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Thursday Poll: Thoughts on the Galaxy SIII?

Now that the live event is over and the Samsung Galaxy SIII has been unleashed, we are ready to hear your thoughts on it. The specs are essentially what we expected, but Sammie really focused on bringing us custom software add-ons, like S Voice (or Siri for Android), a better camera experience that can detect contact faces, new gestures for the lock screen, and more. It’s TouchWiz, but it definitely feels like Samsung has done some innovative things on the software side of this announcement. It would take us an hour to list them all, something we will eventually do.

What are your thoughts on the color scheme, physical home button, hardware menu and back buttons, screen size, overall look, etc.? It’s launching in Europe in May, but could be on some U.S. carriers by June. Is this your next phone? Share anything that comes to mind in the comments below.

  • gnex4839201

    so if verizion gets it will it have a quad core processor

  • andrew z

    I’m relatively happy I got the Galaxy Nexus the day that Verizon shipped them, this is just a Nexus with a quad-core CPU(same A9 base I believe), better camera(biggest plus), and larger screen with the same resolution and pixel arrangement. It doesn’t utilize on screen buttons (which are ridiculously awesome with their customization) and doesn’t have the Multi-Task button, sticking with the menu.

    I’ll take the Nexus, as my upgrade is now 6 months more advance than any new GS3 user. The next Nexus, anybody..?

  • I think I will stay with my Nexus. Look of the nexus is a lot better. Not really impressed the with GS3. Also no onscreen buttons sucks.

  • snobrdr2324

    When this comes to the US with its S4 processor, why would anyone buy this over the HTC One XL? I mean the removable battery and SD card are nice, but this will still have crappy radios, is made of plastic, has the same screen as the Gnex and debate-ably worse screen than the HTC. Oh and capacitive buttons(most likely wont have the hardware button in the US I assume). I just see no real selling point for US buyers to get this over the One XL.

  • Kelly

    Don’t like touchwiz, never buying another non-nexus phone, plus the rumors are saying it wont be getting the quad core in the US so nothing special. My gnex is still awesomeness 🙂

  • Really don’t like the hardware button, and disappointed to see only four icons on the bottom row of Touchwiz… on a 4.8″ screen! I will have no envy of this with my GNex.

  • quiklives

    It’s a good looking phone, but like many others, I still prefer the Nexus overall. The marginal improvements in specs aren’t worth the physical home button and Touchwiz. And I have been lucky enough not to suffer from any of the bugs with the Nexus, so I have no complaints.

  • g_what

    Unimpressed. I’d choose my Galaxy Nexus over the S3 any day.

  • Jay

    all the hype for nothing…

  • Ahku Droid

    It’s much too big. Not everyone wants a phablet… I hope Moto doesn’t start mimicking the monster sized phones.

  • Rodeojones000

    Physical buttons? No thanks.

  • Roboto

    So did they change the font from Roboto?

  • Anthony Semosky

    I’ll wait for the HTC Note.

    #rezound from bionic from X.

  • kwubba

    I’m in ….My Gnex is going to my daughter and this will be my next phone in blue.

  • C-Law

    Sticking with my gnex. I like the blue but I was only gonna upgrade if it had better radios(will have to wait and see), a non-pentile display, and a larger battery

  • The key buzz word I got out of that session was “Micro-feature” the SIII is loaded with them. They are innovative, but they aren’t giants leaps forward. It looks like Samsung did a lot of connecting dots that were really almost touching across different native apps to make just a more intuitive phone.

    If this is really only dual core for Verizon, I’ll be pretty pissed. Responsiveness is key for most of these “micro-features.”

  • radiohead14

    not gonna make final judgements on the (seemingly underwhelming) design and build quality until i check it out myself, but the software side looks good. i like the wireless charging, automatic features, and in-call volume adjustments.

    the size may be a bit big also. i hope the camera is better than the S2 as well, which is already a good camera. and if they managed to get the battery life close to the Razr Maxx’s.. then i think this should be a good phone.

    i think it’s just the gloss that’s kinda off to me. they should’ve gone matte like HTC did with the One X. that home button also.. really no need. i’d rather they’d have gone with a dedicated camera button.

  • MattSweeden

    Makes me glad I got my Gnex when i had the OG Droid. The one thing i liked about the S3 is

  • dylan84

    Looks pretty good to me. Though I do know pretty much for sure that the Exynos 4 Quad will not show up in the US version of the GSIII. It doesnt support LTE. There’s always the chance that T-Mobile will bring a 21mbps HSPA+ version of the phone packing the quad core…but who knows.

  • AroundTheFur

    So the III is an updated II with new software. So theyre trying to bridge the gap to Apple’s UI. This should have been a software upgrade for the II, but because its that time of year… new phone. Thoroughly safe and unimpressive in the Android ecosystem where the hardware innovation has always been at the forefront of the marketshare battlefield.

  • jerflash

    I dont this the phone that comes to the USA will have hardware buttons.
    The UK devices have always had that home key but once they get here that
    goes away for other designs. Remember that we did see a device leak
    with onscreen buttons…I think that is the device we will see hit the
    USA with LTE and the S4. Who else here is with me?

  • I heard something about a GT-9800 being mentioned, so my first thought was “Maybe Samsung will release a good looking phone with those specs as well” 😀

  • Flyinion

    I have to say the physical buttons with ICS are a complete turnoff. Having seen what you can do with “virtual buttons” on the GNEX with a ROM like AOKP it just doesn’t make sense to me to have physical nav buttons anymore.

  • bakdroid

    Bring on more Apple lawsuits! Apple has a patent on over-hyping phones that don’t do much.

  • meh. not impressed with the hardware.. any phone made for ICS should not have buttons.

  • StoshLabarski

    I don’t want to rock that boat, but when a posts mentions a “poll” and I click ‘read more’ I expect to see a question with a few options for answers to select.

    Something like “What do you think about the S3? a) best phone evah!!!, b) i’ll stick with my current phone 3) what’s up with the home button iv) what did that asian guy on stage say?”

  • Noble.Four

    The most exciting thing about it is that I won’t have any buyer’s remorse getting the One X.

  • Stephen D

    Disappointed and glad I went with the Nexus.

  • shaun.ober

    I might upgrade from my OG droid someday. I currenly on my 8th model.

  • Mikeman247

    DEFINITELY my next phone

  • Here’s the thing about Samsung’s TouchWiz phones.
    They release their phones between Android OS’s.
    US Carriers get the phone 4 months later.
    Verizon gets the phone 5 or 6 months later.
    A new Android OS is released a month or so after that.
    Galaxy S users are stuck asking “Where’s 3.X, 4.X, 5.X for my new phone?”
    Samsung moves on to their “Next Galaxy”.

    Awesome hardware, I do like the SGSIII, but I absolutely won’t fall for that trap again. Samsung customers are almost always 1 version of Android behind.

  • In a word: Lame. This phone looks like a throwback toy. Are GSM Samsung radios better than the CDMA/LTE ones because with phones this ugly and with this crappy of reception it’s amazing they sell any. Full disclosure: I own the NS4G and GNex. And the only reason for that is the Nexus tag. Otherwise I still think Motorola makes one of the best looking phones and their radios are at least twice as good as any Samsung I have seen.

  • I just want S-voice. I really hope it can be ported over to aosp.

  • ShaunOber

    Not so sure until the US event, see if they change anything.

  • Captain_Doug

    Not a big fan of the 2 handed phone trend. It’s 2.8″ wide which isn’t bad for a 4.8″ phone but way too big for one handed use. I think 4.3″(G-Nex too) is the sweet spot. A larger screen doesn’t have to mean a wider phone.

    • ashadan

      agree completly. My droid X is and still is the perfect size for my hands, 1h or 2h usage

      • Captain_Doug

        I’m rocking the Dinc2 which to me is great but I could still handle a little more. Too bad the Rezound is a fatty(depth and weight) and the Dinc4G is still just a 4″ screen. Why can’t we get the Ascend D Quad XL?!?!

  • Hmm….

    Beautiful, but amazingly over-hyped (as usual). Silly reactions due to the hype. Looks like a nice Sammy phone, with all of the expected Sammy stuff.

  • ashadan

    The specs are good, and the voice recognition stuff is fantastic. I’ve been wanting something like that in my phone for a while now that could do more than jsut text, call or open maps. However though, I was really hoping for the elegance and business professional look that the GSII had, this sadly looks more like a thinner version of the original galaxy s. In my opinion, as someone who likes his phone to look as strong as it is inside, this to me…just doesnt cut it

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Looks good. Takes the crown from the One series for me. The only thing about the One is the nipple camera, otherwise its a beautiful device and beats the S3. I like how there is not just a black phone and that they have two non-black colors. Maybe other manufacturers will catch on.

  • jldleo

    The only thing I dis-like about the phone is the home button.. Why Samsung? WHY???

    • “It’s our thing.” -Samsung

      • jldleo

        “Keep your thing” – Consumer

    • its just one button, get over yourself kid

  • Mark F

    I love the way it looks though. Granted that its big as a whole but the screen on that beast!!

  • RegKilla

    I will be getting it 🙂

  • Who cares?

    Why does it seem that everyone worries about how it looks so much?

    Can it run my apps? Can it multitask? What are the new/exciting features of the software (S Beam, Direct Call, S Voice, etc)? Can it make/receive phone calls? Etc.

    • Why is everybody worried about looks so much? Maybe because it will cost them hundreds of dollars and probably a multi-year contract? Of course people care about how their device functions (which people ARE commenting on), but most people care about what their stuff looks like as well.

      • Who cares?

        I’m not saying that I want to carry around a 3in thick phone or anything either, but appearance as a function of design seems more worthwhile to discuss than not liking that there is a logo in what would otherwise be empty space.

        I’m good with being in the minority on that if I am, but it certainly appears that plenty of people spend a lot of time “discussing” trivial aspects.

        Wait…I’m on the internet. Forget what I said. 🙂

  • Meh.. its samsung meaning a small radio.. weak signal.. maybe even the one way audio issue… seeing as how the Gnex update didnt fix it.. I will have to rethink my stance on Samsung as a manufacturer..

  • Nice specs, nice feature ideas, design sucks

  • Mark F

    unless we get the quad core processor on this it will be very laggy. I just dont see how you can have all those sensors and services running all the time on duel core.

  • kidtronic

    What is that horrible font they use in their clocks? Roboto would have made a world of difference.

  • I really hope someone kangs some of the features they are implementing, such as the automatic calling when I’m viewing contact details. So many times I click a contact and put the phone up to my ear, only to hear nothing. That’s when I realize I didn’t actually dial them yet and feel silly.

  • Matthew Merrick

    S3 pros:

    -all the new standard stuff (ICS, 720p screen, nfc, ect)

    -quad core chipset

    S3 cons:

    -old-style button setup

    -pentile screen

    -touchwiz still looks like eclair

    -bloated with lots of useless “features”

    -looks exactly like a GSII, and some GSOnes

    so yeah, EVO LTE for me.

  • I forgot to mention: Neither blue nor with are colors that I want my phone to be.

  • Jigga_Z

    Overall I think it’s a really nice phone. I have a Galaxy Nexus, but I appreciate some of the innovations that Samsung has come up with. Since I’m not dying for a quad-core phone, the specs don’t blow me away, but I don’t need them too, since they seem to be solid, especially the 2100mah battery (Moto still takes the cake with its 3300mah).

    So yes, this phone brings a lot of really nice things to the table, and seems perfect for people who aren’t going to be flashing ROMs and other things and want the stock experience. For people on DL where it seems that stock software reigns supreme and hardware is a huge priority, it might not be.

    As a whole, I’m impressed with what they bring to the table. Most importantly, some of the software tweaks were things I hadn’t considered before (eye tracking for screen dimming, NFC enabled Wifi file transfer) so I think even for the stock software fans, we have some new things for developers to get cracking on. Everyone wins in the end.