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Temple Run Update Introduces Wallpapers Via Store – Foursquare Brings Us a Map During Check-ins


Two of the more popular Android apps on the block, Temple Run and Foursquare, received updates last evening. For Runners, you finally get to purchase game-themed wallpapers in the store, assuming you have enough coinage. There are three of them:  the Evil Demon Monkeys (pictured above), Temple Wall, and Guy Dangerous. Along with the new ‘papers, “all sorts of improvements and bug fixes” were also included.

Foursquarians, the app now has a mini-map that is displayed when you hit the “Check In” button. Seems like something we should have had ages ago, but nevertheless, we’ll take it.

Play Links:  Temple Run | Foursquare

  • Temple Bum

    I like the game, but I’m really bad at it. I can’t get past 3500 m or 2500 coins in a run to save my life.

  • AttritionRx

    Does anyone else have issues the TR force closing on 4.0.4?

  • SD_Scott

    I have a love/hate relationship with Temple Run… I love the game and love playing the game but hate how much time I’m actually wasting playing the damn game.

  • Here they are if you are interested. ***SPOILER ALERT***

  • LP

    When you play enough, theres pretty much nothing else left to get but the wall papers…finally

  • Murphy


  • Stewie

    Nice to see disqus is updating ….

  • Disqus 2012 is awesome!

    • Murphy

      indeed… but having trouble with keyboard appearing. using dolphin browser mini

      • fvqu

        I’ve always had issues typing from my phone’s browser, very frustrating when you can’t see what your typing.

        EDIT: We can upvote our own comments? Interesting.

  • Who spends their precious temple run coins on wallpapers!???

    • theentropic

      When you’ve unlocked everything else, why not buy the 3 wallpapers and get an increased score multiplier?

      • the wallpaper increases your score multiplier? What about the different characters? Do they actually make a difference?

        • theentropic

          Go look at the objectives on the main screen. Every time you complete one of those, your score multiplier goes up by one.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Picture of all the Wallpapers anyone?

  • Nice now I have all the objectives

  • Samvelavich

    Temple Run is doing a good job with the u[dates… they keep on patching bugs that users find and release updates fairly quickly