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Scratch That, Incredible 2 Has Now Been Removed From Verizon’s Store


Yesterday we reported that the HTC Incredible 2 had hit “out of stock” status in Verizon’s store, but one of our readers noticed today that the device is gone completely. If you search for it, you won’t find a sales page and are instead left with support and device over sections. We know that the Incredible 4G is essentially ready for prime time (pictures of it), so this move by Big Red is not all that surprising. The last release date we saw for the Inc 4G was April 26, which is next Thursday – be sure to keep it close as we may finally see a new phone on Verizon that is worth talking about.

If you need something to compare it to, check out our HTC One S review. The Incredible 4G should be that phone, but with LTE, an NFC chip, and expandable storage – three things we knocked the One S for not having.

Cheers Brent!

  • smellyfeet

    you’re all morons

  • CedrickwithnoK

    This was the best phone I’ve ever owned. I’ve owned the OG Droid, OG Incredible, iPhone, and the Incredible 2 was the best experience out of all of them. Great screen, great form factor, great dev community, great battery life (surprisingly) excellent camera. I have absolutely no complaints (only my charging port came loose and had to get a replacement). Superb 3G phone in the midst of gigantic mediocre 4G phones at the time. 

  • drparty

    What is the largest battery available that fits in the stock case? My lady has an OG Incredible and is needing a bigger battery but doesn’t want one of the big extended batteries.

  • smellyfeet

    what kind of moron would buy this phone?  oh wait, there’s a few on here…

    • So people are morons for picking up one of the best 3g phones Verizon had in their line up? It made sense to pick one up in areas that didn’t have 4g. It made sense to pick one up at the time the phone debuted because 4g phones at that time weren’t at their best. It’s reliable, dev friendly, and nice looking. So explain to me what makes a person a moron for getting this phone?

  • I still fail to see how the smaller One S is better than the Rezound.

  • Mmmmmhhmmmmm

    Funny how you go from knocking the Inc 4G before (“Verizon needs to give us something better than this in 2012”) to hypebeast (“a new phone on Verizon that is worth talking about”).

    Yeah, good going DL.

  • Radgatt

    Any chance that the Incredible 4G has a removable battery?

    • NightxFall

       Yep, it does. And a MicroSD slot. And NFC. Three things the One S was lacking.

  • HTC One S plus more! May not be as thin, we don’t know yet, but I suspect this phone will get quite a bit of attention. I’m looking forward to this. I have the G-Nexus….hell of a phone, but it’s not practical. The screen is big which makes everyday things like running etc etc a hassle. Looking forward to downgrading my screen size, the S4 processor, the camera and more!

  • AE35

    This phone is too wimpy to be branded “Incredible”

    The original Incredible was an excellent phone. This one will be discounted soon. Too bad it doesn’t have the One X specs.

    • What parts of it isn’t One X besides the screen? Bump the Quad-core processor, comparing it to the AT&T version, what’s so different?

      • AE35

        This is a big problem for me:

        Plus smaller screen, lower resolution, and IMO less stylish than the One X.

        Neither has a removable battery or SD so the One X has cons too. It just that I could have lived with the One X drawbacks but not this smaller qHD display, no SD and internal battery.

        • I can definitely understand where you’re coming from now lol….The One S is a 4.3″ screen though, so pixels are less compacted VS a 4″ screen….it’ll look a bit better, but definitely not as good as the One X’s gorgeous display….

        • But.. It will have a removable battery and MicroSD card slot. Plus NFC. And the lower resolution won’t be that noticeable on a 4″ screen. A lot of people want a 4″ screen you know. Other’s won’t mind the design and may even like it. All about preference.

          • AE35

            Of course. And price matters too.
            My original point was that the first Inc was actually kinda Incredible (and still is when running CM7)

            But this phone, not-so-much. Kellex himself said in his Incredible 4G spec outline: “It sounds like a decent mid-range phone, but if you were expecting it to be the next flagship, you may walk away disappointed.”

            Consider me walking away disappointed.

    • DanWazz

      The only thing wimpy is the qHD screen. The S4 keeps up with the Tegra3 and it is compatible with LTE, unlike the One X.

      • Not to mention the NFC, and Expandable Storage….I’m good with 4″ screen. qHD should look pretty good. I’m wondering whether it’ll be AmoLED or LCD though….

  • jnt

    RIP to one of the best 3G only phones on the market.

    • RedOne1

      Could have not said it better my self. Its going to be a year that I go my Dinc2 and it is still running almost like new!

    • Jason Purp

       Best phone I ever had

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Another yawner of a phone courtesy of VZW

  • Vanessa

    the droid 3 is also gone from the smartphone and accessory section. 

  • Butters619

    AT&T why you make me wait for One X?

  • Dan

    The most consistant experience from Verizon has probably been the Incredible line. No complaints with them, solid phones.

    • Captain_Doug

      Very underrated. Even though the Incredible wasn’t a 4G phone, it was still a solid hitter. Especially rooted with CM9 now, this thing is running amazing at 1.5ghz with ICS. Can’t imagine having a better experience with other phones in it’s price range. I’m really looking forward to the Dinc4G. 

    • Sobr0801

      Agreed. Went with the rezound since it wa so much like the Inc2.

    • DBK

      Agreed. They have always been good phones and very dev friendly. I’m looking forward to the 4G.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      consistent and reliable yes – my chick has one – but it is just more of the same VZW blah hardware. 

    • Agreed, I miss my original Inc. As a Galaxy Nexus owner, and one that’s experiencing the outbound audio problems, I really wish I had gotten the Rezound (…I’m aware that the Rezound isn’t actually part of the Incredible line, but still HTC quality).