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Google Play Store Updated to Version 3.5.19, Available for Download

Google pushed out a new version of the Play Store to devices yesterday numbered 3.5.19. No word on what changes are inside, but if your device hasn’t received the newest version yet, you can download it right below. To install, simply download the apk and install as you would any other 3rd party application. If you spot any differences in the new version, be sure to let us know down below.


Via: Phandroid

  • 誼遑 賴
  • John Guillen

    What they should do is allow more flexibility. I mean, when I go to “my apps” and I see my installed apps, thats good but when I go to “All”, good lord, there’s no end to all my apps I loaded in the past. They should be categorized by “purchased apps” “old apps” or even “free installed apps” something to see faster and easier. I have to go to the very last app to actually say “oh, I remember that one” and then when I install it and want to check out more of my history apps, I have to scroll ALLLLL the way down. that sucks.
    I think maybe we should be able to create a folder on the website and this way it’ll appear on our phones.

  • cizzlen

    No thanks. I’ll wait until it gets rolled out.

  • Erickbernal27

    Please Root Your Phone And Change That 4G Icon For The Sake Of Humanity!!!!

  • I got so excited when I saw free tracks with David Bowie and Corinne Bailey Rae. Then I saw they were covers. Bleh.


    Thank you for the dropbox link instead of a 3rd party ad-filled site!

  • I’d rather go back to the old Android Market that didn’t try to shove a crap-load of sh*tty music and lame movies down my throat every time I start it up.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Did I miss something or is it Google. We’re the Frick is a list of all my purchased apps… I miss how it was before.

    • Stewie

      You’ll have a tab for installed, and then one to the right for all that you ahve ever grabbed from the market …

  • I think these are the release notes/change log for this update … either that or it’s an older version’s release notes… I can’t tell. http://tinyurl.com/2g9mqh Thoughts?

    • Seems about right to me. Good find!



      • TROOOOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL had to do it, I was feeling rambunctious. It is Friday after all…

    • TheRunner024

      I got Rickrolled 🙁

      • You loved it, don’t lie.

  • Merely speculation here because I am absolutely clueless, but MAYBE this update was needed for the new Google+ that will be rolling out with game integration or something of the sort.

    Probably the furthest thing from the truth, but hey… anything is possible.

  • gian

    Did the play store just rick roll me?

    • Angryunibrow

      Not unless David Bowie now rick rolls people :/

  • marty jones

    Ewwww that at&t is uggggly, with a capital U.


    T. R. Oll

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  • Stewie

    Meh … Ok ….