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Contest: Win a Transformer Prime 32GB, Keyboard Dock, and $25 Giftcard from NVIDIA to Celebrate the Launch of Dark Meadow (Update: Winner Picked)

With the launch of Dark Meadow: the Pact on Android this morning, the teams at NVIDIA and Phosphor Games decided that to celebrate, they would like to hand out a 32GB Asus Transformer Prime, matching keyboard dock, and $25 giftcard to one lucky DL reader. We just posted our review of the game, which I highly recommend that you read.

Powered by the Unreal Engine and built specifically for the Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 chipset, Dark Meadow is a pleasure to look at and play. The high polygon count and added textures and effects really come to life if using the right device – such as a Transformer Prime. When you think of the game type, we tend to compare it to older classics like Myst that involve strategy and adventure through the eyes of the main character. This takes a step up in the awesome meter though, thanks to all of the demon slaughtering that occurs along the way. This is easily one of the more beautiful games you will find on any mobile platform. 

So about that contest…ready to win a Transformer Prime and take on the evil white-glowing witch in Dark Meadow? Let’s do it.


Congratulations goes out to Gary Martel, who loves Battlefield 1943 on the Xbox 360!


To enter

1.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following:


Win a Transformer Prime, Keyboard Dock and $25 from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to celebrate Dark Meadow! – http://goo.gl/Vjc9I #android

3.  In the comments, tell us what your preferred gaming platform is (XBOX, PS, mobile, PC, etc.) and your favorite game on that platform.

Entry period and Winner

The contest will run from the time of this posting until Friday (4/27) at 3PM Pacific. At that time, a winner will be chosen from the comments and contacted.

A huge thanks goes out to NVIDIA and Phosphor Games for hosting the contest and putting up the prizes.

  • I game on my PC. Anything old school or retro is cool by me.

  • sleepyazn5

    Donlt know where my comment went but ps3 and the tales series.

  • The last game i really played was Falout 3 on the PC (My favorite platform)  its was awesome especially with all of the Mods that really made the game harder and really expanded the fallout world. I would love to get and android tablet to ditch my buggy iPad!

  • Bobdegolf

    Got to be Shadowgun great game 🙂

  • Bradley Ruiz

    mobile – Shadow Gun

  • matt m

    Just Dance – Wii

  • Brad

    PC, Diablo III

  • Egee6

    Xbox and I’m really into kinetic star wars right now

  • MasteroftheVoid

    I prefer to play games on the PC, but lately I’ve been playing games on my iPad. I really liked fallout 3 on the PC and Spice Bandits on iOS.

  • Peter Jang

    PC!!  – Hmm… favorite?  It’s old I know but I got into it late… Borderlands!!  Looking forward to the sequel coming out!

  • ajhall62

    I like Fable on XBOX

  • My preferred gaming platform these days is my Droid MAXX.  Currently, Draw Something is my favorite game, although I do play Angry Birds Space a lot, too.

  • sleepyazn5

    PS3- Tales of Graces F
    Good luck to everyone!    1 in 2284 so far! pretty good chances! 

  • Tuck717

    Xbox 360-Halo Reach

  • Steven G

    Xbox 360 and all the halos Woot woot!

  • Daniele Santini

    PC – Crysis series

  • comBigkrygowski

    With two kids under 4, games on my phone are the only things I get a chance to play.

  • Jarerh

    XBOX 360—Haaaaaaaalllllllllllooooooooo

  • Ryan Conklin

    Probably my favorite platforms are: PS2 and XBOX 360 and the games: GTA: San Andreas and The Burnout series of racing games

  • Infynityx

    Xbox halo series

  • Yancey

    PS3 has the best graphics and free online gaming. Favorite games would be the inFamous series. Great games!

  • Super Mario, SNES

  • thedonxr

    PS3 MW2

  • DrConan

    My preferred gaming platform is PC. My current favorite game is Torchlight (as I await Diable 3 and Torchlight 2)

  • Gary martel

    Xbox-Battlefield 1943

    I love the social part of gaming. I love android!

  • timmy13

    PS3 and COD3 so I can watch my kid with OCD freak out everytime he gets killed.

  • Dhunterwest

    I love the ASUS tablets! My roommates got stolen at ork and I’d love to be able to get him a new one! My favorite gaming platform is PS & definitely Tiger Woods is the game of choice!

  • Surflord_32

    PC, Skyrim.

  • PC – All the Need For Speed series!!!

  • PC is my favorite and my current favorite game is Dead Island.

  • Xbox Call of Duty Black Ops 

  • Joedifrancesco

    Xbox call of duty

  • MB

    PS3 and Grand Theft Auto.

  • PS3 God of War (series)

  • Xbox. Just Dance 3 with the kids!

  • Wii – Tiger Woods Golf

  • xbox 360! I have been playing through Rage right now and loving it! Pick me!

  • Mabehr

    I like the regular PC. my favorite game is still grand theft auto III

  • DanKemple

    XBox 360 Call of Duty 4 is my all time favorite. Playing MW3 now though.

  • PC – Battlefield 3

  • Timothy Bracken

    Favorite Platform is XBox 360, game is Gears of War 3.

  • mobile – Angry Bird

  • T Lam

    On my new tablet if I win. 😀

    • T Lam

      Forget about the game: Draw Some will be much easier on the 10.1″ screen.  

  • Wsifonte

    Here we go !! PC platform and the Battlefield series for life! Now pick me .

  • Volks_66

    I game a bit on the ps3 and on the pc

  • XBOX – Portal (either or both!)

  • adamcorwin

    N64 was my favorite.  Goldeneye.

  • James Bass

    XBOX- Forza Motorsports. Best racing game ever.

  • XBOX 360 Assassins Creed

  • Hands down the xbox 360! why you ask? simple. Halo. Its like at&t was with Apple.

  • shadlick

    My favorite game is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on N64

  • Gotta love the PS3 and assassins creed series, also A HUGE fan of borderlands! 

  • Josimmons

    Xbox, and it’s a tie between the Mass Effect series and theAC series.

  • I prefer the xbox and my favorite game is definitely Modern Warfar 3. But if you pick me then it will be the Prime and Dark Meadow : )

  • analogmonster

    pc. Day of the tentacle. And since that is old news, second is xbox360, lego star wars

  • Xbox 360. The Halo series. Love the mythology and expanded universe. Can’t wait for Halo 4!

  • rooster215

    Is it wrong that my old gameboy is still my favorite mobile gaming unit. But love my ps3 as well.

  • xbox360, MW3

  • Jrakelley

    PS3 – Soul Calibur V. All the skill and subtlety of a boxing match, all the brutality of giant battle axe and samurai swords, and smooth multiplayer netcode and interface. Right up my alley.

  • JSP0421

    My favorite is xbox 360 and call of duty

  • Nate Northway

    Favorite platform: xbox
    Favorite game: Skyrim and Fallout 3

    These contests are great and thanks for all the great info

  • mbentley311

    My preferred gaming platform is my PC.  Since I normally play a lot of FPS games, nothing beats the accuracy and control of a mouse & keyboard combination.  As for my favorite game, I play a lot of Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2.

  • Back in the day it was all about the Mega Man series, too bad Capcom has tossed him aside intentionally nowadays.

    I prefer my phone right now, logic puzzles. I’m sure those games are better on a tablet HINT HINT

  • Punkdefied

    XBOX 360 is my escape and when I’m escaping its to Battlefield 3 to shoot at people, but mostly at their feet.

  • Ookami

    DSI  Pokemon Black and White —  Angry birds!!!   Hopefully I’ll get to play it on this tablet!    

  • Yellowjacket018

    I love the Xbox 360 and cant get enough Forza Motorsport 4! 

  • Jeremy Gill

    XBox 360! Hard to decide, but I guess I would go with the Mass Effect series (Mass Effect 2, if I had to choose). I like a good story as much as gameplay. I know the ending could have been better; I would have preferred Commander Shepard to live, but I chose the merging with synthetics option because I thought it was fitting and the best paragon option. Not to mention, it was the only option that didn’t already show either Anderson or the Illusive Man choosing…


  • Easily my favorite game is World of Warcraft on the PC.

  • Eddiekim22

    PC and ps3
    PC world of Warcraft
    ps3 grab turismo

  • Buzzy42

    Ever since I built a new PC I think it’s my preferred setup, even though I mostly play racing games (like the good Need for Speed games… Hot Pursuit is always a favorite even if it’s not new). Although the PS Vita with Pinball Arcade has been getting an awfully lot of play lately!

  • Kris Lowell

    I like mobile gaming because it seems to be much less of a commitment

  • MD_Monster

    It’d have to be a tossup between PC and android. My favorite game would have to be DOOM II 😀

  • Frankydroid

    I love playing Dragon Age on my XBOX 360

  • Rcl5113

    Xbox – Fifa

  • ceejw

    PS3 – Journey

  • philicibine

    PC gaming is my preferred choice.. but edging more towards tablet gaming every day 😉

  • personally ive always loved pc gaming. its just what ive always played. i never had a system til i bought one after my first job so i kinda missed out on that. but i fell in love iwth the likes of starcraft, mech warrior, age of empire, tribes, WoW, SWTOR…. and with the adding of steam to my computer i can almost have any system game thats out there. so yeah im def a pc person first. 

  • Frederik Rooms

    My favorite is the PS3 and the greatest game you can play on that platform is Uncharted 3!

  • bweiand

    PS3 – COD

  • I prefer my phone because it’s with me at all times.

  • Joshuarossi76

    XBox …..I like castle crashers

  • Xbox – Trials:Evolution (XBLA) and Mass Effect series (Disc based)

  • Xbox 360 – Got to be Battlefield 3. Defiantly one of those games that requires a ton of teamwork, and just isn’t the same unless you’re playing with your friends. And it has pretty explosions!

  • I’m gonna have to say I prefer games on the mobile platform and I am addicted to cut the rope, both versions.  

  • Ntbohl

    Xbox 360 – Mass effect 3! I just can’t stop playing it!

  • Fodrew

    My favorite console is xbox 360 and my favorite game is Halo: Reach.

  • Steve Blais

    Ok so I have never been much of a console guy and I only use my Wii for watching Netflix. So I will have to say ever since I owned my OGD, now Galaxy nexus Android is my platform. Now I know there are many 3D games and super crazy resolution games currently flooding the market especially from Gameloft. I am a classic Robo Defense die hard. When your wife is telling you to turn down the volume on your phone (OGD) you know you have a winner! 

    • Thesoupthief

      Supermario galaxy on the wii for me….

  • Used to be Xbox and the Call of Duty series.  Since my time is so limited now (Dad of 3) I play more on my Android.  Not a specific game but I spend most of my time playing my NES emulator. 

  • Michaelf0926

    Xbox 360. Battlefield 3

  • Patrick Hill

    My favorite gaming platform is actually a tablet. I don’t play games on consoles or PC. Most of my gaming is mobile my favorite game currently is temple run

  • waveGuide3e8

    Some might find it kind of lame, but my favorite gaming platform is the Nintendo Wii. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is my favorite and it is SUPERB. Mario games have addicting gameplay where even though it looks like it’ll be very easy, it’s not, and they keep me coming back for more.

  • Jwhap

    I actually prefer mobile gaming as out can go with me i am too busy for PC gaming, or console gaming.

  • PC – Skyrim!

  • PC and Android, Anomaly.

  • Nick20719

    Super Nintendo – Killer Instinct. Favorite game ever!

  • TwoSod

    PC – Medal of Honor

  • I went through the evolution of PC games from DOS to Windows. I played alot of different game types in 30 years of PCs and before PCs.

  • Iamkeeler

    right now its ps3 with the uncharted series.

  • PC- Minecrack

  • Xbox – Mass Effect 3 (Ending might suck a little but the game is overwhelmingly worth it.)

  • AndrewScardino

    PC: Bioshock series! I would live to give this to my mom for mothers day! She won’t but anything for herself so I want to get her something she deserves!

  • Ste4Mpunk

    Play station 3 – Uncharted 3
    Like walking through a movie. Absolutely amazing.

  • Rcucchiara28


  • lilschil

    Mobile – Different games now and then.  It’s all I have time for in my hectic life.

  • Hemorrdroid

    PC and my current favorite is Skyrim.

  • My favorite gaming platform is the web and Android. My favorite game is the Angry Birds family of games. 

  • My favorite – and only platform – is PC running Windows XP.  My favorite game is Supreme Commander 2.

    It would be awesome to win this since they are all sold out in the stores near me.

  • Kyle Johnson

    PC for sure.  Played CounterStrike for years.. cannot live that down.   By far the best time I’ve had to date playing a FPS. Starcraft 2 and BF3 take my time now
    Mouse and keyboard FTW

  • Nate Cadle

    PS3, I play a lot of MW3

  • JasonY123

    XBOX – Test Drive Unlimited 2

  • @droid_miui

    favorite platform would be PS3, specially when it comes to FIFA 11

  • Mat Murdock

    PC – Starcraft 2

    Thanks guys!

  • Mrjohnecker

    Playstation 2 Prince of Persia Sands of Time!

  • That1techguy

    Xbox 360 with skyrim still not even close to done.

  • Silentgray01

    PC – world of warcraft! Since 2005.

  • Russell D Karas

    Xbox 360. Tiger Woods 13.

  • Ldgarcia4283

    Xbox – call of duty black ops

  • Mobile Android..Angry Birds Space.

  • Miskoh

    PC-DOTA 2

  • Xbox 360 and MW3, fingers crossed!

  • Bradley May

    PC – Battlefield 3

  • TheUsTboat

    PS3. My current favorite game is Uncharted 3

  • Shannon Kerr

    I prefer mobile gaming on a phone or I hope a new tablet. 🙂  Any type of tower defense I just love. Still playing Tower Raiders and Robo Defense.  I also enjoy first person shoot-em-up games.  Thank you for this chance to win.

  • Caden Hjelseth

    PC. Elder Scroll Series.

  • iamjessica26

    right now I’m confined to my phone and n64 with power rangers but my preferred is a laptop or xbox with games such as quake 3 arena 🙂

  • Ivo Shandor

    Xbox, been playing Skyrim, but still love Halo Wars. One day I’m gonna win one of these darn contests! Even if I never do I will still be reading droid-life! 🙂

  • Stephen Wesner

    I really only play games on my phone. 🙂

  • Doazero91

    Ps3 and mw3 for sure.

  • cornflahkes

    Number one platform is still PC and current favorite is COD2….

  • Metaphysicalg

    Angry birds space on dx2cm7… back in the day: the original mortal combat with blood code on, on sega genisis

  • Abhishek Saharawat

    Mobile (rather my Android SUperphone – Galaxy Note) 😛
    MC3 (Gameloft)

  • Jason

    XBOX 360  – BattleField 3

  • Stephanmiljkovic

    I would say my all time favorite console and game is game boy color Pokemon blue but right now I’ve been playing battlefield 3 on the Xbox and loving it!!!

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    XBOX 360 Mass Effect 2

  • I play mainly on Xbox and PC, but I would LOVE to see that move to mobile. Tablets that can plug into a larger screen for party play and be mobile too!

    I play League of Legends on PC and the Assassins Creed series on the Xbox.

  • i play solely on PC, and at the time of writing this, my favorite game would have to be Quake Live.

  • xBox 360 for its online community PS3 for the exclusives

  • Jenn Grover

    Xbox – Kinect Sports

  • PC, so easy to customize.

    Favorite game?  Right now FSX, but that can always change.

  • I’d have to say PS3 and right now MLB The Show 12… Battlefield 3 is a close second! Thank you droid life!


  • Clouudsnightmare

    Xbox – Gears of War

  • Jhickman78

    My preferred platform is the PS3 and getting a beat down on MW3 lol my fav game right now!

  • Blomgren23

    Nintendo ds. Mario brothers

  • RampageDeluxe

    I prefer the xbox 360 and my favorite game is “Lost Odyssey”. I found the story to be incredibly moving and memorable. 

  • Jfry08

    My favorite gaming platform is my droid, that I use to play draw something.  It’s too hard to play on a phone.  I need a tab!

  • Maherbj

    PS3 – Mass Effect 3.

  • Anthony Timoti

    I am a PC Gamer, and I’m still into Terraria

  • FIFA 12 for Xbox 360 nowadays…but Mortal Kombat on Super Nintendo was my jam as a young boy

  • John

    Xbox & MW3

  • Thesmith7

    Wii….punch out! love glass joe.

  • Ruddogg

    PS3 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • Murphy

     XBOX 360 – The most interesting game I’ve played is Prey. It was a new take on gaming mechanics, and had a deep, engaging story line.

  • FIFA 12 for Xbox 360

  • Brit B.

    I have almost every system, but I like it old school!
    PS2 – Silent Hill 2

  • PS3, and my favorite game right now is probably Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3, very different, but very 3.

  • Shawn Hunt

    PC and Counter-Strike Global Offensive

  • nakmul

    Minecraft (PC) anyone?

  • archie53

    Xbox 360 Battlefield 3

  • Kris

    PC – age of empires.

  • DBK

    I’m old school. N64 and Conkers Bad Fur Day. Doesn’t get any better than that.  🙂

  • guest

    PC and DOTA2 beta

  • Btolley13

    Xbox 360 and forza 4 ftw

  • Gary S.

    XBox and Halo.  Without a doubt.

  • Xlncuk

    PC And bf3

  • Bravsfn1

    Ps3- Uncharted 3

  • Dacatalyst41

    XBOX 360 without question. NBA 2K12 is my favorite game! Maybe this is my turn to win!

  • My favorite platform right now are consoles. I like both xbox 360 and ps3. My favorite game at the moment is Borderlands. Can’t wait for Borderlands 2!

  • XBOX 360, Modern Warfare franchise, and Max Payne 3 once released!

  • I prefer doing my gaming on XBOX 360 and my favorite game is without any doubt BioShock 2.

  • EGilk

    NES Zelda forever!

  • …PS3 – Uncharted 3

  • …PS3 – Uncharted 3

  • Petri Kaunisto

    PS3, Skyrim atm =)

  • Chabuku

    Mobile device gaming Is really where it’s at right now. I just started playing Quell and it’s my current favorite.

  • Currently I prefer my Razr for gaming just because it is always with me. I am hooked on Lep’s World at the moment. 

  • Michael Haller84

    Xbox is the best box….

  • normmcgarry

    XBOX – The newest Tigers Woods on the KINECT. Awesome fun. My character is hitting 380 almost on his drive.

  • jscards26

    Xbox 360.- Any FIFA game!

  • Xbox / skyrim

  • Dutchess Jason

    My name is Jason and I’m a game and Androidaholic.

  • Xbox – Battlefield 3 by a mile!

  • Xbox, the NCAA/Madden series. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Wilsonw1127

    Being an owner of both, I prefer Xbox, solely for playing Forza 4. No other racing games even come close.

  • Mitchell Steele

    Xbox .. halo 2

  • richardsonadm

    Xbox 360 is by console with Gears Of War fir favorite game.

  • Drewfus0929

    My favorite platform is XBOX 360, and my favorite game on it is actually Borderlands. I just love lootfests (also why I am so excited about Diablo 3).

  • I have all consoles, but i am loving my xbox 360 right now..  been playing COD:MW3 but im absolutely loving Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on Kinect.

  • Duncan Manning

    My console of choice used to be the Xbox 360. In the past year I haven’t picked up a new game and have only turned it on maybe 10 times.

    In recent months I picked up a HP TouchPad on the cheap and installed CM9 on it promptly.  Loving the Humble Bundle packs on this thing.  The dual core really shines on the big screen compared to my trusty DroidX (which I love wholeheartedly) that doesn’t stand up to current gen graphic demands.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a tempting upgrade 🙂

  • Xbox and I would have to say Mass Effect or Mw3

  • spliced249

    XBox – Modern Warfare Series

  • Still like Game Cube and Mario Party- keeps me connected to my kids’ younger years.

  • Xbox 360- it has to be a tie between Limbo and Battlefield 3. Both of with offer the best game experience in their respective categories. 

  • Ginosylum

    i like the PS3… to me, the X-Box is the iPhone of platform systems. Its very good, but not as good as the competition, but because of public brainwashing, its just a given that its the best.  Maybe I’m just bitter 😉  BTW, Portal 2 FTW. The game is old now, but its still the perfect game in my opinion.  

  • My preferred game platform is Xbox 360; favorite game is Batman: Arkham City

  • Igotadroid

    PS3. Best current system. Fav game? The soon to be released Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    Favorite all time…N64. Can’t beat Goldeneye and Zelda.

  • Kutztownhockey16

    xbox 360 – NHL 12

  • Vitaliy

    Wii. Zelda is the best

  • Favorite machine: PS3
    Favorite game: Metal Gear Solid 4

  • By far, the PC is my preferred gaming platform. Currently I have 2,070 hours logged on Left4Dead2, so I will have to go with that as my favorite game.

  • PC – Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • My preferred gaming platform is still the Wii that I have. Favorite game is definitely Lego Star Wars!!!. 

  • cgingles89

    Preferred Platform: XBOX (360 to be exact) & Favorite Game: Halo Reach

  • My current favorite gaming platform is my PC.  I’ve always been a huge PC gamer and Steam has helped rekindle my love affair with the platform.  My current favorite game is Portal 2, mostly because it’s also my 2 year old’s favorite game and he likes to watch me play. 

  • nyr14

    ps3 NHL or COD

  • iiBinxx

    Xbox 360 – NBA 2k12

  • PS3 – Bioshock series, hands down

  • PS3 and Call of Duty MW3, best game ! 

  • Chad Bailey


  • Preferred gaming platform – xbox 360
    favorite game – call of duty black ops but currently playing mw3 even though it sucks.

  • Xbox – Mass Effect

  • deadsix

    PC: Mass Effect 1

  • Preston Kiser

    Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast. The Dreamcast didn’t last long but I loved everything about that game.

  • Xbox 360 – Mass Effect 3…all of the mass effect games really….

  • Preferred gaming platform is Xbox and my favorite game is Mass Effect

  • versusxiii

    Have all three systems, but X360 and Mass Effect 3!

  • keithsmith22

    PS3 – The game of the moment is MLB The Show 2012

  • XBox 360, Dead Space

  • xbox- gears of war 3!

  • Call of Duty on Ps3

  • Preferred platform:PS3, Game: GranTourismo 5

  • PS3 and MW3

  • Jontcons

    PC for the most flexibility. My favourite game so far.. Portal! (and Portal 2!)

  • PixelDestiny

    Nintendo 64, still hooked up and playing it daily. My favorite game has to be Super Mario 64 because it’s still incredibly fun no matter how many times I play it, I guess you could say it’s timeless.

  • Xbox 360; Fifa 12 🙂

  • PC is my favorite gaming platform because of the power of the machines to produce the best graphics ever seen. The list of games that would be my favorite are Half-life(all of them).

  • good_ol_dv

    PC – Minecraft

    I have the Android version as well but it’s not as feature rich yet =)

  • Mobile/Tablet because I just don’t have time for much else.  At the moment, Temple Run…fun and addicting. Although interested in playing more games on a Tegra 3 device that isn’t as laggy as my GTab.

  • JustisLewis

    Xbox 360.  My favorite game is Mass Effect, with Mass Effect 2 close behind.  ME3 is great as well, but of the course the endgame was a let down. I love the sense of exploration, and the feeling that every action I took was going to have far reaching effects.

  • andystolemywallet

    Gamecube, Ocarina of Time + Master Quest

  • PuzzleShot

    3DS – Mario Kart 7?

  • PS3 Modern Warfare 3

  • Bonzix

    SNES  Street Fighter II

  • Original Nintendo   SUPER TECMO BOWL!

  • PC – City of Heroes

  • XBOX for sure, I’m a big fan of battlefield 3 lately

  • Annduhroo

    My preferred gaming platform is XBox 360, with my favorite game being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • Ledalia

    PC Gamer Forever. Favorite Game is definitely Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory.

  • PC is my chosen gaming platform.  Right now, the game I play the most is Star Wars: The Old Republic, but my FAVORITE game for it is probably Starcraft II.

  • JamisonFrady

    I like the Xbox360 and my favorite game on that platform is Halo: Reach.

  • kgb

    my preferrred platform is xbox360 and im addicted to battlefield 3

  • Ashley Horne

    Xbox 360 Is my favorite Platform just for the incredible multiplayer  experience they offer. As far as games go, Battlefield 3 has a special place in my heart 😀

  • woadster

    Been stuck on super smash brothers melee for nintendo game cube

  • My Favorite Gaming Platform Android and my favorite game is Live Holdem Poker

  • Scott Alwin

    PC currently Mass Effect 3

  • PS3 and the BioShock series…can’t wait for the next installment 

  • Lax77

    PS3 for me…

  • It’s still all about the PS3 for me, and I’m playing MK9 again 🙂

  • PS3. Uncharted 3.

  • ramifications

    My favorite platform is PC and my favorite game is Dota 2. 

    The best game ever created! I can play it for hours on end!

  • Fav is still Final Fantasy VII on the PS. Now it is SWTOR on PC

  • Adam

    PC – World of Warcraft.
    but I also played the hell out of Gamecube – Mario Kart Double Dash

  • soccorgoddess

    Original NES all the way…. nothing beats Super Mario Bros!

  • Marcus Jones

    Nintendo NES – Tecmo Super Bowl – or the emulator with the updated rosters 🙂

    Lol….but seriously, Xbox and PS3 owner. No favorite games but what I’m playing now….

    Xbox – Street Fighter x Tekken
    PS3 – Prototype 2

  • PC

  • Full Of Hart

    My preferred gaming platform is my GNex because it is always with me. My preferred game is Backgammon by AI Factory.

  • NES and Super Mario Bros 3. Cuz that’s how I roll. 🙂

  • Lukekool

    PC – iRacing

  • Scott Alwin


  • SStewart654

    PC – Diablo

  • LittleBiscuit

    mobile – Temple Run

  • Casy Laib

    PS3 and God of War

  • PS3 – Skyrim and Oblivion are tied

  • PudgyPanda

    PC – Skyrim

  • Nintendo 64 The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

  • Mtitus6

    Galaxy Nexus , Temple Run

  • GohanBurner

    I love PC gaming, i miss the good ole days back in the early 2000s playing Unreal Tournament when it was only a demo! Coret Facility was my favorite with team deathmatch and capture the flag. The soundtrack was also perfect, listen to it in the car!

  • Seandre3000

     Sega, NHL95.  Love the original Zelda for OG Nintendo as well.

  • PC 

    Battlefield 3!

  • PC Mass Effect

  • PC – BF2142

  • Krdmtech

    I enjoy the versatility of the PC, but the XBOX 360 is still my favorite platform. I love the Call of Duty series.

  • THE ON3

    Xbox 360 – The Mass Effect Series (Number 2 to be exact)

  • ps3 – ant rpg game

  • Sebastian Encina

    Preferred gaming platform is an Android tablet, but I don’t have one yet. I want ability to play anywhere, and no way will I get an Apple product. Right now my preferred game for that platform is Quell Reflect, but am ready to move up.

  • lamenting

    PC and Battlefield 3!

  • ps and it might sound crazy but Skylanders right now is a favorite of mine.(with the kids) other than that Call of Duty B/O.

  • PC – Diablo III

  • brousch

    Nintendo Wii – Mario Kart Wii

  • Joshua Dudash

    My preferred gaming platform has to be PC (battlefield 3/Minecraft), however I find that Android gaming is very satisfying.
    If someone could put out a top of the line phone with a Xperia Play – esque joypad, I would almost certainly buy it.

  • James

    Favorite gaming platform Xbox & game Fifa 12. Twitter @88k8y. Thanks.

  • Jermaine Keller

    I have a love-hate relationship with Fifa 12 on the PS3!

  • AndrewBuell

    PC Mass Effect 3 is my favorite game right but would love to play star craft 2 on any tegra 3 tablet right now

  • PC – The Witcher 2

  • tattoopunk

    NES- Castlevania.  I love all the new games but old games on the NES just seemed harder.  Especially when you only got 3 lives most of the time.

  • Borderlands on my Sony PS3. Maybe if Google released a Gaming System totally Cloud Based i could use that All The Time

  • Jamiet76

     PS – Final Fantasy series

  • Brian Sprague

    PC and Civilization!

  • Mpschultz

    Xbox – COD

    Thanks for the contest

  • Best game ever was COD 4 on Xbox 360. It started to push shooters in the right direction and had an amazing community.  Unfortunately the FPS has now been exploited for profit to the point where even the COD franchise is a shadow of what it once was.  It now is there to satisify the players that are not as good, and very nearly penalize the good players (ie, over powered deathstreaks, support class, etc). That is not to say that i still do not waste hours and hours playing the newest release haha.  Just my opinion.  

    I would love the chance to win this tablet.  If i did, it would go to my brother who I am currently in the hospital with.  He is 11 years old and has stage four lymphoma.  This is his fifth round of chemo.  I know it sounds very cliche but is the truth. Him and i both have an affinity for technology and have been gradually introducing him to Android.  Ha Im molding him into the next great dev.  Look out Cyanogenmod!

  • Doug S

    PC is the only gaming platform  🙂  And it would be a toss up between the BF and HL series.

  • Dirkwan23

    Nintendo Wii ftmfw! This console is how old and it’s still pretty bad @ss.

  • collinscars

    I very much enjoy modern warfare on ps3.

  • Lego Star Wars on Wii but I reserve the right to change my answer to Dark Meadow on Transformer Prime when I win this contest.

  • cjtraas

    PS3 – Uncharted


  • XBOX, Battlefield 3

  • Corrsfan99

    I’m loving ArkhamAsylum and Arkham City on the Xbox 360.

  • Cehrl7

    PS3 Skyrim

  • Kyle

    My favorite gaming platform is the nexus for the best of us

  • seth drasner

    Wii actually, and anything Mario really, old school

  • Marcus Reid

    At this time my android Galaxy Nexus playing MC3, PES2012, & Shadowgun.  I’d love add a tegra device to my collection and I bought a Transformer and gave it to my mom for her b’day.

  • Lord_Commentor

    PlayStation – Metal Gear Solid

  • PS3 – Uncharted

  • Mcoxx20

    Right now PS Vita–uncharted golden abyss

  • XBOX – I’m a FPS kinda player and pretty much stick to that.  I’ve never gotten bored with Halo and return to it time and again.

  • Mobile and Tetris>all.

  • DanThompson87

    XBOX 360 and Left 4 Dead ALL THE WAY!

  • Starcraft 2 for PC. One of the few competitive multiplayer games I enjoy.

  • Tiezane

    I’m an Xbox gamer.  I have two kids, so I don’t get a lot of time on the TV to myself, so having a tablet I can game on would be awesome.  Favorite game so far is Transformers: War for Cybertron.

  • stayflyer

    well right now its ps3 call of duty mw3

  • Sabar

    Prefer the Xbox 360!

  • Justin Robinson

    PC gaming is by far the most expandable and personalized form of gaming.  True High Def gaming can only be experienced with a PC.  Diablo III is sure to be my favorite….for the next 11 years.

  • ClarkAndrews

    XBOX 360! The Lego games. I know they’re cheesy but they’re just so much fun. Lego Pirates is the best.

  • Currently the Xbox 360 for gaming, and have to go with SSX at the moment.

  • Pyrotech1987

    I prefer the PC. I’m going a little old school! Command and conquer!

  • I don’t always game, but when I do, it’s on a PC (or PS3).

  • My preferred gaming platform is the PS3 while at home.  Android is my mobile gaming platform of choice.  My current favorite game on PS3 is Mass Effect 3.

  • datrajik

    XBOX – Gotham City Impostors

  • Geo

    Nintendo DS. And my favorite game is Animal Crossing 🙂

  • Med7000

    Ps3 and battlefield 3!

  • Calledfollower2k3

    Xbox360 – The Witcher 2

    Always wanted a tablet. So here we go!

  • PC, and Diablo 3!

  • Sega Genesis – Altered Beast

  • ncsurob

    Count me in!  I like MW3 for the xbox.

  • CB

    PC is my preferred gaming platform. World of Warcraft continues to be my favorite game….. darn addictions.

  • Angles Anthony

    ps3-  uncharted series

  • roadkill1313

    XBox360, Gears of War, all of them

  • Favorite system to play games on is XBOX 360 and favorite game is bioshock. Thank you for your consideration.

  • ScoobySnack

    Xbox 360!
    Best game currently… MW3, of course.

  • Rob Malloy

    PC – Half Life 2

  • Mdsinger2

    I game on my xbox 360, and borderlands is my game of choice

  • TheGreatNate

    My favorite platform overall is PC and my favorite games are the Age of Empires series.

  • Tweeted and I prefer to game on my PC but puzzle games are quick little games are great on a tablet. This would be great.

  • Favorite gaming system is PS3 for its versatility and favorite game right now is Portal 2. Lots of fun with my 7 yr old daughter!

  • PS3 and Disgaea 4 would be my top pick, however I rarely ever have time to sit around and play so I probably spend more time poking around at games on my G-Nex on the go. Gaming on a tablet sounds like a dream!

  • pepperonijack

    Favorite platform: OnLive (or PC if OnLive isn’t a platform)
    favorite game: Batman Arkham City

  • blessedta

    XBOX 360 FIFA

  • Phatdaddyz01

    I prefer PS3, my favorite game is Cabellas Big Game Hunting (any release).

  • Civilization V on PC, but I like Pro Evolution Soccer very much on PS3 also.

  • Cvballa3g0

    Xbox 360 – Halo series

  • PC – COD MW3
    XBOX – COD MW2
    WII – Goldeneye
    N64 – Goldeneye

  • Kenneth Maxwell

    PS3 – Uncharted 3 

    Want this tablet because the kindle fire just doesnt cut it anymore

  • 11droach

    Xbox 360 and skyrim!

  • I played the crap out of Keef the Theif!


  • mrchadmane

    I game on my XBox 360 the most & my favorite game is The new Batman Arkham asylum.

  • raddacle

    PC- Portal 2

  • Darryl

    Wii, Wii Sports!

  • Rader023

    Ps3 and uncharted

  • I prefer my xbox as most of my friends play on the xbox..It’s nice to come home turn on my xbox,join a party with some friends and just catch up with them (Don’t live near most friends anymore)..Don’t get me wrong though,I love all systems though and maybe one day the word fanboy will die and everyone will see that all systems have their benefits 🙂

  • Honestly?  The Neo-Geo would be my winner, and View Point would be the best game.  If you must have a modern platform, the PSP would work, along with Ultimate Ghosts n’ Goblins.  Really want to win!

  • XBOX – FIFA 2012
    but if i win.. GO DARK MEADOW  😉

  • michael arazan

    I have never had a tablet or ever used one, would love to win one. I have an xbox 360 and play first and third person shooters and scifi/ horror games. If I win this tablet, which is the best rated tablet in the market I will download that game first before anything else. TY KellexI tweeted also, My Twiiter [email protected]:twitter 

  • Favorite gaming platform is the Wii, my favorite game on it is Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  • michael arazan

    I have never had a tablet or ever used one, would love to win one. I have an xbox 360 and play first and third person shooters and scifi/ horror games. If I win this tablet, which is the best rated tablet in the market I will download that game first before anything else. TY Kellex

  • Jamdev12

    Currently the platform I have is XBox360 and my favorite game is Forza4. I love racing games.

  • Xiizero15iix

    Xbox360 — gears of war trilogy….. by far one of the best games out there…

  • Xbox and so far I’m digging Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer. Story was fine up until the end so I’m making the most out of multiplayer.

  • Harrison Stovall

    I like PC, I can keep it top notch. Still on Skyrim.

  • PC – Left 4 Dead 2

  • bartclantrash

    PC is m favorite platform and Plants Vs Zombies is a favorite game

  • Lynnfashions

    PS Battlefront

  • My preferred platform is XBOX 360, favorite game: War for Cybertron.

  • Joekuta71

    Xbox, i really enjoy playing skyrim.

  • Rayshont

    PS3-God of War 3

  • Finire

    I’ve been drawing over the prime for months, and now I sell them at my job. I’d love to actually have one for myself finally.

  • PS3 – Catherine

  •  PS3 – Journey!

  • Kian Jun

    Favorite gaming system has to be PC!

    My all-time favorite has to be counter-strike! I’ve invested way more hours into that game than I would  want to know!

  • girlwithdroid

    We have an Xbox with Kinect. I love playing dance central with my 5 year old granddaughter.

  • architortured

    Sega Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi all the way baby

  • PC is my platform, Flight Simulator 2004 is the game. Mostly because I’m a huge simulation enthusiast. But I also like to play a few games on Android like Angry Birds or some other things.

  • I would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys!

    Currently it’s a tie between my Android Phone and my XBOX 360.

  • xb360 – mw3! I drool a little bit everytime I see this tablet. I hope I win so I can drool on one. While doing “homework”.  Good luck everyone!

  • PC – Skyrim! Deux Ex! TF2!

  • XBOX
    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • mcaulifn

    Liked the PS2 but now prefer the Wii better.

    • mcaulifn

      Tiger Woods for both!

  • Carissa Kasper

    xbox – guitar hero

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Playstation 3 – Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Xanderin

    I loved my PS3 of seven years before it died just recently. Favorite game for it?.. I have no idea. Eeee-ooo-eeeee-rrrrr… Child of Eden. Sooo pretty.

  • Madelinedao

    PS3 – inFAMOUS 

  • Derek Clemmons

    PC – Borderlands

  • Gabe

    Xbox 360- Halo 3

  • hookinafish

    Nintendo – Duck Hunt ;p

  • I prefer the PC. Favorite game is shaping up to be Guild Wars 2

  • Thomas Hall

    Half-Life 2

  • Clayton Ljungberg

    Xbox – C.O.D. Black Ops

  • Wes Walden

    PC – Skyrim

    • I used to play Skyrim…. but then I took an arrow to the Knee 

  • DS lite, that thing ran all the games. Pokemon never gets old 😀 POKMEMON GOLD!!!

  • Temple run on my phone. Super smash is a close second though.

  • Xbox and Skyrim

  • My personal favorite is the PC, with project C.A.R.S quickly becoming my favorite.

  • evltwn

    XBox is my gaming device of choice and my favorite game is Tiger Woods Golf.

  • Right now PC and I love the Dawn of War game

  • Garrett Lee

    I’m only on PS3, and I only play sports games. NBA 2k12 until football season

  • DqSanders

    I don’t have a twitter 🙁
    Can I post it on Myspace??
    Xbox 360-Skyrim

  • PC – Mass Effect

  • ballocaust

    I prefer mobile gaming. Dropping a deuce while killing monsters in Shadow Gun is the bee’s knees.

  • Erik Shea

    currently the best tablet on the market, and the keyboard just knocks it out of the park. I would love one, they are so hard to find in a store or online.. All sold out.

  • amosque57

    for me i gotta say PS3 since i just got it a few months ago and game i definately FIFA 12 i love being able to yell Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllll!!!!!!!

  • Alexander H

    XBOX360 with Skyrim!

  • Mason

    My preferred platform is Xbox360 and my favorite game, for right now, is Battlefield 3.

  • IanKellogg

    Pc gaming is my favorite but the vita is a very close second

  • TLamb

    Xbox 360. Tales of Vesperia fun game with lots of replay
    Or eternal sonata. Great music and fun game play
    Whacked out story thou…

  • Drudometkin

    Preferred platform is PC
    Favorite game is battlefield 3

  • Elwood1229-online

    pick me, pick me!! PC and Madden football

  • TrevorSP

    Favorite Platform: XBOX 360
    Favorite Game: Battlefield 3

  • Brevic211

    Xbox 360. MW3. And son loves trials. He’s 3.

  • Xbox – Halo 2

  • Still prefer the PC.  Probably due to my comfortable chair and desk as well as not having to fight over the TV.

  • Dresdon

    Nintendo – Skyward Sword, of course!

  • Pc—Portal

  • Geekout

    i’m not much of a gamer but my preferred gaming platform is my Windows 7 HP Pavilion HPE-H8XT Desktop PC and my favorite game on it is Flight Simulator X… if that doesn’t count it would be my Galaxy Nexus playing riptide

  • Sean M.

    PC – either BF3 or SC2

    Android’s angry birds just doesn’t do it for me like those two 😉

  • bungadudu

    PC – Left 4 dead 1 and 2.

    Dark Meadow resembles with them, and I thinks it’s also a great game so I’m eager to win and play it on a tegra 3 device!

    Hope to win 🙂

  • @Thomas_duh

    Gameboy Color- all the Pokemon games.

  • pc-Tera

  • PS3 – Journey

  • PS3 Journey

  • Tehnomandfw

    xbox, all my favourites 

  • Kolin Shapiro

    PS3 and call of duty! i would love to get into tablet gaming as my phone doesn’t have enough power.

  • Jamsmith216

    PS3 – Journey

  • Mobile and PC. Need for speed

  • Checho408

    PS Fifa12

  • PC is the only one gaming option for me. Playing Battlefield saga since 1942 with DICE’s Desert Combat MOD until today, with Battlefield 3.

    Battlefield junky

  • Djkaran7411

    pc will the gaming platform i will preferred and the favorite game on my  pc is prince of persia

  • PC – Diablo II

  • Senate9690

    Xbox Trials HD

  • jdomann

     PC – Portal 2. So much win. Either that or VVVVVV.

  • zimme342

    PS3 – Uncharted 2

  • xbox 360 – Batman Arkham City

  • Yusanw

    Ps3, 2k sports franchise

  • Florynce

    Playstation 3!

  • Dbagjones

    PC – BF3

  • Giper54

    Nintendo 64. Super Mario,

  • ralphwiggum1

    I like console games but find myself spending more time with mobile games.

  • Chad Bennett

    PS3 – FIFA, any of them

  • Davidgg72

    PS3, marvel alliance

  • PC Diablo 3 Beta and StarCraft II

  • Mnash78

    PS3: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

  • Zach B

    PC – currently Skyrim and all the glorious mods for it. Soon it will be Diablo 3 though!

  • xbox 360 – mw3

  • Xbox 360. MW3

  • Billy Gardiner

    PC – Diablo 3 (WoW until then…)

  • Bryan Burk

    My favorite platform is PS3, and my favorite game is Star Wars Force Unleashed.

  • Xbox 360 – Kinect games with my little 4 year old daughter.  She has so much fun with them.

    She also has loads of fun playing the birds (of course Angry Birds) and the water game (Where’s my Water) on my wife’s and my android phones. 

  • Xbox360 – Viva Pinata

  • Easy choice on platform, tough choice on game, so I’ll pick one.

    PC – Sins of a Solar Empire

  • brandonmee

    sonic the hedgehog-sega genisis

  • I prefer Xbox just because I don’t have money to trick out my desktop..My favorite games on Xbox though has got to be the Mass Effect games!

  • forgiventhief

    PS3. Falllout 3

  • doubleksquared

    PS3  Resistance – Fall of Man 

  • Drewtang1

    My preferred gaming platform is the xbox 360, favorite game has to be Borderlands, the playability long term has been awesome, and multiplayer rocks

  • Galaxy Nexus- Draw Something!

  • Inkr329

    Xbox – SSX Tricky

  • KatsumeBlisk

    I prefer PC gaming. Despite my old hardware, I can still play a lot of classics. My favorite game would probably be Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I’m a huge RPG and Star Wars fan. It’s a mix of two of my favorite things.

  • PS3, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

  • Xlinuxtrancex

    Mobile gaming on my Galaxy Nexus! Love some Where’s my Water.

  • PC – Battlefield 3 and Skyrim.

    I love BF3, but post patch, my computer just cant handle it anymore 🙁
    And so I got Skyrim.

  • PC – World of Warcraft, Deus Ex 3

  • Tom_D

    PC – Mass Effect 3

  • Jovi

    Xbox 360
    Favorite game would have to  be . . .Gears of War

  • Jorgeluisvc

    Ps3 -grand theft auto 4

  • i use PC for all of my gaming. Favorite game – Eve Online

  • bigredandroid

    Xbox 360 is by far my fave….FarCry and Bioshock are excellent!

  • Playstation : Devil may cry

  • Xbox – Halo 2. Spent 8 months with a shattered leg and halo 2 was awesome. Still friends with some of the people I met on there and it’s been almost 10 years. 

  • PS3 – inFamous and inFamous2

  • PC: Super Monday Night Combat

  • PC – Mass Effect 3

  • PC gamer since Commodore 64 and Indian Jones. Current favorite game would be DOTA 2.

  • mobile – World of Goo

  • Xbox360- Battlefield 3

  • Heya

    PC – Civilization 5

  • aj34

     PC – Diablo 3


    I love my Xbox 360. My favorite game is Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. 

  • NemaCystX

    Xbox 360 – I have played many games on it (otherwise the PC would be my next choice) and my favorite game has to be Halo Reach and Crackdown 1

    Would be a nice upgrade to replace my aging Galaxy Tab 10.1…  hoping Sammy adds a quad core to the upcoming Tab 2 10.1 or i might get a Prime or an Infinity

  • teh_Jughead

    XBOX – Any WWE game so my nephews/niece and I can all play at the same time.

  • PC – Mass Effect Series

  • PS3 Favourite game right now Uncharted 3

  • Inspector94

    Well of course the pc… 😛 Battlefield 3 rocks on it!

  • Zackc77

    My favorite platform is ps3 and game would have to be mw2

  • Marc Tadeja

    ps3 –> uncharted 3

  • javierislame

    Xbox – FIFA 12

  • Tkabrick

    Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 3

  • Platform – PC, because it is the master race…

    Game – BF3, because…

  • N64 – Super Smash Brothers

  • I am a PS3 gamer as often as I can be. I try to fit in a couple games of NHL 12 online to easy the stress of being a full time student. I’d love to have this combo for school. My laptop just took a dive, which is awful. This would be a great way for me to get ahead in school! Love Droid Life!

  • atari 2600 – adventure – old school baby!

  • Hmm I dont really have a favorite platform I love them all for diff reasons But I’ll go with Xbox 360 and Mass Effect (The original).

  • Jerry

    Playstation 3 is my preferred until EASports releases a NHL game on mobile platform! NHL 13 is running every weekend at my house. After playoff games on TV of course. =)

  • John Franck

    XBOX 360… Caught in between Battle Field 3, and playing Mass Effect for the first time.  Excellent games!!

  • JD

    Xbox 360  is my preferred platform. Favorite game, hard to say but going with Fallout 3.
    Here is the tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Mysticfail/status/195724541127962624

  • Xbox playing BF3 daily

  • tora

    PS3 – Portal 2

  • PS Uncharted 3

  • richoz30

    PC is the only way to play! Star Wars The Old Republic is the game!

  • Don23lucia

    xbox360 NBA 2k12 

  • Rain Clark

    GBA – Mother 3

  • thecharrr

    I use PC as my main platform, even though there are cool games for every platform.

  • Ross

    PC – Battlefield 3! and DotA 2!

  • paulmike3

    PC is my favorite platform, and Battlefield 3 is my favorite game.  Thanks for the contest!! 🙂

  • PC: Starsiege Tribes!   


  • Icehunter

    PC – SWTOR
    My laptop broke a couple of weeks ago and I don’t have the money to buy a new one. Winning the Transformer Prime would be amazing because I can use it for school and do a little tablet gaming too. =D

  • ewilliams1009

    PC – skyrim

  • Cyclone_Cy


  • Eric

    SEGA Genesis – NHL 95 or Streets of Rage

    In the current era of games, do enjoy some Skyrim on my PS3, as well.

  • Jewaymire

    Wii: skyward sword

  • My preferred Gaming platform Is definately PC and My favorite game is Star Wars: The Old Republic, but Im looking forward to CS:GO too!

  • Justin Marasco

    PC and I just started playing Left4Dead and I absolutely love it!

  •  PC – Diablo 3

  • Emma

    Battlefield on PS3

  • I like to play the Final Fantasy series on PS3, played every single one since it came out!!!

  • PS3 – Uncharted series

  • Brian Peugh

    PC — DDO

  • PC ~ Currently Battlefield 3, waiting on Diablo 3…

    Transformer Prime… Is it water resistant? Drool.

  • Markarising

    PS3 and definitely Assasins Creed Revelations!

  • Kevin

    PS3 – Modern Warfare 3

  • mb


  • Android is my preferred gaming platform. Grand Theft Auto 3
    is my current favorite android game.
     I’m addicted to it on my HTC Rezound now but would
    rather it be a Tegra quad core tablet!

  • I have a Wii cuz I have kids under 10

  • My favorite gaming system is XBOX 360, and my favorite game is Skyrim Elder Scrolls

  • baldypal

    My favorite gaming platform in Nintendo Wii. And Super Mario is an old favorite. it stands against the test of time.

  • Adam Jones


  • Andr

    Starcraft 2 and PC.

  • Love my PSVITA, fave game on it right now is Escape Plan.

  • Rick

    Mario Kart on N64. Don’t even lie. You know it’s your favorite too.

  • Chuy

    Nintendo 64 – Mario Kart is the best. Soon to be beat by Dark Meadow!!!!!!!

  • Rctp10

    I love me my PS3, Favorite game to date on it would have to be Skyrim. 

    -Thanks for the great opportunity! 

  • josh

    PC – D3 in 19 days

  • Definitely PC, and my favorite has to be the Half-Life series.

  • Damien Raine

    PC – I’ve been playing a lot of Portal 2 and Dungeon Defenders lately

  • Xbox 360 – Call of Duty MW 3, although Scramble with Friends on Android (Gal Nexus) is a close 2nd 🙂

  • Needmesomeprime

    PC Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • QicedteaQ

    play Halo with Xbox 360 

  • Playstation 3, and favorite game is uncharted 2

  • tedbrian

    Ps3. Skyrim. It’s the only game I’ve touched in months.

  • I think right now, my favorite platform and game are PC and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  • I think right now, my favorite platform and game are PC / Deus Ex: Human Revolution. (D’oh, double posted by accident.)

  • Id like to say :
    +PS1 +

  • ajm531

    Xbox 360 and my favorite game is portal 2 and waiting eagerly on the DLC.

  • Stephen

    I haven’t played much XBOX or PS3 in the last year. I’ve really begun to love Zombie Defense for android and then Skyrim – like every other person on this planet! Of course Skyrim is best on PS3. 

  • PS3 – Madden 12

  • _XDRDX_

    Favorite game is eternity warriors on mobile.

  • Patrick Dackins

    XBOX 360- Modern Warfare 3

  • chris williams

    Xbox, Mass Effect series. And I’m actually ok with the ME3 ending.

  • Xbox- NHL 

  • Wii – Skylanders; the kids just love it

  • Prefer the XBOX 360, favorite game is the Modern Warfare series.

  • The MLB: The Show franchise on PS3. The only reason I ended up even getting a next gen console at the time. 

  • All the games I play are old school console games. NES, SNES and some PSX and N64 games. Thank goodness for the emulation scene and my trusted Android devices 🙂

  • Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360. But, hoping to make that Battlefield 3 on the PC soon

  • Xbox and modern warfare 3

  • XBOX 360!!!
    Still kickn ass n taking names on MW3 but i like the change of pace and story of MASS EFFECT 3. AS for a 360 only game gotta go GEARS 3

  • vicrose33

    Angry birds, mobile and PC for me.

  • Platform: PC
    Game: Unreal Tournament
    Game Mode: Multiplayer CTF with Instagib and Lowgrav
    Comments: I’m good enough that I’ve been accused of running a bot on multiple occasions.

  • Chad A

    Xbox! Halo series..

  • Brritter77

    Xbox 360-Madden!

  • Brion1

    PC- Battlefield 3

  • scarley350

    original ps one abe odd world

  • nexlover

    PC Dota2

  • kentrburton

    Mobile… and the Wii to cheep to buy Xbox ohh and favorite game is tinny village haha

  • Skittleoid

    XBox. My favorite online multiplayer is Halo 3. My favorite campaign driven game is Read Dead Redemption. 😀

  • PS3- any of the Uncharted or Metal Gear Solid titles.

  • papajohnny

    i am a PC gamer forever!  Favorite games MOH and BF3

  • Chris Brinkley

    right now its the 360 and bf3

  • Bently Wong

    PC World of warcraft

  • Would be cool to start gaming on a tablet

  • Preferred gaming platform – PC.
    Favorite Game – Crysis series. 2 was breath taking. Now drooling over Crysis 3.
    Wanna taste mobile gaming waters too. That’s why I wanna get my hands on this Transformer Prime. All these tegra 3 optimized games are missing me.

  • Blueslidehand


  • Andre Sinclair

    pc-diablo 2 just love that game the best.
     love this tad one of the best out there.

  • I would have to say my favorite platform is either Dreamcast, or SNES. I know they are classics but how can you say no to some good ole Crazy Taxi, or some SMW :3. 

  • ghostlobster

    Xbox 360, and I still absolutely love Halo Reach. But, i can be bought, easily!

  • Playstation, Diehard.

  • TraDonHuffington

    My preferred gaming platform is Playstation Uno and my fav game is Crash Bandicoot FTW!

  • Ivan92116

    Angry Birds on Android.

  • Kalil s

    Ps3 & mass effect 3

  • Definably mobile.  I love my PS3, but have not touched in since last year since mobile games have really evolved in quality, and the price is very inexpensive (especially with the humble bundle packs!)  Tablet (rooted Xoom), phone (rooted Evo 3D) or iPod touch (you know how that goes, but I am an apple fan still with my Macs), its all I use to play anymore.

  • Clvn H

    PC – currently SC2

  • Android Mobile – Where’s my Water

  • randy_wrecked

    Uncharted 2 (PS3)

  • Maddog94d

    Right now BF3 on the ps3

  • Megancoriale

    PS3, Kingdoms of Amalaur

  • jbeise

    Xbox 360 and MW3 

  • Tnuts22

    PlayStation, anything in the final fantasy line …. yes even X-2 🙂

  • PC – Skyrim. Thanks for the contest!

  • Bobby A

    I’m for Xbox 360 and Fallout New Vegas is my favorite game

  • XBOX – Gears of War

  • xbox, hooked on mw3 unfortunately

  • Corgimas

    stunt cycle

  • Nelson Siegel

    I prefer PC and my favorite game is Minecraft!

  • AliK

    PC – Splinter Cell

  • Scott Lee

    Xbox and Halo (any version) hands down. 

  • michael o’brien

    I love my PS3, and will always love my PS3

    • michael o’brien

      crap, my favorite game is COD…

  • Erik Kubik

    I’d say Portal 2 is one of my favorites or Fallout 3 on either system. 

  • Art

    Mobile – Pac Man

  • chnsawalex

    PC and the yet to be released Diablo 3.

  • PC–I like playing the Sims!

  • PC – World of Warcraft

  • Phil

    I definitely play more on my mobile device but my favorite would be PS3 and game would be Gran Turismo 4/5

  • Jordan lee

    PC – Knights of the old Republic right now! WOOT!

    This would be so awesome! =D The Prime is like my dream tablet!

  • Helmut Gertjegerdes

    Preferred gaming platform – Xbox 360, favorite game – Batman: Arkham City

  • geoffksu

    Mobile, specifically iOS, and favorite game is a toss up between Angry Birds and GTA III mobile.

  • Tony Bushong

    The PC is my favorite system to game on; too many good games to pick from to just choose one.
    My favorite games are StarCraft II, Tribes: Ascend., and soon to be Diablo III.  Grew up playing the originals!

    I’d love to have something mobile to game on; I have my Fascinate, but something with a little bigger screen and power would be nice! 😉  A Transformer Prime would also be nice to use for work.

    Thank, Love the Site!

  • Xbox 360 – Dark Messiah

  • Sean Marcisin

    I love PS3 and play call of duty modern warfare 3 4 days a week.

    I hope i win someone stole my hp touchpad right out of my office at work two weeks ago….

  • Joe Negrau

    pc – city of heros

  • I live simply – Angry Birds on Android.

  • Lucas Rasweiler-Richter

    PC – Skyrim right now, but I always find myself going back to BFME

  • Josh Parish

    My preferred gaming platform has been PC, but I have been playing my PS3 more than anything. Favorite game of all time: Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past (SNES).

  • ohpleaseno

    Mobile – Dope Wars

  • B J Books

    Xbox 360 – Halo

  • Steven Benner

    Xbox 360 – Mass Effect 1

  • Xbox 360, and Battlefield 3! 😀

  • alex d

    PC, original bf2. Throw back hah

  • EricPitt01

    My favorite platform to play games on is either my PC or xbox. My favorite game would have to be modern warfare 2. Love that game!!

  • vbads

    PC – All the Call of Duty’s

  • PC – world of warcraft.
    /no judging! 😀

  • Greg Robinson

    PS3 –  Uncharted

  • XBOX (not so much lately) because of my GNEX, and the game would be the Battlefield Series

  • RBI411

    Going with PC. Diablo III will be the truth when it comes out.

  • Xbox 360 – Skyrim

  • Jgandy46

    xbox- COD MW3

  • Definitely mobile gaming. Most recently it’s been Draw Something but that has become boring. Starting to look elsewhere. Maybe this tablet will help me. =)

  • XBOX360 for sure… love Modern Warefare 3 .. but really partial to NCAA Football games

  • Lgjosh089

    Favorite platform is my DroidX! So many options, and it’s always just a reach away.

  • Benjamin Oram

    My favorite game is Uncharted 3 on the Playstation 3.

  • Frank

    Xbox360. Batman Arkham City

  • asan2065

    xbox360, Halo

  • Favorite platform is PC, favorite game is Skyrim (at least until D3 maybe)

  • PC – Diablo III

  • Lee

    mobile – adrenaline

  • Yourtechzone

    Xbox360, Halo

  • Jmphillips89

    Mobile – Stick Cricket!

  • Privmaster_Flex

     PC – And I play Diablo III every breathing moment I can spare.

  • A.C.

    PC – Arkham City

  • PlayStation – Final Fantasy 7

  • Markd

    Xbox 360s ftw! And probably portal 2 was my favorite game

  • eh, preferred gaming platform right now is my phone…though I’d prefer to do more gaming on a tablet – just sayin’. Shadowgun is my present indulgence…

  • wong_jon

    N64 – Mario Kart.  Classic.  can’t go wrong.  🙂  Either that or super smash brothers…. such classic games… 🙂

  • Jmasterj

    Mobile – my favorite is probably Great Little Wargame.

  • evcon

    Mobile gaming is definitely the easiest. Love n64oid!

  • GrantMan0423

    I definitely prefer PS3 or mobile. MW3 and Portal 2 are at the top of my list. I’m sure I’d lean toward mobile more if I had a new TPrime….

  • Drmanhattan57

    My favorite platform would have to be the ps3 due to its free online, stock wifi, and blu ray capabilities 

    • Drmanhattan57

      forgot to mention that my favorite game is battlefield 

  • Brian Gledhill

    PC and for the last few years, its been League of Legends as my main addiction

  • Mass Effect is a favorite of mine on 360.

  • Mobile, and Babylonian Twins

  • My preffered platform is my PC, because I love games that have more “actions” than the typical gamepad has keys.

  • PC; Half Life 2.

  • Jmonteiro829

    PC all the way… favorite game right now is Mass Effect 3 but I am patiently awaiting Crysis 3.

  • Mjm1996

    My favorite platform is mobile. I like playing Shadowgun

  • Hud

    My fave platform is still PS3 and my fave game is STILL Grand Theft Auto IV….There’s so much to do on that game…Even when the hardcore action and tasks are completed…I’m sorry, but I can never get enough of just driving around, running people over, jacking helicopters and firetrucks and hosing innocent people down. Lol!

  • Ace87

    Phone, Draw Something

  • TrivTheRenegade

    My favorite gaming platform has to be the Super Nintendo. There were too many gems on it, but I’d say that my favorite game on it is still The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I play it at least once a year.

  • David Willden

    I’ve always been a PC gamer, never owned a console system.  Growing up, I was a HUUUUUUUUGE Counter Strike fan.  Spent soooo many hours on that game.  Lately I’ve been addicted to League of Legends.  It’s such a fun game, I highly recommend it.  

  • Cjharris1985

    My favorite platform is PS3….Game is Modern Warfare 3!!!

  • Jhaar57

    PC, Starcraft. Enough said.

  • halo1, pc

  • Dave

    PC-Half life and everything half life related.

  • estlincs

    Wii – Mario Kart Wii. This has been my favorite game on any platform forever.

  • Jon1029

    Ps3 …call of duty series…

  • BigInJapan

    Random game of the moment on mobile is probably what I play the most, but NHL 12 on XBOX is what I’d play all day given the chance.

  • PC. Sims 3.

  • NES –  Galaga!

  • Jparker0201

    Definitely mobile gaming. Currently on The Sims Freeplay.

  • XBOX 360 – My favorite game is Mass Effect 3 (what I am currently playing) followed closely by Borderlands and Fallout

  • Eric Hoffstetter

    I’ve been really impressed with Splashtop’s ability to stream PC games on the Prime. I’ve tried Civilization V on it and it works great. 

  • TeeJae

    PS3 – Uncharted 3

  • PS3 – who doesnt love Rockin out to some Guitar Hero Metallica!!!!!

  • My favorite platform is PC.  I love first person shooters, I still often play Counter Strike Source.  Other games come out and distract me from CSS for a bit, but I continue to go back to CSS. 

  • Lebeauc

    PC is without a doubt, my favorite. Can’t beat a keyboard + mouse.

    • Lebeauc

      Oh, and BF3 is my favorite game right now (HL2 favorite overall)

  • Kronofile

    PC gamer here, though I also play on consoles.  Favorite game right now would be Lone Survivor (just discovered it), but favorite of all time might be the original Fallout.

  • CudeMonster

    I play everything on my Galaxy Nexus!

  • PC. League of Legends.

  • cfb

     I still rock the SNES with Chrono Trigger

  • Leslie

    NHL 12 on PS3

  • Wendnrein

    Thanks for another nice contest!

  • legend of zelda skyward sword for the Wii. Thanks for the contest!

  • F150Fan

    PS3 when I do game. Right now I would have to say that the latest Batman games have been my faves. The storylines in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were just awesome!

  • XBox – Mass Effect

  • Brandon T.

    PC and the Diablo and battlefield series. Oh and eq1

  • Playstation 3 – Rock Band 2 on drums!

  • Whiteblazer00

    PS3 Gran Tourismo

  • PC Games. Favorite is Portal 2.

  • davey82

    Xbox 360 kinect. The gamers workout plan!

  • I only have a PS2 and my phone, if I were to pick based on how often I play it the phone would win hands down.

  • My favorite game is Modern Warfare 3 on PS3

  • Negativerxn

    Playstation 3, baby. Playing the Uncharted series. It’s very nice.

  • Jeremy Senn

    Xbox. Battlefield 3

  • My favorite gaming platform is my Xbox 360, and my favorite game is Mass Effect 3. I really enjoy the whole series, but the 3rd is my favorite (And I even can accept the ending. I know I’ll get hate for this…but whatever).

  • Altimax98

    I would love to win a transformer prime 🙂 🙂

    I play xbox360 most, I can’t afford games so I still play GTA4

  • My favorite is a tie between PC and my PS3. I am currently playing Skyrim on PS# and Aion on my PC. I love rpgs if you can’t tell, lol. 

  • My preferred gaming platform is the PS3 and my favorite game is Battlefield 3.

  • pstevep

    Xbox 360 – halo & assassin’s creed

  • I still like gaming on the Xbox. Microsoft focused on the good games from good publishers and didn’t drag the console down with things that detract or compromise the experience.  I cant’ get enough of the new Mortal Kombat on it.

  • fiveHellions

    Nes – metroid

  • My favorite system is Nintendo DS and my favorite game is Barbie Horse Adventure 🙂

  • rockstar323

    Xbox 360 and Gears of War 3

  • Gamecube – Favorite game? Either SSBM or the Metroid Prime Series

  • PS3
    Call of Duty MW2

  • BloodiedWraith

    PS3 – Dead Space

  • Josh515

    My preferred gaming platform has to be my Galaxy Nexus. I love my PS3 and 3DS, but I always have my phone with me, so it’s more convenient. My favorite game has to be anything for the Game Boy Color A.D. app. I’ve been playing some older GBC games from my childhood for the last few days and I’m hooked!

  • Kenton Goldsby

    My favorite gaming platform is my mobile phone. My favorite game is Temple Run.

  • I love PC Gaming because it’s so easy to upgrade your PC for top performance! 
    I feel like I have a lot more control over my games because of the ability to customize the controls.
    Graphics are also better!

    My favorite game is Battlefield 3!

  • PC-Freespace 2

  • Gtmike256

    PC- World of Tanks

  • keith begeman

    Xbox 360 and Call of Duty: World at War

  • Greekbballer

    Yes NVIDIA is the best 

  • I game on PC – mostly bf3.  I would love to see what this tablet could do for me.

  • rlw889

    Mass Effect 2

  • Eric To

    My preferred gaming platform is the PC.  I primarily play FPS games, lastly MW.  IMO, playing with a keyboard and mouse is the only way to play FPS games.  Accuracy and speed.

  • Kevin

     Oh, favorite game is the Madden series.

  • Kevin


  • tanknspank

    XBox and Skyrim.

  • Mobile (Android of course!) – Temple Run / 9MM

  • JT22knight

    PS3 Battlefield 3

  • My favorites change as new games come out, but currently I’d say mobile with Minecraft. Man, I would love to play it on such a big screen!

  •  PS3. Uncharted series!

  • PC and favorite game would have to be Mass Effect 3.

  • Xbox360. Battlefield 3 is my current favorite game.

    Gonna go play now! Hope I win!

    Good luck everyone.

  • MrBlonde04

    Well it has to be my PC, and my favorite game right now, well that has to be League of Legends! ^_^ AP Kog’Maw FTW

  • PC – Counter Strike: Source is current preferred….all time preferred is Sega Genesis – Altered Beast!!!

  • Mikehen08

    Temple Run on Android!! I would love to play it on a tablet! 

  • I still prefer mobile – android as the gaming platform for now (in comes handy…) and my favorite game is …. angry birds! 🙂

  • XBOX360 is my favorite platform. I love me some NBA 2K12 and CODMW3

  • XBOX is my platform of choice. As far as my favorite game, although it wasn’t the ending I was hoping for / expecting, the Mass Effect series.

  • PC – SW The Old Republic…Play on my Asus G74S laptop. My laptop would be a nice compliment to the Prime!

  • Dmbatson

    Xbox 360 and i would have to say a mix between Call of Duty MW3 or Rainbow 6.

    excited for Rainbow 6 Patriot

  • Playstation 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4 

  • Juanestrada

    Assassins Creed in PC, XBOX y PS3 

  • Im a big basketball fan on my Ps3 with nba 2k12..  now if I win I will be donating this prize to charity so the gaming goodness can be shared.. 🙂

  • Ejklauda

    PC, mass effect 3. I don’t care what people say!

  • pc – mass Effect 3

  • Jdkoreclipse

    Xbox360, Saints Row the Third

  • Dylan Neu

    Android, Cut the Rope. No joke, that game is fantastic 🙂

  • PC World of Warcraft & Earth and Beyond!!!

  • kr8os71

    PS3 – God of War/MW3

    Would love to get a tablet and take my gaming mobile.

  • Juan Estrada

    assassins creed

  • Shahin

    XBOX, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • My preferred gaming platform is PC and my favorite game is Minecraft

  • Scottyb112

    I use to love PlayStation, but bought an Xbox 360 and my favorite games are the Call of Duty series, anyone pretty much. I ♥ Droid-Life 😉

  • I love Borderlands for PS3.

  • BigFonz

    PS2 – Soul Caliber

  • Joshua Casey

    PC – Right now its Star Wars The Old Republic, can’t wait for Guild Wars 2!

  • Balltongue

    Nintendo 64….. GOLDEN EYE!!!

  • Blairginley

    I prefer to game.on my PC

    • Blairginley

      I like WOW, modern warfare

  • Mobile and I love Gun Bros

  • Playstation 3. Assassin’s Creed Series. 

  • PC – World of Warcraft

  • vwbeetlvr

    PC- Battlefield 3

  • PS3 is my platform of choice and right now my favorite game is Skyrim.

  • Dmagness

     love my ps3 and Skyrim! ssskkkkyyyrrriiimmmmmm

  • MJ

    My favorite gaming platform is the PC but now more and more Android these days. Plants vs Zombies! LOL

  • My favorite would be PC, but PC gaming can get expensive and need to keep upgrading, thats why im thinking of purchasing an XBOX360 or a PS3

    My favorite game is TeamFortress2 . I love playing that game over and over again. It’s a great game to play multiplayer. 🙂 

  • Xbox 360…Just love watching my kids play Just Dance on Kinect

  • SNES – Super Mario World

  • JosephMoreno

    PS3….. Skyrim!

  • Xbox 360-Call of Duty MW3
    I’d like to get one just to one up my wife to be honest with you.  She has a Kindle Fire, which is pretty sweet, but she never lets me use it lol.  My 3 year old gets to off and on to watch Phineas & Ferb, lucky little turd lol.
    Anyways, long story short, I never win anything, and I can’t afford to buy a tablet, so this would bee the next best thing.
    Good luck everyone!

  • Turbo Grafix 16, Bonk’s Adventure

  • Gustavo Nieto

    PS3 – Uncharted Saga

    I wish to win this amazing and tablet!! 

  • I love Assassin’s Creed on the Xbox, can’t wait for the new one this fall!


  • avenator14

    Borderlands for the PS3 has to be my favorite game of all time

  • Matthew

    Favorite gaming platform has to be PC and its a tie between Skyrim and Mass Effect 3

  • Angrytesters

    The answer changes everyday, but for now, it would have to be the PC and Witcher 2.

  • PC – Halo….old school

  • JK

    N64 Smash Bros.

  • Knouse4anam

    N64 super smash brothers

  • HieuDo

    Mobile. Tiny Towers and Pocket Frogs. Don’t own a game system anymore and only have a low end netbook so can’t really game there. It’s all about mobile platforms now!



  • kminer1

    Favorite game is Zuma on a PC.  Thank you droid life and nvidia!

  • zaxwashere

    Glorious PC gaming

    Favorite game is currently League of Legends

  • Nyko

    Xbox Live: Call of Duty MW3, we would crush PC players, PS3 players? You guys go in the same bucket as Wii players. (oh no I ditnt!) =P

    Twitter: NykoNako

  • Michael Suriel

    PS3- MW3

    My OG Transformer broke because of a freak accident with a belt -_- and I can’t afford to get it fixed. Please pick me :’)

  • Notbigjohn

    Original nintendo pro wrestling. I love star man still!

  • jromash

    prefer XBOX 360 for gaming but love the versatility of the PS3 love Assassin’s creed series

  • Atari 2600 – either River Raid or Missile Command #oldskool

  • PC gaming all the way 
    SKYRIM has had my soul for quite some time

  • BrianC

    Sega Genesis – MORTAL KOMBAT

  • Christina Cooper

    PS3 Dead Island

    I have a thing for games that involve tearin up zombies. 😉

  • Cristiano Ghidotti

    PlayStation 3 – FIFA 12!

  • whosinaname

    Android – Tin Man Games: An Assassin in Orlandes 

  • Brandon Parvin

    Personally I am a pc gaming fanatic. My favorite games by all means were probably the Unreal Tournament series.

  • faganm24

    Definitely PC, but that’s because it is all I have!

  • Aypeeootrek

    ps3 and socom

  • getupkid1985

    Xbox 360 Batman: Arkham City. Just an awesome game.

  • bwash

    Xbox360 but thinking about switching back to the ps3 kinda let down by the Xbox

  • PS3 and any Resident Evil game!!!!!!

  • SNHall

    N64 Golden Eye hands down.

  • Starting with Playstation2 and moving on to PS3 – no question God of War!

  • PS3 and the Uncharted series, games don’t get much better than those!

  • XBOX – Mortal Kombat, right now at least. 

  • qbix

    Xbox 360. Modern Warfare 2. Current favorite however is Fez because it speaks to my 8-bit roots.

  • PC – Battlefield (Play 4 Free version). I saw it a couple weeks ago and ended up getting hooked.

  • MMiles84

    Favorite gaming platform Xbox 360 and favorite game would be Halo.

  • PC- BF3

  • PC right now.  Used to play my Xbox 360 quite a bit, but not as much any more. My Nook Color does alright with simple stuff, but a Prime would be nicer.  🙂 

  • Droid_Junky

    PS3 Battlefield Bad Company. 

  • Cyani47

    Still love playing WOW on my laptop, but XBox 360, Birds of Steel is my number 1.

  • PC and World of Warcraft :/ 

    its so damn addicting.

  • Bonzix

    SNES Street Fighter II

  • PS3 is my gaming platform and FIFA12 is my favorite game.

  • lakerstar25

    PS3 favorite game right now is Resident Evil Operation Raccon City.

  • Cush2push

    Xbox modern warfare 3 atm

  • D R A G O N 1478

    PS3 is my favorite, and got to be COD MW3

  • HonKudasai

    PC is my platform of choice.

    The Descent series is by far my favorite. I sooooooooo can’t wait for Interplay to renew development on Descent 4.

  • Xbox 360 – Madden!

  • Ali

    PC – Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

  • cpiso

    PS3 – Favorite game is Borderlands

  • dplowden88

    X-Box 360 and my favorite game is Trials! Love me some Trials! Woohoo, thanks DL and NVIDIA!!!

  • Justreboot

    XBOX 360 Entire Halo series classic…

  • jackrabbit969

    PS3 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Would like this to play all the great android games that I can’t play on my GNex. Dark Meadow is a prime example.
    Besides that I can show up my sister and her stupid iPad.

  • I am loving Trials Evolution on Xbox 360

  • Elementality

    PS3 – Call of Duty

  • Tim Hughes

    COD MW3 on XBox for this guy. Great giveaway! I could really use this since I’m still using a 8 year old Dell for crying out loud.

  • PS3 –  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

  • trumpet444

    xbox and the Hitman: Codename 47 series!!!

  • Damndza16

    Playstation 3, Need for Speed Shift

  • Kevin

    XBOX 360, Nba 2k series.

  • Preferred gaming platform is PC due to hardware superiority and favorite game to play on the PC is Skyrim.

  • Preferred gaming platform is PC due to hardware superiority and favorite game to play on the PC is Skyrim.

  • Starhelius17

    My preferred gaming platform is actually the Wii, and I prefer it BECAUSE it has so few good games to play.  I’m a pretty busy guy, and my gaming back catalog is relatively thin (compared to a PS3 or XBox owner) on the Wii because most of the games are poor excuses for digital entertainment; so I feel like I can actually get to it all!

    Favorite game?  Smash Bros. Brawl, no doubt.  STILL playing that damn thing online with the other 5 people in the country who also play.

    Does this contest require a sob story on why I should be picked (it’s not part of the rules, but so many commenters have done it that it makes me feel like it’s an unspoken rule of some kind).  I’d like to offer one, but I’m afraid that I have misplaced the smallest of my violins, and it is the only one that can do my tragic tablet-less backstory true justice :’-(

    But on a serious note:  Thanks for these contests!  And thank you for your consideration 🙂

  • Mitch

    Pc!! I’m a recovering wow addict now addicted to league of legends!

  • Mastaking

    Xbox360 – Chaos Theory (Xbox Classics) – The multiplayer was the best.

  • PC… Farmville … no no actually I spend most of my time playing on my Gnex. As of now I am still addicted to Temple Run

  • Soomin Jeong

    PS3, to continue the Final Fantasy series (which the latest release never seems to be the final 😉 ) and waiting for Kingdom Hearts III.

  • My favorite gaming platform is the Xbox 360, and my favorite game is Battlefield 3.

    Ignore my previous comment..posted twice by accident.

  • My preferred platform is the PC and my favorite game is Dead Space.

  • Dan Dippel

    Xbox 360 – Mass Effect Trilogy

    These games had amazing gameplay, not to mention one of the best story lines to hit a video game in years, in fact, I would go so far as to say that it is the best, seeing as how no other story’s come to mind when I try to think of a better one.

  • My favorite gaming platform is Nintendo Wii and my favorite game is super mario bros wii. It is great to play with the kids. 4 controllers going at once. It is the best.

  • Umiwonder

    xbox 360 – Elder Scrolls Series

  • Kmcclain110775

    My preferred gaming platform is the XBOX 360. My favorite game is MADDEN NFL.

  • Commodore 64 – Space Taxi

  • Without a doubt:

    PC – Portal 

  • Kyle

    My favorite game is Diablo II on PC and will soon be Diablo III! Hopefully I can broaden my horizons if I win though 🙂

  • Steve G

    Xbox 360… Who doesn’t like them some mass effect?

  • PC – GTA Vice City

    I hope i will be the winner

  • nothing i dont play video games

  • Nitin V

    My preferred gaming platform is the Xbox 360, and my favorite game is Battlefield 3.

  • adamladd

    Gta 3 on android<333 and emulators and im set

  • Scott

    Without a doubt XBOX and favorite game would have to be Assassin’s Creed II

  • Paul Johnson

    PC though I have been doing a lot more gaming on my phone as of lately

  • Kraymanbauer

    My preferred console is ps3 and my all time favorite game has got to be metal gear solid 4. Epic story and game play with an ending that was the greatest. It always feels nice playing something you’ve been playing for years and seeing the final game. Its almost like the characters are family. For the sake of this contest I would also have to add bioshock in there. The ending was awful but the style of the game and its game play was superior to anything at that time…and even now

  • Draulie2003

    Favorite Game System: PS3
    Favorite Game: Metal Gear Solid

  • Bo Lee

    XBOX – Halo series

  • TheAxe99

    TES III: Morrowind on PC

  • ScottyByrd

     PC and I play the almost dead Everquest 2 🙂

  • marcus walton

    XBOX 360. FIFA12

  • Dan

    xbox 360 halo reach

  • im going to say im a NHL12 on the Xbox360 type of guy

    if i really really had to choose……. Super Mario Bro. for Super Nintendo……. instant classic, all time favorite

  • chickendinner

    PS3 COD Series

  • Brandito

    NES: Super Mario 3 or Legend of Zelda.  Just feels like too many buttons on my Xbox 360

  • My preferred platform these days is the PC (much love to Valve for Steam).  Tough choice picking my favorite game on PC, but I think the Mass Effect series wins out.

  • PC, more upgradability

  • Angel Roldan

    Ps3 and battlefield 3 although i’ve recently play the new ghost recon future solider beta and is quickly becoming my new favorite!:)

  • Mobile: Angry Birds Space or Fruit Ninja

  • Masterminded

    Gamecube, Zelda Twilight Princess, so much better than the Wii version

  • Koolice

    Xbox is my favorite platform and saints row 3 is my favorite game.

  • Lindsey Miller

    Favorite gaming platform is PC, and my guilty pressure at the moment is The Witcher 2, although my alltime favorite is Skyrim 🙂

  • PC and LOTRO

  • PC – Portal 2

  • Rob Rollings

    My all time favorite FPS is DOOM 3!

  • Eddie

    Preferred game platform: PC!
    Favorite Game: Half-life 2

  • necroscopev

    First is PC for any MMO, currently playing Rift but eagerly awaiting Secret World.
    Everything else I play on the PS3, favotite series of games is Call of Duty.
    I would LOVE to win a sweet tablet! I always want to get one but can’t justify the cost yet, darn kid and saving for his future college expenses…..

  • DroidModderX

    P33 call of duty

  • danielloniusz

    I love to play on my mobile device. I have LG with android gingerbread. I like all the games like where is my water, angry birds or worlds of goo. I can’t play more sophisticated games since my phone will not handle it.

  • PS3 – Battlefield 3

  • Insbrigand

    PC – Eve Online.

    Nothing beats the MMOs

  • James Murphy

    GameCube, Super Smash Bros. Melee.

  • Matt Offiler

    PS3; Mercenaries 2.. Not the best game they’ve made for the PS3, but way fun to run around GTA style in a bit more of a combat zone.

  • My modded PS2. All I’ve been playing are the Kingdom Hearts I & II Final Mix.

  • Pharmkid771

    Xbox 360 – Skyrim!

  • PC is my preferred platform and my game of choice would have to be Starcraft II

  • My preferred gaming system is the XBox 360. I am currently in love with Trials Evolution.

  • nativi

    Playstation 3
    Modern warfare 3 for now.
    But GTA Vice City always

  • Xbox 360- NHL12. This would be awesome to win!

  • Dan

    PC Diablo 3

  • Mr. Joshua

    PS3 – God of War!!!

  • PC – Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

    Old, but a favorite. “Gold Please”

  • pick me

  • Jonathan Bond

    Xbox 360 – Modern Warefare 3

  • Nick Johnson

    i like playing shadow gun on my ipod touch cuz i dont have an android device yet. pick me please!!!

  • abinkley

    Preferred is certainly PC. My latest favorite is Rift. I started MMOs with the original EQ in 2001 and have been a fan of them since. Great contest, folks! Good luck to all who entered and congrats to the winner.

  • PC is by far the best and my current favorite game is Portal 2. 

  • Jack Hoffman

    PC – Anything Diablo-related…your argument is invalid!

  • My favorite console is the Xbox 360 and favorite game(s) are the Mass Effect trilogy.

  • These days my preferred platform is PS3 with my favorite game being Deus Ex HR. It used to be PC, but I haven’t upgraded my computer in a while. I built my last computer for Half-Life 2, and refuse to build a new one unless HL2 episode 3/HL3 comes around.

    … Which may be never. I don’t even know anymore.

  • I’d say my favorite system is ps3 just because of ease of use (no worries about drivers etc) but i sure am getting sick of daily updates. right now i’m playing MW3 and NBA2k12…

  • Bman021

    Xbox MW3

  • PC …Left for Dead 2 

  • Matthew Cobb

    ps3 great media center and gotta love the infamous series

  • Beefjerky41

    The Xbox 360 is my weapon of choice with Skyrim being the game I waste my life on 🙂

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Id have to say Xbox and fruit ninja kinnect! (My three girls love playing it and they’ve sucked me in to it!)
    I do also casually enjoy Mw3 as well!

  • Nick Bassett

    Xbox 360 and my favorite game is Mass Effect 3 until the last 5 minutes of it 

  • I’m a PC gamer myself. RPG all the way- Skyrim is my current project 🙂

  • Trevor

    XBox 360 – Borderlands….definitely Borderlands.

    Gross, I just instantly got diarrhea.  Weird.  Oh well, whilst on the can, I’ll play with my 10.1 inch Samsung tablet that I obtained recently.

  • nmaxfield

    xbox – tough choice between halo series and gears of war series. my favorite would be whichever one came out with a game last 😛

  • PS2-Need for Speed Carbon

  • My favorite gamin platform is still Sega Genesis and my fav games are Sonic series. Of course, if I won a new Transformer Prime, I could play the new Sonic 4 game!

  • Elliotthj91

    Xbox 360 — Borderlands

  • Naveris

    N64 loved golden eye multi player

  • Matt

    Im a PC gamer for life and Battlefield 3 all the way!

  • BostonFan87

    XBOX 360 and the new SSX game!

  • Lizz.0

    Nintendo- Marble Madness

  • Well, I have no Xbox, PS3, and my PC is about 6 years old and cant play anything of value, so my favorite game is minesweeper : (     help me with a good gaming tablet.

  • guest’s guest

    XBOX – FIFA 12

  • Robinson

    Favorite platform is the PS3, love Fallout and Borderlands series

  • WormDoes

    PS3. Batman Arkham Asylum

  • XBOX 360 – Red Dead Redemption

  • Jeff Kingsmore

    PC and d3 beta 🙂

  • My favorite gaming platform is PC and my favorite game is Skyrim

  • Txweatherman

    Mobile and Angry Birds!

  • I typically play PS3 games … any shooter or hack-n-slash will do. Although I do waste some time on my Galaxy Nexus … Words For Friends or Draw Something.

  • Jonathan

    Call me old school – Super Mario Brothers 1 on NES
    Beginning to explore Android Games
    PC Games never hooked me.

  • Wii.  I’m a sucker for any platform that allows me to play old-school platformers as true-to-form as possible, and a soft-modded Wii does just that.  Mega Man FTW.  Here’s to hoping they come out with some retro wireless controllers for Android!

  • Bilichjl

    I’m an Xbox guy…always used to be Playstation, but have since chosen the 360.  I really like RPGs. right now hooked on Kingdom Hearts.

  • Byron Galvez

    My favorite platform is MAC and my favorite game is(still believed it or not) Ever Quest Mac version

  • Love my PS3 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

  • willsours

    Playstation 3 is my choice for console gaming, and Madden 12 is currently my favorite game.

  • XBOX 360 NCAA Football

  • EVO Cesar

    Xbox – Halo Reach

  • aniap01

    My favourite gaming platform is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S and the most addicting game right now for me is Dragon Fly 🙂

  • JMonkeYJ

    my current favorite is the PC and game is Mass Effect 3. if you had asked me a week ago i would still say favorite platform is PC, but favorite game would have been Fez for xbox 🙂

  • PC – Battlefield 3
    Sadly, college work, and app development has put a damper on that lately….

  • Ivan Clavijos

    PC and rFactor as favourite game 😀

  • Bdrsvt

    Although I like both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 equally. They both have their pros and cons but I’m gonna say the PS3 is my favorite. It just has better exclusives and the Uncharted series is off the hook! So….

    PS3 – Uncharted 3

  • Andrew

    My favorite gaming platform is Xbox 360 and my favorite game is Portal.

  • Randy Bihlmayer

    I do all my gaming on Xbox360 – COD MW3 is my druthers.  Oh, and I wish diarrhea on whoever stole SD_Scott’s Samsung tablet and briefcase too!

  • I like to game on the PC & my favorite game is Batman Arkham City.

  • Jkr

    PS3 – FIFA 12

  • Jeremymshores

    Xbox 360, currently halo reach.

  • Edward Peichel

    XBox, Forza series.

    Total racing game guy at heart. Been lusting after a Transformer Prime, figured why not?!

  • My favorite platform is Nintendo and Zelda is the best gaming IP ever created.

  • Sir_Spitz

    Xbox 360 – Gears of War Series. Not sure why it’s my favorite, but I find myself always coming back to it.

  • cpeter753

    Xbox 360 and Mass Effect 3. Actually Mass Effect 1,2, and 3.

  • I have both the PS3 and Xbox 360, but play games mostly on my Transformer Prime. Favorite game would have to be Samurai II: Vengeance.

  • chunsanger

    Preferred Gaming Platform: PS3, love story type games such as the Uncharted series. 
    Favorite Game on Platform: MLB The Show ’12 , sucker for great sports games. Still waiting on a truly awesome baseball game to come to mobile devices/tablets.

  • Aaron Abdis

    My favorite platform is PC; and my favorite game is Mass Effect, as a whole. … I’ve never played a game where you develop such a connection to the characters. I miss them!  

  • Favorite platform was PC and the game was CS 1.6, now it’s Xbox and Halo…. What next?

  • Neutrontwin

    Xbox 360-Skyrim

    I love this game.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    My preferred gaming platform is definitely my 3DS. It’s hard to choose one, but I think I’ll go with  Resident Evil Revelations as my favorite game for that platform. 😀

  • Xbox 360, and for the time being Battlefield 3. Super solid game!

  • thewolfkin
  • PC – Half-Life, that’s one of the best games of all time, if not the best of all time.

  • mass effect 3 xbox 360

  • I really only occasionally play games on my phone

  • Talbot Shoemaker

    I’m a PC fan since Starcraft. And that’s my favorite game, I’m pretty sure.

  • Love my Xbox and I am still playing Gears of War 3 and Burnout Paradise

  • Russell Parks

    Xbox – Mass Effect 2
    Really there are a lot but we’ll stick with a single game.  Havne’t had the chance to play ME3 because my Xbox is broken but oh well… maybe a new Transformer prime will help to keep my mind off of it 😉

  • Sanitarium09

    PS3 Call of Duty MW3

  • Akuma

    Wii — Tatsunoku vs. Capcom.

  • XBOX Red Dead

  • PS3…  FIFA 12

  • favorite gaming platform is PC. Counter-Strike is the game of choice!

  • k_nivesout

    PS3 – Portal 2

  • MarkieMark

    Crash Bandicoot for the PS2 is the best game ever!

  • Ursoundguy

    XBOX 360 – still go back to playing TC Rainbow 6 Las Vegas

  • Zachary Stone

    XBOX and my favorite game is Batman: Arkham City

  • Lucas Monroe

    PS3 – Modern Warfare 3

  • Xbox 360 – Skyrim

  • Kbukowski60

    Xbox 360, Mass effect (entire series) because it’s a brilliantly told story better then 90 percent of the movies out there. But I love games so it’s hard for me to choose 1 console and 1 game.

  • Alexander Amato

    Platform: PS3. Favorite game (Currently): Skyrim.

  • Matt Kelley

    PC is my gaming console, its a power house that can play Skyrim on high, but the best game I’ve ever played on it will have to be Minecraft.  Ive spent countless hours playing with blocks. 

  • I prefer gaming on the Xbox 360. And my favorite game is Battlefield 3 by far!

  • currently

    i dont know of a great android rpg so ill stick to DARK SOULS

  • Daniel Tifft

    I prefer gaming on the Xbox 360. And my favorite game is Battlefield 3 by far!

  • My prefered gaming platform is PC. I like playing FPS games, and Counter strike must be my favourite. I like having my mobile with me, to play games on the go. And a tablet for that would do a really good job, expecially this one, as I could use it for my school because it has the keyboard.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    PS3 – Twisted Metal

  • Gonna go with GameBoy Color and pokemon on this one

  • Andy’sCousin

    Playing as oddjob and smacking the crap out of my foes in multiplayer Golden Eye on N64

  • Gotta go with the classic: SMB1 on NES

  • Nick

    It’s all bout PS3 baby! favorite game, mw3! I am on that thing almost everynight!

  • Justin Lightner

    PS3 is my favorite platform and Madden is my favorite game.

  • Oscar Botelho

    xox 360 – Forza 4

    PC- GTA 4 


  • My favourite gaming platform is Xbox 360 with Red Dead Redemption! It’s awesome. 

  • PC – RTCW: Enemy Territory

  • PS3- Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

  • A32

    Mobile – Temple Run
    It’s a simple game, but I could play it for hours..

  • Jason Ward

    My preferred gaming platform: Xbox 360
    Favorite game at the moment: Tiger 2013

  • Xbox 360 – Gears of War 3

  • Zibelion

    PS3 – Call of Duty

  • PS3 – Uncharted 3

  • jdwolbeck

    Mobile gaming because I’m always on the go. 
    Loving Temple Run at the moment.

  • Stephen Morrison

    Favorite game: Halo. I’ll tell you what my preferred gaming platform WAS (I’m a father as of a year and a half ago, so not too much time to game anymore): XBOX 360. I had 2 of them. First one got the RROD, still under the Best Buy warrant and they swapped it out right there, thank you very much Best Buy. So, I paid the extra money and went to the elite… Just a month and a half outside of Microsoft’s warranty I get the RROD. I called to see if they might help, but they refused. The rep on the phone went so far as to say, and this is burned into my memory, “It’s like a car. You have to pay to maintain it.” I went off the deep end and and told this guy “If this were a car with a problem so widespread, they would have put out a recall and I would have had it fixed for free!!!” Hell, I know I people with the first Nintendo and it still runs like a champ.   

    I said I would never by from MS again. It’s been about a year now and have made good on that promise. Android 4 life!

    edit: punctuation

  • Xbox 360 – Tiger woods 13

  • Used to have a PS3, sold it to buy my Nexus, so I do all my gaming on my Nexus, a beastly gaming machine I built myself.  On Android it’s gotta be Shadowgun, and on PC I’m kinda obsessed with L.A. Noire and Skyrim at the moment, though the Diablo III open beta was killer.

    • Tweekex

      I just wish the beta would have been longer!

  • PC: Battlefield 3, Modern warfare 3, First Person shooters. 
    An ATI video card has never touched any of my machines. (Side note).

  • Dragoth82

    xbox360 and favorite game is battlefield3

  • Nwilkins15

    Ps3 and NHL 12


    Mobile and Angry Birds…still can’t stop playing that game. I am ready to move on…..Dark Meadow would be a good one!

  • Drew

    Currently Arkham City, Xbox 360

    All time, Zelda: OoT on N64

    • Tweekex

      My all time as well, such a perfect game.

  • NYBeeks

    Wii and Deer Hunter

  • KreeTerry

    I only game on my mac atm, and i play minecraft like an addict.  its sad really

  • Duelointocable

    Love my XBOX 360!!! My favorite games will always be the Halo series.

  • xix19

    Xbox 360. Call of duty 4

  •  Preferred gaming platform at the moment is my PS3 and my favourite game is Skyrim. All that will change when Guild Wars 2 comes out on the PC though 😛

  • PS2 – Madden NFL – I can’t help it!

  • Danny stone

    PS3-Battlefield 3

  • John

    N64: Donkey Kong 64.

    Took me 60 hours to beat the whole thing at 101%. Without a walkthrough. Power of an Asian.

  • PC -World of Warcraft
    made a bunch of friends on that game.

  • PC – Skyrim.

  • Mark F

    xbox 360

  • glee24

    PS3 – MW3

  • Xbox 360 and Gears of War 3

  • Serpico

    Favorite gaming platform is XBOX360, and Lego Harry Potter .. I know … I know …..

  • fifteen10e56

    PC: Starcraft (original)

  • TJ

    XBOX 360
    Batman Arkham Asylum

  • Droid3guy

    XBOX 360, Forza 4!

  • Matthewpcaplan

    Wii-Just Dance.  It’s fun playing with my 5 year old and 2 year old daughters.  They love it.

  • XBOX- Need for Speed, like to play it with my son.

  • N64- Mario Kart 64
    Played this game more than any other and for local multiplayer it still cant be beat.

    Winning would be a great way to close out the semester.

  • PS3: Battlefield 3
    Mobile (Gnex): Shadowgun


    XBOX and currently having fun playing Skylanders with my kids.

  • Jdowns1381

    I prefer the PS system, and any of the Call of Duty games I can get my hands on.

  • Stang30290

    Xbox360 call of duty modern warfare

    Nvidia and Asus are awesome

  • PC:  Love Portal 2 & Rift

  • Rebuke78

    Use to be a console gamer but the games have just gotten ridiculous in price so I’m definitely a mobile gamer & loving Shadow Gun right now on my galaxy nexus.


    PC all the way, so much more power! My game would have to be Skyrim

  • Austin Hinners

    PC – Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    I love gaming, and this question was a rather hard one.  Mobile gaming has had an ever increasing role, however, as mobile games get better.  Dark Meadow looks fantastic and amazing, and if it is as good as you say it is, I will love you forever for letting me play it on a new fantastic and amazing tablet. Thanks guys! 

  • B Assenza

    PS and Sly Cooper…

  • XBOX 360 and NHL12

  • Xbox 360, and NCAA football series

  • PC. Spore was a fun, even though it did not live up to its name.

  • Jerrymen88

    my preferred gaming platform is ps3 and my favorite game is fifa soccer 12

  • PS3 Madden

  • AMGala

    My favorite gaming platform is my PS3, with my favorite game being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, if I had a tablet I would probably end up using it more for gaming than my PS3!

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

    I play mostly on my PC. Favorite without a doubt is Skyrim

  • Higher_Ground

    xbox 360 (finally bought one last fall) and my favorite game (i’ve only played a handful) so far is call of duty MW3

  • KG

    PS2. Resident Evil 4.

  • monoik

    I’m a PC player. And I’m still playing Skyrim. 100+ hours!

  • Shockerfred

    Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog!

  • Rob

    xbox all the way…. anything i can play and shoot at my friends..

  • Mondoevil

    Wii and skylanders
    – fun lil game, and who does not love a chance to win

  • Jplunkett

    XBOX Rocks – Mass Effect 1-3

  • Gaming is my passion whether it be mobile, PC, or console. I have played games as far back as I can remember, and I love every source of gaming I can experience. The exciting stories you live in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games on the PSP (and older PlayStation consoles). The Pokemon obsession of every Nintendo Handheld. The magnificent games that are coming to mobile phones and tablets are far more technologically advanced and exciting than I ever imagined! I love the action packed stories of Gears of War and Halo on the Xbox 360, the epics that are Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, and Killzone on the PlayStation 3, and the legendary/unforgettable adventures of Mario and Link in their plethora of amazing titles on Nintendo consoles. That is but a small fraction of the most memorable experiences I can come up with in gaming. I can not imagine what the world would be like without video games (except less lazy.. jk), and it excites me to see how the industry is growing and becoming more and more important on mobile devices.

  • Preferred console is the PS3 and I play Skyrim the most.

  • Jbunch07

    PC…any good FPS!

  • RyanML

    My favorite gaming platform is mobile and my current favorite game is Angry Birds Space

  • my good old gnex, playing ‘9 innings baseball’.

  • The most powerful computer in my house is either my galaxy nexus or my acer iconia, so I’m going to have to say that mobile is my platform of choice, more specifically tegra (its a little worrying for android as a whole that tegra is pretty much a separate gaming platform). My favorite games are space flying games like Galaxy on Fire 2 (THD of course) and retro games like Radiant, though I gotta admit, the videos of this game make it look amazing.
    I’m fairly certain a TPF would satisfy nearly all of my computing needs, so If I win, I promise to send you a video of me lighting my current computer (an hp netbook) on fire and throwing it off a building.

  • Mike M

    PC – Battlefield 3

  • PC – F1 2011

  • hkold

    Xbox…Halo series 

  • XBOX! MW3!
    I have and play BF3, but… it’s just not COD…

  • PS2 – Resident Evil 4. Only game I’ve ever played all the way through twice. Gotta love buying that million dollar rocket launcher from the merchant.

  • My preferred gaming platform would have to be PC and my favorite game would have to be Counter Strike:Source.
    The reason why is because CSS is a great FPS game and it uses Source Engine which even though doesn’t have great graphics, it allows the community to create a lot of mods, maps, skins, and custom sounds which seems to cause the game never to get boring.Counter Strike:Source is also one of the most competitive games out there.

  • Mark Amazon

    Favorite platform is by far the Playstation 3. I love Gran Turismo 5 and love to pwn noobs! 

  • ankit199

    PS3 – Uncharted series

  • Raymond P.


    Batman: Arkham City

  • Most definitely PC

    Favorite game…more difficult but I’d have to say the Mass Effect series (the ending wasn’t satisfying at all, but I can’t discount the hundreds of hours of enjoyment it gave me leading up to it)…or SWTOR…Love me some SWTOR!

  • JasminJasarevic

    Xbox 360 .cod usually bc i dont have time for much gaming ;(

  • Curtis

    XBOX360 – Split between MW3 and GOW3.

    • ps3 then since god3 is exclusive

  • My preferred platform is mobile … it’s always with me, so I can play anytime, anywhere.  My favorite game of all time would have to be Sentinel 3, that game was hours and hours of fun.  Right now, my favorite is the recently-released Dark Legends; it is a very well-done and enjoyable game.

  • BAoxymoron

    PC- and League of Legends

  • Jonik Cannon

    PS3 and my favoirte game is and will always be GOD of War III(cant get enought of Kratos), esp with the new one coming out………..and Twisted Metal

  • VERY hard question to answer…but I’ll go with “Goldeneye” on N64

  • I mostly play PC Games and my current favorite is Minecraft

  • Deslotnick

    Nintendo 64 – GOLDEN EYE   boiyeeeeee!!!

  • Richie681

    PC – BF3. I have a lot of hope for mobile gaming though. Gets better every day. 

  • Xbox 360 – Modern Warfare 3

    I hope I win this.

  • my favorite platform is the ps3 and my favorite game is Skyrim!

  • Rodney L Guy

    PS3 – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

  • PRTaz3

    Xbox 360 – NBA 2K12

  • D C

    my favorite platform is the PS3 and my favorite game is SSX!

  • PC – Diablo 3

  • As much as I know it isn’t the “best system” out there, I still prefer my 360. Give me Assassin’s Creed any day!

  • Derek

    Right now my favorite is my 360 while I’m saving up to rebuild my dead PC :(.My favorite is tough but three would be. Team Fortress 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Dragon Warrior Monsters for the GBC.

  • MajorDroid

    Xbox 360 Gears of War 3

  • Wayne King

    My platform of choice is PC, and my favorite game is ARMA2 with ShackTac (great group of people).

    I’d love to win this. I ordered a new laptop in February, which took over 2 months to arrive (on deployment), and showed up with a dead keyboard. So this beastly Prime would be an amazing replacement.

  • PS3- Battlefield 3! Still lovin’ it!!

  • Donnielaplante

    PC for sure, and Skyrim without a doubt. Before that Morrowind.

  • Xbox-Batman Arkham City

  • Xbox 360 – Skyrim

  • Nintendo Wii – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

  • M Dot

    PS…….Final Fantasy VII

  • Luisfigueroa1988

    Xbox 360 dead space 2

  • Xbox 360 – Skyrim… 220 hours of pure enjoyment.

  • PC – Portal 2 and soon (GW2 & D3)I really love my xbox too tho! (MW3, AC Revelations 🙂

  • Xiizero15iix

    Xbox360—- gears of war 1,2,3
    They are all amazing games and Dark Meadow being powered by Unreal Engine … it should be amazing!

  • ten2o3

    PS3 & madden

  • forgot to mention the game…xbox and skylanders

  • Dre51298

    Asus g74SX laptop with fallout new Vegas

  • fav = xbox

  • briantluong

    Sad is that I have a PS3, Xbox, PC, I prefer mobile because I am always on my phone.  I really like Zombie Dash.

  • my preferred platform is xbox, but i everyone i play with has a ps3, so that is what i play on. favorite game is bad company 2.  my next favorite game would be bad company 3, if they take they make it with the same advances as battlefield 3.  favorite of all time is halflife.

  • @area0052

    My preferred platform is mobile and right now my favorite game is shadowgun

  • PS3 is my favorite gaming platform.

  • James Collyer

    xbox FIFA or breaking out World at War to play some og nazi zombies

  • wtm1417

    PC all day. And battlefield 3 lately

  • Xbox – Skyrim. Gives me hang time with my boy with something he really enjoys.

    Thanks for the chance, NVIDIA and Phosphor Games!

  • Greg Morris

    XBOX 360, Beatles Rock Band! Thank you!!

  • PC is my number 1 favorite platform, Half-Life 2 is my favorite game.

  • Kernschatten

    Xbox. Skyrim.

  • My preferred gaming platform is Xbox 360 and halo would be my all time favorite game. It has beautiful landscaped and textures and a great/intense storyline.

  • PC.  I’ve been super addicted to World of Tanks lately.

  • PC- minecraft. or xbox-forza 4 cant decide..

  • Daniel Seymour

    Xbox 360- Battlefield 3!

  • PC- dota 2

  • PC for sure because of the superb graphics I get on my PC compared to my xbox.

  • smartguy05

    My preferred gaming platform is PC and I love me some COD MW3

  • Logan_jinx

    I generally stick to mobile gaming mlst if the since it’s a lot more convenient than anything else, but when i really like playing conskle games I really like using Onlive just because i can play on either my tv or laptop and have pretty much the same experience wherever i go.

  • I like PC gaming by FAR and I’ll always be partial to Counter-Strike as I played it for so long. Games like Battlefied and COD are fun as well.

  • hfoster52

    PS2 Racket and Clank

  • Wii-  Skyward Sword
    A brilliant zelda game and just a brilliant game in general honestly my top for this gen 

  • Ryan Easton

    I still play mostly pc just for the depth that most games on pc have, and I can play them a lot longer than most. But I am playing a lot more on my phone now too because its always with me.

  • Platform: PS3
    Game: DC Universe & BF3

  • PC – Favorite keeps switching between Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends

  • PC – Left 4 Dead and Borderlands

  • I cant pick between PS3 and PC

    But for PS3 its Little Big Planetand PC is the entire Command and Conquer series

  • Chazzhd3rd

    PC – Batman: Arkham City

  • Tomkochansky

    I never win anything but here it goes.

    I still enjoy PC gaming. Like to dig up some old UT and DOD.

  • PC – Warcraft III
    Well not really the Warcraft game, but the custom map called Defense of the Ancients / DotA. That game seems never die.

  • Kelly

    Super nintendo – donkey kong country!

  • PS3 – Call of Duty

  • PC – Homeworld 2!

  • Lil2good20

    Pc : COD, Rift, Wow, Soon “Guild Wars 2”.
    Xbox: COD, Left 4 Dead.
    Phone: Dungeon Defenders.

    I’m a gamer and love it. Follow me on twitter lil2good20

  • I only game on my Xoom now!  Would love to upgrade to a Transformer Prime!

  • Stephen Mcknight

    The Sega Genesis is my favorite console and Tecmo Bowl is my favorite game

  • PlayStation 3, and my favorite game is Warhawk!

  • rolltidedad

    PC — Call of Duty Black Ops

  • droidscythe

    Depends on the game, I prefer Call of Duty on my PS3; however I really enjoy tower defense games on my tablet and mobile phone… Field Runners HD is still entertaining.

  • PC – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

  • I do mostly all my gaming on PS3 and most of my time recently has been spent in Battlefield 3

  • Jrizk07

    Honestly my preferred gaming platform right now has got to be mobile. With all the travelling and everything that I do my choice is my phone. Would love to play this on a transformer prime though to see what all the hype is about. I’ve been enjoying zenonia 4, not to mention the transformer prime would be plenty portable.

  • MatBag

    Super Nintendo.  Tetris Attack

  • PC. Skyrim.

  • Cooper_pbc

    I love Angry Birds on my Mobile Device!

  • Alain Alemany Arana

    I prefer PS (PS3 exactly) because they have the best good looking games, the best classics and a very curious and original way to get to their users, all mixed with the best hardware in console universe. A hardware by the way more impressive having in mind the year it was created. And a community that loves them beyond any intent of hacking. I feel the same way with Android, which for being the best on mobile world they have a rain of demands and judicial fights, their only fault is to be the best. And with ASUS I feel totally familiarized in a PS3-hardware-like way, because in my modest opinion is the best brand right now, the best hardware mixed with every single taste Android have… for me the best taste I could ever dream.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  • Shara

    Xbox . FIFA

  • Darkit24

    Xbox 360 – Forza 4. 

  • Patburk

    I have a PS3 and my favorite game is Need for Speed

  • Tferrell7368

    Play Station ……Grand Theft Series & Medalof Honor

  • threerandomwords

    Super nintendo – The legend of Zelda a link to the past

  • ps — metal gear solid series

    madden is a close second

  • I am a Nintendo fan from the beginning. Legend of Zelda series opened up a whole new world to gaming when I was 10. I love video games and the mobile platform is just a new stepping stone in the world of gaming. 

    As a side note, this may seem out of character/off topic but I will post it anyway because I know the Droid-Life community is a great group of people. One of my best friends passed away a few days ago and today was the funeral. Please pray for his family and friends. Thank you everyone! You guys are great! 

  • Christopher Yépez

    Android – Space Station: Frontier

    Great game from Origin8, I really love it.

  • Bill Georgen

    Favorite gaming platform is mobile cause it is always with me and my XBox 360 just died (red ring of death I believe they call it).  Current favorite game to play is Modern Combat 2 on my phone.

  • The X-Box is my preferred gaming platform.

  • Galapagosriot

    My preferred platform is ps3 and favorite game is skyrim

  • Jay

    XBox  – Protoype 
    PC – Just Cause 2

    Those games were just too fun!

  • Andrew Briare

    League of Legends on the PC CANNOT BE BEAT!!

  • Preferred gaming platform:  PlayStation 3
    Favorite Game:  Uncharted 1/2/3

    NaughtyDog for the win!!!!

  • DoorsFreak

    Platform: Mobile
    Grand Theft Auto 3 10th Anniversary 

  • Rp780

    XBOX360 favorite game is FIFA even with the “improved” defense this year. 

  • Android system with 9 innings pro baseball is my favorite….close second is PC – Eve online and World of Tanks

  • Willtron

    PS3  – Fifa12!!!

  • Kal5el

    Xbox- Bioshock.

  • DesertDirt

    Mobile. On my O.G. eee Pad Transformer

    • DesertDirt

      Oh and favorite game = Turbo Granny!

  • Pookie2

    Favorite platform is mobile! Games on the go… Enjoying Shadow Gun right now. 

  • dewey1973

    I only play games on Android. Right now my favorite game is Muffin Knight.

  • Jairo Argueta


    Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception

  • I like playing on my 360 and my favorite game is halo 3.

  • Jimbo

    N64 – Mario Kart 64 baby

  • Geoh711

    PS3 – Batman Arkham City

  • mobile is the best because i actually use it. While my wii and ps3 gather dust

  • Caleb

    N64 – Super Smash Bros

  • My PS3 is my baby and currently i’m loving Skyrim…because comon…DRAGONS! But my all time favorite game is Metal Gear Solid.

  • Alex

    Not much of a gamer, but when I do play, its Modern Warfare 3 on Ps3

  • S2556

    Conquer’s Bad Fur Day!!!!
    one of the best games ever made

  • Billy Stanton

    Has to be the 360 and Forza 4. Gotta love playing tag online 

  • James_Kernicky

    PS3 – Modern Warfare 3 because it gives me the chance to spend time with my brothers who live far away.

  • All, I’m a gamer for life! until my gf says it’s time for Glee or Community

  • Jhamilton028

    Xbox 360 All the way! Andddddd, Skyrim (bombb)

  • David Hollinger

    I love my Wii and PS3, but nothing will ever get me to get rid of my PC and the holiness that is Battlefield 3

  • Merc56

    PC – Call of Duty Black Ops

    Can’t afford to update to PC to play anything newer, so Black Ops is it for now.

    If I won this, it would be a first at winning any raffle for me. This has still got to be better odds than lotto 🙂

  • PS3 – Castlevania Symphony of the Night (throwback!)

  • g_what

    Currently, I probably play the Wii the most (Super Smash Bros), but my actual favorite game is Diablo 2 for PC. I am SO EXCITED for Diablo 3.

  • Jake W

    PC – MW2 fo life

  • José Rebelo

    PC – Portal 2

  • Red Dead Redemption (PS3)

    My tablet broke!! I can’t tell my parents!! Oh, god, this is a life saver. Please pick me!!

  • Jjohn0225

    Xbox. NBA 2k12.

  • Xbox – EA NHL series games.
    Mobile – Wheres My Water? Cut The Rope.

  • Jobarobe

    Xbox 360 – Mass Effect 3 with Kinect voice control

  • Favorite platform is PS3. Favorite game would be any of the God of War games.

  • While I’ve never been known to shy away from a console, I’m still a dedicated PC fan.  Currently, I’d have to say one of my more favorite PC Games in recent memory has been Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  • Woojin Park

    PC – Diablo 3!!!

  • right now my favorite gaming console is my friends XBOX360 and MW3, i could and have played until the wee hours in the morning.

  • PC.

    At the moment, Alan Wake, definitely.

    But overall, th12.3 and Transport Tycoon.

  • delroy666

    My favorite platform is the early 80’s Williams arcade PCBs, and my favorite game is Joust.

  • knightracer

    PS3 , Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • Albokay

    Only have a Playtation and I loved playing Portal. Cant wait for the next one.

  • allen spurr

    X-Box 360. BF3.. It’s tons of fun, especially on a 120″ screen with 7.2 surround!!!!

  • rlorenz

    I prefer the PC–and I just replayed Deus Ex, my favorite game.

  • oddball

    Thank you nvidia and droid life for the contest.  My favorite gaming platform is android. 

  • Q. Edwards

    PC gamer here. Just more options.

  • noahRHPS

    gamecube- pikmin 2

  • Thomasfrontino

    Xbox for sure. And lately I’ve been playing Dark Souls way too much and that’s probably my favorite game at the moment.

  • Matt Weathers

    PC all the way, StarCraft II

  • StDevious

    PC – FIFA 12 right now.

  • PC- Portal 1/2

  • Richard

    PC: Counter-Strike 1.6

  • PC – Batman Arkham City

  • Smitty_324

    PS3-Batman Arkham City.

  • X-Box 360, Mass Effect 1-3.  And no, I didn’t hate the ending.  Apparently, I’m the only one.

  • PC gaming. So far i’ve really enjoyed D3 as of late.

  • Mobile – Temple Run

  • Kkanemt

    gran turismo 5-ps3

  • love my xbox and right now a tie between modern warfare and gears of war

  • Fable322

    PC for MMOs.  Getting ready for GWII BWE this weekend!  I also enjoy kicking it with the XBOX360.

  • JosephCabrera

    Started with Atari playing some E.T. and Q-Bert
    Stepped up to a NES, with Duck Hunter and Mario 3
    Continued my Journey to a Super NES with Super Mario World and Mario Paint
    Enjoyed some full color portable games with a Gamegear
    Messed around a little with Gameboy as well as the red headed stepchild virtual boy
    Bought a Sega Saturn as it was on its way out
    Got the N64 for Christmas one year, Mario 64, Mario Party and Mario Kart
    GB Color for pokemon red and blue, all 151 with MewTwo with the gameshark
    Onto a Sega Dreamcast when the price was dropped like crazy, for some crazy taxi and sonic
    Got my first PC, played some SIMs and roller coaster tycoon
    Upgraded to a PlayStation 2 for GTA 3, considerably one of the GOAT
    Bought a Gamecube for $30, sold it shortly after
    Traded in for a Xbox, online Halo was where it was at as well as NFL 2k5 R.I.P.
    Traded in for a Xbox 360, evaded the red ring of death and enjoyed COD
    Picked up a Wii at a Circuit City closing sale, the ladies loved the tennis and bowling
    Sold that for a PS3, and that is where I am currently at, enjoying most R* games.

    So I don’t really have a preferred, they all made me the gamer I am today.

  • PS3 Assassins Creed Franchise  

  • Eric Sweetheimer

    Xbox 360 … CODMW3 … Also PC Skyrim

  • PC, currently DOTA 2

  • mardenator

    I used to be a huge 360 fan, until recently when I started playing more games on my phone. Can’t get enough Temple Run and Draw Something now!

  • PC – Dota 2!!!

  • Mlarson6

    X Box all the way and love the Assassins Creed series!

  • xbox and the tablet i used to have before it was stollen, i love battlefield 3 for xbox and i liked drawsomething for my xoom, i really need this tab!!! it was what i used for school!!!

  • Venku_Skirata

    PS3 – Uncharted… All of ’em.

    I love that Chrome for Android lets me share the text I just selected. I tweeted the promo without leaving this page…

  • jrgray27

    Multiplayers XBox 360-Battlefiled 3  Single Players PS3-Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

  • Preferred platform is probably PC. Favorite game is Diablo 2, soon to be Diablo 3. Played the beta and it was spectacular!

  • FadingRadio

    favorite platform: SNES
    favorite game:  any of the FF series, really 🙂

    one day i will win free stuff here. one day!

  • PC – Star Wars The Old Republic!

  • Josh Schinagle

    XBOX 360, Mass Effect 1-3, and Dead Island. 

  • Matt O’Leary

    PC, and I always enjoyed playing Civilization. Just one more turn…

  • My preferred gaming platform is a scrabble or othello board.

  • The Race To Die

    XBOX 360 – Gears of War 3

  • PS3 – I’m a huge fan of the entire Assassin’s Creed series.

  • Ryan Aman

    PC – Diablo II and probably soon to be Diablo III  These are the only games that my wife actually enjoys to play excluding all the mobile games she plays on her phone

  • Mashhood Asalkhou

    N64 and 007 Goldeneye

  • nintendo ds
    any pokemon title

  • kervation

    Mobile gaming is the best for me and Shadowgun is my preferred game to play.

  • villian1998

    I don’t know if it posted already but Golden eye for N64

  • Jim_Hawkins

    Xbox 360
    Gears of War 3

  • thrustonion

    PC – League of Legends

  • Wii, because I’m cheap, and Tiger Woods Golf!

  • Gus

    Xbox – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • Brandon Schlack

    Droid BIONIC – Angry Birds. Been an Angry Birds addict for a while. Lost many hours of sleep…..

  • Right now, PC – Tribes Ascend. 

    Thanks for the Contest.  

  • MDawg957

    PC gaming and it’s currently Realm of the Mad God

  • Lucky Clover7

    Playstation (Any version)

    Kingdom Hearts for it’s fantastic story

    PS – I have never had a tablet but I have major tablet envy!

  • Nelly547

    NHL12 Xbox

  • DrDamien

    The 360 is definitely my platform of choice. Favorite game at the moment would probably be Rocksmith followed by battlefield 3.

  • Marc Saegesser


  • I’ll go with Portal 2 on the PC.

  • Ant

    Ps2 – Kingdom hearts

  • Still waiting for my first Droid-Life win!!!  

    There’s just way too many awesome games to pick a clear winner.

    But Snake for the OG Nokia was ahead of it’s time!

    The obvious best gaming platform ever though was the Nintendo Entertainment System. No one can deny the might of this gaming albatross. Best game there: Zelda.

  • Wg Kincheloe

    I am a PS3 man, and would say FFXIII-2 is my fav, with MW3 running a close second.

  • XBOX and my other life which is Skyrim!

  • PC-Flight Sim

  • Aquarius Mh

    PS3 skyrim so amazing.

  • PC – Starcraft 2

  • David

    Ps2 – .Hack//G.U. full series

  • Favorite game platform… That’s really tricky…

    I’d have to go with the SNES. Favorite game is much easier. Donkey Kong Country 2.

  • PC Civilization V

  • projectorinski

    360 and Forza 4

  • PS3 – NHL 12

    I need one of these for grad school next year! Hook me up!

  • Brian Olson

    My favorite game and platform is definitely Mario Bros. on any mobile device (specifically my Thunderbolt). As a kid I can remember trying for hours to try and pass the final boss, so having it with me to pull it out every now and again is a blast.

  • paulternate

    Xbox 360 – Currently Skyrim

  • Craig

    PC, Solitaire

  • Barry Coleman

    PC and Diablo III =)

  • Andrew Grant

    I play on the pc and love master of magic

  • Charles Braswell

    PS3 would be my preferred gaming platform.  Free PSN and built in wifi made the decision for me over a year ago.  I picked up Red Dead Redemption and to this day claim it as my favorite game.  I could pick that game up today and I could play for hours.

  • burntcookie90

    PC: Borderlands and Skyrim

  • PC is the hardcore gamers choice as a platform.   Consoles are just too restrictive

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Xbox 360- Halo reach and Modern Warfare 3

    Please choose me I am a full time student and this will help me so much.
    I cant afford tablet or laptop and this is the best of both worlds!!!

  • PS3 and my favorite game is Uncharted 3

  • shdowman

    PC (mac) – The soon to be released Diablo3 😉

  • DaveG1968

    I prefer the PS3, nothing on the market can touch the graphics in the PS3 right now.  And my favorite game is Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3

  • Ben Schulz

    I have to be honest, my favorite platform is Xbox 360 and game is Halo.  I have so many memories with Halo and love the 360 controller.

  • Jackelbait

    Xbox 360 and black ops multiplayer

  • XBOX 360 – MW3, but I’d be open to gaming my face off on a Prime

  • My favorite gaming platform is the PS3 and my favorite game is Bioshock (1, 2, soon to be Infinite coming this Fall, they’re all amazing!)

  • Thealexx09

    Gaming platform: Wii
    Favorite Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, of course!

  • Smacinskyjr

    XBOX 360 Battlefield 3

  • CivilDroid

    Wii since that’s all I have (kids love Big game hunter) and back and forth between MW3 and Black Ops

  • W Murrell

    PC- Leisure Suit Larry, yeah that’s right, I said it. 

  • Cward66

    PS3- Assassin’s Creed, NHL, FIFA 

  • Jason

    Xbox 360 – skyrim

  • Currently? Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS.

  • My preferred gaming platform? Hmm probably would have to be PC, too much freedom to overlook! Fav newer game is definitely BF3! (tied for second is Skyrim and Fallout3) 

  • marc99

    Just got slightly into gaming on my PC with an Xbox for PC controller. Been slaying some ogres on Trendy’s Dungeon Defenders (which I got started on when I bought my Xoom at launch) but just got Bat Man Arkham Asylum last night. Amazing game! Favorite for sure. That is until I beat it and start Arkham City. 

  • Vpatterson1976

    PS god of war series

  • Darkjedi523

    NES Legend of Zelda, yeah I kick it old school, so I need a tablet to step up my game.

  • XBOX 360 – Mass Effect 3
    I dont care, i liked the ending…

  • Andrew Stuart

    PC by far, and definitely Skyrim thus far.

  • zachjen

    Xbox 360 – Tiger Woods 13

  • Samvic5

    Xbox 360… Madden every year i get it opening night

  • PC – Wow

  • I’m a PC gamer, through and through. Check out Pittsburgh LAN Coalition if you like LAN parties (http://pittco.org)!

    My favorite game of the moment is Borderlands. I just can’t get enough of it and I can’t wait for Borderlands 2!

  • Jnmigr

    Xbox360 none favorite game. Haven’t play any game as much as war of Warcraft on PC.

  • hochoch

    Xbox 360 – MW3

  • Surg28

    Ps3-Metal Gear Solid

  • dtm4

    Mobile is the best because I have it all the time.  At the moment I’m really addicted to temple run.

  • xbox – any halo 

  • I prefer XBOX.

  • Nathan Alvarez2007

    I like the PC best for gaming.

  • Prefer my 360 over my PS3, and the Mass Effect series

  • PS
    Gran Turismo 5

  • Although I love my PS3, one of my all-time favorite games is Silent Hill 2 on the PS2. I don’t think any other game has even come close to scaring the crap out of me as well as mess with me psychologically AND emotionally as it did.

  • pseudonym_b

    all the systems have their pluses and minuses. except the ps3 and wii, that is. for 360, MW3 and reach are still great. for PC, league of legends is my current obsession, and on android, battleheart is amazing.

  • PS3: Battlefield 3

  • PlayStation – Tekken

  • I’m a PC man, but I have to admin that I’m obsessed w/ Batman: Arkham City on my 360 right now.

    As for favorite PC game… I’m probably sticking w/ TF2, since it’s my standby.

  • Kutter Ross

    PC – Aion

    This would be awesome for my college classes!! Pick Me 😀

  • Alen Cantrell

    My favorite gaming platform is the PS1! 🙂

    My favorite game on the PS1 is Final Fantasy VIII

  • PS3 Dark Souls!

  • Preferred gaming platform is xbox, but starting to move towards mobile.  My fav game would have to be in the assassin’s creed series.  

  • engemasa

    I prefer gaming on a PC. It’s the best gaming experience in my opinion. My favorite game is Left 4 Dead 2… with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood in a close second place! 😀

  • PC is my favorite gaming platform, and Starcraft 2 is my favorite game on it as well.

  • motionmist

    Xbox 360 hands down. I love the Assassin’s Creed series and Battlefield 3. There are many other games that I like but those stick out.

  • This game looks pretty damn good. I’m still a PC gamer, playing some Civ, WoW, and Elder Scrolls most recently.

  • Sasquachh

    Xbox is my favorite platform and Halo’s my favorite [email protected]’d like to thank Nvidea and Phosphor Games for the chance to win.Thank you.

  • xbox and my fav game is GTA:SA

  • Jwburr2

    Xbox and Leisure Suit Larry Goes to College

  • TCStheSecond

    N64 – Goldeneye

  • Xbox 360 – Trials Evolution

  • Cam

    XBOX: Batman: Arkham City 

  • Downs176

    Call of duty franchise on the 360 hands down

  • Raven

    Well, to be honest, my favorite game to play is StarCraft II on my laptop.  But, most of the gaming that I do tends to be playing strategy games like Defense Zone on my Asus Transformer, so I would love an upgrade to a Transformer Prime.

  • Geoff Heldon

    My favorite game platform is still the PC, and Skyrim, which is currently my favorite game, plays best on a PC.

  • engemasa

    I much prefer gaming on my PC. Best gaming experience in my opinion. My favorite game is Left 4 Dead 2… with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood in a close second! 😀

  • Preferred gaming platform is PC. I would say that Fallout 3 was one of my favorite games 😉

  • John Nagy

    I have been using nothing but Mobile for ~2 years. GTA III on Android FTW

  • CodeToJoy

    PS3 currently… Call of Duty 4 has been a staple for me, but I’ve been playing a ton of Rocksmith recently.

  • Terri

    PC – I like the Civilization games from Sid Meier

  • Santino Morales

    SNES – Mega Man X

  • Favorite gaming platform? PS3, mainly for the Assassin’s Creed series, GoW, obscure Atlus-published games and other francises I love

  • Michael Risco

    PS3 for me. Love the Call of Duty series but also the Gran Tourismo series

  • Dericksheehan

    PC – Portal 2

  • Esteban_Colberto

    I like the Super Mario Bros O.G.  As do the chicas my amigos! Ole!

  • Joe Armendariz

    My preferred gaming platform would have to be the ps3 as I grew playing ps1 and ps2. Just got into playing on the pc though with Skyrim being the hook that got me in and I must say I am really liking pc gaming. With all the settings you can change as opposed to just playing with the settings you are given. Then there are mods that increase the replay value while making some unusual creations not found in the game. While on the go now with a better phone (galaxy nexus from D1) to game on I am constantly playing games on phone now. Not just the pick up and go games but the more in depth ones like Inotia and Zenonia series which are a must play for rpg lovers. All in all I love to game and consider any gaming platform that pushes innovation worthy of my time.

  • Neera

    PC – Final Fantasy XI

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    XBOX 360, Borderlands

  • Smoovebcoffee

    My preferred gaming platform is mobile (android phone). My favorite game is Madden NFL 12.

  • PC – TF2.
    I like shooting stuff (read: people’s heads).

  • PS3, current game most played is MW3, but favorite game (even though its a little dated) is Rainbow Six Vegas 1+2.

  • Sandeep S

    PS3 – Modern Warfare..

  • Tom Beard

    Sounds good to me!

  • IHaveNoIdeah

    xbox360 – my favorite game however is still Super Mario Brothers on the good old NES…

  • Randy Nguyen

    PS3 – Mirrors Edge

  • Phoenixus

    Preferred gaming platform – PC
    Favorite Game – Soon to be Diablo 3!

  • Glcraven

    No XBOX or PS. PC is old, old, old. Have Wii and an original HTC Incredible. I’m Lame and I really need to win this prize!

  • Currently love my Xbox 360, and playing Skyrim on it. Many hours have been lost to that game.

  • argeebee99

    PS3, Uncharted 3

  • Mack

    N64. Goldeneye. 


  • Sean Couch

    PC and it will be Diablo 3 when it release since I have been playing the beta

  • Keyan X

    PS3 and Tekken, someone come at me 😛

  • Debbi Rodriguez

    My son could so desperately love this prize package.  He is entering his senior year at Clarkson Univ. in Potsdam and working on a summer research project, won’t be home this summer…:( and this would be a lovely gift from me to him (as I can’t afford to buy this for him).  My other two sons have already graduated college/university and I continue to pay educational loans.
    Proud Mother.

  • Scott Engemann

    I prefer to game on a PC… Best gaming experience in my opinion. My favorite game as of right now is Left 4 Dead 2 – with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood in a close second!

  • Jeff Brooks

    Mobile all the way baby

  • N64, Mario Kart 64!

  • PC gaming simple because no console can match its graphics performance, favorite game Tera Online 😉

  • Santicj

    HALO 3

  • My preferred gaming platform is PC. Favorite game recently was Battlefield 3 but since I have a young baby most of my gaming is done on mobile. Favorite game on that is probably Osmos at the moment, though I do love me some Plants Vs. Zombies.

  • Hans Kwazneski

     Playstation 3 and Skyrim right now!! Hope I get picked! This will make deployment 100x better! I’d be able to stick it up in my Rack and watch movies/play games!! I’d LOVE it! 😀

  • Jeff “Big Red”

     I would have to say my favorite gaming system to date is My PS3! C’mon all the other cheapos with no blue ray capabilities…. GTA4 is definitely my favorite game to go with my ps3. Transformer prime would be a much welcomed addition to my entertainment on a daily basis!

  • PC- League of Legends and Aion

  • XBOX 360 – Mass Effect 2

  • Sdlenhert

    I don’t get to play as many games as I’d like, but enjoy playing Angry Birds Space on my Motorola Razr.

  • Ron

    PC – and I’m a Starcraft 2 addict (although I expect that to change when my copy of Diablo 3 arrives 🙂

  • Jason Hansen

    XBOX, Halo

  • My gaming platform of choice is still my xbox 360 although my gnex and ipad are slowly gaining ground as better games come out. My favorite game at the moment is Mass Effect 3.

  • Larry

    I am a Playstation fan, having owned all three.  On my PS3 my favorite game has to be Arkham City.  Arkham Asylum was amazing and they only improved with the suquel. 

  • Will Hartwell

    Platform: Mobile
    Game: Plants vs. Zombies

  • xbox 360 – halo (all)

    great contest, thanks!

  • Playstation and Ratchet & Clank series of games.  Soon to be Dark Meadow on Transformer Prime. : )

  • ParalyzingAgent

    Mass Effect 2

    If I win, I can put my $300 tablet budget towards Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3!

  • GameCube – Eternal Darkness

  • EdsonDJ

    PC – Half-Life series.

  • tu3218

    xbox 360- Halo

    I wish my 360 wasn’t broken though 🙁 

  • r0lct

    I prefer Xbox 360 and play Street Fighter.

    Currently playing SSF4 Arcade and SF X Tekken.

  • Quintin Williams

    ps3 by far…favorite game to date has to be Kill Zone 3 with the playstation sharp shooter!

  • Jer85008

    Android phone – Dead Space.

  • Will McCoy

    PC gaming hands down wins in my book. Love mobile games on my phone for when I’m at work or on the go.

  • lrm135

    NES Super Techmobowl!

  • Davy B

    Xbox 360 – Rocksmith

  • Mark Wilk

    PC – Diablo III (I know it isn’t out yet but that’s what I’m going to play in 2 weeks).

  • My Fave is playing on my PC.  The game I’m playing most these days is BF3.  But I’m also liking my Droid Razr for playing games.  In fact, it seems like I might be playing more on it lately then my PC.  I’m into the time suck that is Draw Something… Though it rapes my battery.

  • Alex Smith

    XBOX 360 – NBK 2K12 (ready for the mufkin playoffs!) 

  • Patrick F

    My fav has got to be Portal 2 on the PC but I’m playing Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox which is becoming a very close second

  • chris dunn

    ps3, black ops

  • PC – I loved NHL live 2003!

  • Drummer261982

    PS3! I love playing COD MW2

  • Adam Howland

    ATM, it’s XBOX and along with probably 90% of the universe, COD.

  • Cliff Hoffman

    I’m going to go with my PC and I’m still hooked on Modern Warefare 2.  It’s stolen many, many hours of my life.

  • Xbox is my current platform and my favorite game on it has been Red Dead Redemption!

  • Rick Moon

    Xbox 360 – MLB2K12

  • Erick Rodriguez

    PC – Crysis 2

  • aholland1

    PS3 is my goto when the phone won’t do. Recently finished Uncharted 3, it was pretty badass! Portal 2 before that. I still hold onto my Wii though for games like Skyward sword that come along once every several years.

  • Taylor Steele

    Gotta go with PC and Fallout 3.

  • Erin Hoffman

    I’d have to say my preferred gaming console is the PC and my favorite game is Heroes of Might and Magic 6… But nothing beats the old school Zelda on NES.

  • fajitatt

    PS – Favorite game – Heavy Rain (using the PS Move)… I have never experienced a game like that… especially using the Move.

  • greatteacherjosh

    Well, frankly, PC gaming still beats the pants off all other platforms… Ironically, I don’t play that many. But I do play LoL (League of Legends for the uninformed), and it is quite fun, so I’ll go with that.

  • Drew66

    PS3 Dragon Age

  • xformulax

    PC – Patiently waiting Guild Wars 2… Beta weekend starts tomorrow!

  • nmwhit06

    My favorite gaming platform is probably my Xbox 360 and Call of Dute Modern Warfare 3 is an unbeatable game.  Those games are absolutely amazing and keep getting better.  However, I have found myself doing more gaming on my Android phone ,since those games are actually pretty impressive.  Shadowgun was a great game and now Dark Meadown looks sweet too!

  • Dan

    Definitely would have to be PS3. I work best with a controller in hand, which the Sony controller is the best, perfectly set out (unlike Xbox’s weird joystick layout). As for my favorite game, I’d have to say RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto IV. I literally have played that hours on end, just driving around without even doing the missions. The graphics and physics make it top-notch.

  • Paul Pottle

    I am a sucker for Battlefield 3 on my PS3

  • PicoDeGiao

    Xbox360 – COD:MW3…I only play once a week, but it’s with all my buddies so it’s special.

  • N64. Golden Eye

  • Thanks for running these promotions, It is nice to have an opportunity to win stuff.

  • My favorite gaming platform is Xbox, because it is the best way to keep in touch with my family and friends, who are all gamers.  I’d have to say Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is my favorite game at the moment.  

  • m_iott

    Nintendo, Contra is my all time favorite game.  Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

  • srh12

    xbox – Skyrim. Done. Gimme prize please?!?!

  • Mars

    PS3 – Battlefield 3 (Doesn’t get any better then that except winning a Prime with dock ;))

  • I’m way old school. I still have the original NES and whenever I get some time to myself, I dust off “Mario Brothers 3”. Awesome game!

  • Waltonsdad03

    XBOX360-Skyrim+Kinect = Screaming Fus Ro Dah all day and all-night!

  • Ondrejka2002

    Xbox 360 forza 4

  • Preferred gaming platform: mobile
    Favorite game: Angry Birds

  • PS3 – Dragon Age, COD franchise, FF franchise – gotta love ’em

  • Steven Trifu

    I love my PS3 not only for the media hub it has become but also for playing some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • Preferred Gaming Platform – PS3
    Favorite Game – God of War (original)

    My wife and I have easily played it about 10 times over…it’s one of the few games that we have actually ever replayed.

  • PC – SimCity 4

    ooh yeah!!! lol Good Luck everyone!

  • PC for 1st person shooters (Battlefield 3 / MW3) – xbox 360 – drivers (Turismo 3)

  • Dreamcast.  Crazy Taxi.

  • Current: XBOX360 and Mass Effect
    All Time: PS1 and Xenogears

  • @EngineerGeek

    My favorite platform is Android right now, I play games mostly on my phone. my favorie game is the Angry Birds series. I keep going back to play the new levels and get 3 stars when new ones come out.

  • The best game of all time is whatever is the most recent version of FPS Halo for whatever the most current XBox that is out.

    It is, has always been, and will always be true.

  • wannagattaprime

    My favorite games are the assassins creed series on the xbox 360!

  • ChuckDz3

    Xbox – COD MW3 or MLB2K I want to win the miilllliion dollars 🙂

  • MattH818

    PC – any Civilization, Diablo 2 & 3, and the old Dark Forces shooters.

  • Skyrim on my PC with a 27″ 1080p LED monitor

  • Jkc2517

    For the Love of all that is Holy, pick me and get me out of my iPad dungeon.

    • Jkc2517

      …and my favorite platform/game combo is PC playing BF3.  

  • Dawall12988

    xbox 360 ultimate marvel vs capcom

  • Andrew Hochmuth

    I was always a console gamer until I found the world of PC. I am now a PC gamer and my favorite game would probably have to be Batman Arkham City

  • Xevin

    PC gamer for life. Battlefield 3

  • Travis Keany

    Xbox 360: Red Dead Redemption

  • I am a Playstation 3 man. I love the game Infamous.

  • seebrock

    Mine would be PlayStation and tekken any of ’em!

  • crzayalex

    Xbox 360. Favorite game is the best NBA game ever. NBA 2k12.

  • David Lutz

    PC. Favorite game would have to be Doom – an all-time classic! I still play it on occasion just for the sheer fun of trashing everything in sight…

  • Sagan Malluma

    I’ve always preferred handheld systems especially those from Nintendo. My face game has always been anything from the main Pokemon series.

  • NP

    Xbox: Forza 4

  • Blaudy Rodriguez

    PS3… Portal 2 rules !! I like the idea of playing games like these on a mobile device running Andoid. Awesome !

  • dubreh

    PS3 – UMvC3

  • AndroidFan2

    Xbox 360 – Battlefield 3 until Fallout 4 comes out!

  • PS3 and probably tiger woods series

  • Trainplane3

    Favorite platform is PC and my current favorite game is Battlefield 3

  • xbox 360 Halo

  • Cnlson

    Deathrally android

  • Soccerburn55


  • kylosma

    Sony PS3 of course

  • Right now I have to go with Demon’s Souls on PS3.

  • MyStroPro

    PC – Currently BF3.  It’s been changing, but I seem to jump into that one often right now.

    As far as my original favorite game on the platform, Myst.  Such a revolutionary game!

  • jcorf

    Gamecube, Mario Kart: Double Dash

  • No gam system and no favorite game

  • PC – Tom Clany’s Splinter Cell: Conviction. In my opinion, it is the best in the series.

  • Ryan

    I’ve always been a PC gamer, but the past few years have enjoyed several games on the PS3 though I’d still say that PC is where my heart lies. Best game, that is a hard one. Between MMOs (Asheron’s Call & EQ2) and other epics like Quake, Half Life, and Portal/2 I’m not sure. I did play BF1942 (Desert Combat mod) quite a bit though too. I’ll go with Half Life though I think, it was the beginning of an era.

  • Win a Transformer Prime, Keyboard Dock and $25 from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to celebrate Dark Meadow! – http://goo.gl/Vjc9I #android
    Preferred Gaming Platform PC – Civilization

  • spygame

    BF3 (BattleField 3) for the one and only, the PC. That’s where is at!

  • 360 and currently BF3

  • The PS3 is the best console.  My favorite game is Arkham City – you can’t buy a better game out there!  

  • Angryunibrow

    Uncharted Series

  • Pong on Atari ……I’m what the kids call, old school :p

  • epps720

    Xbox is definitely my favorite console (may soon be the TP w/Tegra 3).  Favorite game has to be the original Halo!

  • I game on XBOX (Mass Effect) and Android (Zen Pinball THD)

  • Nothing beats FPS games on PC platforms.  Favorite game recently is Left 4 Dead

  • PC Platform all the way. My favorite of all time would be the Mech Warrior series (Clan of the Ghost Bear expansion specifically.)

  • PC with my Asus Republic of Gamers Laptop – (To many) DiabloIII (Beta), DoTa2, FFXIV

  • PS3, resistance: fall of man

  • Atomikhippo

    PC would be my choice. The game? The Half-Life series hands down. I remeber playing the first one (not source) into the wee hours of the night on my Pentium 3 with a CRT screen… wired keyboard and mouse ftw.

  • Chris Ryan

    PC, and it would be Borderlands

  • Kie

    PC was my preferred platform but companies just aren’t making pure PC games anymore and everything just feels like a console port. So I will go with the Wii as I appreciate Nintendos creative style. Current favorite game would have be (besides Brawl of course) Kirbys Epic Yarn. Not at all a challenging game, but it is just so visually appealing and creative that it is a joy to play through. And the ease and co-op ability give way to being able to play with my family who are not as into games as I. It’s a great way for us to spend time together at night. The kids really love visuals of the game as I do.

  • bigsmoothz88

    Gosh,  I wish i had time to play games… When I get down time I like to play rock band 3 on the PS3.  Android gaming is great because you can take it with you so much more easily!

  • PC, hands down. It is there to pick up the pieces when your favorite console has gone obsolete, it allows for infinite modification and tweaking. 

    My favorite game would have to be Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas, between the storyline, the utterly engrossing gameplay, and huge amount of mods available, the possibilities were endless.

    That said, I would love a tablet to get gaming on, and if I do that, I will need one with a good Tegra chipset like this Transformer Prime.

  • I love my Xbox 360. My out of state friends and I still love playing Call of Duty MW2. 

  • PC – Airmech

  • Motta2003

    Xbox360 – Forza Motorsport 4 has been my fav. as of late.

  • Kevin Voelker

    Love my PS3 and the Ratchet and Crank series

  • Cjay1019

    League of Legends on the PC

  • PC – Battlefield 1942 (yeah, it’s old, but I love it)

  • Xbox 360: Tales of Vesperia. I’ve beaten it twice and going through it again 🙂

  • XCellFone SalesRep

    My preferred gaming platform is PS3 and my favorite games are Gran Turismo 5, Need 4 Speed, and other similar racing games.  I also like NHL…

  • Dakotaweatherhead2112

    Xbox 360 and the Mass Effect series. Super cool.

  • LaneMeyer

    Android is my gaming platform since I carry it with me all the time and right now I am playing mostly ShadowGun.

  • PC – atm. its swtor but i next month its gonna be diablo 3 😀 

  • pc, dungeon defenders

  • Btpetrina

    My favorite platform to play games on is he PS3. I love the blu-ray player on it which was a selling spot for me. My favorite game would have to be the NCAA football series, I love to play these games.

  • djwu

    currently my preferred gaming platform is PC and favorite game is Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • kevintufts

    Device: Galaxy Nexus
    Game:  Quell Reflect

  • i have a powerful win7 pc, xbox, 3DS, moto xoom, droid x, etc. pc is currently my fav game platform. 

  • logan3414

    Xbox 360 and Bioshock.

  • mmastodonn

    my favorite would be dark souls on the PS3!. im a sadistic person. :o)

  • Synaptic13

    Battlefield 3

    I’M SO READY TO WIN!!! Can’t wait to play games like Dark Meadow on a tegra 3 device!!!

  • Nintendo, NES Pro Wrestling. 

  • Sonic_44

    My system is Xbox since Sega isn’t around. And my game is Sonic The Hedgehog. I wanna go FAST!

  • I have all of the current gen-systems, but I typically play my Xbox 360 more than anything. Gotta say Oblivion is my favorite, even though it’s not an exclusive or anything.

  • Sgland7771

    I could convert to being a PS3 gamer to ASUS Prime tablet gamer with this beast.  I wonder if the Ratchet & Clank series, my all time favorite games, will ever come to the tablet?  See how I did that there?

  • Mobile. Order and Chaos.  no matter where I am when I get bored I’ve got my Gnex to keep me entertained.  🙂

    on a side note: I’d really love to win this, so I can actually play Dark Meadows, game looks totally sick!  If i do happen to win I’ll bake the Droid Life & Tegra teams a most awesome cake.  Not a bribe, #imjustsayin

  • EvanTheGamer

    Xbox 360, PS3, PC.All of the above.

  • turdbogls

    Xbox360 and the COD titles.  dont really have much time to play these days though.

  • Stlouisblue

    Xbox. – Shadowrun

  • my favorite console is ps3 by far and i own all 3, best game i cant narrow down to just one but my all time favorite series is the Assassin’s Creed series

  • peezwizz

    PS1 – Final Fantasy VII. First game I ever fell in love with. 

  • Jonathan Fuchs

    I’d have to say that my preferred gaming platform is PC if only because my favorite game is Portal/Portal2.  Though Angry Birds Space on my phone is the most recent addiction.

  • PC Battlefield 3

  • I prefer PC for big epic games, my personal favorite being the Silent Hunter series of submarine simulators; and mobile for simple time-killers like Temple Run.  I’ve never been interested in consoles.

  • BikerBob1789

    Platform: mobile, game: angry birds space.

  • Allentchoi

    Wii. Sports

  • Beautypeddler

    XBox – Zumba!!!

  • bigmak40

    N64. Goldeneye.

  • nycfrank

    PS3, grand theft auto San Andras, the best gta game ever

  • justincase_2008

    PC and minesweeper or one of the 150+ steam games I have

  • Damian

    My Favorite gaming platform: PC
    My favorite game: Counter-Strike (v1.5/1.6)


  • Dboombuki

    PlayStation 3 and some call of duty

  • js

    PS uncharted 2

  • Bigwavedave25

    My game platform of choice is PS3.  love all the features, too many…
    My favorite game at the moment is still JustCause2

  • onDroid

    Xbox360! Mostly I play Halo:Reach and Madden 12

  • Bblackinc117

    A true gamer can’t be limited to one platform. Xbox:halo, ps3: uncharted, wii: Zelda skyward sword, PC: skyrim, and android: shadow gun.

  • PS3 and Bioshock. I really want a transformer prime!!

  • kfath1978

    All I play is Battlefield 3 on the XBOX 360,  very addictive!

  • Xbox – gears of war 3!

  • Wolfsrat

    PC – most played currently is WoW
    Of all time however is the NES with Bionic Commando or XBox with Steel Battalion. 

  • PS3 – FIFA

  • ps3 gow2

  • i have both 360 and PS3, and i favor the 360…however, my favorite all time game will always be Final Fantasy VII

  • Nathan Snyder

    PC – gorilla.bas

  • Yu Lee

    PC (Steam): Left 4 Dead 2

  • PS3 to play the Call of Duty series. 

  • My favorite platform is the PC and Battlefield 3.

  • Xbox – Halo

    Throwback: Super Nintendo – Killer Instinct

  • my preferred gaming platform is the computer and my favorite games are the mass effect series

  • XBOX 360 and my favorite game is Mortal Kombat.

  • Dylan Bourque

    Favorite ever: Final Fantasy X on PS2!  Daggerfall on PC (bugs and all) runs a very close 2nd. Also: Battle Toads on N64 might be the most fun I can remember having “gaming”.

    +1 to ksae for Ocarina of Time on N64 too.

  • I been PC gaming scents Quake 2 and theirs nothing fun or better then building a custom gaming PC!

  • Kevin Raymond

    Xbox 360 – NCAA Football Series

  • Calculatorwatch

    Rockin’ the Wii! Lol it definitely has it’s shortcomings (graphics, etc.) but Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword are amazingly fun.

  • PC is my Fav, my Fav game was MPBT.

  • Bjorn

    XBOX – Tetris

  • PC, TIE Fighter would be my all time favorite.

  • chris125

    Xbox 360- love online fps along with games such as UFC and sports games.

  • Carlos

    Battlefield 3 on PC

  • PS3, I’m addicted to Prototype and Prototype 2

  • Tom Stieger

    Android – Minecraft Personal Edition 

  • Favorite platform has to be the PC and right now by favorite game is definitely the Portal series of games.

  • John Jablonski

    I still prefer the PC for gaming. Old fogey like me has never gotten the hang of playing FPS games on consoles and those danged dual-joystick controllers. 🙁

  • Pcraig87

    N64- Mariokart. Definitely brings back memories. 2nd is best when a blue shell is in play.

  • Skwerlii

    My preferred gaming platform would be the PC… As for favorite game, I can’t pick just one, though I have been playing Borderlands a lot lately.

  • Matthew Ryan

    I’m pretty into the 360 and PC currently. I’d probably have to say PC is my favorite though since it has modifications and I can use my 360 controller on it anyways to play the same games. Favorite game at the moment would probably be Portal 2. Yeah I’m that late in getting on this game ><. Life is expensive hahah.

  • Chris Civale

    Favorite platform is XBOX360 and current favorite is COD: MW3

  • yatkoos

    Xbox – halo

  • Todd B

    Wii – Mario kart!

  • WAldenIV

    My favorite platform is the XBox 360 and my favorite game is “Bioshock”.

  • PC all the way. As far as my favorite game… Saints Row: The Third.

  • Rob

    Battlefield 3 on my PC. Such a beautiful game.

  • masterxchief

    Xbox and Halo Reach

  • Gameboy Color, Pokemon Silver. All these years later, and I have yet to find a game that I pour so many hours into…I’ve replayed it 8 times. And that’s SINCE it was released. The remakes were great, but you just can’t beat that nostalgia of playing Pokemon Silver on the GBC, catching some of the then brand new 251 Pokemon. Sigh….*Switches on GBC*

  • Knew333

    Modern Warfare

  • Geran Smith

    I love PC and SWTOR.

  • MrTrackZed

    Nintendo Virtual Boy, straining my neck with some Mario Tennis.

  • Klabit87

    My favorite platform would have to be the PC.
    Combined with the game Prototype is an awesome experience with high def graphics.
    Can’t wait until the release of Prototype 2.

  • Dito_Muertez

    Genesis – Toe-Jam & Earl

  • Jon Flikkema

    Current favorite game and console is PC and League of Legends, I know it’s been out for a while but I just recently got addicted.

  • Willliam Smith Jr

    Favorite gaming platform would have to be the Wii since that is the one I play the most / have the most games for.   As for my favorite game, Super Mario Bros

  • Preferred gaming platform is PC and my favorite game is World of Warcraft.

  • Xbox 360, Bioshock

  • Scott Mason

    Currently, PC and GTAIV
    Past, Sega CD and Rise of the Dragon

  • Scott Willenborg

    My preferred platform is the west stage at the Saphire Club in Vegas.  Not the main stage, sure that’s where all the attention is drawn but the dancers start out on the west stage and in doing so have more energy.  Plus since it’s a little darker over there so they do tricks, heck if you can shoot a ping pong ball 12 feet, I’ll tip a whole $5! Ping Pong catch is my favorite game.

    My favorite GAMING platform is the Xbox 360.  Especially with the newest additions of apps such as Netflix and HBO GO (which my dang ICS devices cannot run… grrr) it’s becoming the default item to use in our main family TV room. Trials Evloution (and Trials HD) is my favorite game.

    My favorite casual gaming platform is of course my Nexus.

  • Youllreachus

    My favorite platform right now is android and my favorite game on our is probably still shadowgun.

  • Chris Conner

    mobile (Android)…All Out War / Great Little War Game

  • PC – Sins of a Solar Empire

  • PSone, Final Fantasy 7! Classic!!

  • jo_stv

    Android ICS modern combat 3. Can play it anywhere.

  • Dave S

    Favorite platform – SNES
    Favorite game – Super Metroid

  • Xbox Modern Warfare 3

  • PC – Battlefield 3, I am a graphics freak which means consoles don’t exactly cut it. The difference is small, but I have to have the best.

  • PC – If it’s favorite of all time, then probably KOTOR.  

  • CoryA823

    XBOX360 All day! And my all time favorite game is the first Halo. Classic!!!

  • Eric Geders

    I’m a PC guy myself. My favorite game is always changing, but at the moment, I’d have to say Team Fortress 2. @noteged is my twitter.

  • Wii – Tiger Woods 2011

  • Jes

    Xbox – Borderlands

  • My preferred platform is BlackBerry PlayBook and my favorite game is: The Game of Life 

  • MrGobos

    PC – Supreme Commander

  • dhirensavalia

    Xbox 360. Halo 3. ‘Nuff said. But seriously, the only reason I got my first Xbox was for Halo, then for Halo 3, I got a 360. I also am in love with Skyrim on the PC right now.

  •  Nintendo 3DS — favorite game, Pokemon Black right now

  • Greg

    XBox 360 – CoD: MW3

  • Definetly Xbox 360. I would usually say the NHL series but to be quite honest. I frigin love the beach volleyball on Kinect Sports. One of the funnest games ever and you can get a great sweat out of it.

  • Fdcguy

    I have 2 Xbox 360’s but lately I have preferred playing on my PC..also playing a few Android games using Bluestacks emulator.

    • Fdcguy

      Forgot to add that I play a lot of League of Legends on PC and a new game called The Infinite Black on Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  • xzombiex66

    My preferred game system is android mobile/tablet, simply because i dont have time to sit inside and play games. plus its nice to sit outside and play sweet games. Right now my favorite game is Grand Theft Auto on android Mobile

  • Split between PC (Battlefield) and Xbox (Arkham City). They both have their perks.

  • Dan Tillman

    Going Old School here and NES and best and favorite game is the original Final Fantasy  🙂

  • Xbox 360 – The Orange Box is forever in my heart as my favorite game(s).

  • Phillip Norris

    Skyrim on my PS3!

  • Mahardhika Saptadi

    PC – Dragon Age Origins and Assassins Creed, i want to play AC2 but i only have an old laptop…:(

  •  Xbox 360 – Halo: Reach

  • Xbox has been my go to system for years.  Favorite game was probably Fallout 3.

  • CheeseMcGee

    PC: Any of the COD series!

  • eduardo vera

    Xbox 360 with Call of Duty 4

  • vvtim

    For a long time, it was the XBox 360 and Halo 3.

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Probably PS.

    Gran Turismo & Final Fantasy, all I really need

  • Jerry W

    PC- playing Star Wars MMO, along with WOW,

  • Xbox 360, Call of Duty although I haven’t been able to turn it on since my son was born, work and sleep is needed more.

  • Right now I’d have to say PS3 and Battlefield 3

  • P Spraker

    Xbox, and the halo games are hands down my favorite

  • xbox 360 call of duty 3

  • pgb1

    Favorite platform is probably the Wii, and my favorite game on that platform is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, even though Melee on GCN is much better.

  • Kasey Krehbiel

    If I’m looking back, Team Fortress Classic for the PC. As of now, Cut The Rope/Where’s My Water for Android. 🙂

  • Scott Meyer


    Super Techmo Bowl.

    Please help me join the year 2012.

    Thank you.

  • PS3. Madden

  • Alphabets13

    360: Fifa!!! Yes, I am a REAL Football fan!!!! 😉

  • Newcomb2

    I love the PS3 and love Call ofDuty

  • Gary Scheinhaus

    PC. Call of Duty… the original

  • regor412

    PC, Portal 2

  • galactor

    PC; the original Unreal Tournament

  • PS3 – Call Of Duty MW2 & FIFA 12

  • CC_Rs

    Liquid cooled PC and and a few hours of battlefield …yes sir

  • pmgdisqus

    Xbox360: MW3  and anything Kinect as the kids love it.

  • Cody Robinett

    Pretty much the only gaming I do anymore is on Android.  I play a little bit of PS3 but I’m mostly into gaming on my GNex.

  • My favorite platform is PC and my current favorite game is Skyrim.

  • Jesse P

    Xbox360. NBA 2k12

  • Darren DiCostanzi

    PC – Battlefield 3

  • Sam Holton

    Most played was probably N64 (GoldenEye or MarioKart), Halo and Fusion Frenzy on XBOX a close second – but currently probably SC2 on PC.

  • Relativiox

    If I had to choose only one, my favorite platform would be Xbox and my favorite game would be Halo. Just cause it’s fun playing with my friends.

  • Artistan

    I like my PC, but nothing beats the SNES or rather the Super Famicom – Final Fantasy VI!

  • sam_evans7

    Platform: Mobile
    Game: Draw Something

  • B Esau Gonzalez

    PS – FFXIII / Skyrim

    First person shooters give me motion sickness. Help cure this ailment with a healthy doze of new gadgets. 

  • PS3 – NHL12 and Battlefield 3.  

  • theToj

    PC, and  Battlefield 3 and Diablo 3.  I want one of these tablets with the laptop dock so bad its crazy!!!

  • Expand Your Mind…

    sega – sonic

  • Mobile is my favorite – it’s basically the only thing I use anymore. The Pocket sim games have me hooked right now, League Story is what I’m on right now.

  • p_droid

    GameBoy Color. Pokemon Red. Boom.

    • Mack

      Full of win, yellow for me though. 

  • TimXer

    XBox is still the frontrunner w/NBA 2K12 & MW3….android is gaining w/birds, draw something, and wwf.  Looking forward to X’s 720 😉

  • Ty

    Xbox – Arkham City. Definitely the best game ever.

  • Currently my preferred gaming platform is my PC [still hooked on WoW], with my Phone coming in a strong 2nd [Tiny Tower and Peggle anyone?]…  When I win this contest [crosses fingers], Dark Meadow looks like it will push my new Transformer Prime to 1st and my PC 2nd and the phone last!  🙂

  • IlanAlpert

    PS3 – Fifa series

  • I mostly game on the PC and my current favorite game is Battlefield 3!

  • amosk

    Xbox 360 and I love playing battlefield 3. The maps are so big, I can run from the battlefield to take a break and check my Google+. My squad hates me 🙂

  • joeyfeffer

    PC – Counter-Strike 1.5/1.6


    Xbox- MW3 

  • Ryandzullo

    PS3 hands down.  I feel in love with Sony as a kid, and can remember the day I got my PS1 which was also my 1st gaming console.  My favorite PS3 game to date is still MGS4.  

  • Kurt Edens

    I stick by PC gaming.   Lots of customizations for all games not available anywhere else.   Plus the graphics can be set to match ones hardware. I love my PC games, and for games that I don’t like mouse and keyboard, I use my wireless Xbox360 controller and the PC controller receiver.  Right now I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim still.  I love the creation kit, have been working on my own undiscovered continent!  I’ve also been hard at work on an Android app that will act as a map for Skyrim.  I would love to utilize even more features and find a way to have it show your current location, and inventory and such, but haven’t found a way to do that yet.  I’m not the most experienced dev when it comes to Android, but I’m learning. PERHAPS WITH THESE NEWER TEGRA GAMES I CANT DO MORE 3D GAMING ON ANDROID>>> AND A TABLET IF I GET THIS ONE!  Would be a dream come true.  Thanks Droid Life and Nvidia!

  • Favorite gaming platform is definitely the Xbox 360 favorite game is Oblivion/Skyrim , no game has engulfed me like those games!

  • will bartlett

    pc or 360; battlefield 3

  • Tim Buchanan

    PS3, The Mass Effect series.

  • Keenan McCardle

     PC – Portal

    More recently I enjoyed most of Mass Effect 3

  • XBOX is by far my favorite platform, with GOW3 being my favorite, followed by BF3.  Mobile gaming is becoming a bit addicting as well.

  • Rockin Bionic

    N64- Goldeneye! Keepin it simple.

    Pick me, I’d love to rock a transformer prime!

  • Slot_Machine

    My all time favorite would be PC Gaming and Star Wars Galaxies, Rest in Piece