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Another Galaxy SIII Dummy Box Appears, This Time With Newly TouchWiz-Themed Menu Button

These dummy boxes that they have placed on top of the “next” Galaxy aka the Galaxy SIII are cracking me up. Look at that faux home button that has basically been taped on. Classic. Well played, Samsung.

Enough laughing though, let’s talk about these new photos that appeared today. Is that really a new on-screen menu button? Indeed it is. And yes, the entire navigation arrangement is still out of order from the Galaxy Nexus even with the menu button appearing. Why didn’t Samsung choose to put the menu button on the right hand side of the navigation keys like on the G-Nex? We have no idea, but damn is it annoying.

One thing I will say is that on-screen keys are so desperately needed in Ice Cream Sandwich. After having the HTC One X and its hardware keys for the last few weeks, I’m stuck with an on-screen menu button that displays itself as a massive black bar across the bottom of the screen when an app calls for it, all while eating up precious real estate. At least with the next Galaxy, we won’t have that issue as the menu button will simply appear next to the other nav keys. Or hopefully app devs will listen to the Android team and remove the menu button altogether from their apps and force extra actions into the action overflow menu up top.

What do you guys think? 

Via:  The Verge

  • LuigiJones

    soft menu key in the nav key bar! I think the new ICS menu button the 3 dots randomly placed on every app is useless. Added menu button my AOKP and haven’t looked back.. so much easier. 

  • Christopher Riner

    I’m liking the design; almost seems motorola-ish.  

    But man, I saw a nexus concept on xda that looked iiiiiiiinsaaaaane.  Of course the next design won’t look anything like it, but it was crazy.  Almost hour-glass shaped from the sides, but perfectly square when looking at it up top.  A lot of people who saw it thought that that’s what a nexus should look like.

  • New_Guy

    Am I the only one that thinks the rounded glass on top of that squared body is absolutely hideous? I hoe the final product does not look like this…

  • Larizard

    if you look closely at the bottom of the device, you can see the rounded corners which resembles the contour of the phone (under a blanket) in the teaser pic they releases on Facebook Denmark.

    Which brings me to my second point: too much bezel. I know they need room to put the microphone, but that’s too much space, much like my initial reaction to the Galaxy Nexus..

    This is shaping up to be a Galaxy Nexus 2.0 affair…

  • Hodgewdm

    Why does it still show a market app instead of the play store???

  • xFenixKnightx

    None of these pics have anything to do with the SG3 other than to throw people off. The software won’t look like that and the phone won’t look like that.

  • possomcrast1

    Who else thinks that is a fake case on the sIII to disguise it. Looks like it to me.

    • That’s what the article says.  “These dummy boxes that they have placed on top of the “next” Galaxy…”  In the first line, even. 

  • Bogy25

    NOT my next phone


  • DadzBoyz

    Ugly.  Ugly.  Ugly.  The hardware is ugly.  The menus are ugly.  If this is the GIII, well, Samsung just screwed the _______.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      drama queen

      • DadzBoyz


    • Tommy Thompson

      The Hardware isn’t final. It’s in a dummy case. How hard is that to understand?

      • It’s impossible to understand if they don’t RTFA!!

        • mustbepbs

          That’s the best acronym. RTFA. Thank you, I’ll be using that frequently.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I don’t give a shizz about button order, I give a shizz about if it is coming to VZW

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  • AndroidUser00110001

    The physical button just might be part of the phone. The tape is there to hold the phone into the dummy case, notice the tape on the top of the phone.
    The nav button order is laid out to resemble the international GSII setup.

    I think the new advertising bar on the bottom of browser sucks…

  • Ugh, we need to be moving AWAY from the menu button, not adding it back in.  Just because people can’t accept change doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what’s best for Android.  And while we’ll getting rid of the menu button, let’s get rid of the useless back button as well and replace it with the search button.

    • paraplu

      The back button should not be removed.

  • Mark F

    @kellex:disqus  edit please!

  • PC_Tool

    Ohlook!  A SGS3 protoype running TW launcher over AOKP with a custom menu-key!

  • Panicswhenubered

    oh good, change up the home buttons from stock ICS a little to further complicate and fragment the OS. Well done, Samsung.

  • normmcgarry

    precious real estate*

    • albert carter

      I agree. Looks like a lot of wasted space down there by that physical button.

  • I’ll cast my vote for a physical home button that wakes the screen when I press it since that is so much easier to find on larger phones.  I have a Galaxy Note (international version) and can wake and unlock the phone with one hand only because of the physical home button.

    As for something like the HTC One X, at least you always know where the physical buttons are without having to search for them on the screen.  And they don’t waste screen real estate as they do on the Galaxy Nexus.  

    • Josh Groff

      The on screen buttons can be hidden when you’re in apps, have you actually used a G-Nex before. Not saying I like the on screen buttons, I’m more of a capacitive guy myself, but it does free up space for the screen.

    • r0lct

      If you can’t learn without looking where the power button is on any phone after having it for a week you’re in trouble.

  • The article looks great!Thanks for you sharing. I love it.thanks!

  • what the things all the developers doing.. sometime its very surprising what is going. I think there is only one thing which is competition of mobile computing market. 

    • Josh Groff

      That was fairly incoherent. Thank you for wasting my time.

    • LiterofCola

      Say whaaaaaaaat?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    That home button is ridiculously redundant. At least we know the US carriers will have that removed.

  • Q

    Hmmm.. from a design standpoint, this certainly looks like a step back from the GNex.  Is this really what the phone is going to look like?  Boring…..

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Wait what?

      A step back from the GNex? A step back from a cheesy all plastic phone? Hmm.. ok

      • Q

        I said from a design standpoint.  This seems to be lacking advanced design elements from the GNex such as Soft buttons, curved glass, etc.  From a design standpoint, this seems like a step backwards from the GNex.  

        All Samsungs are “cheesy all plastic”, so from a build quality standpoint, I wouldnt expect much difference here.I kinda like Sammy “cheesy all plastic” phones.  They’re very durable.

        • New_Guy

          You make a great point. Samsung is not generally know form using aluminum or glass casings on their phones, or having snazzy uni-body construction like HTC.

          Not to mention, the rounded glass on top of the squared body is just plain hideous…I’m sure it’s a great phone but if the final product looks like this, just the fact that I would hate looking at it would steer me away.

        • It’s a phone in a FAKE BOX!!!  You have no idea what the phone looks like.  All you’re seeing is the fake case that’s on it.  RTFA!!

  • Jslafarr

    too much bezel / side bezel – even if it is a “dummy” case – look at the power button. as in farrr away from the screen. that cant really be changed when removing the case. 

    not to mention it says “market” and not “play store”.

    not to mention this phone will be bigger (supposed to be) than the gnex, and we didnt see many leaked gnex pics that resembles the real deal.

    and NOT TO MENTION – those talking about softkeys and physical buttons – you can make any softkey a shortcut to any app – which totally renders the physical keys obsolete and useless.

    • Josh Groff

      You can map apps to capacitive and hardware keys as well, I had my menu button on the Sensation 4G launching my camera. (granted that was on a custom ROM, but still)

  • eze4

    What do I think huh? I think I see too much bezel.

    • EC8CH

      Yeah, some people complain about the size of the bottom bezel on the G-Nex (which I personally think is just about right), but that thing’s bottom bezel is waaaay bigger.

      • r0lct

        I don’t think many people who own them complain, just those who see pictures in the web that seem to make it look bigger than it is with close ups and what not.

    • r0lct

      Remember the phone isn’t going to necessarily look like this.

  • Austinrgoebel

    Dear phone manafactures,
    Please stop switching the orders of the damn on screen buttons, once i get use to an order you change it so i have to get use to another order. Yes im being nit picky but im sure everybody on this website will agree.


    The entire android comminity

    • LiterofCola

      Actually, its the same order that it is on the Razr. Would be no change if I pick this bad boy up.

  • Lakerzfan80

    Hello Samsung,

    its me again …look so far I like what I am hearing about the sg3 …it needs a bigger battery min 2500 mah and removable would be nice .SD card…NFC…Bluetooth 3.0m in plz and ur processor is fine no complaints there but most impotantly and I can not stress this enough!!!..one design…that’s it not 25 variants not 10 not 3 …just one phone …if you want to compete with apple this is a neccassary step it makes ur product more recognizable it makes accessory makers more happy and consumers like accessories it allows u to focus production and therefore provide globally faster delivery times and makes us including the USA market happy not waiting for it 4 month later after Europe has allready had it …please do urself a favor and follow my blueprint …don’t let the carriers influence you on making variants …force it on them ..also one last favor please give this to USA first if you are going to launch at different times in different markets …its our turn to play with a new toy first

  • NorCalGuy

    I am 100% for onscreen keys, that give the devs the max screen size to work with once the device have been rooted, using AOKP and NOVA w/ LMT i have eliminated the status bar and the nav bar and use gestures and the pie to control my phone and in the few times i do have to let someone else use my phone i can turn the nav bar right back on via the power menu.  Please have onscreen keys..

  • I wonder if Sammy has been running a different look of TouchWiz to trick everyone too

  • Skinja99

    I do not care for on-screen keys. They eat up screen real estate. Yes, I know they hide when in-app. But the bezel is still about the same size. So just put them on the bezel.

    Remember when phones had a physical camera button and even another physical button that could be programmed to your needs? That is how it should be. I want more physical buttons. They speed things up. I want to be able to control my phone without having to go thru so many on screen button presses/actions.

    On screen keys take up time. And they slow things down. They are for apple type people who want to have an ‘experience’. Not people who want to actually get things done.

    • Tim242

      How do on screen buttons take up more time? Buttons are buttons. On custom ROMs, you can customize the buttons. You can change their color, make them smaller, or remove them altogether. By removing them, you can use swipe gestures, or uick controls. I just don’t see how you see static capacitive buttons “easier.”

    • Dave

      Yeah failing to see how they slow things down. They are as responsive, if not more so, than dedicated physical capacitive buttons. They also provide flexibility of customization and “reprogramming” them to do different things. 

    • Ginosylum

       You can also skin them, make them smaller,, change the order, change their function and add or reduce the number of keys… They are MUCH more functional then the “old” hard keys…

    • PC_Tool


      You realize you are making no sense at all, right?  Anything 3rd party devs could do with the physical buttins they can do with on-screen buttons (and *so* much more).

      Take up time and slow things down?  You’re joking right?  Have you ever actually *used* on-screen keys?

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      You’re kidding, right?  On screen buttons just take up up the space the physical buttons would have been on at, and at least with these they can be customized and do disappear.  Plus the phone just looks better without those buttons being on the screen constantly.

  • They have a physical home button and on screen keys? And wanted me to believe this is accurate?

  • DrMacinyasha

    If this were real, Google would have an aneurysm over the inclusion of a Menu button, and I think we can all say “screw Samsung” for having god-awful TouchWiz smearing a beautiful OS.

    • Dima Aryeh

      The menu button is (obviously) context sensitive, just like the Galaxy Nexus (Google experience). It’s no different, just a bit bigger. I don’t see your point, Samsung changed nothing in this case, but the size of it….

      • tyguy829

        and the dang order of the buttons!! why couldn’t they just leave the order alone?  Is it really a better phone because the menu button is on the left and the multitasking button and back button are switched. it’s just dumb…./endrant

        • Dima Aryeh

          Now the order is a valid complaint.However it’s now closer to the way it was on the Galaxy S/SII

    • SamsungFTW

      “We can all say”??

      Speak for yourself man. I think TouchWiz adds the real beauty to an otherwise boring OS.

      • Tim242

        ICS is far from boring. It is beautiful. Skins might have prettied up previous versions, but they bastardize ICS.

      • …what? TouchWiz is an ugly mess of colours and icons.

      • r0lct

        You could make an argument TW may add some useful functionality, but definitely not beauty.

      • mustbepbs

        TouchWiz even sounds corny/cheesy. I can’t even say it without smirking. They should change it to TouchJizz

  • “all while eating up pressure real estate.”

    Hater apps always wasting my pressure real estate.

  • DoctorOta

    In all honesty i like my menu buttons on the left.  This may be the 2+ years of using a motorola phone though with that layout that makes it feel so intuitive to me.  Google really should make the buttons arrangeable by preference to be honest because that to me would be a great stock feature. (This is inferring that they aren’t already, i’m not sure don’t have ICS experience.)

    • Tim242

      ICS custom roms allow you to change the order of the buttons, add buttons, change the color of the buttons, make them smaller, or remove them altogether : )

      • DoctorOta

        That’s an awesome feature j just wish Google implemented it into the stock experience as well.

  • Michael_NM

    “Dummy Box” is where all the goons who keep coming up with these farces should go.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Have never seen this black bar with menu button on ics with hard keys 😐

    • Well if you are running a Rezound or RAZR that has a hardware menu key, then you wouldn’t. But since the One X only has a task switcher, home and back with no menu key, the menu key needs to go somewhere. So this is where it goes…


      • Michael_NM

        I can see how that would be annoying, why don’t you just send that phone to me. 🙂

      • Android1997

        I think that if your going to have on screen navigation, then you should be able to swipe between different layouts. Like on the G-Nex, swipe the buttons do get a new set of buttons. Like maybe swipe and you can have a custom layout of 4 buttons, or a maybe just 1 or 2 buttons.

        • Tim242

          ICS custom roms allow you to change the order of the buttons, add buttons, change the color of the buttons, make them smaller, or remove them altogether : )

      • Tlingitsoldier

        Hasn’t Google Reader been updated on other ICS phones? My Galaxy Nexus doesn’t get the second menu soft key at the bottom.

  • Jake

    Old pictures….android market instead of play store

    • leehead

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    • FortitudineVincimus

      Most likely, but there is an app available you can get to mimick the old “Market” app/icon and replace that korny Play nomenclature. I know, I have it and use it daily. 

      • satacymooonaa

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      • fvqu

        What would make you think they would be using that on this phone?

    • Or they just never signed in.. ever thought of that?

  • Merritt Seth

    Pressure does not equal precious

    • Michael_NM

      Depends on where the pressure is applied…

  • NexusFreak86

    probably another fake like the rest.

  • StephanC

    With everything they’ve done to it I can hardly tell it’s running ICS.

  • Tommy Thompson

    The screen looks NIIICCCEEE