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Rockstar Games: Max Payne for Android Delayed, Should Be Out “Next Week Or So”

A tweet sent out from Rockstar Game’s official Twitter says that Android users have to be patient for a bit longer if waiting for the release of Max Payne to the Android OS. No say as to what has caused the delay, but we can assume they’ve stumbled upon some bugs and are applying some emergency fixes before release. I don’t mind the wait, as long as this game is flawless when it’s released.

Stoked for Max Payne?

Via: Twitter

Cheers K and B!

  • Palmer Nyako

    better be out with a lower price tag then, rockstar.

  • Bob Martin

    rockstar should just release the game and work on gta vice city

  • YouknowWho

    Had it on my iPhone all month, great game.

  • stinkybutt

     max pane sucks cock. 

  • Mixedemotion624

    I was mad I was up until 2 am with my stratosphere I already beat gta 3 on ps2 and now on my galaxy s aka stratosphere. Come and what happen will capcom release street fighter 4 on android or what?

    • Mixedemotion624

      Please get info if it better then saying may 2012.

  • Oh crap, the developers took too many pain killers and died so they had to go back three check points.

    • Liderc

      pain killers…mmmm

  • trumpet444

    I hope all these good quality games for android start coming w bluetooth controller support and hdmi out. I’d like to play these on the tv while at home

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    been playing it for a few weeks now…solid game 😛 

    • Liderc

      looks like a gay porn site, amirite?

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        lmao…now that i think about it..it does :O

  • cizzlen

    Can’t wait but there’s nothing I can do about that so I shall indeed wait.

  • Rick

    Yeah, max payne was one of the best rock star games… 

    • Bob Martin

      besides gta which was and still is the best

  • EvanTheGamer

    Oh yeah, can’t wait!!

    That and Diablo III and Max Payne 3 on May 15th, oh wow…next few months will be huge for gaming!!

  • John