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New Samsung Galaxy S3 Picture Could Be Real, But is Confusing as Hell

Last night, the picture you are seeing above was spammed out from a “source” to who knows how many different sites. It is said to be the “next Galaxy” or what a Samsung executive referred to during their Q1 earnings call as the “Galaxy S3.” The picture certainly mimics the design we saw yesterday in a leaked user guide, with a physical home button, volume rocker on the left, and back/menu hardware keys. But I’m not going lie, this just confused the hell out of the whole situation. Let me explain. 

We have seen a phone by the model number GT-i9300 leak a handful of times now with on-screen soft navigation keys in some sort of “dummy” box to hide its real design. But then this phone surfaces with a physical home button and hardware back and menu keys and now this is supposed to be it. So which is it because you can’t have both.

On one hand, I’m not completely buying into this being the phone. First of all, Samsung created the Galaxy Nexus and chose to go with on-screen soft keys while also knowing that Google had done away with the menu button in Ice Cream Sandwich, instead replacing it with an action overflow menu for apps. So this design, goes directly against that idea which they helped initiate. This phone didn’t take the HTC approach to ICS either which has hardware task switcher, home and back keys and instead went with the Galaxy SII lineup of menu, home and back. Makes no sense.

On the other hand, the Galaxy SII was a global sensation, so if you release the next version and change up the navigation sequence for those millions of users that will likely switch over to it, you could run into some early adoption issues. Maybe Samsung said, “Last year’s phone was such a hit, let’s not change it all up drastically and scare everyone.” Seems silly, I know, but look at Apple. They keep pumping out 3.5″ display devices with the same tired old design.

Overall though, I really like the design of this device, with its almost edge-to-edge display and rounded Galaxy Nexus-esque body. I’m just not a fan of the hardware navigation keys.

Note:  As has been pointed out, you can see a reflection of the person’s hand on the carpet. That’s not humanly possible. Well, unless they were taking a picture of a picture of a phone on a carpet on a screen…if that makes sense. Or it could be behind glass. Could be a troll looking to take over the internet for a day. If so, they did a nice job. The good news is that we’ll know for sure next week.

Note 2:  Another reader tossed out the idea that those aren’t real buttons and are stickers. In the “dummy” box units, we definitely saw stickers or pieces taped onto the device so that it at least mimicked the Galaxy SII in form factor. Since this phone has its screen off, why are the physical buttons lit up? Or are they lit up? Another twist to add to the story.

Thoughts? Real or fake? Like or hate?

Via:  YouMobile

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Ray

    This is a Google Nexus poorly Photoshopped

  • JTSk8Man

    First of all it’s clearly a Galaxy Nexus and the screen is off to hide the true identity(software buttons) and because there is an empty space on the bottom bezel they put hardware stickers it’s a G-Nex for sure just look at the contour display and also this is a possible answer to Note #1 it looks to me as if the reflection is someone’s hand and their taking a pic with a phone that has a red case. I think I just solved all the Mysteries haha

  • Oh god give me a break! These fake or real stories about this phone are starting to make my stomach turn.

  • Richard1608

    lets face it we are not ging to know what this phone looks like untill the 3rd, but if this was the phone i think it looks good, given the choice id do away with the phisical home button but it would not stop me buying this phone . i like the rounded corners and think it looks good. well wait and see eh


    One is a US variant, other is EURO/International variant… little birdy told me.

  • Dexy


    is this real thing?

  • Fake. Look at the,”Samsung Galaxy S3,” picture I have attached ( the second picture). Look at everything I put on the picture and then for the bottom buttons, look how they are NOT perfectly aligned like the Original Droid. Even though the buttons seem to be aligned perfectly on the Galaxy S3, they are not perfect when you photoshop it. 
    I know they are 2 different phones made by 2 different manufacturers, but it would not make sense to have them not aligned perfectly.

    • reader

      The volume rocker is the ONLY thing that makes this device look real. No other Samsung device has a metallic split rocker. Every photo I see of the Nexus shows it with a solid plastic physical button. Where do you see a split rocker?

      • Ugh Disqus is messing up on me. It might triple post what I’m commenting.

        Compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S2 render. The volume rocker is just 1 long button.
        Same thing if you compare it to the Galaxy S1.

    • reader

      Also measurements from a photo like this are almost impossible to accurately test. You have no ability to judge distance or angle of the device. What if you measured the distance using the point of the arrow as opposed to the end of the arrow? They look very similar in distance. Artistically speaking perfectly spaced objects may not appear to be visually equal. I come across this when designing and have to adjust things slightly so that they visually appear equal when in reality they are slightly off. 

      • Could be true, but there are too many…things in this picture that make it fake.

        Why are the menu & back buttons lit up? The person just copy pasted them from a Samsung Galaxy S1?

        Also, the design looks VERY similar to the Galaxy Nexus’.
        The Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2 look nothing like this. The curved bottoms and top. The Galaxy S1 is curved a bit, but nothing like how it is in the picture.

  • reader

    After inspecting it for a while in photoshop I think this IS a fake. Look closely at the edges around the device it appears in certain areas like there is a black outline that was erased out with a wobbly hand. Inspect the bottom left corner carefully and you see areas where the metal casing is erased or has another color on top of it. The upper right side has another strange color blob area as well. And the very top right corner appears to be dented or not curved properly. Take a look at my picture which points to the obscure areas : 

  • RegKilla


  • Gamblor77

    zUFC pointed out they had a video of the SGS3 found on this site:


    Video is titled: “Introduction to Samsung Exynos Processor’s Performance” around the 52s mark.
    I’ve attached a screenshot, judge for yourselves.

    • Benjamen Meiers

      Looks like a SGSII but it could be anything. They makes heaps of test phones to test new hardware.

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    Doesn’t look bad. Not the prettiest phone, but who cares as long as its a beast.

  • Nicotaku

    It’s just 6 more days… give it a rest already.

  • Tim242

    Samsung has always had hard keys for international versions. What is so confusing by this?

  • Austinrgoebel

    If thos are stikers then yes i love the device, if not then i doubt its real, i really cant see samsung having phyical buttons again after they adopted on screen buttons, dosent make since

    • Austinrgoebel


    • Tim242

      They always have physical buttons on the international version.