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Samsung Galaxy SIII Benchmarked? Here is How Its Quad-core Exynos Chip Compares to the Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4

A GLBenchmark for the GT-i9300 and its Exynos 4412 quad-core processor appeared this morning, showing off some pretty impressive marks. We are still without confirmation that the i9300 is actually the Galaxy SIII, but after seeing last week’s mega-leak of a device with that model number on video, we have nothing else to go on. At one point we were on the i9300 as being the SGS3, then were off of it, and now, are sort of back on again. Anyways, let’s talk about this benchmark and how it compares to the other top two SoCs on the block, the Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4. 

As you can see in both Egypt and Pro tests, neither the quad-core Tegra 3 or dual-core S4 can keep up with Exynos chip. This is of course just one single benchmark, but GL is one of the standards that we seem to go back to time and time again with new phones and new processors. Looking at these though, you have to be somewhat impressed at the power of Samsung’s latest work. The benchmarks we saw last year with the dual-core Exynos in the Galaxy SII blew our minds and it appears as if we are about to be wowed again.

Now, if we could get confirmation that Samsung has figured out how to pair LTE with this beast, our lives would be almost complete.

Via:  Android and Me

  • sgs2sky

    Its battery life alone that will decide the fate. Its the only reason why other CPU/GPU mfgs haven’t come up with faster phones, that and the fact that slow roll out means more money for each company. 🙂

  • Mongrcfreak

    Great timing, got my One X, then this comes out?!?! 

    nah… still like HTC Sense 4.0 better than the touchwiz they’re gonna slap on it.

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  • nsnsmj

    Eh, benchmarks are just pissing contests; stupid crap for people to brag about. You can’t even notice a difference in actual usage.

  • Taglogical

    I remember the last time Sammy released benchmarks for their Exynos chip… and in real-world performance, it got beat by several of the chips Sammy’s benchmarks showed it was faster-than /facepalm

  • again. i would like to know how the result is at the same speed. and not just the random speed set. plz re-do the test with both set at 1000Mhz, and then 1500Mhz. 

  • Rick

    My Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still running 4.0.2

  • Trevor

    Exynos + LTE = phonegasm.  Lame, but pretty accurate.

  • Prime7

    In a month or so, another phone will be announced that will blow this one away. And then another. And so on.

  • Jfoulk

    Anyone have the raw benchmark scores instead of the relative graph?

  • Joe Buck

    ill never by another phone that doesnt have a maxx size battery

  • I don’t know… For me I would rather just wait for A15 chips instead of getting incremental upgrades that are barely noticeable. 

  • user311

    This changes everything…

    • Bionic

      not really

  • Trophynuts

    anyone that has a Nexus shouldn’t care if this comes to VZW…unless Sammy somehow figured out how to build better radios 

    • PC_Tool

       Sad but true, to a point.

      The radio on my Fascinate seemed to work just fine, but the one on my G’Nex is complete and total crap.

      Hopefully, they get it right this time around.

      • Liderc

        total crap!

        • PC_Tool

          That means nothing to me.  The radio on my G’Nex was crap.  What else is there to say?

          It may or may not apply to them all.  I’ve had two.  I’d lose every 3rd call, almost like clockwork.  While it is quite possible that location could play a part, the Spectrum I cam currently using has not had any of the dropped call issues (though I must admit I have only had it a little more than a week now…)

          ..and the Fascinate I used prior to the G’Nex also didn’t seem to have the dropped call issues….and I used that for well on two years.

          Maybe I just got two defective devices, maybe they all suck…at this point, I really don’t care.  I just wanted a phone that worked as a phone. 

          • jroc74

             Bedsides…bars n decibels mean absolutely nothing compared to real world use.

        • jroc74

           Cmon now. You know good n well that doesnt mean a thing compared to real world use.

          In a great reception area my Rezound and G Nex would post faster speedtest results than my RAZR. If they all said -69 it wouldnt matter. They both have newer LTE tech thats capped higher.

          If your G Nex says -69….I can almost guarantee you were in a good to great reception area. The G Nex…and my Rezound(s) had/has issues in weak reception areas.

          • Liderc

            My point is not everyone with a Nexus has problems with their reception, ergo all Nexus’ don’t have signal issues. 

            So if dBm doesn’t prove my signal is good, how should I prove it to you?  Have you come over and watch?  You guys will argue for the sake of arguing.  My point is, stop telling everyone ALL Samsung radios suck, when it’s obvious that mine as well as other’s don’t.

            As I said, area probably has a lot to do with it, but I’m not in a great 4G area, I don’t even live in a large city and my house is brick.  The radio is fine, the call reception is fine.  I have no bias towards the Nexus, I used the original droid since it came out and a flip phone Razr for 6 years before that.  

            So if anything I should be bias towards Motorola and yet I’m not?  Why? Because I tell the truth based on factual information that I’ve seen from my own experiences.

          • jroc74

             Thats the point….you cant prove it. Not anymore…Real world use is all that matters now. For most things real world use is all that matters.

            Did him or me say ALL Samsung radios suck? He even said in his orig post he hopes they get it right this time. He even said his Fascinate….thats made by Samsung….worked better than his G Nex.

            It isnt so much about Samsung, its about the G Nex. Real world use. Based on my phone history and paying attention to reception of specific phones -started with Samsung around 2008 and before I had a smartphone- I have said and could say its Samsung….but I dont anymore. Benefit of the doubt and all that jazz.

            I havent blamed Samsung in months.

            Having used these Android smartphones since 2010….I can just about guarantee if your G Nex said -69….you were in a good to great reception area. Thats the reality of it. The best area I have even been was in the -50’s. Its a spot I used to go to alot in DC.

            If all these phones are in a good to great reception area….you would hear very lil complaints about radios and reception. The reality if is it….we all live n hang out in different areas. Some of us travel alot. Some of us work farther than where we live.

            I wouldnt care if my RAZR said -20…..if it dropped calls, was on the verge of hanging up, had so so data connections, couldnt see 4G where other phones I tried did…..I would say the radios sucked. That or there needs to be alot better quality control with all these phones.

          • Liderc

            You post that long of a message and basically say the same thing over and over.

            Troll much?

          • jroc74

            Samsung, G Nex fanboy much?

            Seeing as how you got in your feelings about Samsung radios…and me and him mentioned the G Nex only. We didnt even mention Samsung as a whole…just the G Nex.

            Real world use can never be beat by specs, pics posted.

            If you consider my post trolling….all I can do is pray for you. Btw….I try to come with facts and be as fair as possible with these phones. Unlike someone -you- that likes to keep saying the G Nex is the first and you probably said the only phone that shows the true LTE signal.

            It wasnt the first and the LG LTE phones show it better.

          • Liderc

            I thought that dBm meant nothing, so how can LG LTE phones show it better?


          • jroc74

             Uh….cuz they show phone and data separate in the Settings area.

            Show it better….still .doesnt…..beat….real…world….use.

            Try again.

            And take the fanboy blinders off. Just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt make them a troll.

          • Liderc



          • jroc74

            I also see you didnt read or want to read what I posted before:

             “Until LTE phones start showing the data and phone reception separate
            like the LG LTE phones…maybe we can go back to bars and decibels.”

            When you fanboy….it looks better when you read the entire post or comprehend better.

          • Liderc

            How am I a fanboi?  I’ve usedan OG for over 2 years and before that I useda MotoRazrflip.  Good lord you’re an idiot. 

  • DJyoSNOW

    My last three Samsung phones sucked hard core. This picture does not do it justice. I’m strongly thinking to jump over to Motorola, since they clearly understand extended batteries. WTF Samsung…

    • mustbepbs

      They don’t understand one bit of what their customers want, though. If you want to wait for updates a while, get your phone replaced every 2 months, and enjoy locked bootloaders, Moto is your game.

      • Slade Jeppesen

        AHAHAHAHA everyone picks on Motorola like little hypocrites. Mustbepbs we wait the same time for updates as everyone else, and we even got Gingerbread faster then most. The only phone to have ICS in the U.S. is the HTC Vivid so don’t criticize them for what every company does. And to my knowledge how does a phone being replaced so soon hurt anyone? Isn’t Android about having choices? About having the top of the line phone all the time? So 2 months releasing something nice keeps all the renewals up to date does it not? 

        • mustbepbs

          HTC has slated ICS in the coming weeks, as well as Samsung. Moto still hasn’t given any kind of timeframe for the upgrade even on their flagship phones. The soak test everyone thought was ICS turned out to be just bug fixes for GB. Your argument holds no water, friend.

  • manny108

    I wish that this was coming to Verizon

  • Jason Lee


  • rodney11ride

    im still laughing at the Blackberry recognition they are getting for using their branded charger! lol

  • Nannersby

    Still gonna be disappointed if the Exynos 5250 isn’t in there somewhere.  A quad core is nice and all, but it’s not the record-setter that the 5250 is, and it’s based on old architecture when the new A15’s are gonna start coming out.

  • duke69111

    It looks like this phone also has  notification light at the top left.

  • Booboolala2000

    The pic of the phone says it all, about battery life anyway.

    • duke69111

      Yep.  Probably not the best photo to have snapped.

  • Josh Groff

    CF-Bench plox. 🙂 I prefer seeing all the nice little details.

  • cuzzinz

    I am sure this phone is going to be amazing but I think at this point in time…when i look at all these benchmarks my first questions is…. hows the battery life?  The rest is all pointless unless you are buying your phone to use as a console on a TV or trying to compile code or running a sql DB on the phone.

    Can our phones please last more than 12 hours with kind of horsepower? lol

    • Tommy Thompson

      Samsung has always been pretty good when it comes to power/battery management.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      The real beauty of quad core is the fact that low level tasks can be passed off to the “companion core” and thus, technically speaking, be more power and battery efficient as your not asking the main power hungry cores to do petty tasks. And this can lead to better battery management. 

      Benchmarks about speed are only so impressive and of course, quad core comes with some speed. But the claimed efficiency improvement are why I dig it.

      • Stephen D

        Derp. The Tegra 3 is the only CPU with the companion core.  

        • kixofmyg0t

          and the OMAP 4470 and OMAP5…..

          • Stephen D

            And every OMAP that has ever existed. The Tegra 3 has 5 A9 cores. The OMAPs have all had 1-2 A8 or A9 cores and an additional 1-2 cores of a much older architecture. With his post, he made it sound like every quad core CPU in existence has a 5th core, which is far from true. In fact, I think NVIDIA copyrighted/trademarked “companion core.”

    • anon

       undervolt the processor in your current phone and enjoy all the battery life you want.

      • cuzzinz

        well… been there done that.  A lot of people tout that they get 24 hours of battery life on their galaxy nexus or any other modern phone but these people usually don’t mention the fact that they don’t use their phones for work… or are always on wifi… and don’t have any apps that sync anything, etc.  I average about 10-11 hours on 4g only and that is the best I can get.  This is even after disabling A LOT of syncing apps and checking for any wake locks on my phone.

        24 hours with real world use…like for business or a student who uses their phone all day would be perfect… or at least 18-20 hours….and do this without being a half an inch thick.

        Don’t get my wrong… I love my galaxy nexus but man I wish I got better battery life.  After undervolting it it is def. keeping up with my HTC Incredible… maybe a few hours short but that is with 700mah more in my extended batter in my gnex.

        Some of these manufacturers should take a look at the RAZR MAXX and take some notes… the hardware is so so… but… that battery/case design was genius!

        •  10-11 Hours on 4G is actually not bad. On my Razr Maxx I average 14h 30m with apps that sync, Google Music here and there and you know, browsing. But then again that’s 3G since I don’t have the 4G plan. Also, I barely use wifi.

  • c4v3man

    Let’s see a battery life benchmark now…

    • Butters619

      They are going to have to strap a car battery to this phone to get a days use out of it.  Exynos doesn’t have a companion core or on board LTE :/

      • Noyfb

        i thought quad core was suppose to give you better battery life?

    • Raven

       Exactly!  I am sure they will both have more than enough speed to do anything that I want to do with my PHONE, but which one will have the best battery life with the same daily usage?

    • jroc74

       Agree 100%. At this point with the hardware…the performance with all these current and upcoming phones will be so similar it wont really matter.

      The one with the better battery life will get my money.

  • Verizon LTE and I would probably drop my “Nexus”…

    • FortitudineVincimus

      and since it is cheap azz plastic, it would shatter on impact

      • Josh Nichols

        Plastic doesn’t shatter.

        • Josh Groff

          It can if dropped from high enough, but from an average drop, it may crack slightly. Plus it’s more likely to land screen down.

          • JustTrollin69

            I disagree. The weight difference between the phone’s front and back plays an incredibly small role when the phone is being dropped from such a short distance (waist height or from one’s ear).

          • Liderc

            Planning on your phone hitting terminal velocity? lol

          • Josh Groff

            I’m just proving a point that plastic can shatter. If someone’s bungee jumping or skydiving and it falls out of their hands while they’re recording a video that just might happen.

          • LOL

            Because we all do that with our phones in our hands right?

          • Josh Groff

            Some people do.

          • Fatty Bunter

            Most materials can shatter.  The point was that glass shatters far easier than plastic.  It’s one of the many reasons plastic is so ubiquitously used. No point in trying to argue otherwise.

          • Magnus100

            But you only need to drop the glass iPhone from 2 feet and you’ll be picking up broken shards.

    • But you’d have to deal with TouchWiz. Dealbreaker for me.

      • PC_Tool

         Have you used any TouchWiz after the suck-fest that was 3.0?  The version on the SGSII was actually usable…and added features instead of making the default one’s harder to use.

        I’m looking forward to TW-ICS. 

        • LiterofCola

          You’re making a lot of sense….yeah, that kinda stuff isn’t appreciated around here.

          • PC_Tool

            I’m sorry.  let me fix that:

            TouchWiz Sucks! Blarg!  Mmphht!  Ack!

          • LiterofCola

            There you go.  Carry on.

          • PanicsWhenUbered

            That’s more like it, now back to making fun of all those idiots that bought iPhones and Galaxy nexus’

        • Liderc

          I’m not, touch-wiz still looks so OLD, 4.0 with ICS still looks terribly old.

          • PC_Tool


            So you’ve gotten a hold of TW-ICS?

            On what device?  Do you actually have it running, or are you just referring to screenshots of unreleased builds??

          • Snow02

            Where have you been? The i9100 has it officially, and the i777, i727, and i717 all have leaks out.

          • PC_Tool

            Let me be more specific:

            Has anyone seen it running on a *launch* device?

            I ask simply because the update of TW (GB) on the SGS did *not* equal the release version of TW (GB) on the SGSII, thus leading me to believe the release version of TW on the SGSIII might be hella better than the update version on the SGSII….

            …I admit that was a little twisty…did you follow?

            SGS1 Gingerbread update: TW 3.01.
            SGSII GB release: TW4.

            SGSII ICS update: TW 4.5?
            SGS III ICS release: TW 5??

            I guess we really won’t know until it hits…

          • darat532

            I have it on my GS2 int unlocked. I actually like it better because of what you can do with wallpapers and customizing. These features are missing from vanilla ICS on the Nexus.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Now how much heat is this thing gonna generate? I remember people complaining about the S2 overheating alot. 

    • DJyoSNOW

      So me saying my tech friend freaks out when he sees the temp on my Droid charge is not suprise. It multi purposes as a portable heater….WTF Samsung I’m ready to give up!

  • Sobr0801

    I would love to see battery life? I doubt this will be on Verizon anyways.

  • guest

    Anyone else notice they are charging the phone with a Blackberry charger! HAHA

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Because it is the only reliable and good piece of hardware BB ever made.

      • JustAnotherGuest

        Kinda true… I find myself reaching for my brother’s BB charger a lot more often than all the other ones around the house (about 5 or 6 total) because it actually fully charges my phone

        • RegKilla

          Still got my BB charger

          • jag28co

            I still charge my 2 Android phones with my BB charger and have the multimedia dock at work connected with a BB charger also.

      • triumphtriple

        When I have used BlackBerry USB chargers in the past they have charged my phone much slower than the included cable. My buddy says the same thing happens to him. 

        Anybody else?

    • Abrego47

      i see what you did there……..it looks like the crackberry cord..lol

      • na

        it is.

    • ↑ See how mom earn from home. 

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I got a deal, cause I only paid your best friends mom $50 last night

    • kretz7

      Why is that funny?

    • Guest Guy

      By using the Blackberry charger, it appears they were just honoring Earthday by recycling old garbage. For
      the BB phone itself, it is hopefully being recycled as a doorstop, or a clay pigeon…

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    • Actually their Android compatible Charger division is the only branch of RIM that is still profitable.

  • T4rd

    Garbage.. I’m sticking to my OG Droid =p.


  • Matthew Ryan

    Five comments on an article about what is potentially the strongest quadcore chipset that we’ve ever seen in a phone and not a single one of them about the article but instead the tiny grammatical mistake at the end. Priorities.

    I’m looking more and more forward to the release of this phone, regardless of whether or not it comes to Verizon. Samsung is quickly becoming one of my favorite phone makers and it appears like they’ve decided what they’re going to release is going to be polished and try to cultivate a similar brand recognition to Apple. This’ll be fun to watch.

  • Fixed to “our.” Thanks everyone. 😛

  • ceejw

    It’s pretty impressive that for the past 2 years now Samsung’s processors have bested Qualcom’s and Nvidia’s in performance.  Two companies who’s main business is creating processors. 

    • Jslafarr

      Nvidia is not known for processors.The specialize in GPU’s.

      • Tflournoy95

         graphical PROCESSING unit. You’re joking, right?

        • Liderc

          I’m not certain, but he may be pointing out that Nvidia has always been a Graphics processing company, which is very different than a central processing company.  

          • snowblind64

            Sad that a GPU company can’t produce a mobile GPU that actually competes with Qualcom or Samsung.

            As far as CPU’s go Nvidia, like most others, licences ARM’s A9 CPU cores and then modifies them to their specification.

    • Samsung is a major player in the silicone world too. 

      • Snow02

        Girl, are those real, or have they been samsunged?

        • RadicalPie

          I lol’ed

    • This chip is also being released a LOT later than the Qcom and Nvidia chips. This chip will be competing with Tegra 4 when it finally gets to market. 

      • ceejw

        The chips are being released a lot later but in terms of being able to buy a phone with the chip installed it’s going to be very close.  There are currently no phones on sale in the U.S. that feature a Tegra 3 or S4 (there will be Wednesday when the One S goes on sale).  If Samsung can get the SIII on sale on U.S. carriers soon after the May 5th announcement, Nvidia and Qualcom’s headstart will have meant nothing. 

        • KRS_Won

          Do you remember how long the rest of the world had the other Galaxies before the US?

          • ceejw

            I’m basing this on the rumors that the SIII will have a simultaneous worldwide launch. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Best-rumors-yet-about-Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-screen-casing-and-release-date_id27287  

          • KRS_Won

            Hopefully it will be much sooner than 8 months, maybe released mid summer, but I agree with Phonearena: ”
            We’re not 100% sure that Samsung is actually capable of pulling off a global release…”

            Using GSM antennas Samsung could hopefully get At&t and T-Mo a quicker release. However, a Verizon version, lol, December.  Unless it’s decided a previous Galaxy phone will be good enough for Big Red.

            I would love for Verizon to give me a reason to buy another Samsung. 

  • Guest

    *checks notes*

    Yep, benchmarks still don’t mean squat.

    • rodney11ride


    • FortitudineVincimus

      agreed 100%… but the greater point still stands irrespective of korny benchmarks.. it IS a cutting edge phone spec wth new hardware and something more future proof than the same old same old. Like yet another RAZR or Incredible. THAT is the takeaway point from this,

      • Guest

        Technology advances, we get it. Still doesn’t mean that just because a phone is capable of working better than phones X, Y, and Z, that it actually makes any difference. Yeah, there’s a difference between a dual-core @ 1.2 GHz vs. Snapdragong @ 1 GHz. But the difference between a quality dual-core and a brand new, top-of-the-line quad-core isn’t going to be nearly as visible. That is, unless there will finally be some Linux distributions/custom builds that let you harness all the phone’s power and use it as a surrogate for a real computer.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          you missed the point AND essentially agreed with me without meaning to.. well done

          • Guest

            Not at all, no. Perhaps your reading comprehension needs some work.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            oh snap!! and he fires back with a devastating retort..


          • Guest

            How 12 of you.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            How 4 of you… 

          • Liderc

            Sorry, the guest pwned you.

          • NOT?  Please stop.

  • socalrailroader

    “This is of course just one single benchmark”

    • socalrailroader

      IMPORTANT to remember. 🙂

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “God, please let this come to Verizon, please.. if you do, I will never ask for anything else again”

    • rodney11ride


    • pezjono

      “God, if You really are God, You will bring the S3 to Verizon!”

    • This much for a petty gadget?

      • FortitudineVincimus

        No request is to small for God

        • fvqu

          “God” won’t help you this time, sorry but “God ” doesn’t read comments.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            your right.. which is why I quoted it as it was a quote from a prayer I said directly to him. get it?

          • God

            I read comments when not busy helping people catch footballs or win music awards, thank you very much.

        • God

          I don’t do windows. 

    • God

      You said that when you asked me to let you live from that hangover in ’96. So not falling for that again. Also, you never thanked me for that foot tall pianist you asked for, so you better start liking AT&T.

  • I realllllly hate to do this, but…

    *OUR lives would be almost complete…O U R.

  • grammar police

    Noooo, not the “are” instead of “our” typo! 

  • Admalek04

    Might want to fix the last sentence to “…our lives” haha!