Rockstar’s Max Payne Released to Android, Time to Shoot Up Some Baddies

The ultra-hit Max Payne is now available for Android. Rockstar definitely took their time on this release, even by delaying launch a bit and we are hoping it was to squash as many bugs as they could before delivery. The game only costs $2.99 and if you are a true Payne fan, you know this is a small price to pay for such a classic.  (more…)

Rockstar Finally Announces Official June 14 Launch Date for Max Payne onto Android

After a few untimely launch delays, Rockstar has now given Android owners a concrete date at which to find Max Payne on the Android platform. Starting June 14, you can find the shooter on the Play Store for just $2.99. Not bad. Once the game is released, we will be picking it up and letting you know our thoughts on this re-release of one of the better classic titles from my younger years. Have all the delays sort of made this launch a big letdown for anyone else? It sure has for me.

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Rockstar Games: Max Payne for Android Delayed, Should Be Out “Next Week Or So”

A tweet sent out from Rockstar Game’s official Twitter says that Android users have to be patient for a bit longer if waiting for the release of Max Payne to the Android OS. No say as to what has caused the delay, but we can assume they’ve stumbled upon some bugs and are applying some emergency fixes before release. I don’t mind the wait, as long as this game is flawless when it’s released.

Stoked for Max Payne?

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Rockstar Game’s Max Payne Headed to Android, Arrives on April 26

Get your guns cocked and ready to take down some dirty drug dealers, because Rockstar Games is bringing Max Payne to Android. Starting April 26, folks will be able to pick up the classic title on their Android devices through the Google Play Store. There is no list of supported Android devices yet, but here’s hoping it launches with no hiccups regarding device compatibility.

The full classic Max Payne PC experience, Max Payne Mobile has been optimized for both iOS and Android devices and features HD graphics, high-resolution textures, Social Club connectivity and user-customizable controls.

Rockstar is most likely making a trailer for it as we speak, which should hopefully give us a peak at how awesome this game will look on mobile. No word on pricing yet, so let’s just guess it will probably be around $4.99, much like Grand Theft Auto was. Anyone excited for the Payne?

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