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DROID RAZR HD Will Essentially Look Just Like This Device

It has been over a month since we were last treated to a DROID RAZR HD sighting. Thanks to leaks out of China, we were able to take a peak at a device that was once codenamed the “Fighter” that looked a heck of a lot like previous RAZR releases. Well, except for the HD screen and on-screen soft keys. Thanks to China again this morning, we have pictures of a similar device with model number MT887 which is almost identical to what we will see here in the U.S. The device has that same HD screen and on-screen keys along with Ice Cream Sandwich. If you were wondering how Motorola would do the on-screen soft keys deal, this would be it. Thankfully they did not take the Samsung approach and change the order of them.

What else do we know about the RAZR HD? Along with the HD screen, we will likely also see a dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip inside clocked at 1.5GHz, 12 or 13MP camera, 3300mAh battery from the MAXX, and 4G LTE. And yes, I agree with what you are about to type – this should have been the original RAZR from day 1. We didn’t need 3 or 4 renditions before we got here.

Via:  Blog of Mobile

  • brendon

    This is frustrating I buy the razr 2 weeks later buy the razr maxx I’ve had this one for maybe 2 in a half weeks now I’m hearing about the HD it has stock ics HD screen the maxx battery everything the original razr should of been. I wont be buying it because they will come out with another one with minor tweaks

  • pinyin

    THE RAZR Maxx is just an extended battery. Samae exact phone as the RAZR. Since the RAZR has a sealed battery compartment, Verizon offers an extended battery version called the Maxx.
    Some bloggers have no idea how wireless marketing works. The name of the game is accessory sales and activations. Verizon only offers subsidized handsets as a courtesy to the customer.

  • buckswaterboy

    Verizon has the best network but they are at back of the line when it comes to new devices. Their line up is pathetic. We are 1/2 way into 2012 and they have not released one premier device (other than Razr with a better battery). AT&T is constantly releasing new devices, i.e. Galaxy Note, HTC One X, ect. Verizon better get it together real soon. If this Razr HD is not out when my contact is up in 7 weeks, Im leaving for better devices.

  • Player

    So…bought the Droid Bionic after waiting forever for it to come out.
    Two months later, buy the RAZR at full price because it’s way beyond the bionic and don’t want to have an outdated phone after less than 60 days. Love the RAZR, except for the battery life and screen.
    One month later, I am extremely frustrated with a phone I like because the battery is awful. I’ve gotten over the screen, but now I’m finding out that the “early 2012” upgrade to ICS will be more like 3rd quarter.
    Another month and I’m buying ANOTHER Motorola device at full retail, the RAZR MAXX. I’m now up to about $1500 in phones in 6 months but at least my battery lasts.
    Now there’s YET ANOTHER flagship Motorola device coming shortly to address the screen and ICS?
    I get that new phones will always come out, but 4 top tier flagship devices from the same manufacturer from mid September to April

    • Tolip

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s like apple releasing the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S all in the same year! Let the folks who bought your top device actually have your top device for a few months!

    • Droidlover

      Amen. I’m okay with new phones coming out, and I actually want to buy the RAZR HD, but seriously Motorola, this is like Toyota coming out with a new Camry every 3 months…

  • ck123

    when????? When will we see this phone? 

  • i mean this looks nice… but im never buying another motorola product ever again.

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  • J Dub

    Unskinned Android? Ability to unlock the bootloader? No? Pass.

    I would be ok with Moto just doing like HTC does through a website. Then they can keep track of which devices have been unlocked and deny all warranty and support issues. 

  • Nick Bohl

    dude.. screw unlocked bootloader.. this thing is a juggernaut. WANT

  • This is easily going to be the best Android phone when it is released. Moto wins just for having the best build quality without fear of chips or cracks. 

  • Bob

    Ya right..Motorola will not have a snapdragon processor in it, are you joking?  The 1.2ghz processor in the razrs right now are way better than the 1.5ghz snapdragon currently being used in phones like the LG Spectrum.  Snapdragon processor’s are crap and Moto is not.

    • F150Fan

      If you have seen anything on the new Snapdragon S4 chips you would know that they are no slouch, not even close. They are besting the Tegra 3 in certain tests. I would gladly welcome the S4 in the RAZR HD. It has the LTE controller built into the SOC, this equals battery savings. Also, the new S4 chip is based on Cortex A15 28nm technology, much smaller than the current 45nm of the Cortex A9. This basically means higher efficiency, faster overall processing, and again, battery savings. Also the new Adreno GPU is a very good unit as well. Just my two cents. 

  • cbkcc1

    anyone know if this will be global?

    • mustardhomie

      I would be sold on this razr if it was global.  

  • Nick Letsom

    I would consider replacing my Nexus with this if Motorola didn’t lock their bootloaders…

  • Lovehate

    See the thing is most people buy their phones under contact..everyone’s upgrade is at a different time.so what people are saying its they shouldn’t be able to buy a newer spec’d phone cause you jumped early. Well damn you moto damn you.

  • Lew

    How does this screen stack up to the others that’re out there. I tend to use my phone a TON for viewing  videos and games. (Long daily train rides ftw. I’ve been putting off getting a tablet because I don’t want to carry additional tech around all day)

    Where does this screen fit in vs something like the new IPhne screen which is supposed to be very good etc?

  • Butters619

     Ok then the SGS3 isn’t a new phone because all it added was a few upgraded parts.

    • Liderc

      We don’t know that yet because we haven’t seen the design or the real specs. 

  • cardi

    man the more ad more i hear of this phone i get pissed. why couldn’t motarola just be patient and released the razr with all of these specs and battery. glad i won my razr free from verizon. thanks to kellex giving up the inside scoop. now should i buy a conversion kit to the max or just wait for the razr hd i think i will be unlike motarola patient and wait for the razr hd

  • I’m excited to see this phone. I hope it’s release is in the near future. I’d like to pick it up.

  • Bigdav1178

    Slap the Droid 4 keyboard on this and call it the Droid 4 HD, and I’d be buying =D

  • unaffected

    The battery alone would make it more of an upgrade from the original Razr than the 4s was to the 4

  • Division by Zero

    Why get this? Motorola is famous for making a bunch of variations of the same phone. I’m sure a Droid RAZR HD MAXX, or even a Droid RAZR HD MAXX slider will be along in a month or two.

  • ABerry5

    This should have been the razr? Cmon kellex we’re 6 months past that release.. the maxx shoulda been the razr but this is a completely new phone released a half year later..

    And I agree with the posters why the hell are manufacturers keeping such large bezels when they add on screen buttons? My guess for this phone at least is they had to stuff that 3300mah battery somewhere.. but I’m happy with the bezel on my gnex..it doesn’t look like wasted space at least but of course I’d love if it was edge to edge.. when the screen is off though you really can’t see what is screen and what is bezel which is cool

    • kixofmyg0t

       Because Motorola is only allowed to release ONE phone every two years. That’s what I’m seeing here.

      • kixofmyg0tsuks

        Im glad your getting typing your long winded post dude,your truely a motorola fan boi .

  • BlueLetter

    This should’ve been the Razr? It’s been half a year. I don’t think pushing the Razr back 6 months after the Bionic would’ve been a good idea from a business perspective…

  • itachi85

    i dont know about you guys but i think i will wait 3 months after they release this, for the Razr HD Maxxx! Whos with me????? lollls

  • Bionic

    Would love to have this phone. Another quality Motorola product.


  • I have a galaxy nexus, but may actually get this. My dad has a bionic, and having the phones in the exact same spot, my nexus gets 2 bars of 3g while his gets 2 bars of 4g. I don’t know what moto uses for it’s radios, but its damn good.

    • Bionic

      Yup Motorola radios can’t be beat.

  • jjrudey

    dat bezel

    • Bionic

      Dat azz

  • fanboy1974

    “We didn’t need 3 or 4 renditions before we got here.”
    You took the words right out of my mouth.  Motorola could have kept the Bionic around and then release the Droid 4.  The Razr HD would have been a monster release this year but Motorola watered the experience down with incremental updates to hardware and ice sandwich is still a no show.  

  • Cindykopj

    any idea of when we will see this phone?

  • VerizonCustomerNYC

    So after three months of this release Moto and Verizon will release the Droid Razr HD Maxx

    • LiterofCola

      Thats the first time I’ve heard that joke!

  • NorCalGuy

    This is the phone race I have been looking for… the HD and the “next galaxy” if moto keeps the files all the same as they did for the razr and maxx then this phone will be amazing but so will the next galaxy and all of the rumored specs …. this is why I love android so many amazing phones to choose from. Needless to say my nexus will be replace by one of these phones for sure, might even get both and give one to the gf so I can have the best two phones at once.

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    A “peak” is the top of something.  A “peek” is a look at something.

  • Joe Buck

    Wow all this and the maxx battery ,this would be a very hot item

  • iclickjohn

    Translate this page (Chrome). Shows a lot of info for the Chinese version. Curious about the input method, handwriting.

  • Especially if they can’t tell the difference between one month and three.
    Three months between the RAZR and RAZR MAXX, another three months until the RAZR HD.  What’s an acceptable length of time between models?  Six months?  A year?  You really would be okay with six month or year old phones, instead of buying something with the newest chipset from another manufacturer?

  • Jamaicawind

    I think it is safe to say at this point that everyone should avoid buying a moto razr phone unless they want to face extreme disappointment when another variant comes out a month later

    • niteperson

      I bought my Maxx a month ago and  I’m not disappointed at all with this upcoming release.  I’m thoroughly enjoying my phone and realize that something new is always around the corner.

  • Azndan4


  • The S4 chip just debuted in a phone recently and you guys are crying that Motorola did not put it in the Bionic/Razr? LOL

    Every month there will be a new phone like this from every company, Samsung makes even more models than Motorola, look how many versions there are off s2 then Note, basically the same thing. 

    Everyone had no complaints in buying a smartphone with a GPU from 2007…….

    • Azndan4

      Your comment is misleading at best.  What GPU were phones using in 2007?  What GPU does the RAZR have?  The only GPU that is comparable on Verizon is the one in the Rezound, and there are pros and cons of using the Adreno GPU in the Rezound vs the SGX 540 in the Gnex.

  • So Basically a HTC One S/X with a bigger battery.

    Sounds good.

  • Liderc

    I still think the Razr design is hideous.  It’s shape is just terrible.  I guess they’re trying to differentiate themselves from other slabs, but man those angles are just awful. 

    • LiterofCola


  • Its like the Xperia Arc and RAZR MAXX combined, I’m saying this cause the edge of the phone are now tapering off, so it looks less brash.

    Anyways, whats with that swirling circle?

  • bakdroid

    But if Moto would have released this phone right away, what would all the Moto haters and Gnex fanboys bitch about for the last few months?

    • bootloaders

      • Bionic

        Only 1 in 4 android users give a flying fuckk about bootloaders

        • kixofmyg0t

           Actually it’s closer to 1 in 28,384. 

  • I will just wait a another couple of months for the droid razer maxx super HD2 Extreme .lol

    • Anon

       I will just wait another couple of days for this extremely tired, overused, un-original joke to surface again.

  • Gshubert1943

    This will be my next phone IF my carrier sells them. Go Moto!

    • Bionic

      Verizon only

  • Gshubert1943

    The companies should take time and get it right and release one time a year, at the same time.
    What do the gain by releasing phones that are not “final products “? They would sell more if they made jumps in advancement instead of baby steps.

    I’d think as soon as they come out with better the lesser ones are not going to sell therefore leaving them with outdated phones. Someone enlighten me.

  • Guest

    I’m very confused by these photos.  I don’t think I could find a camera that took that poor of photo if i tried.  Why are these photos always so horrible?

  • Towelie420

    The best part about this phone is that it’ll be locked down with Blur all over it!

    • WickedToby741

      Not quite. Blur isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. But you’re absolutely correct about the locked bootloader but you’re still missing the best part about this phone. The best part is that shortly after release, they’ll release a Maxx version. Then shortly after that they’ll release a newer version with ANOTHER different chipset, maybe a Tegra+LTE whenever those are ready. Then a Maxx version of that… rinse and repeat.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Oh I see what you did there. Moto released the RAZR….then the RAZR in different colors….and then the MAXX.

        Yes totally a thousand completely different phones.

        BTW Tegra3 won’t work with LTE until the end of NEXT year…..just wanted to point that out.

    • LiterofCola

      How original!

    • Bionic

      Go launcher

      • kixofmyg0t

         Screw Go launcher. Get CM9 or Gummy and Apex launcher.

  • steve30x

    I’ll give it to Motorola for good quality build and great voice quality but there laggy UI is always there compared to touchwiz and sense. ( well sense has some but not terrible. I guarantee when this phone comes out and you see a video demo you’ll see that unlock screen be choppy and throughout.. hopefully it won’t..

    • Anon

       I’m not sure what the last Blur phone you’ve used is, but I don’t have lag with my Droid Bionic; I highly doubt RAZR owners have this issue either, or even the older Droid X2.

      I believe Kellex and others note that recent versions of Blur have less overhead than Sense; I can’t speak for TouchWiz.

  • looks real nice but how long to the droid razr maxx hd ultimate pro exclusive super secret developer edition

  • nwd1911

    How long until the developer edition is available?

  • joegard

    I am eligible for an upgrade and my DX ear speaker has stopped working.  What do you recommend?  GNex, Rezound, or wait for potential SGS3 or this Razr HD / Fighter?  I plan to buy by the end of next month, I like to root & ROM.

    • Anon

       You might wish to add the RAZR MAXX to your list.  There’s no guarantee this phone will be available by the time you want it.

      The Incredible 4G may also be available by that time, and may compare favorably to the Rezound.

  • This should have been the original RAZR from day 1. We didn’t need 3 or 4 renditions before we got here. Oh wait….

    • Alexander Garcia

      I actually like the fact that they keep improving and innovating as fast a they do. It took Apple 15 whole months just to get incremental upgrades from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S. So I’m not complaining. 

      • Innovating? That isn’t innovating. Releasing the same phone with little upgrades in just a few months is a blow to the face. At least Apple waits a long time before slapping there is a better product out already in your face.

        • Alexander Garcia

          I dunno about you, but being able to slap a monstrous 3300 mAh battery into a phone and keep the slim form factor of 8.9 mm thin is very VERY impressive to me. You can argue that it’s just science, but it is very much an art as it is science and Moto was able to accomplish this. Long story short… I’m very impressed with what they’ve been doing so far. And I take it that you’re not so much tickled at all and that’s fine with me. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. LOL. Cheers.

          • Anon

             While you have a good comment, Motorola’s choices are likely to encourage people to wait to buy a phone because another one that improves on the rev. 1 design is just around the corner.

            I’d rather wait extra months in order to get the right phone.  IMO, Verizon and Motorola should realize that  so many revisions causes people to delay a purchase (because a better revision might be just around the corner), and therefore delay a 2-year contract exxtension.  It’s poor marketing, and it rubs those who already purchased a phone the wrong way and causes them to delay their next purchase down the line.

            Less products in also means you can concentrate on supporting those products better, improving the user experience.

          • Brianlee3200

            Yeah, I started looking for a new phone yesterday so I’ve been doing a lot of research because i’m eligible for an upgrade as my 2 year contract is up. Was about to go to the verizon store with my wife to buy the droid razr maxx but something was bothering me so I came back online to do some more research real fast and so I found this site and a few others talking about this next version of the razr coming out which has all the stuff that (I found) was lacking with the MAXX. Let’s put it this way, the droid incredible was the first smart phone I’ve ever had, and finally i’m about to replace it I think its been almost 2 1/2 years…but now i’m gonna wait on my contract extension for this one so you nailed it Anon, agree completely.

  • cooksta32676

    I would strongly hesitate after seeing the number of cracked screens on Razr MaXX units from excessive battery heat so close to the display. Two of my friends had it happen and according to a quick Google search, many others are too. Non warranty claim Moto says.

    • Alexander Garcia

      So far so good on mine and I watch a lot of streaming Netflix vids. But then again, I don’t ever play games on my phone so I suppose I’ll never have to worry about that problem  =)

  • Wsiembida

    I have 2 updates on may 9th . I hope this out by then . So I can test this out and swap between my nexus and this ..

  • Alexander Garcia

    Oooh I like what I see. And with an S4 Krait chipset too!? This is my kinda phone. Can’t wait to play with the US variant.  =)

  • brando56894

    If this thing wasn’t locked down tighter than Fort Knox I’d actually ditch my Rezound for it.

  • Scottyb112

    This is the same phone we saw back in nov or december, an everyone thought this was the razr maxx.. slightly rounded edges an 13mp camera on the back

  • Steve S.

    Because of this, its going to be a long time till RAZR ans Maxx users see I’ve.

    • LiterofCola


      • ABerry5

        He prolly meant to say “see an update” which i have to agree with

  • Mike Scaduto

    screen size?

  • Sherzod Khashimov

    is it Snapdragon S4 support 4G LTE?

    • F150Fan

      Yes it does. It actually has the LTE controller built on the chip. This should help out a lot with battery life on LTE.

      • Booboolala2000

        Cant imagine much better battery life.

    • Yes. Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (which is in this phone) supports 4G LTE. Tegra 3 (in the HTC One X international version) does not support LTE. That is why AT&T have the One X with a Snapdragon S4 inside; so the phone can use AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

  • Matthew Heuer

    I’ve always been a fan of Motorola phones.  Going from a brick phone 10 years ago through the Razr flip phone, OG Droid, and now the Bionic (which I actually like.  Yes the screen is annoying at times but I can go all day on the extended battery under moderate to heavy use on CM9.  Do that on your GNex).  Yes their bootloader policy sucks, and yes it seems like they like to release the same phone every month.  But overall I’ve been extremely satisfied with Motorola and will definitely give this phone a look when it comes out. Blurry ICS definitely looks much better than the Sense or TouchWiz versions IMO.

    • Sobr0801

      Love my Sense 3.6, not even sure if I am going to upgrade to 4.0. To each their own 🙂 

  • TheUI

    This phone, this third iteration that is about to come out, had this been released as the Droid Razr and had an unlocked bootloader, I would have went back to the Droid brand.  But this is just bad business on Motorola’s part.  They need to stop rushing unfinished product to the market.  The OG wasn’t the first Android phone to the market, but they did it right and the following it amassed has only been rivaled by *maybe* the GS2.  

  • antony3322

    It’s CHINA MOBILE TD-SCDMA phone MT887 (Successor of MT917), not RAZR HD / DROID RAZR HD!

    • F150Fan

      I believe Kellex said essentially. All he is trying to say is that what we should expect should look relatively close to this, that is all. The RAZR HD may look different but most of the specs should be pretty much the same. 

  • Butters619

    This is a China Mobile one.  Are you sure the US will even see this?

  • hkklife

    In all fairness, those specs would’ve been a little weighty for 2011. 

    It’s like this is all one continuous series of screw-ups since the OG Bionic was delayed.   The Bionic (in its current form) was at least 2 months overdue hitting the market.   Then the original RAZR should have been the Maxx and it would’ve been an awesome fall 2011 release. And there would never have been a “Maxx” model.  And the RAZR HD should have hit the market 1 to 2 months ago.  The huge delay between the GNex and the first new (not updated) device release shipping with ICS is just pitiful. 

    That said, I am really looking forward to this device since I have an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket.  But I want to see how Blur handles ICS first.

    • “It’s like this is all one continuous series of screw-ups since the OG
      Bionic was delayed.   The Bionic (in its current form) was at least 2
      months overdue hitting the market.   Then the original RAZR should have
      been the Maxx and it would’ve been an awesome fall 2011 release. And
      there would never have been a “Maxx” model.  And the RAZR HD should have
      hit the market 1 to 2 months ago. ”

      Of course, these are the opposite responses by Motorola.  The Bionic was delayed because testing revealed that, among other things, battery life wouldn’t be sufficient.  Yet people whined about that.  So they released the Razr anyway (so it would be before Christmas).

      All the people complaining about the Bionic getting delayed are getting exactly what they asked for with the Razr series.

      Kind of strange to argue that the Razr HD should have hit the market 1 to 2 months ago when its specs (battery life plus screen plus everything else) would exceed everything on the market.  It’s a “screw-up” for Motorola not to be months ahead of everyone else?

    • kixofmyg0t

       The Bionic, as a product wasn’t really delayed per say. But the original(“Etna”) was scraped after testing revealed Tegra2(in phone chipset form) wouldn’t play nice with LTE. So they shoved everything in a DX body and called it the X2. Targa-the Bionic that was released-was made in a hurry in about 4~5 months. From CAD to FCC submission to market. Targa’s curse is it’s release name. People had already been waiting on a phone with the name “Bionic”.

  • Size Queen

    That display looks smaller than the leaked Fighter. 

    • AndroidFan2

       Or the bezel is just huge….I was thinking the same thing though. I sure hope Moto doesn’t shrink the screen to a 4.3″ with on screen buttons, that would defeat the purpose imo.

      • Size Queen

        Yeah, I think this isn’t how the phone is going to look. This looks more like that second leaked phone, the one titled “bullet”.

        I think there is some confusion going on here.

  • Interesting that they got away from the TI chip.

    • Stephen D

      The OMAP5 isn’t ready yet. And with how Motorola is pumping out device after device, they’re not going to wait around for it. 

  • reese23

    12 MP camera. Really? It just doesn’t matter if the picture quality is shyte. And this being Motorola, I almost feel like that’s a given. I would love to be proven wrong, though.

  • W0017roid

    o months after release…. The new Droid Razr HD Maxx
    *extremely long sigh*

  • Trevor

    Say what you want about it, but I think blur is so much less ugly than Samsung’s Touchwiz.  Pretty sure that is the only thing that could ruin the Galaxy S3 at this point.  Oh yeah, that and crappy reception.

  • Asimoalex

    It acttully looks promising

  • I’m happy to say that 2011 was my last year to be suckered in by the likes of Moto.  I gave them more chances than should have been given to do right by the consumer.  They basically thumbed their noses at us all year and f***ed us.  I will NEVER be taken in again like that.  They can take this phone, with its obviously locked bootloader and they can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Danofiveo

    I agree, but apparently Motorola needed 6 months to develop it. I guess Terry needed to test it before rolling it out to the masses.

  • Paul

    Looks nice, but I’ll be waiting on the Motorola phone that has the Intel chip.

    • lartmander

      By the time the intel chip comes out, it’ll be blown out of the water by the S4/Tegra3.  Intel will have to come out with the nextgen to really be competitive.

    • evltwn

      I’m guessing we don’t see a Motorola phone with an Intel chip in it until xmas time.

  • DOAbarrelroll

    Until they sort out that gigantic bezel, I really can’t get behind this phone (or any of its variants). I’ve tried out both the RAZR and RAZR Maxx and just wasn’t able to get that — it’s too uncomfortable, especially when there are phones with larger displays than this which aren’t as wide (i.e. Galaxy Nexus).

    • Youllreachus

      Amen to that! Capacitive buttons make zero sense with huge bezels. if I have to do an extra tap to get to my home screen thousands and thousands of times over the life of my phone, it better have a next to no bezel. can a anyone give me a resin whereby they just wouldn’t have an option to turn them off for all the super trendy people who need to have something that makes no sense (as it stands now with the massive chins phones still have).

  • This might just be my phone in December when I upgrade Unless any other brand comes with a 3300 mAh battery, even if it’s not unlocked.

  • C-Law

    I love the on screen nav bar but IMHO, this phone shouldn’t have it bc of that stupid massive bezel on the bottom. Its the same size as the razr.Ugh I hate you Motorola!

    • The bezel does kill this phone design-wise. It’s no longer pretty, especially when you have the Galaxy Nexus and HTC One Series out there.

      • hkklife

        I am honesty starting to think that with a bezel this big and ugly, we’d be better off keeping the capacitive buttons.   I can live with the virtual butons on a slim bezel device like the GNex.   But on something like this, we might as well get the full scren to use for web browsing or gaming and relegate that huge lower bezel spece to capacitive buttons.   Correct me if I am wrong, but the HTC One X has quite a bit more usable screen space in stock form than the GNex, right?  It’s got a display on all 4.7″ inches whereas the GNex has something like 4.35″ after you remove the space used by the virtual buttons, right? 

        • cooksta32676

          That is correct.

        • Liderc

          But you’re forgetting they could essentially make the display 4.9” with onscreen buttons, so when you switch to videos and browsing ect… you’ll have an even larger screen and less bezel. 

      • LiterofCola

        What is that spiral-looking thing on the bottom center, and those things flanking it on either side?

    • Butters619

       G-Nex has a pretty big bezel too.  But they made it look sexy at least.

  • Ozyman666


  • subiedude85

    *sigh* another slap in the face for getting the first razr.

    • a slap in the face is apple releasing the rebadged iP4 to a 4s with Siri. Siri a free app on the iP4, pulled off the iP4 and market and now is a required iP4s phone upgrade.

      • TheUI

        Don’t be a fool.  The 4s was just as big of an upgrade from the 4 as the Galaxy S2 was from the Galaxy S.  

        • GSAI

          Well that’s completely wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that Motorola spits out phones faster than Adam Sandler spits out terrible movies.

          • Scottyb112

            Didnt Moto just say they were gonna slow their roll on the amount of phones this year? They are like 10 deep in razrs alone

          •  No that was HTC

        • Nick

          Actually, the 4s was about as big of an upgrade from the 4 as this is from the razr.

        • Mark

           I agree.  An upgrade means taking the existing phone and basically adding newer technology to it.  Just because the physical appearance didn’t change didn’t mean it wasn’t an upgrade.  I think this is what the original poster has mixed up

          • LiterofCola

            This is what A LOT of people mix up

      • George264

        Wait so a 5MP to 8MP isn’t an upgrade? single core to dual core isn’t an upgrade?7 mbp to 14 mbps isn’t an upgrade? I love Android a much as anyone, but your just trolling.

      • If you’re going to bring Apple bashing into a unrelated discussion, at least know what you’re talking about. The 4S wasn’t a big enough leap to  be called the iPhone 5, but it’s an improvement over the iPhone 4.

        Someone who has never owned an Apple product of any kind but hates pointless fanboyism.

    • WickedToby741

      Ha! Try being a Bionic owner.

      • subiedude85

        At least you can change your battery every 8 hours.

    • LiterofCola


    •  Really?  This phone will be released at least 6 months after the first Razr.  Did you really think that there wouldn’t be a better phone in six months?

      • subiedude85

        i’m ok with a significantly better phone in 6 months but there were aspects of this phone that were available at the release of the razr. I know part of the tech game is to not not release new technology too fast to keep a product’s sell cycle as long as possible but I feel like Motorola has gotten too greedy.

        • balthuszar

          if you’re going to be upset about a new phone coming out after you bought a phone, never buy a new phone, because there will always be something newer, bigger and better right around the corner

          • You’re being too general. The whole Bionic->RAZR->RAZR MAXX->RAZR MAXX HD roadmap in something like less than half of a year has been completely ridiculous and unique to Motorola.

          • Jay

            The Bionic doesn’t count, it was delayed for an eternity. To push the Razr back because the Bionic was delayed would mean losing money on the Razr as it sat on the shelves

          • chris125

             I think what he meant was the bionic should have never been released and just release the razr when it was released since it was only 2 months after bionic. Also have all colors available and not months later. That plus razr maxx should have been released together.

          • Jay

             Why never release it? They spent the money building it. And it works as a low cost alternative to the Razr and Galaxy Nexus, if not the Rezound because you could always find great deals on that thing.
            I know a guy who got one for FREE during Verizon’s leap year sale. Roll that around in your mouth for a little bit, a full featured smartphone, packing dual cores, DLNA, HDMI out(with no stupid adapter) and all that other good stuff for fFREE. And that was free through Verizon no less

          • Bob

            Unique to Motorola?  I want to say Samsung has done the same thing with galaxy, but I’m too lazy and don’t care enough to do the research.  The real question is, what if none of these other razr phones existed until this supposed 3rd version came out?  What would you have bought if you had no clue a “razr” was going to be released?  

          • J Dub

            Not on the Galaxy S lineup. Just about everything on the Galaxy S2 was better than the S1. It was a year later.

            Since then they have really expanded the “Galaxy” line of phones, but as far as the S lineup they keep it pretty yearly and well updated.

            That’s why the Galaxy S3 is a big deal because of what they have so far. The S1 was great. I still have it and it runs ICS like a boss. They upped the ante again with the S2. So the S3 has a lot of hype due to the fact that the S2 is still a great phone. What will they do to top the S2 is what everyone wants to know.

            Motorola though has just been pushing out phone after phone after phone and been doing it with just little upgrades. The Droid 4 is basically a Droid 3 with LTE. Not completely true, but the fact is they have really been saturating the market with mediocre phones.

        • feztheforeigner

          That’s a myth. The only OEM to do that is Apple, and they are famous for it. Android manufacturers are in to much direct competition with each other to skimp on any spec since another phone would quickly show them up.

    • kixofmyg0t

       I know right? HOW DARE MOTOROLA make a new phone after the RAZR!

      • LiterofCola

        HOW DARE THEY!!!

      • angermeans

        They Didn’t make a “new” phone. It’s the same old Razr, but with specs they should have put on the original. I can care less I didn’t buy the Razr (and this is one of the many reasons I didn’t) however I did win one and sold it. It’s fine if you want to look at it this way because we all know that new phones are released all the time but this is nothing more than bleeding their own fans and customers. It’s the same phone man they just left out the hd screen and bigger battery. Then less than 2 months later they released the same phone with a bigge battery and dropped the price of the OG Razr. Now less than 2 months after that now the hd one is about to come out which china had on day one. This is a joke and although you dont think much of it I and many more def do. This is a joke and something that no other manufacture has dared to do and I severely hope it doesn’t start a trend. Their is reason that jha doesn’t work for Moto and another reason why google is rumored to be shopping the hardware devision of Motorola as even they want to distant themselves from this drowning and awful company.

        • kixofmyg0t

           Oh how little you know my friend.

          So….it has a different screen….CPU….GPU….camera….case….battery….

          …and yet you say it’s “the same old RAZR”. LOL. It’s been almost 6 months since the OG DROID RAZR man GET OVER IT. Oh and it hasn’t been 2 months since the RAZR MAXX man. Try almost 5 because the “Fighter” isn’t out yet. Your math sucks.

          Btw how many times can you say “This is a joke”? You know what IS a joke? The Galaxy “Nexus” is still at 4.0.2 OTA but that’s another story.

          I’m GLAD that Jha whatever his name got the boot. The guy was AN IDIOT. But I have to spoil your anti Motorola party here and say Google isn’t selling Moto. Not even close my friend.

          You may want to read this….


          • Liderc

            After looking at your post history, I now realize why you’re so angry. 

            You bought the Bionic…

          • kixofmyg0t

             But why would I be angry at that? I’m happy with it. I kinda wish I had a RAZR MAXX since it’s battery is a bit bigger than my extended battery. But all in all it’s a great phone.

          • Liderc

            And it only took how long for the Bionic to get updated so that it would actually function properly? 

            I see you bashing the Nexus a lot, so why not bring up the fact that it took 6 months for the Bionic to get updates correcting it’s insane data drop problems?  

            Also, you can’t get an update to fix that lolbad pixelated screen.

            Find a bridge, get back under it. 

          • kixofmyg0t

             Ummm…..when I bought mine I had 5.5.886(the “bad” version you’re referring to) for about 4 hours before I used cheesecake to get to 5.5.893. That was back in September dude. I was on 5.7.893 in October so IDK where you got 6 months from.

            I really don’t think the screen is THAT bad. In fact the only time I see anyone complain about the Bionic’s screen is right here…..My wife doesn’t mind her D3 which has the same type of screen….my coworker doesn’t see much difference with his D4 coming from a amoled Samsung Epic 4G(actually he loves the D4. It actually gets signal and lasts longer than 4 hours unlike his old Samsung). The fact of the matter is Moto’s Pentile screens DO LOOK BAD…..under a microscope and compared to 720p screens.

            If I really wanted to I could buy a replacement LCD for an Atrix 2 and put it in my Bionic since the connector is the same. But I simply don’t care that much. You can talk crap all day about the Bionic’s screen, I can fire back about the “G-Nex”s 2005-era camera, crappy radio’s and battery life and so on.

            Find reality, get back into it. 

          • unaffected

            I’m with you broseph. I returned my Galaxy Nexus within my return period and took my wife’s Razr. Couldn’t be happier! I get full bars and great strength on my Razr in the same places the Nexus would be searching for a signal.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Yet another person who returned a “G-Nex” for a RAZR. I see this quite alot.

            I don’t actually have a problem with the Galaxy Nexus….other than it being a Samsung(which I *HATE* Samsung…spent too many years in Korea). What I DO have a problem with is fanboys acting like it’s god’s gift to phones and it’s superior to any and every phone simply because it’s branded as a “Nexus”. 

          • OK buddy, first off I almost never respond to children on here but I’m gonna make an exception.
            First off you’re clearly a motorola fan boy, the galaxy nexus wasn’t even in the conversation you were having until YOU brought it up, secondly you don’t even own a nexus so you can’t speak about it, a majority of the people who own it don’t have problems; I haven’t had to replace my nexus what so ever, I don’t have radio drops and I don’t have bad battery life, I can get 15 hrs on my extended battery and I can go 28 hours on my super extended. Third you usually don’t buy a nexus for ota updates, you buy it for the name and the openness, heck I don’t know anyone who isn’t a geek that owns a nexus,and I only know a small hand full of people who haven’t rooted their device. Fourth you own a bionic, not only was that a failure(as said by my brother-in law who works for motorola), it is the phone the reps at Verizon will never recommend. You really have no room to talk about having a nice phone because you HAD to root your phone to get 4.0 while my phone has it stock, sure I rooted my phone so I can run cm9 but I didn’t have to root it , its fine stock and I can guarantee my phone will always be better than yours.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Oh man where do I begin.

            First I wanna congratulate you. I havn’t laughed so hard in about a week. Thank you!

            Ok now onto you being butthurt that I’m happy with something other than a Nexus.

            You havn’t had any problems with your “G-Nex”….fine ok. Don’t act like noone else has had problems with it cuz they have little man.  I see comments here about people RETURNING the “Nexus”(oh I’ll get to that in a minute) for another phone all the time…mostly a RAZR MAXX. You don’t have radio drops? Fine. I highly doubt that but sure fine ok. A lot of people have. So much so that they felt they had to return their device for an entirely different phone. You say you don’t get bad battery life. Again, that’s “cool story bro” and everyone is different. Some people have crappy battery life while others, who don’t actually use their phone get more. You DO realize that you iNexus fanboys argue with me and say that you get “over 10 hours of screen on time” right? 10 hours? LOL riiiiiight, hooked up to a car battery maybe.

            “you usually don’t buy a nexus for ota updates, you buy it for the name”
            Wow…..really guy? May I remind you that THE POINT of a Nexus device is experience. Pure, stock Google experience. No bloatware, no skins, none of that crap. Updates are SUPPOSED to come from Google and hit Nexus devices BEFORE anything else. You bought that phone because of it’s name? REALLY?!?! LOL! Oh and you may want to go back and read the DL poll that asked how many Galaxy Nexus owners rooted and installed a custom ROM. Guess what buddy-most people EVEN ON HERE didn’t even root their Nexus. They were lead to believe that it would receive updates before everyone else….I mean that’s THE POINT of a Nexus.

            “I don’t know anyone who isn’t a geek that owns a nexus,and I only know a small hand full of people who haven’t rooted their device. Fourth you own a bionic, not only was that a failure(as said by my brother-in law who works for motorola),”
            Ok, I don’t know ANYONE who bought a Galaxy “Nexus” personally. Hmm…..so that’s not alot of Galaxy Nexus’ out there. Can you please explain your criteria for a phone being a “failure”? Hmmm? Is it sales figures? Cuz you know that’s how most people would judge if a phone was a “failure” or not. Please do you know sales of your precious “G-Nex” pale in comparison to the Galaxy Note….which has reached 18,000 phones sold PER DAY in the U.S. That’s almost 30% of TOTAL PHONE sales period.

            Do you even know how many Galaxy Nexus are out there? Let me break it down for you guy.
            More people have a Honeycomb tablet(which would be what….the Xoom 3G? Oh another “failure” according to your logic) than a Nexus. Hell let’s assume that EVERY SINGLE 4.0 device was a Galaxy Nexus(and lets pretend that all my phones that run ICS from my Droid 2 Global to my Nexus S…OPPS! you said I didn’t own a Nexus..SURPRISE idiot). Hmmm that’s 2.9% of the pie. That is quite the number….oh wait…wait….what’s that? What’s that you say? More than twice as many people are running Elcair than ICS?

            Now we’re onto THE BEST PART!
            “You really have no room to talk about having a nice phone because you HAD to root your phone to get 4.0 while my phone has it stock, sure I rooted my phone so I can run cm9 but I didn’t have to root it , its fine stock and I can guarantee my phone will always be better than yours”

            LOL. So no phone can be considered a “nice phone” if it’s not running 4.0? Wow dude. Way to totally dis the number one selling Android phone on the market….and the one before that(here’s a hint, they were Samsung) You can “guarantee” that your phone is better than mine? Fine. Cool story bro. I don’t care if your phone is “better”. I’m happy with what I have.

            TL;DR? You’re butthurt that I’m happy with my phone.

        • weedalin

          Lolwut. The Snapdragon S4 wasn’t even available for use in consumer devices when the RAZR came out. -__-

          • kixofmyg0t

             Stop using logic man. The iNexus fanboys don’t understand that.

        • balthuszar

          so basically it’s the same phone but completely different?

    • fanboy1974

      Agreed.  That’s why I picked the Nexus over it.  I’m still enjoying my phone.  Only phone that got me wanting to upgrade is the Galaxy Note but it’s not on Verizon.  

  • Kiter86

    But the question is when

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Is Motorola about to take the Android crown?!? From what we’ve seen, they are already going for a more STOCK ICS approach by toning down blur ALOT (In the leaks) they are fixing their achillies heel (their trashy screen) and they have finally CRACKED IT! BATTERY LIFE! …. YOU WIN MOTO! To you I say….”Helloooooo Moto!”

    •  All great points but I think you can’t take the Android crown without being at least a little developer friendly. Not necessarily unlocked out of box, but have the option like HTC. At least tone down the locking to give developers the chance to crack it.

    • Going to be tough to dethrone Samsung. Samsung opens up their phones and says, “Do as you please!” while also putting the best specs on the planet in them.

      • Butters619

        Samsung in the near future will definitely sell more devices, but until they deal with the radio issues and cheap look and feel (which hopefully they will with the SGS3), I just can’t purchase one for a long term phone.  

        I was also going to say until the get rid of TouchWiz because IMO it is the worst skin, but it’s easy enough for anybody with an internet connection and some reading skills to figure out how to get rid of TouchWiz.

        • DJyoSNOW

          Getting burned by my droid charge and hearing nothing good of the nexus and owning a cap Samsung windows phone (omnia) Important strongly thing to say f Samsung any more. Especially since Motorola gets the idea of extended battery and now a high end camera…

      • Aardvark99

        Verizon is the true king. Seems they prefer their handset manufacturer to be beholden to them, I guess it’s good for both companies. This will be why Verizon won’t get a SGSIII. 

      • sc4fpse

        They’re still not very well-designed phones though. Whoever decided to not go with gorilla glass on the Nexus should be shot. The hairline scratch on my screen frustrates me to no end. Nobody, and I mean *nobody*, can come close to the build quality found in Motorola devices. As someone who has experienced build quality across multiple manufacturers, going from the Droid 1 to the Thunderbolt to the Galaxy Nexus, I really, really long for another Motorola device. But… I absolutely need an unlocked/unlockable bootloader.

        • WickedToby741

          I believe the lack of Gorilla Glass is due to the curved screen. I think Gorilla Glass 2 can be used in curved screens though, so this should be the last Nexus legitimately lacking Gorilla Glass.

        • LiterofCola

          Exactly, besides the bootloader gripe, Motorola’s devices are pretty spot on. But then, no phone is perfect.

        • Jackass

          Yeah- people can say what they like but this is going to be a Badass phone. No one can fcuk w moto in terms of quality & style. And I’m onenof the peoplebwho bought a bionic right b4 razr came out. They piss alotofnpeople off but their phone can’t be beat. Sammy can’t contend. If they didn’t make the nexus they wouldn’t have nearly so many fanboys

      • I’ve been wondering. If bootloader locking is such an important issue, and a locked bootloader instantly makes a phone “look bad”, do you have any statistics on the percentage of Samsung phone users who have their devices running custom ROMs instead of stock?

        • IHaveNoIdeah

          The problem with this line of thinking is that a lot of people who are on this site want the unlockable bootloader, and verizon did not push the nexus.  The average user will not have any clue what you would be talking about, but I assume that the majority of the nexus owners here are unlocked.  So the percentage would seem really low if you took all of the users in to account, and really high if you only polled those who are on a site like this.

          I love having the ability to mod my phone.  It is fun, but other than overclocking/underclocking to help manage my battery life and getting rid of features i dont use it really is, for me, more trouble than it is worth.  One to many times trying to not get caught and fired while sbf’ing my phone from my work computer on a dod installation with a linux iso on a thumbdrive.

    • WickedToby741

      Yeah right. A company that only releases marginally improved devices and promotes locked bootloaders will never take the Android crown.

  • NoLocks

    If it has a locked bootloader count me out. I like having control over stuff I own, especially when it costs over $500.

    • chris125

      Well don’t get your hopes up then because doesn’t look like moto cares about the development community and hacking of their phones.

    • LiterofCola

      Then feel free not to purchase it, I’m sure tons of other people will.

  • AndroidFan2

    I need some better pics to get a better idea of the hardware design, but the overall specs of the phone sound great so far! Can’t wait!!

  • No. We’ll see one with just the HD screen. Then in two more months we’ll have the one with the HD screen and on screen softkeys. Followed shortly by the RAZR HD MAXX with the HD screen on screen softkeys and the maxx’s battery. All while different colors are being released in between.

    • LiterofCola

      But, this phone has on screen soft keys…. and is rumored to have the Maxx’s battery.

      •  I know. It was a joke saying they’ll release a RAZR with just the screen. Then the on screen softkeys. Then a variant With the HD screen, on screen softkeys and MAXX battery… Not really as funny after explaining it…

    •  Had this phone been the original RAZR… the original RAZR would have been delayed just like the Bionic, and wouldn’t have been released until now.