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DROID Bionic, RAZR and DROID 4 Can Run on AT&T and T-Mobile If You’re Interested

We were chatting with our industry friend @P3Droid yesterday when he started dropping talk of the entire new DROID line of phones from Verizon being unlocked to work on AT&T and T-Mobile GSM networks. At launch, we knew that most (if not all) of these phones had GSM radios buried within, but that Verizon had shut them down so that owners wouldn’t be tempted to switch carriers. Thanks to a little hackery from our dev community, things have changed a touch. We were told that the phones can work on AT&T’s HSPA and T-Mobile’s EDGE networks. We were also told that the full instructions would be out later today once P3 and the boys polished up the process and made sure it worked flawlessly. It appears as if some instructions and files are already available at the XDA thread we linked below though.

Interested? Let us know how it  goes.

Via:  @P3droid | XDA

  • Byron

    I am also trying to unlock a droid motorola
    Thanks for all the help, seems like it will be a long journey

  • Can anyone flash my Verizon droid

  • daniel.archibald33

    I would like to see this working for the Droid RAZR. Anybody have any ideas how to do this for droid razr??

  • Alexander Garcia

    This is actually a good thing for those very VERY few towns that don’t have VZW coverage, but do have T-Mo or AT&T. Otherwise… why even bother?

  • Turb0wned

    What about the Razr Maxx?

    • shadowdude777

      It’s literally just a Razr + big battery. The ROMs are all identical for both.

      tl;dr: yes

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Hey Kellex, I just love how every thread on here instantly becomes about the GNEX even though it is directed towards Moto devices. Im not knocking the Gnex but im tired of reading how the gnex compares to all the other phones. I dont see moto users trolling sammy threads

  • etobare

    nice! as a current owner of both a droid 2 global and a droid 3, both working on gsm networks in my country (chile), 15 minutes after reading this news, checking out xda, etc., i went to ebay and ordered a droid 4 🙂 sadly they took out the search and “@” keys but… whatever, it still beats any qwerty-competition, captivate glide? pff

    • Andrew

       the @ key is shift+2, personally i never used the search button

      • etobare

        I didn’t use the search button for searching… I used it for quick launching apps… going to miss that

  • who cares

  • Now get me some hackery that lets me run a Galaxy Note on VZW.

  • duke69111

    I run the same test at the same time on my LTE Galaxy nexus rooted, no other mods or custom roms, just for fun.


    1. Kept up with the quad core phone until the graphics test and even then it was only a few seconds behind.  My nexus was blown away in the sd card io test.  

    2. My Nexus dominated the dual core until the sd card IO test then it fell way behind.  

    3.  Galaxy Nexus finished 44 seconds after the quad core and 14 seconds after the dual core.  

    4. The sd card IO test really cost my nexus the test compared to the quad core.

    My over all score was about 300 higher than the dual core and about 3000-4000 lower than the dual core.

  • Sporttster

    T-Mobile is actually a darned good carrier. Had it right before I got my Razr for a bit checking out the GS2 which is a nice phone and the speeds in my area on T were faster than on Verizon. No LTE here

  • Weschamberlin

    Is Verizon offering any apologies for selling me the DROID disappointment? Bionic shouldn’t even be on boost mobiles network!!!!

  • I’ll be quite interested if this also means they can run on European GSM. *bookmarks page*

  • Makes No Sense

    So you’re saying it’s possible to take the world’s most locked down MOTO phones and now I can use them on the suckiest/slowest networks around.  This truly is the best of both worlds.

  • I’m interested if only because pretty much everything is cheaper than Verizon (yeah yeah, unlimited data, amazing service etc) but man, its expensive. Its good to know that this option at least exists. 

  • CedrickwithnoK

    Saying this is huge, is an understatement. Especially in the secondary market….AT&T customers on craigslist ALL want the Droid line…

  • Expand Your Mind…

    Damn people are so simple minded! Its not about going to an “inferior carrier” its about the principle of not being constricted to one carrier and being limited by them. Thats the way things should be anyway, thats how things are in other countries and how it should be here as well. The moral of this story is having the freedom to use your phone how you please not how youre told…

  • I guess Ill be looking for a Bionic when we switch to T-Mobile in February.

  • Diablo81588

    I have a Bionic and have zero interest in moving to a subpar carrier.

  • Af

    does this mean you can connect to european gsm too?

    • Josh Groff

      Should be able to if it connects to both T-mobile and AT&T.

      • Diablo81588

        Not necessarily. It depends on what frequencies the radio supports.


    I have a Bionic laying around, it would be an improvement for my gf’s Tmobile my touch: I’re interested

    • Matias Wright

      I wish I had a Bionic just laying around. This is definitely an improvement, and I’ll be buying a Razr or Bionic if this is all successful. 

  • Josh Groff

    Maybe if you would learn how to spell, you would see how good Motorola’s build quality and radios are.

  • lzcool

    I want tmobile 3G or hspa+ for my froid razr !thats fantastic

  • Jedi54

    Why would anyone want to leave Big Red’s LTE network for AT&T and T-mobile’s inferior network?

    • Joe

       They don’t. But like me, it would be VERY nice to have all those GSM bands for when traveling over seas. I’m just curious if you just swap the LTE sim for a standard gsm sim (micro sim of course..)

  • Gary Patrowicz

    moto sux i would sooner use a ifone then give moto another cent

    • Motorola sucks.  I would sooner use an iPhone than give motorola another cent.  Fixed.

  • Mortalys77

    People still listen to P3Droid?

    • Azndan4

      Haha he’s such a cry baby

    • Bunie

       Why wouldn’t They?

      • Mortalys77

        Because he is a drama queen and has a lot of false info, but on the other hand, he is occasionally right and he used to have good leaks.

  • ZackPudney

    the only proper use for a bionic is to throw it a brick wall over and over again

    • Josh Groff

      O really? I think it makes perfect calls and actually holds a signal unlike some other phones. Plus it’s rooted, overclocked, and has custom ROMs.

      The screen may not be the best, but it’s fine for those of us with bad vision who actually want to read our phones in the sunlight because we actually go outside. Now please, sell your Nexus and move out of your mom’s basement.

      • ZackPudney

        ROFL “holds a signal” no it doesn’t, not a data connection. it’s a turd, jokes on you fatty I live in a shed

        • DanKemple

          Since the updates in Nov/Dec I haven’t dropped 4g hardly at all when in a 4g area. Sometimes a switch is still an issue but my phone doesn’t random reboot all the time and works perfectly. How would you know if it has a good data connection, do you secretly have access to our phones? Didn’t think so.

          • Realistic87

            having owned one and still owning one is the reason I’m bitter. Even after moving on to the nexus, motorola never be forgiven. 

          • DanKemple

             I don’t know I have a Bionic, and my brother has one. Neither of us have any data problems at all. My n# is small but from what I have heard after those updates the Bionic really has no more major issues. I love this phone.

          • kixofmyg0t

             Any you don’t have data drops on your “G-Nex”?

            LOL Riiiiiight.

          • Realistic87

            yeah actually I don’t and I don’t see anyone claiming to

          • kixofmyg0t

            Are you kidding me? LMAO!!!

            This fool claims he doesn’t see anyone else claiming data drops on the “G-Nex” 

          •  I have them.  It really grinds my gears…

          • DanKemple

             Read about 10 blogs back even kellex was complaining about the reboots and data and the fact the ANDROID DEVELOPER device hasn’t had an update since launch (until just now)

          • Realistic87

            Never said I didn’t have a random reboot

          • Unless I am in a Verizon area data sucks.  One area just down the road my wifes RAZR gets 3G no problem,  I used to on my DX2.  I am going back to Motorola after having this piece of moneky crap they call a galaxy nexus.  Random reboots more than any of my 4 previous Motorola’s ever did and its has the worst reception I have ever seen in a cell phone.  Selling it so I can buy a RAZR.

          • Daniel Simpson

            I’ve never had data drops on my Nexus

          • Jay

            sucks for you, mine is humming along just fine

          • Josh Groff

            It’s even more stable with Eclipse/ Liberty. Also frees up some more RAM and makes the phone zippier. Haven’t cared enough to mess around with ICS Beta ROMs, I’ll just wait for a stable release from Motorola.

          • LOL this poor kid is going to praise a Bionic and say to throw away a Nexus? yeahhhhh you failed kill yourself

        • kixofmyg0t

           Mine holds data just fine. Ohh you must be referring to the the 5.5.886 firmware. You know the one that’s been fixed for about 6 months now.

          Or maybe if you stopped throwing it at a wall it would hold data. Motorola DOES have the best build quality….but it’s not designed to be thrown at a wall.

          • Realistic87

            I was always on the latest leaks, never helped

          • kixofmyg0t

             OH really? Like which ones?

          • Realistic87

            tried them all up to when the gnex came out because then I stopped caring.  

          • kixofmyg0t

            Really? You tried 5.6.904? That should have fixed all the data drops.

          • Realistic87

            and when did that come out, I’m actually turning on the bionic to see what I last put on it

          • kixofmyg0t

             It didn’t. I made that up just to show that you are indeed a liar.

          • Realistic87

            hit the road kid, you got some flawed reasoning if you think you can assume I follow a phone I no longer use and should know   every single new update.  My phone had 5.9.901 on it last and it still sucked.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Oh I dont expect you to follow it anymore. But when you were flashing leaks I expect you to know what the heck you are flashing. 

          • Realistic87

            you expected me to remember it exactly from months ago, sorry bub I don’t have your autism. I do remember trying one of the .893

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            please keep going… i want to see a thread that is only one letter wide.

          • Congrats

          • C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER

          • soundfx


        • Josh Groff

          It holds a data connection if you disable the feature that turns off data after 15 minutes of inactivity, just a matter of going into settings -> battery & data manager and changing the battery mode and data saver settings. Or you can go with the battery savings of leaving said feature on.

          Also, who lives in a shed? Gazebos are obviously far superior.

          • Realistic87

            I’ve never had that dumb option on, it would never switch between 3g and 4g and sometimes it would not connect to 3g ever, not to mention times it would just drop data when it wanted

          • Josh Groff

            Well, I can’t attest to 4G holding a connection or solid hand-offs as there is no 4G close to where I live, but 3G signal never drops unless I tell it to. Maybe I just live near good towers.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Yikes! Yet another spoiled tech brat. The Bionic is still a really great device to this day. Sure there are many out there that far better than it, but even so… it’s still an awesome phone.

  • Matthew

    Yay I can have terrible service and 3g!

  • Dr_Buttballs

    ITT: Grammar Nazis.

  • roo5ter

    Hey Moto/VZW–maybe the devs wouldn’t mess with the radios if they were given an unlocked bootloader to play with…

  • Sam

    Holyyyy sh*t this is awesome.

  • Michael_NM

    I’m interested, but I have no idea why.

  • kixofmyg0t

    SOAB! I was gonna send this in to you Kellex! 

  • Guest

    My interested what?

  • Antinorm

    If *you’re* interested

  • TJ


  • Zebra

    Did he say anything about the Razr HD coming?

  • Will

    Why on earth would anybody buy an off-contract Moto phone to use on AT&T-Mobile when you can now get a Galaxy Nexus for around the same price built for that network, with bootloaders which actually allow you to own the phone?

    • Diablo81588

      Cause the nexus sucks? Nexus + ATT= ultimate fail..

  • Nick

    I don’t want AT&T for my Bionic, I want ICS.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Safe Strap. Then take your pick. CM9, Gummy, AOKP etc. Im using Gummy. 

      • CharlesJorgenson

        I think he means ICS with everything working.  Still none out there so far

        • kixofmyg0t

          Yeah you’re right. Flash doesnt work. Darn. 

          • Josh Groff

            Flash and video recording, 2 non major things but they can be quite bothersome to not have.

          • Sam

            Or hardware acceleration, or consistent data connection.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Consistent data connection? Why are you still on 886 radios?

          • You’re trying way too hard.  Just stop.

          • kixofmyg0t

             It was a legitimate question. The 886 radios were the ones that gave people data drops. 

          • Diablo81588

            Flash works fine. You just have to disable “force gpu rendering” in settings.

          • kixofmyg0t


            Thx. I didn’t know that.

          • CharlesJorgenson

            Flash doesn’t work, video recording doesn’t work, widescreen pictures dont work, noise cancelling doesn’t work as good. no video recording is a deal breaker for me.

  • teh_Jughead

    please change your to you’re

    • RadicalPie

      Lol in the title

      • MXFoX408

        Wow does it really bother you that much how it was spelled? Damn gramor police, go troll elsewhere.

        • kixofmyg0t



          • Butters619

            Spelling police :p  Hilarious though.

          • EMOTE POLICE it’s “:-P”

          • MXFoX408

            Lol you peopl3 @r3 phuck3n [email protected]$……lol

        • Bunie

          Hello, I’m interested. Who are you? 😀

        • Gramor?  Jesus.

        • RadicalPie

          Calm down sparky.

    • Bewara2009

      you don’t want to start that, just saying……

      • andydroid22

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      • Just once it would be nice to see comments that actually have something to do with the article. 88 comments and counting and almost all of it is a fight about something asinine while the relevant comments get cast to the 2nd and 3rd pages. 

      • katedroid887

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    • I don’t know why, but it makes me want to stab my eyes out.

    • tennis9z9
  • Motosurf

    So that means these droid phones can be used outside of the states now? 

    • JBS

      There are already a few Droid global phones…

      • DanKemple

         I think the point was “oh wow is my Bionic now a global phone?” which is a good question.