retro glory!

  • zpartal

    Shadow Gun, without a doubt.

    • AndroidFreak007

      Yea Im gonna have to go with ShadowGun on this one folks!

  • My favorite mobile game is Pokemon Red!

  • LewisSD

    Nova is sick

  • Stephane M

    Tree Maker is just amazing with dope sound track

  • jdlowesracer

    Currently fav mobile games is Sixguns and Angry birds

  • twitbizz2

    Zinga poker

  • I really enjoy draw something

  • soccorgoddess

    I think I am officially addicted to Temple run!

  • Shadowgun THD

  • Drop 7 would have to be my favourite right now.

  • Michael Schiff

    Shadowgun THD

  • madcow706


  • shanehillsr

    Currently my favorite game is Temple Run. I have been hooked so bad I sit on the toilet for at least a half hour just because I know the next run will best my high score.

  • papajohnny

    i like Shadowgun

  • Timothy Burns

    Angry Birds space.

  • Feras Hanano

    Demon Hunter at the moment, even though it gets frustrating a lot.

  • Josh A.

    Favorite game right now is Temple Run……mindless time waster =]

  • Salvadorval

    My favorite game right now is Spider Man : Total Mayhem HD

  • Current favorite mobile game is Temple Run!

  • eclect1c

    Dream Zoo… guilty pleasure 😉

  • MR.Droid4Life

    Im really liking Riptide right now, but dont have much else, so hopefully I win!

  • Dan dippel

    Scramble with friends

  • My favorite game has gotta be Grand theft Auto, and Asphalt 6! Thanks for the opportunity, Good luck everyone!

  • Checho408

    Where’s my water
    Nice game

  • Favorite game has to be Shadowgun

  • DrMacinyasha

    Draw Something is definitely my favorite game. Playing on a tablet makes it all the easier to draw something impressive!

  • People play games on their mobile phones? How lame. I’ll say Angry Birds Space. I 3-stared all the levels on that once and am still waiting for new levels.

  • Matt O’Leary

    Still loving Angry Birds

  • Brad Paolucci

    Very gay I know but Words with Friends is all I have time for these days while I walk my dog.

  • words with friends

  • Bobby A

    My favorite mobile game is zombie smash by Zynga.

  • Jason Brown

    my favorite game is doodle jump. don’t worry kevin durant, i have unlimited data on verizon…so i can play doodle jump and watch you beast on the basketball court!

  • Angry Birds Space is my favorite definitely. Good and challenging.

  • Tiny Tower..

  • Ali

    Battleheart, amazing game with controls actually made for a touchscreen. While i do find ShadowGun, GTA3 etc. extremely impressive i’ve never managed to play any of them for more then 5 minutes due to controls

  • H4zz0r

    Current Favorite Mobile game would have to be Shadowgun

  • Pocket Legends definitely

  • Cesar Castro

    Draw something

  • Gregory Pickering

    By and far Sentinel. 3. I have wasted soooo much time on that one.

  • Shadowgun dude!!! No need for a Playstation!

  • My current favorite mobile game is Battleheart. I just got back into it 🙂

  • Angry birds

  • mrbill187

    Plants vs. Zombies

  • TheAxe99

    Epic Defense

  • Brad Chain

    Favorite Game = Temple Run

  • Math workout!
    That doesn’t seem to be a popular choice, or one that requires 4 cores…..

  • Barry Coleman

    temple run

  • necroscopev

    I have really been digging World of Goo! I am trying to perfect every level.

  • I’m stuck on Drop7 and sure would love a nice 10″ tablet so my fat fingers wouldn’t mess me up any more. =)

  • jmasterj

    I just started playing Shadowgun, so I’m going to go with that.

  • chiefmystic


  • Graham Wilson

    Angry birds for sure!

  • Conan

    My current favorite game is Radiant Defense

  • FusionSaint

    Any of the ‘story’ games like Game Dev or Grand Prix… they are addicting.

  • pd240

    I like angry birds and temple run but I have to say Words with Friends is the best mobile game.

  • Jwilson79


  • I don’t play games on my phone half as much as I surf the forums, but when I do it’s Game Dev Story. Sure it gets repetitive towards the end, but you can hire a fricken Code Monkey!!!

  • I can’t stop playing Temple Run

  • Ted Rea

    My favorite mobile game is Alchemy!

  • Josh Karwoski

    My favorite game at the moment is Minecraft!
    It will be incredible if I win, mostly because my birthday is on May 15 and this would be the best gift I could get! Fingers crossed!

  • Temple Run for sure. Its simple but addictive enough to play for hours.

  • Favorite Game at the moment is Garfield Defense.

  • Where’s My Water?

  • kruck55

    Need for Speed Shift.

  • I enjoy the Baseball Superstars series!

  • Justin Williams

    NBA Jams consumes all of my time!

  • Cyclone_Cy


  • Jason

    Bag It!

  • ZeroBarrier

    Twitter: @fabianmaldo

  • Shadowgun for sure

  • Right now, I’m hooked on Elemental

  • TankerTuff



  • I’m old-school, man. Tetris. All the way.

  • Travis Swan

    Zombie smash, but I want it to be shadow gun so I need a Tegra tablet

  • Rachel Henry

    My favorite mobile game is actually Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Ed … I just love those cute little monkeys lol, don’t judge me!

  • emac4209

    Currently, Scramble with Friends is the favorite. A close second is Golf Extreme!

  • I’ll admit, my current favorite is Super Stickman Golf.

  • Bill Georgen

    Favorite game right now is 9mm by Gameloft

  • Zach Jones

    Kinda stuck on Shadowgun myself…

  • Brett Koger

    Angry Birds

  • My favorite game is Drag Racing

  • El El Kool J

    I actually love playing alchemy! Lol..

  • co4x4

    favorite mobile game is Sprinkle

  • Ryan

    Currently I’m addicted to lil kingdom.

  • Muddy B00ts

    I love me some fieldrunners.

  • Kevin Raymond

    Shortyz… I love crossword puzzles!

  • favorite mobile game right now has to be scramble with friends.

  • Grand Theft Auto 3, for sure.

  • greg_hudgens

    Backgammon is my favorite mobile game.

  • Mr1xiii3

    my fav. moblie game is age of zombies… very fun.

  • Temple Run still my favorite game!

  • moccor

    My favorite mobile game is Radiant Defense.

  • g_what

    Favorite game is Temple Run.

  • jerry

    right know my favorite game is zombiesmash been playing it alot lately

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Cut The Rope!!

  • RBI411

    Sentinel 3: Homeworld

  • kingsfan33

    “draw something”

  • xzombiex66

    Im a huge fan of the game play in Sprinkle for some reason.

  • Ivan92116


  • Samurai vs Ninja is incredibly addicting.

  • jromash

    DRAWSOMETHING (on tablet, love the bigger canvas even though it is like cheating)

  • Still diggin’ Plants Vs. Zombies, but Gun Bros is fun too.

  • Scott

    Cut the rope

  • zachjen

    Angry Birds

  • gchahinian

    1000% all about zombie smash right now, addictive & awesome!!

  • Burke Foley

    Scramble with Friends

  • MR

    Demolition Inc THD

  • As ashamed I am to admit, it has to be words with friends right now. Aside from that, I’ve had serious addictions to Refraction, The Lost City and Airport Mania (1 and 2). Go figure, nothing I could really use that Tegra chip for. Maybe it’ll get me playing better games.

  • ShadowGun !

  • zen pinball is awesome

  • Osmos is one of my favorite games. Death Rally is pretty great too

  • Eric Shelley

    after i get a tegra powered device i can play something cooler than angry birds…

  • Fave mobile game is Drag Racing!

  • Current favorite is Temple Run. Playing while on the subway to school makes it a bit more challenging.

  • I love playing GTA 3 right now. Really well done game and definitely worth the money.

  • ten2o3

    i think temple run gets the most play right now, that would be the favorite

  • Hugh Greenberg


  • I am loving ShadowGun right now. I love having a graphic powerhouse to show off on my galaxy nexus.

  • ateamlawn

    Riptide for me!

  • Connor Brinton

    Robodefense! First game I ever bought for Android, and still one of the best and longest-lasting. Yeah!

  • ScoobySnack

    Train Conductor 2

  • I’m totally addicted to scramble lately.

  • Bently Wong

    plants vs zombies

  • Todd Ormsbee

    My current favorite game right now is Anomaly HD

  • chris125

    plants vs zombies for sure

  • My favorite mobile game is still Plants Vs Zombies…. (and I would love an Asus Transformer Pad as my laptop just met an unfortunate end due to an excited cat)

  • jeremyprice11

    Stickman Golf

  • Whale Trail

  • N0PPW

    Angry Birds (of course)!!! (all four flavors)

  • AliK

    I love Angry Birds … 🙂

  • Currently I’ve been playing a lot of UNO…online/multiplayer

  • My favorite mobile game is kingdom rush for the iPad…. Please don’t kill me.

  • angry birds

  • My fave mobile game right now is Osmos HD.

  • Samantha Krull

    Bubble Blast 2.

  • guitarshredder87

    My favorite game right now is Temple Run

  • faganm24

    Now it is probably Temple Run…

  • I’ve been playing Angry Birds Space lately.

  • Nate Davidson

    Galaxy On Fire 2 THD!!!

  • Favorite game on Android? I’m a big fan of all the birds… Angry Birds Space!

  • Pat McDeed


  • JaseYANG

    Don’t really have a Favorite, but playing Asphalt 6 right now

  • I think I have to go with angry birds space.

  • Jared Jessop

    Muffin Knight!

  • Skittleoid

    My favorite game is Whale Trail!

  • I’ve been loving Words with Friends, because my friends haven’t found out that you can cheat by going to one of those Scrabble word finder sites. They all think I’m some sort of mega-genius right now.

  • Seriously, I can’t stand using twitter to enter contests.

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  • brian

    Favorite game right now has got to be Zombie Smash as it is fast and addictive

  • Where’s my water was pretty fun

  • Dave Mars

    the Lost City at the moment as my attention..

  • Shawdowgun

  • David Shaver

    Samurai vs Zombies atm.

  • 54putera

    NodeBeat… my buddies and I trade beats like a game.

  • alershka

    I play Angry Birds more than anything else. Kinda sad but true.

  • Favorite game is Lets Golf 3

  • Gotta love Plants vs. Zombies!

  • Sailor Psychic

    Right now, my favorite is Where’s My Water. Surprisingly good, for a game made by Disney.

  • Bionic

    Dumb. Some of us hate twitter and dont see the point of having two social networks like myself. I only use facebook.

    Im not signing up for twitter just to do this.

  • Nicole Cone

    words with friends

  • Angry Birds… I still can’t get enough.

  • Shadowgun is the best!

  • Dapke

    Cut the Rope, and surprisingly Angry Birds Space (I disliked the original)

  • stang30290

    Stuck on running Fred for now

  • JasminJasarevic

    right now its Temple run.

  • Shadowgun!

  • HonKudasai

    Train Conductor 2

  • harryharry

    ShadowGun is just so badass. Rave Runner is fun too. Thinking of checking out NBA Jam.

  • I adore Temple Run, no doubt.

  • keith begeman

    Temple Run is my new favorite game 🙂

  • cnalb

    i hate to admit it, but angry birds

  • Angry Birds

  • My favorite mobile game right now is Coin Dozer. lol


    angry bird, how can you not love the bird:)

  • I have been spending a majority of my time playing chess but I love

  • cut rope for me

  • Necrocis

    Star Legends

  • jaxxmjd

    I enjoy Cut the Rope the most.

  • Matt

    shadowgun FTW!

  • Angry Birds space, it’s a nice refreshment and the levels are actually challenging to 3-star.

  • when I am low on time temple run, when i get a chance to sit around ShadowGun

  • M C

    Favorite game is cut the rope

  • doubleksquared

    Shadowgun is my favorite game.

  • Right now I’m really into Ski Safari

  • Rocketjrb

    Draw Something. Its a battery draining addiction.

  • ryan_mcfadden

    My favorite game changes every week. This week its Cut The Rope.

  • Robert Walters

    Shadowgun is my favorite game.

  • Quell is definitely my favorite right now, but I still log the most hours on angry birds. Gotta get three stars on all of those levels.

  • minecraft PE!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Right now, it has to be Zombie Dash, ’cause it’s a running game mixed with zombies. It’s awesome…and best part is, it’s free!

    Second place goes to Temple Run, ’cause it’s a running game mixed with demonic running monkey’s. ‘Nough said.

  • JeremiahOverton

    Lately have been playing Lair Defense: Shrine.

    Fun tower defense game 🙂

  • CAPerkins22

    I’m a big fan of Fruit Ninja. There’s something cathartic about slicing fruit with a giant samauri sword.

  • jackrabbit969

    Dark Legends

  • Favorite mobile game? Whale Trail! Hop on!

  • Super Stickman Golf and angry birds!

  • r0lct

    Osmos is the current to game on my phone. Don’t have a gaming tablet… yet. 😉

  • RadicalPie

    My favorite mobile game is shadow gun. Plus still trying to replace my Xoom which was stolen on valentines day. My true love… ps. don’t tell my girlfriend.

  • Shadowgun

  • stephen shavers

    I am going to have to go with shadowgun. One of the best games ive played on a tablet.

  • SabRgpl

    my fav game is Shadowgun THD

  • Favorite mobile game is by far and away Angry Birds..any of them.

  • Favorite mobile game is Brick Breaker 3 HD. So fun!

  • Cody Robinett

    So far, my favorite mobile games have been both Cut the Rope games with Demolition Inc being a close second.

  • cut the rope is my favorite game

  • Lucas Rasweiler-Richter

    Cannabalt’s been my go to for a while now

  • Alex Teal

    Any emulator, and classic angry birds of course. Hambo is pretty fun as well.

  • GJV

    Archipelago. It’s really simple but its the only game I keep coming back to day after day.

  • ClarkAndrews

    Grand Theft Auto III!

  • PhillipNorris

    I believe mine would be Cut the Rope Experiments right now

  • Anthony Randazzo


  • It would have to be ShadowGun

  • Temple Run and Super Stickman Golf are the two I can’t really stop playing…

  • Doan

    Dark Meadow

  • My favorite game at this time is NOVA2. Awesome game play.

  • At the moment, its Temple Run

  • My favorite mobile game is Temple Run!

  • World of Goo. Easy.

  • hwsdad62

    ShadowIng is my favorite game right now.

  • john watson

    Favorite mobile game….AngryBirds Space

  • logan3414

    My favorite game is cut the rope.

  • Tyler

    ShadowGun is fun but Quell/Quell Reflect was one of those great apps that I picked up while they had the discount.

  • Plants vs Zombies!

  • I love Cut The Rope!

  • FknTwizted

    Shadow gun. Game is beast!

  • World of goo!

  • pepperonijack

    Maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking, but my favorite game is GTA 3

  • Nick Kmett

    Temple Run for now.

  • I love Cut The Rope and Temple Run. Thank you!!

  • Hazadriel

    SoulCraft at the moment.

  • My current favorite mobile game has to be Angry Birds Space. The simplicity combined with complexity to get all starts really makes it a fun game to play.

    However, I’m hoping that later this year mobile games come on par with console based games. I think the tech is heading that way as is Google. c’mon Nvidia get us there!

  • ShadowGun

  • Brandon Knapp

    Right now, I’m super addicted to Princess Punt… and that has a Tegra HD version!!!!

  • Right now has to be Temple Run

  • Jkirbs5

    My favorite mobile game is a toss up between Hot Donut and Cut the Rope. Great games!!

  • Reynaldo Noriega

    Angry birds space

  • Mike Bates

    My favorite mobile game right now is Beans Quest, I’m a sucker for a great Retro plat former and this ones no different.

  • Currently finishing GTA III!!!

  • tomn1ce

    Asphalt 6 Adrenaline….

  • Probably Angry Birds… just because.

  • Gameboid.

  • Sonic CD 😀

  • Tetris #oldskool

  • Andre Brown

    My favorite has to be temple run, simple yet addicting!

  • Tom Dwenger

    shadowGun at the moment

  • Plants vs zombies

  • Right now it has to be flick golf,but ask me again next month, it will probably be different

  • tanknspank

    Angry Birds Rio..

    NA I’m just kiddin’!

    *goes back to throwing birds..*

  • Relinquist

    Definitely enjoy playing Soulcraft THD right now.

  • samthomas86

    Favorite game right now is Scramble.

  • subiedude85

    The old x-men archade game that Amazon had for free on Sunday is my favorite at the moment followed closely by soul craft.

  • SD_Scott

    At the moment, my favorite game is Temple Run…

  • monoik

    Right now – Temple Run.

  • Kristin M

    I absolutely love TrippleTown. It is the most addictive puzzle game I have ever played and I like that I can play it even if I don’t have a wifi or 3G signal. Highly recommend it!

  • Justin Howard

    My favorite game is “Draw Something by OMGPOP” I would love to play this on a tablet, I can’t afford a tablet right now so I would love to win the ASUS Transformer Pad.

  • Bigdonster

    Temple Run!

  • Shadow Gun by far!

  • Dc

    Plants vs Zombies. At least until Burrito Bison’s Revenge is released.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Im going low tech with my fav game, Peggle. Its simple and tons of fun

  • sk3litor

    Shadow gun and ml soccer 2012

  • Nothing really beats Shadowgun. I now wish for online multiplayer and a sequel

  • My favorite mobile game is steambirds. Good game of strategy

  • Angry Birds Space

  • lizz.0

    My favorite is still Words With Friends!!

  • Justin Duino

    Whenever I have a little free time I’m usually playing temple run

  • Temple Run rocks.

  • Plants Vs. Zombies – I don’t think I will ever get tired of that game 😀

  • Darren Lattin

    Angry Birds because I have many hours, make that weeks, worth of time invested into it. I’m sad to say I have my progress backed up to my sd card and Dropbox just in case.

  • cfb

    Plants vs Zombies FTW!

  • Favorite mobile game is Osmos.

  • I’m addicted to Quell. Involves a lot of thinking.

  • cyruss69

    draw something is my favorite at the moment

  • jgheld

    All in all, my favorite Android game is still “Enjoy Sudoku”.

  • Bruno

    Angry Birds or Apparatus on my phone help pass the time though I wonder what GTA3 would be anything like PS3??

  • JMonkeYJ

    right now i’m sort of ashamed to say that i’m still pretty addicted to Temple Run

  • I’d have to say that my fav mobile game currently is Reckless Getaway. It’s quite the companion for killing time.

  • Temple Run closely followed by PewPew. Doesn’t get better than that.

  • coltin unruh

    My favorite game right now is probably world of goo. But that’s just because I don’t play a lot of games on my phone. I think I need a bigger screen for that.

  • trayes77

    Shadown is the best!

  • Temple Run

  • My favorite mobile game definitely has to go to Shadowgun. It’s the most detailed android game to date.

  • shadowgun!

  • It’s still Angry Birds. When it comes to mobile gaming, I need games I can pick up for 3-5 minutes here and there between real-life obligations.

  • joe1138

    Angry Birds Space

  • angermeans

    Favorite mobile game is junk jack I hope it comes to android so I can play it on my beloved galaxy nexus

  • Kie

    Really enjoying Third Blade by com2us. Anyone who enjoys beat ’em up style game play should definitely check it out, and its free!

  • tre

    no matter how hard I try to get away from it I always end up back @ Fruit Ninja

  • My favorite mobile game currently is draw something…. although my art work is what others call horrible.

    But with a new tablet….. the possibilities are endless 😉

  • Words with Friends?

  • I haven’t played it yet due to Tegra 3 requirements, but I’m really looking forward to playing Dark Meadow!

  • Larry Franks

    Love me some angry birds

  • I like Urban Asphalt 6 bestest. :]

  • Nick

    GTA 3 was definitely fun for awhile but I have been playing a lot of NBA Jam on my Nexus.

  • cpeter753

    I gotta go with the classic Grand Theft Auto III. Shadowgun is a close second.

  • Andre Goh

    Favourite game is battle heart!

    • angermeans

      Great game I’ve easily dumped many hours in that game both on my phones and tablets

  • Deodexed AndroidDeveloper

    Favorite game is NOVA2.

  • Michael Persico

    Angry Birds

  • Deodexed AndroidDeveloper

    ShadowGun rocks!

  • Ryan LaCanna

    Favorite game would have to be temple run

  • Legomancer

    Going to have to go with Carcassonne at the moment.

  • umiwonder

    Grand Theft Auto 3

  • joe

    My favorite game is Fruit Ninjas

  • Lee Vang

    Favorite mobile game would have to be Angry Birds Space.

  • right now its a toss up between windup knight and temple run.

  • Dragonvale on iOS!

  • KingCollins

    My favorite mobile game is ShadowGun, because i just love shooting games. :), can’t forget about Blood & Glory

  • For now I’ve been using my battery on Zenonia 4

  • Ben Schulz

    My favorite mobile game is definitely cut the rope.

  • Jason Ward

    Strangely enough, it’s Zynga Poker.

  • Cut the rope.

  • tryptech

    Favorite mobile game as of right now is between good ol’ Fruit Ninja and… actually, it is Fruit Ninja. I always find myself going back to the grand pastime of slicing fruit. There’s definitely something “zen” about it

  • Favorite game currently is Contract Killer. Always a fan of 3d bowling though.

  • GTA III, Dead Space, NOVA2

  • Fav mobile game lately has been Hambo, having a great time with it.

  • ZombieSmash

  • My favorite game right now is Words With Friends! According to Words with Friends, Sith is an acceptable word, while Jedi is not acceptable. Score one for the Dark Side!

  • I’m switching off between Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Draw Something, and X-men arcade since it was free this past Sunday.

  • Cliff_McAllister

    I am not afraid to say it. Sprinkle is my favorite game. Not just for me though. It keeps my son occupied too!

  • Apparatus!

  • My fav game right now is Samurai Vengeance II …I like how the enemies split in half..don’t even care if I pass the level! lol

  • tranqfx

    Tetris – Can’t go wrong with a classic

  • kraymanbauer

    shadow is my favorite for that genre. been playing a lot of triple town, dark incursion, defender, grabatron, guerrilla bob, front line commando…the list goes on. i would love to see all of invidias games on a big screen. been saving for a tablet for sometime now but you know how stuff happens to drain it from you once its saved 🙁

  • Matt Tanner

    My favorite games are Lets Golf 3. Although I also enjoy enjoy a variety of puzzle games.

  • GuidZilla

    Really diggin GTA3!

  • Fav mobile game – Dark Meadow : The pact. Ever since my roomie got his T3 powered beast, it stays with me more than it stays with him. Can’t keep my hands off of it.

  • Angry Birds Space, I can’t get enough of it, and neither can my nephew! It sure would be nice on a much bigger screen..

  • Fruit Ninja!

  • Daryl Batson

    Now here is to hoping they also make Vice City or San Andreas!

  • ShadowGun. Sure!

  • Favorite game lately is Great Little War Game (GLWG). Just wish they’d do away with those animations in-between turns. 🙂

  • Jim Whitney


  • somethingwired7

    Favorite game right now is GTA3 Ten Year Anniversary edition! I remember playing that with my cousin the day it came out and its hard to believe that something that required a big TV and a PS2 and AC power can now be played on something that fits in my pocket!

  • Shadowgun!

  • Currently, my favorite mobile game is Cut the Rope. Total time sink.

  • Definitely addicted to Temple Run right now

  • I’m addicted to Where’s My Water?

  • Temple run or Bag it!

  • jhjr24

    My favorite game is Pocket Academy.

  • abraham

    shadowgun thd

  • Matt Larson

    Definitely still cut the rope! Every level was different and we’ll thought out

  • James_Kernicky

    Draw Something – I wish they were saving every drawing and adding these to a gallery online…it would be hilarious

  • ShadowGun but wish I could play The Dark Meadow but doesn’t support my device ;(

  • jaymez007

    9 innings Pro Baseball….

  • Words with Friends.

  • Angry Birds Space, I like the physics. Temple Run is fun too.

  • Yancey

    Angry Birds Space!

  • Lord_Demmington


  • Jumpingforjroid

    Shadowgun followed by quell and flick golf.

  • aholland1

    Cut the Rope and Temple Run are my favorite time wasters but graphics wise for Nvidia it has to be Shadowgun THD

  • ForrestTracey

    ShadowGun is at the top of the list for sure!!

  • angry birds

  • picaso86

    Scramble with Friends – really addicting!

  • ankit199

    Shadow Gun

  • Due to my love of old JRPG, I really like Eve of Genesis.

  • Roga

    Favorite game is Cut the Rope!

  • tomwhite86

    Would have to go with Osmos HD. Poured far too much time into that game.

  • Thekyguy11

    Reckless Racing!

  • 9 Innings Baseball is rather entertaining. Plus it takes for ever to complete a season.

  • Android_praat


  • Sean Couch

    Little Empire

  • MattSweeden

    My favorite mobile game is GTA III, brings back memories of way back 🙂

  • FreshMikey

    Definitely Fruit Ninja! Not only does it make me hungry, it also make me feel very ninja like. That’s a double win in my book 🙂

  • brandon kosanovich

    Right now fav game game is prolly temple run or draw something

  • Love GTAIII on a tablet. So fun and smooth.

    I love how I can differentiate a news story from a contest story based on the number of comments!

  • Scramble With Friends is what I give my time to these days 🙂

  • World of Goo. Awesome physics sim puzzler

  • Brandon Olson

    Can get enough Temple Run!

  • Jovan G.

    Favorite game currently is Osmos!

  • My favorite mobile game right now is Riptide GP. Fluid gameplay and graphics. What’s not to like?

  • my favorite game right now is Shadowgun

  • dshizzel

    Angry Birds: Space

  • Abhishek

    Shadowgun guns down all 🙂

  • Todd B

    Favorite game right now has to be The Pinball Arcade!

  • Justin

    PewPew 2, addicting game I think despite the name…

  • One of my most favorite mobile games is Sprinkle!

  • Kim P

    Scramble with Friends. Too bad no one will play with me b/c they always lose 😛

  • Radiant Defense

  • Nate Myers

    Solitaire. Im easy.

  • Temple Run all the way!

  • victor manso

    I love Sprinkle I spend hours playing it, It’s not only a game it also makes you think, using your brain and playing at same time

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    Riptide on my TF101…

  • Brad

    Sprinkle is my favorite game. So addictive.

  • Anthony

    My favorite mobile game right now is Draw Something, GTA3, Traffic Control or Air Control. I can’t decide.

  • Preston

    ShadowGun is definitely my favorite mobile game. Looks beautiful. I never would have thought mobile gaming would get this advanced!

  • Marvel vs Capcom 2 (mobile version)

  • Whale Trail

  • Kurt Thompson

    Loving ShadowGun, like everyone else, would love to love it on a new Transformer!

  • TPelt17

    Shadowgun is not only one of the best games on Android, it’s by far the best FPS.

  • Swampy

    Card games! Solitaire is old reliable, but Cribbage is my fav!

  • jmu33

    angry birds 😀

  • Cory

    Angry Birds Space!

  • ShadowGun. Without a DOUBT!

  • HSM

    Shadowgun THD

  • WinnerWinner?

    Angry Birds

  • dunn32

    Right now, it is probably Temple Run. So addictive.

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce


  • Masta Marc

    ShadowGun is FUN! My favorite game definitely.

  • David Cohen

    Plants vs Zombies

  • Dark Meadow

  • Robert Perkovich


  • EC8CH

    Fruit Ninja

  • scrambled with friends! making people rage quit ftw!

  • solitaire. really.

  • Jeremy A

    Shadowgun at the moment.

  • CageU

    Favorite game on my G Nex is definitely ShadowGun! Would love to give it a try on a sweet new Transformer Pad!!!

  • Isaac Schwab

    Dark Meadow

  • humidity

    Angry Birds Space! 😀


  • My favorite mobile games by far are the RPG’s such as Zenonia or Caligo Chaser just to name a few. Kairosoft games without fail suck me in, however.

  • Scott Willenborg

    My favorite game right now is hiding my reciepts from my wife for what I spend on electronics…

    My favorite mobile game is Dark Meadow.

  • Mike T

    Favorite game right now is Blood and Glory, it runs “okay” on my Kindle Fire with AOPK_otter_build_M5 rom. Bring on the tegra gaming!

  • My favorite mobile game is Draw Something!…even though I’m a terrible artist!

  • My favorite game is Zen Pinball THD and almost any Tower Defense game 🙂

  • My favorite game right now is Riptide GP. Great graphics and reminds me of the old school racing games.

  • pharmdy

    Favorite game is definitely Shadowgun!

  • Daniel Chang

    I always find myself opening up one of the Angry Birds variations whenever I have some time. Gets pretty difficult to attain 3 stars on EVERY level so it’s a nice challenge.

  • Todd

    Archipelago…great way to waste time and play whenever!

  • Marc

    Samurai Vs. Zombies!!!!

  • jbeise

    Fav game angry birds space

  • GazaIan

    I gotta say, ever since the new updates, Minecraft has become my fav. Survival mode, animals, library shelves, flying in creative mode, a plethora of blocks, its just awesome. And I don’t know how, but the screen colors look beautiful on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Slice it for sure.


    My favorite game is World of Goo!

  • Nucking_Futz

    My favorite mobile game is Temple Run. It feels so good against my skin.

  • shmelks


  • Homer Rich

    Hate to say it but its still Temple Run

  • Kacitus

    i like draw something, and facebook cause peoples social lives are a game to me

  • Vincent Cardinale

    I really love Where’s my water, it’s a great and addicting game!

  • I dig front line commando

  • Favorite game right now is Where’s My Water right now & Angry Birds series in close second.

  • Christopher Heuer

    Tons of good ones to choose from but I keep coming back to Cut the Rope for some reason, so I’ll go with that.

  • MikeD675

    I seem to be stuck in Dream Zoo right now.

  • Words with friends

  • dollarmn


  • Edgar

    Favorite game and my five year old where is my water? Lol

  • hochoch

    right now i’m all about zombie smash

  • greatteacherjosh

    Shadowgun, but Where’s My Water as a time waste.

  • CmRam

    Scramble With Friends

  • Favorite game right now is Doodle Jump

  • Definitely Temple Run at the moment.

  • David H.

    i’ve been burning through cut the rope lately. but game dev story I think is my favorite.

  • Razr Owner

    For now it’s Angry Birds because I don’t have an ASUS tablet but would love to play some first person shooters on it…if I win *hint* *hint*

  • Enjoying Pinball Arcade

  • Dream Zoo.. Unfortunately 🙁 – Downloaded it while playing Words With Friends to enable something (forgot what it was) and decided it was more fun than Words with Friends was..

  • My favorite currently is Cut the Rope as a time killer.

  • Favorite mobile game is Tower Defense. Hard as hell!!

  • @nitroeh

    Favorite mobile game is BMX Boy

  • Tiny Tower is my favorite

  • My favorite game right now has to be DragonFly. I cant put my phone down!

  • My favorite mobile game right now is Cogs. It’s really challenging and kills a lot of time if you like puzzle games.

  • Jeff

    got to be fruit ninja

  • DrawSomething

  • Jim

    My favorite game’s probably MW3. Nice & smooth with cross-platform gameplay = happy.

  • amosk

    Nobody got this for me on Christmas 🙁

    Fav game right now is NBA Jam. It was my favorite like 20yrs ago too!

  • DanielCarl

    My favorite mobile game is ShadowGu!

  • skylordusa1

    I have a bunch of favorite mobile games but I guess if I had to choose. The one I seem to play the most would have to be Temple Run. Very addicting.

  • Gerardo Zamora

    Samurai II: Vengeance THD

  • Shadowgun most def.

  • Guest

    I gotta say, ever since the new updates, Mine craft has become my fav. Survival mode, animals, library shelves, flying in creative mode, a plethora of blocks, its just awesome. And I don’t know how, but the screen colors look beautiful on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Favorite mobile game is Angry Birds

  • Favorite has to be 2xl MX Offroad.

  • elemeno

    Cut the Rope…

  • rlorenz

    My favorite mobile game is Cut the Rope!

  • Korey Page

    My favorite mobile game as of right now is Zenonia 4. I love that series and the action RPG genre!

  • tehsusenoh

    Osmos HD. Great game.

  • I like samurai 2.

  • favorite game is Angry Birds Space

  • NBA JAM…. Adam told me about it today 😛 “Your On Fire”

  • Between playing with amdroid on my phone, linux on my CR-41 original Chromebook, working through my M.Ed. in instructional technology, and parenting two children, my time is pretty much taken by other things. Solitaire and Angry Birds Space sometimes take up what little destress time I have.

  • Tweekex

    Radiant Defense, love me some tower defense games!

  • I gotta go with a new take to an old favorite: Grand Theft Auto III 10 Year Anniversary Edition!!! GTA M****RF**KERS!!!! lol

  • Tim Gatson

    Fruit Ninja

  • Plants Vs. Zombies, cant get enough zombies!

  • Inquizitor

    I’m currently pretty obsessed w/ Temple Run, but I have to say my favorite mobile game is still Cut the Rope. So well made, and looks great on my GNex!

  • John Fisher

    Army Ranger or sure…mega battles with my 13 year old son on the on the obstacle course. Sorry to say he is winning ….

  • Geran Smith

    I love to play Anomaly HD

  • jofficus44

    I still love Battleheart, but Scramble with Friends is slowly taking up all of my mobile gaming time …

  • Kevin Bukowski

    Scramble with friends its like the other social games but faster shorter bites which make it less boring and easier to keep up with.

  • Fun With Drugs

    N.O.V.A. is my favorite game.

  • ShadowGun is my Fav game

  • Jeremy Roberts

    I can’t do more than real casual stuff when mobile….
    I don’t seem to ever get over Words with Friends, but Draw Something is fun for something different. Really best on my tablet though.

  • Nathan Coulombe

    ShadowGun has got to be the most complete game out there to compete with a console, but Temple Run is just stupid addictive.

  • Zmnypit

    Favorite has to be 2xl MX Offroad.

  • DaveG1968

    ShadowGun FTW!

  • TripleTown

  • Michael Elliott

    Temple Run and still angry birds

  • Sincere

    Tetris is my favorite mobile game on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • For me, it’d either be the Cut the Ropes or Baseball Superstars 2011.

  • Draw something and Temple Run. My days have been rendered completely unproductive. Thanks!

  • ArmanUV

    Osmos HD hands down.
    The creativity of this game is too damn high.

  • Little G

    Random Mahjong

  • br_hermon

    My favorite game, so far all the Angry Birds, but I’m really hoping for a tablet so I can play some first person shooters. I’m dying to try ShadowGun or something like it.

  • Samurai vs Zombies is my current mobile favorite, but i also like Temple Run to pass the time.

  • My favorite game by far is modern combat 3, simply because for its amazing graphics and outstanding gameplay!

  • …Tiny Tower… I don’t have a problem!

  • Mark F

    Air attack HD

  • Rob

    has to be cut the rope… don’t need to invest a lot of time in it but can have a lot of fun with it..

  • potacho

    Right now I really like Block Breaker.

  • Easily Homerun Baseball 2

  • Draw Something!

  • Bradley Ruiz

    My favorite game is ShadowGun

  • Richie Sullivan

    Cut the Rope

  • ChaseMaag

    My favorite game currently is Radiant Defense … simple to play and a good tower defense game

  • Seedster

    ShadowGun fer shugadaisy!

  • brandonfako

    Id have to say Mineceaft Pocket Edition

  • Brian Bogovich

    Favorite game right now is definitely Quell Reflect for killing time, though I’ll be rummaging through Kemco’s RPG offerings when I find time.

  • Keith Norris

    Wow that’s really hard, but I’ll have to say I’d had the most fun playing shadow gun. Its really close to console experience other than GTA III. Definetly Shadow Gun.
    P.S. My birthday is 5/13/2012 *wink *wink

  • David Lutz

    Plants vs. Zombies and the Lost City.

  • ‘Where’s My Water’ has most of my attention at the moment

  • AndrewScottRox

    My favorite game is super low tech, but I really like doing word searches.

  • CDiddy

    Temple Run, baby!

  • @CaptainChuy

    I would love to win to give to my MOM for mothers day.. she loves angry birds and would love the bigger screen. Please pick me.

  • GNexSam

    Super Stickman Golf currently owns most of my free time

  • Dark Meadow: The Pact looks phenomenal. If I get a chance to play it, I’m sure it will be my favorite. But for now, It’s Flick Golf 🙂

  • Mike M

    ShadowGun, for sure

  • John Davids

    Fav mobile game has got to be Fieldrunners. One of the best TD games on Android I have played to-date.

  • zionlion02

    Air Defense

  • Tim Buchanan

    Favorite mobile game is definitely Dead Space. It’s console-worthy!

  • Zen Pinball, which will look much better on a Transformer Pad then my Photon!

  • Where’s my Water? Because I’m still a kid at heart!

  • QQpayne

    Currently i am obsessed with Death Rally, but also World of Goo, Osmos HD, Cut the Rope, and Treemaker are on the top of my list.

  • BrianLipp

    Favorite atm has to be Radiant Defense. Hexage just keeps on making great games (and great looking ones at that!)

  • vvtim

    Bejeweled.. or Fruit Ninja.

  • Currently Temple Run but I think it’s almost time for something new!

  • Cam

    Has to be Shadowgun. No other mobile FPS controls as well.

  • SamHall

    Super Stickman Golf currently owns most of my free time

  • Joshua Newsome

    Depends on the fix I’m looking for. Right now it’s Temple Run for simplicity and reflex, MineCraft for creativity, Quell for puzzle, and I’m playing Eternal Legacy again for my RPG cravings…

  • My favorite mobile game is Speedx 3D

  • Plants vs Zombies 🙂

  • Adrian0E


  • smingo

    i would have to go with words with friends or draw something, although draw something has made me realize i even suck at drawing stick people

  • Jason

    My favorite game right now is Another World

  • punkorambo

    My favorite TegraZone game is Grand Theft Auto 3.

  • My favorite mobile game has been Cut the Rope for the longest time, but Angry Birds Space is kinda pushing it now…

  • My favorite mobile game currently is still 9 innings pro baseball

  • OnlyNexus

    My favorite mobile game is The Lost City!

  • Currently, it’s ZombieSmash!

  • Not especially proud of this….but right now it’s Hambo

  • Keyan X

    Either Dragon, Fly! or Angry Birds SPACE

  • Currently loving the X-Men game that was free on Amazon last week.

  • Temple Run is my favorite game game currently!

  • Kyle

    SNESOID with a Super Mario ROM

  • ssjnimma

    hard to say… but currently Temple Run FTW

  • Osmos HD, is an extremely well made game which looks fantastic on tablets and phones (one apk!)

  • Been playing alot of “Draw Something” lately but “Cut the Rope” is my favorite.

  • Micah Gemmell

    at the moment my favorite game is death rally. I am so glad it’s on android!

  • DanThompson87

    Plants Vs Zombies!

    works great now with GNEX!

  • shazam81

    Angry birds space.

  • B J Books


  • MSlab

    I might have to go with Collapse, actually.

  • mikel61101

    Mine favorite is Monopoly my 5yr old loves angry birds(any of em)…

  • My favorite mobile game is Draw Something Free! I love making crazy drawing with my friends!

  • desiman26

    At this moment, I would say Temple Run is my favorite.

  • bjayjr5679

    My favorite mobile game is greedy spiders

  • AMGala

    My favorite mobile game is Angry Birds, but only because I don’t have a tablet to play RPGs, sports games, etc.

  • Ahku Droid

    I can’t limit it to just one. Current top spots: Angry Birds Space, Cut the Rope, Sentinel3, Asphalt 6, and Osmos.

  • My favorite mobile game is Heavy Gunner.

  • for now, cut the rope

  • KK

    Favorite mobile game is Temple Run.

  • Temple Run owns my free time.

  • Stephen

    right now it is temple run…love that game

  • negativerxn

    Temple Run

  • Right now. iStunt 2

  • ki11ak3nn

    Right now my favorite mobile game is plants vs. zombies.

  • Chris

    My favorite mobile game right now is Great Little War Game.

  • topherct

    Temple Run

  • Hawkm

    My favorite game is probably They Need To Be Fed.

  • My #1 game is Cut The Rope

  • my favorite game at the moment is Sprinkle

  • Iceburgh

    I would also have to say Temple Run…Though I’m no Indy

  • Death Rally. Phenomenal game.

  • pooh

    cut the rope

  • I still have a soft spot for PvZ, but the best game right now is Angry Birds Space.

  • Ron_Swanson

    My favorite mobile game is Temple Run.

  • Favorite is Draw Something.

  • EETechGuy

    Tiny Tower and Chess!

  • Luis Rojas

    My favorite game without a doubt is Shadow Gun!

  • My Favorite game is playing DrawSomething with my gf.

  • Kevin

    My favorite is angry birds

  • Glow ball! Like I have said before, I’m a sucker for shiny things and physics!

  • Shadow Gun

  • temple run

  • Angry Birds Space hooray for physics, momentum, and inertia!

  • Lenesse Berg

    ANGRY BIRDS!!!! (I can’t play angry birds rio with out yelling BIRDS VS MONKEYS! every time I fling a bird).

  • I like Angry Birds and Phase 10, but with my kids, I’m a big Monopoly Fan…

  • Michael Forte

    My favorite mobile game is Where’s My Water?

  • bray17

    Right now I’m addicted to Temple Run

  • Radiant Defense!

  • tomgahtem

    By far Angry Birds

  • Mine is Angry Birds Space!

  • Still Rocking Shadowgun Hell yea

  • adamladd

    Gta 3

  • For me right now it is BMX Boy, I can’t stop playing it!

  • Jeff E.

    Without a doubt – SHADOW GUN

  • Favorite mobile game is Twist’n Catch.

  • msnight04

    My go to game at the moment is Asphalt 6.

  • My favorite mobile game is Jelly Wars

  • I will have to run with Temple run there too..

  • Shannon

    ShadowGun THD!

  • Right now, it’s Temple Run

  • My favorite mobile game is Zenonia 4.

  • Gotta be Temple Run… have several neglected games on my phone since installing Temple Run 🙂

  • 640k

    Current fav mobile game is still Wind Up Knight

  • Fruit Ninja.

  • my favorite mobile game is Osmos HD

  • Mike

    I love World of Goo!

  • Dan

    Temple Run is my game of choice right now.

  • Joshu

    I still enjoy Shadowgun THD.

  • ForrestTracey

    I’m hooked on Temple Run right now!! I hear it’s way more fun to play on a Tablet! 🙂

  • I would have to say Temple Run, although im getting bored now that i’ve nearly unlocked everything.

  • My favorite mobile game is probably Plant vs Zombies.

  • bigos_78

    Favorite game at the moment is Draw Something

  • skinja

    Good ole Robo Defense

  • Osmos

  • LiterofCola

    Favorite game right now is Bubble Shoot

  • kevintufts


  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Right now: Lep’s World

  • Brandon Sikes

    My favorite game to play is Tempe Run.

  • Nick Johnson

    my favorite mobile game is angry birds space

  • WWF, does that count? It’s the only game I still play on my phone. lol

  • drkylecArchvile

    my favorite mobile game is osmos hd

  • fav mobile game is Angry Birds Space!

  • Iny

    Favorite mobile game has been iGun Zombie.

  • HereComesDaBoom

    Right now I can’t stop playing Skater Boy. Simple fun for the dad who has no time.

  • My favorite mobile game is Snake 97!!!!

  • Dave Sampley

    My favorite game is The Infinite Black

  • Right now, my favorite mobile game is Froad. Its so quick to start up and play.

  • My favorite game is Dungeon Defenders. Lots of slashing and hacking hordes of bad guys … the only way to make it better is if I had a nice Asus Transformer to play on.

  • BlackSSOE

    ShadowGun hands down

  • Scott Wexler

    Death Rally is my game o choice right now… soo much fun… be even more fun on a tablet!

  • Mike91270

    My favorite game right now is “Whack Your Boss”. Anger management, anyone?

  • Daniel Lockhart

    I am currently hooked on Cartoon Wars.

  • Bblackinc117

    Dead space

  • sam

    My favorite game is Angry Birds

  • Blaine Tsukayama

    favorite mobile has to be angry birds

  • Samurai II: Vengeance

  • tmull

    With baseball season, I’ve been playing a lot of Baseball Superstars. 🙂

  • My favorite mobile game is either Hambo (it’s pretty addictive!!) or pew pew on my droid bionic

  • PRTaz3

    My favorite game is Tank Hero

  • Brian Olson
  • I’m still to uncoordinated to play anything but Fruit Ninja! 🙂

  • eak128

    Live Holdem Pro

  • mcygnus

    Favorite mobile game at the moment :Temple Run. Though its kind of simple, its crazy addictive.

  • Ben Johnson

    Angry Birds Space!!

  • Brad Cleveland

    Plants vs Zombies

  • Rich Robinson

    My favorite might be boring but it’s definitely a classic: Monopoly

  • Angry Birds!

  • Darth_Imperius

    My favorite game as of now is World of Goo!

  • Brandon T

    Best mobile game is, without a doubt, Wind-Up Knight

  • David
  • Lately I’ve been playing the excellent Jelly Defense. One polished and underrated game.

  • DevilMan


  • bucwylde23

    Osmos HD

  • Anders Jensen

    My favorite most be fifa 12, because its awesome 🙂

  • Jon Wolff

    Riptide GP… dont know why but hook my xoom to the TV and its like crack.

  • theentropic

    At the moment… it’s Temple Run. That could always change though.

  • Sean Marcisin

    Easily Angry Birds! But i need to try some tegra3 games

  • Angryunibrow

    Temple Run

  • My favorite game is World of Goo right now.

  • Thomas Smith

    favorite game is temple run

  • “Need for Speed Hot Pursuit” all day everyday!

  • I would have to say age of zombies

  • phill298

    Osmos HD… so addicting.

  • TheKaz1969

    still partial to fruit ninja…

  • tat2junior

    My favorite game right now is Quell.

  • 9 innings baseball … still!

  • My Favorite mobile Game on Razr is Osmos HD. I spent many a late night (too late) trying to absorb some Blue Balls of Fury

  • Angry Birds Space although Zen Pinball HD is creeping up there

  • Adam Staggenborg

    I would have to say Flick Golf is my current favorite

  • Plants vs Zombies.. I love that game.

  • Galaxy on Fire 2 is my favorite game

  • Temple Run, Simple as That!

  • Dan

    Temple Run!

  • I am addicted to cut the rope

  • Geo

    I’d have to go with temple run at the moment.

  • Dan

    Hmmm, my favorite mobile game at the moment is Hot Donut. A bit simple, but I hope to try some Tegra 3 games if I win this Transformer Pad. 😉

  • MyStroPro

    MY favorite android Mobile game is Sentinel III. This is followed by Angry Birds Space and Fruit Ninja. Radiant, Totemo and Death Rally all rank highly as well.

  • Captain_Doug

    Favorite mobile game has gotta be Settlers of Catan. It’s the only game I haven’t burned out on.

  • Temple Run is one of my top games.

  • moelsen8

    sonic cd

  • My Favorite is ShadowGun THD !!!!

  • demolition505

    Road Warrior

  • My favorite mobile game is probably Field Runners (in terms of total time spent playing).

  • ralphwiggum1

    GTA III is still a great game. Might be better with the controller

  • Finire

    Galaxy On Fire 2 is still one of my favorite games. I love the space combat while looking like a complete fool jumping around with my tablet in hand. From day one of the Motorola Xoom the gaming has been a blast!

  • srh12

    Wheres my water? But I’d probably be playing much cooler games with an asus pad.

  • Spyro Giannikas

    My favourite Mobile game is PEW PEW 2! SO HARD YET SO FUN!

  • Raven

    My favorite mobile game is Galaxy on Fire 2.

  • Temple Run

  • World of Goo

  • Favorite mobile game has to be Doodle Jump. I know it’s simple, but it’s a great time-filler and it gets increasingly hard.

  • Current favorite is Flick Golf

  • Treknologist

    Osmos HD is my favorite right now.

  • Mason White


  • Going to have to go with Temple Run.

  • Favorite mobile game is Temple Run

  • Grand Theft Auto III

  • znewman

    My favorite mobile game at the moment is Quell. It’s easy to hop in and out of and waste time playing while waiting anywhere.

  • Mark Lordi

    My favorite game is death rally.

  • baniels

    My favorite game is Live Holdem

  • IJustTwooted

    Plants v Zombies

  • PaulCallahan

    My.favorite mobile game is death rally

  • Mike

    Osmos HD and Treemaker

  • Nothing beats Pew Pew…. 1 & 2

  • Silent Majority

    Favorite mobile game is flick kick football (soccer)

  • SysWiz

    Field Runners

  • CheeseMcGee

    Right now its NBA JAM!

  • BrianWenger

    Asphalt Adrenaline is my favorite game. Ready for the new one.

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Angry birds space

  • Temple Run seems to have me hooked for now!

  • Jonathan Ly

    Game Dev Sotry hands down. It was my gateway into all things Kairosoft! And I don’t regret any of the purchases since!

  • Brian Olson

    My favorite mobile game is definitely shoot the apple. Quaint, but awesome.

  • Anthony

    My favorite game right now is Superstar Baseball 2012. I don’t know why as I am not a big baseball fan.

  • Osmos HD – its like being back in the womb!

  • JimL

    Loving Avadon: The Black Fortress on my Galaxy Tab.

  • Zombie Killer

  • I’m a little oldschool, I like playing Hearts the best. Scramble With Friends is a close second, check it out!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-jmOVgqJ0I

  • 3dski

    Got. To say my favorite game at the moment is ff7 on fpse emulator

  • Angry Birds space, love the gravity effects

  • Angry Birds

  • loving istunt right now. stupid game but oh so fun!

  • BigLa

    It’s really lame, but I’ve been playing a lot of Ceramic Destroyer. But that’s most likely because nothing I want to play works well on my AOKP DInc.

  • Stephen Morrison

    Favorite game for a while was Robo Defense. Lately it’s been between GTA3, Dead Space, and Temple Run.

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition all the way!

  • PDaddy

    Gotta go with Rip TIDE GP

  • cant stop playing temple run…..

  • Angry Birds Space

  • Been stuck on Jetpack Joyride for a few days now…

  • If I had a Tegra powered device, my favorite game would be GTA3…but since I don’t, my current favorite is probably Trial Extreme 2 Winter Edition. (I’ve almost beaten every level with 3 stars so far, so I need to find something else soon.)

  • Dungeon Defender

  • shdowman

    Homerun Battle 2

  • Samuel Victor

    I have X-men for mobile… play it always on the train…

  • Tone Capone

    My favorite game is definitely Osmos HD, by far!

  • Brandon

    Fav game is GTAIII.

  • Angry Birds Space

  • John

    Reckless Getaway!

  • phekno

    Plants vs. Zombies

  • plants vs zombies … BRAAAAINS 🙂

  • My favorite mobile game to date has to be GTA 3 Anniversary. I sit for hours playing this bringing me back to my teenage years playing the original on my PS2.

  • bill pittser

    Zombie Smash. Who does not like to smash,blowup,shoot,explode,set on fire,freeze,kick,and bulldoze some zombies.

  • It’s a close race between Age of Zombies and Peggle.

  • Sapko82

    Shadowgun THD

  • Baseball Superstars II right now. Hooked.

  • my favorite is colony

  • rohicks

    Where’s My Water?

  • Deverex

    Definitely shadowgun.

  • Favorite mobile game is Genesis Chess Beta. 🙂

  • Phase 10. What can I say: I love the classics.

  • roswellraygun

    Angry Birds

  • Cut the rope right now, but the wife has dragged me into Draw Something..

  • ocdtrekkie

    Shadowgun, for convincing me you can, in fact, design a solid playable shooter on a touchscreen.

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition. So much productivity lost.

  • MDawg

    My favorite game is Stay Alive

  • plants vs zombies by far

  • Scott Mason

    Favorite game is grand theft auto 3

  • Angry Birds Space… I love the gravity effects.

  • Favorite mobile game is Stupid Zombies!

  • Ryan Powell

    Temple Run steals all my free phone time away right now. 4.5 mil points so far. Won’t rest until I hit that 10 mil mark.

  • brandito

    plants vs zombies

  • AntiJeff

    World of Goo and 9mm

  • TimXer

    Temple Run is rocking my house right now…Riptide is still throwin’ water on my screen…and my house is starving for another ASUS pad – my one TPrime is just not enough!!

  • My favorite mobile game right now has to be Homerun Battle 2

  • rockstar323

    As of right now it’s Cartoon Wars.

  • My favorite game right now is Draw Something! On a transformer, it’d be amazing…

  • Sentinel 3 🙂

  • 10yck

    My favorite is ShadowGun

  • That’s a toss-up between Draw Something & Anomoly HD

  • Right now, my favorite mobile game is GTA 3. Takes me back to the good old ps2 days.

  • Favorite mobile game is: GTA III

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    My favorite mobile game is Dead Space.

  • My favorite mobile game is Cut the Rope and Angry Birds in Space!

  • Ashley Horne

    Hot Donut

  • Mike_Cook7

    So far favorite is Shine Runner!

  • Favorite game is grand theft auto 3. It’s all I do during constitutional law class…

  • Dustin Murphy

    Just finished Hot Donut. Don’t judge me.

  • I’m loving the Angry Birds Space right now, hated it at first but I can’t get enough of it.

  • Willtron

    Field Runners!!

  • TheShrevest

    Angry Birds… I can’t quit you.

  • Raymond P.

    Fruit Ninja

  • I am completely obsessesd with LED Football at the moment, but Fruit Ninja is also a blast.

  • Tony Le

    I’m hooked on TowerDefense by Com2us at the moment.

  • Mark Christian

    So thrilled when they ported Puzzle Quest 2 to Android, absolute awesome game IMO.

  • Not a huge mobile gamer but I lover NFL flick QB.

  • My favorite mobile game is Drag Racing Bike Edition.

  • Temple Run

  • Daniel Welling

    Angry birds, but it could be the android port of FreeCiv if I had a **ahem** Asus Transformer to play it on… twitter account: spacecataz1663

  • My favorite games are Temple Run and Draw Something!

  • Rob

    Temple run for sure

  • Joshua Rossi

    I love Temple Run

  • Where’s my water, definitely.

  • Quyen Dang

    My favorite mobile game is Fieldrunner HD.

  • Gotta say my current fav really is Angry Birds Space.

  • ramifications

    Draw something or tiny tower! Thanks!

  • davedbythebell


  • WrinkledForeskin


  • David Rosen


  • Osmos. I tried it on the PC when it game out, and really enjoyed it. But after playing the game on a touchscreen, I can’t go back to the keyboard and mouse version.

  • where’s my water

  • nsnsmj

    My current favorite mobile game is Epic Astro Story.

  • Best game of all time, on android is Reckless Racing …

  • Matt C

    I have got to say, I love the classic board game Monopoly. Playing it on the phone and not having to sort all the cards and money myself make the game fly by.

  • jtennyck

    Temple Run for sure

  • kaufkin

    at the moment, bouncing between Lane Splitter and Temple Run.

  • World of gooooooooooooo

  • Evil-D

    Oh my favorite is Temple Run right this minute.

  • JnS

    Playing too much of Draw Something and addicted to Rage of Bahamut.

  • PicoDeGiao

    I still can’t get enough of Angry Birds Space…3 stars are so hard to come by.

  • rolltidedad

    My fav mobile game is Samurai vs Zombies

  • Trial X

  • Got to be Words with Friends, for now.

  • Ricky Schleining

    SuperStickMan Golf is pretty awesome.

  • toosurreal01

    As simple as it sounds Frozen Bubble Plus is my go-to game on my phone

  • I’m going to have to go with Shadowgun…
    With a controller, that game is a ton of fun.

  • Infinity Blade II

  • big007hed

    My favorite mobile game is Samurai Vengeance 2, love the violence lol

  • DSaif

    Grand Theft Auto

  • Temple Run on Tegra 3…. BOOM!!

  • Minibash

  • sciroccohsd

    Currently Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun.

  • sofunnytom

    Right now I am obsessed with The Sims Freeplay

  • Evil-D

    This would be sweet to win.

  • definitely shadowgun!

  • MC3 & Temple Run

  • Caprica_6

    Nova HD 2!

  • At this time, it’s Angry Birds Space.

  • jcuvs

    Favorite mobile game is also my all-time favorite downloadable game: World of Goo.

  • Angry Birds

  • tek1231

    At the moment…NBA Jam!

  • Bauce

    Dead space has been my favorite, that or FIFA12

  • James Nichols

    The Let’s Golf series.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    My favorite mobile game is Shadow Gun!

  • ChuckDz3

    My favorite mobile game right now is Super Stick Man Golf!

  • MTPenguin

    My favorite game is World Of Goo.

  • Anthony Alves

    Unblock Me!

  • jcorf

    I’ve been very addicted to Plants vs Zombies as of this past week.

  • OreoMan

    My lack of a Twitter account is killing me!

    • sc0rch3d

      one thing is for sure…getting a twitter account WILL kill you 🙂

    • CaptainHowdy13

      This is the exact reason why I made one…

      • OreoMan

        This would be the only reason I create one.

      • Leaving San Francisco

  • AbbieRosario

    My favorite mobile game at the moment is Temple Run.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Plants vs. Zombies!

  • I like to keep it simple. GTA.