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New Samsung Galaxy S3 Picture Could Be Real, But is Confusing as Hell

Last night, the picture you are seeing above was spammed out from a “source” to who knows how many different sites. It is said to be the “next Galaxy” or what a Samsung executive referred to during their Q1 earnings call as the “Galaxy S3.” The picture certainly mimics the design we saw yesterday in a leaked user guide, with a physical home button, volume rocker on the left, and back/menu hardware keys. But I’m not going lie, this just confused the hell out of the whole situation. Let me explain. 

We have seen a phone by the model number GT-i9300 leak a handful of times now with on-screen soft navigation keys in some sort of “dummy” box to hide its real design. But then this phone surfaces with a physical home button and hardware back and menu keys and now this is supposed to be it. So which is it because you can’t have both.

On one hand, I’m not completely buying into this being the phone. First of all, Samsung created the Galaxy Nexus and chose to go with on-screen soft keys while also knowing that Google had done away with the menu button in Ice Cream Sandwich, instead replacing it with an action overflow menu for apps. So this design, goes directly against that idea which they helped initiate. This phone didn’t take the HTC approach to ICS either which has hardware task switcher, home and back keys and instead went with the Galaxy SII lineup of menu, home and back. Makes no sense.

On the other hand, the Galaxy SII was a global sensation, so if you release the next version and change up the navigation sequence for those millions of users that will likely switch over to it, you could run into some early adoption issues. Maybe Samsung said, “Last year’s phone was such a hit, let’s not change it all up drastically and scare everyone.” Seems silly, I know, but look at Apple. They keep pumping out 3.5″ display devices with the same tired old design.

Overall though, I really like the design of this device, with its almost edge-to-edge display and rounded Galaxy Nexus-esque body. I’m just not a fan of the hardware navigation keys.

Note:  As has been pointed out, you can see a reflection of the person’s hand on the carpet. That’s not humanly possible. Well, unless they were taking a picture of a picture of a phone on a carpet on a screen…if that makes sense. Or it could be behind glass. Could be a troll looking to take over the internet for a day. If so, they did a nice job. The good news is that we’ll know for sure next week.

Note 2:  Another reader tossed out the idea that those aren’t real buttons and are stickers. In the “dummy” box units, we definitely saw stickers or pieces taped onto the device so that it at least mimicked the Galaxy SII in form factor. Since this phone has its screen off, why are the physical buttons lit up? Or are they lit up? Another twist to add to the story.

Thoughts? Real or fake? Like or hate?

Via:  YouMobile

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Ray

    This is a Google Nexus poorly Photoshopped

  • JTSk8Man

    First of all it’s clearly a Galaxy Nexus and the screen is off to hide the true identity(software buttons) and because there is an empty space on the bottom bezel they put hardware stickers it’s a G-Nex for sure just look at the contour display and also this is a possible answer to Note #1 it looks to me as if the reflection is someone’s hand and their taking a pic with a phone that has a red case. I think I just solved all the Mysteries haha

  • Oh god give me a break! These fake or real stories about this phone are starting to make my stomach turn.

  • Richard1608

    lets face it we are not ging to know what this phone looks like untill the 3rd, but if this was the phone i think it looks good, given the choice id do away with the phisical home button but it would not stop me buying this phone . i like the rounded corners and think it looks good. well wait and see eh


    One is a US variant, other is EURO/International variant… little birdy told me.

  • Dexy


    is this real thing?

  • Fake. Look at the,”Samsung Galaxy S3,” picture I have attached ( the second picture). Look at everything I put on the picture and then for the bottom buttons, look how they are NOT perfectly aligned like the Original Droid. Even though the buttons seem to be aligned perfectly on the Galaxy S3, they are not perfect when you photoshop it. 
    I know they are 2 different phones made by 2 different manufacturers, but it would not make sense to have them not aligned perfectly.

    • reader

      The volume rocker is the ONLY thing that makes this device look real. No other Samsung device has a metallic split rocker. Every photo I see of the Nexus shows it with a solid plastic physical button. Where do you see a split rocker?

      • Ugh Disqus is messing up on me. It might triple post what I’m commenting.

        Compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S2 render. The volume rocker is just 1 long button.
        Same thing if you compare it to the Galaxy S1.

    • reader

      Also measurements from a photo like this are almost impossible to accurately test. You have no ability to judge distance or angle of the device. What if you measured the distance using the point of the arrow as opposed to the end of the arrow? They look very similar in distance. Artistically speaking perfectly spaced objects may not appear to be visually equal. I come across this when designing and have to adjust things slightly so that they visually appear equal when in reality they are slightly off. 

      • Could be true, but there are too many…things in this picture that make it fake.

        Why are the menu & back buttons lit up? The person just copy pasted them from a Samsung Galaxy S1?

        Also, the design looks VERY similar to the Galaxy Nexus’.
        The Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2 look nothing like this. The curved bottoms and top. The Galaxy S1 is curved a bit, but nothing like how it is in the picture.

  • reader

    After inspecting it for a while in photoshop I think this IS a fake. Look closely at the edges around the device it appears in certain areas like there is a black outline that was erased out with a wobbly hand. Inspect the bottom left corner carefully and you see areas where the metal casing is erased or has another color on top of it. The upper right side has another strange color blob area as well. And the very top right corner appears to be dented or not curved properly. Take a look at my picture which points to the obscure areas : 

  • RegKilla


  • Gamblor77

    zUFC pointed out they had a video of the SGS3 found on this site:


    Video is titled: “Introduction to Samsung Exynos Processor’s Performance” around the 52s mark.
    I’ve attached a screenshot, judge for yourselves.

    • Benjamen Meiers

      Looks like a SGSII but it could be anything. They makes heaps of test phones to test new hardware.

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    Doesn’t look bad. Not the prettiest phone, but who cares as long as its a beast.

  • Nicotaku

    It’s just 6 more days… give it a rest already.

  • Tim242

    Samsung has always had hard keys for international versions. What is so confusing by this?

  • Austinrgoebel

    If thos are stikers then yes i love the device, if not then i doubt its real, i really cant see samsung having phyical buttons again after they adopted on screen buttons, dosent make since

    • Austinrgoebel


    • Tim242

      They always have physical buttons on the international version.

  • zUFC

    I could be wrong but that story yesterday about the Exynos processor has a video that shows us this phone? I could be wrong because I’m not as good as you guys on this stuff


    you have to click on the “Introducing Exynos 4 Quad. then on the page that comes up in the bottom left hand side is a pic of an old TV. watch that video. the phones come up at the 00.52 mark

    • Gamblor77

      I think you’re RIGHT!!! How this hasn’t been spread around the internet is beyond me!! I had to watch it twice to see what you meant because I thought it was an SGS2. I attached a screenshot woooot!!!

      • Gamblor77

         Dammit!! I’ll post another pic in a minute! Screenshot program sucks [email protected]

      • That’s a Galaxy Note….

    • Chunk

      Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking but on the Exynos Quad page http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/minisite/Exynos/products4quad.html there seems to be a few pictures of a Galaxy there. Maybe the rumored VZW and T-Mo versions will get lucky enough to see the Exynos 4?

      • Chunk

        Sorry, meant to say Galaxy Note

  • zUFC

    I could be wrong but that story yesterday about the Exynos processor has a video that shows us this phone? I could be wrong because I’m not as good as you guys on this stuff
    go the the bottom left (has a pic of an old TV).   and at the 00.52 mark they show two phones running the processor. Wouldn’t it have to be the SIII (if it’s running that Quad core)
    I don’t know, check it out.   if it’s not, sorry…

  • Q

    This seems like a much more realistic possibility than the 3 year old black slab designs we’ve been seeing.

  • Larizard

    I hate to say this, but called it a few days ago: 


    And since I didn’t expect much (design-wise) from Samsung, I am not disappointed.

  • kaos2flo

    I think the keys are fake. And they’re lighted up because that is just a dummy unit. And no likey!

  • Migamix

    stop with leaks and rumors… facts.. please… this is getting old

    • HTC1

      why, what else are we going to do. this is fun.  thee is nothing else good to talk about so I love when i see a SIII story, whether real or rumor

  • EC8CH

    If it’s real I like that they kept the G-Nex shape. I find it to be very comfortable and easy to slip into my pocket.

    Also liked that they moved the volume rocker up slightly… the one on the G-Nex seems too low to me.

  • Awfredricks

    I really wouldn’t doubt that Samsung plans on releasing more than one completely different phone next month. Hopefully this is a lower end device and not the SIII.

  • Azndan4

    It is a photo shopped galaxy nexus

    • AndroidUser00110001

      LOL…thats what I thought too. The home button just does not look right and the leaked pictures of the phone in the dummy case did not have the home button flanked by the two captive keys, well from what I remember.  Also, this looks a lot like the GNex and in the leaked photos the rounded corners seemed different than the Gnex.

  • jonny6pak

    At this point, I’m pretty much of the opinion that Samsung is releasing a lot of misinformation into the wild purposely to create some buzz.    Apple products get an ishload of speculation and rumors, which helps create excitement and fanfare for any release.  Samsung wants that same kind of environment.  

    • S_T_R

      Not Samsung. They all have jobs are real work to do. This is from random trolls with neither a job or photoshop skills.

    • Larizard

      That’s a good idea, except that Apple actually delivers* or even over-delivers* to the hype. 

      *relative to the common iFanboy.

  • Aardvark99

    Instagram needs a filter for this look. They would have to come up with a “cool” name for it. I suggest “Staudt” (name of the bar where the iPhone4 prototype was found).

  • Im done with all the stupid waste of time and specuation and leaks and BS that has surrounded this. There’s no point in getting so damn hyped up on “leaks” and “pics” of this phone any more. Who cares until its official from Samsung? These supposed “leaks” are just people trying to get attention and say hey look @ me. It’s all a giant pile of crap until next week. Take these leaks and pics all with a huge, CostCo size grain of salt. 

  • fake.

    it certainly looks like the GNex… with photoshopped buttons. the grainy texture is easily acheived using layer masks to hide any signs of fudging around with the screen bezel . even the SAMSUNG at the top of the phone looks like it’s cropped. and judging by the size of and “glare” on the volume rocker keys, it doesn’t even look real.

  • Dave

    While possibly fake…hell anything is possible these days, it could be just another prototype of the device. These things go through many variants in form before a final design decision is made. I’m rather certain that Samsung would consider many aspects of function and form like the dedicated capacitive vs. on-screen buttons . At least we have a week away before finally seeing the real deal.

    Another idea for consideration…would the the physical button be available on the international variant while the U.S. version will have on-screen buttons (since US never gets it)? Although it would rather be backwards to continue using a menu key when Google is intending the menu button to be moved on screen to action bars.

  • duke69111

    The volume rocker keys really stick out the side. 

  • Howard Hedger

    Doesn’t look like carpet. My keen eyeballs see the curvature of the pile and I think “That’s the arm of a couch”… without Google Glasses I can’t be sure… but we do know one thing. That’s no moon.

  • i think it’s real however it’s a photo of a picture,

  • PC_Tool

    If this is the SGSIII….


  • Lovehate

    Or taken off a computer screen

  • turdbogls

    this is what i thought it was going to look like after seeing the video of it in the dummy case….minus the hardware keys.  that is a step in the wrong direction i think.
    but larger radius corners like the Nexus, will probably have a flat screen, and flat back with square camera hole. 
    I like it…but the hardkeys ruin it for me.

    i do like the idea of having a multicolored LED behind the home key to use as a notification light…that would be pretty sweet.

  • DavidSBarney

    Good stuff!


  • BrianWenger

    Pretty sure it’s fake. Looks like a Nexus with some paint/decal/photoshop whatever.

    • Gamblor77

       The volume rocker on the nexus is one solid piece, not split like this pic. Also this has metal all around including the buttons. I’m sticking with REAL and it’s actually pretty sexy. I’m personally happy. 😀

  • jnt

    body shape looks identical to Gnex… 

  • jjrudey

    They’re tricking us. There hasn’t been a single real leak. But that’s just my theory. 

  • hothfox

    Definitely just looks like the Galaxy Nexus with some buttons added on. One thing that makes me curious is why the hard buttons are all lit up – usually when a screen is off, the LEDs are off too. 

  • Tommy Thompson

    Maybe the 9300 is really the Samsung M and Sammy is trolling everyone with these “leaks”

  • Gamblor77

    I’m gonna say this is 100% real and deal with it hippies!!! All the Galaxys have had more than 1 model so far. The international (GSM/HSPA) versions have had a 3 button layout with a physical home button and the other versions (CDMA/LTE) have had 4 capacitive buttons with a find button. Plus it’s UNDER GLASS for sure!

    • Jason Purp

      Whoa, son. No need to raise your voice.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Someone photo-shopped Samsung and the keys onto a Gnex. Look, go and put your Gnex up to the picture you will see what I am talkin about….

    • Butters619

      Bezel is different too though

      • lol, you could remove the Bezel all together in photshop

      • blix247

        Thats literally it though, this phone is otherwise an exact duplicate of the Galaxy Nexus.  Why bother hiding the design with dummy cases if its nothing more than a Galaxy nexus with smaller side bezels?

        • Butters619

          If you looked at the first dummy phone though you could see the nexus looking outline from the phone inside the outer shell.  And that also matches the manual that was release yesterday.  And if you look at the outline of the phone on the Samsung teaser, it also looks the same.

    • Josh Groff

      Ahh, the pixels, they burn!!!

    • S_T_R

       You can even see awful photoshop artifact to the upper left of the home button where they lazily pasted a chunk from another photo and didn’t bother to smooth it out.

      If you believe this, you’re an idiot. Full stop.

  • If real, I like the look of this phone better than all the other disgustingly ugly pics we’ve been seeing.

  • If the back button truly is on the right now, its going to take some getting used to, for me at least.

  • Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the SGSIII.  A Gnex with stupid hardware buttons and a useless Samsung logo on the front. If this truly ends up being the SGSIII, it’s a total fail from a hardware design perspective.

    • chris125

       No more of a fail than the nexus was…..

  • alby91a

    Underwhelmed is the term I would use. I just dont see anything that would make me stop and ask someone “what is that bad @ss phone you are toting around?”

    • I haven’t found a phone yet that does that.  Phone geeks already now what phone I have and everyone else thinks I have an Iphone.

      • alby91a

        Good point. I’ll rephrase: “WOW! Is that the hot new SG3? Can I check it out?”

    • HTC1

      that White HTC phone is the only one that makes me say “WOW can i see that”

      So i know what you mean

  • It’s fake. There’s the hand reflection on the carpet; the buttons are lit while the screen is off; the grey part thats suppose to be screen looks photoshopped on and you can see more screen underneath where the buttons are overlapping. It’s definitely just a Galaxy Nexus.

    • chris125

       the keys lit up could be for a notification if it doesn’t have a led light.

    • duke69111

      I don’t think the keys are lit up, just really white, but the phone does look an awful lot like the Nexus.

  • Kierra

    I don’t like the design

  • sc0rch3d

    Thoughts? Real or fake? Like or hate? — hey kellex…..are you spittin rhymes on the side? fiddy cent ain’t got nuttin on you 🙂

    at first glance, looks like a nexus with photoshopped buttons on it.

  • tervorsalienarms

    “Let me explain”?

    I think we got it…ICS on Nexus has software keys, so why have redundant physical home button…the point has been pretty well established, no?

  • DeathfireD

    Look at the top left and right edges of the screenshot. It looks like someone took a photo of a photo.

  • fake…

  • Tomgillotti

    Interesting…. Looks like the Nexus and SGSII had a baby

  • Persiandeity

    I’m going to go ahead and go out on a limb here and say that it’s fake. a couple of things make me believe this, the screen does not look as good as a normal samsung screen when its off… usually when a samsung screen is off, you cannot see the edges of the screen. and what kind of camera was used to take this shot? and original motorola razr? what kind of crap picture is this?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      You can see the screen if there is enough ambient light reflecting off of it. Which I believe to be the case in this photo.

      • Tommy Thompson

        You can see the screen, but it’s not that light.

  • MFG


    Edit: Fake-ish…why would the multitask button look like the standard menu button?

    • That’s what I’m saying, why would Samsung go away from the task switcher and stick with a menu button. Not saying that means it’s fake, but it would be a dumb move by them.

      • Dr_Buttballs

        I’m guessing this could be a variant of the upcoming SIII line. Much like they changed the looks of previous models on certain carriers.

      • r0lct

        I think the bigger conspiracy if why you commented on a site called tato-life and now it’s unavailable.  Clearly that’s where you are hiding the real SG3 photos. 😛

      • Why are the buttons seemed to be lit up when the device seems to be powered down or in its sleep state…mine always turn off when that happens

      • Google

        A dumb move? You mean like hiring people all dressed alike to stand outside of an apple store and call them sheep? Sounds par for the course regarding Samsung. 

    • r0lct

      I think you are on to something.

  • summit1986

    It’s a picture, inside a picture, inside a picture…

  • Funstuff

    It’s both real and fake. Real phone with a fake overlay, with the overlay having buttons on it. Hence why you see weird reflections on the cloth portion of the picture

  • John

    That’s the worst watermark I’ve ever seen. 

    • Ray

      That’s a watermark? lol

  • Maybe two versions

  • Justin Howard

    I believe this could be the real one

  • Honestly? Boring….

    • LiterofCola

      Exactly.  But it is just after all, the front view.  But yeah, boring.

      • Dr_Buttballs

        I’d rather have boring than ugly to be honest.

        • LiterofCola

          True, but boring can also be ugly to some.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            Fair enough. If this is real I’m hoping they do something interesting for the looks of the back. The previous Galaxy line were very plain.

          • LiterofCola

            Agreed.  You never know, if this is the real deal, it could look killer in person.

          • Liderc

            zomg you changed your icon, <3. 

  • Majikninja1104

    looks like the nexus

  • r0lct

    That’s probably just the Verizon version after carrier differentiation.  Verizon of course demanded the worst version since it wasn’t going to say Droid.

    • U.S. versions will not have the physical home button.

      But to play up your theory, it would make sense. Verizon tends to test phones for what seems like 18 months. So going off of all of their phone releases, we normally see them in the wild and go “It could be here soon!” and then they test and test and test and test and test and test and test and then delay and test and test and test and test and then push it out when it’s tired old hardware.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Wait what’s that? . . . All I saw was “test” “delay” and  “Galaxy Nexus” . . . 

  • as someone on twitter pointed out you can see the reflection of the hand on the carpet.. C’MON SON

    • beng8686

      It’s clearly behind glass… 

      • Yet the reflection of the lighting is not on the carpet.. plus who displays a phone in glass laying flat on carpeting of some kind?…. Not saying you are wrong.. I am just not seeing it

        • beng8686

          That is true. It does look a little funny…

        • It’s not laying flat.  It’s angled on a stand.

      • LAZ

        Wrong. It’s not “clearly behind glass.” I, like everybody else, have no idea if this is really the phone or not, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this could at least be a pto of a photo on a monitor, hence the reflection. Behind glass? Really, people.

        This is likely a fake just like every other picture we’ve seen. The fact that its consistent with the drawn image from the user guide should tell you one thing only: that people who make these fake images pay attention to “leaked” info as much as everybody else. If a “source” truly wanted to provide valuable info, he’d show the ceramic back.